Sup Holla Forums. Just here to remind you that video games are not art

Sup Holla Forums. Just here to remind you that video games are not art.

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Can I get a quick rundown on this guy?

Where was he when we needed him the most?

he was right all along

That's right. Steeplechase and monopoly aren't art either. See you down there in hell Simon and Garfunkel

>>514400315Cancer. Not kidding either

>>514399857Dude don't post this holy shit I'm eating.

>>514399857yes.jpghe was right, nobody cares, people still enjoy vidya

he's not wrong

thank god

>>514400315Had it removed cause of cancer

Didnt his body reject a jaw surgery or something like that? Thats fucking brutal if so


>>514399857But you're dead.That's what you deserve for poo-pooing Freddy got Fingered.

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>>514399857I bet this is the face Cuckmann sees when he looks at Satan.

>>51439985710-15 years ago I thought Ebert was an idiot and John Carmack's (pic related) quote on video game narrative was backwards and dated.Now that I am a proper boomer, I see how correct these two are. Well, Ebert is half correct.

>>514401720The related pic

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>>514399857Thanks Ebert.


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That's fine. They're better when they don't chase that status anyhow, and ironically more artful.

>>514401270Freddy Got Fingered is truly the movie that separates the critics from the frauds.

reminder that roger ebert may have had based takes on movies but his opinions on video games were so dumb that the universe struck him with cancer and literally took away his ability to speak

>>514399857That's fine. Gamers and devs can't handle harsh critique anyway.

>>514399857It's funny how this caused outrage when he said it but man who even cares anymore

>>514400009Like most murricunts, he thought starship troopers was apologetic towards nazism, because irony isn't a thing in murrica.

>>514404682>pleb tier opinionEbert has always been the clown of film reviewers. It's like saying you really like Phill collins if you are professing to be a lover of music. You can say it, but people will snigger openly in front of you.

good. we dont need more pretentious faggots.

>>514405306Why do people hate Phil Collins?

>>514405108what a strange place

>>514405453We don't hate him, we have just total disdain for you.

>>514399857Literally why would I care if games are considered art or not?What changes?

>>514399857How did he and his review partner get famous? I always see them referenced but I just see them as two old movie nerds

Art is anything man made that stirs the emotions.

ebert's idea of vidya was literally fucking pong and galaga, why don't you dig up edgar poe and ask him about film while you're at it lmao


>>514405670Both of them used to work in the film industry. Ebert even co-wrote with Russ Meyer. They were approached to host a radio show in LA which eventually became a TV show. >>514405885His wife said in later years he mostly used a Nintendo DS and he enjoyed gaming but he didn't think much of the games trying to be "Art". He previously rinsed arthouse films for obnoxiously trying to be "Art" though so it wasn't a new thing for him.

I can't imagine why anyone would care past high school.

if only he was still alive when Bioshock Infinite released....


>>514399857You tried to save us. We should've listened. Now it's too late.

The fact that autists got triggered by him pretty much proved his point.And as the state of the industry shows - he was right.

>>514405532>What changes?Other than boomers, and normalfags that play vidya, seeing them beyond being interactive toys for children and taken seriously like any art form (mainly film because that's all they're familiar with), not much.It's on par with the "Video game music isn't real music" meme since, again, these retards have only ever seen vidya like PONG, Pac-Man or Super Mario Bros. and Fortnite.

>>514399857Only non artists say this

>>514406329Do you think Phil Collins is disco?

>>514399857Fair enough.I'll remind you that Prometheus was a dogshit movie you gave four stars to. And that Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is the only movie you ever wrote.And that Gene Siskel stopped talking to you for six months when you gave away the surprise in The Crying Game before it became general knowledge.And then everyone stopped talking to you period after Gene Siskel died.

>>514406912ur plebeian taste equals disco

>>514407127What's wrong with liking Phil Collins or disco?


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>>514399857He did an appearance on Oprah after he lost his voicebox and when she explained that he'd be using a text-to-speech program to talk you could hear someone audibly cackling in the audience.

>>514406654more like oscilloscope videos aren't real music, since artsy vidya put being a game last and rip off film instead

>>514407505Why can't you answer any simple question?


