Cyberpunk 2077 melee gameplay

What does Holla Forums think about 2077's katana gameplay? How would you fix it?

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Let's be honest. Games like this always look horrible if you try to break them down. Open world games tend to have worse everything than a game dedicated to that one thing, but what they bring to the table is having an abundance of everything. Open world games have always been and will always be quantity over quality games. You can try to analyze the melee combat and be like BUT DEVIL MAY CRY DOES IT BETTER but it does not matter at all.

>>514348994imma pirate lol

>>514348994The important question is, can you dilate w/ the hilt

>>514348994looks fine? whats the issue here exactly?we already know they're going for slow and methodical combat rather than fast pacedi mean that clip alone is much better than that hand to hand combat we've seen

>>514349278I forgot how shit skyrims combat was jesus christ

>>514348994Can I play melee with almost no bionics (except for the required story ones) and stay mostly human is the questionI want to kill enemies with pure SKILL instead of soulless machines

>>514348994If the game has good mod support do you think it could be the next skyrim?There's plenty of room on that city map for expansions, and mods could make this game into a real cyberpunk game.t. Civ fag

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>>514349951honestly i was worried to see the sword combat after skill up said it was clunky, i was thinking it was going to be worse than the hand to hand we seen glad it looks better than the fist fight we seen

>>514350071you can go without them yes

>>514350303devs said it would have mod support

>>514348994make it third person>>514351362>>514350303they said tw3 would have mod support too but lied, they also said it was going to be third can't trust them.

I play King's Field and Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines is a top 10 game for me. You cannot scare me away with your combat as long as it is functional.

>>514348994No matter what's posted on here as criticism, I'm still buying it,

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Vermintide 2 and Mordhau both have very satisfying first-person melee combat so I would base my systems off of those.

>>514348994It looks better than the terrible gunplay to me, much less NUMBERS bullshit.Not great, but I'll probably make a ninja build instead of a shooter.

>>514352684didnt they confirm you can turn the numbers off

>>514348994You know, I can't really gripe about it because I replay VtMB all the fucking time and the combat is also jank. Here's hoping the story at least nails it.

>>514348994When the player attacks the second enemy there is literally 0 windup to the animation, it just snaps out instantly. Proper attack animations have a windup, a release, and then a follow-through in order to give them a sense of weight. This just looks like silly flailing.

>>514352969There is a wind up though. There's no follow through sometimes which is interesting. It looks like the animation might distinguish between slashes that go all the way through and lop off a limb.

>>514352931this desu

>>514352969Someone able to block a machine gun series with a sword wouldn't have any windup at all.

>>514348994Looks a bit awkward with controller, should be based with m+keyboard.

>>514348994Looks better then the dogshit fist fighting mechanics

>>514349951I was kinda hoping the combat would be even slower.

>>514354741m&kb chads win yet again

>>514348994Animations look super stiff compared to Genji swinging his sword in OW or something.

>>514355348For what purpose these people cut their limbs and replace their nervous systems with fiber wire to have reflexes at inhuman levels.

Is it only katanas? I hate katanas

>>514348994So we'll be able to play GhostRunner in Cyberpunk?

>>514355925the deep dive from last year showed a sledgehammer as a usable weapons so there's at least that, I'd say the baseball bats are probably in too since we've seen NPCs with them

>>514355714I like slower more tactical gameplay in RPGs. It puts more emphasis on the systems.

>melee>guns>RPG you can only have two in a game and i am not sure about guns and RPG because it always translates to bullet sponges. these three things just don't work together, you either end up with useless melee or OP melee or a very easy game

>RPG>FPS I don't know why people don't criticize this more when it's historically and objectively terrible. Even shit like Skyrim lets you go into third person. >looks bad>animations are bad>bad FoV >first-person melee is always unsatisfying as fuck to look at

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>>514357748Because you're talking shit. Looking Glass Studio and that entire lineage made some of the most beloved games of all time and they're all FPS RPGs. But you wouldn't know that because of course the foremost example in your mind is fucking Skyrim.

>>514357748>historically>objectivelyyou don't know what these words mean, also>looks badyoure picky>animations are badyeah they arent the best but not unplayable >bad FoVobviously changeable

>>514358051Ultima games were better in third person. I don't know what to tell you but you're the one talking shit.

>>514358214>yeah they arent the best but not unplayable Shut the fuck up dude, don't even post. >bad FoV>obviously changeableYeah it's obviously not changeable to a level that's going to be satisfactory just like every single FPS made in the past 20 years.

>>514358217Deus Ex is a first person RPG/FPS hybrid. Your opinion is invalid.

>>514357748To be fair, Cyberpunk 2077 isn't much of an RPG to begin with.

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>>514348994Looks fine just turn up the difficulty.

>>514358719Deus Ex is crippled running in every regard but its writing.

Damn, that looks shit.First person is an awful choice.

This literally looks shittier than Kingdom Come combat.

