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>>514362434Holy shit is this real???

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>>514362434>goomba with a hatwhat's funny about Dee fags is that they think Sakurai will allowed a kirby character he didn't created in smash Sakurai hates the new kirby generations

>>514362434Hat goombafags are the worst

>>514362630>imagine using shitty characters like banjoke to prove your point

>>514362630>>514362715Rules don't apply to first party characters.

>>514362630banana dee is literally the most boring kirby character, i doubt actual kirby fans give a shit about the orange buttplug all his support seems to come from rabid patternfags that think he's the fourth kirby character when his appearance record is incredibly spottyi'd rather get something more classic like gooey or more interesting moveset-wise like daroach instead

thanks yandex

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>>514362962>he's rulefagging again

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leak source?

>>514363183you know I sometimes think once SORA,WDee, and Geno don't get in what will they say now next smash lmao

What powers does the art girl have? I'll take her over ooga booga goomba.

This is the textbook definition of "character who would be nice in the base game, but way too small for paid DLC"

>>514363881She’s sorta like Maxwell from Scribblenauts but with a canvas instead of a notebook and a paintbrush she can use to attack


>>514363402>Source: Dude trust my ass

>>514362434He would be neat, has the same appeal as plant

Bandanna Dee is fucking stupid, literally muh player four toad

>>514363593they'll surely say "NEXT SMASH"

>>514363881She paints shit and it comes to life.Either she'd create kirby minions/bosses to do most of her attacks with her, plus a few attacks with her brush, maybe assistance from ribbon.Or draw crude fighters from smash to mirror some of their moves.

>>514363993sounds based I rather take her

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>>514362434>Hat Goomba NOGenobros Rise up

>>514363993Why not just add Maxwell?

>>514364556She's also cute.

>>514362434Next one should be September at the soonest

>>514362434Nice photoshop edit ya got there OP!

>>514363881She's physically weak and fragile, but she's creative and can paint things that become real. In Smash she could paint pretty much any character from the Dark Matter Trilogy onto the stage, including enemies, bosses, and friends but she'd be one of the most fragile fighters herself.

>>514365057so jigglypuff with a mix of rosalina and inklings?

>>514365260I don't think so. She wouldn't be floaty, she doesn't control paintings remotely and she doesn't splash paint around.

>>514365475I mean she could a jab or dash have never see her run


>>514365975youtube.com/watch?v=X1FqDhcn0AMjust watch how she moves even in the N64 it was like this

>>514362434>first non-Sakurai stage is just World 1 grassland #20Is this really the best idea you could come up with?

>>514362961>banjokewhy do you guys out yourself so hard?

>>514366530After world 1 jungle for the 4th time for DK, would you really put it against Sakurai?

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>>514362630The left cannot meme

>>514362434imagine ssf2 bandana dee in ultimate

Everyone in this thread will adore Bandana dee once he gets into smashJust like Min min.

>>514362630Why use Wally Bear and the NO! Gang to illustrate your point?

>>514366862nah implying he'll get in first

>>514366796It's not a meme, zoomie, it's a fact.

>>514366862He isn't even assist trophy tier.

>>514367165>>514367382He's already been in like 3 switch games.

Better than shit puppet that was just a party member in one game and you fucking know it.

>>514368213Cope Geno is next

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>>514362434Honestly i cant even argue against hat goomba anymore now that plant, a fucking basic enemy got in, any argument against him is now at some level hypocritical. I still would prefer that a more interesting kirby character got in but people seem to like him.

Bros... it was supposed to be Travis Touchdown or a Paper Mario character.... please bros... I can’t take it anymore

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>>514368460Kill yourself, cancer. That fucking shit deserves nothing.

>another mario character>another kirby characterWe all know who really deserves to be in.

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>>514367879kek your like the genofags explain why Dillon rolling didn't get in despite being the main character having 3 games and the only returning assist trophy to have it's desgin updated

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>>514369039Travis Touchhdown from the award-winning No More Heroes series?

>>514362961>using greentext incorrectlyGo back

>>514369223you're not quoting anyone so you're using it incorrectly too.>Go back

>>514369067Dillon would be cool, we dont have many western based mcs.

>>514369516a man could dream yokai watch is my last hope but pokemon shill will probably take and you have deefags thinking they have a chance

>>514369067fuck you, I would like to have Dillon in as well.

>>514362434Would be a waste of 5 dollars. Thank fuck I haven’t bought the pass.

>>514366862Min Mins one of the best Arms charactersBandana is one of the worst Kirby characters

>>514369694>and you have deefags thinking they have a chanceNot a Deefag but he still has a tiny chance, we dont know what this fighter pass is doing yet, Arms as the fist fighter was a wild card that doesnt tell us much of what will come unlike Joker which followed 3 3rd parties and a trap at the end. If fp7 is another 1st party that chance will increase.

