Gunvolt 3 announced

Gunvolt 3

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They finally fucking added a playable sword character, thank god


>>514394562Kirin looks like an exorcist, I wonder if she's another Kamizono.

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>>514394562Oh boy, more suffering and cute girls dying!

>>514394562Looks alright, worth a pirate at the very least.

>>514394562New Girl looks cute and I'm glad Lumen is back

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Really could have made that trailer way more interesting and dynamic than "both characters fight stage 1 mid boss"

First game was so bad it killed my interest in the series.

>>514394562WE SUMERAGI NOW

How many girls have they killed off now?

>>514394562>Female Zeroi will now buy your game

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>>514394957second game is much better by the existence of Copen, trust me, he feels so amazing to play it makes Gunvolt boring by comparison


Attached: Azure-Striker-Gunvolt-3_2020_06-27-20_006.jpg (600x675, 76.32K)>Inafune claims to have had his hands in Gunvolt all alongWhy can't this guy just fuck off already?

>>514394562Call me when they STOP killing cute girls.

KIRIN IS THE ORIGINAL TIMELINE'S VERSION OF BLADE>uses a sword>uses flashfield>is a girl


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>>514394562Is that Joule or Lumen?Either way, wasn't they got merged with Copen's sister at the end of 2 or something?

>>514395302That can't me because the other blade appeared 100 years later.

>>514394716I don't like how she's presented. She seems like a bland, emotionless doll, adding the tagging mechanic to a pure melee(?) character seems stupid, and the deflection thing as it's shown looks like attacks are going to be more telegraphed to let you know It's Time to Deflect. Hopefully she's better in practice but it's an awful first impression.

>>514395352>got merged with Copen's sister at the end of 2 or something?>he doesn't know

>>514395253>>514395316Stop disrespecting Inafking you fucking savages.

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which of these games do i get if i never played one beforeor is the megaman zero collection better?

>>514394813I genuinely love that this is a shared universe.

>>514395302>uses flashfieldDoes she? Looks like she summons lightining with her talismans, maybe she'll have multiple weapons like Copen.

>>514395740MMZ1-4 are better games but GV is still funplay GV1, 2, and luminous avenger ix which is a spinoff

>>514394562At least the new cute girl being playable means she won't die right?

Kill all Adepts

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>>514395996>girl in GV>Not dyingGV is going to lose Quinn this time

>>514394562>MegaMan died for this

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>>514395249Aren't her great grandkids just the best?

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>>514396247Megafags are the most entitled little shits on the planet I swear to god.

>>514396247His time was up. Move on to his cool son.

>>514396304Gunvolt Chronicles: Blade when?

How long until they make a GUNVOLT LEGENDS

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>>514396213>>514396230>>514396238Yeah I expect as much. If she does make it out alive then the writers are going to make sure that she wishes she didn't.

I am sure inti would have killed ciel if they had their way.

>>514396247Anon, Mega Man 11 came out less than 2 years ago. It sold over a million copies. Stop being such a tremendous faggot.

NOVA WAS RIGHT>>514395192copen is so good that they changed gunvolt in the third game to be more agressive with dashes and higher damage kek

>>514394562Who even cares about this crappy series.

alright is there something im missing here? does this game take place after the events of 2 or Luminous X?

>>514396383The day Inti remembers how to make a 3D game, they forgot it about 20 years ago.

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>>514396692After 2. Luminous X is base of GV1 bad ending.

>>514396550nobody, which is why there's 28 different IPs in this thread, retard.


>>514396692LuX is an AU.

>>514396692Isn't Luminous a bad future scenario?


>>514394562Guess how he will suffer this time.

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>>514396756eh? didnt Copen's sister survive tho? and didnt it fuse with Lumen? whats this all about then?>>514396870worth playing if I liked Copen gameplay?

>>514395912but if you look at gunvolt, he's using the same attack

>pic related is literally Inti making fun of everyone sick of their "killing cute girls" fetish.

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>>514396775Go back home, it's almost time for your daily pegging session.

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>>514396969>worth playing if I liked Copen gameplay?ABSOLUTELY

>>514396969Yeah, but not if you liked copen being a bigoted hypocritical asshole.

>>514396969It's more Copen with better subweapons so yeah, sure.

Do these games have good stories?

>>514394562>Gunvolt still looks kinda boring to play as but they added a sword characterOkay I guess. iX 2 when?

>>514396715>>514396383Didnt they have some game called like Red Ash Legends coming out or whatever... What happened to that shit?

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>>514396503>>514396338>>514396359Please kill me with a golf club. I think my time has passed. The fags have won, I don't belong in this world.

>>514394562How inti will fuck up Gunvolt this time? How the cute girls will suffer and die this time?

>>514396247The blue nigga is making a come back like you wouldn't believe, 11 was good and X9 should be good as well.

>>514396550Why even post?>look how much I don't care about your series gunvoltfags!!! Hahaha!

>>514397215Something can only go on so long before it gets completely run into the ground. Just let it be a good thing that happened instead of never ending trash.

>>514397189There's no doubt in my mind that it was stealth canceled. Don't think they've mentioned at all since that anime short they did a few years back.

