Buyer's remorse thread

Buyer's remorse thread

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Every game I didn't pirate

>>514393274Overwatch. Got ti to play with my friends and after a week they dropped it.

>getting filteredAt least you won't be joining Together servers.

>>514393274Don't Starve is great, but I get the feeling. It took me a really long time before I sat down and actually tried my best to beat it. I think the Shipwrecked DLC was what got me hooked initially.

Could never get into it. Shame too because everything Klei makes is gold.

>>514393274Undertale and Stalker.

>>514393274HD Remaster. Maybe I’m just not the audience or just spoiled by more modern games, but I played this for maybe half an hour before putting it up and just never got around to trying to progress in it again.

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>>514394454Same lmao, Re4 was fun for me so i gave re1 a shot. Played it for a day and now Its been sitting in my ps4 library for months now

>>514393274its a good game, shame that the company are anarcho commie and ccp supporters.

>>514393520I really enjoyed playing the multiplayer one,until they started adding characters that you need to pay first

>>514394109Not anymoreDST is full jewish mode and their new game doesn't look promising

>>514394454>>514394663You've been meme'd. Emulate the original RE1 (or download the PC Mediakite version and use the Classic REbirth patch) and then play in release order from there.

>>514397925>someone who dropped remake would complete original with gustowew lad

>>514398159Yes, actually. The original is a more straightforward game.

>>514394883>shame that the company are anarcho commie and ccp supporters.huh?

I have a custom character mod for DST and I barely played the thing

>>514393274>Surgeon Simulator>Fez>Cities Skylines and a bunch of DLC from a humblebundle (no clue why I bought the dlc when I don't even like the game. That was pretty idiotic)>Besiege>Don't Starve

Not really remorse, just the dread that comes with realizing that I'm a subhuman megabrainlet who can't figure out automation or proper heat diffusion.

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>>514398910>Surgeon SimulatorI hope you are a streamer at least.

>>514399724Even worse. I used to be a kid. Welcome to Holla Forums in 2020. Someone that was 11 when surgeon simulator came out can now post on 4chan.

>>514399349This. I was having fun in the early game but I'm too stupid for the rest.

>>514398910>BesiegeIt was amazing for the few days after the discovery of the chaos engine.

>>514400214I-I'm just going to RP my colony as a group of brainlets j-just like their creator, literally drinking their own not-even-totally-recycled piss bottle water because they're too dumb to boil it without also exponentially trapping themselves in a heat cycle that kills off all the oxygen producing plants.

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>>514393274Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. $30 down the drain. I tried to refund it, but Ubishit has a "if you launched the game you can't refund it" policy.

>>514393274witcher 3fallout 4 season passi still don't know what went over my head when i bought these

>>514393274>>514399349>art style stops you from buying the gamemoney saved

>>514400875Why'd you buy it from Uplay?

>>514399349>>514393274These two KLEI games are just shitty to learn in-general because they're filled with noob traps and obscure bullshit that you won't realize is a problem until twenty hours later."Huh, I have xyz problem in my base. I better build this specifically made machine for fixing it!" And it turns out that machine is literally the worst way of dealing with said problem, like getting rid of unwanted gases.

>about to hit two hour mark>decide not to refund and continue playing>wake up the next day with zero desire to ever touch the game againThis happens more often than I'd like to admit.

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>>514402450This is what I hate the most from dst. If you don't know everything that happens you are fucked, it all trying out things and see what works and what doesn't, but the game is so punishing you just die and I don't have the time to invest myself so much in the game. How the fuck was I supposed to know some weird ass monster would come at the end of the season.

I had the choice of getting this 2 weeks early because a local store fucked up, or going to a con that weekendI choose the con thankfully but I still regret paying $60 for this piece of shit

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>>514402859that's how they get ya

>>514402450My problem with DST was that you basically need a guide with you at all times to learn how to play the game. They basically put you there with a bunch of unexplained mechanics, items and buildings and if you don't know what to do then you die. one are you?

>>514393274lol fag. Don't Starve is good fun. Never tried Hamlet though.

