Why does FFXIV have such a high concentration of cute yandere girls who want to kill me

Why does FFXIV have such a high concentration of cute yandere girls who want to kill me

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>>514345791Because representation is important and half the girls that play this game are fucking psychos.

i want garuda to sit on my face

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>Nael>Yotsuyu>Garuda>Lakshmi>Suzaku>Livia>Igeyorhm There really is an overabundance of yandere antagonists

>>514346117have sex

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>>514346117Kek, good joke user.>>514348945This post is extremely low quality.

Just started up the game, which datacenter do I roll on

because fearboner is best boner

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>>514349391Can recommend Primal, avoid Crystal unless you're a degenerate.

>>514349391primal DC so i can give u presents

>>514347460don't forget best girl Fordola! Hopefully she is a major part of 6.0.

>>514349391go on Primal, start in Ultros or Excal because they're the best servers. Best DC for a range of stuff, including best for hunts, farms, and extreme raiding (can't speak for savage raiding)

>>514349656>>514350059>>514350308sounds good, primal it is then



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>here's your caster armor brothis game is shit

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>>514352619>he doesn't want to be a magical bellgo play with swords then, homo

>>514352619whats it from lol ive never seen it

>Really like Shiva-Ryne's design in a non-sexual kind of way because it's the sort of peaceful yet unnerving look perfect for antagonistic light aligned enemies.>Half my static just assumes it's a cover anyway.I hope we get more designs like it but not to the point they're overused. Storge, Forgiven Obscenity, and even Ultima was great.

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>>514352905that's from one of the ivalice raids. all the non-magic glam from it is pretty good, especially the tank and aiming sets.

how do I gear my crafters at level 50? Just push through and wait to buy MB shit at level 52?

>>514354087It's FInal Fantasy. Buy your gear from the vendor

Will you buy her mog station minion?

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>>514352905Tactics' Arithmetician job.

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>>514354087Grand company gear

>>514347460>>514350059>>514345791I'm not sure Yandere is used correctly hereYandere does not mean just murderous, but murderous in a jealous way that wants either exclusive access to your dick or if that isnt possible annihilate it entirelyFordola and Nael and Yotsuyu etc. just want you dead MAYBE Suzaku is yandere but she seemed more confused with sadness instead of jealous rage

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>>514355392fordola def wants arenvald's dick, nael wanted to annihilate all dicks, and livia def wanted gaius' dick to the point she was jealous of nero and cid

>>514349391aether: raidfaggotryprimal: regular faggotrycrystal: rpfaggotrycrystal has the highest active population at the moment

>>514355392anime rots your brain

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Post your toon Holla ForumsYou grinding out any new glams this week?

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>>514355392Nael was yandere for her brother, to the point that she refused to accept his death by taking on his identity and killing anyone who knew he was dead.

Any big changes that I should wait for in the 5.3 patch if I'm looking to come back and haven't played since 5.0?

>>514357371New Eureka-esque mode will be released sometime during 5.3, new beast tribe, new Nier raid, apparently a ton more story than usual. If you haven't played since 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 have a lot of fun in store in the form of the new relic weapons, treasure maps, best tribes, and some of the most fun trials in the game.


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>>514357371revamp of arr zones for flying and they changed the 2.x quests to streamline them so good time to level an alt when it comes out

should I resub for 5.3 or just wait for 6.0

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>>514359714>wanting to go back at allJust resub now. Pathetic.

>>514357371Not really, the .3 story finale so expect a trial equivalent to Nidhogg/Tsukiyomi. We're getting a 24 man, probably some new beast tribe shit, and maybe the new eureka esque grind area. Next raid tier is 5.4 and the ultimate is 5.5 so still months away.

What server do I choose, guys?




>>514360227>>514360337>>514360352This isn't helping.

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>>514346278Good choice but for me its Scathach

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>>514354087Diadem. You can do restoration collectables starting at 20, and each gives about a level on average. I made 24 collectables with each class and each went up by 20, which took about an hour of gathering.

>>514350308Just avoid famfrit, lamia or exodus, t-b-h

>>514360014Excalibur if you're not a cringy retard.

Not being able to dye Alliance Raid armor is so gay.

>>514364132If they just make it dyeable right away then what will they use for dungeon gear next expansion?


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>>514364278They still don't have a dyable filibuster's set, despite the reprint in the burn. Still mad to this day.

>>514356851Just started the demo since I want to try before I spend 20bux

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>>514366403>Thighlandergood choice user

>>514366403AhemMhiggerThat is all

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>>514345791That character is not yandere, nor are any of the other characters who wanted to kill you. It really bothers me when such terms are misused.

>>514368606Nael is absolutely yandere. Not for WoL, but for her brother.

>>514367142cute lizard

>>514358461Dont listen to this fag, 5.3 is going to be barebones as fuck, just like every odd patch, the content that is going to be worth a shit is the eureka-like zone for the relics, but that thing will come 2 months AFTER 5.3 drops, don't resub till then or else you will regret it.

I just unlocked pitch perfect with Bard, and it seems like a crapshoot getting 3 stacks. Should I always wait for 3 stacks or shoot at 2?

>>514349391Aether is aight

I'm confused.If 5.3 concludes Shadowbringer's story, then do the patches afterwards set up the events for the next expansion?Or is the next expansion coming after 5.3?

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>>514366403Good taste user, highlander girls are the best

>>514372758Yeah, .4 and .5 set up the next expansion (though .4 may have a self contained story, ala the Warriors of Darkness plotline in HW which only was relevant to SB in that explains how Ilberd got Nidhogg's eyes).

>>5143727585.4 and 5.5 are the early setup for the next expansion. I believe we normally get a teaser trailer for the next expansion sometime between .4 and .5 but i may be wrong.

>>514360014It doesn't matter, only the DC.Crystal if you want casual RP faggotry.Aether if you want spergy raid faggotry.Primal if you want unaspected faggotry.Crystal is pretty chill and it's very active right now especially since it hosts Balmung which is the largest and most active world.

>>514373210I wonder if they are gonna announce 6.0 when the NA fanfest was supposed to happen digitally or if they'll push the announcement back to the second fanfest.

>>514372770look at this dudelook at the top of his head lmaoooooooo

>>514373318I'd like to think they'd keep with tradition and show it there, but 5.3 might not be the only thing that's delayed. If 6.0 is getting slowed down too everything might get pushed back.

>>514372443wait for 3. also you get stacks much faster starting at lv 68

>>514372443If WM is about to run out then shoot at 2, but you should always be aiming for 3 stacks. Especially since, if you have both DoTs running, you should have above a 50% chance of getting a stack every 3 seconds.

>>514355134They should add the Arithmetician class FIRST and the armor later


There should be more game over cutscenes like they did with bismark and sof. I want one where a female primal do some mindbreak kinky shit fade to black.

