Why is Holla Forums so hell-bent on hating this game? Genuinely curious

Why is Holla Forums so hell-bent on hating this game? Genuinely curious.

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>>514397756it's popular

>>514397756Something about the game having trannies, rap music, daylight, or something else silly like that

>>514397756Some people just want to see the world burn. CP2077 is probably going to be the only AAA title this year which isn’t complete garbage, aside MAYBE Ghost of Sushi.

>>514397756If it's good is good.If it sucks Holla Forums gets to say they call it.That's it.

They got hyped from the leaked concepts then realized most of them were downgraded or scraped which is common in development. That or because they excepted it to Blade Runner the game and found out it isn't


>>514399230>trannies It's a dystopian future. >rap musicCool. >daylightNothing wrong with that. The sun isn't going anywhere.

it's literally just because it's popular

>>514397756There were high hopes for the game when it was announced and it seems to be dropping in quality the longer the development continues. Also the incompetence of CDPR telling everyone twice in a row the game is ready and to be played and shipped out but then delay the game + give away to game "journalists" around the time the game was originally going to launch. They could at the very least, lie and say its not near completion.

i think it's good to have a balance against all the youtubers and journos hyping it up. you should always be wary of a product

People hating on trannies don't want to admit in a world where you can replace your whole body with cybernetics there will probably be a large portion replacing their genitals.

>>514397756People want every game to be TORTanic 2.0 now. Sometimes they are right, and sometimes they are wrong.

>>514399575>my fad will become the futureLmao. Yeah and if the game came out 20 years ago everyone in the game would be professional skateboarders.

>>514397756Expecting the worst means we get to be pleasantly surprised by it turning out good, or smugly satisfied that it's shit like we thought. I want all games to be good but I know only about 3% are decent, and they're decent from all angles at all points of development almost every single time. Cyberpunk isn't that.

>>514399550>it seems to be dropping in quality the longer the development continuesLiterally and factually incorrect.

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>>514399831lol wut

>>514399567There's a difference between being cautious and launching and all-out hate campaign that Holla Forums seems to be doing. It's obvious that the haters are grasping and don't really have any legit criticism.

>>514400169>haters are grasping and don't really have any legit criticism.Have you seen the combat?

>>514399831Found the literal retard.

>>514397756Imagine thinking this game even has a chance against Ghost of Sushima. Ghost will take the GOTY easily.

retards on v mad cos of tranny in game xd

>>514400048You're comparing graphics from two YEARS ago. The game was supposed to ship 2 MONTHS ago.

>>514400169i still think it's fine, hype is detrimental


>>514400343Looks fine for an open-world RPG. Combat doesn't need to be the main focus. Look at Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines and Fallout: New Vegas. The combat in both those games is dogshit yet they get a pass here for some reason? The gameplay in CP2077 is actually pretty damn good compared to them so why all the negativity?

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>>514397756Understand the mind of a female that's shit-testing her man.That mind is Holla Forums

>>514400786The gameplay is an improvement over those games, but I'm not a fan of how on rails the missions and story seem to be from what they've shown off.

>>514401091The 50-min gameplay demo had a lot of possibilities. Did you watch it?

>>514399831Anon, there is so much BPA in our food nowadays you'd be lucky to find one normal person out of 100 in 20 years.

>Everyone who played it is gushing over it

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>>514397756Contrarianism and the desire for schadenfreude.

>>514401091The backgrounds are obviously gonna be linear. Don't you remember the origin stories in DA:O? They need a way to have your character begin the plot so it'll probably be fairly linear in the beginning. Judging by what they've showed, I'm guessing the game opens up after Jackie's death.


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>>514401459Mostly talking about how cutscene heavy the game is. It seems to wrangle control from you way too much instead of just letting you play, and that kind of hurts for an open world RPG. We will see in the full game I guess but I doubt this is going to change

@514400649You forgot to post the second part of your copypasta dummy

>>514399476>Blade Runner the game>that 2012 teaser music videoi was still kinda new to Holla Forums back then, i watched bladerunner because of that trailer

>>514400649Transmission fluid is bad for you, user. That's probably why you post like you're brain damaged.

>>5144000482018 one literally looks better.


>>514403080>Based blind autist

>>514400885That's... unreasonably accurate.

>>514403537>Increase contrast>WOW SUCH GRAPHICS WOWRetard, the huge difference in the two shots is the doorway.It's got refraction in the plastic on one, which would indicate high graphical fidelity, along with a particle system for the DONOTCROSS police sign.Instead you're getting a static picture with alpha channel.

>night city>sun existsdealbreaker right there

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>>514403080>CP2077 haters are literally blindIt all makes sense now.

>>514404198Stop using big words you don't know the meaning of.

