Why is Mega Man Battle Network so beloved in 4chan?

Why is Mega Man Battle Network so beloved in 4chan?

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it's fun

>>514374064It has the most SOUL of all MM series

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In what other game can you do something like this?

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If I were to only play one of them which should it be?

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>>514374389Battle Network 2, the best game in the series.

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i dunno i didn't like them

>>514374064High customization and great gameplay that strikes a near perfect middle ground between difficulties.

>>5143743892 is a good starting point. 1 is fun but some people are turned off by it being mostly used for the development team to get the basic ideas down.

>>514374564who's the fag with the mask

is this game worth getting?

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>>514374064> beloved series given a new interpretation that's so off the wall and absorbed in its own silliness it kind of works> extrapolation of future internet culture based heavily on early internet culture, creating a kind of faux-nostalgia> great customization and difficulty balance

>>514374718Gospel, the main villain of BN2.Seems like the image is based more on the anime, since Shadow Style and Zero.EXE are from different games

>>514374792It's a little short, but has a lot of polish. You can also slide dance in it, by the way.

The jump of difficulty from 1 to 2 was pretty large.I remember Quickman having insanely fast and damaging attacks and Toadman being tough too.What would be the hardest out of the 6 games, does anyone know?I've played them all but it's been a long time.

>>514374280>Double SoulCan you truly be considered strong if you have to rely on others for strength?

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>>5143755602, definitely. It was still figuring out how to make folders work which meant you were either unprepared or stupidly overpowered (lol Gater PA).2 also nerfed the buster super hard to emphasize on Styles for passive combat ability, so up until you get to unlock one, it is an uphill battle

Reminder that 5 is the best bn game.>best ost>best system (better chaos unison than 4) >best missions (liberations)>best post game (tied with 3)

>>514375560honestly i always thought 4 was kinda tough if you didnt use dark chips

>>514375613Strength is strength. Where it comes from doesn't matter.Also, it's better to temporarily give up a chip rather than permanently use up HP.

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>>514376338Liberation missions are the reason I dropped the game.I even played 4 a lot compared to 5.

Why does everyone say 2? On other forums and places 3: Blue tends to be the most popular.

>>514374064The series is popular with autistic children.

I dropped the game at 6 because they cut all the boktai content. I was also an avid boktai player at the time. If they ever do a legacies collection, I'll only pick it up if that content is restored/ present.

They're simple awesome portable compact games!!! They're just great.

Why did Star Force fail, compared to BN?I'm currently playing through the SF series, still on the first game.Having 3 different versions from the get go was a little too bold and gimmicky imo, I think even its sequels toned it down to 2.The combat so far feels vey much like a downgrade from BN, which felt faster and you could move around more. The 3d graphics don't impress and even though it's on DS the spritework doesn't feel as detailed as the BN ganes. Like the scenery are more barren and barebones.I'm only determined to keep playong because apparently the 3rd game is amazing and it's sad the series died when it finally got it right.I'm like 10 hours in too and there's nothing much going on and the cast feels much smaller compared to BN.

>>514376820Liberation maps made me like 5. Different strokes, different folks I guezz. >>5143769273 is generally regarded the best bn game. I can see why because the maps, chips, story, music and post game is well done.


>>514377323No chance.Doubt capcom would bother to make a deal with konami even though I think they'd probably be fine with it and let them use the license for cheap,.

>>5143743893 White. Best post-game of any game ever.

>>514376927I'd say they're interchangeable, there's some charm to the simplicity of 2 compared to 3 and I generally prefer 2's story over 3's, gameplay-wise I prefer 3 because of the NaviCust letting you mix and match abilities from other Styles.

>>514377646That's what's so frustrating, they had the license to make it in Japan, was it really so much cheaper to get some one language only license? For a while i was hoping a Japan rom would be translated, but who's going to translate a game already readily available in English?

Best thing the later games did was giving Megaman so many different alternate forms. I'm a sucker for these.

>>514377492The main reason was the appearance of simplification seemingly taking away what people loved about BN. Not nessesarally that it actually was any simpler, just that it seemed that way

>>514378062I love that MM11 started implementing that into the boss powers

>>514378015It's not about show much it costs, it's about how much western players don't care about Boktai. And in the case of 6, the fact that the English script literally wouldn't fit in the cartridge and they had to cut SOMETHING, and boktai 3 wasn't getting translated anyway.