I really don't want to leave Ryne after next ShB ends, guys.

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>>514356851What fucking godawful mod is this?


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>>514356851Degenerates like you give Miqos a bad name

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>>514352619I like the set. It's not exactly badass, but it's different and I like it

>>514375841Fuck me, you're probably right. I've never seen that shirt before though.>>514376241based as fuck

>>514376464It miiiight be the miqote hempen shirt but dyed?

>>514366403This is what I'm thinking so far.

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>>514376565it's the m*le verison of southern seas

what race/job combo screams "I'm shit and I'm going to make this run shitter/longer than it needs to be"

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>>514376978male miqote anything

>>514376978male miqote/literally anything

>>514376978male character or femroe anything

>>514376978Race/gender is never an indication of a player's quality.Glamour almost always is. Vast majority of slutglams are awful players. Vast majority of "wacky" glamours are great players.

>>514378275Whatever make you happier pig suit

>>514378740Nah, I wear serious stuff, usually lore appropriate. I'd consider myself above average, but the people in the chocobo hats always put me to shame.

>>514378275There was a huge memelord in my fc who always had goofy outfits and apparently was a hardcore savage raider.Turns out he paid for all his clears and was actually kinda bad.

Can you shitters stay off of frontline please, you garbage heaps always run aimlessly and get overwhelmed just stick with the fucking group.

>>514377656>>514377695>>514378275You queue for expert roulette and see this is your tank. What do?

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>>514379336Wonder why the fuck I'm not tanking since I'm usually not stupid enough to let randoms do it

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>>514379336Instant leave, obviously. I can wait out the 30 minutes, requeue and I'll still finish before this guy. Plus I won't have to deal with whatever terrible macros he undoubtedly spams.

>>514376920Uhhhhhhhhh cute

>>514376241Cute cat. Do you have any cute crossplay outfits for him?

>>514376241The first cool male cat I have ever seen in terms of PC. Well done. The other one is NotDante from the Red mage quests(I did 2 of them so I forgot the dude's name)

>>514379631Turbofaggots are usually good at this game because they do nothing but play all day and have sex between their banking job. It's the woman and "woman" that ruin lobbies.

>>514376978Femcats are fucking wild cards man. They're either autistically good, or dogshit. No inbetween. From my expirience that is.

>>514376241what server?

>>514360014pick a preferred server for the juicy xp boost

>>514379336sigh and try not to fall asleep during single pack pulls

>>514378275It's like that in most games it seems. I felt like I was the only drg that actually wore not wacky or mismatched armored sets.

>>514356851She fights for your future!

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na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/special/2020/Theres_Golems_in_Those_Hills/?utm_source=lodestone&utm_medium=pc_banner&utm_campaign=na_theres_golems_in_those_hills>this is the best they can do during a content drought

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you guys don't bully sprouts, do you?

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>>514381393What really sucks is that the majority of people who missed this event the first time are the same people who aren't subbed right now due to the content drought.

>>514381581Shut up and wear this cute outfit and make me money

I've done it, now I can finally start playing the game.

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>>514381393>all they're doing is bringing back ancient events wholesale, no new items or changesFFXV crossover is probably coming back next.

>>514381581I wish I still had my cute sprout icon.

>>514382513>50 BLUCome on now.

>>514356851Just finished my gathering set, so I'm good for a bit. Still making my way through MSQ ...

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>>514352619This set is exclusively for chads, keep walking

>>514382675As a sproutfag, this pleases me. Tho i do understand how content droughts suckFucking Siege of Orgrimarr

is 5.3 dropping soon or something? I've been unsubbed for a while cause of money problems but I miss playing BLM and NIN...


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What the fuck do I meld onto my GNB 480 gear?

>>514383143idk materia???

>>514383143>meldingcrutch for players who aren't good enough to clear without it

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Kill all:>lizards>[email protected]>barafags>barafurfags>potatosEorzea is rightful Elezen clay. Hyur can stay.

>>514383071>never got her hairhaha

>>514383258You forgot giraffes, bunnies and boring middies. Highlanders are already included under barafags.

>>514345791Why are dragoons always the problem children of statics

>>514383258Eorzea is a fucking lalafell owned shithole and elezens smell, only the far east is goodt lizard

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>>514349528Penny deserves better than to rot in Pyros Eureka. And speaking of Eureka does anyone still do BA?>>514383240I just want to get rid of all this fucking materia the game dumps on me for just being willing to tank.

>>514345791bigger is better

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>>514383509Sell it or transmute into crafting materia.

>>514383631>transmuteShit I forgot that was a thing, thanks user.

>>514383071she looked cuter in ff11

How do I into healing bros? SCH is boring and WHM is a basic bitch but AST is pretty neat so far.

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>>514381393>DQX crossoverNEVERENDING RAGE everytime.

>>514376978If they have an edgy name or are named after an anime character, they're guaranteed to be a shitter

>>514383941I happen to think everything looked better in XI. It's cutscene animations put even 1.0 to shame. Can't believe SE has gotten so lazy.

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>>514383071So, why wasn't she able to return to her world like lightning?

>>514384073> Enter instance> Follow group> Do damage> Heal people as needed.> As AST, keep buffing your teamThere you go, healer.

Anyone else like this theme?youtu.be/jArtg0YdxRY

>>514384346Because they're gonna use her later when she takes us to Vana'diel after FFXIV goes to maintenance mode. Telling us the XI story in XIV

>>514384346Lightning was just temporarily in Hydaelyn for training. Iroha was sent/summoned there for a purpose that hasn't actually come up yet.

When will we most likely get another free login campaign?

>>514383484holy shit, IMAGINE the smell!

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>>514384073You go back to 2.0 when the game and healing was actually fun.

>>514384462yes, but Nael's is betteryoutube.com/watch?v=JXEOBvuvkG0

>>514384609Don't you ruin an actual good piece of art with your meme-parroting.

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>Want to cancel my sub because of squeenix donating to terrorist organizations>Don't because I like to play this stupid game with my friends

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>>514384462oh i've been looking for this version. this is just nael's theme without the opera singing but i really like both

>>514384732>No more out of combat aetherflow, full minute wait again>SCH butchered, AST warped hideously>Cleric Stance gone>AST card gimmick is gone in favor of straight up generic damage buffs>Aero 3 gone, Shadowflare gone, Bane gone, Virus gone Stop playing healers

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>>514385129>>AST card gimmick is gone in favor of straight upSprout AST player here. What were the cards like before?

>>514384856Why do corporations have to align with you?You paid for a good (the game), and they delivered.The association ends there.I had a friend cancel their Spotify subscription because they had a BLM banner on the home menu of the desktop app.Fucking retarded, I swear

>>514383484Do giraffe players really...?

