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How are you doing so far Holla Forums? Found your main weapon yet?

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>>514393626Game is starting to click slowly so I'm not getting bodied immediately anymore but damn now I'm falling victim to classic BR bullshit where you get teamed on if you're decent.

I want to main the basketball yoyo, but using it just feels so tedious so i'm just sticking to the hammer for now until I learn how to aim.

>>514393626I'm sticking with Corn.Dragon isn't as bad as I thought

I'm a hardcore yoyofag.I'm not sure how to feel about how common they are right now.

>>514393975It feels like everyone is using yoyos and hammers because they can armor during clashes.

>>514391581>IPPON katana>b tierNo way, it's got better aerial mobility than any other weapon and one of the most flexible kits overall.

Where are my fellow Scrollchads?

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Can I play with friends against randoms?

>>514394263>ScrollI prefer Drill but I like how your Ninja looks user

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>>514393626>game has actual combos based on type of attack and timingWow the depth keeps going. An easy one for sword is forward, forward, back

>>514394423Not all weapons are like this.Like the electro hammers have no combo variations.Though they will still fuck your shit right up

>>514393626Well, I'm at rank 16. Took a break from it earlier today thanks to some frustration.Drill is definitely my main. I like the mobility and killing combos. The Super is high risk, high reward, and wasting it just feels awful, but being able to sweep through a group is also so damn satisfying.

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>>514394646>the super is high riskEbin

What's a break attack?

>>514393626Varying levels of success.Sometimes it feels like I know what I'm doing, actually thinking through things, and get first place.Other times I lose every single encounter, can't get any drones because they're either all taken ATM or I lose the fight to get one, and then I end up in like sixth place.Wish I was more consistent.I like the Drill Beast because its screeching whirrs sound like I'm skewering my enemies alive and that makes me happy.

>>514394423>>514394606All weapons have a "combo" move like that, actually. For most of them it's up, but for hammers it's down. These moves don't break gum binds and for katanas and the yoyo/spinner you can get different finishers depending on what part of the 4-hit combo you input down on. Katana can also throw side attacks in to change the direction they hit people, which could be good for wallsplats which let you get one extra unburstable attack off. The sound hammers' down attack doesn't have unique combos like the SK8's down > side > up string, but you can cancel the knockback at the end to use one of its other attacks instead which is great for when you get a gum bind.

>>514394606>not all weapons as like thisWell that's a little less cool then. I'd imagine it'll go one way or the other then. The combo weapons being OP or the non combo weapons being OP

>>514394874Has a lot of endlag that you can abuse if they don't hit anyone. Its how I killed every other Drill user, I wait to pop it when people are congregating in big pools cause it just gums and fucks everything up.

>>514394934NoSound hammers DO not have a combo.Regular hammers do. With down to side combo but sound hammers like the iron beat dont have ANY combo

>>514394905An attack that breaks through parries and gum blocks, binding opponents in their own gum and allowing for easy IPPONs.Used with the R button.

>>514394934Oh, and donut/ball's up attack doesn't have unique combos either, but it does smoothly lead into your down attack which can then be combo'd into special.

I'm abandoning the giant corn. It's a shame because I love corn and the homing gum it has. But the ninjutsu is terrible. I'm going back to the katana.

>>514393626Should I bother with the singleplayer? Is it worth it? I don't wanna play if it's mediocre. Be honest. Is it great enough to warrant cash being spent?

>>514394998Sound hammers (and hammers ingeneral) are broken for entierly.different reasons but not totally un related to combos.Drill are busted because of combos

>>514395190>not being faithful to your weaponAnon, stick to it and become a menace that people struggle against. Become the Popcorn.

>>514394874You can't parry while the super is active.All it takes is for one person to start a combo on you, and your finished.You also can't go into the ground while it's active either.

>>514395124They have an attack that doesn't knock people away or break gum binds and can be cancelled into another attack for extra damage, so I'm counting that as a combo move. It's just not a unique combo.

Jesus that beam lasts for fucking ever.

>>514395141Thanks user

>>514395470Well the conversation is about unique combos bro.

>>514395297Mediocre story but you get pic related as a reward if you get Gold everything.

