According to IGN:>V cannot swim AT ALL>there is no proper day/night cycle>vehicles feel worse than Sleeping Dogs>solar...

According to IGN:>V cannot swim AT ALL>there is no proper day/night cycle>vehicles feel worse than Sleeping Dogs>solar farm takes up 1/3 of the map.>It takes 4 minutes to drive across Night CityUmmm... is this the next Tortanic?

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>>514399195>"female" romance options>game locks you in to a cutscene when you engage in sex with him and includes a penis reveal that you can't interrupt or turn downMark my words, at least 80% of women in this game will be trannies and there will be no way to kill or even harm them, Skyrim essential NPC style.Cyberpunk shills are literally fags for wanting to play a game where it's obvious that even the main playable "female" character has a dick. TLOU2 was just a warm up, this time """they're""" going to show full frontal freak nudity.


>>514399195No idea but if you’re trusting IGN for fucking anything at this point you’re a moron.

>>514399195I don't care im still buying the product.

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>Yet another "game is doomed" on Holla ForumsSo basically it means it will sell millions, become a staple of the generation and receive multiple awards.

>>514399195>According to IGN

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>>514400212That's because Holla Forums are the sith and us consumers are the jedis.

>>514399195>It takes 4 minutes to drive across Night CityI guess every building must be dense as fuck with content if this is the case. >there is no proper day/night cycleproof?

>>514399195>vehicles feel worse than Sleeping DogsSleeping Dogs has some of my favorite arcadey driving in any game.The ram button makes driving insanely fun.Spam that shit going around corners to make your turn wider or narrower at the apex, press it right before the edge of a jump for a huge ass kick, use it to swap lanes and weave between traffic without even turning.More games need a ram button.

>>514400365The people who played the game only had access to one section of the city, so I'm assuming it took them 4 minutes to drive across that one section. The day/night cycle was said to be one real hour for eight in game hours.

>solar farm takes up 1/3 of the map.>It takes 4 minutes to drive across Night CitySource? here about that.

>>514399195>It takes 4 minutes to drive across Night CityCars must be pretty fast in the future.

>>514399195Can you provide a link to your citation?

>>514399195It might be. Still buying it.

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>>514402538>Is a shill>Has to buy it>Doesn't even get it for >freeJust when I think you mongs can't sink any lower.

>>514399195literally who caresall i care is if the game is fun lol

>>514399195>>there is no proper day/night cycleI know that's 100% a lie.

>>514399195>solar farmhaven't been paying attention, what is it?

>>514399195>solar farm takes up 1/3 of the map.Why would solar farms take up space in a world where we're moving to putting solar on top of buildings and even developed a brick for roads that was a solar panel? Are they using some archaic water boiler surrounded by solar panels or something?

>Its an OP lies episode

>>514403284Piracy is more expensive.

>>514399741Are you scared of the future, user?

HAHAHA cybershills btfo!

>>514399195According to Holla Forums:>OP sucks gay dick on the regularChecks out

>>514400365Cyberpunk lore has Night City like New York, but every building is like that mega city block in the newer Dredd movie. Skyscrapers don't even have access to ground floors because that's where poor people congregate, it's just concrete for the last 50 stories.

>>514399195F A K E N E W SAKENEWS

dunno about swimming but the rest are all lieswhy do people like to do that? this amount if seethe is not normal for a game

>>514400212That's because casuals are fucking retarded and they will always buy the worst shit as possible

>>514399195Tortanic was one of the most successful MMOs in history.


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>>514399195Sleeping dogs driving wasn't thaaaaat bad. I bet you $10 sleeping dogs ends up being a more fun game

>>514404013>looooreI know someone is retarded when I see this word.

>>514400294>star wars

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>>514404271I'll take Sleeping Dogs driving, desu. As long as it's not Watch Dogs levels of bad.

Every "discussion" seems to go the same way these days>"game bad"why?>"trannies"but everyone agrees it's good>"everyone is stupid they're all consoomers only I and my fellow Holla Forumscels know REEEEEE"

>>514404013>like that mega city block in the newer Dredd moviemega-blocks are in all forms of dredd not just the new movie. also, all blocks are named after celebrities.friendly reminder that the lore for judge dredd is 100x cooler than anything cyberpunk.