>>514378434I'm glad to learn there's a practical rrason for the cuts, but as someone who sat on the roof to get sunlight for my gun and later bought a uv light, I wish they had found a way to keep it.

>>514375613yes, you friendless retard

blue moon ng++ undernet kicked my ass, loved it

>>514374064How can we make Multiplayer work?

>>514374307One Step from Eden is pretty great, it's basically a roguelike MMBN game

>>514377492>>514378145Another thing I find it really odd with SF is pretty much all of the fun banter is hidden inside the email menu when accepting and denying sidequests. There isn't a lot of interesting interactions between Mega and Geo during the plot...But you if you say no for an optional sidequest you get a lot of unique dialogue and I doubt most people ever saw that. Mega teasing Geo about him being more eager to help girls, Geo being scared of ghosts, etc. Fun conversations hidden on shitty menusIt's bad design.


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>>5143755603 is tough in the post-game.

>>514374792Yeah, it's probably one of the best of the Classic MM games, if not the best.

>>514374307anyone else just spam the pause button to get through battles?

If you like MMBN check this out, MMBN gameplay with Roguelike elementsyoutube.com/watch?v=0ZZuo7Xpmqs

>>514380303I really enjoy it but I'm too shit to reach the end of the game so far

>>514380434I can get to the last boss but they whip my ass instantly

>>514379824Rip off Custom Robo

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>>514375560Probably 4 since the Library is pretty shitty for the most part except for a few broken chips and the viruses' health gets really bloated on the 2nd and 3rd playthroughs. Duo is also the hardest final boss in the series.

>>514374064>At last, it's Friday!WHO'S GOING TO MCDONALD'S NIGHT

>>514380564>Custom RoboSo Power Battle?

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>>514380958BUT...in the 3rd dimension

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>>514374307what the fuck. boomer who has never played these games, but that gif makes me think i should.

>>514378145It IS simplified though. I like SF1 and 3 more than the worse BN games, but overall there's less tools available to player. >only 3 movement spaces>can't gain/lose area>can't have different maps with obstacles/holes in them at start (like Metal Man's buzzsaws, King Man's pieces, etc.) >no chip codes >usually can only select 3 cards max (as oppsed to 5 in BN)There's just not as much complexity in the mechanics. Less area means dodging or blocking is typically just reflex based instead of having to figure out where to go, and you can't make as any interesting setups on offense and you must justly spam attacks continuously.

>Started with MMBN1 and thought it was ok>Get 2 when it releases and blown away at the major improvements it didWhile 3 and the rest are mostly changes or reworks, I cannot understate how much of a change going from 1 to 2 was. Like even the Title Music went from thisyoutu.be/ZocM0ZCnH5Qto thisyoutu.be/3SyM8oThJvk

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>>514374064Are the games that good? I played the original as a kid but never got into it. Willing to try it again now.

>>514377232>any game that requires fast reaction time, strategy, or collecting is autismits all so tiresome

>>5143743892 or 3. They're both good, and the stories are pretty on par with each other. You'll feel less lost in the world with 2. All you really need to know for backstory is basically imagine if megaman 1 was actually an RPG. You can piece most of what it doesn't tell hi together

>>514382420skip 1 and start with 2. then make your way up to 6

>>514382420That's the worst question you could possibly ask. Anyone in this thread is a fan of the series, so they'd automatically say that the games are good.What you have to ask is what these games can be compared to, or what genre it is, and decide for yourself if it's worth your time.In the case of Megaman, it's an card-based action RPG. Battles take place in real-time on a grid-based arena, and attacks take the form of cards that are randomly selected from a deck. Does that sound interesting to you?

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Grew up on bn played and 100%ed every US version fond memories

>>514382851>>514374389agreed coming from someone that has played a ton of every version. Very difficult between 2 and 3 for overall favorite.

>>514376820liberation missions were a mistake, 5 overall is mediocre imo.

>>514384091I loved liberation missions, but I understand I'm in the minority. I liked the soul battle sections in 6 as well, but not as much.