>>514362962>Rules don't apply to first party characters.Good that means we can get better characters instead of Hat Goomba.

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>>514370289Why is Mario there?

>>514370048>Bandana is one of the worst Kirby charactersThat would be Pyribbit

>>514362630Though unlike Banjo Bandana Dee will continue to appear in games while Banjo will remain dead because his series doesn't sell.

>>514370238He's only an Ace while shit puppet is a Legend for no fucking reason. I have no optimism.

>>514370467Paper Mario and he can fuck off after becoming a complete disgrace to all RPGs.

>>514370467Because fags want ANOTHER Mario despite having a shit load of characters in already. We especially don't need MarioGreen MarioDr. MarioPaper Mario"But muh different move set!"'Who fucking cares you greedy shits.

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>>514370627Bandana Dee will be abandoned by Hal in favor of other characters.

>>514368943See you 7/7 then fag

>>514362715The only chance goomba with hat has is if it's an ad character like byleth/corrin

>>514370838If they were going to do that, they would use their Rayman of the week, the character has to be significant and BD has never been significant to a mainline Kirby game.

>>514370817Yeah no. Kumazaki is a huge fan of BWD and Japan loves him as well. He's not going anywhere.

>>514370809Paper Mario and Mario are different characters

>>514362434Hat goomba.

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>>514362630I can't read moonrunes. What are the characters you are comparing here?

>>514371913>different charactersHere we fucking go. What next they should add Go Kart Mario, Tennis Mario, Golf Mario, Soccer Mario, Baseball Mario, Basketball Mario, Mario & Luigi RPG Mario because they are different?

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>>514370817>shows up in Return to Dream Land as a main character>shows up in Triple Deluxe as a side character when Meta Knight doesn't even appear>shows up in Robobot as a side character when King Dedede doesn't even appear>shows up in Rainbow Curse as a main character when King Dedede and Meta Knight don't even appear>shows up as the main NPC in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and Super Kirby Clash>shows up and acts as the entire driving force behind Kirby Battle Royale's story>shows up as a base game Dream Friend in Star Allies despite not being in the game elsewhere just to cement him as a main character along with Kirby, DDD, and MK>further cemented by numerous additional artwork pieces involving only the four and Shinya Kumazaki going on record to say that he was going to have his own mode dedicated to him in Star Allies originally>has not one but two vocal theme songs>consistently promoted in merchandisingYup, he's on his way out alright. Any day now.

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Someone may bring this up, but I'd be fine with Goombella but not this spear guy.Goombella has many distinctions from the regular goombas along with fun dialogue and being the first party member that joins you.

>>514372295what about mario 2 mario??? he can pick up turnips and enemies and grab cherries and super jump n shit, totally different mario

>>514362434>requieredYa dun fucked it up

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>>514372824Peach is the Mario 2 rep now get lost.

>>514372816No moveset potential.Absolutely no relevanceAbsolutely no futureNever ever ever.

>>514372913BLUE TOAD BROS.....

>>514373124Yeah I know. I'm just saying Goombella is cooler than spear man.

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>>514371437He's already getting replaced by Gooey and the animal friends if you pay attention to what they've been releasing in Japan.

>>514369039im an andyfag but im also a deefag so

>>514371992Koopas have more in common with the role Waddle Dees do have than Goombas tho. Waddle Dees and Koopas>Both serve their kings and are loyal towards them. Waddle Dees have swore loyalty to Dedede and Koopas are (mostly) loyal towards Bowser.>Both are citizens of their respective kingdoms>They compose most of their King's army>Even if weak, they can compensate with smarts. Examples include Waddle Dees in 64 and Triple Deluxe and Koopas in the 3D games.Goombas>Are traitors from the Mushroom Kingdom and have been banished from said kingdom>Are literally the easiest of enemies and pose no threat>Only a select few in RPGs portray some level of intellect

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>>514372913but mario can't float and he jumps higher than peach......

>>514372569>>shows up in Triple Deluxe as a side character when Meta Knight doesn't even appearDark Meta Knight did. It counts>>shows up in Robobot as a side character when King Dedede doesn't even appearDedede appears in the intro and at the ending. And then there's also Dedede Clone.

>>514372569>shows up in Triple Deluxe as a side character when Meta Knight doesn't even appear>shows up in Robobot as a side character when King Dedede doesn't even appearHis roles in those games were gay and lazy, Bandana Dee fans and general Kirby fans that aren't deranged Smashies will tell you that.>shows up in Rainbow Curse as a main character when King Dedede and Meta Knight don't even appear>shows up and acts as the entire driving force behind Kirby Battle Royale's storyThose games were failures in every sense though.>shows up as a base game Dream Friend in Star Allies despite not being in the game elsewhere just to cement him as a main character along with Kirby, DDD, and MKThey didn't even make him a boss, like Dedede and Meta Knight and he got less fanfare than every other dreamfriend.>Shinya Kumazaki going on record to say that he was going to have his own mode dedicated to him in Star Allies originallyWhich they decided against and that decision was beneficial.>consistently promoted in merchandisingNot as much as Kirby, Dedede, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Rick, Kine, Coo, Magolor, Marx, or Daroach.

