They literally fixed everything

They literally fixed everything

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No, they really didn't, and you're a retard for thinking otherwise.

shill thread

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Fuck off shiteater

Ok, I'll humor you. What did they fix?

>>514395870gw2 is pretty good

>>514396128The story, the graphics, the combat, the dungeon and raid design I could keep going

>most specs still have shit gameplayI called it right from the start, unpruning is just a retarded meme, every skill that was removed was removed from a reason, when people complain about classes it's because they feel like they lack power and depth, not because they literally want some shitty old abilities. Ion is a hack, Holinka is a hack and SL is gonna be Legion 3.0

>>514396193Explain in detail how they fixed things back to Wow’s peak?

Too late, I already quit forever because it's been dogshit for years. Only a retarded person would be lured back at this point.

>>514396273Forced social cooperative elements such as removal of dungeon and raid finder

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>>514397582even this has been fixed

>>514396404Classic proved why dungeon finder isn't trash.

>>514395870Just like how Battle for Azeroth fixed everything?Just like how Legion fixed everything?Just like how Warlords of Draenor fixed everything?Just like how Mists of Pandaria fixed everything?

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>>514397840Legion was great, and nobody had high hopes for bfa after azerite gear was shown.

>>514397840Legion had tons of great content but shit systemsWoD would've been good if they didn't give up on it mid-development for no real reasonMoP was GOAT

>>514397786Mixed bag honestly. Not having dungeon finder really does make you want to find friends to do dungeons with because the pug experience is just so bad. But then when you do pug it's just terrible.I feel like there's already an okay compromise in retail with mythic+ though.

>>514398049>>514397923Both of these. As much as I love to shit on WoW over the years and how just tediously boring it eventually got, even with friends, Legion had a lot of good for its flaws and MoP was fucking fantastic. With all that said, I don't think SL will fix most of the problems that BFA created in reality. Aesthetically its overall generally nice and some characters might shine, but that's about it I feel. The main problem with WoW anymore is just that its old, you can only play the same game for so long and there is no real changing up the sense of exploration or gameplay at this point.

>>514395870They got rid of level scaling? They got rid of heirlooms? They got rid of instance finder? They made professions actually matter again? They got rid of the ilvl-gen gear system in favor of manually designed pieces with actual stat variety again?

>>514395870They literally fucked everything up

>>514398457>LF3 DPS, MAGE ONLYNah fuck that.

>>514397786No it didn't.

>>514398593People who spout this meme didn't actually play classic

>>514395870did you fix the gcd change

>>514398541> They made professions actually matter again?Yes

>>514398541no no no yes yes

>>514398735How so?And what about all the other things?

>>514398809So gear is all custom designed instead of generated, and no longer has a strict amount of stamina and primary stat per ilvl?

>>514398824Each profession makes things that can enhance/customize crafted gear and the only way to get legendaries in shadowlands is through this system.

>>514398645>LF 2 DPS THEN G2G>/w i'll dps>30 seconds pass>LF 2 DPS THEN G2G

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>>514398593That's the point I'm making, the pug LFG is just so fucking bad that everyone feels more compelled to make friends to do dungeons with.

>>514398645I didn’t play classic, I played BC-CATA and trying to find people was a fucking nightmare sometimes. The worst was you always had that shitter that was around the same level as you and you just always happened to get into instances with him, and you guys always had beef with each other. One guy accused me of ninjaing an item (someone else in the server had a name similar to mine) and he was in a very large guild and every time I matched was invited to a group that had a member of the guild in I was kicked out the party. Shit was annoying. LFG isn’t bad but LFR is shitty.

>>514398645Go share a century egg with your fellow chinese players.

>>514398904well no. they made crafted gear customizable

>>514398904Not even a bad thing

>>514398950>get legendaries in shadowlandsthanks for letting me know not to buy it

>>514399153So the problem isn't actually fixed

>>514399268What's wrong with it?

>>514396404nobody uses dungeon finder, they use premade finder for mythic since forever and that's not going anywhereraid finder disappearing is good and bad. It's bad because RF is a CONTAINMENT instance to keep the shitters away.It's good because no RF means bad won't get gear and it will filter them from invites from premades

>>514396193>storyI'm going to press a gigantic D for doubt on this one

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>>514397582what is this meant to show? GCD on buffs?

>complaining about LFD in TYOOL 2020You can't do anything in LFD. You get crippled versions of dungeons that reward gear that's no more powerful than daily quest gear. LFR is even worse, it's retard containment and there's no reason to even go there. M+ requires you to team up. Real PVP requires you to team up. Raids that actually give you worthwhile gear require you to team up. Being in a good guild is still the most efficient way to play for a variety of reasons. Blizzard invented LFD SPECIFICALLY for fuckups who can't play the game right so what a surprise, only fuckups go there.

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>>514398735Honestly wish they'd overhaul the whole thing at this point. Having over 1,000 recipes per profession and with 90% of them being nerfed into the ground is pointless.

>>514398953you werent a mage bro

>>514399173Of course it's not a bad thing, if you like phone games

>>514399295its not a problem. if you think BiS lists won't exist in your world where all armor are trinkets you are mistaken

>>514399509>You can't do anything in LFDoh ok they should remove it then

>>514398645i played classic at launch when everyone was doing 9 man dungeon groups as the meta. they would take 1 warrior, 1 priest, 2 locks and the rest mages. i did sm, zf and brd doing that


>>514399748It literally is a problemCaring about nothing but item level and secondary stat priorities is fucking boring>BiSWhat the fuck are you talking about, BiS has nothing to do with this

>>514399356its all so tiresome. the mandatory legendaries, the AP grind, all the bullshit. the hell with it all.