>>514385309They had unique effects but because the game is too easy and the most effective thing is always free damage nobody used any other cards

>>514385129it fucking sucks, I miss when healers actually had fucking flavour to them, now they are all the same shade of dull, I get the purpose of streamlining, but why remove all the shit that players actually fucking liked? no one wanted Aero III or Bane to be removed

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>>514349528I know the succubus, Scathach, and CoD but who are the other 2?

>>514384532>>514384574I'd love an XI themed expansion but man, it's such a big game in itself how would they ever pull it off? Where would they set it? What part of the story?

>>514385309Ast before: Balance and not balance to extend or spread balance

>>514385690vana'diel is one of the shards and we're going to visit it in 6.0

>>514385690ToAU, Adoulin, or CoP would work well enough.

>>514385309>Bole: Damage Resistance>Balance: Damage Boost>Arrow: Cast-speed and cd reduction>Spear: Increased Crit CHance>Spire: TP Gain>Ewer: MP Gain>I will never Enhanced Arrow a max Grease Lightning'd monk ever again and watch him go nuts

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>>514385309all the cards did different things>Bole = 10% damage reduction >Arrow = Haste >Balance = 10% damage boost >Spear = 10% crit boost (was a cooldown reducer in HW)>Ewer = MP refresh>Spire = TP refresh (back when TP was a thing)you also had Spread (holds a card you draw) and Royal Road, where certain cards would buff your current card to either extend the timer, buff the effect or make it AoE at the cost of effectiveness, it was fun, but now all cards are just Balance, Celestial Opposition would also increase the duration of cards/hots

>>514385542Brown one is the bikini moth boss from Eureka. Not sure about the imp looking one.

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>>514385886>get enhanced arrow right when I popped riddle of fire one time in SBThat shit was great

>>514385886>tfw play 2.2k SkS SAM>get enhanced Arrowfuck bros, that was way too much fun, you went so damn fast

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>>514385886There was honestly nothing better than getting an enhanced arrow while in my ley lines.

>>514385309Before it used to be>The Balance - flat damage up>The Spire - TP regen up (useless in most scenarios)>The Ewer - MP regen up (too dinky, AST usually took it to offset their sheer MP consumption)>The Bole - Defense up (would go to tank and nobody else outside of emergencies)>The Spear - Crit-rate up (goes to either the dragoon or the bard, failing that whichever DPS is doing best)>The Arrow - cast/skill-speed up (went to Samurai, Ninja, Monk, Black Mage, or the AST)More often than not the card you drew was not useful and you were fishing for a Balance to turn into an AoE buff. Or, if you were assisting a parse-whore, fishing for a Balance to extend or enhance to pad out a parse.

>>514385542>>514386036The one from Void Ark.

>>514385542>he never did void ark

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>>514385690>it's such a big game in itself how would they ever pull it off?Something has gone wrong in Iroha's homeworld. Her "master" aka the player has vanished. Without them, Vana'diel is lost. She asks the Scions and WoL to help her.

>>514385542jeebus u guys have shit memoryECHIDNAthe boss chick with her ass all up in the air

>>514385886>>514385943What the fuck? That sounds fucking awesome. Did people find it too hard?

>>514386616more like half the cards were useless to a competent group.

>>514353498Don't worry user, I know how you feel, her design is great in a non-sexual way and pretty much perfect for the context of the fight, it's pure kino. However, I also want to fuck Shiva-Ryne with the force of a thousand suns and impregnate her over and over again.

>>514386616people were only using Balance. and it was possible to go on a long run of having no useful cards several draws in a row. draw had a much longer cooldown as well

>>514386616Every card but balance was a meme.

>>514386616That kind of class design doesn't fit a controlled game like XIV, you spent most of your time fishing for 1 card and that was your gameplay experience.

>>514386705Yep, you'd end up either fishing for a couple of specific set ups and hating yourself when you got bad draws.

>>514386616I wouldn't be surprised if it was because people only ever fished for AoE balance. I used enhanced arrow and balance more myself. Loved getting BLMs in my party, would always try and help them maximize their damage by tossing them those and shielding them if an AoE was coming up so they don't have to stop.

>>514386705>>514386896t. shitter retardsArrow, balance, and spear were all good. Bole was situationally useful, Ewer was god tier in prog, and spire while shit would have been good if they'd just made it increase direct hit rate. Literally nobody who actually played AST "just fished for balance" except in the most hardcore of parse runs where you'd jump off a cliff if the warrior didn't crit his fell cleaves.>>514386837> and it was possible to go on a long run of having no useful cards several draws in a rowIt was just as possible to have a bad streak as it is now.

>>514386465Iroha exists in a future Vana'diel getting absolutely raped by the Emptiness outside of Reiseijima Temple, they really don't have to do much with her if they send the WoL to Vana'diel. And her master aka the player is dead in her timeline which is why she comes back to save you and prevent that from happening.

>>514386616Balance was really the only card you wanted since all of the other ones weren't necessary for good players.It lead to AST players just fishing for the Balance every single time for speedruns and parse clears. I liked the variety but all of the tranny raiders only wanted balance so the devs gave them what they wanted: every card is balance.It's sort of a sad situation where the devs gave the players EXACTLY what they wanted and fixed a big issue that they all complained about but ended up removing a lot of the fun from the job.Basically: don't listen to trannies or else you get AST

>>514386616>Bole, Ewer, and Spire were all useless, latter two only good for RR effects.>Arrow was actually detrimental to jobs that rely on low SpS/SkS, like SMN>Spear was better on DoT jobs like BRD than on anyone else>All the cards were suboptimal compared to balance, because the balance is just a blanket damage increase that's not situational and not subject to RNGThey should've reworked the effects and just focused it around pseudo-RNG where you had to draw all 6 cards before you could get another copy of each, so you could count cards and pull off crazy shit. Instead they went the easy route and just made the cards all the same shit, but you still get fucked by RNG in your opener if you can't get 3 seals before the 6th GCD.

>>514387150>It lead to AST players just fishing for the Balance every single time for speedruns and parse clearsAnd now they literally do the same thing. parse runs are ALWAYS going to be fishing for good RNG and running into the death wall if you don't get it.>It's sort of a sad situation where the devs gave the players EXACTLY what they wanted Excpet they didn't, literally every single good AST player hates the new cards and wants the old system back with no exceptions.

>>514387271You really believe that, huh?

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>>514387409Yes I do, because I'm not a newfaggot who started in 4.5.

>>514346278I want to seed Sophia

>>514386705>>514386837>>514386871>>514386886>>514386979>>514387150Sounds kinda shitty that they just threw out the baby with the bathwater and called it a day. They could have tweaked the effects.like >>514387189says

>>514387271Aren't Parse runs now just throwing an AST, Dancer, and Paladin on a player so that they shit out damage and can ignore mechanics?