I love all the bullshit you can do youtu.be/35EyShboCi4?t=122

>>514377323do you know why they cut boktai content from 6? isn't it just one postgame scene anyway? I'm guessing it was cut in US because boktai wasn't that popular. I only found one cart in my younger gamestop years

>>5143777643 post game makes my mouth water even today. It was so packed and fun, I wouldn't even call it a post game


>>514384548>I'm guessing it was cut in US because boktai wasn't that popular.That's exactly it. Boktai didn't do well in America to the point that the third game was cut, so Capcom didn't want to bother spending the extra money to have the rights for it in the overseas version.

>>514374307I can't even tell what's going on, how is this Megaman?I've only ever playedMegaman 1Megaman 2Megaman 3Megaman 4Megaman 5Megaman 6Megaman 7Megaman 8Megaman XMegaman X2Megaman X3Megaman X4Megaman X5Megaman X6And I've never seen any of this grid shit.

>>514384548>>514384781Not at all. English simply took up too much space compared to Japanese.

>>514384870Battle Network is a spin-off series that takes place in an alternate timeline from the other games where the internet took off instead of robots. It's an action RPG series instead of a platformer series. Battles take place on said grid.

I grew up with the gameboy and this series and I assume others did as well.

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>>514384870Mega Man is a state of mind and a way of life. As long as you're dodging and shooting, you're Mega Man.

>>5143743896 is the best one.

>>514384983That's a bald faced lie, because translation patches have come out since then that localize all the content without increasing the filesize.

>>514377492I consider myself a serious bn fan. Imo, Starforce lost a lot plot wise. Muh alienz and friendship. Also, a lot of what you already said. BN had an amazing near future setting. So much of it is reality today. Gameplay also felt much easier in SF. The 3D ish format also might have turned some away. Generally, 2 gets shit on, but they all overlap and were forgettable imo

>>514384762thanks, didn't even make it down the thread

I still remember getting heavily filtered by kingman the first time in 3 when I was a kid. Stuck within the tournament within a week lol. Good old days.

>>514379824Make it Like Daemon X and that one for GameCube

>>514378434>wouldn't even fit>japanese game gets translated later by fans>literally imports the english script then translates everything else>zero cuts>rom didn't have to be expanded>still the same filesizeCapcom lied to you.

>>514384983>>514385172if you remember though, it was a pretty daring thing to do with a gba cart, having the light sensor and all. I wonder how it would have done without that

>>514381271>Megaman >in 3DHow about no

>>514385595>I wonder how it would have done without thatLook no further than Lunar Knights, which also bombed spectacularly. Though, Lunar Knights was also a much worse game as well.

>>514374389Do not listen to anyone saying anything other than 3, for christ's sake. It is the quintessential battle network experience.

2=3>6>4>5>1 I know this might not be the most popular opinion but it's mine. I just have fond memories of 4 compared to 5, even if you had to play it a bunch of times to 100pc and even if there was a game breaking glitch (on certain carts iirc). 5 was the blandest of the main core games. 1 was obviously the start so don't need to criticize it too heavily. I can't decide between 2/3 as favorites, although 3 had an amazing amount of content.

>>514385810wow, didn't even know this existed. >>514377323I think you can still get Django soul with a boktai cart for double team ds

>>514384443Don't worry man liberation missions are one of the reasons why 5 is my favorite

>>514385061yes. 6 was the first game I got with my gba. Fell in love with the series and pursued getting and completing all US versions.

>>514374389Four is the best place to start

>>514374389Playing them as a kid is the best place to start.

>>514380160Better than 9?>>514380169

I'm trying to remember which Bass was the most souped up. I think the final postgame bass in 5 was the worst

>>514386597the only thing I like about videogames today is thinking back to the ones I enjoyed as a kid and played with friends. If I go back to any of these games today, the magic is lost.

>>514385767>he didn't like X7No taste at all I tell you.

>BN6 postgame getting ruined by the panic songHow did they fuck up something so simple so badly?

>>514384443hehe, you just listed my least favorite gameplay parts in the whole series.

Anayone got any good Battle Network wallpapers? What I really want is a dual screen of this, so that the red fields are on the left screen and the blue on the right. But I'll take anything that doesn't look gay.