>>514348994Don't care, still buying it:)

>>514348994 > fix it > based on this 10 second cliplooks fine? you anti-shill's really need to calm down, maybe provide some real criticism, instead of shitposting


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>>514359057>Deus Ex is crippled running in every regard but its

>>514348994Looks clunky as fuck then again most first-person melee looks clunky. Examples like Dishonored, Thief, Deus Ex, Mordhau, Skyrim, Dead Island but are all considered decent games for the most part and some are even jerked off here on Holla Forums. There are a few other games such as Condemned, Shadow Warrior and Ghost Runner which did first-person melee well.

>>514359821Great reply, summer sure is here.

>>514359763Brothers in arms. Fuck the haters!

>>514360023Having a kick button isn't the same as doing first person melee well

>>514348994Looks fucking atrocious with a controller.But I imagine it's fine with keyboard and mouse, and will probably be incredibly fun with enough skill points in Reflexes. We saw how fucking fast you can go in the 2018 trailer, now imagine that with a sword instead of a shotgun.

>>514348994It's fine, not much worse from shooting or driving, but I really hope they'll fix it all eventually. I know they're trying. The screenshot from I think a boss fight where you need to jump over a beam, so that's something at least.

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>>514348994>it's been 14 years and not a single dev has even got close to how tight the first person melee combat is in dark messiahabsolutely how

>>514360023zeno clash 2 was fuckin awesome

>>514348994So long as it's not worse than vtmb, I can enjoy it. I use that as like my absolute low bar for gameplay, which itself is pretty low granted but still. It would be nice to see something like dying light in every singleplayer game with melee combat, but it's not a killer for me. It looks like you can die in this game, so thats already a step up from the witcher 3.

>>514350071Hopefully. One of my favorite characters one the CP2020 tabletop system was a ninja, which can't use any cyberware as the price for a special skill that boost stealth and martial arts when assassinating someone. Being able to keep up with combat monster munchkin players cybered to the gills by grit and always having one more trick up the sleeve was fun as fuck.

>>514358358>Yeah it's obviously not changeable to a level that's going to be satisfactory just like every single FPS made in the past 20're assuming, take your meds

>>514355572What? You mean the sword jerking when it hits someone? I mean, sure, katanas your supposed to slice and not hack with, but it's much better than genji, which has zero reaction whatsoever when you hit someone.

>>514360023>GhostRunnerEverything I've seen about that game's combat comes down to "click to slash 1-hit-kill enemies", how is that considered good? It's Hotline Miami-tier.

>>514361232No he isn't. It's not possible for FPS games at 16:9 to feel fine FOV wise.

>>514361529Works on my machine™

>>514361787You just have garbage taste. the FPS genre is terrible.


>>514348994animation changes as you level up with weapon

>>514361927If garbage taste is what lets me actually enjoy games I'll take it, keep being a seething little bitch boy

Why does every single FPS melee combat manage to feel worse than Vermtintide? These hits have no satisfying feedback at fucking all

>>514348994>this is the game that has been shilled non stop for the last half decadeOh man MGSV 2.0 here we come

>>514362303An unapologetic pissbaby.

>Hold X to be immune to bulletsK

>>514361232It's a safe assumption and I dare you to prove undeniably otherwise or your lack of proof will be a silent admission to being a dumb faggot.

>>514350071You can't be completely without cybernetics, hence Keanu's character.I'm not sure specifically about the scenario in your question though. It may be possible, but I'd be very surprised to see a progression route outside of cybernetics. The player doesn't suffer from cyberpsychosis in this game for gameplay reasons, which used to be one of the trade-offs to getting augmented, so I'd be surprised if you didn't reach some sort of limit without cybernetics. I think they want you to go all out and experiment with them. They have hundreds of different types of implants and augments too for senses as well as body parts. I'd recommend trying to open up to the idea of using them. I would pair no cybernetics runs with pacifist runs in terms of being niche, irregular styles of play.


>>514362613>It's a safe assumptionin what way lol

>>514362865>no proofs Lol, you lose

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>>514349231dying light

>>514350457>trusting shilluphe is an autist

Here's your RPG options broThis shit wont even top New Vegas.

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>>514363415my fapgames from /aco/bros offer more choices than this.

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What are some games that actually do first person melee right though? The only ones that feel ok are ones like chiv and mord but they still feel off and theyre dedicated melee games

>>514363415>HATE NEWSPAPER


>>514363870Nothing. Because it still feels like you're floating on the ground while flailing away strafing like an idiot holding a camera. This is why Japs prefer to make combat games in third person.

I don't know why people are shocked, CDPR has never made a game with great combat.They've always made good games (good visuals/story/characters/atmosphere/sound design/music/side content/detail etc) but never once made a game where the combat/gear-upgrade progression was above 5/10

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>>514359763HOLY BASED

>>514348994Looks like shit.

>>514363870>What are some games that actually do first person melee right though?If you have the slighest bit of experience actually fighting melee combat in real life, any game with it will feel lackluster.

