Etrian Odyssey

Any hopes for the new game? Anyone still going through the games? Slowly burning through Nexus myself. Etrian thread

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yo I just realized those are the pins Chie has, that's so cool

Is it worth playing the original ds version of one for my first etrian game?

>>514394742For 1 and 2 the remakess change enough that that they are both worth playing through still. It's fine to start with 3 though.

>>514394742Depends if your willing to put up with EO1 being slow as shit, the store not showing you if shit is an upgrade since it doesn't bring up the character status screen, no strafing, and an extremely limited map. 2 is fine but it's one of those games where it's either extremely difficult or a fucking joke depending on the classes you take. Also no exp from FOEs lol.

>>514392508My hope died when Atlus called Etrian the Persona Q series in its questionnaire

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It's dead jim.

>>514396215As dead as SMT5

>>514395697Did they really?

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>>514396650That's due Fatlus being retard and announcing shit before development starts. #FE also had huge ass radio silence before proper announcement.Not mention persona 5.

Heres the plan. We bully Atlus into moving EO onto Steam. They see the sales. They make a new PC EO!

>>514399181Mapping with mouse

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>>514392508Etrian climaxed with 3Got trashed for normies with 4Was modernized for zoomers with untoldFuck knows what happened with 5, what a train wreckLet it rest. I don't want another persona lite game. I want a old school DIY adventure with a party of BDSM hunters

>>514399263just buy a cheap wacom broauthentic adventuring experience

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>>514400175this. once you do this you can play other dungeon crawlers like wizardry, eye of the beholder and grimrock. game on one screen, map on the other. grimrock has a tablet mode so you can play the whole game with only the tablet pen too.

>>514392508I am really hoping for a native PC port of some EOs, even if it's kinda impossible. Really like playing DCs in a big screen and Citra still has its flaws

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>>514401304It's mobile shit just you wait

>>514399263i played all the EO games on emulator and i only know how to map with a mouse. it's easy as shit

>>514402984it's arguably easier than on DS, since you can map dpad to WASD and face buttons to stuff like shift, Q, E etc. You can play one handed and keep your right hand on the mouse at all times for mapping.

>>514392508I'm just finishing up Nexus at 200 hours. There's a fuckton of content in it. By "finishing up" of course I mean the post game and getting all my parties to 130, ultimate equipment, etc. The combat is as good as ever, it just sucked that they reused the same shrine fifty fucking times. The game is still good, it just really suffered from not being a mainline game and getting its own set of new labyrinths. I also didn't like the story that much and that fucking titty monster soured my opinion of the game a bit. I want more loli and flat classes and NPCs in next stage.

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I destroyed most of EO5 with the 2pug 1masu combo, but sort of lost interest to bother with stratum 6. Taking a break again, it's easy to burn out and I've completed all of the first four games.

which is the best of the single dungeon games? i didn't care for 4's style of multiple mini dungeons

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>>514397134yes and no, there were questions for EO, but if you told them you played both PQ and EO the survey would ask you about PQ first, and if you picked too many games they would ask you about PQ but not about;dr: the survey was a fucking mess.

>>514404975when was the survey? if it was shortly after q or q2 it would make sense that they'd rather gather info about a newer (and likely more popular with mainstream) game.

>>514404975My hope is still dead

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>>514405116The new sega survery was a few days

>>5144051164 days ago, seems like its still

>>514405296oh. didn't they rerelease a persona game recently? royal, and 4 on PC. maybe they see persona as a more recent thing, or maybe they're working on a persona game and they'd rather get more info on that playerbase since the etrian community is small but stable and will reliably buy anything they put out

>do the survey >They ask me if I know something about EO>They ask me if I'd buy a new EO release. >Say yes, but gonna pirate it instead.


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>>514406837Etrian Odyssey Police Department?

>>514406837Himukai: "Yes"

Dead. My favorite franchise is FUCKING DEAD.

If they release a new game but you have to buy an extra screen that connects to the USB-C port so you can draw your maps, would you buy it?We're talking about a 60$ for the game and 40+$ extra for the screen.


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>>514407270That's fucking dumb as hell.

>>514394742One problem I had with EO1 (I played EO4 first) was the balance of abilities was all over the place and you weren't given a lot of in game help or descriptions to help you make an educated choice. For example, Patch Up in EO1 is near worthless, while in EO4, it's really great.Really, that's kind of a flaw of most of the series though. Even in later entries, you're given a text description of something (Such as "Increases damage of normal attacks"), but you're not given any specific values of what they do, forcing a trial and error of selecting them to find out if they're worthwhile or not. And sometimes, the abilities are incredibly poor, such as a 1% passive damage increase per point invested. Out of game documentation can really help make informed decisions, but it can also spoil by allowing you to optimize your party instantly instead of play how you like.


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>>514410060>That one LO doujin about LO-Polices.

>>514410124Genocide time

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>>514410060Why does it say PEDO on her hat?

>>514410060What do you guys name this girl in your playthrough?Mine was Anabelle.

>>514410543I didn't use her

>>514407058Why didn't you did anything then?

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>>514392508I've started every single game and have never made it past one dungeon

Peak character design right here

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>>514392508Currently playing 5 and still have nexus sitting in my shelf.Reached the first boss but i feel like I'm underlevelled as shit since i always run from everything and just map out the floor.

>>514418367most people beat the first boss between levels 13~15, EO autists have beating him as early as level 9.

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Where do I start with these games?

>>514419129*have beaten, ffs I need sleep.

>>514405296Just took the survey, made sure to expound how much I love Etrian Odyssey and Shining Force.

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>>5144191953 or 4 if you are new to dungeon crawlers, any of them otherwise.

