Wow, the most requested Smash characters for a Nintendo crossover are all old characters closely associated with Nintendo who are not generic anime swordsmen, what a fuckin surprise!

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is isaac and golden suns as a whole really that irrelevant nowadays

>>514354487Shut up faggot, you got 3 out of 4 and are probably getting GenoWhy is it always black and white with you people? I like the classic charming mascot types and the cool anime characters. You are allowed to think both Marth and Banjo are cool (and by the fucking way, Marth is 7 years older than Banjo)

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I don't have that image of Geno screaming and crying on the ground because he thinks he's in league with Ridley, K. Rool and Banjo, but if I did, I would post it.

Geno’s reveal trailer will be so pleasant and satisfying when he joins as fighter #77

>>514354487can't wait for Rex

Have you played the games the "generic anime swordsmen" came from to see why people would want them included?

When will Genofags give up? It's not happening guys, let it fucking go.

>>514355863It's happening and you're going to play him and love it, faggot.

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>>514356093Geno will never be playable in Smash, get the fuck over it

>>514354960Because he hasn't played most of the games those anime characters are from, and it's harder to get their appeal if you haven't. A cartoony mascot has more overt personality and charm to it that will be apparent directly from gameplay, so people who haven't played their games can still find them enjoyable. Compare the expressive faces King Dedede and King K. Rool make to what Cloud does as a playable character.


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>>514356093Now see, the ball's in Square Enix's court and what they're interested in is playing the field with the safest, biggest crowd pleasers and as much as your camp wants to act like it's huge, it's a fart in the wind compared to what they're looking for. That's why we got Cloud in Smash 4 on the weakest of technicalities and why Hero wasn't happening without an Erdrick skin. Because that's what played to the masses the most.

>>514356315Genofags who think he's on the same level as other playable fighters and is a shoo-in are delusional, but so is anyone who thinks there's a 0% chance that he could be in the pass. You should have learned by now that Sakurai does sometimes respond to fan requests, and nothing is impossible as long as the character is from a video game.

>>514356218Cloud's a terrible example of that considering his literal shtick in game is pretending he's an action hero badass while he's actually just a yokel from the mountains.

>>514356578And you'd only know that if you'd played FF7. That's why he's the example I went with.

Doomguy has a bigger chance to be in Smash than Geno.

>>514356218I get your point but I guess growing up with anime changes that. I always thought those character were cool.


>>514356093And this is why I hope we get another Byleth level cuckening for you faggots.>"Oh man this random retard on the internet posted a BLURY IMAGE that means this leak is legit!">"MALLOW HAT IS FAR TOO TECHNICALLY ADVANCED FOR IT TO MEAN ANYTHING BUT GEEEEEEEEENNNNOOOOOO">"Sakurai didn't add Min MIn just because the producer of that game wanted her, it's a secret sign between fellow Geno fans that he's going to be THE VERY NEXT DLC FIGHTER because muh spirit rule we all just pulled out of our asses to begin with!"Every rosterfag believing horseshit leaks that simply get lucky with maybe ONE character in their prediction in a vague enough way and then getting this stupidly inflated ego and idea that their character is guaranteed and anyone who disagrees is just jealous deserves nothing BUT Byleth level disappointment across the board. Then finally, maybe, you'll all shut the fuck up and stop trusting attention whores on the internet because they say something you wanted to hear.

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>>514355030The one where Geno's head is pasted over Banjo's or a different one

>>514356740So you're arguing that mascot characters are just shiny keys to be waved in front of people who'll eat up anything expressive while anime chars are for people who've actually played the fucking games?


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>>514357036I thought Marth and Roy were cool, too. I was just a kid and only knew they were more characters to play with. I had no concept of rosterfaggotry or feeling cheated that someone I wanted in Smash wasn't in. I had god damned Bowser, fucking Ganondorf, and even Mewtwo on the roster. I didn't want for anything. I miss those times. I have everyone I wanted later now, but I pity everyone who's still trapped in Japan Time without a paddle.

>>514357226Both of them for everyone, but people who haven't played any of their games will respond to shinier house keys than a dull nuclear submarine key.

>>514357324>but I pity everyone who's still trapped in Japan Time without a paddle.Same. Got my boy right as rosterfaggotry was starting to hit new lows, very happy to be free.

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>>514357306No I don't you faggot, because it means facing a reality where YOUR BANDWAGON PICK isn't the very next DLC in your deluded fucking head.

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>>514357176Pretty much this. It's stopped being a question of "what characters could add to Smash from a mechanical standpoint" to "when's Sakurai going to validate MY personal tastes in vidya" like he's some kind of pagan god blessing the crops.

>>514354960marth, roy and ike are fine. people are just mad at the fact that theres more than them, not the characters themselves.

>>514354879Rumors of an HD 1&2 remake.Even if he doesn't get in, fuck smash at this point. Should have gotten in Brawl like every other new Nintendo series that just waltzes in the game.

>>514355030Here user

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>>514357561Right there with you.

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>>514356315>>514356434>>514357176>>514357617Angry and stinky.

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>>514357873love these boyshaving them in is truly the end of an era in the best way

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>>514357561I'm just sticking around for the next eventual salt vein to burst open because of another fake leak people will buy into. That and the vain hopes of an SRW character.

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>>514357934nice argument retard, you are clearly gonna win this discussion by doing this

>>514358215Yee I have, thanks.

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>>514358097It's the best feeling. This image is so fucking old.

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>>514357709Roy's a little fucking bitch

I liked Geno in Mario RPG but I do not get the autistic delusion that he’s worthy of making it in the game. He isn’t even going to come with anything when he does make it in.>H-he’ll come with musi...2 songs. We ain’t getting shit if he makes it in.

>>514357649I remember when Ultimate first happened, that brief, beautiful time before the fake leaks started making people retarded. I actually had ideas in my head for a potential moveset for Wonder-Red because I wanted to see him in the game and thought it'd be cool. But nowadays you can't even discuss potential and dreams anymore because faggots like >>514357934 pretend the bandwagon they hopped on is some guaranteed thing based on absolutely nothing. Smash rosterfaggotry has become nothing but a bunch of cancerous dipshits shouting at each other that >"NO MY LONG SHOT CHARACTER IS GONNA GET IN BECAUSE SOME MODELER MADE A FAKE CACODEMON HAT FOR A MII" >"NO MY LONG SHOT CHARACTER IS GONNA GET IN BECAUSE SHE'S SEXY INDIE GIRL AND NO MORE MUH SPIRIT RULE CAUSE MIN MIN" >"HAHA STEEEEEVE FROM MINEYCRAFTA LOOK AT MY UGLY RENDER GUARANTEED SMASH! XD"My only comfort in this bleak, miserable fucking situation is the hope that they all get to shriek and threaten Sakurai again like they did with Byleth. They took away all the fun of thinking about who'll be next in the roster, I want to see them all burn in their fucking hubris as they shit themselves and scream about anime swordman.

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>>514354487Smash was a much different beast during the Brawl days.Hard to believe people are requesting shit like Sora and Master Chief now. Not saying that's bad, just that we've come a long way.Which also stinks because certain Nintendo characters have missed their chance getting in now with all these third parties.

When's the next Kirby character getting in? That's all I've been waiting for.

I like Geno, but I think he has more of a chance an assist trophy. If he did get in, I would be happy though.

>>514358708Sakurai's already gotten claims of nepotism for how much love he's given Kirby in Brawl and Kid Icarus in 4. Marx is probably all it's getting.

>>514356434Technically the ball has been out of Square's court for like fucking six months.Nothing you faggots say, do, or think fucking matters.DLC pack1 was decided alongside base game content.DLC pack2 was decided around the time terry was being made/finished up.Hell same goes for any new modes that'll be added, if any, most likely.Can you all stop being autistic lil shits and acting like your opinions matter?

>>514358708Nigga, he already has 3 reps. Are there even more characters than that in the Kirby franchise?

