Games that best capture the classic D&D adventure?

Games that best capture the classic D&D adventure?

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Try asking /vr/ if you haven't already. Holla Forums is for porn

>>514383314diablo and 2


>>514383754Unironically this.

>>514383314Try the Capcom games

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>>514384176This, the games are kino and fun with friends

>>514383314KOTOR and KOTOR 2It's not ye olde fantasy but the character creation and combat is straight from D&D, dice rolls and all

Oblivion unironically


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>>514383314>inb4 it's an MMOyeah but it captures the atmosphere & thrill of going through a dungeon perfectly

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>>514383314I've been running an old school (B/X) DND game for over a year now. Your best bet is to ask /vr/ but IMO:>King's Quest and other sierra games>Zork and other text based adventures>HOMM>Nethack

>>514385267What about ADOM?

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>>514385872What am I looking at here?

>>514385872Yeah, most roguelikes will work, really

>>514383314Any Baulder's gate? Pathfinder: Kingmaker? Planescape: Torment? Any CRPG?

>>514384702I don't know why but Oblivion feels a lot more comfy than the other Elder Scrolls games. Every place in Skyrim feels like shit or two tone colours. Morrowind is too dated.

>>514383314Original Might & Magic, or anything in that vein including the old AD&D strategy RPG crawlers.The latter is a bit closer to minifig-style in its battles of course, but I liked the maps of the former much better. Surprisingly compelling outdoor areas for such an old game.Phantasie also isn't too bad, as its name suggests it's got a more overhead style similar to Final Fantasy but the character creation and exploration systems are pretty nice.

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>>514386472Anyone familiar with any of these?

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>>514384942Came here to recommend this. Every quest has DM voice acting. They're running a perma-death server right now too.

>>514383314Dragons Dogma was the only game that captured that adventure feel for me. The whole pawn system just made the whole thing pure kino.

>>514386982some of the old AD&D stuff I was referring to.They're pretty good.A lot of it plays out in first-person dungeon crawl style but has grid battles like this. It's pretty neat.

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>>514386982I played Champions of Krynn. It was fucking great and a lot of fun. I think I printed the shitty PDF manual so I could play it properly and read the quests

>>514387312Are they pleb friendly? I've played a lot of the older cRPGs (Fallout 1/2, BGI/II, Arcanum, etc.), but never any DOS or GoldBox games.

>>514386518I can't really get into Oblivion on a mechanical level. Not being able to sit in chairs or cook food really bothers be. Can't even mine any more. The world just feels so non-interactive regardless of you being able to pick up and move everything.I hope TES6 can go even further with that.

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>>514383314Baldies Gate 1 and 2 of courseAnd nothing else

>>514383314Eye of the Beholder, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights (with friends), Planescape Torment, or Knights of the Old Republic.

>>514386472Baldu'r Gate could work but only if you'd go in blind for the first one

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>>514386518Cyrodil is very pretty. It's almost Tolkienesque. There are dangerous places and monsters to be sure, but a lot of the game world is beautiful pastures, flowers, and ancient ruins that look more mysterious than dangerous. You really get the sense of being transported into an idealized world, both ideal good and ideal evil exist here. Skyrim, on the other hand, is trying to invoke a much harsher world: jagged, rocky landscapes, frozen tundras, and tombs to ancient warlords who still long to inflict suffering on the living. It's very Robert Howard, the beauty comes from how untamed and raw the land is. Morrowind I only played a little of, but it seems to be going for 1970's 'far out' fantasy. The world is like studying the carapace of an insect: it's beautiful, but also utterly strange and utterly alien.

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>>514388346But for everything great about it theres something equally awful.

>>514383314Look at the tongue on that thing. He could lick my entire thigh..............

>>514388593And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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>>514388106bg1 in general only works if you go into it blind with a mindset of light roleplaying an actual game of dnd. Sadly the game is fundamentally incompatible with the modern gamer's mindset. Looking shit up, metagaming, savescumming, and autistically optimizing your party make the game a dull snoozefest simply because it wasn't designed around it

>>514383314old school runescape

>>514387741How often do you genuinely sit down on chairs and do nothing in video games?

>>514383314True Roguelikes as in games which are related to or forked from Rogue:>>514385267>Nethack>>514385872>ADOMand others, just go to roguebasin and look.

>>514388593Me personally I was talking more about the setting. Skyrim is probably better on a gameplay level, no custom magic aside, but Oblivion just feels nicer to be in.

>>514386982I finished forgotten Realms and part of Krynn and played through Spelljammer all were great.

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>>514388817>Looking shit up, metagaming, savescumming, and autistically optimizing your partyHow do I stop doing this?