>>514399575>In the future of cyberpunk 2077 everyone can be well endowed

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>>514404557>n.nooooo don't say things I don't understand

>>514399831I'm sorry what are you even trying to say?

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>>514400649this doesn't make sense anymore its time to let go. Let go user just let it go take a deep breath move on its time, come home user, come home.

I have noticed the hate and praise comes in waves, likely because development has taken so long fags get burnt out on one form of contrarianism and shift to another. There are legitimate criticism to be had however, what is being showen is different in many ways from what was initially promised, and by all but official admission what we are seeing is likely a second build build of the game which is why it feels different. I can understand how people who got on the hypetrain in 2013 might feel a bit let down. Personally I think it looks fun but the gameplay we have seen so far looks a little shallow. Apparently there are masses of skills and options of player builds, but if that is the case why not show some of them instead of mid-tier fps combat from the prologue levels?

>>514397756is not GTA VI polacks wasted money trying to top rockstar, this dont swing well here at Holla Forums

>>514397756I was genuinely hyped from the announcement trailer.I was hyped at the E3 reveal.I really am starving for an open world RPG cyberpunk adventure.But the more game play I see, the less convinced I am that it's anything but another shooting gallery, with the empty promise of an RPG and corny ass aesthetics.dialogue options>yes>sure thingmission approach>go in guns ablazing>go in loud

>>514397756It's just dedicated trolls. If the opinion seems stupid just ignore it.

>>514397756/v/ has very high expectations and knows these expectations won't be met and that's why they are mad

>>514405870>There are legitimate criticism to be had however Such as?>What is being showen is different in many ways from what was initially promisedHow? What did they promise? You're delusional.

>>514406661>I am from the future and have played the whole game start to finish Fuck off.

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>>514407125Promised is a broad therm for retarderd TORtanic posters.Remember the initial Teaster trailer?That trailer promised all these things according to shitposters:>You can play as a cop>Flying cars>You can play as a prostitue>Reporters in the game so you can be a reporter>The graphics shown would be ingame graphics>It would be night all the time>Bullets are literally programmed to behave like in real life>Big city would be covering the entire map because only city was shown

>>514407125You don't want me to answer or you wouldn't have decided ahead of time that I am "delusional". You are just a faggy shill with a massive cock in your ass.

Crabs in a bucket. People here are miserable and don't like much of anything so no one else can be happy or like things.

>>514397756>For me, it's the music.youtube.com/watch?v=U_9BUCLAH-o


>>514407513Nothing? Yea thought so schizo.

>>514397756Everything seems fine except for the music. I was hoping for a lot of synth music but I guess they went the 'punk' route instead.

>>514407506Nailed it. I love how they seem to have built this whole game in their heads but whine at CDPR when what's actually shown doesn't match their imagination. They're honestly mentally ill.

>>514397756It's the tortanic v will show everyone what a failure it isBtw tortanic is still going and releasing content

>>514407649The new one fits better with the tone that the game is trying to establish.

>>514398976This, but more so because Witcher 3 is popular

>>514397756it's massively squandered potential. Out of everything in pic related, we have one role (Solo) with a light splashing from 2 others (Techie/Netrunner). It's like playing a D&D game where your only options are fighter, fighter/mage, and fighter/thief.

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>>514408074You must be new

>>514407506>>You can play as a cop>>Flying carsThese are things that they could and should have done. You're right about the rest though, that's just unrealistic expectations by retards.

Remember when Holla Forums hated New Vegas?

>>514408181An unfortunate truth, which is why I dislike it. The original track made it seem like they were going for a more classic late-80s feeling with a modern coat of paint.

>>514408202They never said they were going to implement all of the classes from the pnp RPG. Also, in the table-top, you ALWAYS start out as a mercenary outlaw. Besides most of them wouldn't work in a video game. How would Rockerboy, Medias or Fixers work? Everytime someone posts that retarded image I just assume they're underage.

>>514408762>MediasI have one idea

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>>514397756Borderdogs human revolution looks utterly boring.

>>514408840Not a video game.

>>514399831yeah sure user and VR is not the future of gaming

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>>514397756Bandwagoning and people trying way too hard to fit in. Kids who think being overly jaded somehow makes them an authority on good taste. In reality I think majority of the shitposters are either indifferent or actually interested in the game, but it's way more fun to troll and shitpost then have a productive discussion. After all, they'll go to their discords and subreddits when they actually want to talk about vidya and use Holla Forums as a dumping ground for garbage that would get them banned on other sites.

Because they’re stupid faggots and don’t realize trannies make perfect sense because it’s a dystopian future. Literally zero arguments against this. The forced gay sex is not even provable either.