>>514363415>won't even top the best RPG of the last 10 yearsno shit

>>514356484>thinks this is an RPGIt will be a neat open world shooter with stats, don't be naive

>>514365310>implying the dumb shooting part isn't just there to distract you from how shit the rest of the game actually is, once you've pressed triangle to continue

No game will ever have more satisfying melee combat to me than this

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>>514366687man too bad this thing isn't on PC. was interested to see where the story is going, but I don't want to get an xcock 720 just to play it

>>514366859Maybe one day we'll get the PC port that we deserve

>>514363870there are nonethird person is a 100% necessary requirement for good melee combat, wether its more grounded and realistic or absolutely over the top and crazyin first person your fov is far too low, you only see what's in front of you which either limits possible encounters devs can design for the game or just makes it a mess, you have no idea of how your body is positioned and have barely any feeling for your movements and attacks since all you see are your arms and weapon

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It's probably will be OP.

Looks exactly like Dead Island melee.

It looks janky but then again what game has good first person sword combat?

>>514367871Kingdom Come, once you get the hang of it.


>>514368097>>514368328Looks too slow for a game with gunsI think the just need to make the animations a bit less jank, maybe increase the speed you run towards someone with block on a bit

>>514363415Journalists from the newest demo play said that there was a ton of dialogue options so I'd imagine it got revamped

>>514367871Dark Messiah

>>514367871Dark Messiah

>>514368536>I think the just need to make the animations a bit less jankYup, also give the weapons weight. I love the revolver we've seen in the Nomad intro in that it looks like it kicks, but it's still not heavy enough. I want to F E E L that swing of the katana impact on my enemies after I've teleported behind them.

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>>514368906>IS THAT A FEMALE?do you autists seriously do this for free?

>>514357748if they had the option to toggle cameras they couldn't make spaces and rooms as detailed as they can here, look at decorations and levels in mass effect, there's nothing there and rooms are hugeimagine trying to squeeze a third person camera into a smaller space

>>514368906I predict 80% of threads about this game upon release will be a horde of coomers relentlessly posting webms of ingame chicks.

>>514348994looks like much shittier version of shadow warrior 2 combat

Imagine how easy rape would be in the world of Cyberpunk

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Why everything sounds so based when you add CYBER.>cybersoy>cybercuck>cyberboomer

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>>514369461the Virgin cybercuck, the Chad Skin Bandits.

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>>514348994>normgroids actually think this looks good

>>514348994games have plateaued. not because of technological stagnation but because devs and studios are creatively bankrupt. there is no more originality or ingenuitythe gaming industry is full of the wrong people>pic very much related

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>>514348994It looks about the same as Deus Ex's melee combat, so I don't see the issue.

>>514348994have the Developers play Condemned 2

shit swordplay just like the witcher games. no surprises there.

>>514369972we should have progressed much more since then in terms of gameplay mechanics

>>514369219Only if they have in-engine titty jiggle.

>>514368876>>514368878what the fug

>>514370034But why? Condemned 2 sucked and pales in comparison to the first game.

>>514369963Replace 'politics' with shit and then it all makes sense.

>>514370087Deus Ex is still a great game to play to this day, so I still don't see the issue.

>>514370109Look closely at the braindance hoe, her tits jiggle when she walks away>>514368906

>>514369219its already habbening, you can check plebbit for a taste of whats to come

>>514370359>implement realistic tit jiggle>none of that for when you're in a fistfight/swordfightquality

>>514370359That's a highly choreographed/mocap set piece. The game doesn't render models like that 100% of the time.


>>514359763yfw consolefags are going to buy the 240p version and get cucked while pchads are pirating

hahhaha holy shit this looks bad

>>514370351the issue is that gaming has stagnated while it should be moving forward. do you want to play dues ex forevermore or do you want something new and exciting?

>>514348994Unless you are a paid cdpr actor you can't damage control this... looks like an indie small dev gameplay

>>514369185>if they had the option to toggle cameras they couldn't make spaces and rooms as detailed as they can hereThey won't be detailed anyway because they've already downgraded it twice for consoles. You're literally repeating drone denialist argumentative points, next you'll start in on "IT'S ONLY BETA" and shit.

Pretty bad ass webm you gotta admit ascape out the back slice up the the back up and hop in the lambo, skrt skrt

>>514371509compared to GTA, which is in itself a benchmark for open world games, this map looks like it has way more detail

>>514348994This is a Skyrim mod


>>514369185>if they had the option to toggle cameras they couldn't make spaces and rooms as detailed as they can here,This makes literally no sense. Mass Effect is plenty detailed too, more-so than many first person games.>imagine trying to squeeze a third person camera into a smaller spaceUncharted, TLOU, Assaassn's Creed, Zelda, Resident Evil, Ryse, Final Fantasy, TES. I can list games like this for days.

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>>514371657how is that of any benefit?i wanted to play a dystopian cyberpunk RPG, couldnt care less if it outrockstars GTA or not.fucking polack idiots

>>514371812tons of detail here

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>>514371812Most of those games don't have extensive interior zones, or if they do, they're huge. Small building interiors are better serviced by a first person camera.

