Post an uglier types of firearms in any video game.Protip: you can't

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>>514381805>uglier types of firearmsThat's the point

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>>514381805... Yes?

>>514381805The real crime of fallout 4 is that god awful crafting system that forces you to pick up all the fucking shit from the floor. The way weapon mods worked in NV was perfect, they just had to fuck it up

>>514383714if you couldn't tell by the fact that weapon variation is just as trash as in fallout 3, bethesda learned nothing from new vegas

>>514382017Post an image that I don't have to break my neck to try and read and maybe it'll be worth something, moron.

>>514383714get a mod that makes junk weightless

>>514383714fallout has had garbage collection since it went 3dif you don't want to collect garbage you can just buy the mods from a vendor anyway

Let's cut right to the "Bethesda vs Obsidian" shitposting, shall we?4's mod system was actually really good. 76 made it perfect by adding weapon condition again, making it seem worthwhile to go scavenging. It really made you feel like you were trying to survive.

>>514381805waht i hate is homemade guns are real and usually look a hundred times better than this. fuck this little pocket pistols >>514382017 look better than the in-game pipegunsyou could argue that they're only that shitty because raiders made them, but you find the fucking things in sealed prewar containers- implying they are indeed just homemade weaponrythe handmade in the themepark DLC or whichever one added it is what the baseline for the guns should have been, not these copper tubing shits


>>514384173The mod system in 4 has too many strict upgrades. There is no reason to try shit out because most of the time it is straight up inferior to single fire mode strongest receiver.

Is there any way to play the game from start to finish without having to ever speak to them ?

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>>514382017bethesda just threw some random shit together in a gun-like shape. actual homemade guns are way more interesting.

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I really wish the whole homemade gun thing was expanded upon.Probably wouldn't work in Fallout where everyone wants pew pew lasers but I'd like to see another post apocalyptic game flesh outnthe concept and make a system out of it.

>>514385579metro has some good shit, if you like that kind of stuff

>>514384889You can literally skip Concord if you want user

>>514384173I thought the gear degradation in 76 was incredibly tedious since there's 4 more armor pieces you have to maintain instead of just the two in 3 and NV in addition to your weapons. It's especially a pain in the ass thanks to the carry weight being nerfed to hell and back so just carrying the junk you need to keep your shit in good condition will likely have you waddling around like a walmart shopper.The cynic in me says they deliberately made it tedious to insensitives buying repair kits off the atom shop, which is just throwing atoms or got forbid real money into the void.

>>514384173>Let's cut right to the "Bethesda vs Obsidian" shitposting, shall we?We've moved on to "people with functioning brains vs 76 players" shitposting.

>>514381805Nope you got me OP, can't argue with that.Did you discover a topic people on Holla Forums can't argue about?

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>>514384170still dumb tho, they should have had you able to find mods in the world

>>514384509automatic receiver is better DPS-wise if you got the ammo to support it

>>514384889Mama Murphy was the half assed attempt at tribals in fallout 4

>>514384889yes and I did so in my first playthrough>he tossed me the free laser musket from the balcony as I walked past>I kept walking>none of his faggotry>no concord nigger squatters>no power armor startwas kino

>>514385137The sten is beautiful in its simplicity, go fuck yourself.

>>514389883*dabs on youAlso, the Sterling and Owen both look better.

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>>514390365Not denying it, but considering the context and timeframe in which the sten was developed, I still find it beautiful for what it was: an emergency we-need-literally-anything-within-the-next-few-months smg

>Bethesda announces pipe weapons >Think they'll be neato slam fire shotguns>They're just fantasy retard shit instead

>>514390582The Angloid butchering of the very aesthetic MP 34 is the true crime. Also, the lack of pistol grip is the deal breaker for me, Sten Mk V looks good though.

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>>514390582Also, best WWII SMG coming through.

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>>514391931What a handsome shotgun.