>>514387409Go watch any run with an AST that isn't a parse run video, they will not throw away an arrow or spear unless they already have a balance stored and no RR.

>>514346117pretty based

>>514345791Meh, she was sexier in her first form.

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>>514353498Watching that gif gave me anxiety

>>514387521It's basically balance having pure % damage increase that was the problem. Why the fuck SE thought that was balanced with the other cards is laughable at best.

>>514387524>>514387271Cards increase the parse of the AST, not the player receiving the card. This new system isn't perfect but it's a lot better than the previous one. All of the old effects were cool but XIV isn't a wide open game where you can have vastly differing buffs that effect the game in such a manner.

>>514387130a bad streak now is 2%. was a lot more potency lost back then. and at absolute worst you're shooting 1/2, instead of 1/6. and you get 3 redraws

>>514387524No because rankings are based on rDPS now, having a dancer tether you actually slightly lowers your parse because the crit buff's rDPS calculation is a bit fucked. The PLD thing is just a strat you use in E6S where the paladin covers a melee for the first garuda arena split, pops all their cooldowns and just eats all the damage from the AOE, cleave, and orbs that hit the melee. It ends up giving both of them more uptime and it doesn't change anything else since the PLD doesn't need those cooldowns for a while anyway.Parse runs for an individual parse are done where everyone saves all their bursts so that the kill time lines up with coming right after whoever they're padding's burst window, and then making sure that person has full uptime. Speedkills are just everyone maximising the party's DPS in whatever way possible. Both involve wiping the run if you don't get good crit/DH RNG on the opener. EG, if you're parse running with a SAM, you wipe if they don't crit their midares in the opener.

>>514387805>It's basically balance having pure % damage increase that was the problem.>Why the fuck SE thought that was balanced>balancedheh

>>514354598I really like the desing but people may mistake me for a gay, so no.

>Falling for the Primal DC meme.

>>514383606Few primals have seemed as sexually repressed as her

>>514387892>Cards increase the parse of the AST, not the player receiving the card. This new system isn't perfect but it's a lot better than the previous oneThat's completely irrelevant, that system is separate from the new card system entirely.>All of the old effects were cool but XIV isn't a wide open game where you can have vastly differing buffs that effect the game in such a manner.All of the old effects were useful except spire, balance was more useful than the other damage cards but only slightly and spear was more desirable in many situations, spire would be good as well if they made it a big DH buff instead of useless. Every other card either increased DPS or could save runs in prog.

>>514387578arrow is useless for 95% of the jobs. You think giving an arrow to a monk in stormblood increased their dps?

>>514356851I would but they're all too lewd and send others into screaming apoplectic fits.

>>514387637That's right user all woman are beautiful

>>514387918Yes and bad streaks never happened often enough to matter, unless you were running some full retard comp where absolutely nobody wanted an arrow.

>>514387524That doesn't do anything because the only thing that's ranked is rDPS. Getting plastered with buffs can actually fuck your ranking because RNG-boosters like DNC's Devilment are counted as an "expected" blanket increase, and if you get unlucky with crit variation, you wind up with a lower rDPS. Which is why the person you're responding to is full of shit, the only way AST gets fucked now is if they exclusively get melee cards and their only melee is a DRG -- a job that no top-end speedrun parties are taking.The correct way to top the rankings is to just not be shit at the game and optimize your rotation. The only uptime strats for this tier are things that get the whole party by, not just one person (esp now that Cover is fucking useless).

>>514345791I love our cum queen

>>514345791It's to appeal to the tranny playerbase who all want to die

>>514388272>Which is why the person you're responding to is full of shit, thI'm not though, parse runs are still identical to how they were before. You still automatically wipe it up if the midare doesn't crit.

>>514356851I need more poofy dresses, mods or otherwise

Attached: Screenshot_174.jpg (1919x1079, 252.28K)

>>514388120>could save runs in prog.No one was ever saved by a Bole. Take off the rose-tinted glasses for a job you never touched before ShB.

>>514388750>No one was ever saved by a Bole.Sure, not by you, since you're a newfaggot who never touched AST or played it like shit.>Take off the rose-tinted glasses for a job you never touched before ShB.Fuck off and stop defending the further casualization of the game, you faggot Stormbabby.

>>514388169Why wouldn't it, Arrow made you substantially faster. More APM = higher DPS.

>>514345791>tfw no vo in the new trialsTENZIN

>>514388437Is this a meme I missed?

>>514376978Male Xaela as DRK or SAM makes me want to due

>>514388915is threw off cooldowns and increased TP use. you fool no one

>>514388915Not in a game as rigid as FFXIV. go ask any dps what happens when their skillspeed or spellspeed goes too fast. Clipping dots (like on drg/pld for example) and speeding your rotation up is a DPS loss. Especially if you want to stay in sync with raid buffs that were on a 60 second timer.

>>514388071>TENSEN PLEASE FUCK MY CLOACAWhat did she meant with that

Attached: __suzaku_final_fantasy_and_1_more_drawn_by_chii_pixiv20756878__a62dbcdf664c8e1d5cf7114f1264ebdb.jpg (1378x2039, 778.41K)

>>514388823It was a shit system that even in casual non parse groups made playing the job really stupid, you didn't play the cards you got and maximized their potential, you fished for one card and scrunched your face up when you didn't get it because you knew it was a waste.


>>514389116Monk here, it didn't do that at all and you're completely full of shit. The worst it did was make you throw in a filler GCD, but even then that would only happen if you'd gained a GCD from it, so it was free damage. It also increased the number of autoattacks you landed and monk autos in SB were fucking retardedly overpowered. It also lowered the amount of time you spent in fists of wind. Monk was the second best arrow target.

>>514389518That's wrong though, and only applies to shit AST players. Thanks for your input though, guy who never touched AST until it was casualized and ruined.

>>514388915Ask me how I know you parse grey.

>>514389452would you fuck a cloaca if the bird was in love with you and asked you to?

>>514389116That is a 0% concern for pretty much anyone that isn't delivering a group buff. Least of all Monk as >>514389551 mentions due to auto-attacks and Monk not adhering so rigidly to strict rotations (Tornado Kick RIP and good riddance).

>>514389665You are literally the only person that wants that old system back user, it's time to let it go.

>>514389452>TENZEN, TENZEN TIS I! SHEATHE YOUR SWORD INTO MY CLOACA I BEG OF YOUhot damn, how did they get away with that one?

Attached: 1545168503812.png (1200x1600, 414.91K)

>>514388969I wouldn't call it a meme, half of all trannies commit suicide

>>514390685>half of all trannies commit suicidegood riddance

>>514388823Name one time your group was saved by your drawing or ANY AST drawing a Bole.