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>>514404271>>514404465the fact that you lads even played that shit speaks volumes

>>514400447Not as good as Wheelman's driving mechanics, If you want to shoot enemies chasing after you Vin Diesel literally picks up the entire car from the inside while he's driving, rotates it 360 degrees and drives backwards just so he can shoot while facing forwards.

>>514399195>V cannot swim AT ALLwho gives a fuck lmaothere probably isn't even any large bodies of water in the gamewere you really looking forwards to swimming of all things?>there is no proper day/night cycleso you can keep the game at night the whole game? isn't sunlight what you retards were complaining about months ago? they caved in and gave you what you want and you still complain.>vehicles feel worse than Sleeping Dogsyea thats shit, but i will wait to see for myself. hopefully they use the coming months to fix that.>solar farm takes up 1/3 of the map.hope thats an exaggeration>It takes 4 minutes to drive across Night Citydensity>giant empty city

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>>514404831sleeping dogs is very fun_ ending is complete trash though.

>>514400447You can like it subjectively all you want and I really like sleeping dogs, but the driving is objectively bad.

>>514405490objectively how

>>514399195Just to paint a picture here. The people saying the driving doesnt look good are also the same expert retards that want GTA V handling in the game.You know, backflips mid flight, rolling over like a dog, nonsensical handling on the road.Personally I think it looks perfect, its not a taxing sim racer that would ruin the flow of high speed chases, and its not completely retarded either. Besides the cars are fictional. Its the right amount of arcady.


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>>514399741How many times have you made this same post now?

>>514399195The TORtanic really ruined Holla Forums, didn't it?

>>514403664>even developed a brick for roadsWhat, you mean that "solar freakin' roadways" shit? That was a scam

>>514405117I still remember people bitching about night city during the day after that first gameplay reveal. What I realise is that all people are retarded not just the journos who gave TLOU 2 10/10. This will only be resolved once the game is properly released.

it came across to me as very deus ex inspired (gameplay-wise).

>>514403664>and even developed a brick for roads that was a solar panelAhahahahahahaha

>>514399741>there's a trap sex sceneYou just sold me.

>>514399195Haven't seen a single good looking broad in any fucking promotional art of this game, except ofc the "trailer" from 10 years ago made by a team that doesn't exist for a game that never got made

>>514399195>no day/night cycleNot this shit again, goddamnit

>>514399195>>It takes 4 minutes to drive across Night CityDid you want it to take a half hour to drive from one quest to another?

>>514404831Sleeping Dogs is amazing you useless fucking turd

>>514406196I'm personally hoping vehicles handle like they did in GTA4. Just to piss off people.

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Quality over quantity. I'd much rather have a smaller but beautifully handcrafted city rather than the big bloated empty boring map of GTA5.

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>>514403767lol wow

>>514406921OP is obviously lying

>>514399195It will not be as good as the hype suggests but it will not be a tortanic. I'm nearly positive it'll be like an 7-8/10 and normies who've never seen a good story will think it's 10/10

>>514399195lol. love how CDPR are soo good at what they do they make tortanic faggots put 110% of their focus on their games.To THIS DAY they are still upset about Witcher 3 being one of the best games ever made. And I see 2077 making them seethe for a a few decades.pic not really related but i like posting it

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>HAHAH IGN POSTED THIS>No Link>Okay look up IGN>NothingImagine you want to shitpost a game so har dyou literally and uniroincly lie about what IGN saidAHAHAHAHAH

>>514399195>>>there is no proper day/night cycleSource?

>>514407152>lol. love how CDPR are soo good at what they do they make tortanic faggots put 110% of their focus on their games.I think we're just in the heating up phase as far as shitposting. Game comes out in November.

>>514403664>even developed a brick for roads that was a solar panel?They had this idea 15 years ago and it went nowhere because something cars drive in is going to be torn up and destroyed in ~5 years. There's a reason asphalt is used for roads and it's cuz it's cheap and easy to fix.

>>514399195>Journos opinions are important when they fit my narrative

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>>514407036I went to IGN to check it and what the hell happened to this site? What is this thin ass content list? Unlimited scrolling? My fuck I hate mainstream news sites so much


>>514407008After seeing all the fucking babies in the comments of the Cp2077 presentations I hope they release a piece of shit cash grab of a game because after all that work they did entitled internet shits still nitpick and complain. The truth is they deserve to consume fortnite and EA abominations for the rest of their lives while pretending that GTA is some benchmark for good games.