>>514348994looks as dull as skyrim without mods

>>514371991Yes indeed. >>514372004The point was that a perspective changes almost nothing for environment design. First person games actually encourage laziness since the perspective is smaller.

>>514348994Looks like you're hitting a solid block

>>514371812Adding a detailed player model takes 20-30% processing power away from everything else away from everything else.

>>514372178why do people have such a problem with fp cameras

>>514348994Seems better than DXHR

>>514348994trying to block bullets with a katana looks retarded

>>514372334>consolefags actually believe thisThe best looking games are third person.>>514372420The FOV is so small and don't offer a sense of presence in the world to most people since you're a pair of floating hands, or a floating gun.

Gimme your playthroughs with each backstoryNomad>Max engineering>Max nerve>Max shotguns>Mix of restCorporate>Max hacking>Max assassination>Max sniper rifles>Max katanaStreet Kid>probably not going to play because it sounds cringe

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IGN "best cyberpunk game ever made" 10/10

>>514372583Getting shot at while barely taking any damage at all also looks retarded.

>>514372682Don't current year shooters have more elaborate skill-trees than this sorry ass of an rpg?

>>514372620won't they have an FOV slider?also i remember somebody making a point that cyberpunk games with a first person camera make things more personal, yknow get you immersed


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>>514372989Name one

>>514348994how is this any better than like, shadow warrior (the 1996 one)

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>>514372997You can't get a good enough view of the world in first person because 16:9 is the limiter. Anything over 90 or whatever will start o fisheye.>also i remember somebody making a point that cyberpunk games with a first person camera make things more personal, yknow get you immersedThose people are retarded frankly. In real life our fov is like 140 or something and you aren't a floating gun. You have insane presence of where you are and what your body is doing. In FPS games you have no idea, most FPS games don't even give you a budy, you're just a floating gun.


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>>514372431DXHR had literally no melee combat

>>514373138to be fair, nothing is really going to be better then Shadow Warrior

>>514374165id say borderlands is actually simpler because you just need to level up to acquire more skillsin cyberpunk you actually have attributes that govern how high your skills can be

>>514372682>>514372989already confirmed they reworked the skill tree, please stop being purposely retarded

>>514372178why would a first person pov encourage lazy design? just because you can only see so much at once doesnt mean you cant turn your headfirst person is much better for seeing the finer details of things like decorations on a wallpushing my character against a wall in order to force the camera into a closer perspective to make out details is one of the worst things about third person


>>514375156There's attributes in Borderlands, at least the last one I played.

>>514375548Because your don't have to worry as much about composition.>pushing my character against a wall in order to force the camera into a closer perspective to make out details is one of the worst things about third personOpposed to not seeing your character at all?

>>514375737If you go to the thread archive the OP links to resetera where they talk about the points the journalists who got to play the most recent demo made, one of them being that the skill tree was like "a spiderweb" being much bigger than the footage we saw back in 2019.

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>>514375742Which one was that?What attributes are you talking about?I'm fairly certain you're mistaken, unless you consider things like health and badass rank multipliers to be attributes.>>514375831Composition of what? If anything, details become more important in first person because the player can see them more clearly.I'd rather have a better view of the game world than the privilege of looking at my character's backside.

people are going to shit on me for this but I couldn't care less if cp2077's gameplay is good or not. I'm hoping it's going to be like VTMB situation where the actual focus is on its characters, atmosphere, and tone which makes up for having the worst combat in all of video games.

>>514363415wtf bro are those stat checks in an rpg wtff

If I can get a beam saber in this game, I'd be willing to ignore all my problems with this game

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>>514376174>Composition of what?The environments. There's a reason FPS games are generally linear and third person games are generally open. You have a frame of reference in third person games because you can actually see the world and have a relation to it since you're controlling a dude in it. FPS games will just have people lost a lot of times because you're looking at a big world through a small tube.> If anything, details become more important in first person because the player can see them more clearly.What you're saying doesn't apply to reality. I already gave you half a dozen examples showing that.

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>>514376379>atmosphere, and tonethey fucked these up too

>>514376379>characters, atmosphere, and tonedid you miss the last trailer?'oceans thirteen : socal dystopian sci-fi edition 'starring vin diesel and the rock

>>514377008mexicans and keanu reeves*

>>514348994what's the source?

>>514357446>thinking you wouldn’t die in 2/3 full stabs from a sword. OP melee is realistic.

>>514376593I'm pretty sure the whole point is the overwhelm the player with details and make them feel lost, like one actually would in a future city. CDPR has shown that they aren't lazy in designing either exteriors or interiors, so I don't think it will be an issue.You gave examples to show that third person cameras can be squeezed into small environments, but most of your examples don't even feature small interior environments, or in the case of TES, you can just play them in first person, and many do, because third person cameras become clunky in small corridors.

>>514348994honestly it looks fine, reminds me of eye divine cybermancy with more movement options

>>514377302People like you are hopeless. It's like you go out of your way to stay ignorant.

>>514362423Oh so you’re saying MGSV is finally going to be admittedly good again.

Why do you faggots always turn these threads into shitting autism contests?