>>514385491Because Yoshi-P is obsessed with endgame class percentages.

>>514376978>Get party full of female avatars>Might wipe once or twice fail most mechanics on bosses, DPS checks barely gets passed, 30+ min dungeons>Get party full of male avatars>every mechanic is done almost perfectly, simple trash mobs get shredded by how good the DPS is, not a single wipe, 20-15 min dungeon at mostI can't be the only one, right?

Attached: 585e67536745e.jpg (194x259, 5.31K)

>>514376978Catboys, any time I see a catboy tank in a dungeon run I know it's going to be a disaster. They also seem to be the loudest and most obnoxious macro spammers in PVP.

>>514392254You are. >Get party full of male avatars>Sasuke Gunbreaker can't tank for shit and loses aggro constantly>Fransisco Scholar looks like he hasn't cast any thing in 5 minutes>Derpgoon thinks its his job to pull more mobs for Sasuke to ignore

>>514345791This is what trannies think they look like.

>>514392537>SasukeThe amount of Uchihas I have seen is sickenig. Did itachi secretly all send them to Eorzea or something?

Attached: TA puke.gif (280x258, 1018.76K)

>>514391367>A9S>A11S>A12S>O9S>O11S>O12S>UCOBOff the top of my head. Git gud

>>514376978Opposite but>male roe playing mages and healers>best BLM I've ever seen>flawless buffs and healing, uses diurnal sect in the dungeon>wears a Vivi glamour for BLMSupport your roes in artifacts and job glamours, kids, they're rare enough as it is.

Attached: 1593219254072.png (1100x618, 163.65K)

>>514376978Any male character

>>514345791Because it's a game made by patricians for patricians.

Attached: wow begone.jpg (6444x1080, 1.92M)

>>514392537anyone with an anime name is firmly established to be a hopeless retard>Sasuke Uchiwa>Itachii Uchihah>Natsu Dregneel>Kirito Yuuki>Erza Scaarlet>Asunaa Yukii>Shinjii Ikarii>Asuka Soryuu>Rukia Kurosakistupid shit like that is everywhere and they are always shit


Attached: dumb xiv names.png (299x307, 135.05K)

>>514393167b-based primal bros???

>>514393226excalibur, actually

>>514393167>Oldfat Baldguythey better be a Roe or at the very least, a Highlander

>>514393167But I like "Hay Zeus".

>>514393167>GOD TIER: Lore-compliant Pun Names>HIGH TIER: Lore-compliant Names>MID TIER: Pun Names, ''Fantasy'' Names>LOW TIER: Non-Anime Character Names, Regular Names>SHIT TIER: Slut Names, ""Joke"" Names>ABYSSAL TIER: Animu Names

Attached: 1592601474566.png (1071x1440, 1.95M)

>>514393278my man


Attached: typicalSAM.jpg (888x625, 153.82K)

>>514393340he was a roe

Attached: oldfat.png (434x785, 462.51K)


Attached: 1589424336645.webm (480x360, 952.1K)

>>514393636> Staining Yoshimitsu's name with Uchiha

Attached: maxresdefault[3].jpg (1280x720, 137.96K)

>>514356851I kind of miss my dark skin blonde cat.

Attached: Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn 2019.01.08 - (1280x720, 2.91M)

>>514393636>kill count: 1

Attached: B3.png (147x133, 30.61K)

And the award for "armor that looked much cooler in cutscene than ingame" goes to....

Attached: m_oth_f.png (500x1000, 258.25K)

>>514376978Male cat or male lizard.

>>514394394The trick is to combine the Bale arms and legs with the Chaos chest, whatever pants, and the Abyss helmet.

Attached: 1564756559179.png (567x808, 1.19M)

>>514393459>>GOD TIER: Lore-compliant Pun Namesname 150,000 examples

>>514394394DRK's original AF gear literally can't be topped

Attached: 1558647685131.jpg (1920x1080, 594.41K)

>>514394673that looks gay as hell

>>514394675I saw a lalafell once with the name "Riiiiiicola Cola"

>>514394735You should suck my dick and see if I'm really gay or not.

>>514394394reminds me of my disappointment with ornstein's armor in dark souls

Attached: 1349906983286.jpg4.jpg (600x638, 141.29K)

>>514394751That's not lore compliant

>>514394675Hugh Mungus

>>514394730>DRK's original AF gear literally can't be toppedis that why no one wears it?

>>514394675>Hana Monthana>Omae Moshinda>Hidden Flagon

>>514394675A sea wolf roe named Fhqwhgads

>roulette into E6N>FTB>tell them not to stack circles>they stack the circles

Attached: 1592269590569.jpg (814x720, 109.95K)

>>514388969WoWfags got butthurt over their game going full pander mode and projected it onto XIV because XIV has cuter girls and therefore trannies would like it or something.

>>514394394It's because you're a middy.

>>514383143Crit on everything that lets youDH on everything that doesn't

>>514395070I run it a lot myself but with the Abyss helmet because the Abyss helmet just looks nicer.

there was a tacticool armort set that almost made me start playing the game, it had a berret if I remember correctly. Which one was it?

>>514395220I can only hope you bump into a "The Cheat" lalafell someday.

>>514394675A dark haired tan miqo'te male named C'arlos who constantly puns.

>>514396000Filibuster's, probably, but I'm not sure which one has a beret.

>>514385690>Go to different world because reasons. Ark Angels fuck up the 5.5 big bad and makes Vana'diel fucking explode to explain why we're only going to the cool places>Atomos gets fucking pissed and tries to vore the fragments of Vana'diel and by mistake Eorzea because Iroha is here so you have to go fix this before he eats everyone>Iroha joins up as main story NPC to tell us we fucked up>Grand Duchy of Jeuno becomes the main city hub. Has flying mounts and isn't seperated with loading zones between layers.>Aht Urhgan becomes script and tombstone turnin area. Imperial pieces become new fate currency. >Maps are Al'Taieu, Tu'Lia, Tavnazian Archipelago, Kazham, The Fauregandi Region, and Ruins of Alzadaal. Walk of Echos is the big twist because there's seven this time.>Sandoria, Bastok, And Windurst each become dungeons. Goblin city of Movalpolos is the filler dungeon. Promyvion is the finale dungeon because you die and go into your dead memories or something cool.>Trial bosses are endgame bosses from XI. Such as Shadow Lord, Lady Lilith, Divine Might, Promathia, >Salvage is reworked into being the new deep dungeon>New Colonization of Adoulin endgame area. It's Eureka 3.0>Eight player Dynamis versions of each dungeon are added as relic grind activities. They have strict hourglass time limits and unique effects can be toggled for increased rewards. Killing enemies in special ways adds more sand to the timer. Deaths take time away.Tldr just spitball shit it's a videogame with magic they can do whatever they want if they felt like it

Attached: Walk_of_Echoes.png (800x450, 635.27K)

>>514395538>join static into TEA>enumerations after wormhole>tell the healers to go left, tanks go right, and set up priority system for DPS>they stack the circles

Attached: 1541591574132.jpg (484x512, 82.68K)

>>514395748what a bunch of babies

>>514395748two dudes ERPing as catgirls are just trannies in the making. does anything really need to be said about /vg/?