They're in.

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>>514374239Hat goomba

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>>514378453Post a Koopa and it would be correct.

>>514378453Piranha Plant didn't need an accessory or gimmicky weapon, why should Waddle Dee?

>>514379520>Piranha Plant didn't need an accessory or gimmicky weaponExcept having to take aspects of all of its subspecies, did you forget to mention that?

>>514370809>luigi is mario>gameplay doesn't matterthis is your brain on smash

>>514379875No, I didn't mention it because that's an irrelevant point and it's obvious that a Waddle Dee would do the same thing.

>>514362630Gooey>Animal Friends>Adeline>Marx>Dark Matter Swordsman>Taranza>Susie>Hat Goomba

>>514380246Sure, but it proves both of them dont have enough material by themselves and need to extend to accessories of subspecies to make a decent fighter.

>>514377528>Pokemon Trainer style character that lets you swap between Kirby's animal friendsBandana Dee fags are retarded for not wanting this more

>>514379875And why wouldn't a Waddle Dee be able to replicate that?

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>>514380529This.There's a totem pole of interesting Kirby characters. B.Dee is at the bottom.Even in Star Allies, B.Dee is has one of the worst movesets.

>>514372116Blue is Bandana Dee, red is Daroach, yellow is Magolor, green is Adeleine, purple is Gooey.

>bandana dee gets in>sakurai uses it as an excuse to include more fucking super star shit since BD's first appearance was in KSSUAnyone who unironically wants BWD has irredeemably shit taste.

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>>514380708Piranha Plant draws from Piranha Plants and Waddle Dee would draw from Waddle Dees.

>>514362962>first partyYou don’t even know what Hat Goomba’s series is classified as.

>>514362434This is a joke right?

>>514381082>"It's the one from Kirby Super Star Ultra!">"I swear!"He should simply confess his bias already

>>514380859I'm sure he could get in one day but it won't be as DLC. Pretty much all of the DLC characters have been pretty complex or gimmicky.Recently some Brawl modders decided to make a bandana dee mod because they realized it would be really easy and he looks well on his way to being finished despite them only working on him for like a week or two. Even so, they're making him more complex than I would have bothered to, I would have basically just done the Star Allies thing with a few changes. youtube.com/watch?v=LoP8M4Hi-SA

>>514380529I'd say Gooey is below Animal Friends and Adeleine because he would probably end up being a clone, even if he's Wolf/Isabelle levels of different.

>>514381670That's just my personal preference. I like Gooey.


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>>514362434guys i think this might be real

>>514382641Hat Goomba if he real.

>>514381597this is just the Super Smash Flash 2 moveset

>>514374239The Chad Waddle Dee>>514372569The virgin hat goomba

>>514363923ah yes, the prestige of being next to Byleth and Corrin

>>514362630This, Daroach would be a better choice anyway.


>>514366781This, Fear Factory when

>>514374239Right then. Everyone start calling them Hat Koopa now.

>>514362434>deefags are backFeels like I just went back a couple years.

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Everyone, pick a Kirby character that ISN'T Bandana Dee that you would want for SmashHard mode: It has to be from DL1, Adventure, Super Star, or maybe Amazing Mirror (if you want to be technical, Sakurai was a special advisor). Air Ride has no notable characters.

>>514385097Flappy, Heat Phanphan, and Dale trio fighter.

>>514362434>they made Megaton Punch a Down Bfuck he's going to be broken

>>514385097Adeleine, and Marx if they have to be from a Sakurai game.

>>514385097Rolling Turtle.

>>514362630Yoi shouldn’t have used Banjoke who was onlh addwd because crybabies and has the least creative and boring set ever ironic

>>514386551I was going to say that Marx has no chance since he's a boss in WOL, but then I remembered that you can play fight Giga-Bowser as Bowser in NG+.

>>514386754Work on your English.

>>514386754So this... is the power... of ESLs...

>>514385097Dark Mind. Kracko. Marx. Your Hard Mode is actually easy as fuck.

>>514362813>>514362715A goomba would be more interesting. Or a bob-omb

>>514380529>No Daroach anywhereWhat a fucking omega faggot.

>>514368943Thats fine bro u can cry about it when he gets announced on 7/7

>>514385097Adeleine. Marx for "hard mode."