>>514363232First person or otherwise, Dying Light has some of the most satisfying hits in any game with melee combat

what a thrill

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>>514348994>1st FOV 75"2nd Add some weight

>>514348994it looks like a bethesda game

>>514378386i hate damage numbers and health bars like that over npcs, reminds me of mmos

>>514368906>Ugly pink haired lezbogo kys faggot

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>>514379069I hate to be that guy... but it is called CyberPUNK for a reason. That's punk. Lesbians & nufags co-opted the same style to be rebellious.

>>514379941No, CDPR specifically stated they were going to turn the punk up to 11 and not focus on the cyber aspect as much. Which is really convenient for them as they can pretty much make whatever they want and hide behind "punk"

>>514378968you can turn it off

>>514379941People like the CYBER part more than the punk part. Remember Watch Dogs 2? You don't think we would have also hyped up CYBER 2077? Bladerunner and GITS cops in flying cars are cool, not the pieces of garbage that get fragged in those worlds.

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>>514380537>CDPR specifically stated they were going to turn the punk up to 11you are full of shit

>>514382820Watch Dogs was utter trash and there was no punk at all.Shit example.

>>514383242Both have techy punks but Watch_Dogs was more cyber and Watch_Dogs 2 was far more punk. I don't know how well 2 sold but I've never seen a dedicated discussion for it.

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I can't believe how racist this game is. Taking Japanese culture and just appropriating it like that.These developers need to be cancelled for blatant racism.

>>514376529There's going to be a monomolecular wire, it looks like a laser whip. That's kind of like a beam saber

>>514382820>Bladerunner and GITS cops in flying cars are cool, not the pieces of garbage that get fragged in those worldsThis. Nobody vies to be the degenerate trash that is litteraly meant to be looked at with contempt by the readers/viewers of cyberpunk works, but of course that's not clowny enough for modern media.>>514383537>literally just antifa fags in the gameHow the fuck is ubisoft even still around? They sure as shit aren't making money from their games.

>>514383537it's actually a solid game but has flaws like anything elsethere's this negroid who basically infiltrates google, then after he escapes, gets killed by mexican gangs for no good reason and he's completely forgotten by the end after he's heralded for 15 minutes and the next mission begins. Aiden has a cameo but it's nothing too special, just lets you know he's still being batman. The tools and everything are fun to upgrade and mess with, and minigames like before. there's your discussion

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>>514383926Imagine watching GITS or whatever and thinking "man I wish I was that junkie" instead of wanting to be on Team Major. This is basically where CDPR and their apologists are at.>>514384140I actually liked the first one but the second was a clusterfuck that took everything I didn't like about the first game and stretched it out. I got it for free but barely played it. Basically Ubisoft looked at W_D and asked if people wanted more mohawk or more tenchcoat and they chose the former like a bunch of fags. user just mentioned Antifa and I can see these kinds of games being a part of some mass brainwashing campaign, alongside the minority representations. It's just sad that a Polish company is pushing this garbage now too especially after TW1 which was the polar opposite of politically correct.

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>>514360165More like zoomer is here. Shut the fuck retard.

>>514376016Some people say it's 6 years after the prologue, some say it's 6 months, it makes far more sense for the latter unless you start the game as a 16yo V and neither you nor Jackie change at all in 6 years.

>>514383230Why do you post about something you know nothing about?

>>514385251>More like zoomer is here. Shut the fuck retard.

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>>514348994List 10 games have good first person melee combat

>>514389169There isn't even one

>>514369461because you're not old enough to post here

>>514363415Looks good to me, what's your problem?



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>>514348994reminds me of the newer deus ex games desu


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>>514368906>im jacked the fuck in

>>514374178You press a button to knock out people in a cutscene.

>>514352931>gameplay might be ass in my VIDEO GAMES but as long as the story is above b grade schlock I'll buy itYou're the reason video games are shit now mate.

>>514348994I'm gonna be honest, I was the first one to mock it for looking way too much like GTAV, but now the we've finally been shown some night-time gameplay, I'm kinda cautiously interested in this game again.

>>514390862Gameplay doesn't look ass, though. It looks head and shoulders above the likes of Fallout 4, which makes it average at worst. It'll probably have the best melee combat in any story-focused, WRPG ever made, which might not seem like much when compared to something like MGR:R or DMC but that's not even a reasonable comparison in the first place.If I could tolerate 10 melee-focused playthroughs of Fallout: New Vegas over the past decade then I can tolerate this. You really don't need to get so angry over people liking something that you don't like, user.

>>514363352Nah, he's just Australian.

>>514390894same, it seems like an ok rpg to pirate

>>514363870Chiv, Mord, Dark Messiah, Shadow Warrior 1/2.>>514366996Wrong. Resident Evil 4/5, Evil Within and God of War 2016 all have extremely narrow FOVs and they work totally fine with only being able to see in front of you.

>>514391761There's a difference in first person FOV and third person FOV.

I was ready for weightless TF2-esq wacking but then he blocked into a dash into 2 strikes. Honestly it looks pretty good for this sort of thing.

