Have these graphics ever been topped in the realm of the "coomer" genre...

Have these graphics ever been topped in the realm of the "coomer" genre? And why do the vast majority of these kind of games have literal PS3-tier visuals even in 2020? You'd think a genre that relies so heavily upon sex appeal and portrayal of attractive ladies would prioritize the visual aspect, but look over at Senran Kagura or Gal Gun and you'd swear it's still 2006 ffs...

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dead or alive girls look like mongoloids and there's not even any sex acts of any kind. how do people get off to this shit.

>>514385145Because having realistic graphics is not the aim in the first place and frankly is less attractive to the target audience. Not to mention that the games in question are usually heavily stylised on purpose, which is not that easy to translate into realistic graphics without losing the charm.

>>514385145busted more loads to modded sims 4 than anything that looked like this

>>514385887>I can't get off to anything if there's no le benis in vegana XDIt's always funny to see porn-crippled retards completely unaware of their condition. Nothing short of reverse unbirthing guro gangbang bukakke porn will signal their wiener to spring up. What a miserable fucking existence.

i wish they would fix the fucking hands and feet already

>>514386146It's not about the graphics being realistic or not. Even games like idolmaster are FAR ahead of the coomer curve in this regard, despite possessing equally stylized graphics (see pic related). Why are these fanservicey-type games so behind the times when it comes to polygon count, texture resolution, shading quality, etc? It's honestly embarrassing and makes the games feel like low-effort, lazy shlock they're shoveling out to their consoomerbase. It's like an insult to the target demographic, in my honest opinion.

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>>514385145This is now a Marie Rose thread

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>>514388296What's the name of this bodytype?

>>514388737It's Ma'am

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DOA doesn't even have good graphics. Plateaued quite a while ago when they realized they didn't have to improve and still got money.


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>>514389894>worst girl on the DOAX: VV rosterok

>>514388737It's called perfection

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>>514385145doa girls look like fucking dead fish in the eyes user, come on...the mocap animation is deep in that uncanny valley

Modded Koikatsu looks the best. Better than every anime 3DCGI even.

>>514391919>Better than every anime 3DCGI even.Doubt

How many sacrifices has Marie taken?

>>514391919Please post proof to back your claims.

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>>514392190>>514392347I am not at home so I can't send any screenshots, but check the general in /h/.

>>514387427Fix them in what way? Do you expect world-class fighters (and Marie) to have small, dainty little hands and feet? It's a fighting game thing to give the characters slightly oversized hands and feet to emphasize strikes

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>>514387543If the target demographic shells out cash for trash (which they do), why would they bother putting any more effort in? These types of games don't get AAA budgets anyway

>>514392807The DOAX models just have very low-poly hands and feet, the DOA6 models improved in that regard at least

>>514385887>dead or alive girls look like mongoloids Objectively wrong.

>>514388737Ready for Mating Press and Impregnation

>>514392283Over 10 gorillian

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>>514390250You get extra gravures to up your owner level and raise your max FP. Also, level up gifts include things like stones which aren't girl-specific.

>>514385145you've clearly never played modded skyrim

>>514392967Footfags deserve the rope but considering KT wants to suck the collective dick of a community currently lead by a black faggot in a blue wolf's mask, I'm not surprised they'd make an effort to cater to true degeneracy.

A tummy this lewd shouldn't be allowed.

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>>514393153That gif is just last month's numbers. Needs to be updated with at least a half-dozen more counters for her all-time totals.

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>>514388296>>514389374>>514391474good fucking lord

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>>514393453TRIGGER WARNING(Marie is fat, btw)

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>>514385887>I can't get off to this where is the hardcore sexgrats coomer you fired your fucking brain

>>514393453Marie turned me into a pedo

>>514393660>ywn wrap your arms around her waist and continuously smooch her tummy as she giggles from her ticklishness

>>514393875Not possible since she's an 18-year-old young lady with secondary sexual characteristics.

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How does she keep getting away with it

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>>514393979Why even live?