>>514399764Like I said it's there for monkeys who don't want to interact with people or do anything interesting. It keeps them entertained. You don't have to interact with it in any meaningful capacity.

>>514398541>They made professions actually matter again?i hate when people say this. when was the last expansion where professions didnt matter? youve been able to make raid equivalent gear in wod, legion and bfa. what else do you want?

>>514399937Legendaries arent random this time senpai. And blizz put a weekly cap on whatever the fuck the grind system for this expansion so people don't poopsock

>>514399939>You don't have to interact with it in any meaningful capacity.Interacting with people is what an MMO is about

>>514400080>Legendaries arent random this time senpai.They're not random now, you can buy them from a shop :)

>>514400043It'd be nice if it mattered more than just endgame, that's kind of the point. I remember when I played vanilla I took blacksmithing on my first char and kept it leveled and made a ton of my own gear and gear for my friends. It's not like that in modern expansions, you get free greens from every quest and leveling your profession is basically just as pointless as leveling your character. Nothing matters but endgame

>>514395870Even though female worgen are finally fappable and that horde is now worth playing because of vulpera, I’m still not going to bother. Not until they sack everyone that isn’t a white man

>>514400193you can go from 1 to max level in 5 hours now lol. nobody gives a shit about leveling. endgame is the actual game

I mean in terms of professions just look at this for example. Why the fuck does Blizzard do this?

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>>514400080>Legendaries arent random this time senpaithat literally makes it worse. thats mandatory.making professions necessary for mandatory legendaries is the most pathetic fucking excuse of game design i can think of. heres your one carrot faggot, run towards it.fucking hell, just look at the professions in vanilla, every single one of them has an item you learn at 30 still being used at end game, engineering and alchemy fucking dead, and these faggots killed it.

>>514400080>Weekly capYou mean they time gated the little content they have instead of giving people the freedom to choose, just because there are people who will go full no life that doesn't affect you and mean you have to faggots get salty because they want to be rewarded as much as the guy who puts in maximum effort when they put in minimum effort

>>514400362Yes user, that is my exact point and is the exact problem I'm bringing up. Did you even read my post?

>>514400362>you can go from 1 to max level in 5 hours now lolAre we talking about that Shadowlands alpha which Blizzard said is definitely not going to be the leveling speed? I mean even with the 100% XP buff on retail at the moment it'd still take about 30 hours to get to 120

>>514400089Read the post again fucking idiot

>>514400362The actual game is collecting mounts, collecting battle pets and transmogs and has been since WoD

>>514400494>I want unique items! I want professions to make unique useful items!>Here you go>NOOOO THIS MAKES ME HAVE TO DO ITYou're a fucking clown

>>514400662eat shit retard. a mandatory item and AP grind is exactly what morons like you deserve.

>>514400364I dont get it. Are you complaining about this being useless or that its too good, because its a far cry from how useful engineering was in vanilla/tbc

>2h frost is back >tfw the game could be just as bad as bfa and i'd stay subbed for that alone

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>>514400812You don't know what you want, fuck off. You're just trying to find excuses not to relapse.

>>514395870>They literally fixed everythingReally?Looks like its still WoW though

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>>514397582God fuck the gcd so hard, it’s the only thing I hate about playing unholy dk

>>514395870>attempting to balance 48 covenant abilitiesdead on arrival

>>514396193>The storydid they stop lying about the content? No? then it isn't fixed.

>>514395870Remember to stop by the cash shop when you log on to play the newest expansion that you must buy and also pay a subscription fee to play. Oh, and WoW tokens! You want in-game gold, right?

>>514401068i know what i want you shit eating chromosome deficient mongoloid. i want a game where items you can create at early and mid level are still useful at end game. your mandatory legendary and the shitty grind towards it that requires professions doesnt mean fucking anything. its just another grind towards nothing.fucking retard man, jesus christ.

>>514395870I was glad they showcased their horrible writing with the sylvanas vs lk cinematic. permanently turned me off the game

>>514401208wow tokens make my subscription free though because some dumb faggot paid $20 for a boeif tokens didnt exist i would've stopped playing in wod

>>514401079holy based!


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>>514395870is Sylvanas dead yet?

>>514401208Getting a geared rogue for pvp is a worthy endevor... having money rewards having a life outside the game.

>>514400494Weren't you just bitching about randomness in items and professions not being important? God you're retarded

>>514401483no? are you actually deficient in chromosomes?

>>514400871About them turning around and making the last expansion's gadgets useless because of level restrictions.

>>514401224>make good thing at high level>grrr this bad!!>make good thing at low level>im cumming based blizznot that guy but i really dont understand

>>514401584>not that guy but i really dont understandi know you dont

I will once again ask. How is Shadow Priest looking in this expac? Is it finally a finished spec?

>>514400812AP grind barely existed in BFA. Everyone capped out around the unlocks around 3rd or 4th week of every patch and after that's it's a minuscule stat increase

>>514401568surely they'll add a new one?

>>514401631can you try to explain why your opinion is the right one?

