Play Little Witch Nobeta

Play Little Witch Nobeta

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>>514379351>early access

>>514379351Little Witch Nobeta?More like Little Bitch Nobeta! haha...

>>514380373Well said, young squire.

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>>514379351I will never play a game if I see it shilled with>Are you going to buy X waifus game?

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i want to play this game, it looks cute and funny

>>514380334>faggotthis game is based

>>514380334no, beta

>>514380459The dev needs the money, id say its justified.

>>514379351Uuuuuuohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! !!! EROTIC LOLI

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>>514379351More like little witch inbeta

>>514379351I'll wait till it drops on f95, thank you very much.

this game is ...nobeta than all the other early access weeb shit on steam

I'd rather licky lick her cunny


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>>514380542who is that?

how do I deal with tania's special attack where she pulls you in then spams all of those blue orbs? I always die as she hits around 1/4 health

>>514385495git gud son. I don't want to flaunt, but I did it while drunk....

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>>514385581did you level stamina and spam roll or something? I haven't had any issues with the game until now, but I always get caught by one of them and then immediately combo'd by the four punch slam combo and die.


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>>514385782Literally yes. I dumped everything in stamina. I hated the fact that she fell when she ran out of stamina so my autism kicked in and decided that stamina is the wisest since this is very much like dark souls. In this game, rolling is everything.

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>>514385954i've been focusing on mana regen and charging time for the X attack so I can burst enemies down quickly. up until now it's been working well to play midrange and charge while timing dodges, essentially parrying attacks to get blue orbs. only time it becomes an issue is when I need to deal with a bunch of shit at once, like those orbs. to get out of it safely you need to time 7-8 consecutive dodges. I guess I'll go beat a few enemies and get some more stamina.

There's already an active nobeta thread, go there, this one is kinda dead.

>>514387024sounds goood annnnon..........fuck im so drunk...bleh,,,,,,,,,,,either wayt, allow me to try to sober up and tell you this...yeah, that's a good idea. Literally just grind until you can get your stamina higher and I guarantee ytou can beat her.

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>>514387534based prinnyposter

>>514379351time for what?

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>>514387579wow rhaNKA sthanks user thats pretty fucking based of you to called me based, fuck I think I need to start drinking this sparkloing water next to me. user, I have a baby that my wife is going to shoot out of her vagina on january 31st, isnt that memerifiuc?

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Already bought it today and it's fun. Haven't "finished" it, but it is fun. The translation for English is pretty rough, but I do believe the game has definite potential. Best of luck to the dev.

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wish my pc wasn't a toaster so I could play it.

>>514388646how the fuccccccck do you have a toaster in 2020

>>514379351so I need help herafter the first boss but before the second..spoilers ahead of courseI just got the ice spell thingy but now I'm stuck near a statue, there is the black cat and a wall full of flames and I don't know what I have to do... help?

>>514388745console gamer with old old pos laptop. pic related is my steam library. I very very rarely play PC games so I've never felt the need to pay more than a handful of shekels for a laptop or buy a new one more than every 5 years or whatever

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>>514379351Reminder to buy the devs previous work

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>>514379351>Play Little Witch NobetaNo thanks

>Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?>“It is expected to take one to two years.”I'm interested in it, but I don't really want to play a game that's half done, only to forget about it in a year or two when it fully comes out.Should I give in to the cunny?

>>514380459Same. If there is something that always kills any interest I can have on a game is when is shilled like this:>"Buy _______'s game! / Why didn't you buy _____'s game">"Why are you playing (game I like) when you could be playing (game being shilled)? (game I like) is dogshit and you should be plaing (game being shilled) instead">(superficial description of the game being shilled) ended being the GOTY. What happened?">Shill implies that you have the moral obligation to buy (game being shilled) because is being developed by third worlders (most of the time Mexicans).

i think i'm gonna grab this when i do my $30+ order for the coupon. my first souls game! im stoked

How do you beat Tania? Her second phase blue orb attack is literally impossible to avoid, if you parry it the orbs just hit you anyway and you instantly die.