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>>514393979Does she have a ticklish tummy? TN hasn't implemented my suggestion to subtitle the things they say on the Home Screen and I can't be assed to learn moon since it'll be dead as a language in 20 years, but she doesn't seem to enjoy getting touched there like Ayane and Hitomi do.

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>>514393453According to whom?

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>>514385145because they understand 3DPD law, less is more as it incentivises your brain to fantasize

>>514394631Anon, think of all the poor victims!

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>>514394771I don't care about no stinkin' victims.

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>>514395151But genocide is bad!

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>>514385145Obligatory post.

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>bread still aliveFor once jannies are not gay.

>>514395842what king of strong dark ominous gentlemen is making love to that small frail pale female

>>514393365I don't particularly care about feet myself but 6's improved hands are certainly a nice addition, the DOAX ones stand out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of their models.

>>514396258How does he keep getting away with it?

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>Marieanon is dead

>>514395539Unstoppable forces of nature feel no remorse.

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>>514393312>moddedThat's your problem right there. The vanilla game needs to be fanservicey otherwise it doesn't count as a "coomer" title. Just since some perverted fans decided to dedicate time and effort to fill the game with sexy ladies, nudity, sex scenes and lolis doesn't mean Skyrim itself is a coomer game.


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>>514397081Where does she even find the time to clean Helena's toilets?

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>>514397527Even a mighty force like Marie needs some cooldown time between her mass killings.

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>>514396732Oh shi-

Sure they've been topped.

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>>514385887yea, how do people get off to this i wonder

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>create the hottest piece of ass ever seen in games>the graphics are butt uglyThe SFM's and blender's better be coming out soon to do her justice.

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>>514400261I'm going to impregnate Yorha Commander I swear.

serious question. why do people like marie rose? or is it like a meme where you pretend to like children?

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>>514401772>pretty girl girl in her late teens>but she's petite>HOW IN BLUE BLAZES CAN ANYONE FIND THAT ATTRACTIVE I MEAN REALLY

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>>514401772You'd make a great australian politician.

For me it's NyoTengu.

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>>514401927ughhh i love how japan is turning people into pedos, this is beyond saving anymore. you really think a "pretty girl girl in her late teens" acts like this?

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>>514403183Oh no how will the virtual fictional girls ever be safe with these rascals having naughty thoughts about them? It's a good thing you're here to defend them, truly a noble and moral cause. Please teach us more about your virtuous way of life.

>>514403183More like the jews turned people into thinking that roasties with barely any fertile years left are the only viable options. Thousands of years of instinct drove males to seek the healthiest females to bear offspring, which typically meant as young as possible, since older women are more likely to produce inferior and fewer offspring, and are more likely to suffer health complications themselves (pregnancies after age 35 are still called 'geriatric pregnancies').

>>514403183I hope you never open a tab with Piper Perri or someone similar in it, you might fall into wrongthink

>>514404148its just disgusting to feel attracted to children, you should feel ashamed. this is literally not normal and actual plain and simple degeneracy.>Oh no how will the virtual fictional girls ever be safe with these rascals having naughty thoughts about them? It's a good thing you're here to defend them, truly a noble and moral cause. Please teach us more about your virtuous way of life.sounds more like youre "defending" your virtual fictional girls.

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>>514403183lol I just went on a date, as a 27 year old, with a 19 year old who has a birthday in 7 weeks. She acted exactly like this.Only sexless coomers think a girl can't act cute.

>>514404153so basically, youre saying fucking and impregnating little kids is better and should be normal because they are more healthy and can bear more children.

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>>514405040It's coming back to the west user, you might as well accept it. Keep importing those muslims and indians and see how long it takes once they start electing their own to public office in sufficient numbers.

>>514405338did i hit a nerve you disgusting ignorant pedophile? you seem to not understand the point, pathetic fucking loser, feel good about yourself getting off to characters made to cater to pedos like you, be happy.

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Post nude butts.

>>514395842This would be perfect if she didn't start masterbating

>>514404628They used to say the same things about gays. And look where we are now. The slippery slope is real and some psychologists are even starting to test the waters by saying that pedophilia be recognized as a legitimate sexual preference and not something that should be criminalized or even stigmatized as long as it's not acted upon. That comes later.