>>514357142Not him, but considering Bethesda has their foot in the door, there is a possibility. But then Todd could pull a Todd and put in Skyrim because Todd.

>>514358651You'd think after the Grinch leak people would learn

>>514358598Honestly my money's still on improved Mii Costume w/ a redone SMRPG battle theme if Geno's here at all, that's the only reason I can think that the old shitty costume from 4 wasn't brought over. As for the autistic delusion that's because they hopped on after hearing Geno was one of the Never Evers from Brawl's Japan Time, mix that with attention whoring leakers and a desperate need to be validated and you have the typical Genofag.

>>514358598Try to imagine what SMRPG content would look like, feel like, and sound like in a modern game like Smash Bros.

>>514355230I don't know, but something tells me that I should scrreencap this, just in case...

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>>514357838There are so many of these.

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>>514358097I still think there should be more villains in the roster.

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>>514358937I'm just telling you to curb your fucking enthusiasm because this is a company that already told fans of FF1-6 to go fuck themselves because Cloud's the face of FF now. I've been down that road and there's nothing but disappointment waiting at its end.

>>514354487>banjo>associated with nintendoNot since 2002, you fucking retard, yet he got in, permanently tainting smash's characters, since if he ever returns, which hopefully never happens, he'll be classified as a veteran.

>>514354487hoes mad.

>>514359257Who'd you add?


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how does shooty mcviolent rip and tear chainsaw old halo guy get in smash?????? the fuck would his moveset even be?????????????????

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>>514359071They'll never learn because they actively refuse to learn, because learning means they don't have the mental high ground of KNOWING who's gonna be the next fighter. They're egotistical dipshits being elevated by ironic shitposters and they'd rather be a drooling retard blindly following anything some random fucker with photoshop and a copy of Maya pulls out of their ass than face a reality where an entire year and a half of pretending to know more than others was essentially as much bullshit as the leaks themselves.

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How do you reckon people will react if somehow he does actually get in?

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>>514358097>having them in is truly the end of an eraIt's true. I remember the desperate hope I clung to when Sakurai revealed that stupid shadow on the Pyrosphere stage. All the mockery and derision. After all the haters got blown out by not just Ridley, but also K. Rool getting in, it opened the floodgates on both sides.Now everyone either wants to have that same moment with their character, no matter how obscure, or wants to take joy in the misery of people who've been backing beloved, yet neglected characters like our pirate pals and still can't get in.I'm very glad I got my boys AND Banjo in, but it bothers me that it's becoming less and less about wanting characters because you like them, and more "I'm happy you're not happy!"(Also, I wish Nintendo would knock it off with the shill picks and JRPG protagonists for DLC, but that's just me.)

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>>514359547They wouldn't because no one knows who that is.

>>514359257>Melee adds two big name baddies>Brawl adds two big name baddies>Ultimate adds two big name baddiesnever noticed that they always come in twos until this image

>>514359590What we had was something special, and nobody else will ever really experience the same feeling.

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>>514359068I legitimately believe in this man's autism. Skyrim's his fucking baby and he's going to shove it in as many people's faces as he can.

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>>514359257Wolf isn't a villain, he's a good boy who's turning his life around.>>514359395>Banjo not being associated with NintendoWhen was the last non re-make of a Metal Gear game on a Nintendo system, when was the last Nintendo game featuring Cloud, Ken, or Ryu?When you think of Banjo Kazooie, do you think of the 2 N64 games, and Diddy Kong Racing, or do you think f Nuts and Bolts?

>>514359590Ya just gotta accept that Ninetendo is gonna throw in some shill picks and animus in the DLC, just hope they keep it to a minimum.

>>514359547I'll avoid Holla Forums for at least that entire week and stay positive about the inclusion itself. Because I don't hate Geno, I hate the people saying he'll get in no matter what. I didn't want Min Min because of the sense of dread from people who pretend the Spirit Rule is a thing but I'm certainly open to the things she can do and ARMS itself was a fun game. But if rosterfaggotry is as bad as it is now, having these delusional faggots get validated would make it at least 100 times worse. Believe it or not but some of us actually want to have fun with video games and care more about that than trying to tell people on the internet that our long shot never ever is a guaranteed contender based on a pack of assumptions and hot air.

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>>514359590Please don't act like your camp wasn't shitting on Chrom and Incineroar while acting like you were good boys who didn't throw stones.

>>514359828>Dragonborn never should have come here!

>>514357324At least we've been acknowledged since the days of Japan TimeDoesnt mean I feel any more confident with him: I feel he's fading away as his appeal is lost on younger demographics.

>>514359590You can pretty easily pin the blame on the ballot for a lot of the current worst aspects rosterfaggotry. Maybe it's just that "I got mine" from it, but despite that I still think the ballot was a net positive.

>>514359434Porky, Samurai Goroh, Dark Matter

>>514359434Not him, but Hades, Kamek, M.Bison, Vaati or Skull Kid, Captain Syrup,Black shadow or Deathborn,Dr Coyle,Sephiroth...

>>514360176Forgot to post who I was referring to

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>>514360062To be fair, Incineroar and Ken were a pretty lackluster reveal for the final base roster picks, all it did was make me feel like they should've saved the Belmonts for that moment instead. Timing is important, for example if the order of the DLC was Byleth >Joker > DQ Hero > Banjo > Terry then they probably wouldn't have been as angry about Byleth.

>>514360062Not him, but I never dreamed of shitting on Chrom. He came in the same Direct K. Rool did. He heralded a miracle.

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Honestly, I’d say even Neku is more likely to get into Smash than Geno considering how TWEWY just got an anime confirmed.

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>>514360317You could've just said you want a villain from every franchise in Smash.

>>514359547I'll laugh my ass off at the Mii costume coming back exactly as it was in Smash 4 with no Forest Maze rip.


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>>514360062>I've been waiting for these characters for over a decade.>I get my flavor of the month because I'm special!Gee, I wonder why there was any animosity there.

>>514360062Avid K Rool Kampaigner here : I never did that.

>>514360442I think they just want any villain in general

>>514360345Man seeing what Konami is doing with the franchise is fucking weird.

>>514360176Never give up. If I had, Ridley wouldn't be in the game.

>>514359847He still serves as an antagonist in the Star Fox franchise.>>514359257Probably Medusa, Porky/Giygas or Black Shadow.>>514359460King Boo can work too.>>514359752Yeah, I noticed it now too.

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>>514360640Excuse me. The second response was meant to >>514359434

>>514360575Super Bomberman R was pretty rad, but I'm in a minority of thinking that and Bombergirl was probably making hand over fist in arcades until the COVID-19 quarantines hit. It's also something weird that the most love Silent Hill's gotten in the years since PT was a Dead by Daylight DLC but hey better than another Contra Rogue Corps at this point I guess.

I wish they had just kept smash for gaming icons. Persona 5 is fine but what the fuck is joker doing there? Then there's all the franchise repeats for no fucking reason like pichu, incineroar, lucina. I think it should have been hot debate whether or not bayonetta should even be in, and I love those games.

>>514360624I think i'm just okay with seeing him assist around & throw bombs. I'm fine with that.I'd probably be very disappointed if his translation into Smash overemphasized on his bombs and made him a straight zoner rather than something like Mario or moreso Pac-Man: A Midweight character with setups, but respectable CQCWouldn't be against the whole package that characters get, of course, like music or a creative stage that plays around the core concepts of Bomberman as a game. But ultimately, I think i'm fine.I don't usually post in rosterfag threads because I don't feel that strongly about anyone besides maybe Bomberman, and even then you see it's quite reserved, but once in a while, it doesn't hurt.Just that rosterfaggotry these days is a bit too tiresome

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>>514359257Mewtwo will always count as a villain for me

>>514354487Can someone explain the autistic obsession with Geno for Smash? You people have been screaming about it for years and I just don't get it on a fundamental level. >side character>in an RPG>which itself is a one-off spinoff game of a much more famous series>which is also like 25 years old at this point LMAOGive me a single example of a character with these attributes getting into Smash. Seriously, it's a great game, but the only reason most people remember it at this point is because they want Geno in Smash. What's the draw? His personality? His abilities? He's a generic as fuck mentor figure with fairly bog standard RPG moves. What puts him on the same level of legitimacy as:>major villain of major Nintendo series>main villain of major Nintendo series>main character of classic 3D platformer

>>514361279There was already a fanbase for SMRPG but then Sakurai said in an interview that he wanted to add Geno. That alone has been treated by them as a massive shoe in the door that frankly has yet to be found.

