>Devs state they couldn't work with Aang and Zuko's original VAs due to "extenuating circumstances">able to work with...

>Devs state they couldn't work with Aang and Zuko's original VAs due to "extenuating circumstances">able to work with Korra's VA no problemWhat the fuck did they mean by this?

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thems some long book werds but I'm guessing it means the original Avatar show is old as fuck at this point and it's increasingly difficult for the voice actors to reprise their roles again.

>>514390890That they weren't able to work with Aang and Zuko's original VAs due to extenuating circumstances? Is this autism or something? Actors aren't always available.

>>514390890Aangs VA is an adult. Zukos VA in his 40s and the last time he did voice work was for Boondocks. Neither would sound the same.

>>514390890Aang's VA hasn't worked a single acting job since 2008

>>514390890What’s this for an avatar game?

>>514391567Smite is putting Aang, Zuko, and Korra in it

>>514391567For Smite, an OK MOBA

Aang's VA was a literal kid when the show aired.

>>514391689>>514391669Who’s smite and they’re putting them in what?

>>514391689I respect Smite for at least trying something different by changing up the camera but MOBAs are so freakin' dull

>>514392084That's actually the only reason I picked up Smite as a MOBA at all. I'm not a fan of the standard topdown view.

>tfw no paragonits not fucking fair bros

>>514392939zuko and that girl get back together at the end of the comic tho

Let's cut the bullshit and go ahead and post avatar/smite girls.

>>514392939>reading comics of any kind

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>>514390890No excuse on Zuko, but didn't Aang have several voice actors since they kept growing out of the voice?

>>514392201Same. It took me forever to get used to top down games and the chaos that comes with MOBAs just puts me off of playing them entirely. Smite is the only one I can really play because of the 3rd person view.

>>514393108that's what happens when you peanut brains just eat up any shit you read here

>>514390890Aang was voiced by a teenager going through puberty when the show aired

>>514393356They never even technically separate do they? I thought it was part of some plot to gather information that they were both in on.

>>514392939Mai gets pissy at Zuko, leaves, started dating a boy involved in a conspiracy against Zuko to help him, eventually Mai dumps him after playing him like a fiddle, cucking him

>>514391317zuko has sounded the same since hook

>>514391317Not true for zuko he did some disney stuff.

>Look up Toph's original VA>She looks like an old crush I hadIt fucking hurts

>>514392939What do you call that thing on Zuko's shoulders

>>514390890What? Those in the trailer aren't the og voices?

>>514390890who fucking cares? this isn't Japan, just replace them.

>>514390890Wasn't Aang voiced by an actual kid? I'd assume he grew up

>>514391317Zuko and Azula's VA's can still do the voices just fine. Not sure about Aang, though.

>>514392939Kei Lo is actually kinda cute

Hi-Rez is one of the shittiest companies around and their games suck donkey dick

>>514393802A chip

>>514393940>just replace them.Fuck you. The replacements would probably sound like dogshit unless they just imitated the originals.

>>514393476they are separated thats why the girl has another boyfriend at the start of the comic

>>514391317You've never heard Dante Basco speak. He sounds literally exactly like that.

>>514391317>>514391903>>514393180>>514393431>>514393945>Aang was voiced by a kidOh what the fuck, yeah he was, what am I thinking. Sorry I'm high as fuck and forgot that the show was actually 15 years ago. What the fuck? It's really been that long?

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>>514390890>no Cabraken Toph skinWhy even bother doing the crossover?


>>514393180Nope, same guy the whole way through. He was even in Ant Bully

>>514394426Scylla would unironically be better if the devs wouldn't get lazy on reanimating characters.

>>514393180No, Aang only had one VA. Iroh's VA is the one that changed half way through the show.

>>514390890So is Avatar any good to watch?

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>>514394885it was pretty great as a kid, probably too silly to appreciate as much as an adult but there's still good shit in there

>>514394885Yes it is, it's a very good show

>>514394885ATLA? Yes. Korra? Fuck no.

>>514394885Get past season one and its all clear from theregood show

>>514394885This one guy's post on Holla Forums convinced me last month to watch it again for the first time since it aired.It was as good as I remembered, but noticed some pacing issues.Don't fuck with anything that has to do with Korra unless it's porn.

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>>514394885tla is one of the best action cartoons ever made

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>>514394885It's legit good and one of those shows that can be enjoyed by all ages.

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>>514393034Bruh that's even worse than them not getting back together.

>>514391083noooooo this can't be, people must be available the second they're in demand even if they have more than one job occurring simultaneously, i demand they split themselves in have to accommodate, nooooooo

>>514394885Never watched it when I was a kid, but enjoyed watching it now. It's definitely a great kid's show that only get better with each season

>>514393481so mai is a honeypot

>>514394885The ending has a big deus ex machina, the main antagonist is very cartoonishly evil, there are few pacing issues. But overall its pretty good. A rock solid 7/10

>>514393802A mantle as it is one piece, not to be confused with a pauldron which only covers one side although one is usually worn on each shoulder.

>>514394885The first show is great and well worth a watch, but stop there. Korra and the comics are literal trash.

How does ATLA look on Netflix? Did they fuck it up or does it look acceptable? Apparently they recently did an HD update?

would bryke and nick bother investing on the next series of avatar? not it's the turn of an earthbender and if korra had the steampunk then the next step would be a more modern age, hoe fucked would he or she be having korra as the only connection to its past life?

>>514395832If you liked ATLA, then the ATLA Comics are okay to binge if you feel like it, at least the main ones. There's a great arc between Aang and Roku

>>514396048After Korra the franchise has nowhere to go.

>>514396048They're trying a Live action version which will most like flop.And I'd say keep the age steampunkish, keep it in the rural areas, have a return to more simple routes rather than all the bureaucracy that Korra had

>>514394885The first and second seasons are pretty great, though there's some consistantsy issues with the third. (They kinda backtrack and underdevlop a few characters, plotlines, and concepts that were implied to be deeper)

>>514394398You are old, deal with it.