>>514381805>America is a wasteland for hundreds of years>people are building robots and insane shit>hmm what would home-made firearms look like?>crudely chopped wood, fucking duct tape, scrap metalthat's why I installed pic related, replaces the fugly pipe guns with historically based cheaply-machined weapons

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>>514392356What about the crafting?>hmmm, I'd like to build a bed>I have all the fiber and metal that I need>here, let me build it>there -perfect. I just built a piss-stained shitty mattress that looks like someone had a diarrhea attack on

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>>514391931Nah bro

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>>514392356it's not as farfetched as you might think

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>>514384192Those do not look better

>>514392987>drum magNo. And you didn't even post the best Soviet SMG.

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>>514392754homemaker adds a bunch of furniture that doesn't look like garbage

Profile view of guns in an FPS is pretty irrelevant.

>>514393267that looks way better than FO4 pipe weapons. Look at the furnishing - it's actually functional, not a random piece of wood that wasn't even cut down or sanded. With random wires and shit holding it together. Didn't even put a trigger guard on it - because who needs something so basic as your gun not shooting itself.Just look at this and compare to your photo. Unabomber's pistol is well crafted, pic related looks like someone's retarded little brother was let loose in a junk yard

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>>514394245the unabomber was a genius and a turboNEET.

>>514394245a trigger guard is a raider's last concern in a mutant-infested, irradiated wasteland.the pipe guns are appropriately janky. Them appearing in pre-war crates is just a dumb oversight, in the same way Reach model Marines and Elites appear in Halo CE Anniversary.

>>514395552Pipe weapons were around pre war according to this magazine

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>>514395829Is Fallout 4 the most retarded game ever to exist? At every possible instance, Bethesda fucked it up.

>>514395829What the shit? Well fuck that then.


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>>514395552>a trigger guard is a raider's last concern in a mutant-infested, irradiated wasteland.no it's not, it's just a strip of metal. and it keeps your gun from shooting you in the dick when it snags on your clothes. it's one of the most important features of a firearm, they figured that out centuries ago

>>514396080>>514382017These are fired by pulling back a rubber band and releasing it. probably intended for 1 time use and then ditching. not the same thing as creating a firearm that actually has a mechanism you spent time making/salvaging and that you're gonna be carrying around indefinitely.

>>514395829>>514396063you guys never been to /k/?

>>514396741too many furrys

>>514381805how the hell do those stiff screws work as triggers?

what happened to the bajillion real guns that are just laying around america?

>>514396981Probably the same way as a pin-trigger crossbow. Pushing the bolt/pin upwards releases a catch, allowing the spring/string to launch the projectile forward. Look closely at the bottom left pistol. There's a coiled spring visible through a slot in the barrel.

>>514397254I guess they deteriorated over 200 years, but not the Energy Weapons LOL! The shit that is even more retarded is TLoU.>only a few years, a decade at most after apocalypse>only guns in existence are fudd gunsLike seriously, where the hell did all the ARs go? It's the most popular fucking rifle in this country and they just mysteriously all vanished.

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>>514396334So important, John Henry Fitzgerald even cut them up.

>>514381805The real issue is that these fucking things are everywhere. You actually NEED weapon mods if you wanna play fallout 4 and not constantly see these shitty garbage guns or the 10 other guns in the game.

>>514397854There were ARs in the last level of TLoU1, I think their absence is more of a gameplay thing than anything.

>>514382017You'd be surprised by the guns you can create at home.

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>>514397854Decided to do some research to check your claim of "only a few years", and while TLOU1 takes place 20 years after everything went to shit, the real gem is this: Joel was born in 1984/85. His daughter was born in 2001. He was married to her mother at the time of Sarah's birth. Think about that.

>>514399253The issue is that every schmuck seems to have one. These fucking things are really only made by tech savey people that understand how firearms work and tick.A clear opposite to what beth was intending them for if the concept art is anything to go by.

>>514395829Retarded as fuck considering we have shit like this. Bethesda can't into guns.

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>>514399424I've never played the game so whatever. I don't care if it's fifty years or even a hundred years after the apocalypse. ARs will be everywhere.

>>514399767>games designed by sheltered upper middle class liberals have a poor grasp of both hands on work and firearmsNo shit.

>>514399672>The issue is that every schmuck seems to have oneNot to mention that guns didn't seem to be that rare in the fallout universe to merit people desperately making home made guns with whatever piece of wood or spring they could find.

