Just speaking for myself here, but I vastly prefer the new look over the old look

Just speaking for myself here, but I vastly prefer the new look over the old look.

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New Coco looks DTF.

>>514393529yeah. it looks nicer

Old one looks like five nights at freddy

>>514393529It’s definitely a lot more appealing. The N-Sane Trilogy has the odd cartoony mixed with realism look that’s rather uncanny. It’s like they just decided to take the ps1 models increase the poly count so all sharp angles are smoothed out and add semi realistic hd textures on top of them.

realistic fur was a mistake

>>514393529yeah but where are her tits???

>>514393529At least it seems like Toys For Bob fired the degenerate furries working on the Spyro remake

>>514393734or early Live Action Sonic

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>>514393529I prefer the old designs but the new one is fine

>>514393529Kind of true, BUT...... just return tiddy.

>>514393529It took a while to grow on me but i vastly prefer the bottom

Crash new model is pretty good but the new coco looks horrible, her new model is a downgrade

>>514393529Coco's new smile looks pretty stupid though.

>>514394561>>514394545Old coco has the sonic movie mouth >>514394002 and also hooker eyelids making her look like a doll and the yellow hair is horrible and the hairline too

>>514393529the new designs are much better, NST was some uncanny valley shit

>>514393529Just speaking for myself here, but I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with Coco, marrying her, and eventualy consumate our love in the form of /hmofa/ raw unprotectec lovey dovey babymaking sex.

N-sane Crash has dick sucking lipsNew one is 1000% better

>>514393529Crash looks better, Coco looks worse.

>>514394002what the fuck were they thinking, I can't imagine watching the movie with this atrocity in it

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NST Crash was horrible

>>514393529I like both.The most important thing is... Will "it's about time" be actually a good ol' platforming action we remember from classic crash trilogy and not shitty festival of swimming/riding/flying levels what wrath of cortex was.

New Crash > Old CrashNew Coco < Old Coco

>>514395556You probably say that every time a girl character gets redesigned to look less trashy.

Two reasons why the new version sucks>No exaggerated expressions>Coco's model was "desexualized"There you go

>>514399089why does it bother you guys so much that the funny furry jump and spin character has gone down one cup size?

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>>514393529N. Sane Crash's face and eyes always bothered me because they only ever made him look goofy and retarded in every shot. Getting closer vibes to Twinsanity Crash with Crash 4 but it's an improvement over the remake.

>>514400086I'm glad you asked! She did not go down, her mammaries disappeared completely. And you know why, just afraid to admit.

>>514393529ngl, the hyper-realistic textures they tried for NST quickly overstayed their welcome.

>>514393529The new designs are growing on me, even Coco. I still think she could use a few tweaks, though.

>>514399089Was she ever sexualised in the first place?

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the PS1 and CNK designs will forever be the only good models. NST is garbage


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>>514400086Because I'm not a faggot and it make my pee pee large

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>>514393529New Crash is good looking but new Coco looks like Hey Arnold.

New Crash shows me his smug face, but I still like original Crashs phew... voice

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>>514393529I prefer N-Sane Coco improved by Beenox and TFB Crash.

>>514400086>one cupShe went from a C to an A.

>>514402905Crash wants you to suck his dick.

>>514393529New one looks much better

>>514393942It's mostly the same team. The reason why it looks like it isn't is because most of the furries working there are Barafags, hence why they removed Coco's chest while making Crash's bigger.

>>514393529>another advertisement that only shows Coco from a lower angleHow long are they going to keep trying to hide the new Coco's shnoz and melon head?

>>514393529Oh, so you’re retarded?

>>514393529while i already got used to it, i now understand what i disliked about the crash model in 4 at first. he looks too "normal". he usually has that autistic look that makes his character feel like he's just doing random fucking shit yet somehow manages to do the right thing. here he looks like he knows exactly what he's doing, which is the opposite of his character. but hey, the model isn't too bad. and i'd rather have bad models and a good game rather than good models and a bad game

>>514393529The fact that so many people is mad at coco's flatness shows that Holla Forums doesn't really care about videogames

>>514394002Even all these months later, the longer I look at it the more fucked up it becomes. God, those fucking HANDS.

>>514402024Your mother had boobs 24/7. That means she is always sexualized. Why is your mother such a whore?

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Fuck toys for bob. They should stick to Spyro.>>514399089Coco has been extremely unfuckable from the start. If that's your reason and it's unironic please do the world a favor and kill yourself.>>514400086This guy gets it.