If you're expecting every single feature/mechanic/combat element to be implemented perfectly Holla Forums, you're going to set yourself up for disappointment.Let's all remember something this game is an RPG FIRST, and whatever other genre you wanna classify it second/third/etc.You're allowed to feel some disappointment in how the melee combat looks, I get it. But there's a bunch of people writing this off as if it's going to ruin the game.Gunplay is not gonna be as robust as Destiny or CoDMelee combat is not gonna be as fluid as Dying Light or Shadow WarriorDriving is not gonna be as immersive as Forza or GTALet's all take a step back and temper our expectations a little and not set ourselves up for disappointment. It's worth also remembering this is their very first game with First Person/Guns/Cars/etc. Very little companies nail this kind of stuff on their first try.But if they somehow do manage to hit the sweet spot with any of these mechanics you'll be pleasantly surprised instead of expecting it.

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>constant sucking off from game journos >constant feature creep with no actual gameplay shown>endless promises that get broken months later when one of the devs admit it isnt possible>pandering to game journos by constantly talking about all the penises and vagenes they modeled for Xer's enjoyment>anything the devs show is disappointingso many redflags that this game is going to be a flop

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>>514408202I never played the tabletop game. Can you fuse two different roles together or do you have to stick to the one.

it just looks gay, cyber punk as a theme is almost as bad as steam punk

>>514412008>constant sucking off from game journosAnd this is a bad thing? Braindead hater. >constant feature creep with no actual gameplay shownCan't spoil everything retard. >endless promises that get broken months later when one of the devs admit it isnt possibleLike what? >pandering to game journos by constantly talking about all the penises and vagenes they modeled for Xer's enjoymentYou are mentally ill. >anything the devs show is disappointingNobody cares whether you like it or not.0/5 Apply yourself.

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>>514397756After seeing the latest gameplay I'm thoroughly convinced its gonna be shit upon release, it just all felt so lifeless and boring.This is from someone who was actually hoping it would be good.

>>514411949>Gunplay is not gonna be as robust as Destiny or CoD>Melee combat is not gonna be as fluid as Dying Light or Shadow Warrior>Driving is not gonna be as immersive as Forza or GTAOne day some madman is going to implement all these things in a game.The world will simultaneously bust a nut over it.And Holla Forums will still find a way to seethe about the game.I can't wait.

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>>514412527>if I deny everything they say they are wrongjej

>>514408762t. Actual underage who doesn’t remember being a prostitute, stand up comedian, boxer, porn star, bodyguard, in fallout 2

>>514411949Why bother with any of those things if they can't do them well?

>>514412717Just like you could be a comedy fan in GTA4!

>>514412720Why make video games at all?

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>>514412720Are you a spastic?

>>514412538>Let me use some meaningless buzzwords to compensate for my lack of an argument

I dont care if the game succeeds or not but the constantTHIS IS AMAZING AND ITS GOING TO BE IN THE GAMEfollowed byOK SO THIS OTHER THING IS ACTUALLY GOING TO BE REALLY DOWNGRADED FROM WHAT WE PROMISED BUT IT WILL STILL BE INis giving me the same vibes no man's sky did before release

>>514411949Pretty much. Deus Ex has SHIT gunplay and melee combat but is a classic because of the quest/level design and story. Ditto for stuff like VTMB and Fallout New Vegas.From what we've seen all that stuff listed is atleast competent, but to think it would be 1:1 to a game that focuses soley on that aspect is laughable. Honestly at this stage retards are just making up shit to be mad at

no one who has ever said "genuinely curious" has ever been "genuinely curious", it's literally the most disingenuous phrase in the English language. And it just looks mediocre. I'll probably still buy it because it doesn't look awful but it really doesn't look like the immersive first person rpg that was hyped for over half a decade.

>>514397756cdpr used to be /ourguys/ but then they got popular so we must hate them and everything they make, it's just the Holla Forums way

>>514413924The Holla Forums way is saying "people just hate it because it's popular". People were contrarian defending the shitty devil may cry back in the day too. Your opinion is as Holla Forums as it comes, and it's also retarded, unsurprisingly.

>>514413924>Holla Forums hates the devs because they became popular>unlike those idiots I will now love the devs because they are unpopular to Holla Forumsthe irony is delicious

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>>514413667Couldn't agree more.

>>514413852What were you expecting? You have only yourself to blame for hype yourself up to extreme levels. Too bad the game doesn't align with your imagination.


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>>514397756can't murder children.

>>514411949>Gunplay is not gonna be as robust as Destiny or CoDThe newest CoD plays like shit

>>514415016I'm fairly sure all the assets are exactly the same here, they just handled lighting and color saturation better.

Most of the criticism just boils down to "I wanted Bladerunner but didn't get it".

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>>514414178Am I only one that thought DMC was good and should have been continued?