>>514419195Release order if you aren't a pussy, otherwise start with 4.

>>514410543Aliceunoriginal I know

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>>514407270Yes, I'd also use it for other things.


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>>514419129currently sitting at 11. but no matter how many rpgs with an "create your own party setup" kind of thing i go through i always suck at party building and just brute force my way through.I'll try to clean up the few quests i'm missing about beating up some FOE and then bash my head against the golem a bit more until either it or i give up and have to rethink my party/skills.

what's the closest to EO on PC or switch? played through every EO including originals/remakes, looking for something else close. everything else seems to overload the gimmicks and turn progression into a grind against very easy enemies.

Any general advice for the Star Devourer?I got him down to half health and survived two full bursts but failed a bind and got nuked around there.Level 93, party is pug/mas/war/nec/sha

>>514419668for the first two strata I ran:Pugilist/Masurao/DragoonNecro/BotanistYou can replace the Necro with a Warlock or Hawk Rover if you want.

>>514419928Labyrinth of refrain if you haven't looked at it yet.pact system is a bit weird with you having to set up different pacts that dictate what skills they can use and their general role but then also have to put your units in them, and then also have pacts that can hold even more units as support that don't actively participate in combat but give other effects. You basically march through dungeons later with a small army.Being a NIS game it'S gonna be grindy but i think that's reserved for the end game. Characters look like typical NIS but i really love the monster artwork.Other than that no idea, what's the thing you'd value the most of EOs features?

>>514421204I guess I most enjoy how EO is close to Wizardry (grounded, more about mapping and exploring) but with QOL and a really interesting approach to classes and synergies. You can build parties in so many different ways and they're all perfectly viable. I tried LOR but it did feel like a bit of an autobattler, since enemies are quite easy to mindlessly mow down without applying strategy, encounter rate is fairly high etc. I'd be willing to give it another shot if you think it gets better outside of the first 3-4h. Stranger of Sword City on steam looks potentially interesting but I haven't played it myself so unsure how it is.

Any similar games on PC to play in meantime?

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>>514402984yeah but it's not comfy though. My fondest memories of EO are laying in bed when it's raining outside with a movie on in the background drawing maps.

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>>514421968I played through EO1-3 on my laptop, with a graphics tablet sat over the keyboard (exact same size as the bottom half, so it feels like playing on a giant DS). I set up the express keys on the side to by directional movement and accept/face buttons, and it was perfect to play sat in bed or in a comfy chair under a window.

>>514421968Same here, I tried it on an emulator and it's uncomfortable as shit compared to sitting in bed with DS/3DS and stylus.

Nexus was shit. I should have known better after not enjoying V, which Holla Forums insisted was really good.

>>514422649The only huge problem of Nexus is the shrines.V had far more problems

>>514422750>The only huge problem of Nexus is the shrinesThe strata selection was way too samey and I don't know why the soundtrack gets so much praise. The remixes of 3's songs are inferior to Super Arranges and most fan remixes while the new stuff tries really hard to make the synth work. Don't get me started on what classes they chose to bring back.

>>514421674I can recommend stranger of sword city if only for the boss musicbut really, its a good playthrough especially if you like to collect everything.

Best girl on the left.

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>>514422649Idk mate I told you I liked all mainline EO games including V, the Untolds, and Nexus.

>>514421674Probably not then. I think i had problems with some random encounters but that might not say much.General opinion seems to be that it's not to difficult outside of bosses and even then the really difficult ones are limited to post game.Also, being a NIS game it's way too easy to optimize your build too much early on if you know what you are doing and just blow away all sense of difficulty for the entire main story.

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My least favorite EO was actually 4. I didn't like how broken up it felt with lots of mini areas, and I had the easiest time with it by far. Ended up feeling more of a slog than the others.

>>514423364I didn't mind the split up dungeons with mini dungeons idea itself. But it just ended up all being way too small. main dungeons only having 3 floors(2 and a half, since the other half was actually part of the 5th dungeon). and the mini dungeons weren't big enough to make up for that mostly just being a few rooms with a certain gimmick.I guess some people might argue that we also had the overworld to explore but outside of some FOEs there wasn't anything going on.

anyone tried operation abyss? it has mixed reviews but so do most dungeon crawlers

>>514423364I truly belive 4 is the worst game in the series by a huge margin. It's only popular because it came out when the 3DS was starved for games so you had a lot of people pick it up as their first game. Them you have them claiming that they actually had been playing since the first game yet their favorite is still 4.

>>514423854>5 bucks right nowthanks user, looks like i have something to try

I want to finally finish an EO game. Please help me bros, which game, which party? I wanna see it through

>>514423364the only thing 4 did right was the musicliterally nothing after it was able to top that soundtrackalso koshiro just kept trying to make faith is my pillar over and over

>>514423915I genuinely think it's pretty damn good, it's a bit easier but I liked it about the same as V.The 3 layered ship sections and how it handled "return" areas and hidden locations were better than just the typical sealed door shtick.

>>514424154>the only thing 4 did right was the musicAlso the classesThe class roster shits on almost every other EO

Where does Ricky get her bullets?

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Did /sqg/ finally die?

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>>514424694She is just lucky the world still has guns 1k years afterwards.

>>514424694Assumedly the same place everyone else does, the store. Guns are not a lost tech surprisingly, despite how much lower tech the current society is.

>playing U1>something dropped Charge 7 on the second stratum already>mfw charged delayed charge

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The artbooks are a treat

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Played through all all the newer EO titles (EOU, EOU2, 4, 5) before playing 3. I should've started with 3, the quality of life changes are too much.

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>>514425162is 3 the best of the original DS trilogy? i guess you wouldn't be familiar with the originals