>>514397189Inti isn't involved with that one at all, it's an Inafune thing.

>>514397145Gunvolt looks a little faster now at least, and they buffed his field.

>>514396915>>514397327Xiao sent himself and GV back in time and GV, as the new founder of Sumeragi, spared an adept that Nova would have killed who manages to be an even bigger asshat than Asimov.

gunvolt dog

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>>514397529considering inafune just presented Gunvolt and claimed he had helped with the game it's all related.


>>514397742>considering inafune just presented Gunvolt and claimed he had helped with the game it's all related.that is what he does. take credit for shit other people did and claim he was behind it all along

>>514394562>>514397648YOU JUST KNOW


This series better played on Switch or PC?

>>514397215It was not by your hand you were once again given flesh.

>>514397648I will add him/her to my doggo collection.

>>514397978I know in 2 you have to sing along for gunvolts final battle on pc and 3ds

>>514397648I read that as Gunvolt dong.

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Wait, wheres Copen?

>>514394562I love these Gunvolt/Luminous Avenger games, but how come none of these games can produce a cool character design worth shit? I'm not talking about the gameplay style but how they look. Every single one of the playable characters look so fucking ugly.

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>>514398076tell me that I can finish without doing that crap and I will buy the game

>>514397893>>514397872God damn it Holla Forums.

>>514396367as soon as they finish gunvolt 3 so they can model her off of this new girl

>>514398458you have to have your mic unplugged so it won't pick it up and you should be able to skip it I've been told

>>514396497The only reason they kill gunvolts girls are because they already did the opposite in Zero

>>514397648>>514398093Gunvolt dog dong

This game sucks, I'm amazed they made it to the third game.I hate weeb games and this is the biggest offender with giving you a literal God Mod upon losing ONE LIFE as some kind of shaming and a fucking moe jpop song overriding everything.

>>514398458It's a good song bro, don't worry.

>>514398783Then play hard mode.

>>514398871Hard pass. This game tries SUPER hard to be different, replacing normal shooting with this dumb tag mechanic. What's wrong with normal Megaman shooting?

Look down leftShe has Copen's bullet things

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>>514398935That’s what you have Megaman for, dumbass. Just let Gunvolt be its own thing.

>>514398783I love inti games. But this is how I feel. I agree with this user.They could literally be making something kino af. But instead.... ,,,We get their version of Megaman again instead. Why not combine all their know arts into one supreme game?


>>514398783Die? And lock myself out of the ending?

>> was a good ride for Copen, I await the day he has to accept GV and Mytyl's budding relationship.

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>>514398783>he thinks reincarnation triggers every timetop kek

>>514398783>>514399164you guys are aware you can turn off prevasion immediately upon starting all games, right? you're supposed to go for score

>>514398979Copen icons look like bullets, maybe these are for her Ofuda things.

>>514398935Nothing, go play Mega Man. Didn't that series just get a new game, why does Gunvolt have to directly be Mega Man too.

>>514395192Not him but i’ll take your word on this. I’ve always had genuine interest in this series but idk never got too invested

>>514399225Pretty sure Copen will live on his own game nowLA2 soon


>>514399247>"Just don't die and play the game perfectly."Fuck off.

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>>514398150Too edgy in the main timeline, I firmly believe LuX will be its own series from now on, with a less insufferable Copen.

>>514396530>>514395192I wonder if Copen will be playable in Gunvolt 3?

is gunvolt 1-2 worth getting over 20xx, or should i just pirate? been craving a new platformer to play

>>514399364I'd rather not have cringe weeb mechanics.

>>514398783>I hate weeb gamesThen why are you speaking with your waifu, you stinky weeaboo? It doesn't happen as often if you ignore her.

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>>514399529>admitting to being a scrub Kek

>>514399678And I'd rather not have faggots posting on here, but here you are.

>>514399676Just pirate but honestly Inti doesn't deserve your money or time.>>514399689>Best ending requires you to go full weeb.Do you just want me to hate the game more?

>>514399678>complaining about weeb mechanics in a weeb game on a weeb website

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>>514398525I wouldn't even be mad. I just want more copen content. gunvolt's gameplay is shit by comparison.

Future Fragments will be better.

>>514399754>being this proud of being a weebPathetic loser.

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>>514399754>And I'd rather not have faggots posting on here,See yourself out then.

>>514399789>Best ending requires you to go full weeb.The fuck are you talking about, you only need to get 7 hidden items and equip the item that disables prevasion in the last stage.

>>514399676they're both fantastic games. if you're gonna play the first get the retranslated version without 4kids tier dialogue.

>>514399976he probably means gunvolt 2. the original 3ds version required you to sing to beat the final boss.

>>514394865Wait...Is Lumen revived or what?

>>514399901>he says while posting on an anime website Also, do you know what weeb even means?

>>514399678Anon are you lost? Do you know who Inti is? If you don't care for weeb shit then why play their games? Those niggas are as weeb as it gets.Be honest now, are you just fishing for (you)s?

>>514400091Actually you could just blow in the mic, it probably recognizes any sound as singing but I sing anyway.