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>>514399672actually these are built and used by meth-heads.people who know what they're doing use a stolen gun, or one of the millions of unregistered firearms stashed around the countryside.

>>514399672>>514400203if you have the knowhow, it's be a good source of cash pumping them out and selling them to every survivor you could

>>514381805>pipe guns are homemade>they are in mass produced quantity in the game

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>>514383714They wanted to make the game longer by having you fuck around with settlements. Game is shorter if you just ignore settlements and Preston. Also I hated how there's way lesser weapons in 4 than in NV.

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>>514400158That one is obvious user. But we live in a time when all your questions can be answered by a quick internet search. You can find better looking shit on Google in one second than whatever idea of "guns" Bethesda had.

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>>514384889You can walk past Preston and grab the bobblehead and just leave them there forever. If you want you can use the power armor and kill the Deathclaw, but never ever reenter that building or else the scripts will take place and they will start to walk towards sanctuary.

>>514400510I think what's really unforgivable is how disgusting the armors look in the game. Also fuck whoever decided to not let you holster your weapons on your back/hip.

>>514392356The 10mm had the looks of a decent looking homemade gun and it wasn't even in F4. Had to install a mod. They should've followed this style.

>>514401042fuck forgot pic

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>>514401273The 76 version looked pretty good imo. Its only problem was that it was stuck in 76 along with a bunch of other neat guns

>>514401451>liked the SAA .357 revolver from NV>it's in 76 but with a fucking retarded reload animationI hate how in 4 if you wanted a certain weapon, you just mod an existing one to be like that weapon instead of just giving us a ton of different cool weapons like in NV.

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>>514401674The overdone animations on the hunting rifle make it completely unusable for me. They had it perfect in 3 and NV, it takes way too long to even pull back the bolt in 4 and 76 and it looks like shit to boot.

>>514381805I hate how we had decent guns in the 1800s, but then we take it even farther back in F4 with fucking pipe shit

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>>514381805Theyre supposed to look shitty since theyre hand made from random parts. The concept is cool, but with fallout 4 having a shit selection overall its kinda shitty

>>514400960>how disgusting the armors look in the game

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>>514392356What I hate about fallout's aesthetic is that everything is dirty. It's like the bombs dropped a few weeks ago. Everyone just squats in the ruins of the old world forever. The only new construction is shit that's built out of scraps. In all of those years nobody has used a broom to clean the dirt and trash off of the floor of the buildings that they live in. All of the mattresses are fucking filthy. Everything is filthy despite the fact that you can't walk ten paces without tripping over three boxes of abraxo.Yeah you're living in the ruins of the old world, but god fucking damnit people should be rebuilding.

>>514381805I feel like pipe weapons were designed for super mutants, without giving them OP, expensive shit for selling for caps, but then they can only wield the pipe rifle so they went fuck it

>>514403458super mutants should have been using miniguns and plasma casters, they shouldnt be early game enemies with shitty pipe weapons

>>514403235Bethesda is dumb. Pretty much all the budget was spend on the open world and not story and quests.

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>>514401674What's bad about that? I don't see the issue.>want tri laser beam rifle>take regular laser rifle>modify it to fire split laser beamsIf anything I wanted this kind of weapon customization in NV.

>>514403929Because it's not hard to make a bunch of different weapons and weapon animations

>>514404149>different weapon models>it's just a shorter laser rifleAgain, I don't see the problem. It looks more like a variant/modification of the weapon than a completely new model.

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>>514402357>and 76 and it looks like shit to bootDon't forget that the bolt is on the wrong fucking side too.

i never knew dysgenics exist within the realm of fire arms but now i know

>>514384889>can you skip the emergency faction that only exists in case you majorly fuck everything upEasy>go to concord>dont go in to museum of freedom>can literally do the entirety of the game outside of minutemen content>can even take the castle without so much as encountering preston garvey

>>514402357not to mention they gave it a left handed bolt, what the fuck were they thinking?

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>>514403235same. old cars, piles of shit, even 300 year old skeletons just laying around where people supposedly live. it's been centuries, people would have cleaned it up as soon as soon as they started permanently living there.