>>514362434>>514362630>>514362715>>514362813>>514362990>>514364276>>514364391>>514364612>>514367382>>514368578>>514369039>spearLiterally more unique than 99% of the cast

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I genuinely don't understand why characters from Shimomura's games like Gooey and Adeleine are supposed to take priority over any character from the four games released this decade or even the ones in the 2000's, especially since Sakurai didn't like Kirby 64 but is now at least slightly open to the idea of representing Kumazaki's work.I'd argue Magolor is far more representative of what Kirby currently is (both the games and merchandising) than any of Shimomura's characters, bringing them back for one game doesn't change that.

Honestly I'm such a huge Kirby fan that I'd take any new character. Bandana Waddle Dee definitely isn't my first choice but I'd take him over no 4th Kirby character.That being said there's a huge amount of characters Kirby can take from. If I had to pick one it'd either be Magolor or Gooey, but you really can't go wrong. Except for Dark Meta Knight, who has a cool moveset in Star Allies but is begging for semi clone territory in Smash.

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>>514381597great find bro

>>514362630based beyond belieffriendly reminder that actual Kirby fans would rather any character besides dee

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>>514389437Because Gooey and Adeleine are good characters. Even Kumazaki thinks they should be mainstays. Ageeed on Magolor too.

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>>514389437Magolor is definitely a good choice, he's the choice that's the most relevant while also still being interesting. Hat Goomba is relevant but uninteresting, Adeleine/Gooey/Marx/Daroach are interesting but not terribly relevant unless Kumazaki decides to have them show up more frequently from here on out.

>>514389802Wtf is wrong with Adeleine's face holy fuck


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>>514390386That 1:1 rehash of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe did include cameos from Gooey and Adeleine, I believe.

>>514389437I don’t really understand it either, Adeleine and gooey have about as interesting roles as bandana dee, all three being easily replaceable filler characters. Gooey was only introduced because they needed something to happen when you already had an animal friend and beat a mini boss in dreamland 2 and then they decided to make player 2 in dreamland 3. Ado was made purely to rehash bosses in dreamland 3 and then in 64, arguably had the least interesting role of just giving you food, even the waddle dee from that game had a more interesting role. Both of these characters could have easily been replaced. I still fucking love gooey, though.

>>514389802>>514390386I can absolutely see Shimomura's characters returning to prominence if Kumazaki decides to keep them in future games, but I think for now in terms of Smash representation it's better to go off of what's defined the past 10 years of Kirby.

>>514390472Kumazaki isn't accustomed to drawing cute designs. Dedede and Meta Knight look weird too.

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>>514369039I've never even played past the tutorial of an Advance Wars game and I wouldn't argue this. They're one of the best 1st party choices left.

>>514390840Adeleine in Kirby 64 was a pretty major character, she appears before every stage and all of the world/level icons are drawn by her. She also doesn't just throw food, she's essential to getting a few of the shards. She's also playable in mini games and the original goal was for her to be playable in the rest of the game, but that didn't pan out.

>>514390840>Adeleine and gooey have about as interesting roles as bandana dee, all three being easily replaceable filler characters.At least they have actual designs and traits.

>>514391180was that drawn by Kumazaki as well?

>Stage is from a new Kirby gameNow you know that's fake

>>514391358>Adeleine in Kirby 64 was a pretty major character, she appears before every stageLike how bandana dee appears in some of return to dreamland’s cutscenes or in battle royale’s story> she appears before every stage and all of the world/level icons are drawn by her. That isn’t that important of a role and I don’t even think that’s confirmed, I always thought that was just an asthetic chouce>she's essential to getting a few of the shards.Fair, but she wasn’t used for that many, also, she could’ve been replaced by a sign and nothing would change> She's also playable in mini gamesLike bandana dee>the original goal was for her to be playable in the rest of the game, but that didn't pan out.So she remained unimportant

>>514391671I’ll give you gooey but adeleine is such a boring design, she’s just some generic little girl. I remember looking at Kirby 64’s box art and wondering why there was random little kid on the box.


I still stand by the fact that Fighter 7 was going to be a Third Party slated for E3.It's even more apparent when you consider the fucking video was recorded in May 2nd

>>514391358You might want to add that she was a major boss battle in Dreamland 3, and a minor boss battle in 64 before she joins the crew which sets the goal on why she joins with Kirby to begin with. Also she is the only human character unique to the series itself and her art was prominently featured during both endings of Dreamland 3 and 64. Gooey is a mysterious character that you occasionally rescue in Dreamland 2 and in Dreamland 3 he becomes your ally in which you find out he is from the same race as Dark Matter. It gives him a very interesting characteristic about him being related to the main antagonist of those games and makes you wonder how he defected from them.