>>514395870Before Cataclysm>They literally fixed everything, WoW is saved!Before Mists of Pandaria>They literally fixed everything, WoW is saved!Before Warlords of Draenor>They literally fixed everything, WoW is saved!Before Legion>They literally fixed everything, WoW is saved!Before BfA>They literally fixed everything, WoW is saved!Before Shadowlands>They literally fixed everything, WoW is saved!

>>514401891people were not saying that before bfa

>>514401967Yes, yes they were. The shills always have.

>>514401891Cata had a shit story that ruined itthere was nothing wrong with mists expect spergs hating the pandas and china feelwarlords is like half an expansion for how they fucked up its story and then literally dropped it like halfway inlegion was goodbfa fucked up both story wise and in its mechanics like azerite

>>514401771They want people to use void form less in short fights so they're bringing back devouring plague for that. Shadow word death also came back used mainly as an execute ability but with less damage when enemies are above 20%.Honestly I think Shadow Priest has been awful for every iteration of WoW. Maybe not so much in terms of damage but it's purely boring to play.

>>514401967Yes they were

>>514396193>storySo they removed entirety of 15 years worth of never ending retcons and asspulls in 1 day? Thats most impressive. What wow story now?

>>514402391Full reset

Hi, i haven't played since cata.Can someone tell me how shamans play in shadowlands? I used to enjoy enhance.I very briefly was playing BFA at a buddy's place and was on his shaman and it felt like dogshit. I'm sure it's fun in its own way but felt incredibly different from the enhance i remembered. Barely any totems, dps felt like staring at buff windows the entire time, and other weird shit. Like I said i bet if i gave it a chance i may like it even with it being different, but i didn't have the time nor motivation.Anyhow, anyone feel like telling me what shadowlands enhance feels like?

>>514402473>A FULL FUCKING RESETThis is homestuck tier shit writing mate, you have literal in-universe retcons happening. Fuck off.

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>>514402473no it isn't you mong

>>514402524enhance got a rework so nobody really knows for sure

>>514402473Good to know cos I was starting to worry that players might obtain nonsensical anime god-stomping powers for no reason or explanation. That would be real bad, innit?

>>514402524I can tell you a bit about rogues I suppose... non sequitur but vaguely related.I remember in Wotlk they got a healing ability, which really changed gameplay, I mean, tbc had mutilation spec which was a really fun spec to play as well.Sub with shadowstep is always a pleasure as well.

>>514397840>Just like how Legion fixed everything?Mediocre, played like shit.>Just like how Warlords of Draenor fixed everything?Played better than legion, no content.>Just like how Mists of Pandaria fixed everything?Played better than WoD, Legion and the rest of WoW combined, too many dailies.

>>514401568You shouldve gotten used to every expansion being a full game reset by now. Blizzard doesnt want you to do old content

>>514402524>Can someone tell me how shamans play in shadowlands? I used to enjoy enhance.It's getting an overhaul from its current maelstrom system which is good but stormstrike is still a slot machine. Weapon enhancements like windury and flametongue came back. Searing totem is also back. You get stacks of maelstrom weapon from autoattacking and then can use it to cast lighting bolts or chain lightning instantly. I guess they've moved it back a little bit to what it used to be.

>>514401830they dont always do this because fun is not allowed.see:>Bear Tartare>Emerald Winds>Looterangthere are probably others but those are the most annoying ones

>>514403708But they do because they rely so heavily on timewalking as content padding now and constant reuse of old zones as other filler quests

>>514403228You mean like in Warcraft 1, 2, 3 and Frozen Throne?

>>514396269they don't, thoughthey already feel improved upon greatly for the most part (most pure casters need love) and we don't have access to legendaries on alpha yet

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>>514404134God I hope they overhauled demonology because that was absolutelyfuckinglutely unplayable in BFA.

>>514403981they may reuse zones and instances but they still scale them to current expansion personally I think its a complete waste how much content becomes irrelevant after each expac

>>514395870every fucking time

>>514404246warlocks and SPriest need the most love atm, resto shaman needs...something, but it's too good utility wise so it's not getting mobility or something along those linesthey're trying big changes with warlock so far though, they have ping-ponged on stuff like shadowburn but the actual rotations feel better

>>514403826>Searing totem is also backAlready pruned again for all specs

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>>514404856god fucking damn it when will these retards understand that setting up totems is part of the shamans appeal. Nobody fucking likes totem mastery

>>514404856blizzard is politically correct for niggers


>>514405247it felt like shit to press, it's also the only thing i've seen them take out that wasn't replaced so far. they took out rockbiter but enh feels WAY better without it on the new rotation

so just looking into the lore of the shadowlands realms on the wiki and>all wild gods/loa are unkillable and will always come backso why on earth didn't the ones killed in the war of the ancients ever come back? there's no reason for it because this "anima" drought bullshit is a recent phenomenon, not 10k years oldand this nigga is telling me the story is saved lmao

>>514395870So... they deleted the game?

>>514405498Some probably just choose to stay and become part of the machine.

>>514401007You're just going to gimp yourself by picking it because DW will be better.

>>514405723makes no sense thoughthe spirit of Agamaggan needed our help to defeat his wayward children, who he clearly sees are going full retard without him, yet he still didn't return when other gods do?not to mention takes a lot of the oomph out of shit like the Zul'drak quest line where everyone was wigging out because they were killing their loa, yet according to this they just get rezzed?

