*kills dogs*

*kills dogs*

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>>514385148sneeds, chucks


>>514385148Having a dog as a child makes you mentally ill.I love dogs, but they're also just animals like every other animal.

>>514386739Well... maybe not any other animal, or do you value rats as high as a doggo?

>>514386739Which means that senselessly killing them is wrong, and needing to put down an attack dog is a solemn affair because the dog did not choose to be raised that way

I'm literally shaking right now, how could Naughty Dog make me DO THIS against MY WILL?

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I specifically went out of my way not to kill any dogs, and then they force you to do it in a cutscene QTE.ALSO. They straight up tried to fuck with you by having one of the dogs you play with in Abby's flashback be one of the dogs you can kill when you play as Ellie. They're both named the same to try and squeeze sympathy from you. Fuck you Neil, you can't trick me you faggot.

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>>514385148>>514386019>>514386192>>514386515>>514386739>>514386912>>514386923>>514386976You'd kill dogs too just to vent from living in a diverse shithole full of dykes for the rest of your life.

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>>514386739>I love dogs, but they're also just animals like every other animal.So you love every animal? are you retarded?

>>514387068I would kill any dog that attacks me, without remorse whatsoever.

>>514385148she killed a naughty dog;)

>>514386985Yeah, it is easy to write a shock story, but hard to write a good story. TLOU2 writers are an incapable bunch.

is there a single choice you can make in this game?

>>514387327basedwhy the fuck this is even a debate baffles me

>>514387084>>514386912I'm not saying I love or value all animals equally, I'm saying dogs are just animals. Not magical beings of pure good and love and the most wonderful special creatures alive. I know a shocking number of people who would rather a person die than a dog (all things being equal) or would rather die themselves than hurt a dog that was attacking them (theoretically). Those are both very sick points of view.

>>514386912higher actually

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>>514385148God those freckles are so hot

I have to put my dog down tomorrow. Why did I click this thread.

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>>514388110rip to that heckin boofin good boy F

>>514388110Be sure to stay in the room when it happens user, they always look for their owners when they leave.t. vet

>>514385148Yep. I killed every single dog and then ahain on NG+. Fuck those assholes.

>>514385148based - kill all dogs

>>514387625I dont value all animals equally, sounds retarded to me. I value usefull animals alot higher then rats for example, fuck rats.

>>514388110Remember that you are doing it for their own good.I had to put mine down on November, I cried like a bitch despite not really paying attention to it ever since I got cats many years ago. But she really couldn't keep living anymore, and we did the right thing, even though at the time it was a hard decision.


>>514387625>who would rather a person die than a dog I'd save my dog over almost every other person except maybe kids, but even then I'd think about it.

>>514388291>they always look for their owners when they leave.

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>>514388291Is it true that the vets don't necessarily "euthanize" the dog in front of you? I heard they just give them a very strong sleepy agent then once the owner has said their goodbyes they take them to the back to administer the euthanize stuff.

>>514388556That's what I'm saying. People like you are mentally ill.

>>514388778Dogs don't do anything wrong, but humans are often sinful.

>>514388713Our vet euthanized our dog in front of us. First she put her to sleep (literally), and then she administered the dose.

>>514388713It's possible that some do, but I've never seen it. No heart beat.

>>514388778Yeah I am.

>>514388778I don't know, my dog is great company and bring me happiness and comfort, saving another person is kind of a gamble because they may be a shit. Similarly I find it perfectly acceptable if a person kills someone to defend their dog. That user may have a point and may not necessarily be ill, just having more positive interactions with dogs than other people, which in this world isn't an odd thing to happen. Also he specified "his" dog, rather than any dog which is more understandable.

>>514389015Dog do plenty wrong, they kill babies user.

>>514387531You can choose not to play it.

>>514385148 my goodness she's truly beautifulwhat country would Ellie pass as local? norway? she kinda resembles to engen

>>514389015You're really sick. What an abhorrent thing to believe.

>>514389359Babies are gay.

>>514388713It depends on the clinic and the owner. The standard is knocking the dog out so that it's asleep before you actually euthanise. But, if we think an owner will be extremely sensitive to the end of life process (usually the animal will jerk unnaturally and urinate/defecate), we let them say their goodbyes while the dog is asleep, send them to a quiet room, and bring the euthanised pet back to them after we've cleaned them up so they can mourn.

>>514385148>snoyboys and catcucks are literal schizosMakes sense.

>Dogs get tortured by angry lesbo>Based Catchads get their own game free of humans and get to hang with robots all day

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>>514388778You cant help these people. No mental illness can be cured by common sense.