>>514392171>Like how bandana dee appears in some of return to dreamland’s cutscenes or in battle royale’s storyThe Kirby 64 group appear before and after every level, mandatory in various levels, and in each cutscene after completing a world. The RtDL group is in 3 cutscenes I believe.>That isn’t that important of a roleIt shows how thoughtfully they ingrained the character into the game by utilizing her sketchbook for icons and the credits sequence.>she could’ve been replaced by a sign and nothing would changeNot true, Adeleine is a member of the team and being associated with puzzles is fitting for her creative personality. A sign lacks character and context.>Like bandana deeYes. Like Kirby, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee in K64, Kirby, Yellow Kirby, Red Kirby, and Green Kirby in KatAM, and like Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Waddle Dee in K64. The main characters are typically playable in the minigames.>So she remained unimportantKirby's three friends remain prominent main characters, even if the original intent to have them playable in the main game unfortunately wasn't resizable at the time.

>>514393000Yeah, just like how the next guy after Byleth was supposed to be some turd party faggot like Crash.

>>514392495>she’s just some generic little girl.Not that user, but if you don't like the character than that's all fine and good. Although within the series itself, Adeleine isn't a generic girl considering the fact that she is the only human character that is featured within the series. Now if your you're referring to personality traits then you might have a point, but there are many others that have basic traits that are still beloved characters like the simple minded Gooey, the thief Daroach, or even Kirby himself. I'd think the characters that have the most development are Dedede, Meta Knight, Susie, Taranza, Sectonia, Hyness, and Haltmann.

>>514362962kirby is second party

>>514393717Nintendo focused on third party reveals every time though, especially Smash 4>Megaman>Pacman>Ryu DLC>EVERYONE IS HERE featuring Snake>Hero and BanjoThere was no precedent for after Byleth. E3 was consistent

>>514392495Adeleine has the traveling artist look going for her.

>>514364735Warner Bros

>>514392495She’s the only member of her species to appear in the series and has her own outfit, while hat goomba is just a common goomba plus a hat.

I forgot this character existed until this thread

>>514393254I mean, I could argue bandana dee is interesting because he’s a mook trying to please his king and become stronger to stick out from the other waddle dees.

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>>514394687That's rude. I like Adeleine, but Bandee holds his own merit like going from a lackey to honing his spear ability. And helping Kirby out by defeating King Dedede.

>>514394687She's not the ONLY human to appear.

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>>514394878And you would be right if that was true, but he hasn't been like that since SSU. Now he's just Kirby's least interesting friend.

>>514369354He's paraphrasing your action you newfag; you proposed a question. You should've said it like ">using shitty characters like banjoke to prove your point".

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Bandana Dee is the single worst idea related to Smash since random tripping. Deefags need to fuck off to their own island to sperg out on their own amongst their own breed of retard.

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>>514394878So you think Gooey and Adeleine are interesting as well?

>>514395086The only one that's not a cameo from another game, at least.>saving the thumbnail

Why do Bandana Dee threads always end up being about Adeleine, Gooey, Marx, or Meta Knight?

nobody wants bandana dee, it's another waluigi situation. pure memes, no actual demand.

>>514395232But gooey and ado aren’t actually ever interesting in game either. Sure, you could make some headcanons about them, but in game, they’re about as interesting as bandana dee.

>>514395328The thumbnail is all I could find.

>>514395395Because hat goomba is too boring to discuss for an entire thread.

Pic Related is your next fighter

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>>514395086Not him, but Samus, Chao, and Professor Hector are character cameos that come from different series. Adeleine is still the only human character that is from the Kirby series itself.

>>514395476>Sure, you could make some headcanons about themThat's good design, their premises and backstories are intentionally vague and designed to raise questions, while they're shown and depicted in a way that gives you an idea of their character traits and abilities. Every major Shimomura character (except the animal friends) is like that.

>>514395395Because people severely dislike the character and wish other characters would show up instead. The reason why people hate him is because they feel like he replaced “far more interesting” characters when they were about as interesting as him to begin with.

>>514395806I could apply that same logic to bandana dee

>>514395764Don't forget Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Wario watching Kirby and Dedede fight in Super Star Ultra.

>>514369039>some fag from advance series>no the chad Führer from famicom wars

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Genofags are awful for a multitude of reasons, I think we can all acknowledge that. But let us take a moment to once again acknowledge the pure, unadulterated, concentrated autism that is Bandana Dee rosterfagging. Never forget

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>>514368943Join the 43%

>all arguements for dee and most first party reps is I don't want him in

>>514396037I know.

>>514396282Do you have that image detailing the types of deetractors?

>>514395012>trusted the local Daisy nutcase for proofThis is the straw that broke the camel's back for these supporters. All of them supported flimsy theories and held them high as facts.

>>514396315What else would the argument be?