>>514396204They wanted to up the stakes so hard they broke it.Korra's such a damn mess. I think it's clear that they only ever had the initial mini-series in them and extended way past their ability

>>514396048korra both retroactively fucked up a lot of the interesting shit about tla and fucked up the future setting. Nobody wants to touch it for good reason

>>514395105I'd agree with this post if it wasn't for the bullshit turtle ass-pull. Complete nonsense, not because I wanted to see the firelord get gutted on primetime nickelodeon, but because it breaks the theme. A good bit of Avatar is Aang's character development, which is done by showing whether the airbender values, now nearly extinct in the world, he learned as a small child can stand up to the demands of being the Avatar. His own personal stubbornness and do-goodness also serve to make sure Aang tries his absolute damnedest to meld the world to his views. The way I worded that sounds savage, but you know what I mean. The brilliance of the show is: sometimes Aang is right, and sometimes he's wrong. Sometimes the world could learn a thing or two from the airbenders they let die a century ago, but just as often it's Aang who has to come to the realization that what works for the airbending nomads just isn't what the Avatar, representation of all four elements, needs. So here comes the finale, with another big scorcher (no pun intended). Aang has one last major lesson to learn: that the Avatar cannot afford to be a pacifist. The worst part is that all his friends, his mentors, and his former lives are fundamentally correct. The Firelord MUST go down. There's no way out. Aang, being Aang, tries desperately to find some philosophical or technical possibility that'll stop him from taking a life. But he can't. Because it doesn't exist. That is, until the writers pull the purest example of a deus ex fucking machina straight out of their asses for Aang to get his way. It doesn't prove anything, it doesn't solve the central moral conflict, it's just a "oh ho I told you so" moment that lets the writers get away with murder (again, no pun intended). Logically, Aang will be presented with this sort of situation again, but without a magic tortoise to give him a brand new power to escape with innocence intact. It's stupid and I hate it. 9.9/10

>>514396320The show suffers from going from a planned 4 seasons to 3

>>514396420I should've put an image on this point so someone would actually read it baka

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why is every thread the same fucking posts what the hell is going on here

>>514396420Didn't all the other Avatars literally tell him "Yeah just kill him. He's too powerful, dangerous, and ambitious to be allowed to live"?

>>514391317>last time he did voice work was for Boondocks.I think he voiced not Zuko last on Korra

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>>514396420Sadly Nick would never let them do that.The first major comic after this, The Promise, is directly revisiting that dilema (Zuko pretty much forces Aang to promise to END HIM if he starts looking like his dad)So, I can't be that mad, since it's clear they WANTED to fuck up Ozai, but Nick wouldn't let them

>>514396587Every last one, even the other airbender.

>>514396420Good point, you summed up my feelings about the ending very well.

>>514396048>would bryke and nick bother investing on the next series of avatarits popular thats why no matter how many of you cry about it

>>514393793Turns out I'm only three years older than her, but I didn't get into the show too much until I was in my twenties so I always thought of the actress as a kid.

>No SokkaHe's literally the best fucking character in the show.

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>>514393793bro you fucked up if it makes you feel any better, I’m sure every guy has had a crush on someone that looked like her

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>>514396296>They're trying a Live action versionWhy are show producers like this? Making shit like Avatar and One Piece live action ruins all their charm and it's guaranteed to be terrible, but they try and do it anyway. Do they look down on anything with a cartoon style that much?

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>>514396623Nick let them have a complete genocide as a major story elementStill mildly shocked about that.

>>514396048ATLA has renewed popularity and there's a remake series coming out soon. A third animated series is more likely than it's ever been.>>514396204Not true, it's not hard to write around Korra. There's plenty of new plots they could follow. The avatar being severed from their past lives doesn't have to be permanent, there could be some way to reconnect with them.

>>514396553we've been in an astroturf invasion for the last few months, newfags flooding in because of irl happenings and no school to keep them busy

>>514396420most people would agree that the ending resolution was bad. Doesn't ruin the entire show but definitely leaves a bad taste in your mouth

>>514396587Yes, even the previous air nomad avatar. What we got certainly wasn't perfect but Aang was never going to kill the dude on Nickolodeon. Personally, I thought he was just going to destroy the comet but it could have been worse. At least he didn't talk Ozai into submission or some garbage.

>>514396845I can't wait for One Piece live action, are you kidding?The CGI is going to be horrifying and prime meme fodder

>>514396553we've been in an astroturf invasion for the last few months, newfags flooding in because of irl happenings and no school to keep them busy

>>514396457The 4th season was a hypothetical idea, and not set in stone. The ideas that were presented for the 4th season involved Aang dealing with the aftermath of energybending Ozai, with the consequences that it leaves him confused (Ozai was spared, but having his bending taken is almost a form of violence in and of itself), which would prompt a second Zuko fieldtrip, which would include Azula, and Zuko acting towards Azula how Iroh was to himIt never really got anywhere

>>514394989>probably too silly to appreciate as much as an adult but there's still good shit in thereI watched it like a month ago again after only seeing it when I was a kid, it’s even better than I remembered it, so much foreshadowing and themes that I never caught as a kid

>>514396296>They're trying a Live action version which will most like flop.you must be crazy if you think it will

>>514396048It wasn't them to skip the earth avatar and go straight to an air one who isn't a descendant of want. I'd think that would be neat

>>514396967>but having his bending taken is almost a form of violence in and of itself

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>>514396824You're getting Korra instead and you gotta deal with it.

Attached: im-the-avatar-deal-with-it.jpg (350x250, 64.37K)

>>514396883I'm expecting that they're gonna pull a Vaatu/Raava is much like Tui and La, and there's probably a reconciliation that yeah, Chaos is Chaos, but chaos is not evil

>>514396420I don't really agree because of your own post, about him being right and wrong in pretty equal measure. The whole world is telling him he's gotta kill this guy and it puts him through a lot of internal conflict because his nature insists on finding another way, why is it so unreasonable that there actually is, when there has been for lesser things previously?

>>514392939Goddamn it I hate that cunt Mai, get a personality you whore

>>514396845Everyone looks down on cartoon style.

>>514396048They're doing another live action adaption of TLA.LOK fucked too much for a future series to the point even a fanfic that exists as the hypothetical continuation complete with following the cycle with an earth nation character is just a Kyoshi novel ripoff layered with somewhat interest metacommentary.

>>514396845Live action with CGI is a cheap way to make a quick buck off nostalgia. Also they can get quick woke points by altering certain scenes and casting a few token minority actors, while generating huge amounts of internet controversy that serves as free advertisement.Cartoons, by contrast, are very expensive.

>>514396553I've been on this site since 2005. Once you spend enough time here you'll notice a pattern and that basically all threads are the fucking same. Small details change but it's always the same shit overall. This site is boring as fuck to me now and I don't even know why I still come here. I've been getting better at it though. Taking several month long breaks in between.