>>514396000Sky pirates set has a few.

can you imagine a world without catgirls?

Attached: 1559355591477.jpg (708x540, 56.58K)

>>514395220Oh god how has this not happened yet? I really, really want this even if it's technically NOT lore-compliant.

>>514396458>in the makingUh, you mean already there?

SCH's fairy should have an option to tell her to prioritize using Embrace on Tanks.

>>514356851The south will rise again.

Attached: 2020-06-26 (3).png (1058x1010, 1.4M)

>>514396458choosing to ignore pure Holla Forums erping like mad cunts during easter and april fool's i see

>>5143731463.4 also happened to have one of the best story patches in that expansion (3.3 being the best but it almost doesn't count since it had 2 patches and a main expansion building it up.) Im really hoping they are able to pull some big shit off in the next 2 patches because so far the shit we have gotten has been awful.

>>514397042It wouldn't change anything, it's a 120-potency heal. At this point they may as well remove embrace entirely and make the tethering mechanic less of a hassle.

>>514397061Ishgard's in the north though you fucking Yankee

>>514397386Look at his skin, you fool, he's a D*skwight.

>>514396405>still doing tea>not having cleared in 2019 with at least 10 weaponskys

>>514356851I'm here to be smug.

Attached: 2020-05-15 13-49-02EG11 - 03 - Ambient.png (1920x1080, 2.08M)

>>514397061Nice Duskwight, I don't see many.

>>514397042>>514397042brosi wanna fuck a fairy

>>514397386How's this, then?

Attached: 2020-06-06 (11).png (1213x1005, 1.5M)

>>514397704replica genji when

>>514352619All caster armors have been rendered obsolete by the Dreadwyrm's Set existence, so.

>>514396753Because you'd have to have a last name. Personally I'd go with "Fhqwhgads Fgsfds"

>>514396753Better yet, I wonder why I haven't seen a dark knight with the UCOB title, mistbeard's mask, and Skofnung named "Giant Dad"

>>514397324it adds up in TEA, where multiple people aren't going to be at full health for extended periods of time while the tanks are taking autos.


Attached: 1566449625014.png (732x416, 356.75K)

>>514397042You mean like they did until 5.0 when they ruined scholar?

>>514376978Anyone who outs their WoWfugee status with a name that's basically "Nonsense Nounverb".

Attached: 134235352341.png (447x721, 348.83K)

>>514398068you're still able to place eos/selene into the boss's asshole so it heals the tank

Bros I can't do anything but tankI often try other roles but I'm always last DPS and I suck at healing big pullsI think I'm a legit crayon-eating smoothbrainWhat the fuck do I do now that I'm armed with this knowledge?

Attached: 1586539580882.jpg (640x657, 65.1K)


>>514397506Thanks, I've been seeing more of us lately but we need to bump those numbers up.

Attached: 2020-05-21 (15).png (1601x1017, 1.83M)

>>514398162>Nonsense NounverbIsn't that lore-friendly roegadyn name convention though?

>>514398303Keep tanking I guess? I don't know what you want besides attention with this post.

Remember when Embrace used to be 300 potency

>>514397794Hopefully never, I want it to be rare so I look more unique and snowflakey.

>>514398385Roegadyn naming convention is "Adjective Noun"

>>514398303>What the fuck do I do now that I'm armed with this knowledge?get better, the key to getting good at dps is nailing down the preferred opener, then everything else falls into place, they are all really straightforwardas for healing, just make sure you know how to use your toolkit to the fullest, healing big pulls will either be easy or hard, depending on whether the tank uses cooldowns properly

Attached: 1543384438179.png (469x387, 407.2K)


Attached: ffxiv_07032019_212643_018.png (1280x697, 1.3M)

>>514398503>fat businessman

SAM armor is pretty cool.

Attached: ffxiv_06262020_000752_179.jpg (1920x1080, 581.82K)

>>514397972Unlike Dark Souls getting that title is difficult. So they can't do it even as a joke because they're hopeless to beat it.

>>514398421Wouldn't be surprised if they just remove passive fairies entirely next expansion and make it like PvP at this point. Good thing I already quit.

>>514349391Aether if you want to use PF. Primal if you have friends that want to play with you. Crystal if you are gay or have gay friends that want to play gay with you.

>>514397061this is based. im tempted to steal your glam just to piss off fags on crystal

>>514349391na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/worldstatus/pick one that preferred

>>514396374I can't believe they haven't added Salvage to XIV yet. They could continually add in new maps until the end of time and people would fucking love it.

Still haven't picked professions, what's good for someone who is mainly gonna play marauder?


Why do I see so many malera that are either GNB or DRK?

>>514399265blacksmith makes most of your weapons. though you will end up leveling all of the crafters eventually

>bad at game>Friends with people who are good at game>Ask friend if he could play as my guy when they're doing reclears>Have all the titles and fancy mounts so people think I'm good at the gameWhere's your excuse

Attached: legend.png (430x241, 98.98K)


>>514399626So blacksmithing/mining then?

>>514355134>no male DRG armor>no female MNK armor>no male sam armor>no mime armor>instead we get vaan cosplay

Attached: 1560918508995.gif (175x200, 676.46K)

>>514399726>no male DRG armorI'm still fucking seething about it

Attached: Lancer.jpg (247x383, 21.77K)

>>514399712if you want. though gathering doesn't work the way it does in other games.for starters, a good amount of gatherable materials are sold at vendors. significanlty cheaper than it costs to teleport out to the nodes that have the items

>>514399712you shouldn't think of the crafters and gatherers as separate jobs, when you try to level just one of them it will soon become clear that you have to level them all simultaneously to get the materials you need

>>514397465Having weekly lockouts in ultimate at release is dumb.