>>514387295You just don’t get it>>514385145Why blow money on ecchi or porn games?

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>>514406491Venus Vacation is free, as is X3. You only spend money if you're a whale or have no willpower, which is your own problem to deal with.

>>514406226Blah blah ad hominem, get some new material you resetranny piece of shit. Not even an attempt to address the argument at hand, you're too busy flinging your righteous dick to self fellate your moral ego on the internet. What a boring and predictable faggot.

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>>514407136I meant more on budgets or graphics being pushed by someone who can afford to do so for games of that type, not consuming. KT’s the exception these days.

>small tits>small assGet this shit outta here

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>>514407481Where are the big asses in Japanese games

>>514406382the thought of sexless disgusting men getting off to your 10 year old daughter for example just makes me angry down to my core, they are undeveloped little innocent kids for fucks sake its disgusting and shouldnt be supported.i dont care about gays or whatever fetish you have. i dont like it, sure but it doesnt compare to pedophilia. just think about it, adult men sexualizing little helpless children, its vile. doesnt it irritate you?


>>514385145Marxist subversion ran straight through the DoA franchise so ps3 and below is best you gonna get

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>>514407146>Blah blah ad hominemdude, look at your own posts, fucking hypocrite. also, there never was an argument. whatever dude,its pointless to argue with corrupt and despicable bastards like you, continue to jerk off to infants and feel proud about yourself, what a nice man you are, surely your parents love you.


>>514407669I hope your whore of a daughter gets knocked up at 13 while you were too busy defending fictional videogame women on the internet to care, fucking deranged cunt.

>>514407669In many other cultures men are selling off their 10 year old daughters (and even younger) to suitors to this very day. It's not unusual and it likely happens in your country, even if they have to go outside it to actually perform the ceremony. I'm not talking about it as a fetish, just stating facts, and as degeneracy gets more and more normalized in the west, where do you think we'll go from here? Especially when there will also be advocates for it from within certain other protected immigrant communities?

god I love the plot of this game

>>514409056Hell, we had politicians and social workers turning a blind eye and literally covering up massive abuse of underage girls for decades in the UK because they considered being thought of as 'racist' was worse than doing their jobs to protect vulnerable children.

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>>514409358>Chad with feminine hands lands dream job running a tropical island resort filled with nothing but 11/10 women where the only question is who will get pregnant firstMe too

>>514409583anon... I think you might have autism

>>514385887not everyone has to jack off to hardcore bdsm gangbang cuck pornI do agree the graphics look like shit though

>>514408960hahahah a mad loveless pedophile calling me deranged, i hope for you that you dont make it public though because youll probably get your scrawny pitiful ass beaten to a pulp, so better stay inside and play the tough guy on 4chan. what a pathetic and miserable being, it makes me almost sad.

the models remind me a lot of old Illusion. did the Illusion devs get inspired by DoA?

>>514385145Asking for a friend, how is this game on the switchThis game is mad expensive before I jumped the gun

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>>514407669Modern society has infantilized people to such an extent that you have people in their 30s who still live with their parents and can barely function in the real world. We'd be embarrassments to our forebears who were far more responsible, independent and capable, despite having far less formal education, at younger ages. You can be responsible to drive several thousand pounds of steel death at 16 but can't legally fuck until 18 or drink alcohol until 21? Who even comes up with these numbers, they're completely arbitrary, as evidenced by being completely different in another country. And now the trannies say a child in kindergarten can decide they want to change their sex and we have to accept that and even remove parental oversight if it's anything less than 100% affirmation of the child's wishes?

>>514409998I've heard the pinball is underwhelming. There's only two boards or something

>>514409056well yeah, just because it happens and its usual in some shitholes doesnt make it right though, does it? the world has infinite sick bastards and psychos i know, but its bad how many of these fucks are proud about it in the internet and try to defend it like theres nothing wrong with it, theres just no helping these people.honestly, i have no idea where well go from here it can only get worse, degeneracy seems to not have any limit whatsoever.