>>514397121he basically made him a cripple. Ozai couldn't even move properly afterwards. Is that the message you want? Killing bad but crippling good

Because Aang isn't a fag and they need to push degeneracy with Korra.

>>514396957It'll be a disaster for sure

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>>514397126you relay want to be mad about this shit dont you she was not a bending master she could just bend all elements you dont need to be a bending master to bend them fuck off


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>>514396967I thought the 4th season was supposed to be post-invasion leading up to the comet?Supposedly they condensed an entire season down into the couple of episodes before the finale.

>>514397126No I will not fucking deal with it. This is going in the fucking book.

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>>514396587>>514396420he didn’t want to be like the other Avatar though, I just wish the lion turtle wasn’t found by just him being “called to it”. He could’ve looked at the book in the Library and maybe once he was on the island in season 3 he could’ve recognized the drawing being there, then he finds it through that way, idk

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>>514396420Its crazy how ziao got straight up murdered. In avatar, committing genocide is not as bad as fucking with the spirits.

>>514397289like looking at this thread somebody crying about korra somebody posting the same 3 comic panels some stupid incest shit some guy going on about his head canon or fanfic

>>514396967>>514397121Honestly, Aang's energybending being akin to a kind of lobotomy of Ozai would have been a neat way to handle it, but they clearly didn't think that far.

>>514397372he was literally being selfish. He put his feelings over the world and got bailed out by the turtle. The other air monk was 100% right

>>514397128Korra already showed that Vaatu can't be destroyed (at least conventionally), the fragments of his spirits are responsible for all those spirit vines, and not coincidentally when the Earth Empire uses those vines to make a weapon it uses the same laser beam as Vaatu.

>>514397334Nowhere in my post did I talk about her bending prowess, Korra simp.

>>514397304YesI want the people who think that "Killing is wrong no matter what" to see the ultimate end of that train of thought

>>514397372>Destroying all life on the planet is not as bad as genocide.

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>>514393034>wanting sloppy secondsBruh

>>514397335Are the Smite guys Our™ Guys™?

>>514397562fuck meant for >>514397380

I’ve heard Korra is shit but I just finished the first season and it was pretty decent. Does it get worse?

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>>514395165The best thing about ATLA is Zuko

>>514397532no but looking at the post you made you where going to say it anyway same shit every thread

Being a non-bender isn't the same as being a cripple, retards.

>>514397682the second season has some bd parts bit 3 and 4 are beter some retards here hate 4 because there ship didn't happen

>>514397484because someone keeps making avatar threads and on Holla Forums and Holla Forums alike the shitty comic panels have always been cheap and easy bait

>>514397687>Who is Iroh?

>>514397526>>514397128I'm now reminded of the extreme stupidity that was the entire soulmecha life/death force fight. and that wasn't even the show finale, they actually downgraded on every scale for the finale season. fuck korra

>>514397774t. coping non-bender

>>514397121>>514397304>>514397539Pretty much, that's word for word what it was referred to in the comic. Sure, Aang could make a habit of bending away other peoples bending, but Bending is also a big part of folks identities, so it's a bit cruel to do willy nilly


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>>514394885No.It has enormous potential, but it was squandered because of completely untalented writers.

>>5143976822 I think is where it starts to get bad I accidentally skipped it Season 3 is pretty good from what I remember, 4 was alright

>>514397785Yeah I see now that people generally consider 2 to be the worst. I’ll power through it

>>514396957with that black lives matter shit they tweeted out I'm willing to bet someone ends up black for blackness sake and it's so ass backwards it ends up super racist (like how every db adaptation avoids popo)

>>514395165>ywn fuck Azula into sanity and then later regret it as she snaps back even crazier than before but now has a lust for cockwhy live?

>>514396048i would imagine a world were spirits and human again are segregated, coexisting caused humans to lose their bending powers causing fights and pushing them again to live separated but this time no lion turtles to get powers from temporally. many generations of avatars were born an entire cycle of avatars without discovering their powers were born and died because the white lotus no longer exist hence there was no way to find the next avatar and teach it how to bend until finally the earthbender is born and later discover the potential of bending awakening korra to teach all what she learned from being the avatar and how people used to bend. now the earthbender has to find a way to bring back bending on people and figure out how to peacefully bring balance, going back to tradition

>>514397801everybody has een them becues and react the same way >ho nonono >is this real >zuko is a cuck>why is everybody gay >korra bad and dumb dumb

>>514394989>>514394992>>514395016>>514395032>>514395105>>514395165>>514395173>>514395364>>514395832How is it good? It's one thing to say it's good, but i'm curious to hear how you all think it's good

>>514397956that some bad fanfic

>>514397682>I just finished the first season and it was pretty decent.You'll probably like the whole thing then.

>>514397159Because the moral conflict is still an open question. Sometimes, you DO have to put down a rabid dog. Just because Aang somehow got this energy bending power (BENDING-bending, if you think about it) to incapacitate Fire Hitler doesn't conclude the theme. It's a one-time solution, a band-aid on Aang's conscious. The writers kicked the philosophical football down the field of the character development.Maybe >>514396623 is right and I shouldn't be blaming the writers, but it still sucks.

>>514397682season 2 jumps the fucking shark with spirit world bullshit. Season 3 has the second best villain group. Season 4 was okayish but ended extremely unsatisfying for most every plot thread that was wrapped up. If you can put up with Korra's never ending shitty attitude it's still a decent show otherwise

>>514397882Where were all these people and companies over the last four years since BLM first spawned?I mean people are mad because this happens all the time, right? So where was the outrage since then?

>>514397939>implying that you're man enough

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>>514393034That's even worse. Might as well make him find the tea shop customer girl or for some reason force him with Ty Lee to have him stop having a gloomy gf

>>514396048>avatar in a cyberpunk setting that's more or less just Phantom 2040

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>>514394885I didnt like the avatar show that much as a kid, and I thought zuko was kinda cringe. I re watched most of it recently, and zuko really is my favorite character now.

>>514398067Likeable, well developed characters, interesting plotlines, satisfying conclusions to most of those plotlines, good world building, and solid animation and fights.

>>514394885the world building and characters are 10/10youtube.com/watch?v=jymHsv3jybA

>>514398067Good characters, interesting world, strong narrative.

>>514398282No one is man enough, that's the point.She'll rampage across the 4 kingdoms looking for the one cock that'll ultimately satisfy her and make her whole.But the real cock was the friends she made along the way.

>>514398281I just want to see the company e-mail that was sent around the office telling them they each had to make a statement.