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>>514386650I would say so, it didn't do anything groundbreaking but it was extremely solid, you have the slide and charge shot again, all the weapons are great, there's quick weapon switch again, its gimmick is completely optional... the only thing that I didn't like much was its soundtrack, but everything else was great.But about 9... I was always dissapointed in that one, it's good and very solid, but not having the slide and overall being a rehash of the NES games didn't sit well with me.

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I played bn in such a weird order, mostly because I got 6 new with my gameboy and then relied on what I could find used in a gamestop. 6 falzar 5 proto4 red sun 23 blue 1 4 blue moon 3 white 5 coloneldoubleteam DS 6 gregar

>>514385172>>514385551>Grabs my exe 6 rom >It's 8 mb >Applies the patch >Doubles in size to 16 mb

>>514387078AAAAAAAAAAAAAdon't remind me I just wanted everyone to be happy. I wish they had a post final boss postgame

>>514386263Yeah it's Boktai 4, but it was localized as a completely separate IP overseas to try and distance it from the poor reception Boktai had.It didn't work. Like 2 and 3 it also has a Mega Man cross over, this time with Star Force 1, but that was obviously stripped out of both games' overseas releases.

>>514387621interesting, they took quite a leap with Boktai IP compared to BN with the DS platform

Favorite Navi Go -For me it's the ultimate edgelord Bass, awesome design and backstory

>>514377492In my case, I rejected Star Force at first because it seemingly came out of left field for me, who was still working through BN5 at the time, and it appeared to be replacing BN with characters I didn't know or love, so it was just a whiplash of the appearance to me that Capcom was killing off all my old favorites and trying to force me to like the new ones.I think if they had made it more clear to non hardcore fans and people behind in the story like me that this was a natural continuation of a completed story, I would have been less resilient. Didn't help that Capcom was currently being fucked over by Inafune at the time, so all of their other projects, ESPECIALLY Mega Man projects, were schizophrenic and shitty as fuck.

>>514387924Gyroman.exe since I love his transformer looking ass

>>514387924TomahawkmanThat giant axe swing, mang

>>514387924Laserman as a close second for design alone

>>514386650No, I found it worse than even 4-6 on the NES and way behind 9 in quality. The stages are huge and bloated to fit the resolution but there's nothing interesting in them and they just bored me to tears. It's the opposite problem of MM7. Had a lot more fun with fangames even, had a good time with Rock & Roll.


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>>514383087that is a fucking sick gif brah

thanks to the wii u I was finally able to do the omega navi battlesback when I was a kid my friend told me you had to do 10+ virus battles before fighting the omega navi, glad he was exaggerating.

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>>514376338This is just my hot opinion but 5 is the most bland game of them all (taking 1 out of equation) Just overall forgettable main story. Nebula Grey being a cool boss and the final Bass being probably the hardest one in the series.

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>>514388324Excellent taste

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>>514380303>game is 100000 times faster than any mmbn>have to dodge a trillion things at the same time>while also trying to use your own spells that you have to memorize before each battle because the game never pausesfuck this game and fuck everyone saying that its like battle network i regret buying this shit game

>>514388595I bought the white cart and 7 stared both

>>514376338I hope you don't do this every thread I don't want my favorite game to be spammed to death

>>514388592I made a whole set. I was bored one day.

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>>514387028X7 was dogshit, you could have at least said Megaman Legends 1 and 2 (and never 3).

>>514388727top 10 anime battles of history level shit bass and serenade are both awesome

>>514388853siick gj user


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>>514388864lol, just fucking with you user, nobody likes X7


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Iris is love


>>514381271>>514385767Mega Man can work in 3D as a first-person shooter.

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>>5143743893 is massively overrated. Play either 2 or 6.


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>>514383087>>514388853>>514389074>>514389183Good stuff. Do you have one for Falzar?

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>>514389278fin.unless you want me to dump the ones I made for the other subseries

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>>514388853I really like styles over souls It was nice to have something immediately available every battle


>>514389263Fuck I forgot about that song. Pissed at how shitty, in my opinion, the music for NMH3 is shaping up to be.

>>514389372Ok, here's one more

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Was there a bigger fuck you to the fanbase than OSS? Basically 1 on a DS cart with a fucking crossover scene

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What does Holla Forums think of Reddit's opinions?