>>514389970So you just don't play videogames?

When did the Chinese get so good at making games?

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>>514379351I will after I get my neetbux on Tuesday.


>>514392825>Genshin>0.6%The chinks can keep that one.

Sorry I'm gay

>>514393337shut the fuck up gweilo


>Oh boy another game trying to be le dark souls but anime>watch stream of it>it actually looks pretty funThough I still dont understand why we still dont have a straight up dark souls but anime without any stupid gimmicks (like AI partners/the whole game being designed for co-op)

>>514396584>make good gameplay>game is goodThis is the one simple trick Little Witch Nobeta employs to look as fun as it is to play. It also happens to be the thing that most devs are too retarded to figure out. The fact that one Taiwanese motherfucker can somehow BTFO every other indie dev who's attempted a soulslike game is equal parts shameful and incredible.

>>514389617i was wondering why nobeta kinda looks like an h-game and now everything makes sense

>>514389617holy based


>>514380535I don't care

Where can I pirate this?

>>514379351No.I hate the chinese and anything involved with them

>looks at tags>cute>funnylmao, never change Holla ForumsIt's pretty OK so far, better than I expected but still a little jank. Melee could be better like better sprint attacks and roll attacks but definitely worth the less than $10 on sale so far.

>>514401907Forgot to say, hopefully EA means they'll actually improve shit instead of taking the money and running

Controller of KB+M?

>>514401984Taiwanese devs are usually pretty based from what I've seen, I have high expectations from this game.

>>514402254Yeah, I can wave some of the jank because it's Early Acess and I'm looking forward to more mechanics/more polish.

>Another pedo game>Actually a DS clone

>>514402365>Dark Souls invented stamina bars

Not a pedo.

Anyone else unlock nude mode?

>>514385815The syllables don't match you goddamn faggot from fucking Australia go fuck a taco.

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>>514392825The top is an action RPG and the bottom is MMO trash.


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Have anyone here beat the game? how many hours is it?

>>514385495dodge when she throws her head up. The balls can be shot down with ice. Maybe use a yellow crystal if it's going really bad

>>514379351>Early access>Dev is a pedono thanks

>>514380542Holy fucking based

Already bought the game after playing the demo from Steam's Summer Game demo. Gonna' avoid the loli-pedo spam threads like the plague though, shame.

>Watching one of the top dark souls 3 speedrunners play this>every time she rolls all 3k+ of his viewers get flashed with her bloomersfeels good man

>already struggling with one of the first bossesAaaa I just cant decide between controller and mouse. The movement and melee attacks feel better on controller but you get better aim with mouse, which you kind of need if y ou're trying to aim for weak points

>>514406728This will slowly turn every male into a cunnybro, is that what we want?

>>514406891Mouse/keyboard is far, far superior. Map dodge to a side mouse button if you have one, melee to right click, spacebar to jump, shift to sprint. You almost don't need the manual aiming button anymore since you can emulate the functionality just by looking around with the mouse. It's so much easier to stack on the damage and hit low-laying enemies/weak points. I gave controller an honest shot at first and gave up on it.

>>514407443Really? Expected the controller to be better for this kind of game.

>>514407443Yeah I hate taking my fingers off WASD so right now I have middle click to lock-on, side1 to roll and side2 to melee and space to jump

>>514408702I did too. I was proven sorely wrong. Free magic aiming while moving and playing normally is far too key to give up.

>ChinkshitYou bugmen got nothing better to do than shilling your garbage?

tell me about the little mana/hp/soul particles, do they always magnet towards you? can they despawn? I kept getting hit for jumping towards the MP particles during a boss fight

>>514408901As opposed to your tranny shit? Fuck that.

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>>514402716what does the giraffe button do?

