Post and rate those Steam profiles

Post and rate those Steam profiles

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Other urls found in this thread: ZERO# ZERO#>>514370047Thx

I want niggers to shit down my throat

>>514352850>golden profile

>>514352850>Please validate my choice to spend points on TEMPORARY gold!

>>514352850>wasted 5 (five) (f i v e) USD on a temporary background>thanks for the reddit gold kind stranger :)goldfags are all redditors

pcbros are hopeless

>>514353479>>514353625>>514353857>poorfags coping AND seething>>514353442Based


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>>514354661you feel obnoxious

>>514356725this but unironically

>>514352850>anime girlkill yourself friendless loser, you'll always be socially autistic

>>514357975welcome to 4chan brother we will make you fellow man of culture yet....

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Sure. If anyone's down to game hit me up.

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>>514352850i am reporting every single person in this thread on steam fuck you go back to /soc/ faggots steam isnt facebook

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>>514359368go home faggot

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>>514354029>poorfags>52 gamesIf you don't have 100+ games you're the poorfag, I know poorfags with more than that.

I'm getting an error when I try to buy the Yennefer background from TW3. What the fuck is this bullshit comrade Gaben?


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>>514361557>tyranid backgroundvery based

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>>514362837thanks friend, you're based as well.

>>514359368You realise if you mass report a bunch of steam profiles that obviously have no issues steam is just going to vac ban you temporarily for being annoying

>>514352850This shit will all be gone in a month.

such nice goys itt makes me feel hopeful for the future of Israel, the best country ever made

>>514362837Excellent name, friend.

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>>514353479Imagine being so poor that you can't afford the Gold Profile. Sad!

So steam is this generation's myspace now?But instead of goth chicks we have trannies and traps instead?

My profile will be set on default background, default border, default everything and I'll be special by not being special

>>514359368Imagine thinking reporting on steam does anything.

>>514363680No,Twitter is,you fucking boomer.

>>514363747why do you want to be special?>>514363680yes, how mad does that make you?

You don't even get to keep it?

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>>514362805I remember when I used to have this avi like 20% of Holla Forums back in 2011, then I became gay and started to erpCareful user

>>514363956Gold cu cks are literally renting their profile themes

>>514364029careful, they will call you a poorfag and you'll never be able to recover


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>>514364029Why do you care lmao.

>>514352850>>514360048>anime discord tranniesEew I want normalfag anime watchers off my board

>> see... because..uh...

>>514364508>laughing at entertaining thing>"Why do you care lmao."

unironically kill yourself

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it honestly looks really fucking bad

Tempted to look cool for 30 days

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>not getting the level 20 badgeKek poorfags

>>514352850/gfg/ is fucking leaking, goddamn HAHA posters

Anyone else getting the issue where if you post certain images, they don't get posted in the thread? This is the 3rd time i've made this post.>>514360048>462 friendsslut.

What the fuck is a Steam profile? Looks faggy as fuck. Is it anything to do with the package manager on my PC that installs my games?

Not enough good animated stickers. If the border or something was permanent I would have got the gold profile.I like how now that the cosmetics are "free" everyone is showing off their profile like its old school gaia/myspace

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>>514362837How do you have multiple showcases?

>>514364537What anime’s are they from?

>it looks like you've been attempting a lot of purchases in the last few hoursWhat the fuck i didn't do anything let buy goddammit


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Hiding your steam names is pointless, nobody wants to add you faggots.

>>514353625temporary? fug...

How long until lewd loli profiles start to crop up?You know its gonna happen, steam doesnt care.

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>>51436767830 days

>>514367869Theres already some pretty lewd cosmetics from nekopara and rabi ribi

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>>514368590hate the way this one looks when its hidden behind a profile

>>514366387You're a retard.

>>514362837damn this looks epic as fuck whats the background

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>>514363058Are you autistic?

>>514362837background is that?

>>514369532katana zero background I think you get it from enough achievements

>>514353857If you've ever bought games from a sale you automatically get points. Before the summer sale even started I had over 5,000. Do you even use Steam?

