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>>514379492what you want?? recs? ratings? >>5143795952obscure4u

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>>514379492/ / // + +/ / +odd to see a far cry game on a 3x3what about FC5 do you like? personally, I really liked FC2 despite its flaws but never played the rest of them>>514379595+ for Gravity Rush

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>>514379492That is some poor zoomer taste. Those snes games just scream HEY I played old school games too.

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That's an older version of mine

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>>514379492> TLOU> Half-Life 2> Far Cry 5Awful taste. I can't believe you started this thread. HF2 was great on its release. But you can't tell me you wear "that game with shitload of cheap hitscanners that bite like mosquitos and where I put bricks on a plank" on your sleeve.>>514380560Very based and kinopilled. You have a diverse taste with good mixture of east and west.

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>>514381557Having any Makaimura game is based as hell in my book. Ghouls 'n Ghosts is definitely in my top 15 somewhere.

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>>514379492Whatd you think of TLOU2?>>514379595What the hell are Twilight Syndrome and Chaos Head? Anime visual novels?>>514381557You have such interesting taste but GoW4 seems very out of place and random considering your other choices. >>514382428Whats your favorite Doom 2 wad my dude?

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>>514382849Would be extremely based if not for MGS3 and Pathologic 2. Shitty narrative/movie games. Rest is great.

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>>514383283>Shitty narrative/movie gamesNo. MGS3 has some of the most satisfying stealth gameplay ever put into a videogame. It provides an insane amount of options at any given time compared to most other stealth games. It also is one of the few stealth games to actually have a good checkpoint system. The depth of MGS3 is revealed when you start ignoring certain aspects of the gameplay. If you ignore the tranq gun outside of boss fights, you realize just how many ways there are to go about taking out enemies non-lethally. I have also played the game without camo, and it dynamically changed the way I had to play the game. I could no longer basically be invisible in grass, because my camo index was low enough that enemies could see right through it. I have replayed it year after year and I am constantly finding new things. MGS3 is incredible, no doubt about it. Pathologic 2 is definitely a lot harder of a pill to swallow, the gameplay is not satisfying enough on its own to be a selling point, but as a narrative-focused videogame expieranice it is unmatched. There is no other game that is so determined to involve the player in the narrative. The developers themselves say the intended difficulty of the game is supposed to be "almost unbearable." The purpose of this is to draw into this shitty fucking world the character you play as lives in.

>>514383283>Pathologic 2>movie gamefiltered

>>514383856>He's actually arguing with the nu/v/ zoomer trying to fit in by spouting the overused buzzwordsYour overall taste is great and those particular games are extremely good.

>>514379595I just finished Steins;Gate and then found out that Chaos;Head is somewhat connected to it and now I feel so wrong. It's all because of the faggot anons who urged me to play it first without mentioning Chaos;Head.

>>514379492+ + -- + /+ - +>>514379595 / + ++ / /+ / +>>514380360+ / /+ / - / / />>514380560 / + / /+ + + -+ + / ++ / + +>>514381397+ + -- + - / - +>>514381440+ - /- + ++ - +>>514382428 / / /+ + / / / />>514382849 / + ++ + ++ + +>What'd you think of TLOU2?I'll throw my own two cents in just for the sake of discussion. I'm only a couple of hours in, but I think it's fine. I loved the opening scene between Joel and Ellie and honestly wish the game was about that instead of what it's actually about. I've read the leaks and the only things that I really hate are the ending tropes and how much Druckmann has hyped up this story when it ended up being the most basic English I shit.That and killing dogs. Fuck that.

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>>514384209I'm not trying to argue, I'm just genuinely trying to explain why I love the games that I love. I enjoy explaining stuff like this because it makes me think about what exactly it is that I enjoy about videogames. Plus, maybe I'll get the guy im arguing with to try some new games in the process.

>>514382849>Whats your favorite Doom 2 wad my dude?It might sound ridiculous but probably Plutonia or Plutonia 2. I like how difficult they are.