>>514398067Haven't seen it since it ended but good animation, characters are likable, world is interesting and it's good some good humor as well. Just a really well made series all around

>>514397930I can't wait for Chocolove in the Shaman King reboot they're doing

>>514390890They could get the VA for pic related they sound pretty similar?

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>>514396883>there could be some way to reconnect with them.I feel like the next (if there’s another series or something) could be set a long time after Korra, maybe things have gone back to being more natural/rural I guess (maybe because of the spirits?) and people are trying to figure out who the avatar is (both people who want to know for good reason and for bad reasons). It could have a group of characters as the main cast, one of them being a kid who really believes like he’s the avatar but another one in the group ends up being the avatar (finds out from “an avatar reaction” from relics/artifacts from older times, like things from post ATLA and post Korra and in between) then the friend who thought he was the avatar grows bitter and leaves the group to capture the avatar or whatever

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>>514398380she would totally fall for a man that stood up to her and had a certain level of competence. Too bad zuko is the only guy remotely close to that. Might explain all the incest undertones

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>>514397682People forget the 1st season wasn't the abortion that the later series was. There was still a bit of hope that bryke, now pretty much the sole writing pair, could turn it around. The 1st season is good, I'd even say great, until the Amon reveal, then it drops like an anvil from an airplane. To rate the others for you from someone else who thought season 1 wasn't THAT bad:2nd Season: 2/103rd Season: 8/104th Season: 3/10suffer the 2nd season to get to the 3rd since you've made it this far, then never ever go back.

>>514398512From the sample on their website whoever they got to replace Aang sounds dead on.

>>514393034>zuko and that girl get back together at the end of the comic thoNo they didn't. This was the last time we saw Mai.

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>>514395268>split themselves in havestupid ESL


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>>514398632What little sister doesn't want to fuck their older brother?

>>514398632has there ever been a bigger homo in animation than the guy that left Azula in the filler episode?

would korra be considered a half breed because her mom and dad are from two different tribes

Attached: Korra.png (360x360, 139.89K)

>>514398067>>514394885this scene alone makes it a 10/10 youtube.com/watch?v=2vr9xPqGD8o

>>514398669season 1 definitely had a bunch of red flags. Had some interesting stuff too, but you could see that things would go very wrong if they weren't careful

Azula was so strong the only way the protagonists could defeat her is when she had a mental breakdown and got sloppy because of it and even then Zuko still lost that one on one and had to team up with Katara to actually defeat her. Man, Azula was fucking scary back then, kinda sad how ultimately her story ends with her locked up in an insane aslyum with no idea who she is or what she once was. But I guess it's poetic justice for all the cruelty she dished out over the course of the series. Still, what a goddamn waste of potential, the same could be said for Zuko and Azula's mother, we were expecting she was nice woman who was driven away by her madman husband, turns out she's just as manipulative, just as cruel and just as shitty a person as Ozai was, Zuko really is the only decent lad in his family and that's only because of Iroh the guy was amazing and his death hurt the most

>>514398669I mean, I liked the airbender villain dude.Korra was shit, but I at least thought that bit was pretty good.

water tribe has the best girls you can't prove me wrong

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>>514399002get out azula

>>514398897Is Zuko autistic?Considering how easily he gets duped by Azula, i'd argue that boys got some autism going on, he trusts way too easily

>>514399014>the fire girl that had a crush on Aang>Jin>Ty Lee>Mai>Sukiidk man

>>514399131how the fuck would you respond to someone saying their girlfriend became a celestial body?

>>514398770Holy shit

>>514396420wrongWrongWRONGI'm sorry for that wording but I really disagree. Aang creating his own solution as a compromise between his beliefs as an air bender and his obligations as the Avatar is a great idea for the ending. The only problem is the execution. I've met other people that think like you and their thinking is too narrow: that in the choice between the asspull energybending and just plain murder, the murder would have been better. But killing Ozai would be an insult to Aang's character - he is not like the other air bending avatars because he has to preserve his people's culture post-genocide. THAT is one of Aang's major responsibilities that no other Avatar could hope to understand and I like that the writers actually had Aang stick to his convictions instead of taking the easy way out. TL; DRIdea was good but should have been foreshadowed better. Still a unique ending that you can appreciate because of what it aimed for thematically.

>>514397372The problem is he makes the same exact mistake that Roku made and repeatedly warned him against, and the only reason it doesn't result in another genocide is because of a magic turtle and a pointy rock. The universe bends over backwards to save Aang from learning a lesson or making a compromise.

>>514399010If Korra had more time to write and develop and properly do shit, Zaheer would have been a great option to show us someone who was an Air Acolyte (Hence his knowledge of Airbender shit) that grew disillusioned with Avatar Aang's methods

>After all the stupid stuff Zuko did and he finally meets Iroah again>Iraoh says nothing and embraces the fuck out of himI didn't understand him as a brat but now that I'm old he really was a great guy.

>>514391317Dante Basco is a 40 year old who sounds like a teenager. That's kinda his gimmick. He's literally had the same voice since Hook.

>>514399002He would have won if Katara wasn't there in the first place.

>>514391317Zuko's VA worked on Camp Camp

>>514393180You might be thinking of Adventure Time. Aang had the same voice actor the whole run, and I remember hearing that the showrunners were annoyed when they found out that the ADR department had been pitching up the actor's voice in post, since they always intended for Aang's voice to get deeper as the show went on.

>>514399176>used goods betterna

Attached: b59ce3cf81499b3cda86a5170bdf3767.jpg (786x600, 65.62K)

>>514399014It's the fucking hair and brown skin for me. Every water tribe girl you see has better looking hair than any girl from any other tribe. They seem a little wild. Fire and earth are too clean cut.

>>514399218This is why the comics are actually a lot better than folks tell you - Aang gets and arc that says 'no, it's not gonna bail you out, fix what you did and make up with Roku and find some understanding'



>>514396837>looks like a girl I had a crush on in the fourth gradeI mean, she was black but still, the resemblance and that you said that is legitimately uncanny,

>>514399131He's just naive. He spent most of his life sheltered living in a palace, then get's thrown out on some quest that his dad doesn't actually see him completing (so essentially disowns him), all the while he's still trying to fix shit because he wants his dad to acknowledge him in some way the way he does with Azula.Dude just wants a place to belong, but doesn't know where he fits in the world. Any time people offer up an olive branch and he thinks "this is it", it gets thrown in his face. He's just not the type of person to give up, so he still takes shit at face value when it happens again.His growth over the course of the show is him finding his place, learning to trust and be wary of others, and to take responsibility for his actions, and be responsible for the nation that's dropped on his lap.Dude has more growth over the entire series than anyone else.