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>>514402905The only problem with new Crash is that they seem to have missed that Crash's mouth had a skin tone around it that was different then the fur on his chest and stomach, otherwise he's great and has a shape thats more faithful to the original PS1 games

>>514403408They don't play the games in the first place. They just want to wack off to porn of her.

>Toys for Bob>every male character looks great>every female character has no titsEvery time

>>514393529Whyd they take her tits away? Are the devs pedos?

>>514403408Im mad about her terrible new face/head shape.

>>514400086Nigga her titties fucking evaporated.She didn't go down cup sizes. She has no cup size, period.

Every Coco's model is better than this

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>Toys for BarafagsThis fucking company, man

>>514404828what the fuck

>>514393529Coco's cocos disappeared...

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>>514404518Kind Reminder: youtube.com/watch?v=OFlTMybwkkQ

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>>514402905>In defense of pedophiles on Youtube

>>514405416That's not Zoe, that's just a generic fairy

>>514404923>he doesn’t knowyoutu.be/vfQEXM1Tge8(Skip to 2:34)

>>514393529TfB Crash > VV CrashVV Coco > TfB Coco

>>514393529Crash looks fine, although I personally don't like that theyve abandoned the slapstick Loony Tunes aspects of him.Coco looks a lot worse, Cortex looks like shit.

>>514393529new crash looks like a virgin while the old crash is a "dont give a fuck" chad

>>514401507>>514402101honest and based>>514404627>>514402962okay but porn of her with nice firm tits will still continue to exist. this new design just adds one more flavor of coco to the catalog for the people who like to bust to perfectly planar surfaces

>>514404518And yet somehow they still did bestbun sufficient justice, so I can't be mad.My condolences to Elorafags though. At least the blue fauns turned out alright.

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>>514405982Who cares about the porn of an underaged teenage girl you weirdo? The fuck?

>>514406231>TfB are BiancachadsFuck em

>>514405857Are you a 9yo?

>>514406279the coomers in this thread obsessed over a preeteen animal characters bust size do???

>>514406279see>>514401507>>514402101read the thread

>commissioned one of the artists who worked on Spyro to make my fursonathank you Spyro for introducing me to some truly based artists.

>>514405652>Crash talks and uses one of One Piece's Luffy movesWho the fucking hell thought this was good.What is this hot turd.What the fuck.

>>514406608Caring about bust size =/= caring about porn, you dumb pedo. Coco is a female, why would they remove her breasts? Something she's literally always had? She's a fucking girl, she can have breasts, is this really a controversial topic in 2020? Female characters having breasts? Jesus fucking christ. Slippery Slope really isn't a fallacy

>>514406831lemurfeature? that guys character sculpts are unbelievably clean.

>>514406980its a really weird thing to fixate on user. like getting upset over a cartoon character redesigned to have 4 fingers instead of 5. its really no big deal.


>>514403257So Crunch has a chance after all?

>>514407290It is a big deal when you're dealing with TfB who make male character's be total eye candy for gay dudes while they insist of making female characters less susceptible to the male gaze.

>>514393937Flattened, along with her head

>>514407290People will fixate on the shoes your wearing as you walk by them and then kill you for them. Why are you fucking defending this of all things so dilligently? We are here to shitpost and relax a bit from the fucking horrors of reality just chill out man

>>514407428This too, marxist subversion runs through the blood of useful idiots in all forms of public consumption and opinion

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>>514407680You don't know SHIT about Marxism.

>>514405416God damn

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>>514393529Same, the fur looks much nicer now! The old fur looked kinda uncanny valley-ish, like a teddy bear or like some animatronic animal

>>514393529Coco’s weirdly thick arms bother me, but otherwise the new art style looks much better in motion than the leaked screenshots made it look. Still seems like a waste of time and manpower to redesign everything when the assets from the last two projects are still there and still look good, but overall I’m not displeased with the art style change.

>>514407797Just like real communism hasn't been tried, right comrade?

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>>514393529>dat CocoJUSTAlso Crash looks like a schizo with those creepy eyes.

>>514407290Censorship good.

>>514403408Fuck you faggot i completed all crash trilogy tens of times and 100% as well I care

>>514393529Crash has become a coomer zoomer game. WTF?

Crash is the lamest looking mascot out of all of the main ones like Mario or Sonic etc. but his games have the best and the most fun gameplay out of all of them

>>514393529Coco is cute. I guess Crash looks less weird but it's Crash he's supposed to look like a spaz.

