Persona 4 Golden

You should at least be on or passed the December Dungeon by now, anons. Are you there yet?

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>>514396078Does the Sea Guardian show up on non-rainy/snowy days? I've been at it for nearly an hour and I've had no luck at it

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Remember what they took from you

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>>514396672Only rainy days.

>>514396740not a big loss because her portrait still would've looked like shit, like every other portrait in P4

>>514396672Have you talked to the old man about the sea guardian? If you haven't he wont appear at all.It worked on a cloudy day for me.

>>514396672Only rainy

>>514396740She's in P5 though

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How do i start Rise social link?

>>514397067Yes, but there's no point because you can't use party personas for yourself. Modders probably fixed it though.

Persona is shit

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>ywn do detective work with Naoto

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>>514397201>using a fun shitpost image as baiting materialwhy must it be this way Holla Forums?

>>514397201>mI may be a personafag but at least I'm not a fucking phoneposter

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>>514396983Sea guardian will appear, but genji beetles will not without the requestYou can get 3 early from Tanaka


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>>514397258And thank god for that

>>514397389I spent an hour fishing for it with no luck, went back and talked to the man, and it showed up then after 4 tries. Dunno if it was luck, but that's what happened.


I'm in love.

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>>514396835>>514396983Turns out I just forgot to talk to the old man after showing him the river guardian again. Bros I can feel the all-social links completion coming

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No rain mod when?


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>>514397913>Bros I can feel the all-social links completion comingYou better be close, you don't have many days left.

>>514397141Just talk to her and be yourself.

>>514397901Growing her hair out just a little really did improve her a lot. Her outfit is cute too.

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>>514396078how about playing an actual game?

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>>514398496I am playing Nocturne rn, piss off

>>514397258Good. She'd think wearing bright orange and firing party horns is a good cover for tracking a target.

>>514398496After this NG+, but it most likely won't be SMT since I only have like 4-5 spinoffs left and then Megami Tensei 1/2.

>>514398496But I already play persona 1

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Music or drama club?

>>514398961Neither. Sun link in Persona 3 was superior.

>>514398496I'm playing IV. It's getting easy pretty early on desu. Can't believe mainlinefags memed into believe this would be hard.Still really fun

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>>514399146Not even Nocturne is as hard as they meme it.

>>514398961I believe Drama is easier to rank up

>>514396078I am at the end of january and I just want the game to move on.>finish adachi dungeon>2 months of nothing

>>514399389You have 2 dungeons left assuming you maxed Marie's social link

>>514399581If they are in january they maxed her.If you don't max her it skips right to march like vanilla pretty sure

>>514399581>already level 90>2 dungeons remainingoh well at least I can skip everything

>>514398496I picked it up since the setting and aesthetic looked cool but I couldn't get past how dated it felt. Going directly from persona to this the grid dungeons are unplayable. I want to give it another go but only if the story's really good. Is this a good first SMT?

On a Seth, what skills should be put on if I only have 4 inheritance slots?>repel fire>Spell Master>Mind Charge>Megidolaon>Mabufudyne>>514399146>I'm playing IV. It's getting easy pretty early on desu.IV's always has been easy, the difficulty's because people got filtered by Naraku or had Hoyboy as a party member. It also had an inverse difficulty curve in general. once you leave naraku you should only really be dying to ambushes.

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Is there a persona fusing/combat guide? I basically ignored the persona fusing stuff but I want to actually make some OP personas and know what I'm doing for NG+

Is atom smasher worth using?

>>514400161Just search >Persona 4 Golden calculatorIf you want to see the movesets, you can search them on the wiki

>>514398496I love the music and atmosphere of this game but I'm not a fan of the dungeon crawling at all nor the way the alignment system works in this game since it limits the demons you can use if you want to maximize damage.I should look into picking it up again though, I think I dropped it after beating Horkos.