>>514399195If all that is true, why the fuck did they even go with open world?

>>514399195Got a link to the preview in question? I'd like to read it in depth, rather than relying on bullet points.

>>514399195but the demo was restricted to just one district

>>514403664Solar farms will always take up huge amounts of space unless they somehow figure out how to make efficient ones for cheap which will never happen. Enjoy your destroyed forests and quartz mining.

One thing everyone seems to agree on is that sword combat was bad because it didn't feel impactful enough. Shit, if it's even worse than hand-to-hand than they really fucked up.

>>514399195Night city and Los Santos 1:1

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>>514407574How are those opinions faggot?

>>514399195Are we going to SMASH already?

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>>514405117>there probably isn't even any large bodies of water in the game>>514408371

>>514399741>he doesn't play as a woman and get fucked by guysget a load of this faggot

Some choice quotes from the preview.>You can choose to “free roam” between missions, of course, but even as you go from one quest to the next, it quickly becomes clear that Night City is huge. As I drove around I saw a lot of question-mark icons pop up on my mini-map that I didn’t have time to explore.>I can definitively say that, in the build I played, the inventory management was a bit clunky, with some gear and upgrade screens best described as annoyingly unintuitive. So too were some of the tutorials (though at least those were short-lived), and the driving controls didn’t feel particularly good either – though I appreciated the option to drive from a third-person view.

Everything OP says here is completely made up. Stop bumping this thread and giving it attention.

>>514408791cant wait for erotic mods desu.

>>514409164caving to third person for driving was a mistake. then again, most people are casuals and can't drive in first person.

>>514408213whats the best efficiency solar panels at the moment

>>514409164>ign reviewer says driving controls were badyou know what that means.

Skillup said the driving feels good and so does the gunplay but the melee not so much. I trust that.

Im just looking forward to the horse cock mods

>>514412291>trusting a shillThe driving clearly isn't good if it looks visibly bad.

>>514399195There's a reason for all the delays. It's shit.

>>514412826Like you know dick about handling mechanics.It looks fine btw normies just complaining because its not gta 6

>>514399741Fuck the first thing I wanted to do is kill fags, and jessy cox.

>>514413106>this coming from a shill trusting goyim

>>514399741I'm going to roleplay as a based virgin like Julius in Twins

>>514413204This is the dude who first exposed tlou2 for being shit and hes highly critical of everything.But sure whatever fits your agenda

>>514399882sounds like they're shitting on it. they got my attention.

>>514408791Nope, shotgun to the head and then the vagina.

>>514399195well considering that people who played it said the day/night cycle is 1 hour for around 8 in game hours, I'm just going to assume you're making all this shit

>>514400212so just like every other medium. the popular shit is irredeemable.

>>514404167>are fucking retarded and they will always buy the worst shit as possibleYou're just describing Holla Forums


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>>514399195Who the fuck listens to IGN, for 1 hr in life is 8 hrs in game so it does have a day/night cycle

>>514414783> A full day in GTA 5 takes 48 minutes real time. One hour takes 2 minutes.hmmmmm that's better or worst bros?

>>514415065I hate games that have a super fast day/night cycleSea of Thieves switches between the 2 every like 15 minutes and it gets pretty annoying

>>514414268Go back.

>not going for a romance with silverhandcringe they modeled his real dick based


>>514399195well the only saving grace then is if they pack that small place full of shit to do, i mean size doesn't really matter, what matters is how the playing field is that the playing field is full

>V cannot swim AT ALLSo I can't spend all skill points on swimming?

>>514399195I fapped to her thrice already

>>514399195NC is a more vertically developed city, not horizontally. 4 minutes may seem bad, but who knows what else you can find going up.

>>514421891>but who knows what else you can find going up.Absolutely fuckall

>>514399195>>there is no proper day/night cyclethats not trueso Im assuming the rest is bullshit as well

>>514399195>Cannot swimMust be hell of a training to be this stupid even for a lie. TW3 fat ass Geralt can even dive but V can't.

>>514399195>solar farm takes up 1/3 of the it only powers a single 7-11?

>>514400294you're real anakin skywalkers

>>514403664wow this post