>>514400064So it's not like WoW's professions where each crafting profession had a complementing gathering profession that each sustained each other then

>>514399265The short answer is you'll need them all. A level 80 Axe is made by a Blacksmith using intermediate materials sourced from Blacksmith, Carpenter, Goldsmith, and Alchemist. To gather said materials, you'll need both Miner and Botanist. If you want to make armor, every patch pulls from different crafters. This one, Armorer makes five out of six right side items and intermediates are made by Weavers, Leatherworkers, and Goldsmiths, Weaver makes your helmet I think and needs stuff from itself, Goldsmith, and Leatherworker. Your accessories come from Goldsmith and Carpenter, and, you guessed it, need other crafters to source their materials.That said, if you wanted to just fiddle around with crafting, starting with Blacksmith or Armorer is fine, you'll be able to make a lot of early game gear without branching out to other professions too much. There's merit in having specifically one crafter at 80, and that's because you can farm scrips and do custom deliveries every week, netting you a low but steady income from selling items purchased with them. But to actually make stuff you'll use, you want them all, because buying intermediate materials from the market board is more expensive than buying the finished product.

>>514399265Crafted gear sucks ass, only level Culinarian, Alchemist, Carpentry if you ever buy a house, and the gatherers unless you want to go full autism and make out like a bandit on day one crafted raid gear

>>514398247It still targets whoever has the lowest HP % in the party, which is often the retarded bard who didn't second wind at 50% instead of the tank about to take a buster at 51%

>>514400741pretty much. there is materials available at NPC vendors to get you to around level 25-30 on each craft but after that you have to rely on gathering your own materials, doing crafter beast tribes, leve quests, or ishgard restoration

>>514400741Nope. You want to make anything yourself at the high levels, you'll need every single crafting and gathering profession to gather the materials, make the ingredients, then put them all together into what you want. Armor will need leather/cloth along with steel plates and some oil, weapons will need lumber and metal and maybe some rope. You want that set of armor or top-tier weapon? Get everything to 80, and you'll have to do it all together.

>>514398763I don't remember if the XI event is still going or not, and everybody and their grandmother is wearing it, but try the Amatsu set. I use it with the mengu mask from SAM's 80 artifact.

Attached: 1579887129887.png (536x827, 798.36K)

>>514400794Nothing needs Culinarian or Fishing, thank god.

>>514376978hrothgar in 2B glamany male in 2B glam

>>514376978unironically male anything

Attached: 1583396798549.jpg (800x557, 67.14K)

>Holla Forums complains armor design is extremely female-oriented>men look better in all the setsIt's just like Monster Hunter where you cunts swore up and down females had the better armor designs by a landslide and they were about the same or worse. I can't believe what any of you wankers say.

Attached: 1583897303256.jpg (798x747, 45.68K)

>>514345791appeals to trannies

>>514401850It's just coomers attached to their catgirls.

>>514401929Welcome aboard, user.

Is it worth grinding for all the Dragonsung tools?

>>514401850>men look better in all the setsbut that's wrong

Attached: 1585969594031.png (367x473, 101.59K)

Guys I don't understand the class thingIf you roll a class can you play any class eventually? Or do you usually roll a new character if you want to play another class?

>>514402547You can play literally every class and profession on one character.

>>514401013Crafted gear is good for alt jobs since you can simply make a full set of crafted gear when a patch drops and be -20 item levels from the cap on everything. Only takes around four or so hours to gather enough materials to do so as well (Assuming ~100 materials of a single type per hour), and only a few dozen expert roulettes for the tomestone materials. It can also be upgraded to -10 item level gear once the 24 man patch drops on the same day with around a thousand basic tomestomes per job.The only time it's not useful is if you only play one or two jobs and source most of your equipment from raids or are diligent about getting your tomestone cap every week. Even then, it still makes a decent amount of gil for the first couple of weeks of release.>>514401585Yeah, this expansion, no non-culinarian needs fishing ingredients, Agedeep Aethersand not withstanding, and you can technically buy that for scrips if you don't need it in high quantities.

>>514402653So is there any reason to have alts, ever? Unless you want to play on a different datacenter?

>>514402547You can have every class on every character. Classes upgrade to jobs at 30 and is more or less mandatory. Strictly speaking you CAN continue to play a stock class but it is very much not advised. Any job past the base-game (Dark Knight, Astrologian, Machinist, etc.) also does not have a corresponding class, it is just the job.

>>514402547at level 10, you complete your starting class' quest.then you can take on any class you can if you go to that class' guild

>>514402547You can play any class on a single character. If you equip a weapon, you will automatically switch to that class if you have it unlocked and at the level you can equip the weapon. There's a feature in the character menu called gearsets that can make it easier to equip for multiple jobs.This is important, because as >>514400794said, if you want independence from the MB, the true endgame for crafting and gathering, you will need to level ALL crafters and gatherers. (Even fishers bring up stuff for goldsmith, alchemist, and culinarian to deal with.)

Attached: 1551210238457.png (595x388, 331.04K)

>>514402692Correct, no reason to use alts unless you want to have access to FCs on a different server or want to play on another data center entirely.

>>514401337I was using the legs and feet of that set for a bit with the Fuga top. I just want a kimono though.

>>514402692Many raiders create an alt because of raid lockout otherwise theres no reason to have an alt.

>>514401337It just ended sadly, I wish they'd bring over more XI sets, why the hell did they add Kirins Osode but not the rest of the set it belongs to?

>>514403042damn, that hair really suits femelezen

>>514403042Fuck I posted the wrong image.

Attached: ffxiv_06272020_015245_858.jpg (1120x820, 117.61K)

>>514403042>>514403286I respect that, I roll the kimono with Gosetsu's hat or Non La a lot because I want a plainer jingasa than the artifact has. Though one of my old go-to's was Kirin's Osode, Gosetsu's hat, Nameless gloves, whatever hakama, and the feet from the Stormblood Garlean samurai set. It's easier to get an armored mage than it is to get properly o-yoroi armored samurai in this damned game.

Attached: 1564643540754.png (689x736, 893.99K)

>static cleared wormhole in one weekHoly shit bros

Attached: bored_kyon.jpg (1024x576, 46.42K)

Do people even queue for HOH? I haven't started it but I don't think the queue will pop ever.

>>5144037351-10 and 11-20 take forever because you can just immediately que for 21-30 for levelling after you clear those two

>>514403840So 21-30 is the equivalent of 51-60 for potd?

>>514402692>any reason to have alts, ever?Making another waifu without using a fantasia to change your current one

Attached: 1582252613342.png (1118x1080, 1.92M)

>>514403940This is why I have alts. I refuse to spend a dime on the mogstation, so once I used up my two free fantasias, I just made alt characters and leveled through the story again. It has the added benefit of not being subjected to raid lockouts the same as your main, so you can raid with two different groups if you wanted to or farm two different sets of gear. It's also an extra set of custom deliveries to quickly get scrips with, and you can have more retainers to use for farming materials.One guy in my old FC had six alts and five of those had eight maxed out retainers each, since buying them on one character gets you them on all characters. They're even not mutually exclusive with each other, so if you wanted to, you could have 64 retainers farming materials at the same time and crash the market of any single material you wished. Even cheap materials sell for around 500g a piece, so 64 retainers bringing back 30 materials each every hour would make you around 1m gil/hour, assuming you could actually sell things at that price indefinitely.