>>514398290Well I think I fucked up lads, for some reason Ai just plain doesn't want to show up on the 3rd of February despite everyone saying she shows up on fridays, and I only have a save on the 1st without enough points to do her last rank on the 2nd. Do I do the other 3 remaining S-Links I have left to do (Rise, Eri, and the Fox) or reload my oldest save from the 24th of January and try it all over again?

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>>514396078Nah I'm still at July

>>514398508What in the god damn is wrong with your game's visuals user

>>514396078Will we ever get an older version of the P4 cast?

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>episode 18

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>>514396078havent bought the game yet lmao

>>514399146I want to cum on Yukari's ribbon

>>514403174Maybe for P5 Arena if they choose to bring the P4 team back.

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Grinding in this game is kinda fun.

>>514404348I want to see cop Chie!

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>>514403701The lyrics to the song that plays when Nanako and Dojima reconcile got me good

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>>514398845>Ayase and Yukino were the least popularIt's not fair bros. At least Yukino got a major role in IS, Ayase got sent to the void with Tatsuya.

>>514404971Yeah. Got some massive Clannad vibes from that.

>enter Maries dungeon>every battle is just press Y to auto attacknow this is amazing game design

i beat the game when it launched you fucking secondary.

>>514405487Have fun trying that with Marie

How do I unlock more songs? I can't progress Fuuka's social at all. Are there seriously over 50 songs in this game?

>>514405564id be surprised if it was actually hard

>>514405461>Ayase and Yukino were the least popularJaps have always been known to have shit taste

>>514405487>>514405674It isn'tit's a gimmicky resistance table thing where you use item breaks

>>514405663what songs? fuuka who?

>>514405674She repels all elements except Almighty

What the fuck are those chain sounds, I get spooped so I go to the next floor when I hear them in a dungeon

>>514405886It's the sound of GIT GUD

>>514405886"Me no want to talk to you! Me just want to hear your screams!"

>>514405886You should definitely open the next chest you see if you hear that.

>>514405886Pop open a box if you hear them and if it says there is a presence you get a good item from the chest.

I wished the Reaper worked like in 3. Hate opening chests only to find I reset the count and have to do the process all over again

>>514405749>>514405734simply amazing.This game is kinda shit towards the end

>>514406232Don't you like playing hide-and-go-seek?

Should i do it? I either want to romance her or Yumi

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>>514406308No. I want my god tier weapons and armor already you conniving fuck

>>514406284I appreciated the attempt to try and shake up gameplay, but like anything Persona does with that it generally fucks up. It even applies to 1's Thanatos tower where if a party member died their Persona would go to the lower level.

>>514406401Chie. You get more romance events from her

>>514396740Nothing of value

All those useless social links and no Kashiwagi route? The fuck, Atlus?

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>>514406493As if 1 wasn’t a slog already

>>514406401Do it, her romance scenes are the cutest.

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FUCK i missed quest 43 because the twins move after november. I guess it gives me something else to do in NG+ besides the reaper and margaret.

>>514406839Kashiwagi sounds so hot in Japanese.

Fish Fag here, rerolled the save and managed to pull off all the S-Links on the last day. Feeling really blessed here.

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>>514407097My brother. Her Jap VA sounds straight out of JAV.

>>514406839dating the teacher is a long-standing jokep5 broke tradition letting you actually do itdont think that's the norm

>Yukiko and Chie proccing Twin Dragons after every AoA Jesus

>>514407329>Her Jap VA sounds straight out of JAV.My uber nigger, I had the same sentiment

>>514407097ikr and yet they treat her like shit for no reason

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P3 probably would have S.Linked with her. I dunno if he would have fucked her, but as shown by Magician and Moon, he's not really all that picky about who he befriends.

>>514407545Because she's a rotten cake?

>>514407545The only remotely appealing thing about Kashiwagi is her body.

>>514397201you're trying too hard

My bird wives.

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>>514407836Desperate and willing for a one night stand is hot though.