>>514388346the variation on the main themes are very telling of what to expectmorrowind is very magical and grandiose, bookended with those ominous drumbeats, skyrim is pulse-pounding, chest-beating and epic oblivion is ominous but also accompanied by this big, regal brass section and then halfway through it move to almost pastoral strings and harp make it seem ethereal

>>514385975old school style ASCII roguelike game. Little symbols represent things.Basic-bitch graphics, but very deep gameplay because devs focus everything on mechanics.great genre probably best for OP.

>>514389215If you can't simply just not do it, then you just don't have the right mindset for it. Nothing wrong with it, just isn't for you.

>>514388106I played through Baldur's gate 1 and 2 and the dlc as well as Icewind dale. I Prefur Icewind Dale honestly.


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>>514387518they're easy to play, you just need to have the manual at hand so you can check what they tell you in the taverns and all that, I don't know how to configure dos on new computers though, played it years ago on windows XP. that will probably be the biggest filter

>>514383314Gold Box games. The Pools series in particular is one big adventure spread over 4 games with a slow power creep that brings you from getting buttfucked from small groups of kobolds to accidentally killing twelve ancient dragons with a sneeze. No games do AD&D adventures as well as the Gold Box games, which is pretty bloody sad really because they had plenty of opportunities to do better and just never did.

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Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall was made as a CRPG. The new Unity port is solid shit and has great mods. The team that made it has gotten back together to make a spiritual successor probably will be dope once it drops. The studio is called OnceLost Games.

>>514389579Pool of Radiance is one of the best games ever.

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>>514389215I have a really hard time shaking my habits too. Every time I encounter a new quest I get tempted to do a quick lookup of the possible outcomes/rewards and I have to physically stop myself. Avoiding looking up shit about the game is purely dependant on sheer willpower and breaking your bad vidya habits, but you can minimize things like savescumming by making soft "rules" for yourself, e.g. only saving at the start of each new area and only reloading if you hit a TPK or some other insurmountable barrier to progress (like if you got all the different thief companions in the game chunked and thus can't find or disarm traps anymore). Take a more "casual" (but less casual in the traditional sense of the word because the game will be harder) approach to playing the game and roll with the punches. Imagine a personality/backstory to your character and respond to dialogue options as your character would if possible. You don't need perfect rolls on character creation, you can afford to let some of the 20 or so companions die, etc.>>514389294Hard disagree. These kinds of things come from ingrained habit that *can* be broken with effort and I think it's worthwhile to at least try

>>514389475Man I all ways loved Dungeon Master great game.

>>514389892god, I love how fucking broken this game gets. pic related is from my Unity implementation. It is the only real way to play now.

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>>514389775I like it and all, but I don't know why people love to single out just the first game. The sequels improved in so many ways, not the least of which was losing the basic commision/reward format in favour of more free form adventuring.

>>514383314Temple of Elemental Evil

>>514391287Probably my favorite turn based combat system in any RPG ever (unless you count Jagged Alliance 2 as an RPG).

Card hunter for that old school dnd feel in a card game.

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>>514391164For me, it's Curse of the Azure Bonds.

>>514391102>>514389892Daggerfall is great. It's a huge world with a lot of nothing and a lot of same thingsMakes me feel like I'm in a weird hell


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>>514389775Why doesn't anyone ever mention Hillsfar?

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>>514392116Never heard of it, desu.

What do crpgfags think of this series?

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>>514391287This, finally someone said it.

>>514393023Pretty good. The lore and world are excellent and while it doesn't offer as much gameplay freedom as something like Fallout or BG, there's still enough to mess around with to keep them fun.

>>514392957Side game made with SSI and Westwood it's horrible, you can level up one character before transferring them to Azure Bonds. It's a real time game where you pick locks, Practice archery, ride a horse and fight in a arena.

>>514383314Shadowgate the 2014 pc versionyeah it's an adventure game but it gets the tunnel vision problem solving vibe of the old D&D modules

>>514393545Sorry transfer from Pool of Radiance to Azure Bonds. It also has things you can do at the pub.

>>514391647Aye, I think it's the high point too.

>>514392116If you'd played it you'd know, mate. Bad joke of a game. What WERE they thinking with that one?

>>514395256>What WERE they thinking with that one?They weren't.

Ahead of its time and has one of the more unique D&D worlds.

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I really wish AI tech would hurry the fuck up and create genuinely neverending adventures.inb4 someone mentions AI Dungeon. That shit bugs out and fucks up the story continuity way too easily even with the /remember function. Also it's still entirely text.

>>514386518Oblivion looks ugly and bland, and this is coming from someone who likes “classic” fantasy. Morrowind and Skyrim have much better art direction


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>>514389775Don't forget the player made remake user!

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>>514397729Bold of you to assume I'm not playing it right now.

>>514387741isn't that enderal?

>>514383314Unironically, Divinity OS 2 with friends captures the D&D feel more than any other game

>>514383314Not classic D&D, but Dragon's Dogma feels like a D&D world if it was hit with an anime ray.

