JULY 10TH$15

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>>514389798I'll probably get it on pc.I wonder if there will be version differences like that time.

>>514389798Woah. Wait. Is that real? Or is it just some placeholder? July 10 is really soon. Why didn't they just say July 10 in the reveal trailer if it was this close to release?

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Woah. I wanted to check the official site to double check if this date was legitimate. well the site still only says "Coming Soon". But the site links their twitter feed, and their twitter feed linked a BitSummit stream, which just so happens to be live now. And they're showing a bunch of new shit.

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Holy shit. CotM2 has multiplayer.

>>514391496Said stream just confirmed OP's date. It's legitimate.

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>>514389798>Switch only Please no. I loved the first. I also heard the first had a secret gubvolt ending? True?

Suddenly. Gunvolt 3 confirmed.

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>>514389798Wait what? I assumed this was 2021

>>514389798>$15No max I'll pay for an 8 bit game is $10

lol, meanwhile 505 delayed the boss revenge update again to next week this time, and its probably gonna be bugged to hell anyways despite thatiga needs to ditch these incompetent fucks if he makes a ROTN sequel


>>514391496isn't she the baddie?

So is bad ending canon for the 1st game? Miriam isnt in 2.

>>514390116There were differences in the first CoTM?

>>514389798>>514391496Those are some big milk jugs

>>514392898I bought it for $10 on steam, and xbox later gave it out for free*.I don't remember which was which, but Zangetsu's sword swings faster in one of the two versions.

>>514392475I thought it was some ways off too since they didn't give us a date. But >>514392047 is legitimate. It was on stream just a few minutes ago. Including a bunch of unexpected features.

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>>514392716Lmao. They're definitely gonna delay it again. One of the top mods in the Bloodstained forums actually revealed why Zangetsu took so long. It's going to majorly piss you off too. It wasn't the development of the mode. That was ready for months. The reason it took so long is505 wanted total and equal release parity across all platforms Aside from Switch

how much for part 1 on ps4?

>>514391496I thought she died>>514393091What else did they announce

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>>514389798Curse of the Moon is actually better than regular Bloodstained so yeah probably.

>>514393170what a bunch of retards

>>514392742Yeah but CotM is in a different timeline then RotN

oh cool Miriam IS in

>>514393374>Miriam, Gebel, and Albus still playableHow is this going to work? Just a bonus mode?

I really hope he drops 505 for the next game. He didn't get one of those contracts where they own Bloodstained right? I remember and indie dev being screwed over like that before.

>>514392804Zangetsu ignoring everyone and beating the final boss alone is canon.

>>514393618The trailer shows them all at once so looks like they're part of the story too.

>>514393605Neat, didn't know that.

>>514393286>What else did they announceThey're apparently doing something different from CotM1 in regards to encouraging repeat playthroughs, but they're still doing it. And somehow the game will have roughly double the story of CotM1. Granted that CotM1 was light on story, but still.

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>>514393374Wow, it seems weird they wouldn't emphasize seven characters in the trailer, but that's awesome!

>>514393672>I really hope he drops 505 for the next game.Oh I think he'll do anything in his power to escape from those fucks.

>>514393748This. It reveals that gremory made the world of CotM and it's all an illusion to distract zangetsu. How can one chad scare a demon this much?

>>514389798I'll wait for physical, but I look forward to it.

MIRIAM IS CUTE!I genuinely thought she'd be a cameo bonus boss at best or something. I was seriously afraid she wouldn't be playable character this time.

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>>514393943Where was this stream? Can't find it.

>>514393672>>514394060>inb4 they had some clause that gives them partial ownership of any game miriam stars in

>>514393943Does that mean like it'll be like rondo and have branching stages?

>>514393943>They're apparently doing something different from CotM1 in regards to encouraging repeat playthroughsWonder what they mean by this. I beat the first game 4 times as well as the bonus modes.Don't know how you can encourage it any more, multiple endings and different power ups are good enough.

>>514393170>Aside from SwitchSo all the people blaming the Switch for the time it took, didn't even hit the mark? What a bunch of losers those fags. 505 are ridiculously disorganised.

>>514394313>trying to get rid of the green in her color scheme>new gauntlets that match her color scheme betterI hope they fix her design.