>>514406493because it doesnt change anything, it just takes the only servicable combat and turns it into a slog

>>514407460>his AoAs don't instakill

>>514407747>>514407836>act like this lonely middle-aged woman is a literal devil>while you can have stealthy dates with literal devil nurse>also, it's ok when Kawakami does the sameShe is not really worse as a person than some main characters

>>514407716>P3 probably would have S.Linked with

>>514408272If you think Kawakami and Kashiwagi are remotely similar people beyond being your teacher then you need help.

>>514408080>AoA instant killing everything early gameAre you playing on Easy? Or just plain grinding?

>>514408272Kashiwagi is based off a teacher Wada had as a kid.He confessed to her and she told him he was retarded.He put her in the game as a whore no one wanted. This was his revenge.Pic for source.

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>>514408590I'll believe this just so the rumor field makes it true.

WTF how do I beat that shadow after I complete Yukiko's dungeon? Do I just need to grind out some lvls or can I come back later?

>>514408579Playing on Normal and level grinding hard.

>>514408272Devil Nurse is just a slag. She still scoresKashiwagi's desperate enough to try and compete with teenage girls, only to get mogged hard.I'd still fuck her, but fatlus really tried their damnest to make her personality shit. Maybe a SL would've been good in not making her a joke character but interesting despite the abrasiveness of her personality.


>>514408751You can grind out levels or come back later. He's pretty tough early game, but the weapon he drops for Yukiko is easily one of the best in the game since it gives her +50 SP.

Finally over. I missed playing a long game like this nonstop for a week. It's been a while since I got so invested. Thinking of playing P3 next, but not controlling the party members sounds like a major pain in the ass.

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>>514408489>one is desperate for love and affection, while surrounded by preachy and judgemental village people>other is a bitch to you until you find out she's a borderline prostituteYeah, I'd prefer Kashiwagi

>>514408751get persona which resist phys (or null) and use buffs, Sukukaja, Tarunda, Sukunda are all good in order to minimise the damage that rampage causes.Coming back later's fine, but he's still a pain regardless.

>>514408947Emulate P3:FESThere's a mod for controllable party members.

>beat golden 2 days ago>still feeling empty and sadIs this normal? I can't believe I grew so attached to a bunch of fictional characters.

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>>514408949Kashiwagi hangs out with fatties.That is a major flaw that can not be over looked.

What level were you guys at when you beat Shadow Yukiko? I'm pretty diligent with taking care of every enemy encounter I see, so I was lv.18 when I fought her (pic related was the Persona I used against her), and I didn't have a ton of trouble against her. Did I overlevel a bit?Also, Shadow Yukiko's Castle was really boring. Like, very visually uninteresting and unmemorable. Are all of the other dungeons in this game just boring hallway simulators with occasional enemies, or is it just the first one?

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>>514409375all dungeons in this game are random corridors and they just get worse.

>>514409375If you're higher than the join level of the next party member, then you're too high.

>>514398496link me the ISO baby

What are some moves that I should put onto hell biker?

>>514409359That's why she needs a SL to mellow out, change her ways and start hanging with Ms.Sofue for rank 10 threesome


I beat it.Not sure what to do now, honestly.

>>514409326Wait another week or two and then play 3F.

>>51440937512.Ever since Rise's dungeon I've been overlevelled

>> am close to finishing the game, right after Adachi but I dont think I will ever do it. It just drags on too much

>>514409935Emulate P3 with some mods.Get P5:R.Otherwise, I don't know.

>>514409375i beat her on level 12 i think, but i was playing on normal

>>514410045I beat P3, including the answer, I didn't get Royal but I did vanilla P5 and NG+, and I've already done a lot of SMT games, before you suggest that.

Should I turn on more rewards in the difficulty settings? Too lazy to grind

>>514396078I played vanilla. I don't want to play Golden because of Marie and Chie's new voice actress. Change my mind.

>>514410176Fall down the spinoff hole and play games like DDS.

Watch the anime.

>>514409935Watch the anime

>>514410228Play it in Japanese the way it was meant to be played.

>>514410240I DID buy DDS when all the SMT games were on sale like five years ago. I think I'm at the ship? Just got Cielo, but I'd have to hook up a bunch of stuff to do that. Seems like a good direction to head in, though.