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>>514408160What an autist

>>514399857>something that requires interaction cannot be artI'll give him that games aren't exactly practical for art, the disproportionately large technical requirements and the limitations of having to have some sort of goal for the player to complete within the narrative, but it just seems kind of reductive to dismiss it entirely In an ideal scenario why couldn't a designer play around with interaction to craft a particular experience or some permutation of it?


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>>514399857You'd think with being so famous and important in the film industry he could afford to not look like a fucking muppet after God punished his faggot loving ass with mouth cancer or whatever itw as.

>>514399857> Le virgin Roger Ebert"Games can't be art"> The Chad Real FilmmakersAgnés Varda, founder of the French New Wave: Makes a movie about "Kung Fu Master".David Cronenberg: Makes "ExistenZ", a movie about MMOsHarun Farocki, member of the German New Cinema: makes "Parallel I-IV" and "Serious Games", experimental documentaries using only popular games footageStevenn Spielberg: makes "Ready Player One"Olivier Assayas, french filmmaker who worked as a film critic at Cahiers du Cinema: makes "Demonlover", a movie about a company that make hentai gamesPaul Verhoeven: makes the main character of "Elle" a game designer

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>>514409118>Steven Spielberg: makes "Ready Player One"That's a hard negative, though.


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>>514409118Takeshi Kitano, one of the most celebrated auteurs in Japan, made a video gameJohn Hillcoat made a western short film using only Red Dead Redemption footageEdgar Wright made Scott Pilgrim filled with game easter eggsI rest my case.

>>514409118You realize all of those are movies about games, not games, right?

>>514399857He also claimed that spaghetti westerns "couldn't be art" when reviewing The good, the bad and the ugly.Dumd nigger.

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>>514409254Yeah, I didn't liked either, but the biggest filmmaker alive making a movie about video games with video game characters has some value as art.

>>514399857lol we need a Wojak edit of this picture lol that would be so funny don't you think guys? lmao

>>514409405The point is that real artists considered games as valueable to explore as a source for their medium as any other art. Ebert wasn't even an artist.

>>514409456what does highest grossing have to do with art?

>>514409328>Takeshi Kitano, one of the most celebrated auteurs in Japan, made a video gameYou know his game is dogshit and mostly just to troll the players right? He even put "it's just a damn game, why do you take it so seriously?"

>>514405108The movie is accidentally fantastic and makes fascism look great; everybody is united and patriotic. They're happy and proud. Everyone is really pretty and young. They kill the bugs and become heroes. It's great.

>>514409328including takeshi’s challenge as an example is the worst possible thing you could have done for your argument

>>514409740To be fair Verhoven is infinitely better at satire than he is at adapting source material faithfully.

>>514410002I've never looked into his other works. Anything worth it for that campy Starship Troopers parody feel?

>>514400009Roger Ebert is one of the most profound and reverred movie critics in all American cinema industry. He was on the show 'Siskel and Ebert' which was notable for not pandering their reviews around stupid fucking puns and giving real movie criticism, and it was interesting when the two critics disagreed on a film. The show was essentially the inspiration for Half-in-the-Bag over at RedLetterMedia and numerous YouTube eceleb reviewers (for better or for worse). He died some time ago due to throat cancer or something.He was also quite vocal that video games were not art.

>>514409601>valuable to explore as a source for their medium as any other art.So is pokemon roleplay sex. It doesn't really mean the subject matter is art itself.

>>514399857Sup Ebert. Just here to remind you that your jaw bone disintegrated.

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>>514410186Total Recall and Robocop are every bit as bloody and surreal.Total Recall is also adapted from a Phillip K Dick story (The guy who wrote Blade Runner, A Scanner Darkly, The Man In The High Castle, Minority Report, etc...) and it has Arnie in it.

>>514410472Ok, well scratch that then. I have looked into his works, just never the man, I guess. Good shit.

>>514409740>muttpost:the postkek

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>>514410602This is art.

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>>514410472>The guy who wrote Blade RunnerReally wish people would stop saying that considering how different the book, which is not even called blade runner, and the movie are.

>>514400009Stroke-man upvotes or downvotes movies. He doesn't like games.