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>>514369532>> ZERO#

>>514369981cheater LOL

>>514352850Reminder for all Gold Chads to remove all non gilded plebs from your friends lists. Steam is outing poor fags for our convenience. Don't waste this chance.

>>514352850>>514360262i fucking love this one 10/10

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gaben please tell me why it's 2020 and we still can't remove the "Add a Showcase" thing on our profiles

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was it kino?

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>>514369859> ZERO#>>514370047Thx

>>514370426whoops fixed shit cropping

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If you don't have a gold profile you are a fucking poorfag and a plebian.

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>>514370661>this is the nigger that spams JRPG threads

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>>514363956NoBut the store is a new feature so you will be able to re-buy gold every monthThink of it as a new subscription service but instead of you playing to maintain a block list, other people pay for you to easily identify them

>>514370661>calls others a poorfag>only level 48>hides his yearly badge because he is a zoomer>only 704 games, likely a lot of cheap anime trash VNs>151 reviews, as if his faggot opinion matters>calls others a pleb>weeb shitter or worse, a literal gook.

>>514370661>use accumulated weeb shekels to get temporary cosmetic>in 30 days it will be gone>you spent 5000 points on this to inflate your sense of worthloving EVERY laugh

i logged in for the first time today and automatically had 20k points. wat

Where can I check the mini-background? I bought the comfy Japanese vending machine one and I can't seem to find it.

>>514371156hover over your profile pic


>>514371201Oh... thanks, user! This is... disappointing.

>>514352850Imagine caring about steam profiles

>"It's like a giant blob of meat and dicks trying to violate itself, but then it's dicks are too short and can't touch each other, so it crawls all around in a mix of confusion, fear and lust that burns brighter than a thousand suns."My profile description, minus the ">"

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>>514370059>not wearing a vac ban as a badge of prideshiggy diggy

Omelette du Fromage. Steam account have ID in the 5000s.

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>>514367160How the hell do you take such a good picture of the whole profile

>>514371154Not sure how it works completely but I'm pretty sure any points leftover from past sales get kept

>>514372465ah ben tabarnackméo

>>514371154>>514374116You don't keep any old points, but gained points based on all the shit you bought after the LNY sale. Any points you gain moving forward are down to Overview.

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>>514374810are you gay

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still sucks that I can't play detroit

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>>514374972Girls dont exist

>>514353442Shit, I read this but I thought I was in the Chocolate Rain thread because it still fits.

>>514372465>>514363521steam oldfags, my bruddas

>>514353625Who fucking cares what you spent points on? They don't matter and iy looks damn pretty. I have 50k points, I really don't give a fuck about anything else cause none of them look as mesmerising.

>>514359368chew on my butt cud.

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>>514371995>Being retarded enough to get caught


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>>514374868I bet you dont even play blazblue

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>>514374868that is actually so fucking gay

hardly any of you fags had steam when orange box went live, what the fuck

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>>514376028I lost my acc that I used originally years ago so I made a new one

What's this background stuff? My PC exploded a while ago, so I can't check shit. Can you keep anything else that isn't gold(cuck) shit?

>>514361557>tabletop genestealersbasedI never used them properly

>>514353442Hum, really makes me think

>>514379065Yes, you can keep anything that isn't the gold profile shit permanently.

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>>514353857I started with 50,000 points, didn't have to spend anything.

>>514354661Redditor passive agressive faggot

>>514379635very based :D

>>514356725>>514357823Honestly based

>>514354661you think you're a lot cooler than you actually are. also, the image doesn't line up with your background dumbass

>>514376028No one here above the age of 22 is going to post their steam profile.Anyone who bought / received orange box around release would not still be posting here, or would not participate in such a shitty thread.