>>514396078Haven't touched it. Playing P3 FES on PCSX2 instead. I still bought P4 Golden for PC so that we might get a PC release for P3

>>514410219Go for itIt's a single player game, customize it until you find where you have the most fun.

>>514410219Yes. It's more fun with more exp so you don't end up terribly underleveled.

>>514410308Still has Marie.

>Naoto: "It lists all of his victims, including his failed attempts from the third case on down. AND Mr. Morooka's address is not on here!">Adachi: "Well, that settles it!"This is such a dumb slipup to look out for, especially because it's a reaction that any moron could use when someone using deductive reasoning would come to a conclusion about a case that JUST had a kidnapping and traffic accident where the perpetrator escaped into another dimension. Yeah, Naoto catching it is supposed to show she's an ~ace detective~, but what if it really WAS just some dumb shit Adachi blurted out because he's generally swayed by intimidation and lazy?I feel like there's a lot more conclusive evidence towards either Adachi or Dojima being the killer from the supernatural evidence of Mitsuo's trip into the TV world, as only a cop would be able to chuck Mitsuo into the TV world when as a known murderer he was in a guarded cell, and Dojima himself was still trying to investigate the first two murders, whereas the killer probably wouldn't want to investigate those.

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>>51440937513, hard.

>>514410219do it until mitsuo at most. i was terriblyx underleveled at that fight but after that it goes ways faster to level wp

>>514410415>>514410479Thanks bros I'll try it out

>>514410647I'm struggling at mitsuo too, that's why I'm thinking of turning it on for a while but I don't wanna "cheat" too much

>>514410542This image always cracks me up. It's obvious whoever drew it was an Amerimutt who can't understand banter.

>>514408016HOLY, I’m definitely getting Royal


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Anyone else feel like the last month and the events with your crew feel hamfisted?Its just reiterating their arcs

>>514410849Just turn extra XP on and grind until you match his level.There is for some reason not enough xp to go around until shadow mitusuo to reach a good level

>>514411058The game gets extremely boring towards the end.Every conversation is useless and could be skipped since it offers nothing new

>>514410542Modern persona games generally always squander part of their theme, and I'm assuming it's just a time thing. 5 is really bad at using its heist elements for example.

>>514411058Well they don't really develop much over the course of the game, so what can you expect?

>playing on hard mode>beat the double boss fight in Rise's dungeon>don't wipe but it takes fucking forever>"would you like to save your progress so far?">persona4golden.exe has stopped workingthis is the first time the game crashed on me.

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Just beat Shadow Mitsuo. Why does it feel like every boss in this game has twice as much health?It's because I'm playing on hard isn't it

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>>514409375You’re overleveled as fuck. I beat her at level 13 on hard. You mind as well turn up the difficulty too if you’re on normal.

>>514411732Played for 34 hours, crashed 3 times so far.

>>514411732I've had two crashes so far. First crash sent me back an entire week.

>>514397067post concept morgana

>>514412397P4 on hard is all about tankiness. There are ways to play around the tankiness without using strong personas. You just need to think instead of brute forcing it.

>>514412685What do you mean? I assume buffs and charges count as brute force.

>>514412636>>514412485>>51441173261 hoursno crashesfeels good to be me

Holy shit you guys were right, Minotaur and Medusa very nearly filtered me, at least I know the importance of the correct fusions now

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>>514412813Smooth sailing from here. Except for the hunter tournament quest. Now just bask in the soulful overworld theme and get lost navigating it

>>514412783More than 60 hours. Not a single crash even from alt tabbing to sometimes take breaks or shitpost.

>>514412751Playing on the vita ages ago, I remember ameno sagiri took me 40 minutes to beat. Marie boss fight took me like 30 mins. Then fucking izanami took me fucking Up to 1 hour an attempt. Plus multiple of tries.

This is where NG+ really begins.

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I have no idea what I'm doing.