>>514391317dante basco sounds fine what are you on

>>514399283Yeah, I told you that, Zuko held his own against a wacked out of her mind Azula and even then he couldn't put her down by himself, the bitch is strong even when she's off her game. >>514399284Eew he worked with Roosterteeth scum? Fuck him then

>>514399303Finn also had the same voice actor throughout Adventure Time (to my knowledge, I stopped watching partway through season 4) but the original short had his brother voice him instead, if that's what you mean

>>514399014You forgot the best.

Attached: Zhu_Li.png (360x450, 132.86K)

>>514399396the comics have some good in them but are pretty meh overall. The spirit that calls out aang, and avatars as a whole, for largely siding with humans and forcing spirits to make large concessions was a good concept that could be explored more. A "dark avatar" could have just been some autist avatar that sides with the spirits

>there will never be a good high budget avatar MMO

Attached: 141881-full.jpg (693x448, 76.6K)


>tfw no Toph gf

>>514399014no, fire nation has the hottest girls. earth kingdom girls are also pretty solid

>>514399715>Fuck him thengo fuck yourself retard

>>514399821>ywn get punched in the face for saying "I'm hard as a rock" when she asks if you want to fuck

>>514395165What emotion is this expression trying to convey and why does it arouse me so

Attached: 1566961652527.webm_snapshot_00.05.051.jpg (720x406, 23.65K)

>>514392939do people seriously, unironically, read these comics?I'm not memeing, who feels the need for it?

>>514399715>Eew he worked with Roosterteeth scum? Fuck him thenI'm going to assume you're joking.

>>514397682it would have been better if they developed the characters as friends instead of everyone wanting to fuck everyone else in the group

>>514396048>there will never be a prequel series detailing Iroh's growth as a spiritual leaderKill me, lads.

>>514400013Pent-up teenage sexual frustration


>>514394398Kids are often voiced by adult females.

>>514399927so do people like fire nation girls because they will date anybody

Attached: Chanzula5_(The_Beach).jpg (1408x1080, 235.26K)

>>514399198>Aang creating his own solution as a compromise between his beliefs as an air bender and his obligations as the Avatar is a great idea for the ending.He literally did not. The writers descended from writer-heaven in the form of a turtle to grant him an answer. The "preservation of culture" can be done in addition to being the Avatar, as he's been doing the whole series.


>>514400180*Sweaty pent-up teenage sexual frustrationSounds about right

>>514391317Dante has sounded like that since atleast Hook

>>514399014Water waifus are the best shy, childhood friend type girls that stay with you foreverFire nation girls are by far the most attractive, but also more likely to be sluts. If you find the right girl though then you're goldenAir nomad girls are too stuck in their crazy cult-like ways, may be forever celibate or may be secretly super kinkyEarth girls are barbaric, if you like rough tomboys then there are plenty, but they're really just a poor man's fire nation gal

>>514400236>>514400295why dont you nigger faggots just fuck already

>>514400368>Air nomad girls are too stuck in their crazy cult-like ways, may be forever celibate or may be secretly super kinkyJinora

>>514400252>they will date anybody>leaves out the fact that azula scares him off not even a second after the kiss

>>514400252that's not just anybody. Azula strategically targeted the leader of the current faction and tried to make him do her bidding with just her feminine charm

Attached: 1591604455573.png (760x568, 306.46K)

>>514400368>Air nomad girls are too stuck in their crazy cult-like ways, may be forever celibate or may be secretly super kinkythey are also bald

Attached: 1468648958344.png (175x200, 37.85K)

>>514390890smite devs are SJW trash

>>514400456>triedthat's the key word

>>514400406You wanna watch or something?

>>514400427>>514400456azula fags everybody

>>514390890>due to "extenuating circumstances">what the fuck did they mean by thisDid you miss the whole global pandemic thing going on OP?

>>514391317problem with child VA is as soon they hit puberty, they lose that voice they had. kinda like Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Hael cannot do young sora's voice anymore so it sounds really weird seeing young sora with curren't hael's voice

>>514400501>they are also baldno they are not man

Attached: xB7aT0w.png (720x480, 177.49K)


One thing I remember most outside this show was the Zutara fags. They were the Reylos of the day.They never shut the fuck up. So it was sweet music when their little Fifty Shade of Zuko took a massive shit.

Attached: dante.jpg (474x474, 33.97K)

>>514400569yes i will film it

>>514400813i have a show for Zutara fools amarican dragon jake long

>>514400295>>514400406Just calling you a faggot for your cringe ass post. Don’t give a fuck about your faggot ass show lmao

>>514400813Can't fathom how someone would want Aang to get cucked like that. Shippers are mentally ill

>>514400368>but they're really just a poor man's fire nation galdoubt

>>514400817Cool, don't forget to put me on top billing.>>514400939Nigger

Zutara fangirls saying now zuko and kitara can get together now that there wife and husbands are dead

Attached: yllMyu7g.png (728x461, 445.87K)

>>514399715So? Even one of the Homestar Runner guys worked on Camp Camp for a few episodes It probably pays well

>>514399189Probably by asking them to explain

>>514401146>Zutarafags still seethingyou can't be serious

>>514400813back then shippers were easily ignored, now you can't make them go away

>>514401335no seriously i have seen it its funny as hell

>>514400720>those foreheads

Attached: 1566314334707.jpg (285x451, 44.75K)

>>514401495Why is toph so great bros

the kid of 2 earth benders but gets air bending rally makes you think

Attached: Opal.png (340x390, 133.56K)

>>514401495Air Nomad fans are Harufags


Attached: maxresdefault (1).jpg (1280x720, 102.58K)

>>514400720>The fire nation probably rounded up and massacred all those air nomad kids

Attached: 1517882470531.png (601x695, 17.48K)

>>514401335why wouldn't he be?I'm still a tiny bit rustled a ship of mine got confirmed then supposedly got shot to pieces at the end of the story, and I haven't even finished the story yet. and I wasn't one of the hardcore autistsnever underestimate shipping autism

>>514400720I wish Jinora stayed bald, she was cute

Attached: 1568663900600.jpg (1136x640, 62.07K)

>>514401840She looks like her damn grandfather. I am not comfortable with that.