>>514400048At the least it seems like they maintained the same level. Or what did they change are largely artistic changes to make things pop better with contrast and texture sharpening.youtube.com/watch?v=HKDekwjd2eM

Cancel culture and the age of outrage has made it to Holla Forums

>>514414832>hype myself up to extreme levelsWhen they said it would be a first person immersive rpg i was expecting a first person immersive rpg. Every fucking response in this thread is pure strawman, it's retarded.

Cyberpunk 2077 is rightwing (or centrist cucks) Last of Us 2Prove me wrong

>>514415643Yes. And you should leave.

>>514415723It's been 7 years since that happened.

I feel majority hating on it are a bit torn when it comes to gaming. We've been fucked over by major companies that were once great so this is like the "too good to be true" thing. Then some just don't like it so *shrug*Thats usual Holla Forums

>>514400048>mfw Ubisoft is wondering what devilry this is

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>>514415805Nobody cares what you want or didn't want. You have nothing to back up your claims. It still looks like an RPG to me and a damn good one at that. Guaranteed I'm more of an enthusiast of the RPG and Cyberpunk genre than you'll ever be. This is shaping up to be the best of both worlds. We've never seen anything like it. For instance, the sheer freedom and possibilities afforded to the player in a breath-taking open-world environment of this scale is just amazing. Link down below if you haven't seen it (you haven't). And the best part is that this is just ONE (1) quest. My wallet is ready. My body is ready. My mind is ready. November can't come soon enough. Forget no-nut November. I'll be cooming all over this game while playing it. youtube.com/watch?v=vjF9GgrY9c0&t=1615s

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because it will have a heavily monetized multiplayer mode filled with microtransactions.

>>514416609trying too hard


>>514399831I agree

>>514408463No, because Holla Forums never hated New Vegas you autist

>>514417615Based Redditor. Holla Forums whined about the game on launch, it was (and still is to some extent) a broken ugly piece of shit.

>>514413667>Pretty much. Deus Ex has SHIT gunplaySpotted the zoomer. You're not going to be able to pull off something like this in CP2077.

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This is going to be yet another mind numbing gta clone with uninspired writing, art design and world building with maybe a 15 hours worth (being generous) smattering of average at best “immersive sim” levels sandwiched between 50+ hours of navigating a to b in a big empty sandbox

>>514413667>people say Deus Ex is unplayable as a shooter because its gunplay is so awful>finally play it>use my skill points to raise weapon skills early in the game>my accuracy becomes laser accurate, never miss a shot even while moving, can run and gun while still having accurate aim>movement is very fast and responsive, I can even dodge rockets,>there are even augmentations that let you do cool shit like reflect enemy projectiles back on themI don't know why people keep spreading this false narrative. Yes, your shots are inaccurate if you don't invest in weapon skills (although even then, you can still get perfect accuracy if you wait to steady your aim) but solving that is as simple as raising your weapon skills. That's what those skills are there for. It's an RPG.

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Holla Forums is going to be very disappointed when this game turns out to be a weird mix between Fallout 4 and GTA IV

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>>514399575We’re going to be uploading our consciousness to servers, no one is going to bother with this retarded robot body garbage

>>514417615They should hate it, it is overrated as fuck

>>514397756>>514398976This but also hyped themselves over the CGI trailer and with no information to temper expectations the hype just kept building up and up then came crashing down. Holla Forums fell for the hype like normalfags did for No Man's Sky, they ignored the fact they knew fuck all about the game for years or that it was in development for years, two massive red flags and ignored them while thinking the setting was just bladerunner instead of researching cyberpunk 2020. And when the game came out and just looked decent instead of a 10/10 masterpiece, they lost their shit since it's easier to put all the blame on CDPR (though some of it lies on them due to not saying shit about the game to temper expectations) then admit they got carried away expecting their dream game, plus in my experience most Cyberpunk fags are pretty autistic. The part that confuses me though it most of Holla Forums seems to hate Witcher 3and CDPR, so I don't get why they were so excited for a game by them despite hating their last entry and thinking the company making it is shit.

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>>514399831This is actually a great point I don't know why you are getting attacked for it.

>>514403080Explain how

>>514416865>Gets BTFO>"t-trying t-too hard" Pathetic.

>>514413924They were always trash the Witcher is boring garbage for simpletons

>>514415456heres your bladerunner

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>>514417615Good job outting yourself newfag.

>>514417924>You're not going to be able to pull off something like this in CP2077I sure hope not. That looks like trash. Don't know what you were trying to do there buddy.

>>514399230to be fair rap music isn't all bad i know you guys are edgy so you'll like this dudeyoutube.com/watch?v=00nom6dSQGQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PBCGh_4Ogw

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>>514418236Not really since I didn't expect anything more then Witcher 3 with guns.

>>514415456Blade Runner had iconic and inspired art design. This looks like gta 5.