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>>514389472Well, alright then, since you asked nicely./mmg/ liked them too.

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I should finish 4

I just want to customize a navi

>>5143743892The DS version of 1 if absolutely want to start from the first game

>>514374064It's really good. What else is there to say?

>>514390210This is missing like four games what the fuck are they doing>>514390245

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Am I high or did the megaman.exe anime have an ending by the jackson 5?

>>514381760It's very grindy, can be cringy as fuck at times>Amazing sprites>Good music>Tons of secretsIt can take a bit to get used to but it has a surprising amount of depth and strategy

when they did the ending to six, did they have intentions of setting up some sequel that was never realized with setting up Patch/megaman combo in the ending scene? I'm trying to remember what the discussion was all those years ago.

It was the first high-profile deck building video game.


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>>514374064Cause of that quote, who doesn't love a Friday kek.

>>514374064>Based off a popular series but does it's own original thing while still paying homage to it's forefathers>each game (at least until 4 but desu I don't hate it as much as most people. I just think it tried something new and it didn't work) improved the core gameplay gimmicks while adding new ones even if they didn't always work>SIX (6) games that span across one system and which had an actual ending but didn't overstay it's welcome once they run out of new ideas (they tried to recapture the magic with Starforce but ehhhh)>the base combat was fun as fuck and everyone loves collecting cool new moves to use

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>>514390897>>514390812>>514390703>>514390608>>514390245rAiNbOw mAn

>>514384478Dirge is always impressive.

>>514391121someone wanted bass so I did him too

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>>514379506>VBA>Skype>...>Profit!In theory, that is.

>>514374064is that 4.5 with an english translation?"

>>514376338Liberations were easily the worst part of 5, so bad that it made me drop the game. I have fond memories of 4 though.

>>514388324>>514388727>Navi must never have clothes, this is one of the main rules>But for these two, they're unique. The fact that they're clothed means they're special. Always liked how they made their design choices

>>514391851Yeah. It came out recently.

>>514391851Ye. Finally done.

>>514391904I mean if you wanna argue, Megaman and other "faced" navis wear body suits.

>>514391904Where did the no clothes rule come from anyway? Was it in one of the art books


>>514374064Non-snoy 4chan regulars are the last people in this planet with taste.

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>>5143743893 and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

>>514374064because the series has the spirit

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>>514392076Before anyone asks questions, this is just a mockup and not a screenshot of any sort of real game


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>>514392007I think I read it from one of the artbooks>>514391981That's fair, plays up the uniqueness but I guess the lack of textile clothing made them feel more digitized


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>>514392392Thank god. Clover was cringe enough for one lifetime


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>>514392491>made them feel more digitizedDefinitely.The Secret Net was unusual for that aspect and probably one of my favourite areas because the "infinite void space" background was replaced with actual water making it look less digitized too.

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>be 10 years old>play MMBN4>dont know how to get numberman out of the locked door or whatever, 3 digit combination>literally spend an entire afternoon bruteforcing the answer because i didnt know what gamefaqs was

>>514392736Serenade and the rest of the secret area really felt like such a hidden gem, both in game and in universe.

>>514392678the humble heel navi, keeping the surface net normies and nebulafags at bay, making sure the undernet stays great

What do you all think of Chrono X? It has CopyDmg and PnelGrab, unlike Shanghai.EXE.

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>>514393505Made me very happy just wished charging the buster didn't take a million years and you can't put pieces outside of the navicust anymore

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What do you all think of Shanghai? It got completed, unlike Chrono X.


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Since BN and SF were in the same universe imagine HOW FUCKING COOL it would have been if they had Bass make it over into SF with the backstory of "he survived and grew more and more powerful since the BN era making it all the way into the SF era"

>>514393842Nobody used the internet anymore.

>>514393752FUCK YEAH SHANGHAIWho needs >Clover when we have her?

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>>514374064Good timing. I just got done playing about 3 hours of BN4. Just finished the point scavenger hunt before the second tourney on Super Hard mode. I got really lucky with a GMD that gave me AirHoc3 W so I have its PA along with FlmLn3’s Flame Cross PA. Despite BN4’s poor execution with some of its ideas, it’s definitely grown on me but maybe that’s because I can finally have Tier 3 chips now that I’m on the third playthrough. I’d say it sits in the middle behind a power gap of 6, 2, and 3.