>>514402524>>514403826Elemental is going to suck. Only LB generates its new resource. Blizzard wants you to spreading around Flame Shock so you can fish for maximum LvS procs but LvB doesn't scale with any secondary stat because it auto-crits, and even if you can get more LvS procs with Haste it's just damage - it doesn't generate Fulmination. With LB and Fulmination you'll be reliant on Overload procs which means necessary RNG, even if Mastery numbers-wise is Ele's worst secondary stat by far. Earthquake is only worth casting on 5+ targets, and if you have less than 5 you have to keep casting CL on whatever mobs are available until you get enough stacks of the EQ buff to make it instant and buff its damage. Elemental is going to feel like shit to play between the slow pace and the RNG-reliance.

>>514404096Yeah, precisely. My favorite moment is when illidan oneshots kj like a little bitch instead of being forced to do his bidding.

>>514406210Same with Torga instantly reincarnating in BfA even though his soul should've gone to the Maw probably.There might be an explanation still, bu it's not the first time Blizzard heavily retcons old content for the sake of new narrative.

>>514405498>all wild gods/loa are unkillable and will always come backThis is post-Cata lore, where everything when complete and full retard. Nothing is ever going to make sense because it is unfixable.

>>514395870>Blizzard brings back shit they took away in the first place>WoWfags praise them for thiswhat absolute subhumans

>>514406210>>514406473>>514406487hmm I was just seeing if any lore autists found any tidbits related to wild gods in the new lore shit>For the last 10,000 years Ashamane's soul has been regenerating in Ardenweald, an afterlife for those connected to the power of nature and a place where Wild Gods go to be brought back to life. so I guess they're just going to say it takes a really, REALLY long time in mortal years to actually regeneratethank god for some autistic schmuck sifting for all this dumb info that I can look up in ten seconds on a wiki

>>514401224I don’t have a horse in this race but you sound like a pathetic faggot with issues

>>514395870Have they fixed the issue of having a cancerous community that thanks to systems existing within game is allowed to be completely antisocial and fly through 95% of content as a solo pug player with the only exception being mythic raiding? Have they fixed the issue of grind being nothing but glorified hamster wheel where they force your dopamine fried brain to keep repeating same boring pve content for a chance of an upgrade as you pray to God that your weekly chest doesn't contain 3rd pair of legs in a row or an item with worthless stats.Have they fixed the issue of a whole faction, literally 50% of their playerbase, being unplayable with alliance having no mythic raiders and m+ pushers since WoD.No? Didn't think so shill.

>>514406771Same with demons then. Takes a fucking long time normally, Argus' world soul was what sped it up by factor gazillion.

>>514395870Doesn't matter. Uninstalled yesterday. Haven't played since wotlk.

>>514395870>he keeps falling for itblizzard thanks you for your patronage :^)

>>514407005Is not an issue and hasn't been for a while given that flying doesn't unlock until past halfway into an expac. If you actually play the game when content is relevant you still interact with people, you also need to put in effort yourself.Titanforging and corruption are gone, legendaries are targeted and not RNG, weekly chest now offers a pool of items to choose from.Alliance are scrubs and have always been scrubs, that's not going to change. Only way to fix it is to merge the factions which I can honestly see happening in the expansion after this one.

>>514397582>battleground>battle shout>...>sweeping strikes>...>overpower>...>colossus smash>...>mortal strikegod i absolutely hate the rotation for arms

is there even a reason to level anymore if i haven't played in forever? do professions matter? i know in the past i would keep my mining/engineering up as i leveled but if it doesnt matter then i dont see a reason to not take the free 110 boost.or is leveling something i should be doing to learn the class? I did 20 levels just now really fast and it felt like fucking shit. nothing did damage to me and i dont even know wtf my buttons do, i just pressed shit and things died and then went and talked to the next quest person.

I want to fuck a Vulpera

>>514407701It's so fucking slow. I'll take Fury any day.


>>514407538Lmao bro I played this game more than you did. Every year, ever since MoP I've managed to gear my alt pala and get ahead of the curve by doing nothing but lead or follow picked up groups of people who you will never see again. Meanwhile every xpac my warrior main spends months hoping between few existing mythic guilds that can clear any content before they inevitably disband as people quit or transfer to horde and the only solution that seems to be plausible would be transferring to Ravencrest or Silvermoon but fuck that I'd rather not clear mythic content that give Blizzard something like 60 bucks for single character transfer.

>>514407772If you honestly think about returning wait till Shadowlands or at least till pre-patch. Current content absolutely fucking sucks for catching up and is time gated into oblivion.

>>514408475the more ive been reading it does seem like that is the best i really hate the time-gating.

>>514395870It funny how people love MoP now yet they hated it when it come out for first time because of the panda...

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>>514407701>god i absolutely hate the rotation for armsThey're all the same lol, just replace the names with other abilities

>>514395870These are still in the game

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>>514409325I don't love MoP now


>>514409325i hated it because of the barrage of dailies once you hit 90. the actual zones and quests were great

>>514409438What's the point of wearing sick looking gear if you don't even want to play your character

>>514409427I wish their faces weren't so FUCKED :(

>>514409438zoom zoom


>>514409002only reason to come back is if you wanted to unlock the allied races and farm gold for tokens

Where did WoW lose it's soul and why?Going back to play classic is a big eye opener. It's very limited in terms of rotations (or lack of) and very few of the boss fights are engaging, but at the same time it feels more like a world as memey as that sounds. I've had more fun pvp'ing outside BRM on raid night than i've had in years in modern WoW. How do we combine the fun boss encounters of the modern game with the older more rpg'ish sensibilities of the classic game?Even the discord for my classic server feels more alive than BFA. Constant shit talking between factions, people knowing each other, various priests notorious for dispelling buffs, etc.

