>beats your waifu's asswhat went RIGHT?

>beats your waifu's asswhat went RIGHT?

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>>514396341My waifus ass.

>>514396341Is this a thinly veiled thread to get me to finish that nude mod? I just don't know how to move it from Blender to Samurai Shodown, and I don't even own the game, I downloaded the model from that other thread.

>>514396527Do some poses, faggot

>>514396341It's not fair.

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>>514396605It only has the game compatible rig, it's not really good for posing.

>>514396341I don't think so pal

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>>514396341its still fucking bizarre to see the for honor warden fighting this

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>tfw have always been into facesitting>it is probably in reality really horrible

>>514397373Actually it depends on how clean dat ass is, sometimes a somewhat clean but musky ass is god tier

>>514397007His theme is pretty dope.youtu.be/cTSXRY3_hbE

>>514397007>Season pass 1 is free? Sign me up! Oh shit, there's even an extra character! SNK seems determined to bring in a big cast, I guess I'll get the 2nd Season Pass too>SNK pushes this fucking turd outNEVER AGAIN

>>514396674Too bad she canonically irl prefers paleface penetrator. Must we do this every thread?

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>>514397651the person on top also has to have a brain to have a sense of gentleness instead of just plopping down. To smother with an ass is an art of itself and easy to fuck up.

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>>514396341Lol no, that’s an ugly, pudgy ass.Of course you white people wouldn’t know a good ass if it landed on your face.

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>>514396341>The perfect ass doesn't exis-

>>514396527If you're the user I think you are, those nipples are way too big.

>>514398072lmao niggers only know fat whale asses

>>514398435The ass poste din the OP is a whale ass though. It doesn’t look firm.

>>514396341ass too big

>small waist>"HURR DURR WHALE ASS"Retards

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>>514396341Karin bros... We got too cocky

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>>514396341What game

>>514398707Imagine all the babies those hips could deliver.

>>514396341Sooo... She didn’t beat anything because I don’t really have a waifu?

>>514398882Samurai Shodown

>>514396341Is there a cracked version with Iroha yet?

>>514398707>>514396341this is the good shit

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>>514399451based ltg

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>>514396664King is a goddamn classic.She singlehandedly gave me a thing for women in men's clothes.

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>>514399562god DAMN

>>514399562>can't put his money where his mouth is>can't back up his shittalk when his hands are on the stick>falls back to infantile insults and ad hominemthe joke is to pretend he's based because he's actually fuckin' pathetic right?

>>514396341That model looks like shit. It looks like wet clay

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>>514400264yes, now shut up and worship the BBC

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>>514398338That's a very easy change to make.

>>514400609Give her a pussy and butthole

>>514396341>Love the name>Love the outfit>Love the massive tits>Love the face and hair>Ass is good tooNice. Shame there's little to no porn of her.

>>514398764I still adore Karin's butt

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>>514401158There's a lot of porn Of her old design tho

>>514401817This.>in b4 bird milking


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>>514397007He's built like the lawbringer. Look at him, he's huge.

>>514396527You better keep her tummy intact. I expect nothing less than the perfect naval.

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>>514403201>AbsYuck. Pudge or gtfo

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>>514402613My man

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>>514397373This, I’ve always liked it but it would probably suck in practice


>>514403268Get a load of this tasteless faggot. She's not supposed to be a fatty.

>>514403201I only added nipples and pussy, possibly butthole, but you wouldn't see it. I'm not changing any of her other geometry, it's already there, just modified the textures so that she's completely naked, now I just need to find out how to get her back into the game, but I don't own the game, so I have no way to test this.

>>514400442Do you consider yourself homosexual?

>>514403925You better have some pics. Links to them anyway, since this is a blue board.


>>514404308files.catbox.moe/8xh91g.pngHere's an old one, I could probably shrink the nipples a bit.

>>514404846Please do, those look awful.

>>514404846This mod has pretty nice nipstwitter.com/somberness/status/1274144166054891521/photo/4


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>>514405920Use that one then, actually I was just decreasing nipple size not areola size. I wasn't aware someone had already done it, I guess my work here is unneeded.

>>514405997das rite

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>>514397007He’s more fun to play as than I expected but I really hope we get more characters and they don’t abandon SamSho where it is nowmy tism can’t stand that this dude is in his own row by himself on the character select and move list screens. Looks MvCI roster select levels of weird to me. Also I still want Gen-an

>>514406027your Iroha looks good, don't be a faggot. I can see the appeal of big nipples, it's a patrician thing but you can shrink them a little if you want.


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>>514405997reminds me of

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>can western devs even keep up?

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>>514405997I want to see more smug Iroha.

>>514406409>well its your fault

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Hmmm, Ivy's ass is clearly defined and strong, complemented by meaty thighs. Her stature also exudes confidence. She knows it looks good, which is very sexy. Ihora has just seemed to stumble into having an amazingly fat ass, and almost seems naive about it. Which is cute as well, but it's just not the same. Her personality would be the same with or without her fat ass, Ivy's personality is bolstered by large tits, thighs, hips, and ass.

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her ass doesnt top Kolin's

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>>514407673>Diaper assDropped

>>514403925>>514404846My man, you mind uploading the model to sketchfab?

>>514407940>>514408057Faggots come in pairs

>>514408519So when's the next one gonna join you?

>>514408519Probably on each other

>>514399778I know how you feel. You aren't just talking about suits, right?

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>>514410509The image that saved Holla Forums.

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>>514411792Mina-sama...I kneel.

Iroha players are niggers and I like slicing that bitch in half.

>>514399562His attempt at a clapback is so stupid and childish but I can't help laughing because he went for it anyway.

>>514412402>"Iroha players are [HEADCANON]"See?

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My waifus ass is great though.

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>>514412541Your waifu is a psycho bitch though.

>>514412894The problem being?

>implying japanese women have ass that big

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>>514413074I mean, if that's your thing then by all means.

>>514413746She's not really a Japanese woman though.

>>514403268abs plus pudge retard

Where did you go modbro?

>>514405920Has this guy released the blender files as well? I'd like to do some stuff with the model myself.


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>>514406227They could ressurect this game with a few moves:>fix the netcode>release it on Steam with a KI-like model where the game is f2p but you pay for DLC characters.

>>514415482Did they fug?

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>>514417439>Sweaty thighsM-Moar

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>>514417439where did you find this image

>>514417439Just link the patreon already.

>>514397007For as generic as his design is, SNK really did make him feel part of Samsho's world Still less generic than Walter

>>514396341>Ass to big for its own good>Ass poorly shaped because of its size in certain areasi'd give it a 6/10


>>514396341Good designers.


This kills the low-test faggots

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>>514419748post moret. high test

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>>514407673Which end is Kolin's ass again? I keep forgetting since they're both so shitty.

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>>514398072what the fuck is wrong with her face? Mental illness levels of shopping.

>>514420531More uncanny valley than Mars Needs Moms.

>>514418217>I'm gay

>people jerking it to a model that looks worse than beta tf2 modelswhat am I missing here?

Where were you when SNK saved vidya?

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>>514422695Heterosexuality, apparently.

>>514422778If only they'd stop selling out to the chinks.


>>514398072Wtf is going on with this bitchs face?

>>514396904Pathetic thighs.

>>514398072>>514420531So I looked up this bimbo and she actually looks like a human being. Also pulls off a good A2

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>>514400442Can I have the original in a resolution not aimed at ants?

>>514396341would suck a fart out her asshole