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Are the Dragonlance books any good?

>>514397729Wasn't too impressed with another module by that author (B2). Along with some other bizarre gameplay decisions, there were plenty of instances of the text and actual rewards not matching up at all dispite how easy that is to do in FRUA. I should hope he improved a hell of a lot after that.


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>>514398489Original trilogy is pretty comfy, especially if you can get the Larry Elmore paperbacks

>>514398489Reminder to take the Malazanpill, if you're into fantasy lit.

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>>514386518>>514387741>>514388346I know nothing about TES lore outside of Oblivion and Skyrim. What can we expect if TES6 turns out to be High Rock. What sort of vibes/environments and comfiness?

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Baldur's Gate, Eye of the Beholder. Diablo.The Capcom beat em ups..

>>514386518>Morrowind is too dated.What are mods?

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>>514399963High Rock...home...

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>>514383314Grab a buddy and dive into Divinity OS 2. It's baffling how so many people slept on this. It's one of the best games of the decade and one of the greatest crpgs of all time.

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>>514400605>It's baffling how so many people slept on this. It's unironically one of the most popular and praised RPGs of the last few years. It's probably the poster child for the cRPG revival scene.

>>514399963Since the game will probably set in Highrock, we will probably get !NOT the witcher

>>514400772They'd be dumb to not do Summerset, t b h.

>>514383314Baldurs Gate 1, Icewind Dale 1, ToEE, Eyes of the Beholder and Pathfinder Kingmaker (it is based on 3.5)

>>514401148>Pathfinder KingmakerGOAT tier game.

>>514400605it was boring and comapred to the first one the soundtrack was really bad.

>>514387440That actually sounds comfy af. I hope you have a wonderful day.

>>514401552Here's your (You)

Runescape was literally designed to be a D&D based game. The combat system fills a similar role as well.

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>>514387518use a dosbox

>>514384176Amazing games. Stomp Dragon's Crown into the ground

>>514389996You I like you!

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>>514399405Larry Elmore is pretty based. A friend of mine went to hang out with him at his studio the other day, has a bunch of original works and wanted to get one touched up.

>>514403435Based.Here I was thinking I was the only one on this board that's played Darklands. Probably the single best character creator I've come across in an RPG.

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>>514383314arx fatalis

Uniorincally Tibia.IDK if your specs can run it tho

>>514400351Needing mods to fix a game means its aged awfully

Neverwinter Nights

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>>514383314Did you play Planescape Torment yet? It's still in my backlog.


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>>514404580>interdimentional god police simulator

>>514386982All of the Gold Box games are a good time. Also, check out Warriors of the Eternal Sun for the Genesis, also an AD&D game.


>>514384942From my experience everyone just speedrushed to the end, didn't felt like careful exploration from tabletop at all.

Dragon’s DogmaKotor 2Dragon’s Crown

>>514398489A lot of the older ones are. The later ones suffered because D&D was going through its identity crisis at the time and the tone of the novels reflected that.

>>514405023>Also, check out Warriors of the Eternal Sun for the Genesis, also an AD&D game.That's a D&D Basic game, not AD&D.

>>514405627Color me corrected. Fair enough.

I still have copies of the old SSI games Strahd's Possession, Stone Prophet, and Menzoberranzan that I dust off and replay occasionally. Gameplay is janky as fuck but the atmosphere is really good, especially the Ravenloft ones.

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>>514383314Neverwinter nights

>>514398124Personally I enjoy Divinity OS 1 because you're able to cast more spells, know more spells, and there's a resistance stat instead of a baseline shield you have to go through before your spells have any effect one anyone. But yeah I do agree the story and dialogue is more interesting in 2

>>514399563Yedan Derrig was so fucking cool. Are the other Malazan novels worth reading?

Dragon's Dogma is the game that most captures the feel of D&D art / book covers, if that counts.

>>514397729>PoR remakeIs this a FRUA module? I just recently got into the Gold Box games, is there a repository for good shit like this?


>>514399963High Rock is is kind of like dark ages/early medieval England. Lots of minor kingdoms rising and falling, coming and going, plotting against each other, warring, rising to power only to fall. It is explicitly feudal with little to no social mobility. Lots of witchcraft and edgy morally questionable magic taking place behind closed doors. A little bit Gothic, a little bit Arthurian. I have no faith in Bethesda capturing any of that nuance, and it fully expect it to be Oblivion 2 with some Hammerfall locations thrown in.

>>514389892Ogre looking motherfucker on a flying horse might be the sickest shit I've seen today.

>>514383314Dragon's dogma

>>514407336Hmmm reminds me of Mists of Avalon and other Arthurian fiction which has "proper" medieval society clashing with the darker, mysticism of druids, witches etc.They could lean into Welsh/Celtic influences that would differentiate it from the generic Medieval of Oblivion and Fantasy games in general.