>>5144089011) It's Taiwanshit2) It's actually really good. You shouldn't just blindly slam things because of where they come from.

>>514379351>Taiwanese rejoice because this unity indie trash is outsell a 13 years old PS2 port for like 1 hourThat was embarrassing

>>514409514I rather buy P4

>>514409304They home in on you after a few seconds. Infinite range.

>>514409304Use the delay to your advantage. It SEEMS flawed and annoying at first, but you can time it so that you unload a charged spell right as a ton of the orbs are about to reach you, and keep this cycle going to that you have something offensive chipping away at the boss's HP most of the time.

>>514409514didn't know it was tawainshit. thats fine. I refuse to by chink shit though (unless its cheap walmart chinkshit)

>>514380459I was already going to play this one, but holy fuck Holla Forums's waifufags are insufferable.


>>514381017Based retard

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>>514411584ah I see

>>514385815Holy fucking based

>>514385815everyone back up, this guy is BASED!

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I'm starting to think that these Nobeta threads are just shills at work again.

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>>514412871>I'm starting to thinkKeep up the good work!

>>514379351sorry im not a pedophile

>>514405286>balls can be shot down with iceThanks user, I beat her with your help. It's been a while since I found a soulslike genuinely challenging, this is a nice change.

>>514379351already am

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>>514412871Im shilling it because its just 1 dude making a cute and good game, and he doesnt have any income.

>I lead you and you follow. Does that mean you are conscious?stellar writing im 13 and this is deep

>>514380542>>514383930Shitty "artist" who did porn of her but gave her big tits in it.

>>514405292>Dev is a pedoSo making video games with little girls in it make you a pedo now? Stop being retarded for a minute.

The only reason anyone gives a shit about this garbage is because it's meme souls with a little girl.Literally coombrain pedophile tier garbage.

>>514414881either try the game or fuck off

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I played the beta. Does she unlock more magic? I feel the combat would get old fast.



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Why is it okay to talk about A Hat in Time but if you buy this game you're a pedo?

>>514415217Yes, lolis should fuck pedos.

>>514415301But wait, if you buy AHiT you're a tranny.


I don't get parry timings. Someone give me some advice please.

>>514414643>oppai loliholy based!

>>514415301You are considered a tranny, which is worse.


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Would you be her slave Holla Forums?

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>>514415425Perform staff attack right before the enemy strikes you to activate the Counter Magic.

>>514415609What would be one's duties as her slave?

>>514415954Oh you know, keeping little (w/b)itches out of her lair, combing her hair, cleaning and maintaining her body, etc.

What the fuck do I do now that I've gotten lightning 3, bros?

>>514415425Press R1 when the attack is about to hit you. If you see her swing you fucked up.

I pirated it. It's an ok game. I encourage people to pirate it first.

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>>514415684>>514416491Apparently I was pressing too early. Thanks anons.

>>514416383speedrun the game

This game would have been much better if she was an oppai loli or a shortstack

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>>514380373haha... that's our user!

>>514380459>tumblr_inline_oebuaxMQIM1r0rcm1_540Good, we don't want you here


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>>514417838have you unlocked wallrunning?

可愛くて面白いis this the correct way of saying it Holla Forums?

>>514417762Oppai loli magic DLC please.

>>514379351Nah, it looks WAY too slugish. Its like everything is submerged underwater.

How old is Nobeta?

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>>514380459So... what games do you even play? Most games are shilled on here, not just AAA.

>>514417727But I'm not on HRT.


>>514417762cringe draphcuck

>>514417838jump->jump->attack with melee.

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>>514418070She's probably pretty old.

i like cunny as much as the next guy but can you faggots shut up about it for 5 minutes?

>>514417838Anon... you might be... retardedBut since you are playing the best game this year, I guess I'll spoon feed you. Melee attack in mid air to extend your horizontal jump.

So this chinaman is based or cringe?

