Poppy or Tristana?

Poppy or Tristana?

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>>514400371The one with the most pubes and anal hair


>>514400371both (not the cringe musclegirl poppy)

>>514400371Veigar's fat shortstack balls on my face

Teemo>>514400559Absolutely based

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Tristana for fucking, Poppy for marriage


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>>514402539amen fellow teemobro

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>>514400371>LE HAMMER XD vs LOL SHOOTY SHOOT XDHard pass on both.

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>>514400371Tristana < Poppy < Old Tristana


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>>514400371One has handlebars, the other will suck your cock harder than a black hole

>>514404763>old TristanaTo think that we almost get this VGU instead of what we got.

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Shhh Tristana is sleeping

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>>514400371They look the same

>>514406220That looks better


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>>514406509Oh hi

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>>514400371tristanaits all about the energy, brody

Gnar is the cutest!

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Tristana is a buttslut>>514405095Best.

Both, with lulu as well

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>>514408531I wanna smooch him


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Post yordle pubes


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>>514400371Tristana would be a great fuckbuddy. The kinda girl you could hang out with, bullshit with, and fuck around when the mood strikes. But Poppy is the Yordle you'd raise a family with. So I guess, in basic internet parlance, Fuck Tristana, Marry Poppy, and Kill... that other one.

poppy is the only shortstack i like, at all


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>>514400371When the fuck will they release a 4th yordle gal????

>>514412061When the fuck will they release a MMORPG so I can make my own


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>>514413324Look at that.

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>>514413324Are the lips and asshole hairy as well?

>>514413609Go to sleep Forastero

Yordles are too sexy to exist

>>514413673His hairy Yordles are fucking sexy

>>514413673He draws the best hairy assholes

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Would you rather BE a yordle or sex a yordle?

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>>514400532based and purplepilled


>>514400371How about not fucking midgets or children you sick anamorphic butt fuck.

>>514400532Lulu hugeifies my dick

>>514414528its funny that one of the official LoL artists has drawn futa lulu hugeifying her dick inside trist

>>514413996always impregnate


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>>514415270Which one is that?

Though i will never play this game, I will always appreciate the shortstack porn


>>514400371They can take turns.

>>514400371I still have no clue where those two are from, and I'm still gonna say I'm going with this.

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Taste purple

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>>514400371Poppy, though Tristana feels like she'd be way more freaky in the bed.


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>>514413996I want to distend the body of a yordle with an stallion sized dick on my human sized bodyAlso Zoe and Kindred

>>514415969Poppy is pure and marraige material, but yeah Tristana is definitely into kinky shit

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>>514416206I wish there was more ear-fondling art

>>514413996y not both


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>theres a pic of this with her tits out

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>>514418859Why are giant shortstack such a good combo

>>514421924brb finding it

Either really, I'm not choosy.

>>514400371Tristana, easily

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>>514400371Both, Because yordle wombs are meant for human seed

>>514400371Nu-poppy is the best goddamn thing to ever happen in LoL history and you can't convince me otherwise.

for me it's poppy i want to breed with her and have half breed yordle human kids :D

>>514424082>In which we learn, just because it's 3D, doesn't mean its an improvement

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