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>>514395404> can gum bind people from 5 miles away.Have some map awareness and its litterally risk free

>>514394998All the weapons except the sound hammers can combo by jump/dash cancelling, those are just unique combos. Sound hammers don't really need those kinds of combos though since up can chain into itself while being unburstable and you have down > up for gumbinds.>>514395693It's not unique animation-wise, but you're cancelling the knockback of down to lead into up without using a jump cancel or anything. Other weapons can't do that so it's worth mentioning.

>>514395782Meh doesn't seem worth it then. Still not convinced the game is balanced or varied enough to retain a stable audience so I'll wait. Don't really like to spend money on f2p games either

The WNA map sucks ass. It's fucking bullshit how people spawn right next to you as you're killing a drone.

>>514395798If other people have map awareness they can get away from it for free too and even combo you to death for free while they're at it.

>>514396005I'm aware of its unique property

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>>514393626I’m drawn towards the sound hammers but I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing with them. Your only two damage dealers are the normal and wide attack and they take years for the animation to finish. The only attack that you can reliably use is the side attack but it deals no damage.Also can someone explain to me what is the passive of the sound hammers suppose to do? It says “Normal and Side attacks reset the cooldown of the special”. I use the special, hit an opponent with a normal or side attack, and it does nothing.

>>514396138It's very unlikely some jokers in clash are going to evade your 5 mile gum bind

>>514395798You still need to get in close to actually hit people.Obviously for the biggest pay-off you'd want to use it for a large crowd, and it's both easy to lose the one you're trying to 2-shot, as well as to get combo'd to death by anyone else there.The only time it would be risk-free is if you purposefully go after loan people, which would probably only net you 2-3 Ippons at most, if no one else tries to grab you while you're busy with someone else.

>>514396124This. Especially because they're invincible off spawn and just rush you

>>514396306Sure, but you can snipe people in a clash with any ninjutsu.

>>514393626Should I switch to automatic camera? Does that one let you choose which person you're targeting better?

currently flipping between scroll blade and the yoyo because I like being a cocksucker with the railgun, at the very least those give me the most success. if I could party up with a team of friends I'd probably stick to yoyo though

>>514396419And any other ninjutsu other than the slow ass moving rocket ain't a garenteed gum bind death sentence.

>>514395379I want to. It's not hard to win games or anything, it's just that the dragon feels like a second gum shoot, only it leaves you open instead of acting like a shield. It's honestly a good opener, but that's probably not what the devs intended. And not having invincibility is a bigger deal than it sounds. When you play as much as I have, you lose track of how often you get jumped from behind after using it on the right target. It would be PERFECT if they tweaked it a little.

but seriously why wedding costumes on launch in a game about ninja kids?

>>514393626Drill baby drill!

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>>514396628>in a game about ninja kids?Why not I guess? >kidsIs it just kids though user, this world has eternal youth if you eat the Ninja Gum. Literal Age Regression.

>hairstyles at the shop for 400 jala>Cute braid elza styleGoddammit...

>>514396628wedding costumes are popular in general for whatever reason, they had them on during the western launch of PSO2 on PC and people love showing that shit off in FFXIV as well

>>514396628Because user, they KNEW what they were doing.

>>514396728Just when I thought reddit couldn't get more unoriginal.

>>514396628Are you against ninja marriage?

Bun hairstyle when?

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>>514393626>betaBarely ranked over 5th if I could even play>day 1 Ranked 5th or better>day 2Ranked 3rd or better>todayRanking between 1, 2, and 3rdDamn it feels good to be a ninja

>>514396210I think it'd be better if Jane kept her shades.

>>514396960It's already in, got to go up them tiers to get it though.Also welcome my fellow Tentenfag.

>>514396960Literally in the battle pass.

>>514393626When do I unlock team battles? Don't see them in the menu

>>514396124>minding my own business about to kill a drone>yo-yo fucker spawns right next to me>oh shit>still in the middle of my attack animation when he's coming at me>right as i finish up i dash outta there>he's still able to shove his 50ft long yo-yo up my ass>literally can't do anything about it, can't escape in any way even though i have enough energy to dash>dieFuck everything.

>free for all>start of match>hammer just instantly stands at the drone spawn.>not even morphing hes just standing thereSo in a situation like this you basically just leave and give up that drone right?

all you guys claiming to be #1, I can't wait till a arena thread is up and we can finally decide who's hotshit and whos shit

>>514397349Dash cancel and block nigga

>>514396960Battle pass, tier 26.