>>514361149The problem with rosterfaggotry is the people who see it not as 'I'd like this character in Smash' but instead 'this character MUST be in Smash' which invariably leads to, 'NO, this character CANNOT be in Smash' and shitflinging back and forth. It's all so silly.


>>514357324>I pity everyone who's still trapped in Japan Time without a paddle.I will never not be in Japan Time, my goalposts just get more absurd with each wish grantedAs soon as Geno is in I'll start requesting Goku

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>>514361395Link to the interview? And did that occur before or after all the screeching started?

>>514359071>rosterniggers>learningCome on now they'll just screech for something else from their favorite discord circle jerk.

>>514360881It's also annoying because you start to get the chicken and egg scenario with "Is this character popular on their own merits, or just because they got in Smash?"Roy would probably have been just another Fire Emblem lord if it wasn't for Smash. And as much as I enjoy the existence of the Ice Climbers, there's no way they'd have been remembered on their own merits without Melee. Heck, Pit's franchise was literally resurrected by Brawl. Even Waluigi's constant snubbing has ballooned his infamy. Getting into Smash has become something far bigger then just being playable, for better or worse.

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>>514361270I forgot to mention him, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings too. Who knows if they decide to include more villains in the series, I've been wanting Porky because maybe with him back we could get to see Giygas back somehow. That or even use his original form from Mother 1.

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>>514361828I would rather play as Wario and Waluigi in a game like 3D World than see Waluigi make it into Smash Bros.

>>514361149Bomberman has a bigger chance to join than the character I want. I want Klonoa.Bomberman has a decent set of skills to get a decent move set. Like remember in Bomberman Hero his helicopter levels? That could be his air recovery. Or how about for a Final Smash he unleashes one of those red giant bombs from Bomberman 64?

>>514359434Medusa would be a pretty easy Palutena echo/semi clone to make.Captain Syrup is a favorite of mine even if obscurePorky in his spidermech would be rad.All 3 are 1st party because its easie to add them and makes more sense then adding a 3rd party villain that its either the 2nd of its franchise instead of a new franchise or someone who comes before the MC.

>>514361395There have been plenty of characters Sakurai had thought of adding to the roster. Ayumi Tachhibana, Takumaru, and other famicom characters but you don’t see any of their fan bases freak out acting as if their a shoe in. Why do Genofaga act like their so special?

>>514361828Wasn't Roy's game a flop or am I misremembering?

>>514362056Yeah, there's quite a few routes they could go for. Even his bombs themselves are quite versatile, but as you mentioned, he's also got his gadgets from Bomberman Hero, or Louie.Best of luck getting Klonoa acknowledged. It's sad everything around this character seems to get cancelled.

>>514354487I donno I personally think they can squeeze in a few more FE character :^)

>>514361279It's just people who thought a character was cool when they were kids, wanted him in, didn't understand how unlikely/unreasonable of a request he is, and never gave up on that wish. It's a childlike wish, and I don't mean that as an insult. No idea how his support got as big as it did.Don't care about him personally but it'd be nice to see him make it.

>>514362278Thanks. Another idea for Bomberman is including his Elemental Bombs from Second Attack. We all know the ice bombs are supremely overpowered.

>>514357838Who's going to be the new character here when Geno gets added? A lot of the obvious ones are already in the trash.

>>514361405Japan Time did this, I think. Something about waking up every weekday for a year and a half in the hopes of seeing your most wanted on the website and ultimately getting nothing broke people's brains.

>>514362032That's not quite the point I was making, but I agree. I really want them to do more with the Warios in mainline games, instead of relegating them to spinoffs. If Waluigi got into Smash before getting a real identity in the Main games, he'd probably be pigeonholed with the same fate as "Le Funny Fart Man" That's part of the problem. The support for the character is definitely there, but since Nintendo refuses to do anything interesting with them, it bubbles up in unhealthy ways.

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I don't see Geno getting in. He's just more Mario shit. We already have enough bing bing wahoo representation as it is.

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>>514362594Probably Bandanna Dee.


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>>514361279>>514362459Will you fuckers ever learn?

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>>514362182Roy's did great, 5 suffered from releasing on the Super Nintendo years into the 64 and being full of this Kaga's crazy at a level that hadn't been seen since Gaiden.

>>514362056>I want Klonoa.Now there's a character that will NEVER not even be a spirit. Sakurai is a cat fag and you all know that Klonoa still has no shot. There's a true never ever.

>>514359547A short period of REEEing from the Antifags before they latch onto another character option to autistically hate on just like with Banjo, K. Rool, and Ridley before>>514360575BOMBERGIRL FOR SMASH!>>514361279Because I've wanted him since brawl and SMRPG holds a special place in my heart.Plus, stuff introduced in that game (Bowser's bombastic personality, timed hits, Making OCs of classic mario enemies and allies, ect) all spawned from SMRPG, making the game pretty damn important in the context of Mario RPGs

>>514359257Some third-party villains would be rad. Dr. Eggman and Sephiroth seem like the obvious additions with how well-known they are even to the general public.

>>514362637>>514362032The worst part, Wario, Waluigi and EVEN Peach were supposed to be playable at some point in NSMB Wii, until Miyamoto happened and they were all replaced by


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>>514363190I just want fucking Gilgamesh. Yes, I know he's not a "villain" anymore but his depiction from V is too much of a standard to not go with.

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>>514359547Unparalleled amounts of seething and copium from these cynical faggots

>>514363197I like Toad, but that's really unfortunate. Why can't they just give us four plumbers, four princesses (add Pauline), and four Toads?

Not really into rosterfaggotry all that much, but the situation around Waluigi always confused meI know his fans have been pretty awful, but do people not see why people would want him? Spinoff as they may be, the Mario Kart/Party/Sports games are pretty huge games, selling millions for many of them, and Waluigi's been a part of it since the Late 5th Gen. He's had the time to settle himself as a core Mario spinoff character.For many people, whether you think that's bad or not, they don't play much besides those games, but do feel strongly about seeing a familiar face from their favorite games make an appearance.Do you really need that much more? I understand people value Smash nowadays as gaming history and Waluigi isn't a big part of that history, but i'm sure it'd make some people happy.

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>>514363657I was thrilled that Mario Maker 2 lets me play as Blue Toad all that I want, but annoyed that I can't have my pick of character in online multiplayer.Nintendo just doesn't seem to get that people really, really like the idea of playing as characters other then Mario, Luigi, and maybe a Toad or two, and limit the options as much as possible for some reason.

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>>514363517oh shit nice pic, took me a minute to get it

>>514362728It isn't enough until Geno is in.

>>514363852Waluigi's inclusion wouldn't bother me. What I find insufferable is the base around him who refuse to accept that he's an Assist Trophy and there's just SOME KIND OF JAPE happening and he's coming as a a playable. Like, just let go people.

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>>514363197Fucking hell, was SM64 really the last time he wasn't a detriment to the series?

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>>514354487And only one of them isn't shit

>>514354487I guess I can never say Geno is outright impossible, it feels like he's inevitable honestly. That being said, he's probably the absolute last fan request that will ever get in, even after characters with smaller followings. He sticks out like a sore thumb in that image. He's just that character people want in Smash so that he can be in Smash. Everyone knows he's a fucking nobody with no legacy except for Smash hype. Well, I'm sure there are delusional people who think his legacy is all Mario RPGs, rather than that just being another facet of Mario himself. Everyone who likes the character and wants him in Smash because they think he looks cool, you're good. Everyone who feels the need to jump through hoops to rationalize his significance, kill yourself.