>>514357748Skyrim is unplayable in third-person. In fact, all of Bethesda's game have godawful third person cameras. They're only in because it's part of the engine.

>>514392827And will still somehow be superior for it.

First person melee hasn't been good since Breakdown

>>514363232Zombies who don't fight back. Melee against the human enemies is bullshit. Its like saying Vermintide has good melee combat, it has satisfying hits and sound design to it but nothing does anything remotely to engage with you.

>>514393193>Its like saying Vermintide has good melee combat, it has satisfying hits and sound design to it but nothing does anything remotely to engage with you.He doesn't play Slayer

Attached: pleb.png (500x405, 97.14K)

>>514393193Anon you have an unrealistic expectation of how melee combat plays out, probably in any capacity. If you smash someone in the face with a pipe/axe/bat, yeah they aren’t going to put up much of a fight.And contrary to what you said zombies in DL very much will fight back if you get surrounded or fuck up and miss

>>514352218The ultimate consumer

>>514351875Still at least TW3 did get some semi in depth mods. Nothing like a bethesda game, but more than most games.If 2077 at least gets that it would be good, if it gets more then that'd be fantastic.

>>514390672Right, because they knew that attempting to make melee combat was a terrible idea

>>514394249Mods can't really improve FPS movie games.

>>514394347What are you on about? Adam Jensen literally has Blink Strikes and Arm Blades.

>>514357748>>bad FoVjust dont play on a piece of shit kek.Play on an ultrawide at whatver max FOV is. 105 FOV plus ultrawide on an FPS is great (what im currently playing several games at).

>>514394347Its because HR was made on the cheap and the best press they got pre-release was purposely leaking a sizeable part of the early game section of the game. In MD it was probably just carrying the mechanics over.

>>514394601post a screenshot

From the gameplay segments I've seen from NCW, the animations and enemy response to damage need a lot more work. It looks fairly stiff and the decapitation looked like a Lego head got popped off rather than a real beheading. The fistfight that gets memed around now looks pretty bad and is just the fistfighting from TW3 translated into first-person, which isn't a good sign. There's no real natural weight or reaction to your movements. The enemy AI is also braindead and doesn't do anything other than stand around and shoot or run towards you and shoot. And generally speaking about the gameplay, the gunplay also appears real weak because the sounds aren't intimidating, the bullets look like they hit like BB bullets and there's hardly any recoil. I really hope the build they showed to previewers is an old one because otherwise it's going to be along 4-5 months to fix this laundry list of problems.

>>514394578>Blink StrikesIf bumping into enemies is your definition of melee combat then ok, I guess that's one way to do it without having any actual melee mechanics>arm bladesWhich are only used in takedown cutscenes or as ranged weaponry, unless I'm missing something>>514394680There's almost no way to have FP melee combat without it being extremely janky, that's why they carried the mechanic over

>>514395091There won't be recoil because of cybernetic enhancements, hitting like BBs feels part for the course in an RPG. You can't have 3 different systems for reactions, for every type of hit, for when you face people much higher level, people around your level, and people far lower level than you.Like in Witcher 3 it just meant you could decapitate humans ridiculously easy but fighting people from the start to the end is identical in how they receive hits.

>>514348994Kinda reminds me of Shadow Warrior reboot.

>>514373346Literally just get a 21:9 and set FOV to max, you have like 115 at that point.Also human vision is more like 200 degrees plus

>>514348994>katana doesnt wobble to create an illusion that he is actually blocking bullets thats so fucking lazy

>>514395091Cyberpunk guns shouldn't sound like modern weapons anyway unless the goal is intimidation.

>>514395750>just get a new monitor for the worst genreno

>>514395750>ultrawideNo can do. I'm not a faggot.

>>514395967>gunpowder shouldn't sound like gunpowderanon...

Why the double standard

Attached: Deus Ex Genji uses his ultimate.webm (1280x720, 2.76M)

>>514349231Dragon's Dogma

>>514396531Better melee than Cyberpunk

>keeps sword in front of body and pointed at enemy>actually follows through with cutsKinda based actually.

>>514349231Based sensible user

>>514394689Currently phone posting, not at PC.You should be able to find some with an easy google though, i see people compare screenshots on occasion>>514396076>>514396335Ultrawides are great for literally everything though. You also get more FOV for your precious third person games too you realise? Plus more FOV for sims, more screen space for RTS etc.Even a $150 29" 2560x1080 75hz one is a pretty nice option (what i had for a while). Of course nothing like the 3440x1440 100hz monitors out and about, but they are a fair bit more costly.And thats before we get to how good they are for other stuff.Admittedly i thought it would be shit before i'd finally tried it for awhile. Not to say its for everyone, but I couldn't imagine going back to 16:9 now.

>>514396864That's stupid. Why would you keep the sword pointed at the enemy if you're gonna slash instead of stab?

>>514397609Because that's sword fighting 101 across multiple different cultures.