>>514394025Shanghai isn't THAT great. It's a middling fangame at best. Chrono X is a worse, though. Combat feels off and the story is terribly edge.

>>514393957the internet evolved into wave areas and whatnot

>It's a brand new take in megaman>Easy to learn, hard to master>Endless folder customization>Has golden-age internet humorIf it had NG+ it would have been a 10/10 game

>>514394221Well, it's the best we'll get unless some fuck makes a better one.

>>514393752It's great. May not be perfect, but it's got pretty much everything I would want in a new BN game.

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>>514394459One Step from Eden


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>>514393752Didn't Shanghai get taken down because they got all jew and tried to make a patreon

>>514394768>parroting Holla Forums's butthurt about the game

>>514394792/jp/ got a hold of an indev version and worked on it from there.It got C&D'd again, though. Still, that hasn't stopped the development of the postgame.

>title demo music starts playing the main theme

>>514394719I like OSFE, probably more than I like Battle Network overall honestly, but it is really different.

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>>514394792Yeah. But most of the information was left-over in the game files and in archived developer streams, along with a google doc by the translation team for the whole game, for /jp/ to pick up the project and finish it. The only stuff that wasn't there was post-game stuff, so the game is currently playable up to and including the credits.

>>514394768What are you, a 30+year old boomer?

>>514395060Where can I find the newest version of the game?

>>514374280impressive considering how much soul some of the other mm series have

>>514394768>he needs time stopping attacksI bet you reset for optimal draws as well.

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>>514379824battlenet grid vs matchs

Let me go ahead and just through in that i greatly enjoyed network transmission and wish it was bigger or had a sequel

>>514395089>main theme plays in the final areaThe best shit.>>514395161Check gitlab.

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>>514395060>>514395131I see also be honest how good is the game actually I can't tell since there's so much shitposting around it

>>514395959It's decent. Might want to look around for the uncensor patch, however. The newer builds of the game have taken much steps to try and disassociate itself graphically from MMBN to try and stay Capcom's wrath, and it kind of suffers as a result.

>>514384478lel as a kid I always just spammed the hero combo and kept resetting my folder

>>514395959It really is my favorite Battle Network game because it's the only one I couldn't unintentionally steamroll. I also like the styles in it, especially Ninja.

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>>514396236Is this a case of "this fangame might be impossible to find at some point"?I might have to go check it out now

>>514396707It wouldn't surprise me.

Best Battlechip.

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>>514397451Easiest game.

>>514397451>can one-shot Bass BXI don't know what they were thinking with that one.

I was replaying 6 the other day on my phone and it made me wish there was some kind of small screen or monitor for replaying these older games.>>514390210>here for the pvpNot at all. The only one that's probably right is 5's.

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>>514397451Not the bees

Harp Note is cool but Harp Note is a stupid name.


Post BN (or SF) girls.

>>514374064it's comfy and feels like playing a Saturday morning anime


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>>514403715She a cute, but still she's worst Roll.

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>>514404559Yeah, Even Yai is better than her.

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shota torture smutt

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>>514398243Not with that attitude.

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He cute

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>>514377492It was yet another mega man spinoff and people were tired of mega man by that point. Hard to believe since everyone on here is a zoomer but there was a time when mega man fatigue was prevalent with the normalfag crowd

>>514406832I like his operator.

>>514388689It pretty much exist to be filler or more or less the epilogue to BN4 since all ties into the Dark Chips. I liked some of it but the liberation missions were such obvious padding it wasn't even funny. It was also incredibly fast compared to the others, even 4.

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Why does Roll.exe have a button on her butt?

>>514404559She's best Roll though.

I should replay BN3, I remember getting filtered by Beastman when I was younger. That fucker moved too fast.

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>>514379824It already works, you just need to package it correctly. MMBN multiplayer battles on PC and mobile using a similar monetization system as Hearthstone. Pay some Twitch streamers to play it for a bit with bonus drops enabled to viewers and you're good to go.

>>514374064This side franchise was actually hated upon release by many “regular” MM fans.