>>514410614Lol, those are my favorite things he's done. He kinda went nuts in the 90's and got really horny and put Sharon Stone's (the fake wife from total recall) pussy lips in it for a fraction of a second, and then he made Showgirls, which is extra horny and not really good but some people like it in the same way they like The Room except more horny.

>>514410186robocoptotal recall

>>514410704What's wrong with their society? Before you mention the government supposedly bombing Beunos Ares, please note that our governments sit by and do nothing as our cities burn to the ground by confirmed terrorist groups and ask yourself if it's really so much worse. Let's also not forget the time an entire city was given syphilis. There's plenty of things our government has done to us to make Starship Troopers' United Federation or w/e look like saints

>>514410724Especially the chapters that involve incest

>>514409740> The movie is accidentally fantastic and makes fascism look greatTe movie is certainly fantastic (not on accident) but doesn't make fascism look great in any way. They are literally forced young teens as cannon fodder in a non-sensical war and they even show most adults in the film being mutilated. Johnny Rico is brainwashed by the end of the movie to be a warmonger angry jock. It's not even subtle.

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>>514410802Bruh I just listed movies based on his work because it's easier to process when talking about movies nobody's looking into whether or not Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep is a film you fukken dork.

>>514410802The book is much more interesting than the movie, and is 180 degrees different on that 'humanitarian stance' on androids. I like the merchant god mercer in the books, the fact he predicted global warming and how technology will never replace humanity.All much more visionary than the admittedly visually interesting faff the fun movie gave.

>>514410937Yeah, and their society functions. Fucking moron.

>>514410472>>514410865I haven't seen Starship Troopers. Is it as awesome as Robocop and Total Recall?

>>514410924I mainly meant Takamichi himself. His pictures are great at drawing out a mood, he's just a really good artist.

>>514410937Nice image for ants, faggot. Good thing I remember that scene.

>>514410885a. ur literally too dumb to notice, so why would I invest time in you?b. just watch a couple of interviews with verhoeven on youtube, ull figure it out.c. ull probably like the movie less once you figure out the sleight of hand he pulled and how the director looks down on plebs like you

>>514399857This is true.Some 'games' are art - but that's only because they've effectively stopped being games (like anything from David Cage)

>>514411008It's presented as a propaganda movie you fucking spacer. The first few minutes are a 1:1 clone of Riefenstahls Triumph Des Willens.Paul Verhoeven is Nederlands, je mag aannemen dat hij Nazi's haat, net als iedere andere Europeaan die niet achterlijk is.

>>514410276>Roger Ebert is one of the most profound and reverred movie critics in all American cinema industryThat's not a compliment to Ebert, it's more like an insult to the kind of film journalists America has.Cahiers du Cinema don´t care about these kind of things: if they felt that the best movie of the year was a tv show or a youtube video, they will tell it. They always protrayed as high-brow elitists but if you read some of their reviews most of the time they tried to blur things between high-culture and low-culture.

>>514410937>cannon fodder in a non-sensical warAre they not in a fight or die situation against bugs that are bombarding earth or something?

>>514411071>Starship Troopers the book wasn't even promoting fascismyou can broaden that statement to include the movie too, my literate friendone of my favorite books

>>514411041Yes, go watch it now.Robocop, Total recall, Starship troopers are all 10/10 action movies. How can one movie director be so based?

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>>514410937>It's not even subtle.But they show it through the MC's, and the other grunts', perspective where they lap it up for the most part, without pausing for a disclaimer where they remind you that the characters's beliefs do not represent the author, and pull out a soapbox to tell you that fascism bad, mmkay, every five minutes, so it's greatly confusing to some specific countries with a culture so underdeveloped the closest they've come to art is reading an instruction manual once.

>>514411254Not even. People always joke about movie games and shit but the reality is, even going that far, it doesn't manage to be art.

>>514411301It's like trying to talk to an ant. I gave him the answer by telling him to just watch any of the director's interview about the movie. Too bad simpletons can't read.

>>514411330they arethat user is a retard

>>514411008The movie is presented as a unreliable narration. They even show that at the end that everything we see was a in-universe recruitment film.That said, I am not surprised that a supporter of fascism is incapable of understanding such an obvious joke.