>>514381805i love to make one with the highest rate of fire and a short barrel and mow down raiders with my PipePSH

>>514409364so you can see the epic cool cycling action!

>>514405009>>514409364That was what made it so annoying to use. Every time you fire off a shot you get this animation where your hand is fumbling all over your screen pulling the bolt back and it goes on for slightly too long. It makes it feel cumbersome to use so I just never did after a certain point.

>>514409918>hmmm should we reuse the animation from fallout 3 and new vegas that has the bolt action work properly?>nah lets just make a new one that covers up 98% of the screen anytime you use it

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>>514410120Bethesda trying to impress anyone with their animating skills is so pathetic, they are well known for having the worst animations out of any AAA developer.

>>514384889>pick up bobblehead and power armor>never enter museum again>hang out in sanctuary filled with assaultronsCommonwealth can go fuck itself.

>>514403235The only good thing about fallout 76 it's actually suppose to be only 20 years after the bombs fell.

>>514410249I don't even think its that. Consolefags unironically like stupid bullshit like this where they can see shit like animations playing or the bullets ecjecting from the gun even if its impractical and stupid.

Fallout 4 is only good for being a mediocre porn game. Skyrim's where it's at for a half decent porn game experience.

>>514409602>people sleeping on mattresses on the ground>perfectly good unused bedframes and desks next door they could have laid the mattresses on>leaving old cars lying around haphazardly instead of dragging them into a nice defensive perimeter around your raider outpost>leaving old cars lying around in the first place, all that steel that could be smelted down>so much steel just lying around unused, phones, file cabinets, clothes irons, etcThere's a lot that boggles the mind, it's been hundreds of years they were content to just make barely-functioning shitguns out of lead pipes, screws, and driftwood. Living in holey wooden shacks instead firing bricks with river clay. Fucking Bethesda, lazy buggers.

We all know they did it like this because it was the easiest way to add in weapons and put 0 effort into it. Fallout 4 is a pile of shit. Bethesda should hand it over to a dev that actually gives a shit about the game before I fucking die of old age.

>>514403165You cannot look at that and tell me someone designed this seriously, they were taking the piss literally.

>>514411274The slog is what really sets me off, what kind of retards willingly lives next door to raider everytime I go near it all fucking hell breaks loose.

>>514403235>>514411274How can we make a Fallout game that shows the world flourishing as it rebuilds at the same time there's still ruins to explore? Is it possible?

>>514396021>>514396063But pipe guns existed at that time in real life you fucking spastics

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>>514403165I fucking hate how Bethesda makes the left arm Shorter and small then the right. Like The Fuck are you doing?

>>514411748yeah of course. it would still be largely destroyed (rubbles of large old buildings, roads are still ruined) but you'd have a lot less garbage everywhere and the buildings people live in look like actual buildings. Like wooden or stone cabins that don't look like pic related. people would have actual furniture and actual goods, not 300 year old shit

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>>514400626New Vegas is a straight upgrade, but Fallout 3 is still unironically a good game.I can't bring myself to defend it anymore though because of what Bethesda has become since then.

>>514411748>How can we make a Fallout game that shows the world flourishing as it rebuilds at the same time there's still ruins to explore? Is it possible?Easy, make it happen 20 years after the bombs fell. Also make it so that the nearest bomb to hit the playing area was really powerful. You don't want too many humans roaming around.Of course, this lets you out of supermutants, most mutated fauna and other factions like the NCR, but if the writing is good it's not an issue>>514411853>But pipe guns existed at that time in real life you fucking spastics>more than 200 years later they build exactly the same pipe gunsMy issue with F4's guns is that all modifications look like they belong on that gun, like they were factory made instead of manually crafted in a shitty workbench.

>>514411748Settlements are pockets of civilisation, their surrounding areas are mostly free of trash and usable material, new buildings within the settlements can look like amateur construction work but sturdy enough that a strong wind won't blow them over like the shitty shacks in FO3/4/NV. Show that the residents are actually making an attempt to rebuild instead of just using what's left as is. These are the civilised areas and their surroundings, set the ruins and wilderness a lot further so they still represent untapped resources for you and the scavenger expeditions from the settlements.