>>514380164im 24

>>514352850How many times are you going to post you profile faggot

are there any trannies that want to jump on a cock in Holla Forums? just curious

>>514380164cringe post32yo hereI installed CS for the first time in 2000 or sokill yourself teenager

Golden profile is a good red flag to avoid obnoxious retards.>wow, all this profile customization and shit is kinda cool>buy backgrounds, borders and shit>end up only using the orange borders and everything else default

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>>514352850Titanfall makes you alright in my book.>>514373526Certain browsers have commands to screenshot the whole page.

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>>514360262Chads rise up

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>>514364029Why are you putting a space in cucks?

>>514375430>nearly 2600 games>doesn't show the number of his "perfected games"I guess you just collect games instead of playing them.


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>>514381186Or maybe he just doesn't feel the need to autistically go through checklists to "perfect" every game.

>>514381272cringe mass poster

>>514381427im just giving the people the attention they wanted

>>514373526Full page screen capture and editing in photo.

>>514381313No, but there are games that get perfected if you've played them through properly.Cuphead is good example, you play the game 200%, kill all bosses in hardest difficulty without taking damage and do run & gun levels as a pacifist and you get the game completed to perfection and this nets you all the achievements as well.The game was so fucking fun it wasn't even a chore.Another good example is Binding of Isaac where items you get in the game are tied with the achievements. When you get an achievement, you also unlock a new item to play with.Gungeon is another good example, a solid roguelite, that's easy to perfect once you start enjoying it and doing tons of runs.

>>514381427He has point. Lewding up your profile is beta as it gets and just plain bad taste.

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>>514381876but anime girls are cute

Anyone know some good Roman or Greek profile backgrounds?Total War Rome and AC:Odyssey backgrounds are weak as fuck

>>514381876That depends on if it's cringy pron addict lewd or if it's more flirty lewd.

>>514381876there's only 1 lewd profile there though

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>>514382096I said lewding not posting cute girls. basically don't be this coomer >>514374868 .

>>514382096And flaunting with your autism is not cute.I fucking hate people who build their identity around their hobbies, grow a fucking personality you shallow cunt.

>>514382406The secret to a successful cookout is BIG DICK control.

>>514382406>Censors profiles >When people can just look up your profile via badges, level and games>Also implying that people would give enough of a fuck to search your shitty profile to begin with.

Is that Cerebus profile for CS Go only? I don't have that game nor do I ever want to play it.


>>514382694>>514382694>I fucking hate people who build their identity around their hobbies>In a thread about showcasing your videogame hobby website profile

>>514359368fucking friday night and this guy is angrily reporting steam profiles because he's upset about customization.goddamn the internet is a fucking wonderland.

>>514383140I thought the point was to laugh at people's dumb profiles and not build an image out of what type of person might be behind said profile? You're never gonna meet any of the poeple here in real life, what would you do with the information of someone's appearances?


>>514381809Wow actually autistic

>>514352850>he bought the Good Goy Profileonly poorfags spend their money this poorly

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>>514352850Tfw no friends to play GTFO with

>>514352850Goldfags are subhuman, pompous faggots.

>>514383319I just play video games, not that you'd know anything about it.

>>514383374Play with Holla Forums or v's older brother.

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>>514383552>Games>Cuphead as an exampleYeah, alright kiddo.

hope they add more theme colors soon

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>>514352850i like DRG and warframeis gtfo good

>>514383693Cuphead isn't a game? Did you get filtered by it? Show me how you beat every single boss in the game on hard mode without taking damage.

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>>514381809>No, but there are games that get perfected if you've played them through properly.Not everyone wants to spend tens of hours perfecting every game they play. Also most games do not only have those achievements, I've done all bosses in DS3 hitless sl1 but have very few achievements.

I can't settle on a frame or avatar, would animated sunglasses guy be based or cringe?


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>>514384015>Not everyone wants to spend tens of hours perfecting every game they play.You are a fucking plebeian, worried about "tens of hours". If a game is good, it'll draw you in to play those "tens of hours", happens with many games. Show me your top 3 played games. If you don't have at least 1000 hours in one of them, you're in the wrong board

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>>514383680very nice

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>>514352850r8 fags

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>>514384123all of the animated avatars so far are shit, just use an avatar unique to you and get the frame

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>>514383680>not actually a picture of his profile but the mere preview of goldlmao

>>514352850OP I've seen you post your profile about three times. Are you really so desperate to seek validation of temporary gold from retards on 4chan? Also 10/10.