>>514394317You can still rewind the VOD to view the Inti segment. They just finished it and moved on to other games. But it was from the BitSummit twitch stream that >>514391496 linked.

>>514394445Nothing was said on this but I think the Xbox release was the cause for the delay in Zangetsu mode. They took forever to get IGA's backpack. Probably just as long to get Zangetsu mode's update certified too which explains why it took so long. I'll bet you the current delay is due to the same thing.

Who will the third PC be in RotN? The email confirmed it's not Dominique, but the silhouette looks female.

>>514394616The silhouette is a placeholder, and 505 are known liars anyways.

>>514393286>I thought she diedShe got banished to the demonic shadow realm, meaning that if they want her back, she'll pop up again in some future RoTN installment to give Miriam and company grief.And as another user pointed out, CoTM is a different timeline so the same characters don't play out in the same story.

>>514394616Knowing how lazy 505 is it's probably Dominique anyway.

Its kinda weird how they have two separate universes for this series. I don't understand why they didnt just make curse a prequel to ritual.

>>514394853IGA didn't want to constrain Inti's creative liberties.

>>514394007Probably to give the new characters a bit more of the limelight. Miriam, Gebel and Albus had a Metroidvania and the first Classicvania to shine.

>>514394007>>514393417they show them here

Will I also get this one for free due to being a KS backer?


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>>514395125no? why would you, this is a new game that wasnt planned during the campaignfucking greedy shit

did they ever wind up fixing the switch version or did they just up and abandon it at this point

>>514395125I don't think so. We Got RotN1 and CotM1. But just like we'll have to buy RotN2 if that's ever made, everything points towards having to buy CotM2 separately too.

>>514395285>505 games>being competentlol

>>514395285It's betterIt's not good, still a ton of FPS drops.But it's better.

Did Bloodstained end up being good?Does that mean Igarashi isn't a fraud like the Megaman guy?

>>514395656Yeah its good. The Megaman guy only failed due to many unfortunate circumstances. He's partly to blame too for being overzealous though. I know a lot of backer feedback was blocked due to the moderator at the time.

>>514395656Yeah, it was pretty good. Not a very pretty game, but fun enough, and you could tell Iga put his heart and soul into it.

>>514395656it was good, but rotn was held back by some janki blame the incompetent as fuck devs who took over, these retards must not be allowed to make a sequel

>>514395656It was good, but didn't set the world on fire, it was more like Igavania Best Hits

>CotM2 with more characters and local co-op confirmed>Gunvolt 3 confirmed, JC waifu suffering double confirmed>Blaster Master Zero 2 titty plant husbandry spinoff confirmedInti Creates decided to take off their power limiter this week

>>514389798sounds good chief

>>514395656Us Bloodstained chads won! Condolences to those that fell.

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>>514395656Solid, but presentation was rough. Moreso for RoTN than CoTM, but both are solid games. If you enjoyed Iga's other works (Aria, SoTN, OoE, etc), you'll enjoy RoTN.

I generally hate twitter screencap threads. But if it weren't for how I was trying to call whether or not OP's information was bullshit, I would have never caught the stream. And instead I manage to find out about it and catch it just as it started. I had heard of the Inafune thing, but I had so little interest in him that I forgot that he was meant to appear alongside Inti and Igarashi and that it was today.

hope it's good. 2020 could use more quality games.

>>514389798>co-op>more than 6 charactersholy shit, I want this so bad

>>514395656 I loved both bloodstained gamesI liked the 8 bit one more though. It was simple and quick. I want another classicvania game bros...

Does Iga get any money from the Curse games? I noticed that Inti Creates not only develops those, but publishes them as well. I feel bad for him getting fucked over by 505 for Ritual.

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So what's with the story, is CotM now its own continuity?

Why is it triple the price of the original? Do they really expect people to pay $15 for a watered down Castlevania with shittier level design and less challenge? $5 was an accept price but $15 is a ripoff.

>>514396805That's CoTM2. July 10. 15 bux.

>>514397182Considering how he's actually working with them again, despite the notion people pushed for years that Inti were the ones to "ruin" MN9 and Bloodstained's development, I'm betting they're a favorable option for him.

>>514397246CotM is much better than just about any classic Castlevania game except for Rondo and SC4.