>>514397370Yes. The skate hammer is absurdly broken

They should have made the weapon skin system like:>One time use if you consume single gum, perma-skin if you collect 50 Otherwise what the fuck is the point, who the fuck would want single use cosmetic items? It'd be a fuckin waste. People skin their items to match their outfit, and it your outfit is built around a one time use fuckin skin then why bother? You can't even reliably farm the color you want, so...

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>>514396210I want to taste.

What the fuck Splatoon is a genre now.

>>514397593I'm just talking about hammers in general.They all seem pretty impossible to approach. Sound hammers expecially

>>514397891The only way to approach a hammer is to successfully gum them.Even then it's not entirely safe because if you don't ko them before they break out, they can either parry or just armor through and hit you back.You could make sneak attack one while they're just running around, but still, armor or parry and you get hit back for even trying.

>>514397741I dont give a shit about " boohoo I cant keep my color!" AutisimThe thing that trigger me is that I cant choose a weapon color in the lobby and I always have to go back to the main menu equipment to equip a consumable color.Let me choose is I want to use a skin in a match by match basis.


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>>514397819Eh it's more like the concept splatoon brought to the table (which is really just a modern interpretation of the concept mariokart and smash brought to the table ) is being emulated and expanded on

>>514397741Imagine tripping with this on

>>514397410I'm not amazing but i just got 3 wins back to back so I'm feeling good

>>514397410When will that happen if ever?

>>514397410I'm claiming to be #9, just below the worst person in the arena.I'm literal shit tier.

>>514398271>That toku outfit

>>514396628Probably because someone asked if you could get married on the Kyary stream.

>>514396628They know their audience.

>>514396628Because they look nice. It's not that deep.

June is bride month in japanThats is why we got wedding outfits

>>514396628Check any f2p it's wedding season

>>514397370Spit on them until they go away.

How do I git gud at team battle?

So basically if you get hit from behind you’re dead no matter what ?

>>514400040If you get hit even once you're dead most of the time against a good player.

something feels off about it for me dunno why

>>514400183It's too luck based is why. There's definitely a skill gap but it entirely comes down to luck because everything is based on energy

>>514400838But you can see when someone doesn't have enough energy to S-burst by looking at their canister. If its sparking that means they can S-burst.

>>514400962My point is you can't control where people will spawn or how many will target you. So you end up wasting energy lots of times just to not get bodied

>>514400838Teams feels better because spawns are set and resources more limited. Because even the start is a dice roll.

>>514401143Just gum guard and run, its not that hard.

>scrub runs at me while I'm waiting for a drone>Mashing attack the entire way>Hit him with the breaker>He scurries away, remakes his weapon and comes back>Hit him with the breaker again>Same thing>Just kill his ass the third time>MfwI'm having a good lad time.

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>>514399805If you suck at fighting stick to drone hunting. If you're too timid to fight, nut up and fight. I sucked total ass for the first 2 days but I but that is how I learned the fundamentals and how to bait others into combo traps. You also need to play with each weapon variation several times to find your groove. You will lose a lot but if you remain dedicated and undeterred, you will be gumming all over those chaps in no time.

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>>514401328Speaking of gumming, why does the ball randomly gum enemies sometimes?

>>514401195Which wastes energy

>>514398271Five of those are on the pass but where the fuck are the two on the left and that cotton candy looking ass ninja

>>514401328Fucking kek

>>514399805I love those matches where I literally can't do anything.Especially when I FUCKING WIN CLASHES AND STILL SOMEHOW LOSE THEM

>>514398271Cash shop for the far left which is the current outfit and refer to >>514394336

>>514401501Like when getting hit, you change into a gum figurine that doesn't attack?

>>514402032And, mind you, this isn't against a big weapon or super armor, it's just flat out saying I win the clash and somehow get stunned and get ippon'd by the guy I was clashing with.And the game is massively laggy right now to boot.

>>514402238No, just straight up attacking someone with the ball will put them in a gum bind, not turning them into poop.

>Kill a drone>Use discerning eye to see people through walls>Use the mixer ninjutsu to kill them all while they can't see meScroll is the most fun weapon.

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>>514402032I know the feeling. It really depends on who has the most S-energy by the time the clash is done. If you win a clash but they guard before you can combo them, a whole new clash begins. DONT MASH ZR! Win a clash and wait for them to flash pink, that is your que to wombo combo but be warned if they have more S-energy than you, it's an uphill battle.