>>514363852I've always thought that the main reason is because Sakurai is aware of his popularity, but he is also aware Waluigi is just a character that has been limited to spin-offs and nothing else. All characters he decides to put had at least one important role in main games, even Daisy in Super Mario Land and she was also an easy clone to make of Peach. What I'm saying is, Sakurai could put Waluigi in, but he probably thinks adding a character that hasn't done nothing outside of the spin-offs wouldn't add something new to the roster. That also explains why he always gives Waluigi his traditional tennis racket when summoned, because he doesn't have a game or role Sakurai could use to rep him as a fighter.

Attached: 6gt7pcwny0g11.jpg (1334x750, 90.25K)

>>514363932I'm surprised they allowed Toadette get as far as she did. She seems like the kind of character they'd drop; in fact, she almost did get dropped after NSMBWii, it seems.

>>514364315How do we stop him?

Attached: 1592105700817.jpg (850x565, 340.76K)

>>514357561This. I don't want to imagine what it would have been like to deal with the speculation scene had K. Rool not moved on back in early August of that year.

>>514360353To be fair that's your own opinion and not fact.

>>514358651I don’t understand the difference between you and them.

>>514362794>"See? Sakurai said he's in! Even though he wasn't in the base roster, or the first DLC pass he'll be in the second DLC pass for sure because of a single interview!"So if Smash Ultimate gets a third DLC pass you'll be saying Geno's guaranteed for THAT pass too, right? Y'know after he isn't in the second DLC pass despite your delusional claims that he's a guaranteed fighter no matter what.

Attached: 20200227_135846.jpg (292x298, 53.96K)

>>514365031One is negative, one is positive.

>>514357709>roy>fineHe was the very first shill character, the only one who was in Smash even before his game came out, his moveset is the least inspired shit ever and from what I've seen FE fans say his game wasn't even that good. Robin and I would even dare to say Byleth are infinitely more deserving that him.

>>514366015For shit like this I wish NoA actually went through with removing Marth and Roy."Haha they were fun so we kept them in"They sealed our fate.

>>514365059>Ridley & K. Rool hyped up the base roster>Banjo was the fan favorite rep for FP1He’s gonna be in this pack. What you’re saying is that there will be no fan favorites in FP2 outside of a Pokémon rep and maybe Crash Bandicoot?Geno will be the Banjo of FP2, and once it happens I’m gonna laugh at everyone who thought he had no chance like I did with the other three.

Attached: A7D8918F-85CB-42B8-810B-9BF07CE5B6BB.jpg (1024x1302, 405.36K)

>>514359547>OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MY GOD HE'S IN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'M LITERALLY SCREAMING I'M SO HAPPY>*proceeds to never actually play him because they don't actually care about the character, they just want to be a part of the group*

>>514364828Toadette's ascension is intriguing to me because she started out as Kart filler (read: Same tier as Baby Daisy and the like) and just popped up as a bit player regularly until Captain Toad and NSMBU Deluxe made her playable.

>>514365059I didn't say he was in for sure did I fuckwad? I was replying to people saying putting him in was "unreasonable" and "unlikely"

Attached: 1534480663605.png (1000x950, 225.75K)

>>514366370Nah Marth is fine, he's the overall face of Fire Emblem. Roy and maybe Ike should have been a one game deal, though I guess Ike is different enough from Marth's playstyle to warrant being in.Honestly for me the Fire Emblem reps would be:>Marth>Maybe Ike>Robin>Maybe BylethMarth for being the face of the franchise, Ike for having a different enough playstyle, but could as easily be removed, Robin from being from the game that saved the series and Byleth for his unique playstyle.

>>514355230>its the k rool trailer again>geno shadow appears>its actually mii gunnerKINO

>>514366875remove the eyebrows

>>514367054Byleth also marks the franchise's return to home console

>>514367258I was gonna mention that but I'm not sure it would warrant an inclusion.

>>514367461I feel it's somewhat important, also actually somewhat representing the weapon triangle is nice.

>>514361616Fuck off and kill yourself.

>>514366406There's a difference between no chance and 100% guaranteed. There's a chance of Geno, just like there's a chance of Travis Touchdown but my issue is how goddamn arrogant you guys are with a couple of scraps you cling to, as though Geno's already in the pass. You fuckers have begun eclipsing Doomguyfags, Ashleyfags, hell even Waluigifags in general intolerable cancer. All you need is stupid 3D renderings like the Stevefags and you'll be set.Just shut the fuck up and wait like the rest of us instead of shitting up the board with this horseshit.

Why are this shit gun puppet's faggots literally the fucking worst?

>>514367734>>514367814your absolute seething is the funniest shit to me holy kek

Attached: 1584074627482.jpg (376x423, 45.04K)

>>514367104I was actually thinking something more like

>>514367814It’s okay user, I hope one of the other four newcomers will make you happy.

Attached: DB4FB3EE-CC6A-498C-9108-B85AFF137B07.jpg (1920x2715, 903.66K)

No crying until the end, Porkybros.

Attached: 1533791092753.png (368x242, 8.35K)

>>514364828She's one of the four playable in Mario Maker 2.

>>514364209>What I find insufferable is the base around him who refuse to accept that he's an Assist TrophyHonestly him being an AT isn't the problem. The real problem is that this character has existed for over 20 years now and he has never amounted to anything outside of just being that guy you select in Mario spinoffs.Even if assist trophies weren't a thing, he still wouldn't be playable in Smash.

>>514360834The arcades are back >>514363146I could see that if bombergirl wasn't so lewd

Attached: IMG_20200601_235859.jpg (1446x2048, 322.65K)

>>514368721>>514370130You guys are part of why Smash talk is so impossible here.I have never seen one of you even try to think about how he plays, the ONE time anyone tried it was to justify Geno as unique with "muh timed hits". Let me make myself perfectly, 100% CRYSTAL FUCKING CLEAR.I don't hate Geno, if he got in I'd be fine with it if he had a moveset worth the promotion.I hate you. Every single one of you who make these threads, who have ruined any possible fun waiting for these new fighters could've been. You, the Doomguyfags, the Stevefags, the Shantaefags, the Reimufags, the Waluigifags and Ashleyfags who would've resurfaced with Spring Man.Please be sure to keep in mind the difference, because IF Geno doesn't get in I will not be happy because he didn't get in, I will be happy because you faggots have to shut the fuck up. Even if I don't get the characters I want, who are long shots in themselves, I will be able to smile so long as all this noisy bullshit, this cancerous faggotry revolving around needles in haystacks and worshipping attention whores pulling convenient shit out of their asses for the sake of 15 minutes of fame, finally ends once and for all.

Attached: 1537730062863.png (672x777, 253.75K)

>>514367992Why do you post so effeminately? Both in wording and the point you're focusing on.


>>514371618Oh yeah I almost forgot, fuck you Sorafags too. Fuck all of you, you ruined Smash speculation.

I want rayman

>>514364756You know what, I appreciate that, user.

>>514359068not like Todd is in charge of such negotiations

>>514368721>>514370130>wasn't in Smash 64>wasn't in Melee>wasn't in Brawl>wasn't in Smash 4>wasn't in Smash 4 DLC>wasn't in Ultimate>wasn't in Fighter's pass 1LE SEETHELE HE'S IN

Attached: 1592984186674m.jpg (1024x663, 110.93K)

>>514371361Holy shit, you retards are insufferable.

>>514354487After geno is in, it'll feel like an era is over, and for whoever doesnt understand why people obsess so much over a side character from a spin off so much, watch this video which tries to explain

Who the fuck is that blue guy

>>514371618Sora is better than shitno, but shitney belongs nowhere near Super Smash Bros or, gods forbid, Nintendo.

If you told me there was only one legendarily autistic Genofag I'd believe it

>>514372016Fuck no. You obnoxious, cancerous faggots never had any ground to stand on and your shit is reviled by everyone with standards.