>>514402880>60 dollars for a 7 year old game from a previous consoleWhat the fuck user

>>514404865anon this WAS 7 years ago

>>514398224retard alert

>>514399349the game is good actually i'm on circle 400, big shame the performance is shit.

>>514399349Trying to learn how to set up a water purification system is a fucking pain. Heat doesn't work, I've tried chlorine a half dozen ways, finally figured it out but after that it just isn't fun anymore.

>>514403319hamlet is hard, i just couldn't finish it. Fucking trap man :(

>>514393274Overwatch. I don't even like these kinds of games and yet I bought this shit at full price

>>514393390>after a week they dropped itThat’s my friends with every game

>>514393274starbound and dark souls 3

>>514393274i honestly don't understand how people can play don't starve with that horrible combat system

>>514406262put your purification output near active geyser, germs died above 60°C, never put chlorine in it, it's a waste of time.

>>514394883bruh wtf I feel like people are saying this about every other indie game on here

>>514406775not that bad if you actually figured how to beat the boss with kitting

>>514406775not that bad if you actually know how to beat the boss by kiting

>generic cutesy Disney/Miyazaki mashup art style>overblown saturated colors and ridiculous soundtrack and effects>boring platforming, meh combat>predictable, easy Metroidvania elementsFuck this game desu

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>>514398224I enjoyed it on the DS actually. It was fun as fuck but there is a very fucking scary part in rebirth mode that isn't in the original game. Like god damn fuck you for that capcom

>>514407207i know about kiting, its just that clicking on a boss once and running around like a headless chicken for 5 minutes isn't fun

>>514393274No Man's Sky.When the game was announced I was actually interested in it but then with the whole release fiasco I decided not forward to 3 months ago when after being told by everyone that "it is good now!" I decided to buy it on a sale.the tutorial took forever to finish and by the time I gave up with trying to have fun with it I was past the two hour mark. I tried refunding it with an explanation on the long ass tutorial but they wouldn't take it.normally I would just say that the gameplay loop wasn't for me, but I'm the kind of guy who plays vanilla minecraft and fucking rust.

>>514393274i don't fucking understand why late game in this stupid game is so focused on combat when the combat itself is mindblowingly dumb and sucks complete fucking balls, i had to drop it as soon as the big bosses spawned, what a load of bullshit is what they are

>>514402879>DSTthere is literally a rewind button in the server menu, the game makes save states at the beginning of every day and you can rollback at least 4 days, more then enough time to make a few weapons and some wood armor. Or just fucking run underground when its about to show up.

Thought it would be a fun little driving game where there were some level building aspects and fun community made levels.Instead this turned out to be a clunky massive pile of shit with terrible controls and the most labyrinthine and confusing system of menus I've ever used in my life. Refunded within 10 minutes.

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>>514393274DS is fun but for me DST is kinda boring and it feels like a chore to play

>>514393274Starbound, Borderlands 2, I didn't even buy it but Payday 2, walking dead season 2, rocket league, fallout 4, the binding of Isaac, ARK survival evolved and Ace of Spades (retail)

>>514393454> the only reason to dislike don’t starve is that you were filtered!Ok retard

Most of my steam library

>>514409732you're dumb as fuck because it is all those things*if you know blender and luaagreed the menus suck though

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>Monster Hunter world>Xcom enemy within>Alien isolation dlc>Csgo>La noire>The evil within dlc>Blade symphony>AC origins dlc

>>514409732They don't try to hide that it's essentially just a well polished physics tech demo with a thin crust of gameplay around it, you're just stupid as shit.If you get Automation as well you can design your own cars and spend hours trying to crank the most out of a V16 engine like an autist.


>>514407234I like the colors, I hate the style.

FFXVHad so much hope even though I knew it was going to be mediocre

>>514393274I know this game is loved by many so I assure you, this isn't bait. Was expecting to build comfy homes and play like Minecraft, not have to worry about the corruption spreading or bosses or the weird crafting system. idk, just really isn't my kind of game. Also Devil Daggers to an extent only because it takes like 30 seconds to see everything.

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>>514407234same man, i got it for 7$ and still regret it, it's a decent looking game but not a fun one.

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>>514394331>>514414924>UndertaleWhat turned you off from it?