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>>514408620>Spinny whacky animal boy is lamer than a fat "italian" plumber lol

Hey, plummer boy, mustache man......

>>514406916There's nothing wrong with Crash talking. All the old Crash ads used to have him talk. He was never mute and every other mutant could talk, it's just that they never bothered to voice him besides "woah" and "yeeehaaa". His language is a bit too ocker for my taste but what can you do, Crocodile Dundee still sells.

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>>514393529Never mind the redesigns, the game is going to have over 100 fucking levels.

>>514410104>100 levels of gimmick checkpoints breaking up each stageSorry if I don't get excited over that.

>>514410278>100 levels of gimmick checkpoints breaking up each stageCan you repeat that but without speaking like a buzzword-using retard?

>>514410428>didn't even use any buzzwordsYou clearly don't understand what that word means and you're very clearly mad as fuck I dared to talk bad about Crash 4.

>>514410504>didn't even use any buzzwords>gimmickHello, retard police? I found the one you're looking for!

>>514410575>gimmick is now a buzzwordAh, so you mean any word you don't like is a buzzword. The Holla Forums definition of buzzword.

>>514393529CNK is still his best post Naughty Dog look

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>>514407428so is it about sexualizing the bandicoot or not? i dont really get your angle.>>514407507im not defending anything, just curious on why people take cocos tits so seriously

>>514393529New Coco can either look really cute or really ugly depending on the angle you look at her from and Crash is literally just the Japanese Boxart version in game form.

>>514405325Tomboy coco is cuter imo

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>>514410638merriam-webster.com/dictionary/buzzword>1 : an important-sounding usually technical word or phrase often of little meaning used chiefly to impress laymenBut do tell me "gimmick" isn't a buzzword, friend. :)


>>514393529I still like the old Coco way more, but I don't hate new Coco as much as I thought I wouldCrash looks good in both desu

>>514410787Gimmick is a descriptor used for badly used or lazily implemented mechanics, in this case, Crash 4 having several small sections per stage dedicated to a mask instead of weaving the mask abilities naturally into a whole stage. Now I know you posted that link thinking you were so smart, I can almost feel the smug off your post, but you failed to understand the word or the meaning behind it out of sheer rage that someone would say something bad about Crash 4 making you look like an absolute retard in the process. So next time try to understand the meaning behind a sentence before going straight to meme faces and rage, you can do it champ!

>>514410278>gimmick checkpointsSince when was a Crash checkpoint a gimmick?

>>514411227>Couldn't even look up the definition of gimmick on Google before respondingdictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/gimmickBut do tell me how I was using the "Holla Forums definition" of buzzword, friend. :)

Forget Coco, how about we talk about how they've given Aku Aku the wimpiest voice ever?

>>514411545Got a video of him talking?

>>514411440I don't mean a litteral checkpoint but throughout the stage you come to areas separate from the rest that require a mask to get past, the mask is given, you do the little segment, and the mask goes, leaving you to play the rest of the stage. It's pretty unnatural if you watch gameplay back.>>514411460>something that is not serious or of real value that is used to attract people's attentionBecause you don't understand words. That perfectly describes the issue with the masks, how they're not woven naturally in the gameplay but are the new shiny thing. It's alright though, keep spamming those meme faces in a desperate attempt not to look mad as fuck.

>>514411545The purple mask isn't Aku Aku, I think?

>>514411545>>514411974The blue mask is Lani-Loli, he's a new character

>>514411938>Ugh, don't you understand that my definition of "gimmick" still applies because the official definition can fit the shoe if I word my argument differently!Just give up. I wanted you to repeat yourself on what you meant without sounding like a tool but you sound like an even bigger tool.

>>514412126That's not too bad then. Still a pretty nerdy voice. Not cool enough to hang out with the Crash I used to know and love.

>>514412242>STILL shitpostingMan if the devs had even 1% of your persistence perhaps we wouldn't have gimmicked sections dedicated to the masks.

>>514412410>You're mad because I insulted your game!>So here's an entire essay of me being wrong with definitions and talking in circles while I call you a shitposter for pointing out my shitty argumentsDamn bro, you got the whole thread hating the game.

>>514393529gonna miss the pink from around their mouthsother than that i agree

>>514402905That’s the face Crash makes after he gets done fucking Amy Rose

>>514412370Yeah I actually love Horvitz but masks are supposed to sound old and mystical, or at least close to it

>>514412637I won't miss the pseudo-lipstick on Coco. It was jarring to look at.