Attached: 1537683306372.jpg (1920x1080, 652.43K)

I want Doomguy

Attached: 1592949642380.png (450x300, 60.14K)

>>514371937honestly at this point I'm expecting an 'upgraded' Geno mii costume, especially since all of the previous ones have been Gunners

>>514371618Disney already said no.

>>514355839Nope, and I never will. :)

>>514362539Elemental Bombs would be the equivalent of Monado Arts and Hero down-b into one move. No one would ever use default bombs ever again.

Attached: bomberman holy water.png (415x340, 208.01K)

>>514372417Mmm. Thats your opinion user. Sorry we'll never see eye to eye on this manner. Gl on getting your own chars since you seem very passionate about them.

>>514356218You're not wrong but of all the anime characters in the game Cloud is the absolute worst example to pick for your argument. He's one of the most recognizable and iconic characters in the game.It's like complaining about Link being a boring anime character vs Bandana Waddle Dee. It's fucking Link. Everyone knows him.

>>514371243Jeez user, all I did was say that there’s four more characters you would like more, calm down.>>514371937>Base Game: Ridley & K. Rool>Fighter’s Pass 1: Banjo-Kazooie>Fighter’s Pass 2: GenoMakes sense to me, especially if they want a character that’s a huge fan favorite to maximize sales.

Attached: 80CBCB67-F408-4649-9539-CED9431EF126.jpg (395x512, 95.46K)


>>514372870Fucking please.


>>514354487And that is exactly why he will be in this pass. He is the final boomer fan pick which sells the dlc to a certain demographic.

>>514367054>Robin from being from the game that saved the seriesStop spreading this myth. Awakening doomed the series to being nothing more than shallow weeb-pandering trash.

>>514359547The people who'll have the strongest reactions would be the fans who've been following the smash games for a while. It will mostly vary between "Cool. Good for you Geno I guess", "AHAHAHAHAHA ANTI-GENO FAGS BTFO" and "What an absolute waste of development time; who actually wanted this meme garbage?".For extremely casual Switch owners, they'll likely not have much of a reaction at all. Either they'll loosely remember hearing about Geno once or twice from smash bros talk, or if they have played Super Mario RPG before on the Wii Virtual Console, they'll probably be surprised that it and Geno were that important to a lot of people apparently.Then Geno releases, he becomes the talk of the town for a few days-weeks, and then everything returns to normal like it always does with new smash characters.I'm going to guess that if Geno actually does get in, Shantae would next in line for the constant rosterfagging talk. She was kind of like the Geno & Isaac of the Smash 4 hype and speculation period.

Fuck. Both my joy-cons and my other controller have drifting, playing ANY game on this shit system is so fucking annoying now, especially smash. Is it true that you can fix them with some retarded alcohol or something?

>>514359257>>514359434Say no more.

Attached: TSR_Dr_Eggman.png (810x818, 386.96K)

>>514356315I remember this line surprising me a lot when I first heard it.

>>514376453If you live in North America repairs are free.


Attached: 4f6.jpg (392x396, 10.93K)

>>514371243Don't you realize that by playing the characterfag game you're directly contributing to something you claim to hate?

>>514358651Based Department? You have another guest coming too your meeting.

Attached: 1593126484635.jpg (680x453, 84.67K)

>>514354487>be me>sitting in my apartment, puffing off of my epic dab pen>”hmmm, what should I do today?”>sees smash ultimate cartridge sitting on table next to Switch>”oh, yes.. of course! I am a rosterfag after all! How could I forget about smash?!”>slips off of couch and onto fat hairy ass>”OOF!” (I would say ouch, but the roblox meme was too epic to resist haha) “that really fricking hurt!” (I can’t curse, or else mother will scold me about dumb ADULTING rules... sigh)>fucking farts>huddles towards table with pro controller on it>”ah, yes... FINALLY! Something to satisfy my craving!”>sits down in front of laptop next to switch>”Reddit is JUST what I need right now! Yes!”>begins scrolling through r/smashbros>”man I'm so glad our PoC waifu MIN MIN is in SMASH BROS! gee, I wonder who could be next...">looks at the speculation on reddit>wait just a second...Patrick Star cobweb gear brain scene plays>oh.. GOD. WAIT. THEY UPGRADED HER SPIRIT. HOLY FU- uhh FRICK.>SAKURAI CHANGED HIS RULE SO THAT THERE WILL BE PLAYABLE SPIRITS! THAT MEANS THAT MY COOL PUPPET MAN FROM 24 YEAR OLD GAME IS IN!!!>IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. THERE'S A PATTERN!!>THEY DID THIS JUST FOR THE FANS AND TOTES NOT BECAUSE NINTENDO ASKED FOR IT!>THEY DID THIS FOR PUPPET LIKE CHUCKY AND TOY STOREY IN SMASH BROS!!!!>NOW!!!! MOM! MOOOMMM GET THE FRICK IN HERE MOM GRAB THE SÓYLENT!>MAN SUPER MARIO RPG IS SUCH A GOOD GAME (even though I haven't SEEN it yet...but I'm sure that he will be SO COOL when I finally watch him on YouTube!)>HE'S GOT AN ARM CANNON THAT MAKES HIM UNIQUE UNLIKE MEGAMAN AND SAMUS>HE'S OBVIOUSLY OUTPRIORITIZED ANY OTHER 3RD PARTY>HE HAS AN OVERRATED LOOK WITH MINIMAL APPEAL>HE'S BEEN GIVEN NO ATTENTION FROM ANYONE OUTSIDE HIS CULT>HE’S JUST LIKE ME! (Scratches chunks of dandruff out of long, stringy blue hair)>THIS HAS TO MEAN HIM IN SMASH, THEY PUT SPIRITS IN SMASH YAAAS!!!>I have GOT to tell reddit about this!!!1!

Attached: geno fans brain.gif (220x146, 256.02K)

>>514372963Provide evidence.

>>514367814Seems like a (You) problem.Tell me, user. Are you jealous of those characters because they have something going on?It's not their fault your characters have nothing going on, if that's the case.

Attached: 1386101209012.png (571x540, 434.18K)

>>514373582See >>514371618

>>514376918I'm in Europe. I'm shit out of luck, my warranty expired 2 years ago

>>514377532>no attention outside of his cultBut if anyone gives him attention you'll just claim they're in the cult

>>514377532You are a craftsman. The way you developed the scene was sublime. I was enraptured in your tale and for a moment actually believed I was a fly on the wall watching this tale unfold.Truly a terrifying experience.

Attached: DDC20102-2A1E-4B42-ABCA-9760CC51C048.jpg (1080x1080, 83.35K)

>>514361270>tfw no final event that had Bowser, Ganondor, Mewtwo, and King Dedede

>>514354487>Geno's fate will be sealed in Pass 2Without a single doubt, regardless if you want Geno or not, I think everyone can agree on this. It's do or die, he's either a deluxe Mii Costume like Sans, or a full blown Fighter. Here's to hoping he's a Fighter.

Attached: Never Ever Quartet.jpg (3264x3264, 2.11M)

>>514359547>people who'd about literally everyone on the last pass>thinking your average gamer will give a wet fart about an RPG party member from thirty years agoHis fans will sperg out (nothing new), and everyone else will immediately forget him.

>>514363240Based on this fact, the Kirby cast has a lot of potential like Adeleine, Bandee, Dark Matter, Gooey, Marx, and the like.

Attached: 1532559669530.png (733x660, 753.93K)

>>514379068Yep. No matter what form he takes, Geno will always be a part of Smash.

Attached: 1566917619527.png (700x794, 70.2K)'t it weird how almost a whole year and a few months after this tweet was relevant to the speculation community the conversation was mysteriously removed, especially since this would be the kind of thing that either herself or Microsoft would think of removing in case there was in any type of deal? Even if it didn't technically violate any NDA, why would they do this? And if it was just a mii costume, why would they make the deal so late and at the start of the second fighter's pass?>WhatCould>It>Mean?