>>514411448Yeahhhhh, you should talk to people who actually lived under nazi occupation before releasing hot takes like that.

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>>514411041The special effects for the basic bug soldiers was so good it still holds up today. It gets a bit more obvious that it's cg with the other bugs though.

>>514411560The book is nazishit, obviously he threw it away after a few pages. He just used the story to create something better, as any good director should.

>>514399857jawless fuck

>>514411169Maybe in your eyes it is.

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>>514411560Then 40k took elements of both and went turbo space fascism.

>>514411690>caring about dreck like HeinleinThe only decent SF writer is Dick, the rest is utter shite and proof that SF is on par with Fantasy.I'm out btw, no need to @ me.

>>514411071>a system where you earn the right to vote via contributing to the system by for example, civil or military service, by definition, cannot be fascistic because FASCISM REJECTS DEMOCRACYI system when you need to serve the state before having right to vote isn't a democracy in the first place, you moron. Read a fucking book or stop trolling.

>>514411703>The book is nazishituh

>>514411618the fuck do you expect them to say>ja, dey change me nappy one time even on zee zundays>dey coulda heeted der milkzen a zad moore

>>514399857And he's 100% right about that. The push to make video games "art" (at least by the understanding of western hacks) gave us such garbage as Gone Home and more recently The Last of Us 2.If sewage like that is the future of vidya as art then I don't want any fucking part of it, what so ever.

>>514411962Actually people got deported, people got abused, people got shelled, murdered. Not entirely sure if you slept through history or are just trying to be really dumb and edgy.

>>514411703>The book is nazishitBy all means cite the parts of the book which support this claim.

>>514412050Yeah, 80 fucking years ago. They were either infants, or have both feet the wrong side of the styx.

Zoomers thinking they will be top shit under a dictatorship if they show enough loyalty to the state are dellusional and should spend some time on a gulag.Seriously, talk to elders about what living under a dictator was. You aren't being edgy, just childlish.

>>514412379>>>Holla Forums

>>514412501Start your crusade then, see how far you get.

>>514400009Biggest hack in the industry. Responsible for the current state of movies and pretentious internet e-celebs.Siskel probably liked video games.

[Mobile Infantry made me the man I am today!]

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>>514412624>Responsible for the current state of moviesWhat would that state be?

>>514412836Too much of a cowardly little bitch to stand up for what you believe in. Something you truly believe in is worth any cost. No wonder why you're so content to take nigger cock up your ass daily.

>>514399857Honestly, this is one of the few opinions I actually agree with him on. If anything I disagreed more with his movie tastes and how conservative he was in his reviews. He wouldn't survive if he were reviewing European movies, especially the absolutely surreal shit from post-Soviet countries. Still though, a decent reviewer for most American movies, for the most part. Also his opinions on Spaghetti Westerns are shit like >>514409428 said. Still I don't know why he's held to such a high standard as a critic. >>514410186Most of his 80s-90s stuff is very good. There's even some underrated stuff like Flesh + Blood. His post-90s stuff is pretentious garbage. There's a reason Rutger Hauer literally refused to work with him after a while. >>514411071This. For fuck's sake, Gundam used Starship Trooper (the novel) as the basis for its themes and mech designs, and Gundam is very anti-war in feel. So if Starship Troopers was literally American Nazi propaganda, Gundam probably wouldn't exist. >>514409118None of those are art, mate.

>>514412836the last month has certainly enlightened a good number of citizens about what these "people" actually bring to the table

>>514412501>That Finnish autist againOh noNot you again.Go fucking back to your fucking /int/ containment board>>514413053Don't even try to reason with him. He's a retarded dumbass who is all bark no fucking bite, many people have tried to make him stop being a whiny bitch but he's never gonna listen.

>>514399857You guys DO know he loved this game, right?

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>>514411296>>514411603>I love black people, please blow up my house black people, also burn down my wendy's

>>514413684Hey this is semi-unrelated but I figure I'd ask a Finn, why did Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim take 17 years to divorce his wife?

>>514412050>I believe the narrative literally everyone and their mother forces down my throat since day one

>>514414043nooo not the fast food lol

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>>514410602>Picture related is art.No, this is.