>>514416973>Also Devil Daggers to an extent only because it takes like 30 seconds to see everything.wat

>>514398224literal retard

>>514393274faggot retard

>>514393274>84 minutesrefund it dumb nigger

You're all babies, watch this

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>>514393274I don't really get buyers remorce anymore due to how great steam refunds are. Though I do often refund great games that I just feel that I wouldn't enjoy.

It's more of a simulator than a game and it can be quite fun at times. But I regret paying for it.

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>>514393274refund it. there, no remorse

>>514417192It's a cool game, spooky monsters and amazing sound design and it's only 2 bucks. But it kinda shits itself with the whole "survive for as long as possible in 1 featureless arena against the same enemies". Like, what's even the point in playing if that's the full extent of the game? It sounds rude but it really should've been free.

Far Cry 2.>dude what if everything was brown>and you have to monotonously walk/drive over and over and over and over>and fight the same enemies over and over and over>and malariaIt's like S.T.A.L.K.E.R except not fun in the slightest.

>>514417609Dunno man pushing your highscore is funIt's not a game you play for 200 hours but that's why it's only a few bucks

>take a long break from gaming>buy myself few games off the sale>still nothing brings any joyI gotta go one of two routes, first one is playing a ton of bad games to make even the most meh game lift up my spirits, or just keep looking for that one game that sparks the love again

RimworldYou can argue that I got my money's worth (I played it for 40 hours) but it feels repetitive without a lot of stuff to do or plan for.Maybe I'll try a new colony this summer but I doubt my opinion will change

>>514418645Try mods

>>514418429That's true. I guess I was expecting more but it is what it is.

>>514400779>using plants to produce oxygen>>514406262>caring about germsthey nerfed germs so much because brainlets couldn't handle them.a fucking shame that I need to install a mod to buff them back again

>>514393274division 2 even though i got it for free from amd. also grim dawn

>>514419464>also grim dawnCare to explain why? I'm on the cusp of buying it but I'm still unsure

>>514393274saints row 2, i had no idea the port was so bad, to this day i haven't gotten past the 3rd mission, can't wait for that patch so i can finally play it

>>514406529>friends hype up a game for months>play the demo non-stop>it's released>they buy it day 1>play two hours before dropping it forever.Every fucking time. How do I make friends that aren't such faggots?

>>514419226I was so proud that I had the capacity to fix slimelung until I realized slimelung wasn't deadly anymore.

>>514399349that's literally the best part thou

>>514417419Noita is fun when it lets me have fun. Most of the time, it doesn't.

>>514393274Killing floor 2That game is dogshit.

>>514419628it's not a genre that i like, i dont know why i bought it in the first place. if you like arpg in general you probably would like it.

>>514393274About 90% of my steam library.

>>514418429>It's not a game you play for 200 hoursbut it is a game you play for 200+

>>514420313The community and MTX is AIDS.Otherwise it could be a very fun game. Better than shit four dead

>>514421656Seethe harder killing floorcuck

>>514393274>Overwatch>Unreal 2

>>514421950I just said it's AIDS. How am I seething exactly?

>>514417393this game is the reason i don't watch Worth A Buy anymore

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>>514393454>game is shit = filtersok retard

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>>514422843What didn’t you like about it?

I went full retard and bought a G29 for this game. Not only I'm apparently too retarded to enjoy a realistic simulator but as a game is fucking dog shit.I ended up just playing GT6. Am I a fucking casual? Sure, but at least it feels like I'm playing a game and not like a pain in the ass.

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couldn't get into stardew valley or anything similar but i fucking loved don't starve


>>514393274That fucking Goose Game. I would have given it 5 stars on Newgrounds but crap like that shouldn't cost money.

>>514423776bootleg RUST with zombie's

>>514393274Every game from my steam library that went free on epic.

>>514424128that's funny because I was the opposite

Built my first ever rig for this game. Taught me two things, first never believe the hype, second never pre-order.

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My friend and I like to duo games and this has no scaling for the amount of players in a lobby. Doesn't have matchmaking either. You absolutely have to have 3 other autists with you. The stealth killing is cool. The rest seems pretty fucking shit.

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