>>514400091You just need to make some noise on the mic to get past this part

>>514400091Did anyone else actually sing? I did

>>514394562Haha time for more suffering and cute girls dying.

indigo destiny is a top tier final boss theme

>>514400098The trailer just has Lumen at the key art, the gameplay doesn’t show her, which obviously means her reasons for coming back are not simple.

>>514400241yes, but if you didn't sing you're a fag. this is a fact, don't even try to argue.

>>514398458you don't have to sing, just keep talking into the microphone. it doesm't care if you're singing rhe lyrics, just that you're saying something or other.

Which crazy twist are they going to pull this time at the end?

>>514400271I tried but couldn't read it fast enough to match tempo and didn't know what syllables landed where on the beat. Before I replay it on PC I'll write it out.

>>514400091>the original 3ds version required you to sing to beat the final boss.For fuck’s sake, since the original Nintendo DS days people were spreading the word that the mic gimmick recognized something as simple as blowing over it as a valid command.

>>514400506oh my singing was awful but it was good enough for the game i guessmade me laugh a lot too

>>514400345>He actually sung.Faggiest to ever fag.

>>514400091Are you fucking kidding me GV2 required you to do that? Motherfucking please, when I said going full weeb with the first game I meant just talking to the loli who made the jpop song on losing a life more frequent but this is a new level of weeb cringe.

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>>514394562its crazy how, although a bit busy, better the japanese version of the title logos look over the ones for the english release.whats with them taking the -gibs- out of the title though?

>>514400098We don't if she revived yet or not but given her being on the title screen. She'll at least be in the game in some form.

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>>514400672>>514400675>being this insecure...

>>514400506the PC and console versions don't require you to sing, not everyone has a mic. the fight just ends like copen's.

>Gunvolt joined Sumeragi>Kirin is also with themTING TING TINGNova was right. This is further confirmation.

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>>514400672Not him, but yes I didI wish the karaoke was better

>>514400761at least its lumen and not joule right guys

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>>514400780Quite the opposite, I'm quite proud of not playing games that give you god mode and a fucking jpop song on losing a life. Imagine playing that shit in front of someone with a straight face and thinking "yeah this rocks"

>>514400792There is only 1 right answer here

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>>514400675you're posting in an image board that mimics a japanese website, and was created to discuss japanese culture.

Are they going to kill cute girls again? It's gotten fucking tiring desu.

>>514400916Imagine being this much of a bitch, caring about others might think of what video games are you playing.


>>514400916Stop dying then cuck. I wouldn't be proud of getting fucked in such a easy game either.


>>514400916And yet here you here, bitching about it in a thread instead of moving on with your life like a normal person would on a Mongolian basket-weaving website. What a life you lead.

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>>514400761At this point I'm convinced she's supposed to be a cockroach instead of a butterly, she could probably survive decapitation just to suffer some more in the next game.

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>>514401119Bosses literally have unavoidable attacks and jump all around the fucking room and it's even a game mechanic.>>514401142Thanks for still replying to me.

>>514400916>I'm quite proud of not playing games that give you god mode and a fucking jpop song on losing a life.That's what hard mode is for.>Imagine playing that shit in front of someone with a straight face and thinking "yeah this rocks"Like I said, insecure, I wouldn't give a shit, faggot.>Oh god, oh fuck what will they think of me!!!That's you, being the insecure nigger that you are.

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>>514400861If that helps you sleep at night, sure.

>>514401225>Bosses literally have unavoidable attacks>doubling down on being a scrub

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What is the new girl called?

>>514401236I can't believe you don't feel a bit of shame getting a jpop song near others.Well you're right, it's not my problem. Keep playing your loli game, pedo.

>>514394562I'm glad Morpho's back. I hope she gets cute scenes with GV.

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>>514400792Based Novachads keep winning


>>514401225>Bosses literally have unavoidable attacks and jump all around the fucking gud, bitch.

>>514401225>Bosses literally have unavoidable attacksSuch as?

>>514400792>After seeing how mad ice Vergil was to canonically kill him, GV realized that Adepts could not be redeemed without force.

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>>514396338No that guy is just a faggot

>>514401225>Bosses literally have unavoidable attacks and jump all around the fucking room and it's even a game're not even trying anymore, now it's just lying.

>>514401361Closed the video as soon as the jpop song started. I'm going to assume you're right if you posted this much proof.

>>514399617Probably not. He's got his own game series now and he was clearly a drag on GV's style since they had to design stages and bosses to accommodate both. Kirin is blatantly closer to GV gameplay-wise so it shouldn't be as hard to make cool stages for him.

>>514401351LuX should have made it obvious to you that Copen’s popularity is giving him his own series; if Copen appears in GV3 it might be just a side-note unlockable.

>>514401316>Keep playing your loli game, pedo.Thanks, I will! Here is another image btw.Also, thanks for the bumps.

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>>514401543>being this much of a bitch that he can’t even handle J-pop

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>>514401642did inti ever state they were planning a sequel?

>>514401723>having this much shit taste he wants cringe music everywhere

>>514401642I get that, I just hope Copen doesn't get shafted in the mainline plot. I was interested in seeing where his development would take him. In iX, he's just inexplicably less racist due to MASSIVE offscreen timeskip and it's kinda gay.