>>514395930Wasn't that due to the fact that most of them have unique abilities while bandana only had a spear while the regular waddle dee offers even more to the table? The other guy was talking about personalities.

>>514396037How is he intentionally vague?

>>514362990Patternfags are the worst thing that happened to Smash, and I'm glad they got BTFO by Min Min's inclusion.

>>514397137Ado’s abilities aren’t unique, there are tons of other artists in the series, all of which arguably do the artist gimmick much more interesting than her and gooey is just 2p kirby

>>514397361You don't know HOW he got the bandana do you? That's comparable to Gooey seperating from Dark Matter and Adeleine's place in the universe. Did he buy it? Was it a gift? Is it a stolen cloth napkin from a cafe? These are the types of questions he's meant to evoke.

>>514397361You don’t know his backstory of why he wanted to become stronger than the other waddle dees

>>514397628That was to seperate himself in Megaton Punch like the other two contestants did.>>514397667That's because of Revenge of the King.

>>514397449The only one that predates her is Paint Roller. Ado's abilities are far more powerful, and she was a far more creatively designed and implemented. She even has her own territory to explore. I do like Paint Roller though.

>>514364612Yessir, this is a geno thread now

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>>514398013I just think her boss fight is lazy, it’s just a rehash of older bosses. Paint roller at least had an original boss fight. There’s also the art witches.

>>514398013>She even has her own territory to explore.What territory does she have?

I dont see the issue. Its clear that both fans and HAL love Bandana Dee and his moveset is at the very least visually distinct so whats the issue with him getting in?

>>514397449>there are tons of other artists in the series, all of which arguably do the artist gimmick much more interesting than herOnly one I can think of is Drawcia and that's due to her being the final boss of the game. Vividria create objects to attack, and Paint Roller, who appeared before her, also created objects to attacks. Paintra is probably in the same league, but she doesn't send out bosses to attacks and resort to objects like previously mentioned. Adeleine had her palace guarded by her own paintings on the wall, and commanded her own boss drawings to attack in succession. Crystal Shards have her drawing multiple minions until she ends up drawing her boss paintings and Star Allies puts that into further effect by having her personally commandeer those drawings.>gooey is just 2p kirbyThat's the only character that can mimic Kirby's abilities aside from the Kirbies themselves.

>>514398268None of the characters she paints play the same as they did in previous games. The closest one may be Ice Dragon, the others are all new.

>>514398516That berry cloud palace she's in where her Dee, Bouncy, and Burt drawings jump off the walls.

>>514397667Of course we do. He got his ass handled to him in Super Star Ultra, so he decides to train in order to become stronger. That's all there is to it.

>>514362961You literally Dont even know how to properly greentext. Your opinion is incorrect.

>>514363030The thread should've ended here.

>>514398516The final stage for world 4. Did you play Dreamland 3?

>>514398158He cute.

>>514370289>no DixieWhy don’t I ever see her mentioned in these “spirits don’t deconfirm” discussionsDidn’t people want her too

>>514398158this is now a Steve thread

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>>514384496Oh man, you're a genius

>>514398941Each of those bosses besides Adeleine used objects but didn’t have to resort to rehashing old bosses. Also, I don’t think the castle was hers, if anything she and her drawings just attacked the castle while she was possessed.

>>514399296Yes, I'm just as confused as you are

>>514398158Geno is kino, bambino

>>514384137I hate those two as well but they're headlining their own successful games.

>514399596>Geno is kino, bambino

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>>514399296Because most of these shitty most wanted characters like Hat Goomba are liked by underage. Which confuses me the most about Genofags since I highly doubt they grew up with a SNES.

>>514399739he doesn't even have the lines under his eyes

>>514395476Gooey is good dark matter, which is way more interesting than anything blandana dee has to offer

>>514399839And yet, nothing is done in game with him aside from being 2p kirby

>>514399739Hat goomba fag seething that the only character getting in the fighters pass with a hat is this guy.

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>>514400026But Min Min has a hat

>>514400015Which is better than being p4 Spear Kirby.

>>514400015Nothing interesting is done with BD either.If you’ve got two characters that don’t do anything super cool in their games, why not choose the more unique looking one with the more interesting backstory instead of the basic enemy with a hat?

>>514362434Photoshop, fake and gay

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>>514400026you seem to be mistaken genofag. I'm not a hat goomba fag. I'm not an anything fag. I come here just to shit on autistic freaks such as yourself. Rosterfags are a blemish even on this website. Unironically neck yourself.

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>>514400215More prominence, more animations, and greater variety in playability.

>>514362630>*potted plant plugs your path*

>>514400167I don’t know, but I don’t mind bandana dee, though, gooey’s backstory is incredibly basic

>>514400284So you waste your time and energy on something you dont even like? You must be fun at parties.