>>514417924>You're not going to be able to pull off something like this in CP2077.oh no....

>>514418181>Being proud of enjoying outdated shit Lmao @ ur lyf.

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>>514418574Then why did Holla Forums expect them to shit out gold after Witcher 3, or at least lower their expectations after it? Is Holla Forums just retarded or does it not want to admit it liked popular thing?

>>514418889Do you think Holla Forums has an editorial staff or something?


>>514418535You had a massive imaginary argument in your head then went overzealous tryhard affecting irony to cover up your embarrassment.

>rap>twitch faggot as in-game charactersYikes

>>514397756Broken promises

>>514417893Yeah well I don't remember any of it

>>514418950It’s a slightly better Fallout 3 and Fallout 3 was haram garbage from day one

>>514403229>Zoomer but grew up playing mostly boomer games due to being a poorfagWhat do I pick?

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>>514419018What promises?

>>514419041Sounds like you were born in the wrong generation


>>514419102Instead we'll get a corridor shooter with watered down rpg mechanics.

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>>514418992Lol whatever you say champ. Still waiting for you to refute my post but it's obvious you got nothing. Protip: Don't let your shitty head-canon cloud your judgement. Just makes you seem like an immature moron (which you are).

>>514404383It's named after the creator, who's last name is night,

>>514419234>rpgThat'd be a first one for CDPR.

>>514416693>[citation needed]So this is what its come to eh? Haters are literally making shit up.

>>514419234>Expecting any of this from CDPRWhy? Are you fucking stupid?

Not playing it since I found out any time you have a sex scene and don't play a black guy, you have to beg a black dude to fuck them instead then play a rhythm game matching your stroking with his thrusts. Seemed a bit excessive to me.

>>514418431>though some of it lies on themNo it doesn't. CDPR never lied about CP2077 even ONCE. I have yet to see proof of this. The fault only lies with dimwits like this specimen here>>514415805 for hyping themselves up based on their wild imagination.

>>514397756>Why is Holla Forums so hell-bent on hating this game? new cyberpunk thread every 10 minutes.just stop! let this little shit game be finally published.

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>>514399230As long as they let you kill the trannies id be fine with that

>>514418779You obviously have no sense for aesthetics.

>>514418574Dude take a deep breath. Stop seething. Let it go. It's been years.

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>>514417924>jumping through a window and shooting someoneThat webm isn't particularly impressive and shows more the strength of Deus Ex's level design more than it's gunplay.

>>514419773Ah yes. Let’s discuss “aesthetics”. Surely you have a pretty advanced understanding of beauty informed by philosophy. Fucking mouth breather.

>>514418181Having accuracy modifiers based on skills feels like shit though.

>>514419915You'll regret posting this.

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>>514419765Anyone and everyone could be a trannie you faggot Holla Forums cuck. Keep projecting about trannie shit you fucking trannie.

>>514419941>That webm isn't particularly impressiveHave you seen the gameplay op CP2077? The setting is supposed to be far more over the top than Deus Ex, yet the player can't even jump a fraction of that distance.

>>514397756generic AAA open world aids

First trailer

>>514419992>Let’s discuss “aesthetics”.

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>>514419234Literally and I mean LITERALLY all of that is in the game you lobotomized imbecile.

>>514420019ok zoomer

>>514397756It's gotten worse and worse with every new reveal.

>>514420173Sad you can’t tell when you’re being made fun of

>>514419234Nothing in this says "1:1 translation of the tabletop game", though. That's the mistake people made. One point that's valid is game classes until you realize "classes" in Cyberpunk 2020 really meant one skill only they had access to and nothing else. It was never something major like a difference between warrior, rogue and mage, for example.

>>514419992Give me one screenshot from GTAV that looks like the image I posted.

>>514420347>when you don't get the reference

>>514420186Oh yes, I bet " mature rpg and advanced rpg mechanics" is something cdpr is good at. After all, they've done it all 0 times.

>>514420296You know nothing brainlet. >>514400048>>514415016

>>514399831They hated him because he spoke the truth

>>514420587Just stop posting. You're only making a fool out of yourself. youtube.com/watch?v=1r08I_h1TBE

>>514419634>No it doesn't. CDPR never lied about CP2077 even ONCE. My point was they didn't lie, they said absolutely nothing about the game for years. They made no attempt to lower expectations for that entire time. It was a large red flag but this whole thing is pretty much No Man's Sky for Holla Forums because they absolutely refused to acknowledge any huge red flags and failed to do any research on the setting and assumed it was pretty much just bladerunner, which is obvious considering how they reacted to the badlands in the game. There was a lack of communication from the devs and Holla Forums disregarded every warning or red flag I. Favour of getting hyped for fully destructible massive city where you can do anything you want, with questlines for each of the "classes" but still being able to do what you want like Mount and Blade. I remember people hyping themselves up thinking the game would be like that, and I don't understand why since they hated CDPR's last game and they had never made a game like that, hell ask Holla Forums and a good chunk would say CDPR never made a good game, but they still were excited for cyberpunk regardless.