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>>514417838Jump, spam melee and magic and float forever.

does this image have a version without the text?

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>>514418247Pretty based ngl.

>>514417536Honestly I see nothing right now. Even the official game art shows she's flat and doesn't have breasts cancer yet.

>>514418237I don't think you like cunny.

>>514379351Looks good, I'll probably play it.

>>514418329Is that how china writes the title of the game? In japanese it would be like 小さな魔女ノベタ.

>>514418329I hope so, at least without the moon runes

>>514418518>ingame clearly shows small rounding budding breastsFlat chest doesn't mean literally level.

>>514418671KYS boobcel.

>>514418518are you blind?>>514418070

>>514418247We need a chang here who can translate the original post properly that doesn't make sense in machine translation


>>514418671No, that's what it's supposed to mean, but we never get real DFC, there's always some small lumps, ruins most loli doujins for me.

>>514418603that's not the titlelast three kanji are kurabu (倶楽部)

>>514418603>>514418664It just reads "Official Fanclub"

>>514418781It is just the Louise pasta with name changed to Nobita.

>>514418846>>514418902Ah, okay.

>>514415609Of course. God I wanna be stepped on by a cute doll

>>514418843I think you have brain damage.

>>514418237You crearly dont fuck off

>>514418907>Louise pastaYou mean Shana pasta?


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>>514419007Pretty sure the original was for zero tsukaima, but I could be wrong.

>>514418843Finally someone gets it

>>514418237found the guy who doesn't like cunny

whats the real translation?

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>>514418237>enters cunny thread>DURR CAN YOU SHUT UP ABOUT CUNNY

>>514419073I'm not sure what the meme even is. All I can think of is "Oh shana so hot" meme. I'm not too versed in the deep lore of the holy tsundere trinity.

I want to ____ Nobeta!

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Gib cute and funny panda links

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>>514419236Some guy just wrote that thing about Louise, and then people just changed the name for character they liked or wanted to shitpost.It is kind of old japanese meme.

>>514419142Sorry, I don't read degeneracy


>>514419365>It is kind of old japanese meme.Makes sense. I don't remember the meme at all from back in the days when I was on /a/ a lot.

>>514419441The dev/s are open for suggestion. So if you want something within reason, give them a message.



>>514419441Just wait for mods

>>514419340posting one of my favorites, it's short but

>>514418745You're a literal boobcel if you think these are boobs. Seriously go play another game, dfc hater.

>>514419581>>514419637Love you

>>514380334yea ill play it when its not in early access

>>514389617Why didn't they ban him on steam?

>>514402716Yeah I hate how many people on 4chan have no idea how music works and write song parodies with completely mismatched syllables.


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>>514419839Why would they? It's just some random porn game unrelated to his game. There's plenty of devs who made porn before including one who made loli eroge who has a all age video game on steam.


>>514420008They banned one dev just because he is drawing loli porn. Steam is a fucking cancer.

>>514385815>IT RUNS AND LOOKS LIKE MOBILE GAMEMaybe I should start playing mobile games, because Nobeta's controls are fucking tight.

>>514420081tf is daughter-wife?

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>>514419768You are delusional, I like DFC, but she clearly isn't perfectly flat, the girl from Onirism is completely flat, you can notice the difference.

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>>514420270>it's Billy the nintendo faggot trying to say retarded shit about Steam again

>>514420317Make her his daughter and wife probably.

>>514419839Why would they? Is this some guilty by association bullshit? Keep your politics out.

>>514420335Nah. I guess we'll need to wait for a swimsuit costume to see who's right. Because I clearly disagree.

>>514420368>muh nintendiesRetarded steam drone nigger. Steam is a cancer that killed video games.

>>514420412I don't want him banned but that's not what that means. Are you perhaps retarded?

>>514420335She is fucking ugly though.>>514420447You disagreeing means nothing. If you can't see her clothes having a bump, then that's on your stupidity.