>>514400284How are you any better? Read again what you just posted. Is this the sentiment of a good man?t. also a nothingfag

>>514400470Potted plant is more against than for Bandana Dee since Hal tends to advertise Waddle Dee over Bandana Dee.

>>514362962They do though

>>514400493If Gooey's origins are basic, Bandana Dee's are nonexistent.

>>514370289>tfw none of these are getting inFeels good man

>>514400417Which gooey has none of, all of what gooey does is also done by colored kirbies in multiplayer

>>514400797Why wouldn't you want Eggman or the Chorus Men?

>>514399490Now you're talking about rehashing when it was about which artist did it better. If I'm being honest Adeleine can do more if HAL decides to feature her as a boss fight in a future game like what they did to King Dedede, Kracko, and Whispy Woods, but her drawing bosses to attack is a good concept for an artist ability. Super Star didn't do it any justice when they featured Paint as a OHKO, but I was glad when they revisited that concept in the next game by becoming a full on boss battle. It was a step up from the Paint Roller boss fight and made the battle memorable besides possessed Dedede, Dark Matter, and Zero.>Also, I don’t think the castle was hers, if anything she and her drawings just attacked the castle while she was possessed.So that would make it a hostile takeover. I guess that adds a little bit to the mystery over her situation in that game.

>>514400797Delusion. Convince yourself.

>>514396910Can i get a rundown

>>514362630I don't love him or anything but he's a bro. They need to flesh him out more but he's alright


Bandanna Dee would make an excellent Assist Trophy

>>514400839Wrong. All of his animations are unique and filled with personality in DL3, his tongue has advantages and disadvantages over inhaling, and in Star Allies he has a completely unique style.

>>514381082He's so full of shit and he had to have known it. How the fuck does -intending- to make a modern Kirby stage counter that claim if you don't actually do it, and what's more, turn it into a stage repping one of your games at the first opportunity?

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>>514400879Simple>why add more sonicshit when we can get an entiely new sega series instead>because i don't want them

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>>514400906Oh yeah, you're rightGeno's coming back as a mii alright

>>514362630Does anyone have that fanfic where Gruntilda fucks Banjo? I want a laugh again

>>514401005Memoryman3 made some fake leak about amiibo data in Yoshi's Wooly World. He said that the game accepts Daisy amiibo from any series. This was evidence she would be in Smash because there must be a non-Mario series amiibo of her. To make people believe him, he said the same stuff also applies to Waddle Dee amiibo. After Daisy was announced at E3 2018, people kept pointing to this as proof he's in.

>>514400509>You must be fun at parties.

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>>514389739Ok show me your Kirby folder fag

>>514400417>>514400839I mean they did feature Gooey's existence in the opening scene of Dreamland 3, has a different set of animation that can't be replicated by painting Kirby blue, can be called when playing solo so you have an a.i. partner joining you in your adventure, has a different "super" ability which is him flying with his Dark Matter orbs, something the developers intentionally included, and the cutscenes, which plays in between each worlds, has him acting on his own rather than being forgotten. The multicolored Kirbies didn't have much going for them in Nightmare in Dreamland or in Return to Dreamland except for Amazing Mirror which explains their beginning.

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>>514400568>Is this the sentiment of a good man?

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>>514366862but i always liked min min

>>514370809>ignoring that paper mario wouldn't have one the most sick and unique movesets even if they based him on the newer gamesok rosterfag

>>514370289Yabuki could have prevented this.

>>514404814You cannot get in the way of a producer/director and his waifu

>>514404814It was either going to be the ninja fuckboy or the actual fan-favorite.

>>514404170>the newer games

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>>514389437>Sakurai didn't like Kirby 64

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Geno is the 7th Fighter's Pass character.He will be revealed on 7/7.He will be fighter #77.His original game was Super Mario RPG: Legend of the SEVEN StarsSeethe.

>>514407268As a mii, yeah

>>514404170I don't see how he could be, without his partners and badges he just jumps and hammers with stickers and cards, or he does generic Mario stuff that Mario already does. Maybe if he was based on 64, TTYD, and SPM entirely but that would go against what the Paper Mario brand was forced to become. Paper Mario is also very inexpensive and bland as his own character. Any prominent RPG character like Geno, Mallow, Fawful, Cackletta, or Dimentio would be more exciting and more unique than current Paper Mario.


>>514362434Imagine the rule34 if Bandana Dee gets in, he's the perfect sub. A soft little guy desperately trying to seem cool and tough, but should be easy enough to break and humiliate.

>>514391101This, Magolor should be in.

>>514407148He had no involvement with it. Even no advisory role.The only Kirby games he's worked on are Dream Land, Kirby's Adventure, Kirby Superstar, Kirby Air Ride, Amazing MIrror and the cancelled GCN game. He advised with Ultra Super Star and Nightmare In Dreamland, and provided assistance in consulting for Squeak Squad and Epic Yarn.