>>514410083don't the allied races unlock in shadowlands anyhow or at least the time gating goes away? why wouild someone spend 3 months unlocking shit when they get it for minimal effort later?

>>514410153For me it was in cata when I had the concept of skinner box explained to me. Before that I thought I was just exploring a virtual world but then I realized I am trapped in a hamster wheel completely at the mercy of the developers and I just couldn't feel fun doing it anymore.

Can't wait for the world first race

>>514410153>How do we combine the fun boss encounters of the modern gameWell you see that's where you're wrong, the modern game doesn't have fun boss encounters. They amount to little more than gimmicky minigames

>>514410385Nah, Josh literally killed WoW eSports outside of the MDI and Blizzcon.

>>514402174Shadow priest in mop was peak fun until they needed it to the ground

>>514410563Just cause he got banned from Twitch?

>>514395870they literally "fixed" everything until they didn'ti've fallen for it one too many times, call me when they fire Ion and then maybe i'll re-sub

>>514399463yes. they did significant changes and put almost everything on the GCD which absoultely killed warriors (especially fury warriors) since they lost essentially 40% of their effective uptime for their major buffs

>>514410563Nevermind, I googled it. What the fuck man. He took down a whole industry. I always thought the incel act was a joke.

>>514410804based because I hate warrs

I mean I'll probably play it for a month or two, like I always do new WoW expansions. Rare to find games that scratch that itch.

>>514410250see >>514410083>and farm gold for tokens

>>514400080>capLiterally the reason I quit. >want flying? Better grind rep on these 5 factions>ok you got that but now you gotta grind Tortollan rep and guess what, even if you do every single Tortollan quest you won't get close, so just hope to see their shitty dailies in the list>ok now you're done but you gotta grind Arkoan rep with dailies and guess what, DAILY CAP. Too bad for you>wow, you got ALL that huh? Good for you>now grind Mechagon rep. Also there's a cap. Also the dailies are random

>>514411241>and farm gold for tokensnah. i'm not knocking it but if im not playing anyhow then i dont see why i'd do the equivalent of earning 3 dollars/hour by farming gold when i have a normal job already.

>time-gating>rng on top of rngi realize that rng is a rpg staple but am i wrong in assuming that many of these mechanics are less motivated by "fun" and more to string you along to maximize subscription time?

>>514411980of course, that was always the goal.

>>514398645What? I nolifed classic on launch and 3 mage + warrior was everything up until demo nerf then people got a warlock instead and started eye pulling with 4 frost mages

>>514410886it fucked over almost every class, but warrior was the most apparent because most of their big CDs are so damn short and synergize with blowing everything all at once. So with a 5 second buff you lose two seconds to GCD just casting your abilities

BFA is hands down the worst expansion by a clear margin, even moreso if you consider how fucking alt unfriendly it is>farm endless amounts of dailies for essence so i can do visions so i can get echoes>M+ doesnt even guarantee a piece per run>M+ still doesnt drop azerite gear>get nothing from a full Nyalotha clear>get a shit item from the crate at the end of the workHas the game ever been this fucking RNG and gear dependent? SUPERIOR GAME FULL OF SOUL


>>514412753It's not even an MMOModern WoW is barely one but FFXIV isn't one at all

>LFR still in the game>LFD still in the game>neutered talent system still in the game>trannymogging still in the game>cross-realm still in the gamenah, game's still shit.

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>>514411980everyone complains about the "gear treadmill" without realizing that it's what the game, MMOs, and RPGs as a whole are based around.but in the old days WoW had a very transparent gear treadmill, do this content, farm from this piece, finish this set, move on to the next level, rinse and repeat. But they fucked it up when they introduced titan forging because now you had a chance to get BETTER gear from the same content, leaving very little incentive to move up to the next treadmill. And to counteract that, they started sticking more valuable loot everywhere else EXCEPT that next level, so you end up with shit like Legion where people are farming shit like Nighthold to get Heroic Tomb level gear and 60+ ilvl upgrades for a BiS trinket that only dropped from a specific world quest.then you factor in all the other bad design choices like ability pruning and absolutely fucking secondary stats at every patch and it just destroyed the illusion. Why even care about trying to progress raiding when the only way you can truly improve is to farm up old raids, Mythic+ keys, and world quests for your BiS and hope that your ideal artifact neck trait shows up along the way (or else you just end up with 20% worse performance for no discernible reason)

I just spent two days (thats how fast it is with the 100% xp boost and full heirlooms) leveling a fresh character to 120, and then I was like, the fuck do I do now? Spent some time spamming Timewalking dungeons so I got a rough selection of 425 gear, which makes spending time doing LFR or Benthic gear pointless. Already got Pathfinder from last time I played. What do I do? Get the cloak? Seems like a pain in the ass.Mayb'e I'll just take advantage of the 100% xp buff and level my scattered alts to 120? Got a 115 Shaman, 101 Rogue, 85 Warlock, 80 Priest.