>>514363415>"press x not to die"the devs themselves sayed you can give 0 fucks to those guys

>>514391334The fucking melee combat is just 2 repetitive types of attacks with barely any hit feed back from enemies like Vermintide.How is this any better than Skyrim?

>>514398109Do you really expect those images to be honest? They're just more shitpost material to misinform anons and say the game is an unmitigated disaster, even though half of it isn't true.

>>514398319Except those dialog choices are garbage compared to what you usually get in CRPGs.

>>514348994Even Todd managed to get his shit together and fix awful gunplay. It's their 4th game already and it's still the most horrific combat in the history of videogames. How the fuck polacks do that, it's just amazing.

Attached: 1593234345899.png (250x250, 101.82K)

>>514348994>That predator jump from avp

>>514398536Witcher 3s dialogue was shit too

>>514398536wait, you can't make major choices when talking to a bouncer? 1/10 tlou 2 is better than this shit

>>514348994Camera and weapon must leave post. Player must "feel" both or cope.Not even a "light" or "hard" slash. No counter, parry, believable block.Screen shake, recoil. Etc.This can't be close to done. It doesn't match the hype.(I omitted tons of shit)

>>514348994Why is he flying in the beginning? Lol, they're not even putting any effort into this. His legs should be shattered after a fall like that.

>>514396635True shooting and driving in DD is top notch and let's not forgot that detailed world and quests rich in dialogue.

>>514400981He specifically talked about melee combat and open world games. Dragon's Dogma did it.

>>514400082his legs are OK

>>514396635Dragon's Dogma is graphically garbage. The world is fucking tiny and it has some of the worst interiors of any RPG. I love the game but it's a very bad example.

>>514348994looks like dark messiah but without the kicks

>>514378968most of the UI elements are from cybernetic implants you buy in game, so you can just chose to not buy them

>>514401289Do you have issues with reading comprehension or are you just trolling?

>>514401374>his legs are OKThat's the issue. If you jumped off a building, you would be lucky to be alive and definitely wouldn't be running full tilt a second after.

>>514398867post better fpp sword combat

>>514348994Scrap the game, start from 0. Behead the americans, no mercy.

>>514401696you can upgrade your robolegs to reduce fall damage

>>514396531/v/ is a bunch of kids

>>514348994did he cut em up? Quality's too shitty

>>514369461this guy will be really hard to beat. if only he had a weak spot

>>514369461What's the level of tech in Cyberpunk's world? Is there AI? Can brains be cloned? Immortality? Space travel?

>>514402559There is apparently uncontrolled rogue AI that you can side with or against later in the game

>>514369963The medium isnt going to die like it should. Instead these workers will give up time for their beliefs. They'll work 15 hours a day just so they can be part of a woke game. It's actually rather ingenious, bringing in politics to the workplace will get you fanatical workers. Great business strategy.

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 139.36K)

>>514401696>he hasn't killed his mentor

Attached: no jians allowed eye.jpg (980x766, 121.88K)

>>514403064Oh you're not going to animate my tranny sex scene dialogue option? What're you canceled? I'll answer that yes you are, byee industry.

>>514396531god that sword is so much fun to use, but Christ all mighty does it trivialize the game

>>514348994All first person melee is shit though, Vermintide was the closes thing I've played to being decent and even that is shit. Also, Dark Messiah's melee is garbage too, so don't come at me with that crap.

Attached: NoDude.png (800x778, 337.97K)

>>514372682I'll do Corpo first and basically turn myself into non-Deviant Connor from Detroit. I don't know what I'll do with the others

>>514348994Sword just looks like its placed to high

>>514402792Holy shit I hope so. I wanna go corpo so I can shit on faggots as a high tech ninja but corpo is also gay.

Melee in this genre is always so retarded. It looks retarded and it's going to feel retarded. Surely there's something they can do to make it more interesting than running up to someone and clicking.

>>514404697>running up to someone and clickingThis is 99% of melee combat in all games. You could argue that's 100% of shooting in all games. I get what you mean though. It would be cool it if they spiced it up by taking influence from Dark Messiah or Metal Gear Rising.

>>514348994Use amateur techniques with wide swings, and then slowly fine tune those moves to become refined and controlled swings as the player ranks up the Katana.

>>514404697Having targeted damage and effects makes it better. It's the one thing that can be done better in the first person. Hitting the head fucks up their head, hitting the torso fucks up the torso ect. Vermintide and Left for Dead 2 did this and it's pretty satisfying.

>> to 11:53

>>514404954Shooting is much more interesting though. You have to consider your ammunition count, cover, and sometimes shit like bullet drop. Melee in most games is just meh unless it's dedicated to it. I don't feel like it really fits in this setting, either. 52 years from now people are going to use their cybernetic augmentations to charge at people with a katana? Kinda cringe desu.

>>514405131Name 1(one) game that does this.

>>514405585I cannot

>>514405131I agree, making the animations satisfying is one of the biggest factors in making first person melee good.

Left 4 Dead probably has the best FPS melee combat and it's barely any better than

>>514405827>He hasn't played Gothic 2Fake gamer

>>514348994I'm guessing a lot of the problem has to do with people not really skilling melee in games with guns, and 4 hours of time is not enough to get anywhere except the basics. There could easily be more combos or styles available later as you level.