>>514400284So you're an antifag, Aka the biggest cancer in the Smash bros threads?kill yourself

>>514410113So this means he hates it even when he voiced King Dedede's voice. That is reaching it, so I doubt that.

>>514410113He actually codirected Nightmare in Dream Land with Shinichi Shimomura.

>>514410487He's never said he hated Kirby 64, but he said he was so burnt out on mainline Kirby games he didn't even want to look at it, because he didn't want to feel compelled to offer input. The only hint that he hates Kirby 64 is its complete absence on the Spirit Board.

last post for saying the dee is fucking in as apart of the fighter pack

>>514413640Not a chance.

>>514413640Last post for fuck Geno and fuck jannies.

>been under a rock for a month>People having hope for Geno again.The fuck did I miss? Thought he was still in firm never fucking happening territory. How did the last smash direct even change that fact?

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>>514410604>but he said he was so burnt out on mainline Kirby games he didn't even want to look at itHe never said that either.He said that he did what he wanted to with Kirby in Kirby's Adventure, and then he enjoyed making Super Star Saga because the different game styles he was allowed to do interested him, but he didn't have any new ideas for Kirby as a platformer and so wanted to do something new. Much less burn out, and more just disinterest. Sakurai's only really made 3 mainline Kirby games (Dream Land, Adventure, Super Star, and Dream Land is basically just a prototype that Nintendo though was good enough for a late life release), each are structured very differently and then he got bored and decided to do something else. He quit Hal due to differences with Nintendo's vision during Air Ride's development, was only brought on for an Advisory role in Amazing Mirror, never touched the cancelled GCN game, Squeak Squad, Super Star Ultra, or Epic Yarn.The dude just gets bored really easily, which is why he keeps trying to spruce up Smash with new shit so that he stays interested, and why he seems so bored with it now.


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>>514414587Wait, Sakurai did Super Star Saga? Is that why it's so much better than the other Mario & Luigi RPGs? Too bad he never made a Kirby RPG.

HaHA BiG gun Go KaBooM!

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>>514414585It was clear that spirit characters wouldn't be viable for the first pass, since it was finalized prior to the game going gold, meaning they could simply exclude any spirits of DLC fighters, as they did with Piranha Plant. Obviously that wouldn't apply to the second pass, and Min Min confirmed it, meaning spirits like Geno have a chance.

Actual Kirby fan here.I would hate Bandanna Dee more than any other character.You have so much to chose from and you chose a goomba with a hat and a stick

>>514385097Either Daroach, Dark Matter Swordsman, or Magolor. For hard mode, Waddle Doo, since Beam was the first ability you got when they were first introduced.

>>514416857Keep in mind, the majority of Bandana Dee's supporters support him for his consistent appearances in the series and seeming main character status. They're holdouts from the formulaic RtDLized era of Kirby, as is the character himself. In a post-Star Allies world, over half the BD support base moved on to other characters like Marx, Magolor, and Adeleine just because of the dream friends. When the next Kirby game does more creative things and prominently features other side characters, more will jump ship. Especially if one or more become major characters again, which would most like be the RKC trio and/or Gooey.

>>514362990This. Nobody gave a shit about this nigger online before idiots thought they noticed a 'pattern', and as soon as people thought he was impossible because he was a sprite they didn't support him like other actually popular characters with real fanbases.

>>514385097Rick, supported by the other animal buddies.

>>514400182Is that one of those things that appear in that mlaatr video?

>>514362434Bandana Deedags are the Genofags of the Kirby community.No hardcore Kirby fan wants Bandana Dee, they want infinitely better characters like Magolor, Adeliene, Susie or Dark Matter Swordsman. Deefags are underage children who got into the series late with KSSU and extrapolate meaningless shit from a handful of articles and videos (HURR LOOK BANDANA DEE IS AN ACTUAL CHARACTER U GAIZ!!!!!).Shut the FUCK up you absolute mongoloids.

>>514418441I always supported Magolor because I'd argue he's the face of Kumazaki's contributions to the series, he has a lot of traits that represent what the series is in recent memory and his influence can be felt in every plot-relevant character created after him. In comparison, Bandana Dee just kinda exists.

The one thing this thread has done has made me completely on board with Magalor. Goddamn, that's a great choice.

>>514419646Bandanafags are the opposite of Genofags. Bandanafags are more like Ashleyfags or Waluigifags.

>>514420161Marx was always my go-to next Kirby rep but he got boss'd and I guess we DO need a rep from one of the newer Kirby games, as >>514419845 explained.

>>514421764I'm personally actively against any form of additional representation towards Sakurai's own Kirby games, we have more than enough of that already, which is a shame because Marx is great.