>>514382849>GoW4 seems very out of placeI am a big fan of the series as a whole but Gears is one of the few PvP shooters I actually like and think 4 is the best on offer. It has the maps I want to play, nice assortment of skins that isn't too bad to get, minimal lag and 60fps. I still alternate between 4, 5 and UE right now.

>>514379492Awful selections

>>514384965I understand and I enjoyed reading your explanation too because it reminded me of why I loved those games. It's just those fags who simply shit on something without trying them or even think about the reason why some people like them. Whether it's a story-driven game or a VN, they instantly spout their funny buzzwords and mindlessly bash them.

>>514384968I still need to get to Plutonia 2. I thought Plutonia was pretty good but it isn't among my favorites. I'm more of a Valiant kind of guy. Going back to the old chaingun and pistol after Valiant is painful. >>514385593Ah, okay. My brother used to be obsessed with GoW and hes always bitching about how they changed the shotgun in 4 or something like that. He mainly played GoW1 on PC and played it competitively a lot. youtu.be/TU9WryfBqdgHeres a gears montage he made in fucking 2009.

>>514379595Why higurashi so high? I liked it but it seemed bloated to me.>>514380360didn't like astral chain and need to try dead rising.>>5143805604/4 prefer max payne 2 though.>>5143814403/3 bretty good>>5143828493/3 doom eternal was so good.>>5143849573/3 .based persona 4 golden

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If you (you) me you have to kiss me

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>>514379492-TLOU+MMX+Zelda games>>514380360+Tits>>514380560No.>>514381397The Last of Us was never good.>>514381440+Doom 2+F:NVI have a copy of Nocturne I think, I just can't bring myself to beat turn based RPG games.>>514381557The interesting videogames man>>514382428Illbleed is funny>>514382849I like the Rain World atmosphere, but I don't think I'd actually like that game.Ratchet and Clank is alright.>>514383683No.>>514384957+Final Fantasy XIVI got that box of white cheddar cheezits and i feel a bit better about my life.

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>>514379492Never understood the point of these. Just list your favorite games

>>514386913Yeah I played the og and 2 back when it released a lot, not competitively or anything. I only came back a few months now really. Bitching about the gnasher is a neverending cycle , dude just adapt lolno one gonna watch this but I always admired this guy.youtu.be/ip4tq-AYP5E

>>5143794925/5+TLoU, DMC3, Mega Man X, L4D2, RE4Pretty sure this is a shitpost, but not bad even if it is.>>5143795953/3+Drakengard, Yakuza, MonHunYakuza 1 is your favorite? Chad, but wack.>>5143803601/4+Dead Rising-Astral Chain, Red Ninja, Stretch PanicYou got brain rot, user?>>5143805606/6+Metal Slug X, REmake 2, REmake, Bloodborne, DeS, Max PaynePretty legit taste, my dude.>>5143814403/3+L4D, Nocturne, Hotline Miami>>5143828494/4+Sekiro, RE4, MGS3, MHW>>5143849574/4+P4, FFXIV, Deadly Premonition, DMC5>>5143869643/3+REmake 2, Undertale, Hotline Miami

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>>514387538>-Astral Chain, Red Ninja, Stretch PanicWhat's not to like?

>>514379492>>514379595>>514380360>>514381397>>514381440>>514381557>>514382428>>514382849>>514383683>>514384957>>514386964>>514387261>>514387373>>514387538>>514387769all bad

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On my phone so no grid. Just here to drop some baseds.>>514379595>>514380560>>514382849>>514384957>>514387538Based.