>>514395249Overdesigned as fuck. Jesus Christ, there's at least 10 different colors here.

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>>514401783>not appreciating music in all varieties like a chad Fucking WEAK

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>>514400091>the original 3DS versionAnd the PC version. It's a good thing, it's one of the big moments of GV's characterization.

>>514401783not him, but you may want to explain WHY you dislike things instead of just calling everything you dislike "c-cringe!". it just makes you seem like a retard without a point.

>>514401786>it's kinda gay.You mean the only reason more people would accept him being the protagonist of a new series, Copen got popular due his silky smooth gameplay, his personality was bottom of the barrel edgy shit, he becoming the face of a new series had to force a more palatable personality.


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Japan keeps saving gaming.I'm sorry, but it seems the west is dead.

>>514401987Judging by his posts, he’s probably an underage so it’s best to not take him so seriously. Truly a sad state of affairs.

>>514401786he had 100 years to cope with the fact his sister was an adept, and spent those 100 years fully aware she was suffering every second of every day as a mother-brain abomination thing in a dark room. I think it's justified.

Its the same user who sperged about the ar/ciel nosurge announcement yesterday. Great news and I'm glad they announced it like that instead of that newgameplus stream.


>>514402117He's just baiting all you faggots.

>>514401786He isn't that much less racist. He's a failure who couldn't stop humanity's annihilation at the hands of adepts, so naturally he's more cynical, but he still remorselessly slaughters his way through adept scum and regains a spark(heh) of his old self against the big brain fetishist. The only adept he spares was a human not too long ago.

Thank god Inafune is contained to the inferior series and isn't ruining the good thing that Inti has.

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>>514402404gunvolt is definitely the better game

>>514402404Is this any good? how does it play?

>>514402054I understand that. I liked his edgelord racism though, he was some Ironman-suit Crusader essentially. Not having GV as the "good guy" to lean on means that he'd have to de-edge a bit, but I still think they made him a little too soft. I'd rather him just naturally get less edgy due to exposure to undeniably GOOD Adepts that change his mind than just going "Oh, well at least they're not Adept Hitler" and chilling out for the most part. Mainline Copen's personality is more interesting and has more room for growth than some offscreen'd good guy Copen.>>514402170I understand why he is the way he is in iX, but I think just sneaking in a justification for his personality change at the end of the game instead of showing him getting there is kinda boring. I'm not saying it's bad writing, just bad presentation.>>514402306He's a lot less combat-prone to most of the bosses, and he actually let's them get a word in unlike his GV2 self where he'd just go "REEEE SHUT UP ADEPT SCUM" and shoot them ASAP.

>>514402404Of course Inti Creates had to steal BM from Sunsoft and weaboonize it.

>>514402404More like trying to take credit for the series. BMZ is next if they ever get a new game.

>>514402506Don't bother, it's literally more anime shit on par with Gunvolt's anime-ness.

>>514402537>Adept Hitler

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>>514402054>his personality was bottom of the barrel edgy shitKeep telling yourself that. A racist, remorseless genocidal crusader was exactly what the doctor ordered.

>>514402684Nigga you dumb, it goes above and beyond that.

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>>514402306>He isn't that much less racistWat? Copen in LuX isn’t aggressive towards any adept fought, and openly expressed pity on the sheep dude’s predicament. Old Copen would curse their mothers on sight and wouldn’t give a damn about any of their circumstances.

>>514401786Acura's already been shafted out of his original seiyuu, and he's undeniably a problem when it comes to designing cool GV stages because his movement mechanics aren't anywhere near the same. I wouldn't be surprised if he's stuck as an antagonist.

>>514402783Yes, you like bottom of the barrel edgy characters, call as it is.

>>514403002Doesn't stop him from gunning them down where they stand.

>>514402684I can handle anime, I was asking more about the gameplay.Here's your (you)m faggot.

>>514394562>It's pixelshitWill these guys ever progress beyond making SNES games?

>>514403002he still immediately murders them in cold blood when they get in his way, though.

>>514403132Because he had no other option, just like Gunvolt does.

>>514403079Don't you have a resetera thread to be in?

>>514403270Keep telling yourself that. His reversion at the end of the game proves he was always happier with one less adept in the world.

>>514403261Just like Gunvolt does, Copen wasn’t directly seeking any of the adepts fought in LuX, they were the ones impeding his search for his only real target.

why does that wolf have anime hair

>>514402306>He's a failure who couldn't stop humanity's annihilation at the hands of adeptsIt's not like success was ever possible. Adepts are randomly born from normal parents, and their appearance rate was only increasing over time.The only way Copen could succeed would be to become global dictator and heavily regulate human reproduction.

>>514403398He’s probably GV after being sealed by that new girl

>>514403274Have sex chud, lmao

>>514403372At the end he was happy he didn’t have kill the sister of his newfound token love interest

>>514403047>problem for designing cool GV stages>GV2 had completely different stages for the characters for the most partw u t

>Inti so scared of Copen stealing the lightning again that hes not even inOmega based, Copen 2 when?