I wish this was an actual action game instead. Instead it's another fucking slow "dodge this, attack x 30 until attacks changes then repeat"Playing this shit feels like work instead of satisfying.

>>514420412Billy is braindead and think a VN marketed as a "VN for pedophiles" getting banned is somehow related to the artist drawing porn. Meanwhile Cross Soul is fine on Steam despite both the artist and the dev drawing loli porn on their accounts unrelated to the

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>>514417838Could you webm how she dies to lava?


>>514420565I don't get what you mean.

>>514420502Shut up.

>>514419340I fapped to this one recently. It's about a slutty loli that fucks everybody in's a series too, try them out

>>514420528No bump on the clothes user. Checked and they're flat :)Wait and see for swimsuit DLC so you get btfo.

>>514420662Its nothing special she just sinks and does the normal death animation


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>>514420001is this heaven

>>514415181A smash thread died for this

>>514420335Any other cunnycore games on steam?

Pretty good polish for a $10 early access game desuTook me a while to get used to keyboard and mouse. I wish you could teleport between statues, there were some paths I missed and the game forces you to go forward

>>514420731You are retarded.

>>514420528She's cute.

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>>514420335I like lolis but something about this game is really gross. Westerners shouldnt be allowed to draw girls under 18

>>514420971custom udon is so good

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>>514421165You are silly. Just admit you're wrong.

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>>514420694he wants something like a dmc game I imagine


>>514421303>literally has wrinkles on clothes around chest.

>>514421312I guess he's just not good at the game then.

>>514421183that's some awful texture work

>>514419325beta test

How do I report this game on Steam for pedophilia?

>>514421458Obsessed. I guess we'll need to wait for either one of these:Swimsuit outfitSomeone rip her model and find out clothes are removable, which is sadly unlikely.

>>514421660Steam doesn't give a shit about SJWs bitching about video games. Reminder you can get banned for false Steam reports and lose your Steam account like that Russian dude.

>>514421660By consuming cyanide.

>>514420694>>514421312>>514421475I beat the demo, it's slow. It doesn't have to be like DMC, but like..I don't know, it feel so monotonous playing this.Maybe the full game you get a bit more variety but I can't see the boss fights changing too much from "look at pattern -> dodge -> whack and or shoot a few times -> repeat til new move gets introduced" while being slow.I like it when my dodges feel thrilling, when my attacks feel awesome. Here it just feels im chipping away at stuff in a very unexcited way.I think this game is a one man team thing, so maybe making things feel actually satisfying to do is something that'll come up but will take a while. I'll check it out on release cus the girl is a cutie.

>>514421660What's pedophilic about it?

>>514421668>not obsessed about loli titsFake lolicon.

>>514421660Stay mad homosexual

>>514421660Spam steam support and get your account permanently banned for harassment.

>>514380492and? if it;s based then just imagine if i wait and play the finished product, get back to testing the game for me.>still waiting for official Onrism game release

>>514389617So, he's a Taiwanese developer who made a Japanese eroge?I wonder how Nobeta's Japanese script is? My Traditional Chinese is a bit rusty.

>GOTYJust be honest, you like this game because theres a lot of little girl in it.Gameplay is just so-so.Not to mention early PS3 graphics

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>>514379351I played the demo and it sucked. Bland environments, stiff controls, interruptive dialogue, made my computer run at 80 degrees despite looking like a late PS2 game because lol Unity. I'm convinced 90% of the posters ITT are brainless coomers who didn't even play it.

>>514421885To be more serious this picture doesn't seem to imply she has breasts either. the white line is way too flat.

Attached: nobeta armpits.jpg (1280x720, 131.15K)

Also TLOU2 still better than this shit.And i rated TLOU2 as shit game.

>>514379351Sure thing, just keep buying it in it's half-assed state for me so it gets ported to the Switch pro.I enjoy testing myself as a job but I don't test stuff created by others so keep doing it for less than free so the rest of us get something good, early access fags.