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>>514383856>>514385885>>514384965Hey it's bitter movie game spouting guy. I apologize, shouldn't really be hating. Truth be told I never played MGS3, only 1 and 2. I didn't find the gameplay in those very strong and it had so many cutscenes, which led to my conclusion of said buzzwords. Maybe I'll try MGS3, I don't care much for story in games but if the gameplay is better I'm intrigued. As for Pathologic 2 I did play a short bit of it, I just do not enjoy the actual gameplay. If you like it for it's narrative, I suppose I do understand. Personally much enjoyment was had by me with The Void, unique and engaging gameplay, mesmerizing artistry without much story and dialogue in your face. Apologies again. I should not really be hating so mindlessly.

can't get more basic than this

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>>514387806I only played the first mission and a bit of the second in Astral Chain so I need to go back to it, but from what I did play of it I didn't like the way it played at all and I can't stand that it's 30FPS. I also remember just hating Red Ninja and Stretch Panic when I rented them as a kid.

>>514387937whats the middle game>>514388303cool>>514388452wow this sucks>>514388478this one's fine

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>>514386964+ + - / + ++ / +>didn't like astral chain I didn't hate it, but I was shocked by how little impact it had on me. It felt so underwhelming.>based persona 4 goldenGood taste.>>514387261 / + + / + / / + +Good no-Jap taste.>>514387373+ / + / + /+ / />+Final Fantasy XIVYou get an eternal thumbsup from me, user.>>514387538+ + ++ - ++ / +Same as above, but stronger for Gestalt. I really felt disappointed with Automata.>>514388087Based phoneposter.>>514388303+ / ++ / ++ - +>>514388443Good on you, user. No sarcasm.>>514388452+ / + / - -+ / +I really don't understand the love for Amnesia. I found it so forgettable. >>514388478+ + / / / / / - />>514388759 / / / / - /+ / +

>>514388443Its perfectly fine if you don't like what those games have to offer, I just didn't agree that they were simply "movie-games" in the same vein as something like TLOU2. Every one of my favorite games have flaws that I could understand would make someone not like them. At the end of the day its all just personal preference. Personally I really like games with a unique settings and/or good atmosphere. Its something really important to my enjoyment of games that the setting feels inspired. But for some that stuff doesn't mean shit they just want good gameplay. Thats fine too.

>>514388478Trespasser is a game I continuously mess around in when I put together old PCs. I've never gotten very far in it but just messing around with a physics engine on circa 1998 machines is fun to me.

>>514389050I think it's the only game that truly lives up to the phrase "too ahead of it's time"Trespasser should have been released today for VR.

>>514388571You should as Astral Chain gets wayyyy better than the very beginning.

>>514388303>Mirror's Edge based

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>>514388949>I really don't understand the love for Amnesia. I found it so forgettable.it's forgettable because after finishing the main story for the first time there really isn't anything else to do. but after installing custom stories, you have multiple ways to play the game


>>514388443It's fine. I got my share of heat for liking the so-called "movie games" and VNs from people who never bothered to actually check them out. I understand if it's shitposting but many refuse to acknowledge that some people have different tastes and mindlessly shit on great games (for example MGS3) just because they don't like the genre. >>514388985

>>514388985Sorry didn't mean to link you here>>514390345

Core 3x3 in Purple>>5143794922/2 (DMC3, MMX); I haven't played TLoU Remastered and I haven't played enough of the original to actually give an opinion but I wasn't really a fan. I also got to play Far Cry New Dawn for a few hours and wasn't a fan of that either but I have heard it's weaker than 5.>>5143803601/2 (+AC -DOA2); never really liked DOA compared to other 3D fighters. Astral Chain is good but it's one of Platinum's weaker titles, like a 7/10 IMO. Taura to me feels like a director too ambitious for a company with Platinum's resources, or he is just really bad at designing combat mechanics.>>5143805603/3 (NGB, Alien Soldier, MSX)>>5143815572/2 (GnG, DMC); I saw a game in the reel of the NXGP show called Mad Rat Dead that you might like the look of. West of Dead does look cool, but mostly the aesthetic and Ron Pearlman.>>5143824286/6 (Jim, ZAMN, Doom II, Battletoads, Viewtiful Joe, MS2); how do you feel about the new Intellivision console Tallarico is pushing, and how apparently Earthworm Jim 3 will be exclusive to it?>>5143828492/2 (Sekiro, Iceborne); excited to get to Eternal once some more backlog is complete.>>5143869642/2 (Wonderful 101, TTYD); still no backer copy of Remastered for me, getting really pissed at the postmen around here.>>5143884781/2 (+Vice City -1080); I don't think 1080 is bad so much as I vastly prefer SSX.>>5143886673/3 (Centipede, Fantasy Zone, Batrider)>>5143887592/2 (KDL3, Guilty Gear XX)>>5143894892/3 (+Shovel Knight +DMC3 -Bioshock)