>>514412126I thought you were being funny but I looked it up and that's actually the name. How'd that get past marketing, who thought that was a good idea? No one tried googling their character's name to check what kind of results they'd get?

>>514404498honestly, I prefer the lack of pink skin, it keeps from breaking up the design and also doesnt make me have to confront Crash's juicy, succulent french kissing lips

>>514412562Who's talking about making a thread hate a game? this isn't a hugbox so any flaws I perceive I will voice. And we're going in circles because you refuse to address the complaint and instead double down on shitposting to escape it. If this is what we can expect from the average Crash4fag then this series is fucking doomed. I bet you chimped the fuck out when people said they didn't like Coco, Cortex, or N.Gin's designs as well didn't you?

>>514410716The point is that it's a completely superfluous change, women have tits, it is weird that they felt the need to remove them when they were always there before.

New Coco looks like azura from GW2

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>>514412834>Gimmicks are bad>The game is going to be full of gimmicks>Why aren't people upset about the gimmicks in the game?>THE GIMMICKS ARE RUINING THE GAMEBut of course you'll deny this because you never outright stated it. Even though it was clear what you were doing.

>>514412716im not talking about that either, im talking the furless? area around their mouths

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>>514413103>Gimmicks are badInherently so yes and most people would agree as it results in lazy game design.>The game is going to be full of gimmicksOf what we've seen so far, that would be the case. Especially as the masks are the biggest part of the marketing.>Why aren't people upset about the gimmicks in the game?Didn't say this at all, feel free to invent any narrative you wish.>THE GIMMICKS ARE RUINING THE GAMENor this, the game may still be enjoyable however the gimmick masks will bring it down so enjoyable could have been fantastic.What I was doing was bringing up an issue I had about the game, you however have done nothing but shitpost in response because fuck having opinions, right?

>>514406916>What is this hot turd.Well, it's Skylanders

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>>51441310721 years later and I still want them to look like this

>>514413446>Don't point out my discreet, retarded interjections to rile up Holla Forums and try turning people against it by using buzzwords, just let me constantly shitpost my invalid opinion until people believe in what I'm sayingI've seen fucks like you do this tactic so often that it's almost pitiful you're trying to pretend you're not.


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>>514413660>this absolute persecution complexFucking hell at first I thought you were just another shitposter but there's something legit wrong with you. I was expressing an issue I have with the game. I have no desire to overthrow government or whatever the fuck you think I'm doing I'm voicing my opinion in a place that isn't a fucking hugbox. You're free to suck off Crash 4 like I'm free to speak up about things I don't like about it. It's not about swaying people it's about discussion and opinion you utter paranoid cretin.


>>514405416>for some reason4 PLENTY OF REASON3!


>>514393529Old Coco was not only cute but fit perfectly as a little sister to the retarded Crash. Now she is a smug action girl... I don't find her cute at all.

yiff in hell furfaggots

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>>514414046>using capsNot even going to read your shit anymore, it's not worth anyone's time. This is your last (you) make the most of it.

>>514405416all I could notice is one thicc ass dragon

Coco needs a chin.

>>514414170They both need one

>>514393529Top has perky breasts, bottom is a plastic skylanders toy.

>>514413107PEAK Crash and Coco. Speaking of which I was playing Crash 2 on PS1 yesterday and fucking hell I miss that art direction, I know it's because of PS1 limitation but they made it work in Crash's favor and gave the whole series a distinct look because of it.

>>514414137>No, you can't summarise what I'm doing, it's making me look better than the stupid shit I actually wrote!I'm doing you a favour.

>>514414103110% improvement. Do the other characters as well, you seem to know what's up.

>it's not coomer bait therefore it's shit

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>>514393637down the fed?


>>514414427I remember the Cocoomers went silent about TfB not giving her tits when they brought up Wrath of Cortex's model for her. Probably the biggest beatdown I've seen all year.

>>514414219Why? Crash doesn't even have a neck.

>>514414427You dont have to startt true statements with a meme arrow


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>>514404052>Fuck toys for bob. They should stick to Spyro.On the bright side, this means another dev will likely get to improve on Spyro's designs.

>>514414663Because he looks GOOD that wayinstead of just... dumb

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>>514413528I didn't know what to expect.

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>>514414427I mean the head is also way too flat regardless.

>>514414427>>514414652>tfw my issue with the Coco model has nothing to do with titsI am the one you fear.

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>>514415326yeah haha it's totally not coomer bait if they give her a cute face with some nice cocksucking lips haha

>>514416816If you're talking about the new model it's irrelevant when she's got a head the shape of a football.