>>514421183here me out, remove the art style, and replace it with the art style from lilo and Stitch,

>>514422286No link, I don't support giving expositions to shitty artists.

>thought I've finally beaten her>die>have to do the whole thing againThat's quite the difficulty curve, everything before that was pretty easy.

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>>514422202Clearly has rounding around chest. Why are you blind?

>>514380459You're the one missing out so

>>514421826You can beat the boss from the demo without it ever doing one attack. It sounds like you didn't even learn the basics.

>>514421660Nah, it won't work. It'd be better if we'd badmouth this or if they really want to play, tell people to pirate the game instead so that the pedophile developer doesn't make a buck from this and die from hunger. I've setup a Discord server with a couple of anons to coordinate this. Want to join?

>>514422101>muh graphicsretard

>>514422471What do you mean? Do you mean the stunlock form the charged shot? That doesn't make it exciting either.

>>514422452It's too flattened to be breasts. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a breasts slider lessened to the minimum. Budding breasts would be different and small breasts would be bigger.

>>514422489Invite link pls

>>514422101Graphics aren't that important.Most AAA games are garbage.

>>514422598You don't know anything about tits.>>514422489I know you are shitposting, but it makes my day better when I remember there are people this sad.

>>514390651Play Code Vein too if you like it.>>514418040カンニー

>> approve of anyone making porn of her, even if the breast size is an objective flaw.

>>514422418Are you saying that because his art is shit, or because you're a pleb who can't appreciate oppai loli?

>>514421826Personally I thought all the spells felt pretty damn satisfying but to each their own I guess. And ye it is a one man team.

When its out of early access I will. I can't even find a download link so I'll just wait.

>>514422489hit me up familia

>>514422768Nah, you clearly are retarded. Can't wait for the swimsuit DLC so you're btfo forever.

>>514422873Thank you much

>The flatter the loli, the more powerful she is.Is this true?

>>514420971>>514421262soft, little girls

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>actually a decent game>haha CUNNY pedo pedo XDThis is why we can't have nice things

>>514423015I am sorry for your condition.>>514423076There are other ways other may find heretical. oppai loli

>>514422539Yes. Your first time you should be stunlocking him after basically every dodge. You don't dodge to defend only, it charges your mana and your attacks, same with the melee. But even that isn't really required for the first boss.>That doesn't make it exciting either.Seems completely subjective to me. The game has its fair share of mechanical depth and things to exploit to your advantage. It really doesn't feel slow, there's no time when you aren't doing some. In fact on the later parts it gets relentless.I'm not sure what your complaints are even about. There's plenty of action games that require you to dodge and learn enemy timings.

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>>514423076No it's actually the other way around. The bigger the tits the stronger the girl.

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>>514423152You're silly and autistic :)

>>514423257I have working brain and eyes, unlike you.Just say you were "pretending" so we can end this. :)

>>514422032Seems okay but sometimes I wish it had furigana.


I'm having trouble with the Tanya's 2nd phase I get her down to half under 2 minutes but the spam for the 2nd phase just doesn't stop

>>514423257What does sutistic mean?

>>514422489I want in. I'm sick and tired of pedos getting away with it.

>>514423115people glorified acting like retards so much that they invited droves of actual retards who believe this place was made for them, and in turn infested this place with plebbit culture.


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>>514423537>ends just beforeThis should be illegal.