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TF2 Battlefront 2 SSBMTR2013 FE SD Town of SalemSFV Witcher 3 LotR Conquest

>>514390514Play more games.

>>514390467>how do you feel about the new Intellivision console Tallarico is pushing, and how apparently Earthworm Jim 3 will be exclusive to it?Cautiously optimistic since it has Doug and Tallarico's involvement, but sadly realistically it probably won't be good. The Intellivision thing is supposed to have games that cost 10 dollars maximum.

>>514390467Dragon's Dogma and DMC shit up that grid pretty hard.

Is three houses worth playing bros? The 50 minute long battles look tedious as fuck

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>>514391718I think the games they've shown off seem interesting. I think the reboots of Breakout & Nightstalker look legitimately great, so I'll wait until a trailer drops for Jim.One thing I think is cool is that while the system will mostly be digital, they play to have "physical" games in the form of Amiibo-like figures that contain a game which the console scans. So EJ3 would have some sort of Jim figure with the game in it.

>>514391969the battles are the fun part, the dating sim monastery is tedious. if you want to steamroll just funnel all of your kills and statboosters to 2 units. FE is about being overleveled, underdeploying makes the game easy even on maddening

>>514392229>So EJ3 would have some sort of Jim figure with the game in it.I'd buy it just for that. I already have an EWJ figure from around 2012.

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Just Holla Forums stuff, my /vr/ is different

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>>514391776I like Itsuno's work. DD2 if it exists could really be something special.>>514393345I really should go find a copy of Asura and get the ending DLC + Ryu & Akuma DLC before last gen's storefronts die. 4/4 for NGB, LP2, DDDA, & Dragon's Crown.

>>514393345what's your /vr/ 3x3?


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>>514380360+cubivore, 4sa>>514387261+ rogue spear, swat 4, dod, kq6, gothicdangerously based

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I bet you can guess my age

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>>514387769wtf this list is retarded and bait, i agree with mother 3 being on there though

>>514382849>>514387373>>514389489>>514393345Based Department

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>>514379492I win

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>>514396665Nagatoro is shit. Sitcom tier manga like that or komi are for retards

>>514397263>the worst red dead>Halo>Saints rowPretty based except for those three trash ones cuh

>>514396665>>514397390Recommend me manga with god tier love stories please.

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>>514397638Kimetsu no Yaiba

>>514397638Eromanga sensei

>>514397638HEN by Oku Hiroya

>>514397736>>514397740>>514398196based incels

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>>514392120You have a loicense for being this based?>>514388452Line being basic and based is thin.I love KF2, it'd be on my list if not for grindy class unlocks.But that Skyrim? Sheeet. You can do better. You have a heart in the right place.

>>514397319Not sure if it's ironic but you manage to capture everything I despise with mixture of Kojimadronning, movie games and Mario autism.

>>514398792>Kojimadronning>movie games

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>>514396182add 20 years

>>514399036jesus fuck, what are you doing here gramps? go spend time with your grandchildren.

>>514398792Haha bet you liked the first Last of Us. Stay mad white boi

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>>514399401Damn, Demo is a big bitch.

>>514395007>>514396182>>514399036>>514399289His list is exactly what a nigga who grew up with the PS Individual in his thirties would have.