>>514401501>>514402319Side attack does minor gum damage if the ball doesn't directly hit>>514402609But there isn't even another clash, it's literally win > attack does nothing or I get stunned out of it > I die as an ippon

>>514401501All yoyos apparently do very slight gum damage with their regular attacks. I saw it in the beta and didn't know what to make of it, but that's definitely what it is. I only tested ball/donut, but people have said yoyo/spinner do too.

>>514393626>2 guys team on me at the start>kill both then get a drone>another guy attacks me and I body him>he comes back same outcome>at this point I'm miles ahead of the lobby>entire server chases me>I run while grabbing drones >I literally win>connection errorHoneslty fuck this game. I feel like people DCing causes the error. Either way this game is definetly one of those rich get richer type things. If you start off good, you're probably gonna win

the story missions 3-5 would be so much easier if the dash was more responsive

>>514402794Hrmm, try using a different ninjitsu card. Other than that, I can't immediately find out how to help you with your dilemma. It could very well be a buggy connection. Sorry user.

>>514402904snowballing happens when one person understands the real meta of being a coward and not actively seeking fights, for a game with wonky defensive options it sure is optimal as heck to play defensively

>>514403652Probably is, this time of day probably matches me with some far off people considering I see teleporting and shit like being killed first by the beam ninjutsu even though I had mine on the guy a whole second sooner.

>>514403835This lol I only take fights if the guy is low health or in the middle of another fight. Between that and playing defensively and getting drones whenever possible, it's hard to not get top 3 minimum and often #1

What's going on here?The red flame on the HUD is Van over there, but what's the green flame?That'd usually mean someone's below me, like if I were high up on a wall or a building.Is there someone underground?Is there a ghost somewhere?The fuck his happening?

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>>514402032That's because of super armor from the weapon ability if it's a hammer. They also have parry armor on side parry for ties just like how yoyo has it for down parry. Don't parry with a hammer that has super armor.

>>514393904Oh there's a Corn here? Gotta check it out now.

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>>514404015That is the most common winning strategy since clashes involve luck over skill.

>>514404248This case was a katana user.

>>514402303>>514404248Oh. Well nevermind then, guess it's just jank.

>>514404319he'll always be Tab to me.

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>>514397891>>514398107I think I should try making some webm's on how to approach Hammers at this rate as everyone's acting like a fool.

>>514404061It's the drone lol

>>514404061Remember the T-Posing Vann bug from Beta? It pre-loads everyone in that room, and their models are underground in the void till the match starts.

>>514404357Well clashes are a bit of strategy but yeah ultimately it's luck.

>>514404357Clashes is a mid game, including that some weapons get armor on a direction, so unless you beat them outright, they will just tank the hit and then hit you back in full. Learning what each weapon favors, and learning if someone -knows- this or not makes it a lot less guessing.

What do the arrow colors in clashes mean?

>>514405246it's RPSDown beats SidesSides beats UpUp beats Down

>>514393626Won with a 3000 point lead. It's kinda crazy how the human mind works. I was getting raped yesterday but today I've won several times


>>514404691>Remember the T-Posing Vann bug from Beta?I don't think I ever encountered that in the beta.>It pre-loads everyone in that room, and their models are underground in the void till the match starts.Ah, I see. Kinda freaky that they're all just down there, that's how this shit works so whatever.

>mfw tried to use the Ippon Stick at first because I figured default weapon would be the easiest to learn>Drill lets me get a giant fuck you sword of Ippon getting, a button that leads me gank someone for free and I've been practicing firing off its weirder gum patternPiercing the heavens over here, guys and it's pretty great.

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>>514396124It feels like the game was built moreso for larger maps like Eagle City just from my time on it vs the time I spent on the WNA map, everything's more spread out so it's not a constant, chaotic clusterfuck of nonsense. It's not Anarchy Reigns map size but it's certainly better than that rage in the cage shit the WNA map is.

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>>514406367I like the WNA map. It's easy to get to everything. Eagle city is a slog to even get to the next drone

>>514406537Honestly the city felt far better to me to move around in, drones take some time to spawn in anyhow and so long as you're boosting around and using the gum rails it's not that slow to get around.

>>514406751This, it's especially great for katanas.