>>514413507This but unironically

>>514413346>the fuck do I do now?Dress ups :)

I wonder what the race to world first is going to look like now. Method is dead. Limit will probably still do their same thing on the Complexity channel but a good portion of the event was the dual EU and NA streams. Wonder if someone will rally to take Methods place and grab sponsorship's to try and make an event

>>514413851>lvl another char recently in classic>nobody talks in any dungeon just like retail>people login 1 hour a week to speedrun raidsclassic turned into retail after about 3 months and its fucking hilarious watching people try and justify why classic server communities are equally as dead as retail

>>514398049>>514398497>china expansion>good

Attached: slcustomization.jpg (1200x599, 51.27K)

>>514412586m+ not at least guaranteeing a piece for the key holder is the dumbest fucking shit>here's an infinite farmable dungeon mode where you're not even guaranteed to get vendor trashat least in greater rifts in diablo i can send shit to alts or just vendor it, in m+ you just straight get fucking nothing. there's nothing more discouraging than 30+ minute runs that give you NOTHING

>>514414472move over black boy

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>>514409438tmog doesnt matter when the leveling is the most interesting part>dude 2 button rotations lmaoeven retail has more. Piece of shit debuff slots were a mistake

Attached: 1563609143374.gif (500x300, 3.63M)

>>514412972>neutered talent system still in the gameyeah cause X deals 2% extra damage 1/5 points is so much more interesting

>>514414827It is interesting because it allows to you to play around and came up with your own fun builds. SOULLESS shit

>>514414697This is the only reason I'd come back to the game desu, I like the new Tauren options. More feathers plz

>>514395870>+0,05eks dee

>>514395870WoW is still shit. Already switched to a better game.

Attached: ffxiv-stormblood-1.jpg (960x540, 95.47K)

>>514414117On top of that most guilds are pure cancer by requiring you to spend fortunes on consumables just to run BWL in 60 minutes instead of 70. Yeah man, let me just spend 2 hours a day grinding materials for that awesome timesave!

>>514415084Yeah but every time I look at my old talent tree and see I wont be getting anything interesting for the next 5 levels I feel like shit. I always look forward to the actual interesting talents that were the only ones that made it to the new abilities are a different story. If you actually had more cross spec spells in retail it would be great. I take a look at my action bar in any old expansion and I have so much shit. Now its the same on every class. People seem to forget that when they suck mop cock

remove LFR and we will talk

>>514415084No. Think about what you posted, think about how the talent trees work, think about how the current talent trees work. And know what you said is bullshit.

>>514415678>weeb tranny shitwow classic is the white man's game

>>514415678god I want to fuck those twins

>Story is shit (Though it's always been rather bad)>Classes still fucked>Still relying on gimmicks>Features removed/gated still not restoredShadowlands will fix nothing.

>>514412972>LFD still in the game>LFR still in the gameWhy are these two problems again? Whenever you spam chat for +1 hour or sign into LFD, the outcome is always the same no matter what. Do you really believe that LFD and such killed the community? The thing is that people dont care at this point and age, classic and retail wow are the same, everybody knows what to do and nobody is talking, people just say HI at start and TY at the end and after that leave.

>>514415918>he doesn't>>514415957Join the game.

>>514416382>join the gameI played the main story as a healer (big mistake) and it didnt let me fug them

>>514414117>>nobody talks in any dungeon just like retailYeah because you bought a boost

>>514416720>people running SM for the 150th time on their 3rd alt>nobody could be fuck pretending to be cordial anymore like they did at launchy-you b-boostedcringe and dilate

>>514411597Mechagon was the absolute worst part of thisI've never been forced to do dailies in a worse zone

What is the problem with weekly cap you mongrels? Fucking go out and get a life, nobody wants that legion style grindfest anymore, even top guilds.

>>514416876>running SMhahasure you did palanyway you surround yourself with retards from retail and then wonder why nobody talks

>>514413346Get the cloak. Visions are legitimately the best solo content out right now.

>>514415084if you use anything but the best talents in classic you're blatantly ridiculed and ignoredSee: ret paladins

>>514395870Blue eyed blood elves is a big enough to make shadowlands worth a try.Remember, kids! Burning crusade introduced the Blood Elf race. The major factor that kept wow popular popular.

>>514417618? Our guild leader is a ret paladin

I liked the Cataclysm system best. Log in, do a random dungeon for Valor Points, do a few more for Justice Points if I feel like it, log out, then log back in for raiding later. It respected your time, and you were always working towards buying something. Moreover, gear did not come in random variants so you could make a list of your Best in Slots at each stage (pre-raid/normal/etc.) and feel certain that you would eventually complete it. If they went back to this system, I’d be pleased.

>>514418031And the only reason he gets to raid is because he's the guild leader

>>514413346Why even bother with the cloak. Do something you think is fun but the joke is there is barely anything fun unless you are a wow autist that still lives in his mothers attic playing wow since vanilla and can't dig himself out anymore.

>>514418051>and you were always working towards buying somethinglmao yeah that's what I want in an RPG, repeating the same thing over and over to get tokens to buy treasure from a shopAmazing design there

>>514418134because the corrupted visions are fun and challenging


>>514417487>entire server logs on for 3 hours a week to farm world buffs>heh, retail players will never understand this community

>>514418263>just upgraded cloak to level 2this feeling will pass

>514417901Yes. And now they're back where they belong. On the Alliance. Home.