>>514397182I imagine he gets royalties of some kind. But then again royalties are never a given. Could have just been a flat rate for the licence. But he has been very involved with the marketing of both CotM games, so I imagine he gets something out of it beyond simply strengthening the Bloodstained brand. So I am going to say a definite, not certainly but most likely.

>>514397246The first game was a kickstarter reward, this game has way more content and mechanics.

hope they up the challenge. the original was way too easy for classicvania standards.

>>514397246>Complaining about 15 bucksNigga you that poor?

Post Miriam's luscious pubes

>>514389798Well, I had more fun with that little bonus game than I did with the fill 3d one...Though, I haven't bothered to finish either.

>>514390153aww makes me happy to see my reaction image in circulation.

>>514397338And Castlevania 1 and Castlevania 3 and Bloodlines and ReBirth>>514397374>way more contentBased on what? For all we know it's going to be the same length. We got three new characters but also lost three.>>514397426A ripoff is a ripoff. $15 wouldn't be an issue if the game is worth it but the original certainly wasn't and I doubt this will be any different.

Imagine a stretch goal being more popular then the game it supported Wow

>>514397246COTM was 10 bucks.It's just on sale for 5 now.

>>514397823>We got three new characters but also lost three.You clearly didn't watch the stream, you unbelievably dishonest fuck.

>>514397869It wasn't. RotN sold over a million. CotM sold well but not near that much.


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>>514398014not that user, but I am sad crazy wizard grandpa is gone.

>>514397547Dunno why but I had more fun with the acceptable challenge, extra modes, different endings, enemy/stage variation that game provided over the 3D one, the 3D one felt rushed, empty, with awful art assets and uninspired bosses, while CoTM felt good in every step


>>514397823the original 3 are back you faggot. there is 7 playable characters you retard

>>514397823>$15 wouldn't be an issue if the game is worth it but the original certainly wasn't and I doubt this will be any different.The original was worth $10 though and by the sound of things this game will be a lot larger.

>>514397869ROTN sold over a million COTM 200k. but it is easier to make a new COTM than a new ROTN

>>514398112now show the switch sales

>>514398145>acceptable challenge

>>514397869It is a significantly better game (just like classic castlevanias) but not more popular (just like classic castlevanias)

>>514395656RotN was fine and these faux-retro titles are nice too. Con Man on the other hand? His only real noteworthy game post-Capcom is still Soul Sacrifice.

>>514398284Classic Castlevanias are indeed better than the SotN style ones. CotM isn't better than anything though except maybe Simon's Quest.

>>514392352How are they going to make GV suffer this time bros?

>>514393748Then what would the nightmare ending be? The one where you go to hell to “rescue” zangetsu

>>514394224How many times is Inti going to pull that, I guess it's convenient for a spin-off

>>514397823>but also lost three.dumbass

>>514395656bloodstained was great it only lacked on the technical side like framerate and rare crashes

>>514397338This is a shockingly pleb opinionYou have obviously just selected the easiest two games and I wonder why that is. CV1 and CV3 are better than both of those games, although they are still very good.


>>514398279>HURR I DIDN'T DIE EVEN ONCEStop being retarded, I seriously doubt you cleared that shit with one life the first time you tried it


>>514398402What I mean is that CotM is both better and less popular then Bloodstained just like how classic CV is both better and less popular than SotN and similar games

why is Dominique alive? is this dream shenanigans or a separate timeline?Also hope third playable character is Gebel. He's cool as fuck.>>514398142im actually a moron. just saw the second trailer. preordered.

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>>514398014>>514398167>>514398862I didn't see the stream. I didn't know there was a stream until this thread and assumed it was just the release date announcement. Glad to hear they aren't drooping characters, now hopefully the level design won't be as boring as it was in 1.

>>514399051CV3 yeah, but CV1? That's a pleb opinion

>>514399363Yeah see you're only right about that second part. CotM sucks.

>>514399384The 8 bit games are a different canonGebel and the other characters from the first game are playable

>>514399384CoTM follows a different timeline

>>514399487does this mean foxy grandpa is alive in this timeline?

>>514399431CV1 is one of the best designed and balanced games in the series. It's damn near perfect and far better than the half-baked Bloodstained throwback game.