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>>514415140If you're trying to make him a 4 element sweeper for some reason just go with the 4 ma-dynes, but I'd recommend instead just using Mind Charge+upgrading his Megidola. He's better as a buff boy, but he's your trumpeter.

>>514415247I'm still missing Magarudyne on anything for sweepers, so i'll go revise that.>but I'd recommend instead just using Mind Charge+upgrading his Megidola.outside of magician Cards, he learns that via level up, right?>He's better as a buff boyShould I just slap a bunch of Ma buffs and dekaja/kunda for the meantime until I get him high enough to learn debilitate/heat riser?

>tfw just rescued kanji

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>>514415608He should get Megidolaon, and the Ma buffs are up to you since Heat Riser/Debilitate will cover what you need anyway most likely. Dekaja/Dekunda are less valuable in Persona 4 due to the lack of bosses remembering buffs exist.

>>514415608Not the same user, but I kept Ziodyne, Elec Amp, Megidola/Megidolaon, and Mind Charge as Trumpeter's damage abilities. The rest were Debilitate, Dekunda, Dekaja, and Heat Riser.Depending on who you take into battles with you, I found Heat Riser kind of useless. I bring Kanji and Yosuke to fights, so I never found myself using Heat Riser.

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>>514396078just rescued risei'm playing the vita version and also fucking with persona 3 and 5 at the same time thoughcrack when

>>514416171I suppose I should have mentioned that. If you have Naoto especially heat riser can get redundant since she naturally gets it.


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Is Catherine in anyway connected to the Personaverse?

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>>514399146it's braindead easy. smt games usually aren't hard but at least you have to think a little. i got bored and dropped that piece of shit halfway through.

>>514416386Vincent appears in Club Escapade in Persona 3 Portable.

>>514416281You have a Vita and you're asking for a crack?

Leaving y'all wasn't easyBut for the better good much neededTonight's the night, reunite, party over hereNo mass destruction needed

What kind faggot school doesn't let you go to clubs the week before midterms and finals? Ball is life and no test will get in the way of that. t. guy who forgot basketball fucks your chances of getting all the books

How are Persona 1 & 2? I love Persona 3 & 4, especially the non-dungeon sections where you hang out with friends amd make social links. How are they in P1/P2?

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>>514416340>>514416171Heat Riser is a redundant skill in general thanks to Tri-Auto Personas and Debilitate existing. As long as you have Matarukaja and one of Masukukaja or Marakukaja you never really need the third buff and applying Heat Riser manually each time is slower. Then if you bothered to train up Chie all the way to the end then Chakra Ring + Dragon Hustle will cover that for you.

>>514417586I did basketball and I got all the books

>>514417803I fucked up and didn't raise it high enough in time. Kou's too much of a depressed fag to give me Poly-Land now.

>>514417586The ones where people get good grades.

>>514417778I just wish they would go full retard and hand me Luster Candy proper already.

>>514396078>You should be in December by nowAlas I am in June stillThis is the first time for me playing 4 and it's pretty fun. Do Social Links do anything besides increase XP for Persona's? In 5, some S.Links gave you skills to use in battle. I'm focusing on my party members social links at the moment because they're actually immediately useful, but some days you only have side characters available, so I want to know if I'm wasting time doing those or not.

>>514411050What did Yuka-tan mean by this?

>>514397901>>514396740workin on it, anons

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>>514416386>>514417148The Demon also has yellow eyes like Shadows in Persona if I'm remembering correctly. There's also a few references on either side, like P5 having some tracks lifted from Catherine.

>>514418938Fucking mint

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>>514396740>female ken

>>514398496Original is better. Strange Journey actually renewed my interest in the SMT series after Persona 4 killed it.

>>514398496strange journey > soul hackers > nocturne > IV > apocalypse > redux


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>>5144175871/2 is less of a VN and more of a traditional JRPG. It has a slower pace and is more janky. The characters are great though, especially P2. If you're used to old JRPGs you should give it a try.