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>>514418306You won't, because retail has no players at all

Play project ascension.

>>514418692>>514417901Thats what I fucking get for manually quoting

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>>514418284meaning cookie cutter talents are the only way to go.different "builds" barely exist in classic. at least in retail most of the talents have a use in some capacity and you hardly ever see the same talent builds used on every spec of a class.SO to call the retail talent system 'neutered' because it traded flat % boosts and useless talents that nobody should ever use for interesting talents that change the way the class plays inherently without sacrificing viability is at worst blatantly wrong and at best disingenuous.

>>514418737>he thinks the chinese bots farming mara are real peopleoh nonono

>>514418543I actually just got my cloak to rank 15 and am working on 5 mask solo runs. It's actually really difficult and interesting.

Do they drop Mythic+ Dungeons ?Do they cut Dungeon difficulties to 2 ?Do they support Hong Kong?

It's literally the same. I'm not buying into rep grinding with time gated garbage. Wow is sooooo fucking garbage I can't believe you fags play it

>>514418284memespecs arent common for a reason. How many dps hybrids that are not warriors do you have? If they were viable people would be usng them.not to mention even if a class would have been good the 16 slots fuck them up. Half of the damaging abilities are unusable on bosses and the other half are inefficient. Oh and theres also no gear for them. Hope they bring TBC or C+ soon

>>514418927>Do they cut Dungeon difficulties to 2 ?Casual

>>514413137>everyone complains about the "gear treadmill" without realizing that it's what the game, MMOs, and RPGs as a whole are based around.No it isn't you fucking zoomer

>>514419158>level an affliction warlock>really fun to play, kiting and fearing and running around doing passive damage>hit 60>want to raid>forced to go destro and spam shadowboltsclassic sucks.

>>514419335wow sucks

>>514418794>different "builds" barely exist in classic.There are no builds at all in retail. The game doesn't let you build a character. Everything is given to you and you are forced to play the way it's designed, and all DPS specs are designed the same way: press 1 for weak attack, press 2 for strong attack that uses resource>>514419158I don't know what point you think you're making, but the argument was that "if you use anything but the best talents in classic you're blatantly ridiculed and ignored" which is clearly not the case

>>514402524I'm sorry, user. Shamans are on a deadbed that lasted several expansions and going.

>>514402524>>514419531enhance is top 5 dps right nowand theyre removing maelstrom in shadowlands and giving them shocks back, so it should play more like cataclysm/wrath.

>>514396193>The Storyahahahahahhahah>The GraphicsOk Did they need 'fixing'???? What do you mean by this?>The Combatnope. >The dungeonThe new dungeon mode, whatever it is, is crap. It's fucking horrible.>Raid designHow exactly did they fixed raid design?

>>514419721>so it should play more like cataclysm/wrath.oof

>>514395870>fixed a 20 year old gamesure

That rng/time-gated chore based system that only exists to keep you subscribed can go fuck itself. It's always the same, you sub, level up, explore world and understand new mechanics within a month and then realize that you're back in a skinner box with next X months before next patch being a pointless grind which will instantly become pointless the moment new items with higher ilvl which are easier to obtain hit live. I'd take difficult and skill progression based content like brawlers guild and mythic raiding over pointless garbage like m+ or rep grind at any given time. Fuck MMOs.

>>514410153>Where did WoW lose it's soul and why?Flying.Flying makes the world so much smaller.

>>514419406But people ARE widely ignored and ridiculed for using shit talents? Do you even play classic?


>>514419721>Removing shocksWait, what the fuck? What else did they remove apart almost every fucking totems?

>>514420006Anything that diminish the feeling of community is what killed the game. Flying, looking for group, plenty of other things

>titanforging removedWhile it's a good thing I can't wait to watch blizzrats cry about content drought when they realize that only grindable PVE content in game just became obsolete once you get bis from +15.

>>514395870When did this cashgrab get released? And no. Nothing is ever fixed in WoW.

>>514420135No they're not

>>514420006The expansions that had flying were outright better expansions than the one that tried to outright remove it and the ones that go hard in gating it.

>>514420169enhance doesn't have any totems besides tremor totem and optionally grounding totem right nowthey also only have healing surge, no lesser/healing wave/chain healno chain lightning and lightning bolts only use is ranged pullingLava Lash is a maelstrom dump ability instead of usefulthe majority of your damage comes from sundering, a talent on a 45 second CD

>>514420515No they weren't lol, TBC and WOTLK were awful. The systems they have in place now are unironically better.

>>514420264>talking to people>in 2020

>>514420495Confirmed for not playing classic

>>514395870great, get ready for hollow and dissappointing experience which will drag on just like BFA with half baked ideas and rushed storylines. Just thinking about my sub for that game makes me irate, what even happened in that expansion who knows it's bullshit going into something even more bullshit.

>>514420773the current pathfinder is cancerLegion and WoD did it betterforcing rep grinds for nazjatar and mechagon with no items to show for it is fucking ridiculous.

>>514419406>I don't know what point you think you're makingmemespecs and memetrees are bad. People will always prefer a wowhead mage build to some balance druid or even a random homebrew mage build.most of the time if one of the undesirables are in the raid its because they are friends with a gm/officer or are a girl/streamer

>>514395870Then why are you here shilling it? Are your masters getting nervous?