>>514399485Fuck off

>>514393417Can you do more than 2P?Looks like the interface would support it and 4P would be pretty wild

>>514399607It's already dated, level design was at best experimental since it was brand new, and CV3 was superior in every aspect that makes CV1 pale in comparison

>>514399607nigga have you used the holy water?

>>514399607You can't be serious

>>514399431CV1 is a contender for the best platformer ever made you faggotCV3 has more content but it doesn't have stage design on the level of CV1

>>514399752CV3 JP is too easy, CV3 NA is too bullshit. CV1 is just right.

>>514398740>meet nice person with tragic backstory>have to kill themand>meet nice person with tragic backstory>can't save themrinse repeat

>>514399607CV3 is better designed.

Hopefully we get a Rotn2 as well. I'd love to have both styles getting installments regularly.

>>514400010CV3 NA is just right

>>514400159I assume Iga wants to keep going but also has to wrap up all the extra Kickstarter stretch goals first

>>514399752There is nothing dated about it. No classicvania game since has significantly altered the gameplay of CV1 and that should tell you a lot.CV3 is better only if you take a very surface level view. Yes it has more characters and stages, however it also has a lot more moments where the balancing is off and 'cheap' shots on the part of the game. In CV1 if you die it is always your fault. It is a slow and deliberate game that rewards careful play and never sucker punches you. CV3 is mostly like this as well, however some bosses and stages are poorly designed and require you to know in advance the hazards to have any hope of avoiding a hit, or bosses where the only realistic way of dealing with them is exploiting bad AI. Again not a thing in CV1 at any point.Someone mentioned holy water. This does trivialise a lot of the bosses (although it is much harder to use well on the hardest one) but this is a deliberate attempt to exploit the game on the part of the player. I wouldn't put it on the level of bad stage design. If you go for 3x holy water to cheese the game, that's on you. There is no need to do it and it ruins the experience for you.Rondo is pretty fine but doesn't beat CV1 or 3 in any area, except perhaps also not having much 'cheap' elements like 3. It's just a solid game but not exceptional. CV4 isn't really a castlevania game and seems to be designed for people who like the idea of classic CV but don't actually like classic CV for what it is and its unique gameplay style.

>>514398402You fucking lie. Here is a prime example of someone who is hired to be on Holla Forums

Miriam is so cool! For real though. She better have this axe in RotN2.

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>>514400693What? Who the fuck would pay someone to shill fucking NES castlevania?

>>514400827Learn to read Pajeety. SOTN isn't nes.

>>514399985>best platformer ever madekeep telling yourself that, hopefully you'll believe it someday you fucking retard

>>514392352I wonder what the chances are of this new girl ending up being the crossover character for Ritual of the Night. She does appear to be an exorcist. Kind of like those from Galgun. And an exorcist like that would be thematically appropriate for Bloodstained, and with her being a Gunvolt 3 main character they'd get that whole cross promotion going as a result.

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>>514401049But he's saying the NES games are better than SotN and that CotM (the only one that anyone would ever be shilling for) is the worst of the threeMaybe I am being stupid here and if so you are going to have to explain because from what I can tell what you are saying makes no sense

>>514399552Yep. Originally it was a prequel, but they ended up branching off and making it its own thing. Zangetsu chases Gremory throughout the prequel, then into RotN. Even though it's still a separate timeline, this game would likely take place before RotN in terms of a loose timeline.

>>514401223Disagree but you are welcome to be butthurt about it. You clearly can't be bothered to write anything actually relevant so I don't know why you bothered responding honestly.

>>514389798Yes please. Curse of the Moon was a WAY better game (in addition to actually looking pleasing to the eye) than Ritual of the Night. Make these games annually please. Keep adding characters, moves, levels and so on. Stop wasting time and money on trying to salvage Ritual of the Night.

>>514399487the characters also have a different design from their RoTN counterparts too

>>514401856I think Zangetsu is the same, but Dominique's design is new, and Miriam is wearing cosmetics from her game.

>>514401974They mentioned they had to change Dom's design due to her colors being hard to differentiate with the 8-bit style.

>>514401974miriam's hair color is different and so is her horns. different timeline, slight different designs

>>514402042And the breast enlargement?