>>5143842622/10 being an edgy racist is tiring meme.


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>>514383709add a showcase nigger

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>>514384235Tfw over hours in clicker heroes.Am I a real gamer yet gatekeeper fag?

>>514384391No op, but I am hungry for validation, yet you won't see me starting threads for it.

>>514383871Sorry, I play good games, but you do you dude. If you wanna play tumblr games, go ahead and play tumblr games. Just don't go around saying they are games worth playing.

Next thing you know Gaben is going to make some sort of Gaia Online game built into Steam.

>>514384586>tfw once played a clicker game for like 800 hoursIt was a stain on my profile and I wiped that thing right off.

>>514353625I wanted to get the jailer background but steam kept saying there was an error so I just got the animated ocean ones and the meme neon

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>>514384235I like playing a variety of games. Currently playing Xevious on MAME, and would much rather work on my meh high score there than autistically grind to go from 99% to 100% completion of other games I'm not as interested in anymore. There's always more challenges to find, you can't ever truly complete a game anyway and achievements are an arbitrary measurement.

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>>514383709shit meant to reply to>>514383372

>>514384641Recommend some good games.

I'm a gay nigger and I give no fucks.

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>Not buying the golden profile on the last day of the sale.You guys are fucking up.

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>>514384865Yeah. Surprised they didn't add a rainbow theme considering it's pride month and all.

>>514353442>>514375292you guys claimed my sides>>514352850This is literally just a /soc/ steam friend thread lmfao. How much did that gold background cost you, newfriend?

>>514384641You sound like faggot. Stop hating on game just because they attract the worst people.

>>514384728>It was a stain on my profile and I wiped that thing right off.HOW?

>>514384863I never said you should play only one or two games forever.I have +300 games on my steam account from which I've played like 170, I haven't finished like half of them and there's still so much left, and not just on my steam account.How some people have "nothing to play" is beyond me. There's actually TOO much games to choose from.

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All these poorfags

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>>514385081Top left, Help > Support > Games, Software etc. > Search for the game you wish to delete > I want to permanently remove this game from my account > OkDone

>>514385081You can remove games from your library completely

>>514385256Let's see you keep that gold up a few years. Can't do it, poorfag?

>>514385357no that only hides it. I got back many of my pasted deleted games like darkest dungeon by going to support.

>>514385487Awe it's cute when their copping.

>>514383680very based

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>>514366387every 10 levels buddy.

It's been year's since I've used most social features on steam and I have no clue how to leave groups

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>>514373526I fucking love this so much I will literally pay you $10 to do this for me

>>514385357>>514385324Thanks anons.Maybe one day ill get rid of this stain

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>>514385567based ESL with dad's credit card

Bend over.

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>>514384358wtf how did you find my profile

>>514353857I started with like 36k points, I have NO IDEA what's all this about tho

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>>514385750Meant for>>514367160

>>514385685based Pyro

>>514385757Cmon, GTAV is a decent game. I had lots of fun with it

>>514385750Fucking retardWhy would you pay for something that you can do yourself in mere minutes?

>>514385981No thx, this is supply side economics.You do your own car repairs too? Thx for applying, retard.

Here you go

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>>514385891I would have rather have my most played game be something cool and sophisticated.GTA:O is too much of a grind its almost a clicker game when you optimize it for maximum earnings

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Attached: Capture.png (1890x1252, 1.4M)

>>514386119Thanks bb. That Pathologic 2 background was probably the only profile on here that really evoked an emotional reaction

I'm a Dishonored fan.

Attached: prof.png (1904x871, 1.14M)

>>514386301What did you do to get that bad honor?

>>514386095How many dota 2 hours?