>>514399554He's pretty wide and fat, but he's not that tall unfortunately.

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>>514399289Don't forget, you're here forever

>>514399401>>514399018> Gets called out for movie games (with all that Yakuza garbage) AND being a Kojimafag> B-BUT YOU PROBABLY LIKE MOVIE GAME #40Jesus, at least stop being retarded okay?Sorry, I don't play pleb games.

>>514399598I was a teenager when those legendary PS1 titles were new. It was magical. I reserved a PS1 and got that stupid music/tech demo CD for it. That's how I discovered KoRn.

>>514399932Sorry you’ve been filtered, pleb.

>>514379492So enough time has passed that liking TLOU and HL2 is considered cool now?

>>514399932You're probably a nier retard

>>514400008I've never said this with more intent. Kill yourself.

>>514400008Absolutely based, stay safe out there lad. Hope you got laid my nigga.

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>>514400326>zoomer knows no real pleasureHaha born too late cuh.

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>>514400328Muh fugga I'm married with 2 kids.

>>514388087Based basedposter

literally no good taste ITT lol

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>>514400437It cant get anymore based than this lad. Take a good look zoomers.

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>>514400084>>514400249Wrong again.Also yeah, I got filtered by Yakuza. Putting pad down for 10-15 minutes during gameplay is not my style.MGS is fine, but having multiple MGS games in your fav list is a sign of tumor called Kojimadroning.

>>514400537>starwarsPretty trash except for Yakuza and Dark Messiah

>>514400537>Saving my 3x3 just so you can shitpost with itWhy. This isn’t even the first time either>>514400646Empire at war is a good RTS and still has a super dedicated modding community, I stand by my choice.


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>>514397552>the worst red deadRed Dead 2 is trash. Debate me. Not even that user either.

>>514400249What's wrong with NieR?

>>514400815Not him but your taste is kinda giving off "entry level Holla Forums taste" vibes. Like people who only have stuff like Dragon Ball or Berserk in their anime 3x3's.Not trying to be mean, just trying to explain maybe why some are shitposting with it as a joke.

>>514400969This isn’t the first time I’ve had someone save my 3x3 just to shitpost with it. I just want to discuss things in peace>>514384957I have to ask since i forgot to last 3x3 thread I was in, I’m playing 4G for the first time on PC, why did they make it so easy? I have it on hard and even turned exp lower but it still feels to easy>>514401432How so? If that’s the case I guess there’s not much I can do about it since those 9 games are the ones I’ve loved the most. LC especially came out of nowhere but hit me like a truck

>>514401432>Be damned if you have "entry" shit>Be damned if you have "obscure" shitWhat exactly is the point of these threads again? It wasn't like that years ago, pretty sure the underage are roaming wildly here, hence the state of Holla Forums in general.

>>514400548It gets better. My age group did what else? We went to Iraq and Afghan. Yeah that was some political bullshit but fact remains we are war vets and will fuck these kids up.How's it feel to be 19 and be a skinnyfat or an actual obeast genetic dead end? While some damn near 40 year old man takes your 20 year old Stacy away from you?

>>514401217you got filtered, son. sad to say. hell of a thing.

>>514379492Posting some genre ones.Favorite mystery games.

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>>514401694>why did they make it so easy?Got me, user. Probably to appeal to casuals, in all honesty.

>>514402006Favorite puzzle games

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>>514402104Favorite Point and Click games.I encourage you to make your one genre specific 3x3s. I find them more fun than a regular all games.

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>>514402056>probably to appeal to casualsI guess that would make sense yeah. They did the same with 5/5R right?

it's red dead redemption 2, nine times

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>>514402203Nice blogposting faggot

>>514402390>have you played outer wilds? 1/1Yeah. Pretty good.>>514402293lol wut?