>>514402154She already had giant tracks of land. Might as well exaggerate a la PS1 FF7 Tifa.

>>514401254SOTN style is leagues better than "classic"

>>514401389>Demanding a sound argument when he hasn't provided oneAlright champ

>>514400591On the whole I agree with you that CV1 is an outstanding game, but I don't get so wrapped up in what a "masterpiece" it is to enjoy other games. You are so up your own ass. How about you take all these cool opinions and make some scathing youtube video about how later CV's just don't hit the mark or some equally stupid drivel.

>Gunvolt 3's new playable character is literally just teenage girl Zangetsu

>>514402275Based.Hope we can use them in RotN2.

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>>514399237Or maybe he was using that retarded but classic "it's an igavania game, it's meant to be broken and unbalanced, and the fun is all the different ways to be OP" excuse.In any case, I agree with you. CotM was way better and a more focused experienced and probably cost 1/10th of the budget RotN had.

>>514401230Dominique was thought to be the 3rd character if I remember right, she has a time attack leader board (or something like that) along with Zangetsu and Miriam, and "Player Character" data in the files.God only knows at this point though, they are so far behind on those stretch goals.

I kind of love how they're adding to the combo play between the characters this time.

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>>514402695>and probably cost 1/10th of the budget RotN hadWhile that's true I'm not sure RotN should have cost that much, looking at it.

>try out randomizer mode>get Dimension Shift from the boat>game is overez

>>514402729They've explicitly stated that it's not Dominique though. Would be kind of bullshit of them to have her be it anyway. I wouldn't mind her though.

>>514401230>it's taking them months to add basic shit like boss rush and versus modes that modders could typically could do in mere days.Even with Sekiro, it took modders only like 5 months after release to come up with a boss rush mod.

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>>514402826>try randomizer>get to final boss>game crashes if I beat Dominique

>>514389798Woah I didn't even know Curse of the Moon 2 was a thing.

>>514394313I'd put my shard between her thighs.

>>514403013They revealed it during that awful New Game Plus Expo, probably one of the only good things to come out of that thing.

>>514402695Where did I mention RotN? CotM being too easy has nothing to do with that game.

>>514402817You'd be surprised. The game looks cheap and ugly but then you have shit like Mass Effect Andromeda looking cheap and ugly and that's a game that cost 100 million Canadian dollars to make.Also, as >>514402729pointed out>they are so far behind on those stretch goals.So the fact that they're disorganized and bad with keeping up with deadlines adds even more to the budget.

>>514402870Blame 505. See >>514393170.It's absolutely infuriating though.

The first Retro Bloodstained sucks. Seriously, it's the same level of shitty games like the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures.

>>514395656Some jank which is to be expected with Kickstarter and also the devs + Switch version being a mess. It's still a fun game and it's obvious from playing it that Iga actually does bring something of himself into his games and so he's not just a greedy businessman like Inafune.


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>>514394313CUTE MIRIAMS!

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>>514403147100 million canadian tire dollars is worth approximately 70 million usd and a dozen timbits


>>514399363No way that the classic Castlevania is better than the modern SOTN style.Castlevania 1, 2 and 3 are extremely dated. Bad level design, bad enemy design, bad boss design.Castlevania 4 is a semi-amateur game.Rondo of Blood is excellent and I agree that in many ways it can be considered better, but it is just a single game from the classic series and it is not even superior in all aspects.


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>>514404106Amen, Based Brother.

So, Zangetsu is just straight up the protagonist of this series now, right?The one promising new IP with a cute and lovable girl MC. Sad, but predictable coming from IGA.

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>>514405309No, I think this is just Inti being Inti.

>>514405309Zangetsu was the protagonist of Curse of the Moon, so him still being the protag in 2 isn't that surprisingI imagine if a ROTN2 ever happens, Miriam will still be the lead character

>>514405309She needs a redesign.

>>514405735fuck off. Miriam looks great

>>514405856Did you count how many belts she has?And most of them aren't even bound.

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>>514405309Zangetsu is the Classicvania "Belmont" lead, so he takes precedence in the 8-bit spinoff series, with other characters as a party system kinda like CV3 and Julius Mode. Miriam is the Modernvania tier lead, similar to Soma/Shanoa with the Shard system, so she's the current MC in the mainline games. Zangetsu is an unlockable character in RotN too, kinda like Richter Mode from SotN.