>>514386093Yes, anything that is within my grasp I troubleshoot on my own and learn from the experience so I can use the skills I learn in the future. Retards skip life experiences with money, but when shit hits the fan, you're useless.

>>5143864145,851 hrs on recordlast played on 26 Jun

>>514352850what does "gtfo" stand for?

>>514386461Yeah I'm sure. Seethe harder, summerfriend

>>514372465would unironically copy your profile

>>514374868Absolutely based.

>>514386126there's no such thing as "sophisticated" when it comes to video games, especially if you've dropped in thousands of hours to whichever game you've playedLooking back on some of the games I've played thousands of hours for, I wish I would've done something constructive instead.

>>514374868>hey user, you PC game too? What's your Steam profile?btw sauce on that profile pic?

>>514386095>san salvadormaje, I have a friend from there since 2008, cool dude

Attached: SP2606.png (1324x801, 737.08K)

>>514386531>>514386095Based profile


Attached: gamers.jpg (2075x1133, 537.73K)

>>514365076topkek it looks great

>>514386691cool , what games do you play together?

>>514386564Fat loser lost his cool and his only getaway is calling others "summerfags". I can safely bet you haven't been here for 15 years. Save the snark, fat boy.

>>514385143>I never said you should play only one or two games foreverExpecting me to have 1000 hours in one game to prove I'm not a scrub kind of implied that. Agreed there's too much to play though, I have a wishlist of 600 games and tons that I own and want to play.

Attached: file.png (233x592, 57.89K)

>>514386550"Exactly what you think it stands for"

>>514387002Wouldn't be a long reach to 100% a few of those if you've genuinely enjoyed them.

>>514386959Ooh, he's a tough guy now. oh i'm so sorry baby please grip my hips and show me the cock of a real man


>>514387289Thx babe

>>514386887He's rather slow for FPS, got him to install TF2, which is something (thank you pyro), either that or DivOS2, sometimes Diablo3.Pretty cool dude, the kind you WANT to share time playing with.


Attached: TRash.jpg (658x439, 42.53K)

>>514387263Only one I've played there is Recursed, which is hard as fuck and I'm getting stuck on stuff like 40% in. And again, there's a ton of achievements that aren't about completion, checked Ori 2 and it has ones for completing side quests and shit, plus various arbitrary challenges that require replaying with some constraint, plus 12 hidden ones that are probably random secrets, riddles, etc. Many are story focused which are even more likely to have obscure stuff I don't care about as achievements.


>>514384262holy fucking based

i had 50k points so might as well have a nifty looking profile

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>>514384930The shop is here to stay my guess is you can just rebuy

>Anonymous image board>People start sharing their social media profiles

>>514386749I really can't tell if people like this are just trolling or if you really are half as much of a fucking insane faggot as your image showsthen again 2562 hours in poe, 8 hours a day on videogames in 2 weeks, suggetss you're a real mentally ill aussie tranny

>>514387002>rainworld "upcoming"please please please play this you really deserve to play an actual good GAME for once

all anime avatars: 0/10anything else: 6/10 thank me later

>>514388004Hello fellow potato bro


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>>514375828Makoto fags don't play, that's nothing new.

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>>514389054You're missing the point retard. Go back to R*ddit.

>>514384235>If you don't have at least 1000 hours in one of them, you're in the wrong boardThis isn't 2006 anymore user

>>514386691Why Marcus?

haha look at the funny balls go

Attached: background.jpg (1887x823, 327.55K)

>>514389342Wow I'm really impressed how well you fit in user. You're really cool. Can I suck your cock?

hello>>514389124this is a god-tier combo>>514372465this one is very nice

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>>514384235I don't play 1000 hour tranny games. A good game will inspire me to maybe over 100 hours but that's about it. Would rather play a variety of games.

>>514389413>he doesn't know

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>>514389673You are a fairy.Absolutely based

>>514389735Play an actual good game once in a while that has replay value and you'll be spending hundreds upon hundreds playing and dissecting it. Happened to me with Dark Souls 1, after first playthrough I fell in love with the game, played the game so much, tried hundreds of different playstyles, scoured through every nook and cranny and now I am a Dark Souls aficionado.Weird because Demon's Souls didn't hit off the same way for me.