Attached: Is Steve IN.png (688x825, 351.42K)

>>514357709Replace Roy with Robin and I'll called you based

>>514379672Regular version for non steveposters who actually think he might be in

Attached: Steve deleted tweet.png (688x825, 228.62K)

>>514379672Steve is in

>>514379672>>514379810If it does happen, it will quite seriously be 100% Vergeben's fault.


>>514379672>>514379810>Banjo vs Steve DOES end up having a sequel>it's Geno vs Steve>culminates in the winter instead of the summerSo close to kino, now all we need is a new pic related...Maybe Crash or Travis? They're probably both in.

Attached: 800px-DragonQuestIIIRender.png (800x800, 397.71K)

>>514359257Based villains to add>King Boo >Andross>Waluigi(can take side with Wario who was a villain in SSE)>Bandana Dee(see above but with DDD)>Eggman, Shadow and even Metal Sonic>Porky

>>514380084Tick tock, Genokes! Your time will be over as soon as the mii costumes roll up in Steve's presentation when he digs his way into Smash! We're stronger than ever now and your coping will fuel us even further.

Attached: 1589867051068.jpg (1303x1104, 199.99K)

>>514380146Bandana Dee isn't on Dedede's side, hes on Kirby's.

>>514379339I don't know why that isn't common knowledge; Smash was built on the same foundation as Kirby. The fact one won't acknowledge the other despite the opposite happening is already a sin, let alone the one doing the neglecting being a "gaming crossover."

Attached: 61212354.jpg (800x450, 85.07K)

>>514380521wtf why i want geno and steve though.


Attached: WHIRRRRRRRR.png (897x631, 236.75K)

>>514354487Joel from TLOU for SMASH !

>>514379672wasn't this deleted over a year ago

Attached: 1573788373402.png (480x430, 92.73K)

>>514380146>Bandana Dee(see above but with DDD)That's a stretch considering the fact that he only "fought" you in one subgame, and then the fucker decided to help Kirby more rather than the King himself even going as far as to betray him. God I fucking hate this when games pull this retarded shit.

>>514366406Geno really isn't on the same level as those 3 in terms of fan demand though. He's pretty controversial right outside of his fanbase as loud as it may be. Honestly speaking the "Banjo" of FP 2 will probably end up being someone like Waluigi or Crash rather than Geno.

>>514380651TICK TOCK

Attached: Genofags.png (800x600, 834.65K)

>>514380664I would legitimately rather have Mickey in Smash than Sora. The anime OCs in Kingdom Hearts don't mean dick to me. I'd take Sora if we got Donald and Goofy in Smash with him in some form, even if they're just Spirits (King Dedede and Luigi).

>>514380993Donald's more of a Falco then Dedede

>>514380818no is not, he can easily take the role when he has literally done it before

>>514381424You sure? Falco works fine, though.

Attached: d3.png (480x302, 364.56K)

>>514380979:T alright, we'll see

>>514359257>>514359434Roster is unironically incomplete till EggmanShould have been in in Smash 4 desu

Attached: complaints.png (563x591, 361.42K)

>>514379672The real reason why the tweet was deleted.

Attached: EPVTM9hX0AIh0za.jpg (600x600, 40.54K)

>>514380664Provide evidence.

>>514380970He's controversial becuase hes the last boomer pick so all the hate that is directed to the other 3 before him is now allllll on geno. He still appeals to the boomer fans so he'll be in. Crash will probably be in due to his own merits.

>>514380993He'd be a sensible choice, and blow everyone's minds.

Attached: b560e8b00ca5361a7ac355853365bc8b.jpg (640x640, 148.2K)

>>514381905lol he is far from the last boomer pick

>>514381547But it was a role that he did one time. The vast majority of his role ended up being an ally to Kirby.

>>514375420>>514381905>boomer pickThis is such a bullshit narrative you're trying to push. Maybe 25% of people that want Geno actually grew up with his game, and the rest are 9 year olds who think he looks cool after seeing him in cartoons or on YouTube.

>>514382098yes, he did it before and can do it againwhats the problem here?


Attached: Banjo Dean.png (510x546, 15.23K)


Attached: 1548459111571.png (717x530, 136.64K)

>>514382070When i say boomer pick i mean one of the big picks from the brael days, not neccesarily a pick from an older game. A lot of these chars from older games have surged in ultimate in regards to their wants. Only other big char from brawl days is Isaac, who is an assist trophy. Could see him happening though.

>>514354487I like them because they all look visually distinct.

>>514381604Donald's a quick scrapper, not a heavyweight.

>>514382480>The next fighter will be a character from....>MICROSOFT! >Stevefags return from hell to shit up the board for a few months>Day of the presentation>Its pic related>Stevefags are sent back to hell until Smash roster autism needs a villain againWould honestly be kino

Attached: file.png (183x275, 87.99K)

>>514382503lol even then Brawl had numerous big picks even Sora and Lloyd Iriving were bigger at the timewhy are you hell bent of making Geno seem like the last guy left? no one is going to buy it lol

>>514382906Sora wasnt requested in the brawl days. Ill give it to you on Lloyd, but if lloyd got in it'd be as a namco rep since they only have 1 at this point and they work on the game.

>>514380605>I don't know why that isn't common knowledge; Smash was built on the same foundation as Kirby.Because people are so focused on the magnitude of service this series brings, they often forget that the series has a humble beginning and that the Kirby series played a rather large part in its foundation.

Attached: o6AgV5-Inp4iXL1GaiHk2MkcdSzkd6MugcQf3KdWdmU.jpg (1278x718, 99.66K)

>>514383149They would have to be legitimately insane to pick that mullet boy over a Dark Soul in 2020

>>514357838This used to have banjo in it where geno is btw.Smash rosterfags are ruthless.

>>514355863Why do people want geno?


Attached: 1567474301346.png (779x439, 56.39K)

>>514383187tfw no Kirby 64 remake/sucessor having all 4 completely playable



Attached: very special boy.png (640x592, 312.5K)

>>514383701Do you have the one with Adol?

>>514354487Probably because most rosterfags are man children who obsess over cartoonish designs and screech at realism

im a Genofagsome of you fellow Genofags are really fucking weird and cringe and obvious smashboard imports. stop being performatively 'nice' as if you think that will get people on your side and stop posting cringe fucking deviantart-tier fanart. your autism is fucking bleeding through the screen and it's making us normal Genofags look bad.some of you anti-Genofags are also mentally fucking retarded for thinking Geno doesn't have a fairly decent shot at this pointyou Sorafags are fucking hilarious and pathetic and deserve to be gunned down in the streets

Attached: 1571377092454.png (192x192, 55.66K)

>>514383896There's one with Adol? Wish I did.

>>514384120damn and i thought shadowfags were edgelords

>>514384120He's a literal coldsteel oc, posting terrible fanart is what you signed up for.

>>514384120>no true scotsmanSteve will get his chance and replace all of you puppetfags for once and for all. If you think you're any better, well, you best prepare for pic related's trailer.

Attached: HAHAHA.png (960x540, 396K)

>>514384648who>>514384614i wish there was more edgy geno fanart. all you get is cutesy shit or similarly edgeless trash

>>514384120This looks messy genofag. . . Just stop. Your edge isnt better than any of these shitheads posting deviantart tier garbage fanart or any of these retards wasting their energy and time hating on geno.

>>514359257>>514359434>we technically finally get the chance to fight a human in Pokemon in the form of Lusamine, fused with a Nihilego>Lusamine, despite Gen 7's shittiness, is agreed upon to be one of the Pokemon series' best villains with all the fucked up, borderline abusive things she's done to her family and Pokemon she froze>Lusamine would've made a perfect unique villain character for Pokemon, summoning Nihilegos, firing lasers everywhere, and attacking with massive tentacles>lol incinror>not a single human from the Pokemon series gets a Spirit besides TrainerI will never not be mad.