>>514406537This.Eagle city is fun to screw around in but everything is way too spread out and does make progressing a chore.

>>514406367>chase someone in eagle city for a whole thirty seconds without them even noticing me>don't come across any other player or any signs of brawls during all thatit kinda sucks

>>514406751I won't deny it feels good to move around the city because of the multiple buildings but I prefer the WNA map. Then again I haven't gotten to play eagle city often so maybe I'll change my mind later

>>514393626Sell me on this game Holla Forums.Is it just Fortnite with a Splatoon aesthetic? Does it have microtransactions? What’s pink hair’s name?These are things I need to know.

>>514396210Jane chads RISE UP

>>514407632its dissidia/anarchy reigns with a splatoon skinit has microtransactions but it's not incredibly invasive, just grindy if you dont buy in

>>514393626>Do Episode 3>Hear everyone say its difficult to get a gold on>Do a bit mixed on it, think I got at best silver>Gold on first tryDoes this mean i'm good at the game?

>>514396628i think its because of wedding season, animal crossing has weddings in this month update

>>514407632The aesthetic is distinct from splatoon but yeah it's basically fortnite in terms of monetization. The gameplay is nothing like splatoon or fortnite though and its pretty hard to get into. Once it clicks, it clicks though

>>514407632Have you ever played Dissidia on the PSP? It is somewhat like that but with Ninjas. It takes a while to learn how the game works because the game doesn't really hold your hand on how it plays but once you find the weapon you like and find out how important the S-Bar is in the game everything starts to click pretty well. The game does have microtransactions but it is all for mostly cosmetics, there is a story chapter in the game but it isn't needed to enjoy it and it is just there if you want to spend some extra time in the game. Berecca is the pink haired girl's name.

>>514406751There should more vertical mobility options. The walls boosts aren't that common and the springs are hard to see. There is energy lining the sides of buildings, but some way to gum dash up would be much better.

>>514406367>>514406537>>514406751>>514406941>>514407495The city would be infinitely better if they sized it down a bit or just put in 2-3 more drones. Nothing is worse than wandering around for 45 seconds and not running into a single player or drone.

>>514409010You can, just point the camera up. That's why gyro is good for this game.

>>514409146Great for Eagle cityNot so much for the academy. Since everyone sticks to the ground for combat.

I think the point of the city is you're supposed to get on top of the buildings and scout out drone spawns but I feel like that just makes the layout more awkward and pointless since most people will end up clashing only at the drone spawns

>>514409321I don't know why they do that, the walls are pretty nice.

>>514393626A big tip for those that want to get good. You can buffer a dash or jump out of an attack. Simply hold the button down shortly after you hit attack. Really useful for hit and run attacks or just cancelling out of a combo to get away from danger

>>514409146There's no reason the dash should be so unresponsive without gyro. I've managed to go up without it, but 95% of the time it sticks right back to the wall.

So I have Utsusemi Master equipped and I transformed into it but nothing happened when I was smacked. Is it the transformation one or the one you drop?

>>514409658It's the one you drop user. Speeds up the gumming process and stuns for free.

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>>514410009How do you drop it?

is the battle pass worth it

>You can basically combo up attack and break attack on yoyos

>>514407906>>514408148>>514408303Interesting, very interesting.Just wondering, why hasn’t it taken off yet? I’ve seen a few videos covering it but it doesn’t seem to be taking off yet as Nintendo’s Overwatch. Is it because of those infamous errors?I’ll probably wait and see. Maybe when the meta evolves or if Berecca becomes the next Smash newcomer. Whichever comes first.

>>514410009It's great to see somebody else using that, it's really underrated! You can double jump over people to drop it on them during combos too if you didn't know already.>>514410275Some dpad input. I reassigned mine to A since it's so useful with the card.

>>514410914>>514410009This card has felt meh for me, it usually just gets bopped without doing anything from what I've seen .

>>514411097Are you using the assist codes? The extra gum damage and bigger explosion are pretty important.

>>514410912It had some rocky server problems and the learning curb for it is steep compared to other F2P games out there.

>>514411250Yeah, it still never seemed like it did anything. Maybe I just need to pay more attention and try it again. I tend to stick to utility stuff with ball, so it would be a nice boost.

>>514410912Even low level gameplay can be pretty hard to grasp and its exclusive.