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>>514420942I know what Witcher 3 is, and an rpg it is not.

>>514412929fuck off paid shill

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>>514420212it felt like shit in Deus Ex, it felt like shit in VTMB and it felt like shit in Alpha Protocol. Deus ex has alot of good things going for it, but the gunplay isn't one of them.

>>514397756You don't get it, Holla Forums is the last fort of reason and decency. Holla Forums holds the line of the front against the influences of insane people who can't figure out history, politic or even their own sex. This is a struggle we have to endure for the best of video games.

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>>514421128>an rpg it is not.Why?

>>514420106>Holla Forumspol is dead retard. You're right that with implants and shit you probably wouldn't be able to tell whos a tranny though. Maybe I'd be fine with it as long as they dont represent it as disgustingly and in-your-face as TLOU2 does.

>>514420354>Nothing in this says "1:1 translation of the tabletop game", though. That's the mistake people made.shit, some years back some people still thought it was going to be an isometric party-based rpg simply because shadowrun returns was a thing. medial blackouts were cdpr's biggest mistake.

Why is she so cute bros?

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>>514421508based schizo

>>514419341theverge.com/2019/9/4/20849235/cyberpunk-2077-multiplayer-launchmark my words cdpr shills will definitely defend the microtransctions

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>>514421508>Holla Forums is the last fort of reason and decencyAnon, Holla Forums has been mainstream for fucking years now.>insane people who can't figure out history, politic or even their own sex.You are aware cyberpunk is a dysoptian setting full of degeneracy where you can pop into a clinic and waltz out shortly after with a new dick, or a pair of tits right?

Attached: 1590770928196.jpg (380x380, 74.76K)

>>514421746that's just going to be another gwent and thronebreaker for cdpr aka spin off that very few will care for, even if it does turn out to be a decent game.

TORtanic destroyed Holla Forums and now every big release has to be some epin failure that Holla Forums can jerk itself off to thinking we called it

>>514421508/v/ hasn't been a measure of good taste for like 5 years now. It used to be people here shat on AAA garbage because it was bad, but would celebrate the occasional great game that came out.People here have always been alot more nitpicky and critical than other sites, but usually within reason. Since 2016 or so this place has just been unnecessarily stand offish and negative to everything and anything that's announced. Users here now just engage in self serving circlejerks and try their best to avoid productive discussion.

>>514421746Does shill mean "anyone who doesn't conform to my believes" to you?

I don't get why s_y is censored here, but shill isn't

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>>514422003/v/ is especially like this with CDPR because they completely convinced themselves the game would flop, and haven't gotten over the fact they were wrong. Which is why they push the "I-It'll be shit but the normalfags will still buy it"

>>514421930>mainstreamliterally everyone outside of 4chan tells you not to go there because its literally all pedophiles and hackers and racists>it's a video game its supposed to be a fantasy >not fucking reality

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>>514420969You could have just said that Holla Forums acted as retarded as always.

>>514422093does hater means "anyone who doesn't conform to my believes" to you?

>>514422162onions isnt censored anymore though?


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>>514422415delid this

>>514422346onions and basedboy are both censored

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>Judy Alvarez>Meredith StoutWhy do the girls have old lady names? Who names their kid Judy in 2077?

>>514422330I wouldn't know, I don't call people haters for disagreeing with my and shitting on a company. I just care if I'll enjoy the end product or not.

>>514422003I doubt most people on here were around for TORtanic. Which honestly wasn't nearly as big of a deal as ME3 and Fallout 76, which were much bigger disasters.

>>514420969No, autists always find a reason to sperg out. There's no reasoning with them. You underestimate the mentally ill faggots that infest this board.

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>>514421436The accuracy-based aiming in DX works nothing like it does in those games, so again, you're proven yourself to be a complete zoomer.Again, if you raise your weapon skill, you literally have the exact same accuracy as a normal fps. So what are you even complaining about?

>>514397756It's a mix coming from the game being announced way too early and Holla Forums nitpicking every upcoming big releaseHaving too much time to build expectations and then getting disappointed by every little detail that doesn't line up with said expectations has turned hating this game into an obsession for some people here

>>514421518>Why?There is no role-playing. Unlike an atcual rpg, you can't be a thief or a spellcaster or an archer., You're always a sword-wielding dude.

>>514421746Get some help.

>>514422261>literally everyone outside of 4chan tells you not to go thereUntrue, I've heard younger people openly talking about going to Holla Forums. This place isn't the big secret that it use to be, not anymore thanks mainly to 2016 and Holla Forums dragging us into the spotlight.>it's a video game its supposed to be a fantasy>not fucking realityBecause when 2020 was created in 1990 that was fantasy. The rulebook even warned people about this shit.