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>>514403576sell me on this game. never played any of those old crpgs but I'm looking to try one out

>>514398489Here is your reading guide:-Read Chronicles first (Dragons of autumn twilight, winter night, spring dawning)-Read the Raistlin chronicles (The Soulforge and Brothers in Arms) -Optional: Some of the Meetings Sextet is alright for what they are. Because of how the dragonlance series works, where a bunch of authors wrote for it, some of these are dubiously cannon to the books Margaret Weiss wrote, but you can still reasonably read Kindred Spirits and Oath and the Measure, which are the only good ones of the bunch anyways.-Optional: The Lost Chronicles, tells stories that happen between books in Chronicles. They are widely forgettable, but have some good moments and explain some shit that you might be wondering about. -Read Dragonlance Legends. This is your reward for reading the rest of the series, and is in my opinion, some off the best generic fantasy literature ever. At this point you have a couple options. You can accept that legends was a great way to end the story of the characters you have been reading, and end it there. Or, you can continue. Be warned: there are no happy endings beyond this point. -The Second Generation: Stories about the children of the heroes of the lance, leads into the next book. -Dragons of Summer Flame. This book is contentious, I would personally argue that it puts a satisfying ending to... the entire setting. Others would say that it destroys what is unique about the settings. Either way, pretty much everybody would agree that you should go no further from here. The next trilogy, The War of Souls, is universally despised. It is basically misery porn the entire way through, though some appreciate that it undoes some of the parts of summer flame that people didn't like. Read it if you are really, really itching for more, but I can guarantee you that you will get frustrated with it. Bonus round: The New Adventures were books written with a younger audience in mind, but are actually alright for what they are.

>>514389892>Using basic mechanics in conjunction with each other trivialises the entire gameI'd respect the franchise a lot more if there were any enemies that would actually attempt to do even half the shit that's afforded to the player

Old gold box games (Pool of Radiance and such), Ultima IV and V are pretty damn easy to get into. I recommend 'em. You don't need to know lots of D&D rules to get into em either.Honestly, and ol' RPG will probably do the job for you.Even the Dragon Quest series.

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>>514387518They're fine, they're plenty hard, but if you want a real D&D experience I assume that's what you're lookin' for.

>>514408907>>514407336your welsh/celtic mentions are not that far off but expect the unexpected. it seems no one really knows what the fuck high rock should be outside of the creatively bankrupt eso rendition. not even kirkbride had much in the way of interesting ideas for themby all previous accounts high rock should be this mishmash place of forests riddled with fortresses, castles and caves with a knight-errant around every corner, with breaks for swampy morass, dramatic crags on the coasts, moorland and rolling hills, snowy peaks and rugged mountains as it breaks up into skyrim, hammerfell and cyrodiil.the society is a big clusterfuck too, you got peasants, a middle class of merchants, artisans etc, nobles of all sorts, then you got knights running around doing shit and then uber magical dudes on the highest echelons. Imagine a society where even the uneducated peasantry can be adept at some form of magic. this is the biggest thing that no one at bethesda has thought about. high elves and dark elves have this monopoly on weird wizard shit and they pretend like bretons are mud people? you have entire race of people known for their eccentricity, their clever tongues, their knightly orders, their lust for adventure and an in-born affinity for magic. Breton is *the* race for an archetypical fantasy hero of any kind, knight, wizard, thief, you name it.

>>514406492Now, I'm positive that's it's not all good shit, but here you go.>

>>514406492>>514414161I was too hasty in my linkage. This page has the full list.>

>>514410247Oh, I forgot, if you are familiar with the Ravenloft setting at all, Knight if the Black Rose and Specter of the Black Rose are both a treat involving one of the more beloved villains in the series.

>>514398931could each player make a character in DOS2? I was wondering about that because i want to know what BG3 multiplayer will be like.still hoping they give us a worldbuilder like we had with neverwinter nights 2

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>>514383314The Tales of Arterra and Aielund Saga modules for NWN.


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>>514384451>one party member games No.

>>514412821Just hire someone who knows about the dark ages in Britain for fuck sake and actually read some Arthurian literature, why do they have to make this so painful about themselves by staying ignorant of the things they are basing it on?

>>514400605This game is always expensive even when on sale and I really didn't like dragon age so I'm reluctant to toss it some money I know I can use to pay my phone bill with. I even checked instant gaming, gamivo and g2a.

>>514383314MorrowindWoW Classic

>>51441950420 bucks is expensive?

>>514415982I hate that Larian promised a toolset "like neverwinter nights" but it just ends up being some garbage unintuitive piece of shit that no one wants to work with. I don't think anyone has even tried to make a mod for DOS2.

>>514420323If there's a chance I'll hate it, yes. It has also been years since release.

>>514420675Why the hell can't anyone make a true successor to NWN's toolset already?