>>514379492 (OP)3/3 very nice, does the gameplay of tlou actually pay off at all?am curious xfag>>5143803602/2 what'd you like so much about 4sas?>>5143805600/0 haven't touched any, still looking to acquire chaos theory because it looks mad>>5143813974/4>>5143828494/4 very, very nice user. I like eternal a substantial amount.Way to fall or snake eater?takin on the shagohad? [/ spoiler]>>5143849571/1 is 5 a stand in for all dmc?>>514387937perfect>>514390467hi again user, very incredible taste as always>>514391969mgs3 good 1/1also>>514393345>>5143973192/2 aaah CT looks cool>>5144005372/2 i do like the infinite content of terraria, yes>>514402104have you played outer wilds? 1/1

>>514402519>have you played outer wilds? 1/1>>514402495

>>514402390nice spoiler tag user


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>>514402390>>514402519>>514402643kek this amount of messing up

>>514402240>They did the same with 5/5R right?I played Royal on Hard and personally found it at just the right level of difficulty. If you abuse baton passing, it's easy, but if you slip up, the enemies can very quickly turn the tables on you. I found it immensely satisfying.>>514402390>>514402519>is 5 a stand in for all DMC?No, I like 5 the most by a significant margin, but still consider 3 and 4 great.>>514402643+ + / / + ++ + -Honestly great taste.

>>514402624>>514402720been a slow day gents, didnt catch any sleep

>>514379492>+Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, L4D2, RE4>>514379595>+Pokemon Red>>514380360>+Four Swords Adventure>>514380560>+REmake, Demons Souls, Bloodborne>>514381397>+Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, TF2, L4D2, RE4>>514381440>+Doom 2, L4D, Fallout NV>>514382428>+Doom 2>>514382849>+Doom Eternal, Sekiro, RE4>>514386964>+aLttP>>514387373>+Metroid Prime 2, Nier Automata,Starfox Assault, Battlefront>>514387538>+Nier Automata, Dark Souls, Demons Souls>>514388303>+Majoras Mask>>514388452>+Fallout NV, Postal 2, RE4, Skyrim>>514388478>+Conkers Bad Fur Day, GTA VC>>514388759>+Nier Automata>>514389489>+Terraria, RE4, Bioshock, Fallout NV, Bloodborne>>514390467>+Titanfall 2, Shovel Knight>>514394293>+Doom>>514395007>+Doom 2016>>514396763Cop-out, putting a MGS gamesBut otherwise, >+MGR, RDR, Saints Row 2>>514397319>+Mario Sunshine, Mario 64>-Modern WarfareOne of the only games i regret buying

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>>514401745Who's man is this?

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>>514402776Huh. Good to know I guess. I bought a PS4 pro from a friend for like 150 because he didn’t want it anymore so I’ll pick up 5R


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>>514402993- - - -- - - - - - - -- - - -this is a 3x3 thread you stupid fucking nigger. learn how to count.

>>514380639>Those snes games

>>514400537>+MGR, Terraria, Fallout NV>>514402643>+Pokemon Heart Gold, Halo, MGR, TF2

>>514399932>>514400570>filtered by Yakuza>Putting pad down for 10-15 minutes during gameplay is not my style.>MGS is fine>I dont play pleb gamesWhat the actual fuck

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>>514383283What a shitty useless comment. idk about those games but fuckin die kek

>>514403075You big mad white boi, enjoy that Zelda haha

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>>514403127I miss Hana like ya wouldn't believe, bro.

>>514402993>+RE4, Mario Sunshine, Oblivion, Dark Souls, Luigis Mansion, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon Ruby, Wind Waker, Fallout 4, Mario OdysseyBased

Someday I'll update this>>5143972635/5>>5143973197/8>>5144005374/4>>5144020063/4>>5144021045/5my man>>5144022033/5>>5144026437/7someday i'll get to the DMC franchise>>5144028363/5>>5144028563/4

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>>514379595Does Twilight Syndrome have English translation?