It just works

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>>514403235>Yeah you're living in the ruins of the old world, but god fucking damnit people should be rebuilding.Always hated this argument. Who are you to decide the mindset people must have in that kind of situation? One look at Detroit makes it obvious that even with current luxuries and no nukes people are too lazy to rebuild. It's not up to you to decide how expeditious survivors of nuclear holocaust are going to be. I think the way the series has handled it since the first game makes perfect sense, if a bit cynical. People try to survive and when they aren't, they're on mind destroying drugs, gambling, prostituting and murdering each other.

>>514413260Listen here you lil shit

>>514403235Reminder that the very first place you go in Fallout 1 is a recently built white adobe walled town with working wells, livestock, and crops. It's all on Bethesda.

>>514411748new vegas did it

>>514381805I'm sure Borderlands 1 and 2 have some dogshit designs too

>>514413563>Reminder that the very first place you go in Fallout 1 is a recently built white adobe walled town with working wells, livestock, and crops. It's all on Bethesda.And the second place you go is literally a town made out of garbage called Junktown. What's your point?

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>>514411748LITERALLY New Vegas

>>514413903Junktown is still better than the Citadel and Megatown

>>514413903>one city is made of shit>they literally named it "shit city">that means it's supposed to represent the entire game world

>>514413903Even Junktown is better then 90% of the shit beth calls "cities". >Actually using broken cars for defense>Town has an actual fucking wall>No billion year old skeletons laying around in every fucking house

>>514414313>they literally named it "shit city">that means it's supposed to represent the entire game worldAre you fucking retarded mate? Never played the fucking game huh? Lmao the entire game every single thing is fucking utterly obliterated except a few locations, that's literally the entire point of the game you fucking mongoloid.

>>514414570and? it takes place mere decades after the destruction. not centuries like FO4. and it already has functioning towns that aren't built of shit, which FO4 does not. that's the point that your retarded two brain cells couldn't grasp.

>>514414717I've never even played Fallout 4 baby boy. Arguing that Fallout 1 isn't dirty is about the most retarded thing ever. Control yourself.

>>514414862>I've never even played Fallout 4 baby boy.

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>>514414958I'm not complaining about Fallout 4? Missing a few brain cells there?

>>514397854That's a pretty good question for the east-coast games. West Coast, the NCR lapped them up and a shitton of M-15s and M-4s became surplus when they got replaced by the Fo3 assault rifle, but I guess in Boston nobody at all had an AR.

>>514393641based and peepeepilled

>>514385197how the actual fuck would you wield that minigun and the 'pistol' on the top right? and what is that on top of the BR-15, a third fucking handle?

>>514382017IRL wakandan technology?

>>514415163>and what is that on top of the BR-15, a third fucking handletoday user learned what a carrying handle is

I tried playing Fallout 1 but the rats always kill me. Shit game honestly.

>>514415514Put a bunch more points into small guns and agility and start over. I had the same experience of hating it. Once I could pop rat skulls with every shot I fell in love with the game.

>>514395552>being able to carry your weapon loaded without shooting yourself is a raiders last concern

>>514414862The conversation being had here is that in all the Bethesda FO games and FNV to a certain extent, the "towns" are still full of trash despite it being hundreds of years since the bombs fell. Junktown was a single example of a town made of trash in FO1, not representative of the large settlements across the old games, where even if the places weren't sparkling clean, they generally at least picked up the trash and cleared away the debris.

>>514415514>but the rats always kill methey have like two hitpoints bro you just suck at video games.

>>514403165No thanks, I don't want armor that looks like frozen fucking piss.

>>514415854>Junktown was a single example of a town made of trash in FO1, not representative of the large settlements across the old games,Fallout 1 is arguably 80% utterly ruined. >Bethesda FO games and FNV to a certain extent, the "towns" are still full of trash despite it being hundreds of years since the bombs fell. This is a picture of Detroit taken six minutes ago. People are scum.

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>>514415292I don't understand. Why waste a hand on carrying it like a suitcase and just fucking holster the gun?