>>514401840she looks exactly like aang here no thanks

Attached: EZQH8FnU0AAPJRX-orig.jpg (531x479, 36.78K)

>>514400720that looks worse than bald

>>514401805the ship is built on a giant pillar of nothing and is only liked by women who self-insert as katara. Now zuko/toph, that's a ship worth getting behind and they have way more chemistry in fewer interactions

Attached: 1582585284210.jpg (360x450, 32.5K)

>>514401556>>514401775There's a theory that some of the air nomads escaped the genocide by integrating with the other nations.One example of the potential result of this is Ty Lee because her acrobatics hint at airbender ancestry (also the non-diegetic hint that air/white + fire/red = pink, her colour scheme)

ho no

Attached: tumblr_naqzy2oUPD1sxl51do1_1280.jpg (720x365, 58.25K)

i miss this shit bros youtu.be/RcYUYcA0cuY

>>514401840I actually liked that the point of this scene was the revival of the airbender people, represented by Jinora looking like the only airbender the viewer has really known, Aang. That plus the airbenders making the Avatar obsolete was fan-fucking-tastic, and I wish the writers continued with that conflict instead of whatever the fuck season 4 was.

>>514397380Ziao was murdered by the spirits tho, their morality is topsy turvy

>>514402026They're cute, but a better shop is TophxMy dick

Attached: 1588212283870.png (709x685, 379.16K)

>>514401993calm down racist you dont have to have it like that

Attached: Jinora_2.png (340x373, 140.46K)

>>514402026>the ship is built on a giant pillar of nothing and?I see someone hasn't taken a gander at some of the crackships floating around the webit's autism, but powerful, weaponized, autism

>>514402026That ship is built on the joke that they don't hand any bonding.His uncle unironically had a better scene with Toph than him.

>>514402137Why did they give characters a more detailed look in Korra as opposed to the simpler style that TLA had? Jinora's about the same age as Aang here, right? Yet Aang's features are more round and cartoony.

>>514396623Katara also threatened to kill Zuko on the spot if he harmed Aang during one of their training journeys.

>>514402130i you know they could have taken some of the women to you know

>>514400720>those tits in the background

God I want to cum so deep in Jinoras fertile pussy.

>>514397682>I’ve heard Korra is shit but I just finished the first season and it was pretty decent.So you like the tripe love dramaSo you liked the fact that Amon was some literally who was just a blood benderSo you liked the fact that all of Amin's followers straight up abandoned him when they saw he was a benderSo you like the fact that Korra got her powers back by crying?>>514398669>People forget the 1st season wasn't the abortion that the later series wasYes it was. It was the main reason why people wrote the series off and why there was no hype for S2.

>>514402860all yes thank i will give it a watch

>>514397682season 2 is when everyone gets mad because korra cuts off her past lives and becomes the first avatar again essentially, it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be though. Season 3 is fucking goat though and has best villain in the entire series imo but Zaheer is just a chaosfag that plays too much SMT

did the fire nation take air nomad girls as sex slaves

>>514395105>>514396420cringe. avatar story is nothing new and is full of cliches from different anime

>>514401775>>514402130From the wiki material, Air nomads were the most spiritual but fewest numbers, but everyone was benders. Earth nation is largest, but least spiritual with least amount of benders as their population. So it implied that even if one or two air nomads escaped and had families, the trauma from the genocide robbed their bloodline of proper bending - or worse, the genocide continued after the initial attacks, and having an airbending kid would mark you for death or some shit

I wonder how many idiot zoomers browse this board and post shit they know nothing about

How do I be more like Sokka?

>>514403342>wanting to have your blood mixed with a bunch of inbreeders sandniggers

Attached: 1588170772463.jpg (800x789, 657.5K)

>>514403342I guess it's a good thing Aang never learned about all that shit. Get the feeling he'd be more likely to properly kill Ozai.I don't think Zuko ever did tell the Gaang where he got his scar from

Attached: 1508735955841.jpg (489x479, 34.06K)

>>514399715>>514399002>Zuko still lost>even then he couldn't put her down by himselfThat's a little disingenuous. He was consistently matching her strike for strike while visibly gaining the upper hand as she got more reckless and tired out, they were demonstrating that Zuko was the better fighter at that point. It also meant that if they wanted to do a reversal to keep the action sequence interesting, it had to be done without making Zuko job to Azula, so what they did was just have Azula force Zuko's hand instead by having Katara make herself a target. It was actually a pretty good reversal in that sense.The Katara v. Azula reversal was almost as good, if only because it was reasonably obvious at that point that Azula would be off her rocker enough to let Katara get the best of her (rather than beat her in an outright fight, which would have been jobbing)

>>514396420it's a cartoon made for children, go watch a seinen then if you want murder

>>514403371name 1 anime better than ATLA

>zuko becomes good>instantly becomes super moe toowhy?

>>514403856>cartoon for children>go watch animesure bud

Attached: 1563320229552.gif (200x200, 40.08K)

>>514403996Probably because he's a lot less furious on the inside and is a lot more calm and happy with his decision, and no longer having to justify 'b-but my dad still wants me, even tho he burned half my face off, totally need honor back to be good boy in his eyes'

Attached: 1508391551024.jpg (600x450, 40.07K)

>>514403856I'd love for Rise of Kyoshi, the novel, to get passed to an Anime studio to adapt

>>514403952Code Geass had a better ending at least

SMITE?!Are they that desperate for money?!

>>514399198>wrong>Wrong>WRONGYeah, you should feel sorry for yourself. Because I immediately have discarded any arguement you've made because you present yourself as a 16 yo brain dead.

>>514404469This. Really the only place the series can go is backwards to previous incarnations and why not start with Kyoshi who's ready made, more interesting and more "adult" like Korra.

>>514403686>sandniggers>air nomadswhat?

>>514405037He's confusing them with the desert earthbenders.

>>514404718Absolutely. 60% of every update is filled with cosmetic shit locked to loot boxes to milk money from their stupid playerbase. They've literally buffed characters after giving them the fancy $100 skin so more people are inclined to buy it. Lo-rez is greedy as shit.

>>514403450might not have been the trauma necessarily, just lack of spiritual training in early childhood leaving a lot of talent undiscovered

>>514396845yes, all normies do, same with vidya tooEver had a conversation about "the best X in media" with normalfags? If your example is not from a movie or a live action series they will flat out reject it like it doesn't count, even if what ever are what they are discussing has a well done example in either animation or video games

>>514393034that's even worse

>>514390890I wouldn't want to associate with Smite either.