Attached: 4OJHI0U.png (313x399, 111.79K)

>>514422596I agree. I was here for Tortanic, and it was great and funny because the game was an actual trainwreck. The funny images were literally making themselves. Same with the TLOU2 Holla Forums edits. Lots of people on this board got together and made over 3k various mspaint edits. That's fucking HUGE. Even made a webm of the going in dry scene. And the catalyst was the game being a trainwreck.The hate for CP77 is pure autism. Wishing it was a trainwreck, when it looks GOTY. But sadly there is no cure for autism.

Attached: 1358893634052.gif (250x197, 891.9K)

>>514422415Thanks for proving my point? The player jumps a small distance and then activates EPIC SLO MO.Show me a player in CP2077 scaling buildings like in DX and then we'll talk.

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The fans are super fucking annoying.

>>514397756Because they said "fuck you" to their fan base by not going third person and went with FPS purely to attract the Deus Ex fans.

>>514422916By your logic there was no roleplaying in 2020 because of how the classes operated.

>>514423141>there was no roleplaying in [year]Not unprecedented.Action games with some basic bitch skills aren't rpgs.

>>514423141>By your logic there was no roleplaying in 2020 because of how the classes operated.How so? In CP2020 you can play as different archetypes: street samurai, hacker, a gun-toting mercenary, etc.That's not the case in the witcher.

>>514422959>Everyone wanted to be seen as special.>Every group had to be "equal" to or preferably better then it's neighbours.>If anyone had something that someone else wanted, they were painted as racist, sexist, elitist or worseBased nigger redpilling normalfags

>>514397756So, I'm geniunely curious why people are excited for this. It does nothing we haven't seen before already. It looks like a fairly standard blockbuster FPS with RPG elements in a sci-fi setting.

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>>514423331No, you played a mercenary. Classes gave you a boost to specific skills and 1 unique skill but you were still a merc and free to play how you wanted, even if that means being a media who can also hot wire shit like a techie. It was essentially a classless system.

>>514419041>everyone is a poorfagshut up paypig,those games are better than your gta clone.

>>514423532>It was essentially a classless system.Are you trolling or just genuinely retarded? An RPG does not need to have rigid classes to have role-playing, just as long as there is the ability to build your character in a certain way and roleplay as a certain archetype. That's present in Cyberpunk.

>>514417615good job reddit tourist,everyone hated the game even nma(hardcroe autistic fanboy) at launch

Witcher 3 anally raped Bloodborne on stage, that's pretty much it.

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>>514423003>Moving the goalpostJust admit you got BTFO and stop posting with dignity.

>>514423708Anything that runs above 11.5fps per eye raped bloodbore so not an achievement.

rate my V build

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>>514423649Eat shit, corporate tool.

>>514423649And its present in the game.

>>514423792I'm not moving anything. From the start, my sole demand was you posting a webm where you show the player in CP2077 jumping a comparable distance. You failed to do that. You are the one who got BTFO

>>514423331Congrats on outing yourself moron.

>>514423464Name one open-world Cyberpunk RPG.

>>514422819>Again, if you raise your weapon skill, you literally have the exact same accuracy as a normal fpsYes, but tying accuracy to arbitrary stats makes guns feel ineffectual. Until you raise them the shooting sucks and even with maxed stats it's not exactly stellar, even for the time. Weapons have no real weight or impact behind them, enemy ai is basic. Deus Ex is an RPG first and foremost, an as a result the shooting isn't that great. If you like it, that's great, but for me it's a subpar aspect of the game that detracts from it's overall appeal.

>>514423950I'm not even him. But anyone with eyes can see he jumped as far as in Deus Ex if not more. Here's your last (you) shitter.

>>514424057>Deus Ex is an RPG first and foremostNo, for fuck's sake, first and foremost it's of the "immersive sim" family, like Thief or System Shock, not an rpg.


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>>514407649The music in the game is 100% new stuff, instead of licenced songs. There are 10 radio stations playing different music. There are pop, rap, rock, techno, and extreme metal songs (those were the genres that were mentioned, don't know if it's all of them, I assume there's punk as well for example). So I'm not really worried about the ost, since I'll just choose what I like.

>>514418706He may be racist but he's invited to the BBQ.

>>514424219Okay retard. I'll bite. What games do you consider to be "RPGs"?

>>514424057>Until you raise themAgain, this is not a valid complaint. If you ignore raising your skills in an rpg, that's your fault, not the game's.>arbitrary statsThey're not arbitrary>Weapons have no real weight or impact behind themWhat does that even mean?>enemy ai is basicFInally, a legitimate complaint. Yes, the AI in DX is one of its biggest weaknesses. Still, it's a flaw that has long since been remedied with mods.