Attached: 1555557503324.png (128x156, 45.3K)

>>514380979Are the Banjofags going to unite with the Steveposters? Surely puppetfuckers are the lowest of the low

>>514354487The top half of the image - actual good characters people wantedThe bottom half - LOL

I am convinced that Geno is just a (lesser) Shadow the Hedgehog of Mariohe literally has the same autism bait all anime badboys ie Sasuke seem to have

>>514385530Geno is actual an anime goodboy, he's very kind and respectful of others. He even laughs with his friends and forms a bond with them. His cool disposition and quiet contentment doesn't make him an edgelord. He's just a wishing star inside a toy after all.

>>514385214>Lusamine, fused with a NihilegoI literally wanted this, thought I was alone or stupid.

>>514383756Someday friend.

Attached: 70wRZDO0_400x400.jpg (240x240, 13.64K)

>>514385530Problem is he's a subversion of the edgelord so he also attracts all the homos.

Attached: 1592005459462.png (1920x1080, 672.31K)

>>514385825Tell that to the genofags who’ve never played his game.

>>514385530It blows my mind how his fans are unwilling to admit this. >beanie>bangs over one eye>eyes are red>permanent scowl>spiky cape>out of place in Mario wooden puppet body>gunsHe's a Hot Topic character.

Attached: Shadow_the_Hedgehog_Coverart.png (220x280, 150.49K)

>>514354487Yeah I don't really get Chrono requesters outside the fact that Chrono Trigger was amazing game. Chrono doesn't bring anything too exciting outside of the music. I get Golden Sun Issac/Felix wanting a little more cuz at least they could have a djinn mechanic or a focus on earth magic to spice things up.

>>514354487>main villain from successful series>main villain from successful series>semi successful platforming mascot>a fucking side character from a one off snes JRPG (that’s also isn’t even Square’s best JRPG

Attached: 45E02F4D-43C9-42DD-B0D1-BA0F3D7BB230.gif (220x164, 423.67K)

>>514386064Genofags aren't the one pretending he's some kind of edgy badboy and they're typically not the ones who haven't played the game, clearly.

Attached: shrug.jpg (497x342, 34.1K)

>>514359434Eggman, Skull Kid and Tabuu

>>514385530thats mostly just projection. Geno does tend to give us sorta this cool guy quiet aloofness but in general he's nothing like the Shadow/Sasuke archetype outside that

>>514386193Eyes are dark brownish with red hue in official art. Fucking edgelord retards have decided to make them red though.

Attached: 200px-Genosmrpg.png (200x334, 76.77K)

>>514386193>>permanent scowlHe smiles and laughs in the game all the time.

>>514359730God you wish that were trueThe internet would blow the fuck up


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>>514380084I feel like I'm watching a tournament losers bracket.

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>>514386903Not in the official render >>514386796Not in official art >>514387015Not in fanart >>514386365Yeah, everyone loves him because he's a jolly happy sunshine boy!

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>>514387178Well he is pretty cute...

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>>514383896>Adol You've got be fucking kidding me.

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>>514387603Geno is loved for many reasons.

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>>514383896>>514387839It was Adol standing behind a long line of shitty Ridley/K.Rools edited as never evers, screaming about how he's the XXXst never ever.

I was doubtful before but my faith has been restored

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>>514361149Bomberman would likely be able to kick, carry people, use a armor, ride the charabons and even have pommy. He has plenty games to get stuffed from

>>514388130I wonder how hard Genofags would seethe if Mallow got into Smash before their boy

>>514387603To have a geno with this level of edgr you'd need some autistic fanfic tier backstory of Smithy making his own dark, distorted Geno robot and trapping some kind of evil dark star inside of it.

>>514388130>>514387015Maybe that's why his fans are so diehard. He walks that line well enough that he can be whatever the fuck you want him to be.

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>>514388638I would be happy because I love SMRPG, including Mallow. Ideally both of them could be fighters.

>>514388740Batman is a strangely fitting comparison.

>>514388651I dunno dude, he already kind of looks like Bowser's henchman in this pic.

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>>514388638Mallow would have a more unique moveset in a post-Mega Man, post-Mii Gunner roster.

>>514388638Ideally I'd want both in as one character, Geno being used for some moves with Mallow being used for others

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>>514388964Maybe if he had a shell.

>>514388638Id be fine with it. I just want a super mario rpg stage and the music. If the fighter is geno or mallown its okay in my book.

>>514354487how many fire denim and dragon whore-ior anime knockoff fucks are you gonna make? Geno would be legit. He better turn into the geno cannon.

>>514361453I'd rather they put booster in the game.

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>>514390234Not necessarily.

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>>514390716Wario in Smash already has more in common with Booster than he does with Wario in Wario games. Just make him an echo and replace the bike with Booster's train.

>>514390716Dare I say... b-b-based!?

>>514390883Based Booster bbBWWWOOMMMMMMMmmmmMmm DnnnNNnWUBWUBWUBWUBWUB

>>514390883he should get a special animation to make out with bowser and attempt to rape peach, he would have no other moves though imo and it's perfect.

>>514390716I hope they put the booster tower theme in the game if geno or any other mario rpg rep gets in. One of my favorites.


>>514391090Gbt? Whats that mean im new here.

>>514391376I took a chance and was mistaken. Don't worry about it. It's meaningless.

>>514355030That image is cursed. If Geno gets in it will probably be because someone made that Geno edit.

Which character would best fit this guy for a spirit battle

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>>514390990Two songs! Neither are a remix. Fuck you. One of them is Forest Maze. Make the other one count.

>>514391523Giant purple Dark Pit

>>514362594Shantae and I promise you a discord Steveoid will make it.


>>514391585Misinformation. SMRPG content is far cheapier and easier to use than anything from FF7 or DQ. They even tossed a remix of the Peach's Castle theme into Fortune Street.

>>514359434Robuttnick, Dr Wily and, Sigma. Then they would have to add X and Zero.

>>514354487The "generic anime swordsmen" term is bullcrap, hey morons! This game comes from japan, not America! Just say you don't want more FF characters and that's it

>>514391585>>514391854Yeah, the problem with FF/DQ music is that it's composer owned and they're fucking dicks about licensing it out, while Yoko Shimomura is already on Smash's music team.

>>514359465Each one of his attacks is a different weapon. Neutral A=Spike Ring Punch, Tilt A=Chainsaw, Smash A=Super Shotgun blast, etc. Specials being the most powerful DOOM weapons. With the BFG 9000 and/or Berserk being the final smash.

>>514388367I need to see this one, that actually sounds tongue-in-cheek enough to be funny

>>514363852I used to be a huge Waluigi fan when I was younger, so here's my take on it. >Waluigi is the definition of a filler character in his own seriesThis means that if Waluigi did somehow get into smash it would be as though Sakurai just announced that there wasn't a single characters from any other series that was more compelling or interesting for smash. This is a lie and we all know it.>There are still more characters from his own series that would make more interesting charactersForeman Spike, Birdo, Wart, Paper Mario, Geno, Kamek. Waluigi has to compete with these characters + many more.>Waluigi has had many interpretations across many different developersMeaning that his charm always has and always will be in the different takes on his character. It probably doesn't effect his chances, but I wouldn't say that it helps his chances at all.He just doesn't need to be in smash. The Mario series has much more to offer and other characters from other series deserve a chance before he does.

>>514354879yes. he was completely dropped for smash 4 even.


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>>514380084>RPG Character>From Square Enix>That is here to shill an upcoming Switch exclusiveAGNES CONFIRMED

>>514393684>>514394294I like more the idea of Waluigi being the one who trained PP to join Smash just to ruin a slot for everyone.

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>>514394625I’m game. I loved Bravely Default and Second.

>>514393186I can see Pauline getting in next time. Just like Rosalina was introduced until 3DS/Wii U. Waluigi needs his own game or at least appear in a main game first.

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>>514397243They need to make a legitimate New Wario Land game and let Waluigi be the P2. Only then should he get in (unless he straight up gets his own game which I doubt).