>>514396128How much do they pay you, shill?

>>514420495>LFM BWL>affliction/demo locks, arcane/fire mages, hunters, ret paladins, cat/balance druids, disc/shadow priests, sub/assassin rogues, and enhance shamans not allowedThose builds sure are viable, huh user

>want to do some elite quest or kill a rare>whisper someone>its either a bot or he outright starts roleplaying ouot of nowhereI just invite and hope they accept. Talking to people sucksfuck classic

>>514420773BfA is the crowning shit of all expansions that managed to dethrone WoD of that title. Legion's only benefit is that it's not as bad as those two. None of them can take on any of the previous expansions, even fucking Cataclysm.

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>>514421256I can play ele on horde when no PVPing? Really?also you missed prot pala. At least Gdruid can work on most encounters

>>514421295>Talking to people sucksOne of the reason retail is vapid shit is that it's partly designed around this take

why are blood elves so smug

Attached: Blood Elf smile.webm (1280x720, 2.6M)

>>514420006fuck offthey made the maps in wod, legion, and bfa so incredibly linear because of this shit

>>514421557its better than classic in many aspects. Thtas why I want classic plus. To combine the old good with new good while scrapping the bad. They will fuck it up as always tho

>>514395870Fuck, I didn't know they gave demon form back to demonology, I guess I'll come back to playbut they obviously didn't because that would mean demon hunter can't be special snowflakes anymore and that the demonology redesign was a complete failure

>>514395870You said that last expansionAnd the expansion beforeAnd the expansion before that...

>>514421403what was there to do in cata at endgame? Doing molten front?

Did they fix shaman? I only care about shaman in this game

>>514421872shaman is somewhere between absolutely based and total garbage

>>514395870Did it become an mmo?

>>514415918Oh really?

Attached: blizzardffxivdifference.jpg (6444x1080, 1.92M)

>>514402473The only way it would work at this point.Shiteaters would be mad, because they invested 15 years for nothing, but then again they are shiteaters so who cares.

>>514421872see >>514419721

>>514422083Now show the XIV chatlogs>All players engaged in trans futa erp or diapershit

>>514422325>not relishing in making others, be they male, female, or female (male) submit to your cock

Attached: ayo.png (660x672, 354.43K)

>>514422435>furshitOpinion discarded

>>514422586half of the fucking ffxiv races are furry

>>514422586hey i play a little bit of everything. sometimes people want me to knot them and i'm happy to oblige

>>514422648yeah half of wows too

>>514422435I do, but I also won't try and lie about XIV having more trannies than WoW (especially classic) because XIV has more attractive characters they can self insert as and play dressup.

>>514422648Which is why both games need to remove them.>>514422691Seek help.

>>514422886do that and there is nothing left>dude humans trolls and elves lmaoas if we dont have enough of that

>>514423017Furries ruined the fantasy setting.

>>514423124what else would they put? Another human/dwarf/elf/troll recolour? Have you seen swtor. They literally arr rook same with different skin tones

>>514422886it's just writing user, writing about little bipedal foxmen who like to get it on with pandas with fat asses and thick thighs i'd agree if i had any desire or thoughts towards abusing animals in real life

>>514418176Yes MMOs are a shit genre aren't they?

>>514421031>memespecs and memetrees are bad.No, they're fun.

>>514419721>enhance is top 5 dps right noware you talking about SL? because enhance is currently dogshit

>>514424205>gets outdpsed by the tank

>>514421256Who are you quoting

>>514423236>what else would they put?Ogres? Retard

>>514420264>people still saying shit like this when Classic is proof that communities die because the game is actual 15 years old and a chore to most people


>Seeking retribution for all the bad, bad things I've done I definitively fixed the story! The writing is so good now!

>>514424471is this KOTOR2 writing?

Anyone still complaining about LFD and LFR haven't seen how worthless those things have become for anyone other than the mouthbreather casuals. Normal and Heroic dungeons stops mattering by Day 2 of an expansions release. LFR became a complete shitshow when they removed any incentive for players with any clue how their characters worked.>Normal and Heroic Dungeons are worthless>Normal Raids are a joke>LFR is the hardest difficulty because only mouthbreathing retards still do it

>>514424438thats what raid leaders want. I would love to play a memespec with more than 1 button myself but since I have no frens I can forget about raiding

>>514424747>thats what raid leaders want.Nah, like I said, my raid leader is a ret pally

>>514424438>YOU HAVE TO MIN MAX EVERYTHING LIKE IN RETAILThat's right, it's retail babbies who spend 3 hours farming world buffs to clear raids that take 30 minutes

>>514424684>Anyone still complaining about LFD and LFR haven't seen how worthless those things have become for anyone other than the mouthbreather casuals.Well if it's so worthless why are you defending it being in the game?

>>514424846I know

>>514424795list your guilds average raid teamif I want to raid as a memespec and go above mc I have to be or be firends with raid/guild leader or officer

>>514424860do you want the casuals to comoe into your groups and shit them up or do you want them to sit in lfr? Pretty sure blizzard said they might as well stop making raids if they remove lfr

>>514395870>literally fixed everything

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>>514398593its hard to find mages nowadays, even though most people with a second 60 have a mage

>>514425012>list your guilds average raid teamWe have everything, moonkin shadow priest cat druid included

>>514425114Casuals only play the game because it's designed to attract them with features like LFR