>>514405735What exactly would you change about her?I think a dress with cleavage window would look great on her. Or maybe something classy with some sheer parts,

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>>514405965honestly didnt even notice they were belts. just considered it patterns on her clothes. at worst, they could remove the belts. but i love her short blue dress and long gloves/boots and shards all over her body. and the one sided chest plate is silly but unique. castlevania designs always tend to be over the top anyway. look at gebel.

>>514405965>Did you count how many belts she has?Clearly not enough.

>>514406092>>514406160I saved this old picture, but it doesn't entirely reflect my viewpoints.I would change the glove and boots to leather, get rid of that weird chest guard, and get rid of the little green horn doodles.

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>>514405309>>514406059Oh, to add to this, Zangetsu's sword description mentions that his family inherits the same name whenever they take it up and become the new family demon hunter, just like the Belmonts.

>>514405965How about a belt right across her tits?

>>514389798>comes out in two weeks>only $15>3 new characters plus all the characters from the first one>local co-opHoly shit take my fucking money

>>514391496Wait. I closed the stream when the bitsummit went over to other devs/games. But apparently Inti are streaming CotM2 on their youtube. like they've been playing the game for at least 10~ minutes already. Though to be perfectly honest. With the game game releasing in mere 2 weeks I am unsure of how much I want to watch.

>>514406436Ah yes, The Ole Camilla.

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>>514406314i would be ok with this. i like the chest guard since it isolates the crystal rose on her right side (and partially covered breasts are my fetish)

How long before we get a Bloodstained Netflix adaptation, Holla Forums?

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>>514406568Well. Looks like that stream ended a mere minute after I linked it. Oh well.

>>514406621>I like the chest guard since it isolates the crystal rose on her right sideThen use her scarf as a muffler and drape it across her front.

>>514406795that would work too. i wonder what wacky designs we will get in ritual of the night 2 or whatever theycall it. hope its not that ugly ass baldie


>>514406995Don't check how many belts he has.I think the number was over 10. At least six of them are just sitting on his arms.

>>514407165didnt know nomura was lead character designer

Any details on how the co op works?

>>514407504local co-op only but steam shenanigans might make it work online. i assume its drop in drop out sonic-tails style

>>514407239Not enough zippersCome to think of it, that's why FF's been sticking to more technological settings, hasn't it? So Nomura can feed his zipper addiction

>>514389798how about they finish all the stretchgoals for the main game first?

>>5143981122 90 scores under Igas belt. Must feel good.

>>514407715Inti crawled off and made a new game in between Blaster Master DLC and Gunvolt. I think they have nothing to do with the kickstarter at this point, that's all 505's problem who don't have hands on this thank god.

>>514394949best possible decision, tbqhI don’t give a fuck about the canon as long as the games are good

Still haven’t picked up the first game after giving 150 dollars to the Kickstarter

>>514407892Thanks for paying for my pirated copy, I guess.

>>514406314>>514405965The "belts" are honestly good though. Those buckles are what gives her outfit its corset like qualities. Removing them not only makes her design overall much more modest, it also makes her less fashion savvy.

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>>514392647>Current Consoles>8-BitDo really zoomers thinks 8-bit line of code is still being used today?

>>514408137Yes, but it's ten belts that aren't even used.also>fashion savvyShe's literally running around in a corset and bloomers (1800s equivalent of being in your underwear) while wearing metal knight boots, a metal glove, and a scarf.She is NOT fashionable. She's a dork.

Well that's soon. What was the sale history for the first CotM?

>>514408372>She is NOT fashionable.That. Or she is EXTREMELY fashionable. It's a thin line most of the time. I like the idea of her being a try hard dork too though. It's honestly cute.

>>514408609>Or she is EXTREMELY fashionable.No, it's Victorian times.This is what fashion looks like.Now, if you gave Miriam this outfit in a cutscene and then she throws it off like she's Tuxedo Mask, then I will admit she is fashionable when relaxing.