Attached: Smite BLM.png (1920x1080, 2.14M)

>>514394207I'm starting to think comics are for fags

>>514403704Zuko never does say and they never ask. It kinda bugged me since it is such a huge character moment.

>>514403996He was always super moe.

>>514390890This is smite right?given they shit they pulled when they added cthulu I would not be surprised if this was some political thing

>>514396760Well, she was a kid when she voiced Toph

>>514400753Yes but did you know that Dante Basco sounds exactly the same?

Really would have liked an Avatar ARPG.Not that Korra one, that's silly.

Attached: Avatar - The Last Airbender - S03E18-E21 - Sozin's Comet, Part 1 - The Phoenix King, Part 2 - The Old Masters, Part 3 - Into the Inferno, and Part 4 - Avatar Aang.mkv_snapshot_01.11.18_[2020.06.21_02.36.45].jpg (1440x1080, 125.19K)

>>514400753>post incorrect information>get called on it>spazz out in responseWelcome home.

>>514404718They've always been

Attached: 1555616493684.jpg (1920x1080, 508.83K)

>>514402315>literally a mutt whose father forces them to larp as airbenders.Whatever, I still believe TLoK is nothing more than fanfiction anyway.

>>514407156That stupid fat fuck has probably never experienced a day of hardship in his entire life.

>>514408064what the hell are you on about

>>514402143>making the Avatar obsoleteexplain

>>514408319Jinora ends up having her head shaved to be Air Nomad representative or something. So what that user said is false about not having to have that hair style.Besides, that the air nomads were wiped and and Tenzin's children are literally halfbreeds so them larping as air nomads would be like American continentals representing Europe in the UN.

>>514407156It’s part of the game man, my brother posted something similar for his company despite not giving a shit because otherwise chimp outs happenIs it fair? No, welcome to Earth.Everyone not directly involved in this shitshow is trying to ride it out with as minimal damage as possible

>>514407156I like robo caz

>>514409032Every single one of those tabs was some kind of BLM quote.I know it's how the modern political game is played, but video games don't have stakes in the political game. What are they gonna do? Look for and burn down their servers? Write angry tweets?But Hi-Rez still feels the need to throw in their 2 cents for literally no political returns. BLM isn't going to uphold Smite as the defacto BLM video game, Smite didn't see an influx in BLM players. Nothing, the only thing they did was shit propaganda on their otherwise serviceable and fun game.It was one thing to tolerate Yemoja and Olorun. But platforming thugs, is too far.

>>514395165youd think their fuckin houses and shit would be fire proof being in the fire nation and all

>>514408639Sure user, if you insistthe world is moving so quickley in Avatarland, mirroring society in the late 19th - early 20th century. The resurgence of the airbenders is purely due to the intervention of some unseen higher power, represents a change in the status quo. These new nomads take the role of wandering heroes, a mobile defense team that use their airbending powers to show up anywhere there's conflict to mediate. A sort-of UN.That's literally the Avatar's whole deal, being the mediator of peace. So where is Korra's place in all this? Well, she has one thing over this legion of Aangs: she's still the lone connection between man and spirit. Except, oh wait, she opened the portals between the spirit world and the human world. Now any spirit can jump into humanland but any joe, dick, or harry with bending (or a modern invention, did those airplanes have MGs? I can't remember) can also exert their will over the spirits. This is such a fantastic set up.. Do any of the old traditions have a place in this new post-industrial post-spirit portal world/ Has Korra lost the mandate of heaven now that airbending has returned out of nowhere? Can spirits and mankind live in harmony, as was Korra's own focus, despite longstanding hatreds and inequality? Maybe I'm expecting too much of a kids show because of how well it's first iteration was written. But the writers themselves introduced these questions, so it's their own fault for their fans believing they would be answered.

Attached: 1468872139840.png (586x406, 63.22K)

>>514397335wtf are they really that huge in game

>>514408989sou sound nuts

>>514391317Zukos VA in his 40s and the last time he did voice work was for Boondocks. Neither would sound the same.Wrong, retard. His Zuko voice IS his speaking voice, he was recently in a nostalgia critic a couple of years back and sounded exactly the same, he's always had a teen's voice.

>>514410010No matter what there's always going to be conflict. A world where the Avatar is unnecessary would be a GOOD thing, but unlikely to happen.

>>514410010you sound so fucking stupid

>>514394885the first one is, avoid Korra's shitshow though.

>>514394885Went through it over the past three weeks, every episode besides Great Divide are worth watching

this retard does know if the air benders try to force there shit in on other people the avatar will stop them right and they cant be everywhere at once and there are things only a avatar can do

>>514410285and you're just a fucking genius aren't you, lad

>>514410264That's the POINT. A conflict like that would be fantastic to explore, but the writers (bryke) pussied out.>>514410285I am a little drunk, so that's probably why.

>>514397175Atleast her mom's hot.

>>514404221Are you retarded? Avatar is aimed at 8yr olds. Seinen (not shounen) is aimed at late teens. Even shounen is targeted at early-mid teens, several years older than Avatar, and has actual on screen deaths and consequences.If you want deaths and serious consequences, go watch anime.

>>514400753Hey calm down, alright?

>>514410551what the hell is this guy going on about

>>514397682That guy thought it was decent.The teenage romance drama, character regression, no themes, lore rape, obliterated storyline and that's just first season.Get a load of his standards.

Attached: 1381219736027.gif (403x234, 1.99M)

>>514410010you do bring up a good point but i don't think there's not a need for an avatar as they literally control all four fucking elements ,I don't think there's any characters that aren't the avatar that can do that

I'll post some smite babes while you argue about a children's cartoon

Attached: Nox.jpg (900x1200, 169.5K)

>>514410847Exactly. The universe was so much more complicated at the end of season 3 and that's the route the writers should've explored.

>>514396420I agree, but I'm much more annoyed about the fact that the solution just finds its way to him rather than him going out to find it. You can't really have the final moral of a Nickelodeon show be that killing is sometimes good, but he should at least have heard a rumor about energy-bending from the library or from Iroh or Bumi or something and then gone to learn it purposefully.

>>514410872I'll save you the trouble.

Attached: Smite Best Girls.jpg (1504x1000, 519.12K)

>know your sister has mommy issues and was warped by your corrupt father>locks her in a cell for yearsGood bro right there


>>514409613>video games don't have stakes in the political gameThey are the primary battleground for the minds of the youth

>>514391317I hired Zuko’s VA to do a Cameo and wish my friends a happy anniversary a year ago for $30; I don’t think anything other than not wanting to would keep him out.Also fuck Korra. Really terrible TV.