>>514389769fuck off frogposter

>>514354661really gay

>>514390262>complaining about reaction imagesYou do not belong here, ledditor

>>514390105>Play an actual good game once in a while that has replay value and you'll be spending hundreds upon hundreds playing and dissecting itNailed it. I don't get how people play several games to a shallow level and then leap to the next. I absolutely love sinking my time into a few excellent games instead.

>>514390409>australianfucking DISGUSTING.


>>514390736could be worse>>5143907521 0 Y E A R S

>>514390105I played through DaS multiple times and sampled most weapon styles but even then I only spent between 100-200hrs>I am a Dark Souls aficionadoreddit

>>514353857It's actually 50 lol

>>514389861thank u :)

>>514369962>If you've ever bought games from a sale you automatically get points.I've had by account since 2005 and have been buying games through Steam since 2008. I got zero (0) points.

>>514352850>egs bros still playing all those FREE AAA games>steam cucks paying thousands of dollars more than their budget pc just to have a flashy profile nobody is going to lookLiterally kek

>>514388802Currently playing arcade games and I may do Ori 2 first since I just bought that, but I've heard such good things of Rain World so it's definitely high priority.

>>514360380Games on PC are FREEIf you have more than 5 games on steam of which 5 must be f2p you are a dumb fatso cuck retard

>>514392226but the EGS dosen't have those 3 games in the OP

sure why not

Attached: file.png (2552x1219, 2.54M)

>>514390520Was about to write this so have a (you) instead

Attached: steamprofile.png (1903x867, 1.51M)

r8 bros

Attached: nosubject.jpg (2535x1257, 428.12K)

Attached: sdada.png (1445x940, 1.15M)

>>514393508Do me a kindness, user, and post that image itt.

now we just need embedded music that automatically plays and its literally myspace

No tf2 content, what a ripoff.

Attached: imcomingforyoucoward.jpg (1820x872, 249.22K)

>>514393796This one?

Attached: 1527492661676.jpg (2464x2080, 265.81K)

my profile's pretty trash ngl

Attached: 812392134.png (1901x909, 1.39M)

>>514393965Yep, thanks my dude.

How do you guys actually use Steam as a social platform? I have never talked to any of my 6 friends on Steam, I'm actually getting exhausted just thinking about it.

>>514394048welcome bud.

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>>514393801>now we just need embedded music that automatically plays and its literally myspaceThat has me wondering if you can already. I'm thinking you might be able to get creative with the showcases to inject code.

>>514394154How fat are you that thinking makes you tired.

Attached: Am I doxing myself.png (1360x768, 958.01K)

>>514394154>How do you guys actually use Steam as a social platform?you don't, we're just here having fun, pimping our profiles and showing them off here.

>>514394425finish those 200 fishing quests user

>>514352850>there are people in this thread right now who do not have SOLID GOLD profilesdisgusts me to the core

Attached: 1580494794215.jpg (544x776, 181.42K)


>>514394329About 4 twinkies and a milkshake fat.

>>514381883whats the background from?

>>514384576what game is that background from

Attached: 0606cf5ff5607ecd13455306fa95dcae6e137d86a4e810c9ba54292959dadc91.png (531x398, 278.3K)

>>514394154my last profile comment is from 10 years ago so yeah i dont use it at all

>>514390902>wahhh someone is using words other than "cringe, seethe, yikes or dilate", REDDITit's reddit behaviour to profile people on an anonymous image board, you already know the name of the place you have to go back to, so do it.

>>514394532I don’t know what this means because I’m not a neckbeard

Weeb-Trash I know...

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>>514394743Are those your drawings?

>>514394876yeah, what you think?

Attached: Kagerou_ImaizumiGMedit.png (6078x8000, 2.66M)

>>514395076I love 'em, user. You're talented.


which is better: animated background, or static background from a game you like


>>514395325Static background from a game you like, of course.