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>>514414540Funny how all of Hitler's allies really fucking hated him.

>>514413684You will go extinct. Globalism, social democracy, and neoliberalism is the futureYou're an incel who will have no children.Your sisters' grandchildren will be brown, curly-headed mutts who speak chinese.You've lost gaming, academia, and the court of social opinion.The only place you're allowed to push your bigoted, neoreactionary, chud politics is on a Japanese cartoon imageboard because every other website bans you retards.Cope and seethe.

Video games are art, because art is every form of human expression given form, however being art has nothing to do with quality

>>514415060>They couldn't handle how based Hitler really was.Finigger literally all they did was dab on him. Mannerheim lit cigars in front of him because he knew hitler hated smoking. Franco annoyed him out of alliance negotiations.

>>514399857Retards thinking Utopias are great with the idealistic bullshit of the wasps.America is done.

>>514413684>You will never be rid of me.I won't. But you will get rid of yourself. Your actions are self-destructive. You don't have any real ambition, you just spread information without authority and every so-called "revolutionary" that does this has failed. You are just like SJWs, all talk no bite. I hate you faggots. I really do. I hate the modern day revolutionaries like you. I hate people like Salvini, you don't know how to hold a sword, you don't know how to hold a gun and you don't know how the world works. You and the rest of the world are proof that this world will die after this generation. You claim to go against the leftists, yet here you are, serving as a convenient enemy for them, an easy enemy that can be defeated with only a single banhammer. You've never raised an army and you don't bother to be charismatic enough to raise a people to your cause. You are a failure and you are proof that Social Media and Leftism has castrated and turned the human race into lazy coach-sitting slacktivists. I hate you, and I hate this entire generation for bringing me nothing but failure. I am seeing the collapse of the Roman Empire and I weep.

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>>514400009Movie critic that tried to warn us about calling games art.

>>514415681So wait, you're saying you want Muslims and Niggers to replace you?Because after the Roman Empire collapsed, they were replaced by their enemies (the Germanics) you do realise that, right?

>>514413275>Go fucking back to your fucking /int/ containment board/int/ is a good leftist board and is only ironically racist for teh lulz, this mong is a certified pol schizo

>>514399857Well you are dead and videogames are still alive you good luck with that fucko.

>>514399857Everything with a design motive and the capacity to cause a mental response in people is technically "art".The real question is whether or not a videogame can be "high art", which would likely only be possible if it can somehow be completely separated from an emphasis on mass-marketing for profits. So DrunkMan's example hardly counts either.

>>514416140accelerationism is just a gambleif you create a power vacuum you have no clue what's going to replace iti'm not saying i want to propagate the status quo, but you seem to be sure that the collapse will benefit you, while it's really just up for grabs to whom can take it in advance wars of course, this is a video game thread

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>>514406986>Siskel died and faded into irrelevance in the eyes of the general public>Ebert continued to poison reviews and movies with his self-loathing and his terrible opinions At least he was right about video games.

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>>514399857thank god

>>514415681So, not only are you retarded enough to believe that the Modern Roman Empire I am referring to only lasted 100 years but you're also contradicting yourself. You want to go back to the so-called glory days, which were in fact the golden age of this now modern Roman Empire that we have. And yet, you want it to collapse rather than restore it back to it's glory? You claim to admire Hitler and yet you're not even going to do that? Why not just sit back and lay on your back as the world collapses rather than shitpost off-topic shit on Holla Forumsideo game threads? You claim to be subversive, yet here you are saying you also want to be conformist and let the world rot. I'll call you out for what you really are, an attention whore. >>514416140>which is the thing that prevents the violent expulsion of the shitskins and rootless international financiers from our lands.You really think you'll be capable of expelling them once everything collapses and most people will already be dead? You think it worked out for the Romans? You think they could've wiped out the Germans and Huns from invading? They literally couldn't. You're actually fucking retarded. You want to stop things now? Stop it now instead of wasting your time waiting for a collapse that will kill you off in the process. Christ allmighty, you really are proof that this generation will be the last and most retarded generation on this planet. I weep seeing the modern state of "revolutionaries" sitting back on their decrepit iPhones and computers instead of holding rifles and charismatically starting speeches. You disgust me. Your slacktivism and your inaction fills me with burning hatred. >I want to see the state forces that prevent us from fucking eradicating the shistkins from our lands, to collapse, yes.If a people can be stopped by a government entity, then they are not worth existing as people. Clearly your innaction and slacking proves this.