>>514396672you can catch it any day in December also

>>514419420What's the difference? All I know is they added a Marie and made the title cooler for the jp ver

>>514396078No way. I just cleared it and I'm 80+ hours in.people with less time should be around Mitsuo by now.

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>>514418426Ignore him. Persona is meant to be played at your own pace.

no because replaying this 45 year old game is not a priority simply because it came out on a new console. stop asking

>>51441963260 hours and at maries dungeon.Voice acting is so slow, you save unironically hours by just reading and skipping the voice acting.Waste of money

>>514418938Hey, how hard is it to mod this game? What are you using?

>>514419734Voice is acting is something I actually enjoy so I don't skip it.Using the JP audio. There's no rush anyway. I cleared all quests too.

>>514396078I'm a failure user I haven't really played in 2 days

>>514419734One of my main gripes about the modern Persona games is the writing and dialogue. It is so bad and sounds so unnatural.

>>514419632>Chie and Naoto in maid costumesGood.

>>514419865It's not that badI'm using Amicitia. Use this tutorial to get your foot in the door

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>>514420035Yukiko as well.It cost 200k yen but it was worth it.

>>514419883Every JP voice is great other than Teddie. Jesus Christ that thing is hellishly annoying and he just won't STFU during battle.

>>514420032>I only watch mature animes for mature people such as myselfFuck off.

>>514419665Do S.Links do anything though lol

>>514420221Aye Teddie is shit but I never liked mascots anyway. I never use him in battle.

>>514420362They provide bonus EXP when fusing a Persona of that Arcana, and at rank 10 unlock very powerful Personas that you can fuse that often come with unique skills. Your party members are the only ones where they gain additional abilities in addition to standard social link awards when ranking up.

>>514420376I can't even use him in battle but he keeps shouting tips anyway and there's no way to disable it it seems

>>514420582The battle advisers in 3 and 4 are functionally 'noise pollution' the character.

>>514420567Ah cool, thanks!

So what was Yosuke's explanation for Teddie's whole situation? How did he convince his parents to let him stay at their place? I mean, if you think about it, that whole situation is really wonky.

>>514417587In desperate need of a remake.

>>514421027I don't think he ever really explained it. Perhaps Teddie wears the bear suit at home so Yosuke's parents think that it's a giant stuffed animal or something?

>>514420813At least in P3 it's a cute girl with a good voice.

>>514421027Teddie is kinda cute though, maybe he could say that's his boyfriend or something

>>514420582He's gonna get replaced relatively soon, don't worry.

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>>514396078No user, I have this thing called a 'life'

>>514421241No, Yosuke recounted how Teddie found his porn stash and showed it off at the dinner table.

>>514421336Maybe his parents just don't give a fuck.

>>514420079Will check it out tomorrow, thanks. But you better post it here when you finish that. I want it.

I'm having so much fun with this.I haven't enjoyed a game this much since pathfinder:Kingmaker.

>>514421516Maybe. It's possible he came up with some sort of dumb story. Like how Teddie's a foreigner who always wanted to see Japan and saved up his money to fly here, but was too stupid to realize that he'd have nowhere to stay.


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>>514421638mah nigga

Fun piece of Golden trivia:The department store Junes is based on in Yamanashi (The town Inaba is modeled after) is called Aeon


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>>514422007Looks comfy

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Does Yosuke keep on becoming more of a dickhead as the story progresses? I thought he was cool at first but he keeps on becoming more and more annoying. I'm on the school camp thing and he is making me cringe so hard that I want to just bench him for the rest of the game as punishment.

I already beat the game three times already on different systemsI'm in no hurry

>>514422012MORE LIKE

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>>514396740I like the current Nanako just the way she is.

>>514422578>camp tripHe did nothing wrong.But yeah it increases

>>514398496Why are smtfags such huge babbies?

>>514422578Yosuke becomes more closet queer as time goes on. The camping trip is just his largest denial trip before it starts going downhill for him

>>514422578The campout and the entire day of the culture festival + subsequent events are the worst parts of the game.

Just finished my second playthrough.