>>514411748fallout 2 and new vegas

Attached: Fo2_Reno_Good_Ending.png (640x480, 132.56K)

>>514416607**and not just fucking holster

>>514416607>holstering a rifleanon.....

>>514416724did i fuck up

>>514416289>Fallout 1 is arguably 80% utterly ruined. Large settlements, user, look at what you quoted. The wasteland is what it is, but the settlements are clear attempts at improvement.>This is a picture of Detroit taken six minutes ago. People are scum.Because it's unused. There's no incentive to clean it up. In an FO-like sitation, that lot would be cleaned up after the factory buildings and warehouses across the road had been filled up and the settlers started needing more space.

>>514384889Theres a sim settlement mod where the focus is on being a raider. It allows you to kill him on the spot but on my current playthrough I let him live so i can kill him later. Plus i never played with sim settlement mods and I'm worried I'll encounter a game breaking glitch

>>514416896yes, no one carries a rifle around in a holster

Proper gun design

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>>514417481heck of a shotgun

>>514411748Map is split by a river, one side has civilization, the other has ruins and savages

>>514417481good ole smith & colt tommygun with a fully automatic drum clip

Better version

Attached: Halo3.jpg (481x328, 29.55K)

>>514413260/noguns/ here, I never got why this one is always posted in these threads.

>>514389883>>514390365>not PPS-43

>>514419238the lighter grey part above the trigger is supposed to be the ejection bolt, it cycles backwards to eject the spent shell and then forwards to insert a new one into the barrelif this weapon were to fire, the ejection bolt would cycle backwards then fall out of the back of the gun because there isn't enough space for it to properly cyclealso the drum being that far up the length of the gun is questionable at best

>>514393267>Working handgun.>It was never fired.How do they know it worked?

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>>514417481Lame but Practical

>>514418656Ooooo Fallout Bolter

>>514393267Based Ted

>>514384889>Skip concord>Literally never meet them>Can come back 50 hours later, and they're still there, simply waiting for you like they're in stasisbrilliant, innovative

>>514412138I don't remember writing this post

>>514414862>I've never even played Fallout 4Did you say this like it was supposed to support your argument, or what

>>514403235Fallout 2 had a pretty good variety of ruined and dirty shit vs new and clean shit. Honestly think that FO3 was originally planned to take place a couple of decades after the war, and then Beth decided to move the date forward and retool the story for some godawful reason. FO3 would make so much more sense if it took place shortly after the war. Because of FO3 and NV, though, the whole dirty ruined aesthetic got baked into modern Fallout. Everyone lives in crumbling filth and around dead bodies/skeletons.

Attached: 1593145174235.jpg (2571x1201, 1.74M)

why fallout 4 feels so fucking dull?I could not bring myself to finish the main storyline and droped the game half way through the game has >better graphics>enhanced shooting combat>superior model definition >unified crafting and material system >modular armor, and power armor crafting >a bunch of Mod popular enhancements that were incorporated from previous games >gigantic map full of locations and interest points what went so fucking wrong?

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>>514411748The ruins are extremely dangerous or far from civilization and resources, making habitation impossible and scavenging risky (but well paying).

>>514421283None of that fixes the dogshit story, characters, factions, boring fetch quests etc.

why the fuck is my thread still up i've gone to sleep 7 hours ago

>>514384078Isn't that basically cheating?

>>514423064>514423064Good morning OPFine day to be a faggot

>>514423209who cares lol

>>514382017>>514396080I think those zip guns would work better than this one.

Attached: zip 22.jpg (1500x1125, 778.79K)

>>514423317y-you too

>>514423415Wtf were they thinking?

>>514384173>actually bought fallout 76Opinion discarded

I still find it hilarious how Fallout 4's premise and the script for the opening scene was leaked years before release, including details on the voiced protagonist, but nobody cared about it because it was so unbelievable.

>>514423546Initially I thought it was designed to be mounted to a rifle as a corner gun but that's not even why, literally a completely inexplicable design.

>>514384173>4's mod system was actually really goodNo it wasn't the moment they decided to make clear cut tiers for the mods. Also the reciever mods were fucking retarded.

>>514423546I don't think the man at USFA was thinking at all.