>>514405501>Kinda cringe desuTake it back

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>>514406276I didn't want to experience autism...

>>514405501Extremely unbased

>>514383537>watch dogs 2>forced to play as some no name nigger for social justice points instead of based white hacker with the hood and electronic face that popped up smileys>literally killed the franchise because ORANGE MAN BAD political propaganda to go along with worthless nigger protagonistSuch wasted potential.

>>514401374Damn right they are.

Attached: 1592565965932.jpg (1076x720, 235.85K)

>>514396531Deus Ex is like 20 years ago, why would it be a double standard to have higher expectations for new gen?

>>514407243are you retarded watch dogs 2 came out before trump was elected

>>514407419Is this Warhammer? Which game?

>>514355925Katanas, mantis arm blades, nanowire whips, bats, and sledges are the ones showed so far.

>>514408464Precisely. It came out during the year of the vote, and they tried to influence it by making the main villain a caricature of trump.

>>514409039I dont see how this guy was at all supposed to be a trump caricature - if anything he's a mark zuckerberg type parody. do you honestly think that the game was written in the time between trump becoming the nominee and the game's release?

Attached: DusanNemec.jpg (1679x2160, 727.1K)

From where's all the new footage coming from?

Attached: 1482198988803.jpg (400x431, 48.58K)

>>514409425I'm talking about mark thruss you faggot.

>>514409630he's not the main villain, he's around for like 3 missions

i think the game looks fun, im excited to play through it :) hope the dlc is as good as the witcher 3 stuff!

>>514409891Doesn't matter.The point is that the pozzed devs tried to influence public opinion by making the game propaganda for left wing faggotry.

>>514348994don't handle it like a retard for starters.

>>514409457One of the journo outfoots (I think gamespot) got a clip of swordplay, everyone else got the standard B roll they gave away to guys like Geoff Keighley

>>514409973please refer to >>514409039 if it doesn't matter that it's not the main character>making the main villain a caricature of trump.???? god i hate you fucking fags

>>514363415[GLASS HIM]

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>>514380537making shit up? don't.

>>514396531It's faster gameplay.

>>514409039what? the main villain was some hipster tech guy

>>514407243>literally killed the franchiseexcept they're making a new one

>>514407243>>514409039election newfags aren't real guys, Holla Forums is so cool haha what are you a nigger?

>>514406603>>514407002I'm not taking it back, and it's not unbased in the slightest. Katanas are the reddit weapon of choice.

>>514348994This game is too fucking big for it's own good. It's gonna be an ok game with some shitty gameplay but zoomers will call it the second coming of Jesus. Fuck this earth.

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>>514413630Doomers BTFO. kys

>>514356484It's fucking Cyberpunk, bro. If you want slow the go play Shadowrun/Underrail or something else turn-based, street samurai being slow as molasses in real-time action gameplay is immersion-breaking as hell.

>>514348994Steal gameplay from Dishonored or Dark Messiah. As-is it somehow looks clunkier than E.Y.E.

>>514348994>katanaCan they be more uninspired?

Attached: side sword.jpg (1672x1456, 738.98K)

>>514372682Nomad>shootbangCorporate>shootbangStreet Kid>shootbang and occasionally katanaI love RPG games!

>>514349231Based... When you have 100s of types of systems in a game you cannot have each of them as detailed as a specific game that only focuses on sword play or gun play etc.

>>514373016shitty cliping of models with terrain.

>>514363415>Play game by Witcher 3 Devs>Be surprised game has similar dialogue to Witcher 3Did Holla Forums just completely go retarded over this game and forget it was being made by a developer they hate or what?

>>514372682What backstory? You're V, the BADASS Merc with a mouth regardless of what you play. Go fuck yourself shill.>>514403597Fuck off shill.>>514421893Based!

>>514348994Is this honestly from cyberpunk? It looks like a steam game from 2009

>>514348994Shouldve been 3rd person

>>514348994This and elden ring are the only games I'm looking forward to.


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>>514400981The point he was making is that if you break down a open world game and compare it's combat to a game that's all about that(say comparing New Vegas gunplay to Destiny's) then no shit it'll look worse. Dragon's Dogma has great combat but the rest of the game is pretty lacking, if you don't like the combat that much it has nothing else to offer you.


>>514363415Oh no no no no no no...

Attached: 1593252218227.jpg (893x263, 59.85K)

>>514424585Wassa matta zipperhead? I insult wan of your peepol? It must got you rearry upset, huh?

>>514348994What no one here realizes is that Gamestar, a german gaming website, is responsible for that video and desu Gamestar is fucking trash. Most of the good reviewers left GS around 2012-2013 and since then there reviews took a fucking dive in quality, not to mention that i very rarely saw good gameplay videos on GS.

>>514363614recommend some

I'm proud of you guys, keep it up. We can and will make this game a flop and shoe those trannies at CDPR not to fuck with gamers.