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>>514416468Very rarely do the people who start a violent asymmetric revolution live to see the end of itin Tropico

>>514410002Verhoeven is a fucking hack and has never made a good movie.

>>514411831> system when you need to serve the state before having right to vote isn't a democracy in the first placeDemocracy literally was that originally. Athenian citizens had political power and could vote because they served as soldiers, officials and owned land.

>>514415681Ah yes the 13/50.>>>Holla ForumsAlso cringe

>>514416768post your filmography

>>514416768>Robocop isn't goodPretty shit opinion you got there

>>514399857> A videogame should make sure that all 100 people that play that game should enjoy the service provided by that videogame. It's something of a service. It's not

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>>514416976Drive 2: The DriveningThe Albuquerque DilemmaMy Little Sister is 12 Feet TallSnake Pussy: An Essay>>514417150The most mindless of popcorn flicks.


Top lel at the seething mods.Look, with this one simple trick, I'm back here again!You will never be rid of me!Fuck niggers, fuck kikes, and most especially FUCK JANNIES!

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>>514419165>mfw the mods got so mad that they literally wiped out every single one of my posts all across this board, even when they were about videogames etc.Janny are you ok?

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>>514417427> Robocop> movie starts literally with an ad about health companies letting people die for money> movie with unisex changing rooms.> movie about military lobbies privatizing the police and dehumanized them tricked them to only protect them.> movie that ends with the MC becoming aware that he doesn't want to be a tool for the system that kill him and that he's a person first.> duh "mindless popcorn"kek

>>514419165>>514419427What did you do?

>>514417247So you want to get rid of the West whilst also preaching that all other races are degenerate except your ebin nordic race? Christ, you really just are Varg 2.0. You don't value any kind of civilization, you just want to get into your stupid retarded dick measuring contest that is (ironically) created by Western Values.In fact, your use of the word racisim? It's an American construct. Racisim didn't exist before Americans created it. Back then we called it "Ethnic conflicts" and we fought because our various ethnic groups didn't like each other for far more complex reasons rather than "skin color bad". Now here you are trying to believe there is a singular white race rather than there being multiple fucking ethnicities and perpetuating this idea of "race". It's pathetic to see sheeple like you perpetuating the same broken ideas that the left throws out. And again, you avoided the big question. You really think your people won't be eradicated by the collapse? You really think that with Muslims everywhere that they won't just become Muttified like everyone else? Really? You think you'll somehow make it out when you don't even have the charisma or the power to do so right now? You're delusional. You're actually fucking delusional. If you can't start a revolution or a movement now, you'll never be able to. You're not smart enough. You point out these so called "state-restricted" problems, yet you don't think outside the box. To be the master leader you must outwit everyone else. So many other revolutionaries did it in the past. Yet here you are, rotting our your intellect acting like an armchair reactionary without even firing a single shot. Pathetic.

>>514419878Said ebil racist words.>>514419950Nigger, I never made any claims to having personal power or influence to anything. I merely stated that I have no stake in the survival of this disgusting, degenerate society and would rather see it collapse than see it endure because I view it as an existential threat to the survival of my people that far exceeds the potential threat the collapse of this civilization would bring.

>>514419165>ban evadingbased desu senpai. seething faggot reddit jannies cant cope

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I really miss siskel & eberts show. Found out about a lot of good movies I wouldn't have given a chance otherwise. It was nice knowing what kinds of movies each one liked and watching them bicker and argue over scenes or characters. When they both gave a thumbs up to a movie I knew I should at least check it out. Most of the time they were right and I enjoyed it. But I knew to beware any movie with gay shit of any kind in it. Siskel would thumb it up immediately and Ebert would look at what characters he liked best. That's how I was tricked into watching "My Own Private Idaho" where keanu reeves plays a gay fuckboi. Fuck gus van sant or whatever his stupid name is. Buffalo 66 is the only good movie he ever made.Oh and the only reason anyone gave a shit what ebert thought about video games was that he didn't play them and it got the gamer crowd all riled up.