>mfw the last 10 days of August in GoldenThis was $20? I would've paid triple the price if I knew that I'd be in for such a comfy experience.

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>>514398496Bold of you to assume I haven't played and enjoyed both.

>>514405886Dont believe what others say. You are going to get fucked in the ass with no vaseline if you havent played megaten games before. its the Reaper, secret boss that drops the best equipment for others. Dunno how hard he is in golden but in vanilla he is no joke

>>514422920>He did nothing wrong>>Gets mad over curry tasting bad instead of handling it, or even offering to cook himself>>Makes a huge fuss over his butthole being violated>>Makes a junior sleep on a rock and takes up all the room in the tent>>Forces girls to strip naked, even going as far as to be a creepy motherfucker buying them both swimsuits and knowing their exact measurementsThis isn't even mentioning his hairbrained ideas before this.>>514423041>>514423126Does he redeem himself, or should I just leave him benched as punishment?

>>514422578lmao go eat a whopper at Burger Queer you gay bitch

Anyone's on their second playthrough (after the PS2 version) playing by the max all social link guide?I think I'm fucked lads and I'm not sure how to repair it.You're supposed to get Chie to 8 on June 30th yet despite doing everything correctly I'm some points short (I'm assuming it's related to the stat requirement during the camping food event but the guide does say that it's okay)It's also EXTREMELY important to get her to 9 before the exams (19th of july) so I'm supposed to swap things out to compensate but this shit's like a house of cards.

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>>514423250Not really. By the time you reach the end of the game, he's gone full homo.

>>514423348You have a few days after exam end before results are posted, try to get her to 9 by then

>>514423337t. YosukeI probably sounded mad at you before, but I finished writing the comment without considering making it obvious that I was just goofing around>>514423351Is he secretly in love with Kanji?


>>514423568Nope, Teddie. Like matching tshirts, similar aesthetic design and everything

>>514423348I'm not sure why this should be an issue, unless you absolutely want to go on a romantic date with her and only her.

>>514423702I'm not a faggot or anything but they would make a nice couple

>>514423348Doesnt matter. There are optional days where you can Make it up.

>>514420079Good to know the modding scene has their priorities straight.

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>>514423126Culture festival’s fine, don’t know what you mean.The Amagi inn hot springs scene? Yeah I agree

>>514423907A goodly user in LoversLab has better priorities. They are currently working on replacing all ingame art with improved content

>>514398496What's Yukiko doing in this game?

>>514423250>This isn't even mentioning his hairbrained ideas before this.It all works out in the end, trust me

>>514423702>>514423838lol welcome to the bench Yosuke

I dont understand why the vhs filter in dungeons is so heavy, the rest of the game is nice and crisp but i just did the first dungeon and it looked terrible

>>514423907it's actually really gay to take away marie's big clompy mallgoth boots

>>514424075If he redeems himself he may be welcome back into the party

>>514423941>Culture festival’s fine, don’t know what you mean.It was the whole>Haha! I, Yosuke Hanamura and Teddie, have signed all the girls up for the beauty pageant! And they can't back out! I am a genius!>Hey Yosuke, I signed you up for the drag queen contest. And guess what, you can't back out either! Oh yeah I also signed up Yu and Kanji as well for it despite them being innocent because in this asshole contest nobody wins.thing. The culture festival + hot springs scenes are just lots of undeserved abuse laid on Yu and Kanji, while Yosuke and Teddie were the ones that started the backstabbing contest with the girls. Hell, the awkward Group Date Cafe thing was Yosuke's idea as a joke, then he actually had to pull it off.

Why do people shit on Marie when Yosuke, Chie, and Yukiko fuck you over at least once a week? This is also why the best team comp is Kanji/Teddie/Naoto.

>>514424796Because I personally hate her art hoe aesthetic and having my fusion session start of with her poems. She eventually redeems herself but holy fuck its obnoxious to me

>>514398961Drama if you want to deal with less practices. Music if you want that pseudo-cunny

>>514424992Meanwhile, the trio becomes more insufferable as the game progresses.