>>514403614But you can play all stages with any character in the extra missions.

>>514403620>Fuck, how do we make GV as fun as rocket pinball>we don’t fucking know, boss>Fuck it, remove him from the game and put not-Blade in

>>514403561I'm talking about his dialogue with Demerzel.

>>514403620Copen fans... copen'

>>514403723GV has been bitched at forever for having gay gameplay. Solution isn't to remove Copen, solution is to expand GV. Give some Magnet Spear or something where you can tag someone and then dash through them for an attack, that way you could have him get around easier.

>>514403620Look at all that "copen"

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>>514403889But his gameplay is good and fun. It gets easier to understand him in GV1''s hard mode which boosts his damage sky-high.

>>514403889In the trailer you can see him dashing through an enemy to trigger tagging+attacking so there's that.

>>514403620Dude I'm more impressed that they made a character with a sword have shittier and less exciting gameplay than GV in the trailer. GV has some new dash shit that looks nice, hopefully they actually revamp him for real this time. No flashfield in the trailer, so I'm guessing air-dash is his main way of avoiding shit now, but that also means he can't slow down or dab on missiles and shit as easily.

Are they actually gonna make a LiX sequel or is that just hopeful thinking?

>>514404125Yeah I noticed that, made this post>>514404136I'm interested where they take it, and I'm glad that they're actually bothering to change his core moveset.

>>514400486GV actually getting a happy ending

>>514404342ok, I laughed

>>514404057I agree that Hard Mode makes GV way more tolerable, but he's not as reactive as Copen can be. For a lot of bosses, GV just needs to spam shots at the boss and then stand in the right place to dodge attacks while he just shreds their HP. Compare that to Copen where you have to angle dashes and actually have alt weapons that do shit instead of "Oh here's your new gun, GV, you can use it for extremely specific circumstances that'll happen about 10% of the time at most."

>>514398458I was playing the game in the doctor's waiting room when this happened so I just started slamming my thumb on the microphone port to make a sound and it registered it

>>514404342Nice joke

>>514400431>you need to do a trash hardware gimmick for the actual ending of the gamefuck off

>>514404258If I had to guess they saw lots of people complaining about having to stand to attack (even though you can keep moving) and made the flashfield work more like a homing projectile and gave him an high cost melee attack so you don't have to stop if you miss a shot but also won't just dash through everything.

>>514404342copen waited 100 years and his entire family was dead by the time he got a somewhat happy ending. gunvolt isn't getting off that easy.

>Not just singing like a madmanShame all of you. I was blasting some JIBUN WOOO the entire scene

>>514404754Yeah I thought the same. Flashfield had some creative interactions though, and gave a unique kinda offense/defense tempo though, so I'm hoping he's not too unga bunga. I guess no flashfield means that missiles are actually a fucking threat now at least. Not sure what the deal is with GV Dog though. I prefer Copen to GV, but even I don't want him getting MUTT'd.

So there's gonna be another Mighty Gunvolt, right?

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I've been looking at the character designer twitter lately and it's truly impressive how Inti gets only the most patrician men to work for them.

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I can't for the life of me get something other than rank B in Avenenger iX. I know im trash at videogames in general but there is no way im that bad right right? I can string a lot of combos with the dash in the air and I save my score every 2000 points but even then I just get B'd

>>514405001is it good? thinking of picking it up since there's a sale and all.

>>514404992Well, the Switch has more buttons than 3DS so they can just have the old shield + lighting combo on another button.

post cute and funny

>>514398093Joule no!

>>514405245Please no. Having all the specials set to the other control stick was a fucking nightmare (WHOOPS YOU PRESSED DOWN WHEN YOU CLICKED IN), I can only imagine the nightmare having to juggle alt lightning modes would lead to.

>>514405183equip heaven or hell, play all missions on fearless without prevasion. NEVER touch the ground unless you're dashing into it. always kill shit with EX weapons. if you want even more points, get them to 1hp with your gun, then finish them off with your EX weapon. go through the ENTIRE stage like this. the FLOOR IS YOUR ENEMY. also, finish the boss with your special.I did this and got S+ in everything with points to spare.

>>514402065Looks avoided to me

>>514405183the score goes up exponentially. you're not supposed to save it at all.

>>514405272Does this count

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>>514405223Mighty Gunvolt was basic MM type of game. MG BURST was MM ripoff with God Eater tier bullet crafting autism, and the more you played and unlocked shit, the more busted ass bullets and retarded shit you could make. You could find legit new modes and specials in stages too, and have some crazy shit like Copen flying over half the level and then ripping bosses to shreds in seconds. It's pretty fun, just can be a little samey sometimes imo. Definitely worth on sale. Switch has one unique character iirc, so I'd suggest that over the PS4 version.

>>514402626Well I mean the good ending ends on a cliffhanger so


>>514405327>R= attack>ZR= shield>Both= attack and shield, very high EP comsumption

>>514405649Yeah, I guess that wouldn't be too bad. I just wish they'd allow custom controls, no idea why you couldn't swap shit before.

>>514405718You can do directly on the Switch OS now.