>>514403341>+Pokemon Soul Silver, Mario World, Kingdom Hearts

>>514403057follow the rules nigger. I'm a white man I can do what I want, we made the rules. now get back in line

>>514403264holy fuck I just realised shes the one that died. Fuaaak I had her image saved for years and had no idea.

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>>514401694>How so?Nocturne, Revengeance, Yakuza 0, Dark Messiah, Terraria, Killer7, Lobotomy, and especially New Vegas are all Holla Forumscore to the max. Empire At War is an interesting choice though. Again I have no problem with your taste user those are all good games. Maybe you did something to tick off some user or something and hes trying to make you look like an asshole. People can be petty.

>>514379492>TLOU>HL2>Fagcry 5Unironically kill yourself


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>>514401921Yeah I get filtered pretty hard by extremely mediocre games. I tend to stick to the ones that actually have good gameplay and aren't constantly wasting my time to make me do mundane tasks. Its a pretty good wilderness simulator and a decent movie though. But just plaything through the story is fucking trash bro. The shooting is not good enough to warrant 99% of the missions to consist only of it. The game constantly punishes you for experimentation in an OPEN WORLD GAME.


>>514402519Way to Fall is probably my favorite closing track of any game ever, so that one.

>>514403832How new are you?

>>514403760Maybe? I don’t really shittalk people in these threads I like to have actual discussion. I can understand the others but I wouldn’t exactly call lob Corp or dark messiah “entry level” on Holla Forums like you mentioned before. Half of Holla Forums at this point probably doesn’t even know what DM is, I constantly get asked what game it is if I post a screenshot, and lob Corp/ Ruina is in a pretty niche corner of Holla Forums (which is basically the only place to talk about it on the Internet if you aren’t Korean) that gets nuked by mods half the time and gets 100(?) posters at best in the threads. The others I can understand seeing as their more mainstream on here but those two I’d have to disagree with, at least with current Holla Forums. I’m glad you like those games as well though, which 3x3 is yours?

>>514404823I dunno I've seen constant Dark Messiah threads on Holla Forums for years. I figured it was on the same level of popularity as Stalker. There's even the kicking meme that took off. Yeah I admit Lab Corp was a bit of a stretch, it seemed like the lastet FOTM crave from what I've seen but I admit I haven't really been on here much. >>514382849This is mine. I like games that have a good amount of mechanical depth while still having good experiential elements as well. Like Pikmin just perfectly encapsulates everything I love about videogames. Rain World is probably my favorite game of all time though, I highly recommend that if you haven't tried it yet.

>>514401706I wouldn't call it "damned" more like "have an annoying asshole pretend to be you being an asshole" Its weird shit you only see on the internet.

>>514405225>FOTMit’s been having threads between the same hundred posters since like 2018, as it’s gone through development hell early access and scammer translators running off with the devs money, but it’s a genuinely fun game that has an intense but not unfair difficulty spike that you can tell the devs put their hearts into even if they had the budget of a shoestring and a tin can >>5143828497/7 great games, I haven’t played pathologic or rain world, I’ll be sure to check it out if you recommend it so highly.


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>>514405664Hell yeah dude Pathologic and Rain World back to back would be an unforgettable rollercoaster. Both games will make you want to fucking die

>>514406354I’ll make sure to put them high up on my ever growing backlist so I don’t forget about them and play them soon. So many games so little time

>>514402203hey man, should i buy the newest version of monkey island or the original?also please recommend ur fav point and click, thanks bro

>>514406532Yeah I need to start ticking off some games on my list as well.90’s Donkey Kong '94MGS Ghost BabelRising Zan: Samurai GunmanAlien SoldierMetal Slug seriesI Have No Mouth and I Must ScreamHeart of DarknessOddworld Duology 00’sViewtiful JoeNinja Gaiden 2Gitaroo ManF-Zero GX10’sSpiderman PS4Dust ForceReturn of Obra DinnPaper’s PleaseIkarugaOxygen not Included20’sNioh 2Shadow EmpireHey you or someone else tell me what I should play next out of these games if you would be so kind Im not good at making these kinds of decisions