>>514352850I stole this idea from another Holla Forumsermin -- it was too ingenious not to replicate. And while a lot of people do meme on Gibson for his crowded prose, I did quite enjoy Neuromancer: If you like cyberpunk it's a must read in my opinion>>514353442fpbp

Attached: Screenshot (296).png (1459x736, 617.12K)

>>514370184good idea

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>>514369981>steam profile is only 4 years old>anime>touhou anime at that>k-pop>vac banYou're a huge faggot and, if you get the chance, you should probably kill yourself.


Attached: Capture.jpg (313x218, 11.86K)

>>514369981Who fucking names their kid Raymond.

I love this little guy

Attached: Steam Chad.gif (300x300, 406.03K)

>>514358408Hey dude we have the same profile pic, right on

>>514396661It doesn't animate in csgo and other valve games, which made me sad. I hope they add that as a feature in the future.

>>514352850Haven't done it in years so might as well.

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Attached: 907daefd37a88263f53373f13f87328f.jpg (1772x790, 280.38K)

Attached: file.png (1913x896, 2.49M)

>>514352850>>514363521>>514370661>>514372465>>514375430>>514383680>>514384929>>514385256>>514385582>>514385685>>514386095>>514388004>>514393667>>514394425>>514395929>>514397279>>514397881nice gold anons

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Attached: Untitled.png (1895x931, 2.05M)

Koei Tecmo isn't taking part in the summer sales. I don't expect the pc ports to be good anyway after trying Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires on steam.

Attached: file.png (2149x1013, 2M)

>>514398280jesus fucking christ dude

Good background or would something more artistic be better? I like the Nuclear Throne ones quite a bit as well

Attached: trioptimum.png (1908x894, 1.25M)

>>514398418Totally whited that cringe shit out but forgot to copy the paint edit. No use covering it up now.

>>514398532I dig the Tri-Optimum rep, SS2 is one of my favorite games

Attached: I AM SHODAN.webm (862x480, 2.79M)

>>514398280This is satire right?

>>514398280Do you really want people to know you jerk it to furry porn that badly?

>you're sharing a board with n*onfags and goldcuckshow this is what I call disgusting

Attached: summerfaggotry.jpg (1194x850, 340.98K)

Attached: my steam profiel.png (1652x896, 1.23M)


Attached: yes197.jpg (1172x659, 56.48K)

>>514371995>shiggy diggyyour account is 4 years old. shut the fuck up. you are a baby

i have 84 gb because my storage is ass (also op is gay) me looking for new friends. My old friends are toxic and I need a new permanent friend group that will play games with me and let me talk to them every day in discord Preferably a small group of people I need a new squaaaad :dI play rainbow 6, apex, Roblox, hitman 2, any modern aa game that has come out lately I probably play it No LoL tho I hate mobasAdd me!

Attached: 34606D8A-2E79-44AF-A838-EBD7DB57C2DF.jpg (1024x988, 145.74K)

>>514402501Oh and I love garrys mod rp and zombie survival servers!

>>514402501>pedophileNo thanks, please kill yourself.

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I have 75k steam good boy points tell me how to spend them Holla Forums


Attached: file.png (1857x883, 2.12M)

>>514402501Reported you and your degenerate pedophile profile, as well as your disgusting degenerate pedophile steam group. Thanks :)

So the points shop is going to exist forever, and they're going to add more stuff, right?

>>514402501I would have called this a well done ironic shitpost a decade ago, but you faggots are here completely unironically now and it disgusts me.

kek, I can't even buy anything with points

>The Summer Golden Profile lasts for 30 days from time of purchase.point wasters in denial desu

Attached: 1441502762856.jpg (825x960, 44.18K)

>>514403803as opposed to what? buying shitty emotes and stickers you'll never use?>oh no I wasted this virtual currency that has no intrinsic value whatsoever

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Attached: steam.png (1920x893, 1.02M)


If I have a steam profile with only a picture I have on tinder and have no other social media, how easy is it for me to get doxxed?