>>514389486You used to be a babyfaggot

>>514389419What's funny is that she's also a lesbian

>>514386923Nobody gets to choose how they're raised. We're all products of our environment, born to die in a senselessly and without meaning. It's the uniting principle of all life.

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Ellie is buttkino

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Okay but how is Ellie able to bite, kiss, and fuck people without infecting them? Did they just retcon this detail out?

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>>514390098> Implying I'm not a bot.user, wake up. You've been unconsciously training an AI in the art of shitposting with every post you make. None of us are real.

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>>514390453Probably. They acknowledge that she can't transmit it through kissing, but never give a reason why.

>>514388778>save a dog who unconditionally loves youvs>save some random person who has a very high chance be some kind of sjw and starts rambling to you about your male privilege after you save themI don't know man, this is a hard one.


>>514385148Am I supposed to care?

>>514386739Not really. They are a product of humanity altering the course of nature. We have created a mutually symbiotic relationship with these animals that we created and this has lasted for thousands of years. Dogs are closer to humans than any other animal ever.

>>514390760So you're saying you have an incredibly distorted view of both humans and dogs, and also incredibly low self-worth. I agree, you're mentally ill. Seek help.

>>514385148Good. Fuck dogs.

>>514387084>So you love every animal?

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>>514390749>but never give a reason whyhow else was Neil gonna get his steamy """video game""" sex scene?

dont' have photoshop on my new computer yet and too lazy to pirate. Someone drop an ATF hat on dis bitch

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>>514391023Why do you hate dogs? Did one bite you when you were a kid or did you have a habit of torturing defenceless animals back then?

>>514391067Shut the fuck up ATF

>>514390963Same goes for horses and camels. "mutually symbiotic relationship with these animals that we created and this has lasted thousands of years" goes for cats and various raptors, too. All pastoral relationships were seen that way too. So I guess sure they're the closest to humans, tied with cows, sheep, goats, hawks, ravens, chickens, turkeys, bees, horses, mules, camels, and others. Just admit your preferences are irrational and based on personal experiences at a formative age. It's ok. Most people's are.

>>514390120That's okay so am I

>>514391067bestiality is forboden!

>>514386912Rats are unironically better animals.

>>514391687I don't hate dogs. I like them very much. But they aren't human beings. They also aren't "unconditionally loving" or inherently good or any of that batty shit. They're just animals. You ever lived anywhere with a significant wild dog population? You ever seen a badly trained big dog? You have to condition them to "love" you. You have to take away their choice and make them good because they're living beings like every other living being. They get hungry and angry and they don't have high moral principles about right and wrong, they just know what they might get punished for.

>>514392110Plague doctor pls go.

>>514391845Wow, that is real dumb words you wrote there.(not whoever you were arguing with)

>>514385148>Doesn't fuck dogsAlready a step up over every other white girl

>>514390963But cows and pigs are observedly more emotive and intelligent than dogs and we keep them in tight cages and slaughterhouses. If you were to actually keep a cow as a pet, they are basically huge dogs with more emotive capabilities and udders.

>>514385148haha the SFM videos of her are gonna have her getting raped by dogs like crazy

>>514392338It's not my fault you don't know about the history mankind has had any other kinds of animals.


>>514392451haha a cow as a pet what a fucking redneckdon't you have a cousin or a niece to spread your retarded genes intoor blow your eggs into a cow's ass, retard

>>514394350Imagine being this unintelligent.

>>514387084i love all animalssome for their companysome for their delicious meat

>>514389589This. fuck dogs and fuck all dog owners

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>>514394350mad because u can't afford to raise a cow

>>514390453Anon, the characters are punching infected with bare hands I don't think kissing is a problem here.This always bothered me about TLOU that one bite turns you in 2h but bashing a clicker is somehow ok.Now that I write it.. maybe it's the saliva

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>>514398789don't forget:taking mask from spore infested room, putting it on someone's facealso entering and exiting spore infested zones with no decontamination procedures


>>514390458>that gifno fucking way

>>514390219what does her ass smell like

>>514385148 I didn’t, until Jessie killed one for me, then I had to kill the other one in the cutscene

>>514392338>presents sound, rational argument>"ur so dumb lol, not even gonna say why"Not that guy but just had to point out that you're literally an intellectual drain on whatever discussion you have taken or will ever take part of

>>514399157You know what

>>514399259Probably like poo

>>514399057I was thinking about that one when it happened. I think that one's ok considering it takes a few breaths before you're fucked. Since the filters aren't stressed anymore since the guys death I also think it could last that hour. But what do I know..