>>514405443>>514405568So in theory I just have to master the ability to not get hit?Welp, time to git gud.

>>514405934Oh fuck, for real? Was unaware of that, I barely use my Switch lately. That's pretty rad, gonna have to check that out, thanks.

>>514403079Everyone should, they're fun

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>>514405574I will now join Eden.

Fucking finally.Will probably have to wait till next year, though.

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>>514405992yeah, just don't get hit, never touch the floor, and make sure not to kill anything with bullets. damaging is fine, but always finish with an EX weapon. if you only save your score before bosses you should still have enough to get S+ in most stages.

>>514406298iX took about 16-17 months to release after the first video announcement, so I guess this is gonna take about as long.

>>514406298They probably rushed the trailer out just to show that it's not in dev hell anymore. They didn't even show off any special attacks like Luxcalibur or anything. Inti works pretty fast though, they're not slow ass punks like other devs.

PS4, Switch and PC ports of GV2 can be beaten without the microphone gimmick. on pc you have to boot the game without a mic being connected

>>514406345I also rely on Anchor Nexus a lot, should I stop doing that or does that count as killing with an EX weapon?

>>514403152Its fun if you like exploring

>>514405718You can, you just can't change ZR and ZL

>>514398617>Phantom>Copy X>X>Elpizo>Harpuia>Fefnir>The Judges>Copy X again>Phantom again>Omega Zero>Craft>Weil>Our boyThey really did go on a murder spree, didn't they?

>>514406449>>514406513I can wait. I rather they take their time than to rush the thing out of the door.I'm just glad to know it did not stuck in dev hell for too long.

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>>514406449Yeah, but that was when BMZ 2 and DMFD were in development. Now DMFD is mostly finished and CotM2 is coming out in two weeks, unless they have yet another announcement ASG3 should be their main focus.

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>>514395434>She seems like a bland, emotionless dollPerfect for dumping load after load into

>>514406571if you see "EX FINISH" pop up it counts as an EX weapon kill. anchor nexus is gonna get you hit a LOT though in my experience, so keep that in mind. I just spammed orbital edge personally.

>>514406904I hope you're right. waiting for october 2021 is gonna kill me.

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>>514394562>Gunvolt 3There's a 2?

>>514407208No, it's like Fallout, it started, or rather, stars at 3.

>>514406904I recall them saying they have 3 games they're working on at the moment. So far we've just seen Curse of the Moon 2 and GV3. I-It's happening, right?

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>>514407435Haven't they been outright talking about GalGun 3 though?

>>514407435I'm sorry to say but that translated to:KILLKILLKILL

>Lumen backI swear if something bad happened to Mytyl again I'm coming for your asses Inti.

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>>514407435>inb4 blaster master 3

>>514407917It’s guaranteed user, might as well get your weapons ready

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>>514405028What’s his Twitter?

>>514409679Nvm, found it.

Which is better: old or new?

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>>514406826>>Harpuia>>FefnirChanged in the MM25 Complete Works Q&A. The Guardians' fate is ambiguous and they could very well have lived beyond the Zero series.

>>514410519Your post gave me cancer

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>>514410519Not even the best old concept.

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>>514405028A shame getting hitched made him delete all his porn

Wake me up when Megaman ZX gets another sequel

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>>514394562>new GunvoltOh boy can't wait for this to take about 5 years to get too PC.

>>514396765Lmao the weeb cringe shillers are wildin today

>>514412850luminous avenger was a multi platform release, dumbass.

>>514396994>deka-oppai nee-san will never peg youCan someone put an end to my suffering?

>>514412965>Posts this exactly two hours later when there are now 80 IPsNo one ever said shitposters were smart.

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>>514394562>inafune after mighty no.9 This game is DOA.

>>514411036God I want to facefuck Joulumen so badly.

>>514395316Gunvolt is literally the only thing he's not ruined by being apart of after he left Capcom.

>>514394562Did we get a name of the new girl or will I have to keep calling her the new girl?

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>>514411036Why do they feel the need to expose his bellybutton

I wonder if we'll see the Quill gang again. They've been MIA since 1 and as far as I remember Xeno and Moniqa aren't dead. May as well throw them in so GV has two more friends to potentially lose.

>>514396247The Legacy Collections all sold pretty well for being just re-releases of older games. Not to mention Megaman 11 sold REALLY well as far as most, if not all, Megaman games go.

>>514414640Kirin.She's a miko adept with a septima that seals others.

>>514414698>implying Moniqa wants to see the bitch nigga that killed her precious Asimov

>>514414868Oh cool.

>>514414698Very high odds of a Zeno boss fight now that GV is with Sumeragi.

>>514414868>Copen keeps screeching about god and how he would punish all adepts>Sumeragi has a miko adept in their ranks nowTop fucking lel

Gunvolt's always been under my radar but now seems like a good time to actually start the games. What's the best way to play through the series? (other than emulating)

>>514415416Just play them on pc

>>514415416They're all on everything now

>>514415416Switch, PS4 and PC have all games, they all run pretty much the same other than GV2 on PC having some DRM issues from what I've heard.