>>514419434Oh look another attempt to credit Verhoeven with deep commentaryYou can read into his films and conjure up these fantasies of satire but the fact is they're simply not there

>>514420260Of course I ban evade.Why the fuck would I respect some retarded "no racism outside of Holla Forums" ban when it is only applied whenever a mod feels like it?Though, I don't respect any bans anyways because fuck mods, and fuck bans.

i genuinely dont like Holla Forums‘s janny and moderators. not even a ‘haha fuck jannies’ meme. i honestly think you guys are the bottom of the barrel fucking losers. fuck off back to le reddit and be a power tripping, chin recessed, fat fucking loser over there with the rest of your kind.

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>>514399857There is no such thing as art.

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>>514420575Based and redpilled.

>>514420464absolutely. and if i get rangebanned, i just say “lolz someone got my ip rangebanned, pls fix it wasnt me” and im fine again

>>514411330The bugs didn't bombard Earth. It was a false flag.

>>514420460This is why that movie is

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>>514420463It isn't deep commentary. It's text. It's descriptional. It's in the fucking movie.Verhoeven isn't "deep" and he's the exact opposite of subtle. Everything he does is text: Robocop is a good cop that is killed by corrupt company that make him a slave, he realized that he was once human and he fucking shots his boss once he's free of obligations.If you didn't get it, maybe abstent for commenting media, go play with a ball or something.


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>>514420921>reddit spacingpost disregarded

>>514399857Video games are political propaganda made by millionaire Marxists, and I love it.

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>>514421263People are still pushing this meme?

>>514420192Ah I see. Backing off like any typical leftist scum. >"U-uh I wasn't starting a revolution by sending death threats to Trump, I was merely stating my opinion">"U-uh I wasn't making an art-piece to stake out a revolution, I was merely stating my opinion"Cowards. The whole lot of you. Humanity was MADE for war. Humanity was created as the eternal war machine by God in order to dominate each other. War and revolution is what fuels the human blood. Yet here you are, part of your brain still feels the need to cause war, but you have been neutered, castrated by our societies, so instead you shitpost and make large-term posts to try and seem like you are a revolutionary, LARPing as one instead of becoming as one. You disgust me. Mankind is dying, we are too retarded to even fully commit to our base instincts. I weep. You're just another thin-skinned leftist LARPing as a right-winger. Go fucking rot like the rest of them.

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>>514421380Why the fuck are you so insistent on starting a fight that in the current situation, you can only lose?Especially when from my point of view, the system I want to see burn down, is burning down fine on it's own without me having to do jack shit besides shitpost from my comfy home?

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>>514399857spoken like the true pleb you are. If you spent even a day understanding how games are made you would have already understood that games are in fact just art, most of the time

>>514421704>You can only loseLook, look at this """"man"""". Point at him and laugh. Point at him and laugh.Claiming to be subversive to the leftist regime whilst simultaneously spreading the same nihilistic retarded poison that leftists believe. Pathetic. You're not a shepherd amongst a sheep. You're a sheep dressed as a shepherd trying to preach but still following the shepherd.You say that this is a losing situation, then why do you spend every waking moment of your life talking about it? Letting glowies listen to your every word and letting them know about all of your beliefs? You're falling for a honeypot and then whining about it. Congratulations, you're part of the problem. Your data is being mined and you're letting it happen. Guess what? They'll listen to what you say and prevent everything you're hoping will happen. That's how they work. And you're letting it happen. Go fuck yourself. And why bother fighting? Because our great ancestors did so. They should be honored. So why do you not honour them, Finn? Why do you let them look down at you in disappointment?