>>514388110Sorry for you loss user. it’ll be a bad time, but please stay with him in his last moments.

desu I've played too many videogames with annoying fucking dogs as enemies that the idea of violence being perpetrated upon videogame dogs fills me with intense satisfaction, rather than anger.

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>>514385148>doesn't have the decency to fuck them after killing themwhat a fucking piece of shit dyke

>>514385148The only good thing about this game. Killing stupid dogs is kino. It would be better if she spat on the hound's corpse, though.Everything else is shit.

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>>514385148why is this such a issue now? i kick the shit out of dogs all the time in RDR2. hell, i even use hammers.how big of a fucking wimp do you have to be to not wanna harm pixels?

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>>514388291>>514388110mine looked into my eyes when he diedI wish I didn't look at his eyes, but Im glad he did.I miss him so much, thinking about it really makes me sadold dog is on the right, the new dog is on the leftlove your dogs bros, one day they wont be here

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>>514388778It's not strange at all retard it's a matter of attachment. I don't give a fuck about you.

>>514389015Dogs kill things for sport and fun. They're animals and they're just as capable of doing objectively wrong things as a human is, if not moreso because they're not smart enough to know better. Just without the complex nuance that's granted by having actual sapience.

>>514404804dogs are stupid animals and will act on instincthumans have the ability for rational thought and will still kill, your point?


>>514404560you sound like a good person, at least he had a good life I reckonF

>>514404974Point being humans can decide whether or not to kill the defenseless animal for fun, but can choose not to because it's fucked up. A dog won't choose, it'll just do it. So don't act like a stupid animal has any kind of moral highground over a person.

>>514405693the dog is exempt from the concepts from morality because dogs and most animals cannot realise that concept whilst humans canA human can decide to kill, but he can decide not to as wella dog will do what ever its instincts tell him toidk what point you're trying to make, you sound like a fucking moron trying to compare dogs to humans in terms of morality when there is fuck all foundation for an argument

>>514385148You just know

>>514406003Know what?

>>514406186know the muffin man

>>514386192I can't sneed

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>>514405882If that's the case then the dog is neither good nor bad, meaning only humans are capable of actual moral good in the world.>idk what point you're trying to makeProbably because your IQ is double digit, I've explained it twice now and I was about to explain it again before I realized it's a waste of time.


>>514387625i would rather save my dog than someone i don't know simply because i'm attached to it, but at the same time i don't see anything wrong with killing one if it's too dangerous to let live.

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>>514386739*Posted from Neil Druckmannberg's bedroom*

People in this thread:"I actually bought this [[[game]]]."


>>514385148>Moral faggotryFuck off, normie!

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>>514385148Lesbian is angry maladjusted and violentWhat’s surprising about that?

>>514391845None of those are pet animals, with the exception of cats.

>>514388110F ;-;

>>514391067White woman alert


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>>514385148Maybe they were Naughty?

>>514406321oh hey george

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>>514388110that sucks man

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>>514392720And yet you'd fuck a goat without skipping a beat.



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>>514410772Why did it take so long for someone to say this?

>>514387327this but I would have a little remorse anyway because I'm a pussy

>>514411976the 12th post in the thread was that exact joke

>>514411976because you didn't read the thread>>514387396

>>514385148its the sociopath filter


>>514386019first stroke best stroke


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animals are useless and should fear the superior human species

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>>514398252aaw whats the matter? The the scary doggy always bark at you on your way to schoowl? did he make you cry and pee your panties? Catlovers are fucking pathetic, low-t, subhuman beta, incels

Clementine kills dogs and no one gives a shitEllie kills dogs and everyone loses their fucking minds

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>>514385148*wins the game*

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>Holla Forums hates tlou2>Holla Forums still defends nu-ellie at every turn

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>>514412569Because you don't really kill things in TWD you kinda just watch someone do it

>>514412569we are talking about games not books

>>514412689>father: still dead>all friends she ever had: dead>faction she belonged to currently: destroyed >raped by bunch of slave drivers and worked like a mule for years>*wins the game*I'd rather shoot myself than win that game.

>>514412516>missing reading comprehension: the posthe just wants to fuck dogs and their owners

>>514413031She's imprisoned for a few months, not years. The Abby section after the time jump is just a few months before Ellie goes to find her.

>>514413541Fixed just for you:>raped by bunch of slave drivers and worked like a mule for months

>>514413731No indication of rape. She'd be visibly pregnant after getting raw dogged by a bunch of dudes every day.

>>514385148Why do dog mutts tell other people to respect domesticated animals "territory," expect anyone to place themselves lower on a supposed behavioral hierarchy than their pet - and then claim they don't have toxo?