Attached: 1592751856969.png (933x523, 958.66K)

>>514411656As if forcing kids around the country into public education and then taking over said public education wasn't enough.

Reading the comics, this is basically S4, why the hell didn't they just animate it? It was popular anyways

>>514412301nick only wants spongebob

>>514397682The best thing about Korra, is not Korra. Watch it for the side characters. Bumi and Tenzin are based

>>514396587>>514396637>>514396919Not true, the previous avatars tell Aang to “finish the job” or “do what must be done” or some ambiguous bs like that but none of them actually tell him to kill Ozai.

>>514396587Essentially yes, they sugarcoated it for the censors though

>>514396919Honestly with regards to nick requirments I am more upset about sooka not getting to really use his sword than anything related to aang

>>514413356the sword was just a trophy. His sword "skills" if you call them that were never important. The only messed up part about is he lost it


Attached: jaggu-dada-succubus-daji (1).jpg (1920x1200, 624.01K)

>>514391317Zuko's VA is like Johnny Yong Bosch in that he sounds and looks the same now as he did 20 years ago

>>514395105good post but people definitely run to shows because they're nostalgic and viewers certainly bring shows to a number one slot because they want to relive their childhoods.

>>514400042/co/ will read anything. They're just as hungry for their next TORtanic as Holla Forums is, they just get more of them so they're dull to it at this point

>>514392939How are the comics? Are they worth reading?

>>514398293They don't do that but they do have Zuko and Suki hang out for the majority of the comic. To the point where they may as well have been a couple

>>514394885Just finished it yesterday, it's really good but it's still a kid's show and it shows. S1 isn't nearly as good as S2 and 3 though so keep that in mind when starting out.

>>514414253If it's illustrated by Gurihuri it's fine. Some are good some aren't, but you won't waste your time. Anything else is shit.

>>514413662Well really I think if I look at what I am really upset about it's when they were assaulting bunkers together but katara did all the work every time

>>514396957>>514396845pretty sure they gave up on the live action avatar series and (((netflix))) original content is absolute trash. expect black zoro, spanish nami, mexican luffy, white usopp cause he's the joke character, and black robin cause why not? fuck source material

>>514398067Surprising mature plot for a kids show, amazing animation post s1, great characters, amazing world building (honestly the world building in avatar is leagues better than any other cartoon). I also really like the stupid humor but that's very subjective of course.Don't go in expecting it to be a 10/10 but it's worth a watch for sure.


Attached: 1570188558258.jpg (706x598, 87.77K)

>>514414253No, not worth it

>>514396837youtube.com/watch?v=cvdcTE3JiGw>TFW no Jessie Flower gf

Attached: 1578530200409.jpg (622x470, 26.72K)

>>514414658I try not to get upset about racebending but it's gonna be super frustrating for one piece because the author already gave a diverse selection of what race each character is meant to be that isn't going to be used because it isn't black enough

What the fuck was his problem?

Attached: a.png (679x644, 844.79K)

>>514397624No amount of cheesecake will make up for what they did to Tribes: Ascend.

>>514398726did whoever wrote this decide to just actively fuck everything up?

>>514419284They did nothing. Tribes is not popular, Tribes will never be popular, they supported it well beyond what made sense.Go play some Midair, that game is doing great, right?

>>514419284The fuck did they even do to tribes? Kill the servers?

>>514396420no you fucking idiot

>>514419428>they did nothingASSFAGGOTS really do attract the lowest common denominator.

Because they worked on a good series and want nothing to do with MOBA's and Korra.

Attached: ▄█▀ █▬█ █ ▀█▀.jpg (1126x989, 807.95K)

>>514400368>rough tomboyssign me the fuck up

>>514419193Ageism and misogyny.

>>514419794They repeatedly fucked the balance with new guns that were just straight up better than older ones where you either had to do shitloads of grinding or buy them for real money, put in a speed cap (which even they later admitted was a mistake) and kept fucking with the maps people actually liked. Then they made SMITE and pretty much dropped all support. It's telling that while they have outright stated they fucked up with Tribes: Ascend they never actually did anything to wind back their mistakes except removing the speed cap.

God Korra was so fucking shit

>>514420882Sounds like they wanted to just kill the servers but instead did that to try and milk more money out of the fans. Smite isn't much better but the supreme jewish tricks are only for skins so I don't care that much. Its still horseshit that most of them are locked behind exclusive events that are never coming back or are a 1/80 gamble to get the thing you actually want.

>>514391317Rufio will always sound the same no matter how old. They should of made adult Aang instead.

>>514399756But that's unaloq

>>514390890Aang's orgiinal VA is grown now so wouldn't sound like he did anymore.Basco's case, I'm thinking more of a travelling issue since there are still some lockdown states I don't know.

>>514399198>Post was good but should have started better. Still a unique take that you can appreciate because of what it aimed for thematically.

>>514416972>She could still do the Toph voiceHnnnnnng

>>514395165>and then Katara ruined everything

>>514397682Book 2 is worse.The thing with Legend of Korra though is that it filtered kids and retards hard by not having an old and easy "today I learned something" episode structure, so they'll go through mental gymnastics to explain you why the series sucks.

>>514390890When will smite die?

>>514398726>comics are canonNaaah

>>514424238Whenever the whales get bored of spending dumb amounts of money to get the latest coomer bait skin, which is probably never because of the sunk cost.

>>514402860>So you liked the fact that Amon was some literally who was just a blood benderHe was some literally who regardless. What, did you want him to be a, politician?

You think they'll ever put that Platinum Legend of Korra game up for sale again?


>>514424652Its decently fun for assfaggots but good god do I hate what they did with the skins. You used to just be able to buy the fucking skin you wanted but they figured out retards would be willing to gamble for them instead.


>>514390890Dante Basco is busy working on Homestuck shit.

>>514394885No, it's a bootlegged Naruto drawn by the same worse-korea animators who drew Naruto and Naruto is bad.

>>514390890Aang's VA is no longer a little boy.Zuko there's really no reason.

>>514394989>too silly to appreciate it as an adult>scene where Zuko finally meets Iroh after turning his back on him >Zuko apologizing for all the shit he did>Iroh just fucking hugs him>Zuko perplexed how easily he can be forgivenI fucking cried like a bitch during that scene

>>514425007>global pandemic>literally no reason