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>>514422296Instead of posting your retarded moral grandstanding preaching, how about you post some actual suggestions to what one should do, besides sit back and wait for the collapse of this degenerate civilization?Do you think that there is a fucking democratic solution to our woes? You can't be so fucking naive. Saying "just fight" means nothing when the only avenue where fighting is in any form allowed, the political arena, has been utterly rigged against any opposition to the current neoliberal regime. If you instead think that violent revolution or even resistance of any kind that actually threatens the status quo, is somehow possible, you are a genuine fucking moron because it is blatantly fucking obvious how hard the system actually comes down on people that even inch towards violent resistance against it.Niggers and leftists chimping out is not violent resistance against the neoliberal regime, they are playing a key part in it by pushing the discourse constantly away from the core problem that is the neoliberal regime itself, that at it's core, wants all of us to be rendered into rootless, mongrelized cattle to be exploited by the financial elites. Leftists in their retarded fight against "muh racism" are just useless idiots serving the elites and niggers are too dumb to care about anything besides gibs and violent expression of the natural ethnocentricism all human races possess.

>>514410937you're just a pussy, user

>>514422884>Instead of posting your retarded moral grandstanding preachingListen to your own advice first, retard. You spend hours shitposting in threads to derail them with your off-topic nonsense. If you're criticising me for this. You're delusional and hypocritical. >how about you post some actual suggestions to what one should doThink outside the goddamn box. People manage to outwit people every day. Humans are faliable and hackable. You want me to hand the answers over to you? Especially here on glowie central? Jesus, you're either delusional or an undercover glowie.> besides sit back and wait for the collapse of this degenerate civilization?Clearly not what you're doing. You're a hobo walking around screaming "THE END IS NIGH" instead of siting back and watching.>Do you think that there is a fucking democratic solution to our woes? Nope>If you instead think that violent revolution or even resistance of any kind that actually threatens the status quo, is somehow possibleYes>you are a genuine fucking moron Rich coming from someone preaching on glowie central and giving glowies ideas whilst also claiming to be going against them. You're a useful idiot. Just like the rest of them. You're helping them. Not contributing against them. That's my key points. So stop nitpicking my supplementary points and try to argue against that point.

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>>514399857it really doesn't need to be

>>514423637>muh glowies taking advice from shitposts on a mongloese ferret taming bulletin boardk, whatever you say skizo.

Well let me prove you wrong by making a game that you just sit and watch its Cinematic!

>>514399857like i give a fuck

>>514423775>One sentence reply to my multi-layered. I cachinnate. Congratulations on proving me right.

Is this thread video games?

>>514424089Your "multi layered" post was nothing but strawmen, and more of your retarded grandstanding.You posted no actual arguments, no points that we could actually have a discussion about, all you did was post basically "noooo, stop talking about this subject here!" without any actual substance to your posts.And when prompted to actually discuss ideas of what else to do besides sit back, and laugh at the decline of this degenerate civilization, you go into skitzoid fantasies about glowies spying on our discussion on this fucking frog forum for children.I have no "fear" of talking about my views etc on this sort of public platform because I would say the exact same shit to a fucking cop if they interrogated me. I have nothing to lose from stating my views.


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>>514424234Yes now fuck off. just because you got BTFO doesnt mean you can cry “waaaah off topic” like a little bitch and try get it removed like some twitter cancel culture tard

>>514424561>and more of your retarded grandstanding.Again, hilarious coming from your retarded slacktivism>all you did was post basically "noooo, stop talking about this subject here!" without any actual substance to your posts.No. I am telling you to get off your fucking iPhone and Social Media brainwashing and do something.People back in the day didn't fucking spend hours whining about how shitty their country was. They tried to fix it. Social Media was created to artificially force people like you to not rebel. You think there's a barrier, but you haven't tried breaking it, now have you? Again, think outside the box, you're retardedly thinking of charging head-on, instead of thinking smartly. Stop acting like you're really intelligent when you don't even understand the Art of War. Again, typical sheeple. >you go into skitzoid fantasies about glowies spying on our discussion on this fucking frog forum for children.And you're telling me it's not true? You're talking about elites, I am talking about the same elites. Yet you're saying they don't have the ability to spy on you in the most popular right-wing forum on the internet that's basically become a glorified honeypot? Really now? So you're telling me there's a big fucking barrier preventing you from causing a revolution but there's no spying either? Impressive mental gymnastics there. >I have nothing to lose from stating my views.Except your rights, your dignity and your information. You really are just a sheep.

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>>514409740>They're happy and proudTwo of the main characters literally lose the most meaningful people in their lives and are left fighting some false flag tier war for a government that you glorify because any mention of the left hurts your feelings