>>514411646The stun last longer the higher the gum damage level is, so it's worth upgrading if you can. The biggest boon for it is that it's yet one more attack option you have access towards, something no other card ever does or gives you.

>>514411646Ball actually has an easy combo into it, you can just drop it on their heads by jump cancelling after a dunk. That's enough to gum without any assist codes if two balloons hit them first so with upgraded assist codes I imagine it needs even less setup, if any. It's also just nice as another obstacle between you and the opponent so you can keep annoying them at a distance.

>>514398271Is the superhero costume in the game

>>514411856True, I've leveled it a bit already. Maybe the animation is buggy too, cause I see it just disappear a lot.>>514412135Oh nice idea

So how much have you been playing the game?

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>>514412260Not yet. It'll chances are replace the wedding attire sooner or later.>>51441243722 hours so far.

>>51441243714 hours.

How do i play this? I do not understand what happening and what i need to push to win games.

>>514412437Where do you view this? Also holy shit man relax with those hours

why do people suddenly hate the idea of buying stuff from them now?

>>514413364In home base, pick the scrollphone option, player info. Then scroll down.

>>514413364In the Lobby go to the far right option and select Player Data.And I had to force myself away from the game because I was grinding my tiers and excessively fucking around with how to use Drill in fun ways. Please help.

>>514413601>>514413665Neat. I have 6 hours. Not sure what it means but I also have a 491 rate? I mean I have 8 first place finishes so I assume that's kinda good?

>>514413953Rate is just the points you have in your Rank, and that only goes up/down in ranked matches. Your Battle History matters more for that.

>>514393626Scroll ult is actually free as fuck

>>514412437I have played 10 hours at the very most but it says I've played for 47 hours in 2 days so I guess I am a crack addictIs there any compilation of all the weapon combos yet? Preferably in image form but whatever.

>>514415089I think I'll work on some guides as I'm starting to get the feeling we just need them. This games got way too much to understand and not enough people are on the same page.

>>514393626Servers down. Rip

>try to fire my super right as the match timer runs out>all of us get a connection error and have to restart the game

>>514415880Alright it's back up...for now...

>>514393626/v/ should form a team before this game dies

>>514393626How the hell are you supposed to get gold In episode 3 of the story mode? >Have to kill enemies >Have to do it quickly because time go tick How the hell do I go it? And I'm good at the game but I can't not take damage if I keep getting pressured to do it quickly

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>just know I'm going to end up buying the wedding dress on the last dayMore free jala please!

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>>514393626How many wins do you guys have?

dbz moment

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This game looks like it should be getting the splatoon treatment in terms of fanart, but it's really not. Why not?

>>514417156I'm getting 2nd place more often than I'd like.

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>>514417649Have you tried switching weapons? But those stats aren't bad.

>>514417440What is that bubble effect? It's so annoying.

>Go to play one more just to try something out>hour and a half later>Ended on a 1st place FFA where I basically just kept dumpstering everyone and held first for 90% of the matchFeels good after a chain of third/fourth place on team matches.Wall shooter definitely doesn't feel that great on ball and I really need to bind the bait to A or something. I forget to use it in combat much.>>514412437>29Whelp>>514416912I went boxes, jellies, bullets, big guy grabbing drones in between. Worst part for me was bullet hell. Very much need to side attack a lot to avoid stuff there.

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>>514417783Scroll is the only weapon for me.

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>>514417792a parry shockwave, prevents you from interfering into other's rps duels

>>514418249But it doesn't happen every time.

>>514418487Happens at the start of a clash, and every time a draw happens. This means they kept doing the same thing over and over again. (But in earnest this case is like two kids that keep picking rock over and over expecting the other to eventually change and no one does.)

>>514417440Why are you playing as Ginyu?

>>514417913hello fellow tomboy

>>514418770How do you do fellow big titty tomboy?

>>514417601No hype

>>514394263>>514417913>avatarfaggingChrist go to the general you autist

>>514417601Give me artists to commission and I'll get art

>>514417601no squids

>>514419584isnt the general dead?

>>514420358Not any more dead then this thread at this hour.

how to get good at yoyo

>>514421220keep your distance and learn to block

>>514422013comboing with it feels like ass

>>514424481could always switch to drill and no brain

What's with gold medals?I got some for getting first in a few matches, but now even when I get first place in a match, I don't get any gold medals.Is there a limit to how many you can win in a day as incentive to spend real money?