>>514415416Switch Play 1 then 2. Luminous avenger doesn't take place during the main canon but still recommended.

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>>514415802why switch? steam has everything for a quarter of the price.

>>514416235I enjoy playing it in handheld more but that's just a personal preference. If you're on a tight budget of course you should get the PC.

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>>514401854There's only 8 distinct colors, really

>>514416513>I enjoy playing it in handheld moreyou should take that secret to the grave, jesus christ

The Stepfather of Gunvolt

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>>514394954No shit, it looks like a really early build

>>514416840And you should eat my ass but that isn't happening, now is it?

>>514400916>Imagine playing that shit in front of someone with a straight face and thinking "yeah this rocks"So your are insecure.

>>514402576Not like anyone ever cared about the original BM.

i can't believe copen is fucking dead

>>514417538He was too based for his own good

>>514394562I can't with the tagging system of this game, it's just not fun for me. rather just play any mega man game.

>>514417815play copen nigga

>>514417538I bet he'll show up as an intermission special boss. Kirin will get to fight him while Gunvolt will get to fight Zeno.

>>514394562>More Gunvolt gameplay>But now we don't get a second better playstyle but a second close range gunvolt to play as insteadat least her parry looks cool, But holy shit Copen really killed this man and his series huh? after my first playthrough of 2 I've never touched Gunvolt once since, but constantly get the itch to go back and play Copens story in 2 and ix. All we need now is for Blade to use something similar to Zero's fast paced gameplay in IX2 minus the whole tag stop and hit gameplay and Gunvolt can properly be dead and buried

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>>514401854Have you ever considered the possibility that "colorful" can be a design trait in itself and not everything has to conform to the exact same template?

>>514416954dude looks like a zombie

>>514405223It's decent, worth it at 75% off or whatever. Remember that it's a mash-up of Gunvolt, MN9 and GalGun so if you only played Gunvolt don't be surprised when there's a bunch of enemies/stages you don't recognize

>>514394562How is Lumen back? And where is Copen?

Are Gunvolt 1 and 2 good to play?

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>>514418551no, they're making a fourth game because the others are shit.

>>514412850Inti said they had really great sales on PC and getting stuff there's a big priority for them now.

>>514418046Much like how they improved on copen in iX I expect them to touch up Kirin's moveset and give it to Blade in LAiX 2, and thats if she ever becomes playableBut iX really is the apex of 2D at this point

How do these games compare to megaman zero?

>>514418841there's gonna be a LAiX 2?

>>514418462How would they kill Lumen again if she wasn't in the game?

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>>514419026there better be. Honestly if we never get a sequel I could still see my self going back to it for years to come with just how fun the gameplay is same as Megaman Zero.

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>>514394562>ASGV3>No Copen>GV doesn't get a sword to become full-on MMZ ZEROOh well, at least the girl exorcist looks fun to play. But in all honesty how will they bring back Lumen/Morpho? Last time she was around Zonda merged with her and Mytyl and Michiru, only for Zonda to die leaving her and Mytyl merged completely. Not to mention having GV be in another pain train and forcing Copen to leave God knows where.

How good is the Gunvolt franchise?Is 1 worth playing, ive heard bad things about it

>>514418551Pirate 1. The DRM is broken and Inti Creates continues to ignore it.

>>514415624It's GV1 that has the problems, GV2 is fine.

>>514397189Chinese company paid them out for the animation. The game went nowhere and was likely silently canceled. Comcept was then bought by LEVEL-5, and now they just crank out mobile games, except they've been failures on that front too.

I don't ever want to lose her again bros... I want to believe in this newfound hope.

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>>514418841>iX really is the apex of 2DInti straight up pointed to the stands and called iX the apex before it realeasedIt actually wasThe absolute madmen, Does any other game come close? I have a fast paced 2d platformer itch but nothing really gives the same speed and flow or feels as good to play.

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>>514419602It's a good game. Not as great as Mega Man Zero 3 and 4, but not as tedious as Mega Man Zero 1 and 2. Imagine a soft in between. The game rewards you for getting a high score, which is different from the slightly more direct approach of MMZ games, but it's a lot easier to get those big scores if you tag multiple enemies and zap them. GV2 and IAiX are almost as great as the MMZ games.

>>514419374If they make LAiX2, then it better have playable Blade with Kohaku Diva and Copen going full Megaman. As in going further into cyborg territory, augmenting himself to the point he can change his arms into guns.>>514419503Aw man what a blunder. Mytyl/Michiru. Not and. My mistake.

>>514412267Only likely if the Zero/ZX collection sold well. If not, then never ever.Probably never ever anyway.

>no ZX3Suffering

>>514420121Capcom is still on the whole "if it's not multiplayer it won't sell well" train that Inafune's bitch ass set them on.

>>514420236Resident Evil


>>514420324Illuminous Avenger iX.

>>514394562Very cool. The new girl looks cute. I hope they don't kill her off.ZX3 when though?

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>>514419959there is literally nothing better, I've checked. they were actually right.

>>514420294>they have the multiplayer online feature now???

>>514419816You know you shouldn't make promises you can't keep user...