>>514403803You get points from buying games we know the points store is here to stay so if you buy games normally you could keep the golden profile - it's like $45 usd?Question is will the golden profile stay in the shop?

Attached: steam profile.png (1774x909, 1.11M)

>>514399674this is my favorite animated background


Attached: steam whoring.png (1917x877, 738.15K)

>>514402501>VAC ban>friend collector>5k hours in garry's modand you wonder why your "friends" don't like you

>>514406362>17.6 hours in terrariaExplain yourself

>>514360048You couldn’t portray yourself as a faggot any more.

>>514406551I don't really like terraria I just play it with friends

>>514404667Bought some stuff with my good goy coins and updated my profile. NOW it's perfect.

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nice and clean lads

Attached: stempro.png (2253x991, 1.36M)



>>514404037>>514406892based Demo's Dildos members

>>514384576You can beat the Witcher 3, and on newgame plus, while still doing the majority of sidequests and collectibles and still finish under 100 hours.What in the fuck have you been doing?!

Attached: 3jygb2a4d9651.jpg (390x476, 27.09K)

Stole this from another user

Attached: gsadasd.jpg (1897x901, 158.47K)

>>514388694Why do you care so much?

>>514359368B A S E D

Attached: Screenshot_1.jpg (1918x975, 273.56K)


the amount of gold profiles in this thread is worrying>>514414369>celestethat's disgusting>>514406871>>514404667thanks doc

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>>514353442i too support BLM

Attached: steam profile.png (1917x940, 1.64M)

>>514398280based degenerate

>>514386749'sup qt

>>514352850>GTFO You finish the rundown yet?

>>514380998>raising up

Attached: capture.jpg (1658x775, 294.98K)

>>514402501I fucking hate you

Attached: home.png (1883x860, 522.91K)

>>514352850>full gold

Attached: 1582831693154.png (1898x974, 3.84M)

>>514352850>only level 10>only 7 years>only 52 gamesIs gold the newfag cope?

>>514416805v good>>514417120pretty good too, love the pfp>>514422376>>514421784cringe

Attached: Screenshot_70.png (1919x903, 2.02M)

>>514361557>tyranid fagDay of the flayer is soon

Attached: Necron Regen.jpg (704x960, 117.23K)

Recommendations for purple/pink background would be appreciated.And I wonder how many people on Holla Forums even remember Sid? Those were good times.

Attached: astral.png (2085x1001, 1.02M)

Attached: file.png (1639x774, 1.03M)

>>514422698german autist

>>514375828It's a shit game, I don't blame him.

>>514352850R8 dont h8.

Attached: 34.png (1714x1326, 1.65M)

Attached: 82423479823749283.png (1805x816, 856.6K)

don't hate

Attached: Untitled.png (1920x894, 906.08K)

>>514376028I was a console fag at the time and had the orange box for 360. I don't know how I played pyro without airblast looking back on it.

>>514422698thats a lot of ugly right looks very familiar.

>>514422698>calling someones profile cringe then proceeding to post this...yikes

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here lads

Attached: r8.jpg (1876x813, 357.89K)

Lava lamp bros [email protected]?

Attached: steamprof.png (1919x905, 1.45M)

>>514352850Read the rules before adding me!

Attached: 43.png (1475x1620, 1.58M)


Attached: 1572618170888.jpg (225x225, 9.03K)

>>514399674Based lavabro

>>514384159Cute background. What's it from?

>>514424083Dragon quest


Attached: slut.jpg (436x436, 56.05K)

>>514375430>specsUga buga uuf uff

>>514376028Console refugee here.

Attached: IMG_20200627_185716.png (1842x1247, 1.18M)

Already had the background for a while and can't think of another that would beat it.

Attached: 1589145653.png (1889x818, 2.1M)

>>514424313>literally nothingwhy even share user

>>514424548But muh aesthetics. I thought were sharing designs.

>>514424341>Valdis Story>Library>Unist>TetrisGr8 t8st m8