>>514408632There is an argument and you keep very conveniently dodging it because you're a dishonest pussy.Marie is of age? You say she doesn't "look" of age.Marie is simply a small healthy adult? You say she doesn't "behave" like one.Get shown an adult woman arguably flatter than Marie? You ignore it and attack the poster.You and your kind are dishonest leeches. You think this site is your twitter feed and you're getting clout with your morally upstanding peers, because you're bashing on a woman of age from a videogame for looking too young and lively. The funniest thing is it's always you fucks the ones getting busted with literal pizza after the virtue signalling facade gets broken. After all, that little voice of guilt in your head won't shut up unless you keep pwning those creepy 4chan pedos, will it now? Keep telling yourself that.

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>>514410436Yes, pretty much. There is just something wrong about modern society, no idea what exactly caused all of this but it just seems that we are devolving more and more mentally its spreading like a damn virus and people cant seem to tell right from wrong anymore. I agree with all your statements.

>>514409998As someone who has played both versions, I can say it's pretty fucking terrible on Switch. The graphics are downgraded significantly and the skin shaders look flat as fuck. On top of that, the resolution is extremely blurry and the frame rate is around 20 fps on average. I'd invest in a cheapo PS4 Slim (can get one used for like $150 if you're lucky) if you really want to give it a whirl. 1080p/60fps with the full fat graphical suite. Remember, this game has zero PS4 Pro enhancements, so you are getting the full experience even with the lowest tier PS4. Stay away from pre-owned, non-slim base PS4's tho; they tend to have insect infestation problems.The game is incredibly fun if you're playing it for the voyeurism aspect. No other Japanese game can touch its attention to detail in certain fanservice elements. But I'll warn you right now, the grind is the absolute worst of any game I've ever played. It's like 10x worse than a Korean MMORPG in that regard. Grinding is necessary to unlock lots of features and items you'll desperately want. It's not for the faint of heart, but if your primary objective is to have some intense /c/umbrain-approved fun and you're looking to kill lots of time during the pandemic, I can't think of any other game better to eat those hours away.

Remember why we're here lads don't let her down

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>>514411681So Venus Vacation does have better model complexity than DOAX3?

>>514411201Removal of God most likely. Doesn't even have to be the notion of a literal God that progressives like to paint all Christians as having, but simply the idea of God, of being a decent human being, doing unto others, that sort of thing. God has been replaced with lesser idols: Hollywood, pornography, money, and a generally rudderless existence that's all about achieving as much pleasure as you can before you kick off, with no higher goal than personal gratification.

>>514410824*sigh* Im not really trying to "dodge" my way out, its just obvious things and i dont want to make too much of an effort for these degenerates as its meaningless anyways. Alright, lets see...>Marie is of age? You say she doesn't "look" of ageIts simple to create a 12 year old child as a developer and just make it a "girl of age" because of legal and ethical reasons, this has been seen in for example anime many times and mainly happens in Japan because they have a history of liking children and always were culturally questionable (incest,pedophilia etc.) >Marie is simply a small healthy adult? You say she doesn't "behave" like one.Pretty much the same shit as your point, stated above. They made her basically legal so the only thing i can base this off of is looks and behaviour which obviously (and you know this and try to act naive and ignorant) doesnt match an adult female in this day and age. Go out and show me any adult females that look and behave like this, if you ever do (they dont). Alright, lets see your next "argument">Get shown an adult woman arguably flatter than Marie? You ignore it and attack the poster.Alright, so first off the poster clearly attacked me first himself, i have no right to hit back? gotta be more thick skinned than that, buddy.Secondly, i never said that there areny any adults that can have the same physique like the character in question from my perspective this is just dumb ignorant shit and doesnt even count as an argument so i guess i ignored it? (the physique doesnt excuse the fact that the character still looks and behaves like a child btw)So is that all? Nice arguments and speech you got there, let me tell you this:I dont give a fuck about clout or any upstanding peers whiteknighting or whatever the fuck you may call it, this is 4chan theres no clout to be gained here i dont use twitter and even if i did, what does that have to do with anything? call me a leech. whatever, no space left, you win, happy?