Can I play that avenger iX game as my first "gunvolt" game? Or will I be lost in the plot

>tfw still havent finished Gunvolt 1Why is the final boss so hard?

>>514420438>Illuminous Avenger iX.Another Gunvolt game?How is it connected to the other games?Does Gunvolt even have a story?

>ZX3Would Capcom even do that? Look at it this way, we got MM11, we're probably getting a MMX9. After that I think another classic MM game makes sense, and if X9 does good we'll get another X game. But what next? Do you really think there's a chance of another ZX?

>>514420526>They don'tDo you mean the separate game project resistance???

>>514394562everything is better with cute girls, especially games where the main character has terrible gameplay

>>514420712skip it play 2 as Copen and then move on to iX. You can probably skip 3 too.

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>>514420753I think we get a BN compilation next, and then MM12No X9 ever

>>514420696don't. awful idea.

>>514420979You're going to get an X9 whether you like it or not

>>514420712Final boss or final final boss?

>>514414684If you do not like cute boy stomachs you are not one of us.

>>514394562>>514395249Looks great and she's very cute

This new character seems to be dealing with an issue I had with the original Gunvolt where I felt like the shooting was too "automatic" and braindead and disregarding of spacing, therefore not really engaging and fun.I didn't play 2 and I don't know if the red guy dealt with that as well.

>>514395253>>514395316Inafune is an ideas guy, just like Kojima and Cuckmann, if he is attached to a good studio who knows what ideas to reject and what ideas to actually work on then he doesn't cause much issue.When those people get too much power and people stop saying no to them, is when shit starts to fall apart fast.

>>514421261The guy with the two adds that blow you off a cliff

>>514395316Inafune also made Zero, Legends and the many characters from the X series.It's not a black or white sort of scenario.

>>514421705You have a boss after that guy. And an ending behind beating them both without prevasionGood fucking luck

>>514406904DMFD on PS4 will hopefully happen. I've played the thing a bit on switch and enjoy it but I really just don't like how anything plays on the switch.

>already have a perfect melee character>dude lets make a new one that doesnt look as interesting to play asWhy though?

>>514421964Gunvolt is known for two things-tagging and Anthem. They had to squeeze them both into the new character somehow

>>514422053But they could have done that with Blade.

What is Iluminous Avenger?Sequel/prequel?

>>514422234LAiX is a different timeline and a different team altogether. Its its own thing now. May also explain why copen has no presence in GV3

>>514395434>She seems like a bland, emotionless dollkino

>>514422257The first game has two endings. GV2 and LAiX are continuations of both

>>514394562The Gunvolt games just look like a shitty version of MMZ, what's good about them?

>>514422474>what's good about them?Copen

>>514422474>what's good about them?this man

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>>514396993Let's be fucking real. There's a significantly high chance that the next game will inevitably see his waifu revived, if only to further shit on Gunvolt by proxy.

>>514422474I just want anything like MMZ to fill the void so this is the next best thing.

>>514422349>different team altogetherI had no idea. That does explain it. Its a shame.

>>514422474The girls

>>514394562Do these games have a mode where you don't have to watch all the gay cutscenes and have the overlaid dialog boxes during gameplay?

>>514422854Does Gunvolt have actual level design or it is like MMZ4 where the levels are just endless featureless corridors?

>>514423185Why not watch a gameplay video and see for yourself?

>>514423185Phoenix Magnion and Kuwagust's shuttle attack are the only MMZ stages that I remember having alternate paths

>>514423185It's the same as usual. The only Inti game that has actual level design is CotM and that's just because it's ripping off Castlevania 3 most of the time.

>>514423286Hard to watch the entire game which is the only way to get an accurate view. Why would I not just ask people who have played the game for their opinions?

>>514423765>Why would I not just ask people who have played the game for their opinions?in fucking Holla Forums?

>>514394562Wait, why is Lumen back? Also did GV lose his barrier?

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>>514423674The first three MMZ games had reasonably engaging stages, it was only MMZ4 where it felt like they stopped trying. Didn't play ZX so I don't know if it continued there.

>>514423104You can skip all cutscenes and dialogues that pause the gameplay. In Gunvolt 1, you can turn off mid-level dialogue with the press of a button. In Gunvolt 2, you can turn off conversations only when you've beaten the level. In Luminous Avenger, there's no mid-level dialogue.

>>514423843Yes. This is a 400 post thread about the Gunvolt games, hard to think of a better place to ask than this.

>>514423185Luminous Avenger iX has a lot of corridors, but his moveset is so fun it makes up for it.

>>514423994You need those long corridors to keep bouncing around though, wouldnt call that bad design by any means

>>514422474The despair

Did I miss something or does the new girl not have any combos with her sword? Come the fuck on Inti, this isn't what people meant when they asked for a sword character.


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I guess I'm the only one who likes GV's gameplay.

>>514424883I do too

>>514423919ZX4 had the neat environmental thing at least.I haven't played it in over a decade, I should get the collection to refresh myself

>>514424476Also notice how her normal attacks have her jump when she uses them. That's gonna be fun, jumping into some bullet above your head while slashingInti is full of retarded tryhards