>overhyped polish gameit's gonna be shit

>>514397756Looks generic as fuck.

>>514424057>Yes, but tying accuracy to arbitrary stats makes guns feel ineffectual. Until you raise them the shooting sucksPick up a random gun you've never used before in real life and try to shoot accurately with it>Weapons have no real weight or impact behind themPeople who got hands on said the shooting feels heavy, especially the pistols

>>514424267You okay bro?

>>514424267you're pathetic

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>>514424187The distance he jumped wasn't even enough to get on that bridge. in DX1 the player jumps not only from building to building, but actually jumps inside the roof window to get inside a building. It's a far greater distance.

i waited four fucking years for tw3i played it, played it again, then played it two more timesonly time i felt this much hype was for dmc5/v/ hates everything btw

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>>514422967Basically TLoU2 is ME3 all over again. It's not a complete failure in every aspect like TORtanic and 76, but it's marred by some horrible design decisions and the disconnect between fans and critics has generated alot of salt that's ripe.

>>514424219>No, for fuck's sake, first and foremost it's of the "immersive sim" family, like Thief or System Shock, not an rpg.Imagine being this retarded. The immersive sim family got started by Ultima Underworld, an RPG. System Shock 2 is also an RPG.

>>514399515>The sun isn't going anywhere.lmao

>ass effect gets releasedBrain dead unitedstatians complain that they cant shoot things in their new sci fi tactical shooter clone of gears of war. They pick soldier and the aim circle is still to big. Its hard to read and use rog elements for them. >ass effect 2 is a simple tactical shooter posing as rpg were the few rpg elements are tacked on cosmetically >ass effect 2 loving braindead unitedstatian argue on Holla Forums decade later that nu shooter is in fact a role playing game Looking forward to China raping your trade company gone rogue posing as country.


>>514424267Here's your dialogue options bro

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>>514397756Delays, cut content, devs are being faggots, shills won't shut up, overhype, probably going to jew up another franchise. All for what's going to be just another "meh" game.

Attached: goad.png (232x334, 148.02K)

>>514397756it's not that the game will necessarily suck.it's just that if you put an ubisoft logo on the latest trailer, it would't seem out of place. I dislike modern AAA and this game doesn't stand out from that anymore

>>514423003Well you have a super jump, it's not a huge leap to assume there will portions of the level not able to be accessed without said ability.You're comparing a 20 year old game that fans have played through multiple times and broken down every map and mechanic to a game that isn't even out yet and people can only speculate over it's true scope.

>>514424415>>514424419Dilate, cope, join the 41%, etc. Nobody who actually cares about Vidya on Holla Forums cares about this piece of shit normalfag soiberpunk game. You don't belong here and you aren't welcome.

Attached: 1589454731341.png (592x564, 725.59K)

>>514424712>takes Holla Forums seriouslyBro, you okay bro?

>>514400786Because it fails Holla Forums purity tests. Anons seeing trannies everywhere.

>>514424681>This is your brain on Holla Forums

>>514424847I take my hobbies seriously and I'm sick of cucks and trannies like you ruining it.


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>>514423708/v/, gave TW3 it's goty over Bloodborne though.

>>514424696You have no idea what you're talking about. AAA games are still 100 times better than indie-shit.

>>514424887Well, at least you didn't say Holla Forums.

>>514397756Because it's popular

>>514424681>shills won't shut upThe fuck are you on about, any time you look at the catalog every thread is bitching about the game, with a small few being obvious bait because it doesn't matter how shit your bait is since Holla Forums will always take it, and rarely one like this with some user confused as to the sheer autism from both fanboys defending it and fags sperging about it non stop and how bad it will be.

>>514402020Most of the cutscenes have dialoques associated with them. I have a rule about open-world cutscenes that I follow, especially with games like RDR2 & GTA5: Does the amount of gameplay equalize and justify the existence of the amount of cutscenes? Then no problem. My main problem with cutscenes are in games like Doom, which started out as a series with no cutscenes.

>>514424980yes, but snoys are the loud seething minority, can't deal with it to this day

>>514424403>People who got hands on said the shooting feels heavy, especially the pistolsI'm talking about Deus Ex.

>>514424949>Not blunderpunkOne job.

>>514397756Most people aren't?But as always the minority is the loudest.

514425035Consume product, corporate tool.

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>>514397756Because Holla Forums is full of contrarians anyway, and this game has done something to rile up the anti-SJW retard crowd.

>>514397756Counter shills for shit companies like EA or Ubisoft. I'm willing to believe some people pay these subhumans to shit on certain games on here for $0.01 a post.

>>514425192I'm more of a Cybertanic guy to be honest.