>>514423098hugging soft smol warm tight smooth flat chested petite supple cute little girls


>>514423167>Yes. Your first time you should be stunlocking him after basically every dodge. You don't dodge to defend only, it charges your mana and your attacks, same with the melee. But even that isn't really required for the first boss.Yes the game both tells you this and makes it obvious with magic in the air, thank you.>It really doesn't feel slowSo when I mean slow, I don't mean in particular the movement or that you have to be doing something all the time. I mean the combat itself mostly. Again, only played the demo but they give you a fuckhuge beam that's boring after the first use, and chipping away at things with magic pellets doesn't feel good either. Melee has interestin hitstop but it's so weak and only serves as a mana recovery thing to go back to boring charge and run. It's just not exciting, even with multiple enemies.>There's plenty of action games that require you to dodge and learn enemy timings.Yeah, of course. But most of those games make it feel GOOD. DMC was brought up by someone as an example, but you can pretty much look at any capcom/platinum game to know what a good combat rhythm is like. I like things to feel satisfying, everything here just feels like a chore.This is all only from the demo though, I can't speak for the rest of the game. Like I said before I'll look into it when it's fully out, maybe it'll fix some of the good feel stuff I'm talking about.

>just parry monica platform crusher they said>it will be fine they saidParried it and she destroyed the platform and I died from lava. Good shit. Even got the achievement for parrying 3000 damage in one go.

>>514423537source? this isn't on pixiv


>all this seething because the game has a cute girlThis is like the terminal cancer equivalent of rent free. But don't worry anons, death will be your release from this anal pain.

>>514421262>>514420971>>514423537Is this not a game? That sucks if so. Searching it just gives me manga sites

Being into cunny is only so hot because it's illegal and taboo.

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>>514423436nvmI guess I was just getting unlucky and she kept spamming her gravity pull nuke

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>>514423889It's the smallest part of all the things that make it so good.

>>514423889Untrue.Cunny is legal.

>>514422642>>514423009>>514423194>>514423510Give me an hour.

>>514419142>Nobeta! Nobeta! Nobeta! Nobeta!>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!>Nobenobenobenobenobetaaaaaaaaa!>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!>peroperoperoperoperopero!!!!! hihahiha>taste so good! peropero!!>AAA!>Wanna peropero Nobeta's tiny oppai !!!>peropero!!!!>A~!>Oh wait>No, it's wanna touch!!!>touch~touch~touch~! touctouchbitebitebite~!>Nobeta so cute!!!!>A~A~AAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!>!!!>A~So cute!!!! Nobeta is just too cute!!!!!>A~A~!!!!!!!

>>514423627anon I...

Saw the price of the game and didn’t really take it seriously at first. A unity game for less then ten bucks doesn’t sound like a great game but I was pleasantly surprised

>>514424157What a based individual.

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umm what?has my Nobeta been sucking souls up like some kind of vile demon the entire time?

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>>514389617hold up, he also made this masterpiece? holy shit based

>>514424157Get Lil Capo to read this based post

>>514423725I don't know, man. It feels super satisfying to me. Particularly later on, when you get way stronger magic. The magic you have on the demo is the most basic one, it's only there to teach you the basic and its charged shot is weaker than the basic attack of the last magic you get. The melee actually gets good when you get another magic that buffs your staff attacks. I think it has a great loop of rewarding you for attacking and evading attacks to charge stuff, if this was an actual Souls game you would be just waiting and dodging until the enemies finished their attacks with nothing else going on. And the best part is that there's very little enforced on you, most situations have plenty of options for you to naturally use, it's all very well balanced.


>fat, plump, hairless pussy lipswat do?

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>>514424338She's not wearing a bra

>>514424487Women are succubi.

Isn't a flat chest the opposite of softness?

>>514408901>bugmenbeing a rider would be pretty cool desu

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>get to the next level>more linear corridor levels with the same 2 enemies spammed everywhereUguuuu this is so draining. At least the bosses are kino. In fact its really weird how good the bosses are compared to the bland level design.

>>514379351I am playing it. I am stuck in the third boss. How the fuck do you evade the ground smash?

>>514424975Have you ever played Mario?

Tania is filtering me hard so far

>>514423889For some people that's certainly the appeal, I liked cunny before I even knew it was wrong though.

>>514424947Like opposite of souls games.

>>514424975Use Arcane or Ice magic to blow up your energy ball