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>>514417627What autism is this?


>>514393529For Crash I agree, but new Coco looks disgusting with that squished face

can we compile every post by >>514393734 in every crash thread since 4's leaks?comes in to every single thread to signal the rest of the band to follow

>>514402101But you're also a furry. Kill yourself and yiff in hell.

>>514393529Same, newer look is way better. Anons that say "SOUL SOULLESS" said the exact same shit when N-Sane was announced so idk what the fuck they're on about.

I like the design, i just want Crash's new game to be good

>>514417627Good job user.

>>514393637because she's used and loosened now desperate for male attention. nsane coco is innocent and blissfully ignorant of the dick that's about to be stretching her holes into a braindead submission. Nsane > Nu


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>>514405652>Australian accentdropped


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>>514410767She looks like a 90s skater twink, I like itjust needs a bulge like Crash


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>>514393529"it's about time" is such a great name

>>514419278>you will never get to enjoy Coco's thighsWHY LIVE. WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT.

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>>514419453All it does is remind me of Duke Nukem Forever

>>514393529Lookin good there Coco I like your new face very cool very cool

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Which Coco Bandicoot design will be rated to the top?strawpoll.me/20448062

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>>514419559Makes me think of Starcraft 2

>>514419571cant unsee, into the trash the new design goes.

>>514413528I wish movies had this good of storylines.

Still waiting for CTR for PCAnytime soon, right?

>>514420140If it was going to be soon they would have announced it around the same time as Crash 4. It's not happening.

And if you want to manually rank them, here;tiermaker.com/create/coco-bandicoot-469648

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>>514417627you messed with football, but this is way better.

>>514404881Does this mean Dingodile will be hot?

>>514420140The dream is dead boyo.


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>>514393529I hate both.

>>514419524Reading this in aku aku's voice is something else.

>>514393529crash and coco from n-sane trilogy are as close to what they were on ps1, and the new reimagination doesn't look too bad, anyway the most important thing for me is the gameplay


>>514393529I really like the new designs too, they've grown on me a lot. Very cartoony.Literally no one outside this furry board cares that Coco's boobs have gone. She's a young teen and it doesn't contribute much to her character. If every single female had no boobs there'd be more cause for concern because then it becomes more about the female image being unnecessarily altered / destroyed. I would understand this outrage more if someone like Tawna had no boobs because it's been established she's an adult woman.Can't wait to see the other redesigns, I wonder how many characters are going to appear. Particularly looking forward to seeing Dingodile and Tiny.

>>514420670>Coco's boobsThis really has become the "Dante's Hair" of Crash.

>>5143935294 Crash and remake Coco are the best designs.

>>514420670I'm more concerned by her flat head when viewed head on.

>>514420848I don't know CTR killed it with the trophy girls especially their extra outfits and win animations.

>>514413528I want crash to breed coco so bad Holla Forumsros

>>514420387>>514420484>>514420242I just want to believe.

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>>514393529I'd be interested to see the remake models with 4's lighting/textures. I just don't like little things like Crash's clown feet or Coco's Popeye arms. I could live with either though.

>>514421030So do I user. I bought it day one but I've since sold it only willing to play it again on PC. So even though I think it's unlikely now, a small part still hopes we'll hear something before the year is out.

>>514421030You and me both. Those threads made it all look so damn fun and I'm sad I could never get in on the action.

>>514420670>Literally no one outside this furry boardIf you know so much about what people think outside of this board, perhaps you should go back there and fucking stay there.

>>514421030I want it too but it seems unlikely at this point. Unless they re-release it for next gen consoles.

>>514421030I just hope if it does happen I can transfer my progress over. I worked hard for those master wheels that I literally never use.

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>>514421186What kind of bitch boy response is this?Sorry for ruining your super secret furry club

New Crash looks greatNew Coco looks terribleAny differing opinion is garbage

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>>514422340Ironic, since the fanart you posted looks more like new Coco than NST Coco. Specifically the smaller chin and flatter head.

>>514422653I can't tell if this post is being ironic or not

>>514422653That's not possible, her head isn't the shape of a football and she isn't a straight line.

>>514422653What a retard.

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>>514393529Crash is better, and looks more likeable. And thank god he still has visible fur.

>>514419453Plants vs Zombies already did it

>>514393529one of the reasons I hate crash, is because he looks retarded. The new crash is millions of times better.

>>514402905Love the lighting of Crash in this shot. I also like how he doesn't look half brain dead all the time.