>>514397447>New Wario Land gameI've been hoping for a new Wario Land game for so long, but at this point I've just realized they will just continue keeping the Warioware franchise alive than revive the Land series.Sakurai needs something he could use to rep him, he is limited to only use the game Waluigi was first introduced (Mario Tennis), therefore why Sakurai always gives Waluigi his tennis racket when summoned.

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>>514397447Waluigi isn’t even relevant enough to host a WarioWare scenario. Like what the hell? What’s with Nintendo and not wanting to pair up the Wario Bros ever?

>>514398451Nintendo hates Camelot, the creators of Waluigi.

>>514397787What about a Wario Land RPG? His party members could be Captain Syrup, Waluigi, and the Wario's Woods NES characters.

>>514397787Don't give up hope. Wario Land will come back at some point or another. Now that 2D Mario is practically over and done with his chances might increase.

>>514398794That sounds awesome, they could use some Warioware characters too, they could mix the two franchises in one game, but it won't be about microgames or something like that.>>514399587I'm not giving up hope. I still feel we could get something amazing from that series again.

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>>514399587>Wario's Woods characters>Wario followed around by the devil, a pig man, an angry mermaid, a gorilla golem, Death, and a huge green dragon all walking in a rowIt's perfect for him.

>>514372675Not gonna happen criminal. She's in!

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>>514388402Never give up hope, dude. All of the seething retards in this thread are just jealous that Genobros continue to hold out for their pick despite being told to give up.


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>>514385341>Are the Banjofags going to unite with the Steveposters?Never. Genobros are going through the exact same shit Banjobros had to, I'm just here to support them and join them in laughter if he gets in. Geno was a pick of mine, but since I got Banjo it doesn't matter to me.

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>>514354487>generic anime swordsmenstill better than geno

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Just got off of a zoom meeting with my uncle whos best friends with the VP of Sanitation Engineering at Nintendo of Liechtenstein and according to him.... HE'S IN BOYS WE DID IT!!!

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>>514403552>steve discordfags tried to get Genofags to join them and take over the board>every time Genofags told them to shut up because they're not destructive shitposters at heart>Stevefags are extra salty and are trying to force even more "GENO BAD" posts than they made/make for Banjo

>>514354487I'll never understand Geno fags>K rool and Ridley are important antagonist in their respective series>Banjo is the protag>Geno is a party member of a Mario spin off rpg that couldn't even get a sequel and is only ever mentioned because of smash fags,Smbz fags,and the forest maze themeGeno's chances of getting in are equal to or less than goombella's

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>>514367104Imagine if Geno's shadow appears and it's actually just a cloud summoned by Mallow and it starts raining when no one acts happy about seeing him.

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>>514354960Because every FE character in smash us the fucking protagonist. Don't you think for a second that Black Knight wasn't one of the highest requested characters from that whole franchise!

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>>514363852Would people be satisfied with him if his moveset were just a weird fusion of Luigi and Wario's moves? Like exactly half of his moves were the same as one or the other.

>>514363852I honestly would rather see him and Wario in a mainline Mario game than Smash.

>>514404969He'd just be a Sonic echo.

>>514390990It sounds like the music in the pulp fiction rape scene.

>>514412483>smash trailer logo>fade into a beautifully rendered Tadpole Pond at night>panning over to different serene scenes with ambiant sounds playing in the background>vague reflection of a figure sitting at an island in the pond, illuminated by a smiling crescent moon in the sky>pan up, the figure is Frogfuscious, asleep on his little island>Frogfuscious awakens and looks up, as if he's having a divine revelation>he looks up at the sky, Star Road visible>a green shooting star falls to the Earth, and it transforms into an envelope>Frogfuscious catches it with his tongue and tucks it into his beards>he hops away>brief shots of Frogfuscious trekking through Moleville, Booster Hill, Star Hill, Seaside Town, Land's End, and Bean Valley, with various SMRPG characters and monsters populating the spots, making the world of the game seem big and alive>he climbs the beanstalk>makes it to Nimbus Land>is granted entry to the castle>approaches Prince Mallow, sitting on his throne>Frogfuscious bows in respect>he pulls the letter out of his beard and offers it to the cloud prince>Mallow looks stunned by the gift, then jumps up and smiles in celebration>he discards his crown and cape and makes his way out of the castle>he trips, falls, and the letter gets blown away>Mallow and Frogfuscious huddle towards the ledge of the cloud and look down in despair as it flutters away>the letter blows all throughout the world, Booster and his men try to grab it from the top of their tower, with a bored Valentina lounging nearby>Croco tries to chase after it, but it hits an updraft before he can get it>it floats peacefully down to a young Toad boy named Gaz, in Rose Town playing outside with his Mario toys>it lands in his head>he picks it up and instantly realizes what it is, a big goofy smile spread across his face>he picks up the Geno doll and throws it in the air>GENO gives it a whirl!>gameplay of Gaz fighting using the small inanimate Geno doll plays

>>514397243I can't see Pauline being a fighter, Rosalina has her space magic and Lumas in both Galaxy games that translate well to a set of moves, but with Pauline you'd really need to stretch to get her into any sort of fighter. You could base her moveset off of old Mario/DK arcade games but I'd much rather have those moves given to someone like DK Jr

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>>514415219that sounds really cute!

>>514354879Yes. Golden Sun is a good game, but to even question if it's irrelevant or not is a show of magnificent retardation. Congratulations. Retard.

>>514415927Sakurai could make a moveset for Pauline, he has done the same for a lot of characters, he wouldn't have any problem with her. Still, DK Jr would be cool, but I could see him more appearing in a Kart game. At least I hope she does become a fighter next time.

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>>514413794how fucking dare you

>>514354879I'm a huge GS fan, but yeah... It's fucking dead.

>>514415927>>514417093Or just base her on DK94/the Mario vs Donkey Kong games.

>>514360415Yeah, he might have a decent chance

>>514378340You know that this is the same copy pasta but with spirits instead of Arms 2 right?

>>514418695I didn't think of those, I guess that could work if she had the Minis doing most of the fighting

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>>514354487There are like 4 more Mario characters than there are FE.

>>514419520Mario: 9FE: 8Pokemon: 8

>>514354487>the most requested Smash charactersYou mean Goku? I mean he's no swordsman but he is definitely anime.

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>>514418695>>514419132I agree, she using the Minis could work too, Sakurai can use this for Pauline's moveset.

>>514354487It's Porky time!

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>>514354487>lumping smelly puppet in with the restYeah fuck offGeno was in one game and we already have three fighters from said game (Mario, Peach, Bowser). Entirely incomparable to the main villains from two highly popular series and what's practically the mascot of an entire console.

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>>514423235>what's practically the mascot of an entire consoleI don't see Mario in the OP pic

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>>514423502Mario is bigger than Banjo for sure, same for Link and other Nintendo staples, but Mario is a lot more than the N64. I call Banjo "the face of the N64" because he was both very popular in that era (even if not Mario levels) and never really left it, the only games he got after the N64 being a couple forgettable GBA games and the widely controversial XBox game. Banjo captures the spirit of the console, much like the Sonic Adventure games captured the spirit of the Dreamcast and such; it's just a perfect fit that exemplifies what the console was all about.


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>>514359465I don't want Doomguy in Smash despite loving DOOM because I don't think he's a good tonal fit, but he has the weapons for it between the classics, DOOM64, DOOM3 (I'd grab the Soul Cube if nothing else) and nu-DOOM. He'd be another zoner though between his rockets and energy weapons, which is lame.

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>>514410637They like Geno because he's a cool character from a great game. This shit isn't that complicated, even Sakurai likes Geno for those very reasons. If Ice Climbers showed anything, it's that if a character can fit, then they are likely to become a fighter. Sakurai did say Geno would fit in Smash, that's enough reason for Genobros to want him in.

>>514362032Same. I have unironically loved Waluigi ever since I first saw him in Mario Party 3, picking him whenever I could, but Waluigi needs to actually STAR IN A GAME before he belongs anywhere near a playable role in Smash. I'd adore a Wario Bros. game but Nintendo isn't interested in Wario platformers anymore, let alone anything with Waluigi.

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