>>514387543>top almost looks 2D>bottom is clearly 3DWhere's the problem...?

>>514412095Thats quite an interesting take, i like your way of thinking.But even if the cause was "Removal of God", how did this happen? Why now, why didnt humanity have these problems before? Why is everything crumbling down as technology evolves whats the cause of the problems, why are men nowadays less disciplined, responsible, independent and capable despite having less education at younger ages? Porn and money have always existed in some kind of way and it some kind of form, even before and it never was a problem of this scale. People nowadays tend to be more shameless, distasteful while being supportive of it. I cant make sense of it, its kind of sad and upsetting at the same time.

>>514413339Problem is the top runs at a native 1080p/60fps on a base PS4 and bottom also does the exact same despite looking a full generation behind. I expect more from these devs if a niche as fuck franchise such as idolmaster can pull off visual complexity like that in realtime. Check this shit out bro; this isn't some pre-rendered bullshit either: youtube.com/watch?v=SUmg5bGs1R0

>>514385145>Sameface or Alive (although it's not as bad as gen 7 Idolmaster model)

>>514414772>That linkMy fucking ears! Why did you do this to me?!!

>>514414185>>514411201The answer is always Jews.

>>514416353shhh we dont talk about (((it))) here.

>>514401772First chick who isn’t a titcow so she has the niche by the balls

>>514416828But you guys talk about it all the time

>>514417745You dont find it odd how some of the anons never come back? It almost seems like... they disappear?

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>>514413115That >>514411681 doesn't look twelve you idiot, you're just throwing a number out you think proves whatever proves your point. She looks younger yes, she's petite yes, it doesn't make her a fucking kid or mean a person wants a kid.>girls NEED to act this arbitrarily mature and look arbitrarily "old" enough in my books or it's obvious it's blah blah blah

>>514418491I do, but I feel that it’s sort of expected when discussing it.

>>514418678it doesnt matter if she looks 12, 14 or 15 fact is she looks underage, and acts like it you imbecile. we can keep talking about this and drag it as long as you want if you wont admit it, shes 18 to avoid controversy, so that people can play the "petite" card. you know damn well that they created this character to cater to a specific audience you can sugar lace this as much as you want with shit like this.>girls NEED to act this arbitrarily mature and look arbitrarily "old" enough in my books or it's obvious it's blah blah blah

>>514395842Why does it have to be a nigger? Do you like them? Do you want it?

>>514414772Idolmaster is not niche in Japan, it is far bigger than Senran Kagura. Cinderella Girls alone makes billions each year.

>>514385887>how do people get off to this shit.by being aspergers filled incels who force meme their marriage to a bunch of polygons every day

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>>514387543Didn't [email protected] 2 run at 1080 60 on the ps3 and xbox 360? Its funny because the new Project Diva game on the switch struggles to hit 60fps on all of their songs


>>514420204You shouldn't be so jealous of a fictional girl.

>>514413115>looks and behaviour which obviously (and you know this and try to act naive and ignorant) doesnt match an adult female in this day and agebased retard that's never been to japan

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>>514385145It's hard to improve on your game's quality when every time you release your game the mainstream media is always against you.

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>>514421710Not him but it ain't that far fetched honestly

>>514422480who cares about mainstream media, they are always against something lmao

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>>514423138>who cares about mainstream mediaThe investors?

>>514403183It's a real thing in Japan. Pretty cringe tbqh

>>5143875433D is inherently trying to be realistic. 2D is better, including and especially in games.Though moreso because 3D based gameplay tends to be shit. I'll take TLoZ or even something smaller like quest of Dungeons with their good responsive action combat any day over BotW or God Eater.I like them very much but they are brought down by being 3D. Action is shit in 3D. Moreso in western AAA games where it's abused to make you pay more but all around it's still a lesser experience.2D graphics in general are still also better though regardless of the gameplay. You have to go pretty far down the chain before the best 3D beats even pretty bad 2D.

>>514385145what fucking genre is that?

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>>514422092that's not her face retard.it's some daz 3d character.fucking embarrassing man, imagine being this face blind.