>>514413928Abby being randomly pregnant when ellie found her would be pretty powerful

>>514404560they look like good boys (or girls)


>>514415817Would be Berserker tier forced though.

>>514388110Sorry for your loss user.


>>514385148Good. Kill all the doggos in that game. Dogs in TLOUS2 are the most obnoxious thing in that game in terms of enemy types.

>>514385148I've been snapping dogs necks since 07 with CoD4, why are people just now getting upset?

>>514388778The fuck are you on about.Just like you'd rather save your own kids over some rando on the street, a person who loves his dog would do the same. Actually not understanding this makes you mentally ill.

>>514391845None of those represent as much of a coevolution process as dogs do

>>514385148They make you really want to kill those dogs. >choose your vantage points carefully>choose the perfect targets to kill>dogs still bum rush your scent out of nowheredumb doggos

>>514418113nothing more satisfying than watching them sniff out your mine and explode into little giblets

>>514390458Yes, yes very nice, however.

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>>514418113They can smell Ellies braps

*Never kills dogs**No hostile dogs show up in her route**Only interactions with dogs are to pet or play catch with them*

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>>514388110NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 NOT THE HECKIN BOOFIN DOGGERINO!!!!

>>514386985>Fuck you Neil, you can't trick me you faggotYou still went out of your way to not kill digital polygons. The chad move is to molotov every fucker you came by out of spite

>>514418968they knew exactly what they were doing


>>514387068>>514387327killing a dog is the equivalent of cucking yourself because you accept the role of a victim instead of the master and lash out like a child whose been abandoned by their protector and seeks catharsis and recompense for the fact that nobody gives a shit about them and they never grew into an adult who can master their own situation to the extent of satisfying their own aesthetic needs instead of throwing a tantrum about how things suck and nobody takes care of themwhy are you proud of being weak?

>>514418968To be fair, all the dogs you meet are WLF attack dogs, and I don't think Abby kills any WLF members until the end of Lev's island.Also, Abby gets to fight Rat King so you cares.

>>514386985if it's a qte doesn't that mean you can not do the input and also not keep playing the game?

>>514388778I would probably save my game consoles over a random person desu

>>514387068it's a fucking video game

>>514419731even attack dogs are real living creatures that can be broken of their aggression with sympathyvery few animals can mindlessly continue attacking a creature that inflicts no harm or resistance on them unless their master is waiting by the side with the whip, including shit like lions and gorillas who have no reason to feel apprehension about their ability to killonly animal who came close to killing me was a sea lion that simply ignored the fact that I was there and rolled over on me

>>514386739Having any pet as anything other than for utilitarian purposes makes you mentally ill

>>514422494did your daddy hold you down and make you understand that before or after he raped your first gf?

>>514423263schizophrenic tranny projection

>>514423263your post makes it seem like you had that sort of problem in your childhood user

>>514423324lack of empathy is an acquired behavior that has it's basis in being dominatedyou can deflect all you want but it won't make you whole again

>>514423613you're projecting so hard on top of being anti-scientific and objectively wrong. Autists are born with no empathy you retard. Keep your delusions on reddit where you came from


>>514386739Not sure if retard or psycho.

>>514385148>We need to make Ellie look evil, let's have her kill dogs and pregnant womenTruly the Citizen Kane 2 of videogames

>>514423748I sure hope that masonic shills don't actually believe this retarded shit and are trying to be smart instead of actually being this stupid

>>514423748>m-muh reddit...Obsessed retard


>>514424197>masonic shillsok, now you're a 100% certified retard"People with autism spectrum disorder are sometimes described as lacking empathy (the ability to feel along with others) and/or sympathy (the ability to feel for others)."verywellhealth.com/do-people-with-autism-lack-empathy-259887Nice acquired behavior.>>514424263found the actual redditor

>>514424401>I've already been gaslighted and that's why you're wrongHow much of your knowledge is based in reality and how much of it was sold to you by an actual child molester? Ask yourself how many actual experiments or how much actual experience verifies any of the things you believe and pride yourself on to convince yourself you're not actually dumb even though you eat dirt every fucking day

>>514424889ok, thanks for confirming that you were actually raped by your subhuman father, you probably deserved it lmao.Why are you denying the truth you demented leftist scum? you were saying that the lack of empathy is an acquired behaviour which is objectively false, a lot of congenital mental illnesses have a symptom of lacking empathy and sympathy.

>>514424889nice cognitive dissonance

>>514418968>*Only interactions with dogs are to pet or play catch with them*You can throw the ball off the fence, and the dog will just stay there, staring at if at theedge of their cage, though.