>>514408124>not using Geddon1

>>514408124Beastman is still one of the harder fights for me in MMBN3. That fuckers on coke.Late game I just load up on mines for free damage and try to get lucky with my Variable Sword 4x elemental sonic boom inputs.For whatever reason I'm better at using sonic booms on the DS than I am with the Wii U Pro controller.

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>>514406527is there a roll one?

>>514409112Roll.EXE? I haven't seen one, there's one for Classic Roll and one for Roll Casket though.

The magic of playing PvP with my brothers is forever lost and I wish I could relive it. Do any gba emulators even support online multiplayer?

>>514374714OSS is a pretty fun subttitute imho

>>514386650I'd put it about on par with 9, with slightly different strengths that make it believable that someone would prefer one over the other. Both games have fantastic level design and some of the most memorable robot masters in the series, but 11's actual boss fights I think are better and more dynamic (this is helped by having the slide). Both games have great weapons, but the radial weapon swap in 11 and power gear make them even more fun to use. On the other hand, 11 essentially only has two castle stages (plus one for rematches and the fourth being the final boss), so it's a bit slack on levels, although the levels it does have are longer than usual, and has no extra playable characters. 11 also has generally less memorable music, but I think people over blow how poor it is. There are some good tracks, but it doesn't compare to 9's OST. Finally, and this is the most superficial point, it's nice to see a new Mega Man game actually move forward with regards to presentation and control. You actually have the slide and charge shot, plus the radial weapon swap I mentioned before, and the gears as an entirely new feature. It isn't faux 8-bit either, obviously. The levels themselves benefit more from the modern visuals than the character models, but overall I think it looks pretty good, and unlike 8, the controls still feel as snappy and precise as they should. The structure of the game is basically unchanged, but it isn't relying nearly as much on nostalgia pandering.

>>514410707Also does anyone remember the BN4 and Boktai 2 crossover battle? Did it a couple times with my brother and it's probably the most creative use of the GBA link cable I've seen.

>>514410707VBA and MGBA apparently do support netplay.

>>514408338We all know that.

How do i unlock other navi's in 4.5?

Started with 4 Blue Moon for a 16 hour car ride and absolutely loved it. So much so that I bugged my parents so much for batteries after my GBA had died that we got off the highway literally so I could get a giant 24 pack of batteries (which I used most of them).Its probably why I am able to tolerate 4, which most people say is the worst by far. Its hard for me to enjoy 1-3 now since of the graphical and gameplay changes made to 4 and beyond, though 3 is still excellent. Still though,4 has my 2 favorite tracks though all of MMBN.youtube.com/watch?v=quNLYWEb2G4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpCfik1PYAw

>>514410121i'll take them

>>514412007Damn I forgot how much Battle with Myself slaps. But if I'm gonna be honest pretty much ever BN game and even most Mega Mans have god tier music. Though my personal nostalgia makes me lean more toward battle network and zero music.

>>514412223Here, www72.zippyshare.com/v/0WF7Klr5/file.htmlThis has:>Classic Roll hair (png)>Roll Caskett hair (png)>Roll Caskett Shorts (swf)>Roll Caskett outfit (sfw)The outfit doesn't seem to display properly though,

>>514374718That's my buddy Sean. He's a cyber-gangster who tried to kill me but we're cool now

>>514389263Thanks now I have to listen to Genki Rockets again

>>514385253>Muh alienz and friendship.I don't mind aliens but this game is another example of why the power of friendship is overrated, glad that it has Mu feature.

>>514407683She does? I don't believe that, some proof would be welcome.

Just gonna leave this here.

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>>514374064I tried playing it last year but somehow I got random encounter every 2 cells. Dropped it. Not even Dragon Quest is that grindy.

>>514415638>That KalinkaDamn...

>>514415638Who is the 5th girl, I don't recognize her

>>514418619Aquaman's operator from the Battle Network series. Shuko Kido.

>>514415638Where's MagnetMan.EXE's second operator

>>514390210Wtf why are there so many of them?Capcom produces a gorillion of this trash and 50 RE games but no Breath of Fire 6? Fuck this gay timeline. Fuck it.

>>514422171Capcom really wanted to compete with Pokémon and Yu-gi-oh.