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>>514400037but poorly executedthey went way too far with enemy placement and hazards, to the point it’s just plain unfair shit to piss you off>dracula with 3 forms kicking you back to the beginning of the stage>the staircase section filled with boneheads and flying skeletons that are basically insta death trap if you miss the timing or don’t bring a clockCV4 has a better balance between fair challenges and stupid bullshit

>>514408495I remember that Inti posted more specific data on their twitter some time back but I can't remember the specifics beyond how the game sold the most on the Switch. That said. CotM has been very successful.

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>>514392716>lol, meanwhile 505 delayed the boss revenge update again to next week this timeI believe you. But where was this shared? And what's the new date if they gave any?

>>514407715just for once i wish i could believe that someone asking why X isn't doing Y's job on this board was trollering and not some retard that won't even make use of Y's work in the first place

So it seems like co-op gives you a second blue Zangetsu.

Is this mechanized machine of destruction based, Holla Forums?

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>>514412540>swore a blood-oath to Zangetsu for being rescuedYes, he is based.Does Dominique want to fuck him?

>>514389798Is this a prequel or what? Didn't Zangetsu die in Bloodstained?

>>514412540dominique's design has given me too much coom brain to think about doge until i play the game



>>514395901Inti Creates has gotten more and more based lately. They literally took the gloves off and going all out.

>>514413047i think we get inti timelines and artplay timelines

>>514413047>Didn't Zangetsu die in Bloodstained?He survived off-screen. Try equipping Eye of Horus.

>>514413047No, he didn't. At release, he was an easter egg if you worse the glasses that zoom you out, and you can see he survived. Somewhere between release and before the randomizer update, they added another stealth update that added an extra cutscene definitively showing he is alive.

>>514414614>Somewhere between release and before the randomizer update, they added another stealth update that added an extra cutscene definitively showing he is alive.Wait. They did? I haven't beaten the game in forever so I haven't seen this.

>>514414729I beat it just before the update.It adds an extended scene where Miriam plants the Zangetsuto in the ground and she walks away. Then Zangetsu's shadow moves in front of the wall, and then the sword is gone.

>7 characters all at onceHow is that gonna work? If it's the same system as the first game, won't that give you too many tries?

>>514415943These are rather baseless guesses. But I am guessing you won't be able to gather all 7 characters in one playthrough (outside of potential extra modes you might unlock). You'll probably have to pick and choose, maybe even trade characters for other characters. They did say that they the game was still going to encourage multiple playthroughs just like the last game, though that it wouldn't do it the same way it did. And they also said that the game has about double the story/text. So maybe your path/choices through the game decides what party you end up with and then that influences the endings you get. In CotM 1 it was more a matter of killing, ignoring, or inviting the characters to join you that ultimately had an effect on the outcome. It was more a difference of whether or not you accepted others at all or not, or if you took the extra step and slayed them outright. But the team combinations itself didn't really matter. This time I could imagine the latter to have changed. But I guess we'll see in two weeks.


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>>514389798>Upper corneruse your stamina, you don't want to disappoint the REINHARDT, do you?

>>514409792Metroidvania style Bloostained alongside Classicvania style Bloodstained, chugging along side by side of one another has been my dream ever since they first dropped Curse of the Moon unto us. At first it felt like a distant pipe dream that'd never happen. But now it's like the only missing piece is a Ritual of the Night sequel announcement and my dream will have been fully realized. I love this like you wouldn't believe.

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>>5144082788 bit data types are used all the time. Bits have nothing to with graphics. You and the guy you replied to are both retarded.

>Curse of the moon sequelOhboy ohboy ohboy

>>514392225Snoys don't buy games.

this took them like 7 months to make according to what they were saying on stream a couple days ago if thats the caseglad to see its coming soon, cotm was better than rotn to me by quite a bit

>>514392225Checked Steam. It also says the 10th.

>>514420724Well most of it seems to be reused assets, like engine and sprites.Only new things are three characters, the enemies, and the backgrounds.

i hope they double down on making zangetsu mode just ninja gaiden and spike the difficultyid kill a man for a castlevania/ng mashup that actually hits right

>>514422151They did. The gunman has Megaman X wallsliding and walljumps.

>>514422151>zangetsu mode just ninja gaiden and spike the difficultyI really love that they did with CotM. I wasn't expecting it so it was a really pleasant surprise.

Holy shit. This news just popped up like some *teleports behind you* motherfucker. I'm so happy bros.