>>5143794924/4>>5143805609/9>>5143828495/5>>5143849577/7>>5143869646/6Just started playing Wonderful 101. >>5143875388/8 I plan to play the Xeno games one day.>>5144033415/5>>5144029936/6>>5144028364/4>>5144026436/6

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>>514407170I have way too many to count, it’s well into the triple digits of games I want to play but work gets in the way.Definitely the metal slug series

>>514407039>hey man, should i buy the newest version of monkey island or the original?If I recall correctly, the newest one lets you switch between old and new art at the press of a key, so go ahead and get the new on and play it with old or new style after seeing it yourself.>also please recommend ur fav point and click, thanks broThe ones in the 3x3 are my favorites.

>>514407550thanks man


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>>514407170>MGS Ghost BabelWhy? Are you really super into MGS?


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made my chart with the games I've spent the most time on

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>>514407926It was recommended to me and I figured hey why not give it a shot cus I love MGS. It not any good?

>>514410089I guess, maybe but not really. I'm really super into MGS myself and think it's so-so but I am very biased to liking MGS. If you are like I was and you've already played all the main games including MG1&2 for the MSX as well as Rising and Twin Snakes and want to try some spin-offs then after the AC!D games it's probably your best bet.But like I said I'm really into MGS, and played all those other games and thought it was ok.If you haven't played those other ones, I'd put them over GB in recommendations.

>>514410682>>514410089Oh. I forgot Portable OPs. I'd say play that before both GB and AC!D after Rising and either before or after Twin Snakes.

>>514387261>Rouge Spear>Kings Quest>Swat 4You are 1/3rd me. What year were you born?

>>514387261>>514402203>>514411514Based King's Quest chads representing.

>>514403057suck my fat dick sissy

>>514381440Are you retarded or something? This hate-train on HL2 is getting tiresome.

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>>514402203No longest journey? Samorost?Never heard of policenauts


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>>514412597>>514412791Ayyy tiberian sun

>>514412767>No longest journey? Samorost?Haven't played those. What's Samorost like?I heard Longest Journey series ended on a sour note. Am I good playing just the first game or are there cliffhangers and elements that push me to the later games?Policenauts is a Japanese point and click game. Set in the future you play as basically Lethal Weapon in a futuristic cyberpunk world.

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>>514413086Samorost is very similar to Machinarium, might even be same devs. I never finished TLJ so I wouldnt know, I get stuck and dont want to use guides. Puzzles hard AFIll take a look at policenauts

>>514414246>Samorost is very similar to Machinarium, might even be same devs.Cool. I'll check it out.


>>514407296what is your rating system?

>>514417334games enjoyed/games played


Game Boy Advance 3x3.

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>>514419757Zero Mission AND Fusion? Aren't they the same game?

>>514419757A Đù

>>514419757>please tell me that I have a good taste, anons

I wanted to put disco elysium in mine but I can't decide what to swap out>>5143794924/4+tlou, oot, re4, dmc3>>5143814404/5+NV, hotline miami, disco elysium, fallout-doom 2>>5144098610/4-nier automata, skyrim, assassins creed 2, persona 3>>514409954-9999 for dark souls 2>>5144072965/5+vtmb, eye, killer7, hotline miami

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>>514422295Having Bloodborne and Dark Souls is slightly redundant. One of those has gotta go.

>>5144197579/9 based and normalfagpilled

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>>514422381True but both could easily be my favourite game

>>514422810Bloodborne is better than Dark Souls bro, you know it to be true. DaS has better NPCs and lore implementation, but nigga BB has some of the best boss fights of all time and the setting is so fucking unique there is no other game like it. Having two games of similar type is boring anyways. Like you enjoy BB of course everyone is going to assume you enjoy DaS as well. Do whatever brings you joy user.