>>514403990bros no

Attached: 1658454565.png (200x200, 24.45K)

>>514376978Male Miqo'te Gunbreaker.

>>514405079>no doujins of Ryne enjoying her newfound freedom by viciously sucking off dozens of faceless fat guys in the Eulmore strip club

if i apply DOT with a damage buff does it go back to normal once the buff ends or is it all calculated based on what I had when i used it?

>>514405420It snapshots whatever buffs you had when you initially applied it. Works on all DoTs -- SMN shit, SAM higanbana, etc.

>>514403990Is Rynne the Marie Rose of the FF franchise?

Attached: 1590390090976.jpg (1080x1920, 241.47K)

>>514404910Once I get my Amaro I'm going to go hard on this, I'd love to get at least 2 alts up to 80 for future raiding or crafting endeavors. One I'll probably speed skip through everything and the other I'll take it slow and enjoy replaying the story.

I wish I had a full body picture, but this was one of my favorite SAM glams

Attached: ffxiv_03012020_161940_648.png (1920x1080, 974.93K)

>>514393459>LOW TIER: Non-Anime Character Names, Regular NamesI've seen some extremely good, quiet but friendly people with completely unremarkable names though. Usually hyur.

>>514383606>didn't make herself bigger when she said thisgay

>>514346117fpbp>meet girl in ff14>she moves into my house and we get serious>she literally plays for 14 hours a day and vapes>ask her to do anything>muh mental health anxiety im depressed pls hug me>cant even get a boner looking at this toddler of an adult anymore

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>>514350308ultros savage raiding is a mixed bag, some of the best players in the game are in ultros but we also have some of the worst

>>514396374Is that XI? That area looks like it has a lot of SOUL

>>514406875>looking at this toddler of an adult anymoreAnon, i'm genuinely sorry for you that you realized that to late. I was lucky enough to reach that natural conclusion before doing anything too bad in real life.

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>>514404910>>514405864do i make the alt on same data server to do the above or a different one to see new peoples

>>514403990i feel bad for what she's forcing her friend through

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>>514383606my mommy can't be this vulgar...

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>>514407260I was forever alone until I thought miraculously some girl was interested in me. I would rather be alone than having to deal with this person.

>>514407851Do you still live with her?

>>514407978She's too retarded to live on her own and might literally die on the streets.

>>514407521Up to you, on your own DC you have access to your money to help your alt out.

>>514408096She's never going to get less retarded and you're never going to be happy while she's around. She can probably take care of herself if you force it on her, you gotta rectify that codependent relationship

>>514407521It depends on your thought process.If you're just meeting random people and getting to know them, doing it on a single server works fine. There's tons of people such that you're not in danger of running out. Plus, you can use your main to gear your alt, making things faster on the gear front (Not a huge deal, but it's nice).If you make characters on other datacenters and meet someone who plays IRL, you'll have the ability to immediately group with them. It's not always likely that you'll meet other XIV players in real life, but if you do and have characters on aether/primal/crystal or the EU/JP ones, it's a high likelihood that you'd have the option to group up with them. That's kind of nice to have as an option as there's been a couple of times I've wanted to play with someone on a different data center than my own and would've had to level an alt to do so.Personally in the end though, I'd rather be raking in tons of money with alts on a single server all contributing to a single bank account rather than spreading it across various data centers.

will I get banned if I go into advanced content as a CNJ

>>514406875there is no way you didn't pick up on a bunch of red flags while you guys were just talking

>roulette>The Sirensong sea>21 mins"It can't be that bad right", then the tank use no tank mitigations and used superbolide twice when he was at full health, Gunbreakers should be removed

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>>514346117Can confirm, all the good girls were on ragnarok online

>>514408807I strongly disagree with the concept of new jobs starting at higher levels.



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>>514408807Superbolide should be greyed out in Dungeons.


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>Levelling BLM>In the quests learn from an ancient black mage that a giant meteor was about to strike and destroy the world>She explains how she stopped it>I love this stupid fucking job

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>>514410873>direct Shantotto reference>says she thinks rhyming is fucking retarded

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>>514410873Pretty Kino Job Quest/10Any others absolutely worth doing?

>>514411394DRK. You get mad development for the WoL.

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>>514411394Ninja, Samurai, Dark Knight are the stand-outs to me. Red Mage has some cool flavor on their job and how red magic pertains to white and black magic, Astrologian goes into the astrology of Eorzea a bit and Sharlayan politicking + their constant magical hoarding. Shout-out to Heavensward's plot being one long Dragoon job-quest.

>>514411394Just DRK and healer role quest reallyDRG is neat if you do it before you've started Heavensward

>>514411739Also a lot of the lv. 80 follow-up quests are actually worth doing, even if just to get your title. All of them have relatively satisfactory follow-ups on what your job tutors have been doing while you were busy during Shadowbringers, ie Gladiator's rival/helper taking training as a Samurai to try and get an edge up on you (and immediately surrendering because he senses just how powerful you've become) for Paladin, Musosai's teachings and bouts in the bloodsands popularizing Samurai as a job, and checking up on Fordola and what's-his-face with the Garlean eye from Stormblood since they've been assigned to help with the summoner squadrons in Ul'dah for Summoner.

>>514346117this especially French housewives with kids and everything

>>51440880721 minutes is hardly a complaint, the average with a competent group seems to be around the 16-18 minute mark, in true speedrun fashion, you might get an expert roulette such as The Grand Cosmos down to 13-14 minutes. Taking on average an extra five minutes for a post 50 dungeon is minor.During SB, I had got stuck in Sirensong Sea with a tank wearing mostly PvP gear without any stats on it. He had less health than our Red Mage, less than our Dragoon, and couldn't hold aggro. The dungeon became an exercise in the RDM holding threat and eating tankbusters because he was more likely to survive than the actual tank. The dungeon took 43 minutes to complete due to wipes because for some reason we kept getting a message about unable to kick someone since the dungeon just started.This doesn't even count the times I've seen someone go AFK for five or so minutes during a dungeon, someone randomly abandon in the middle of it, or any other stupid occurrences. There's nothing like waiting 25 minutes to get into a leveling roulette only to have your healer immediately bail and everyone else quit as well, so you're forced right back into queue.

>>514405656No because she's actually sexy

>group is just now passing Light RampartI'm just hoping to get this shit cleared before the next tier hits at this rate

>>514413675how long ago did you start shiva?

>>514413675It's a pretty good feeling. Last week was when we just started consistently passing it each time and the rest of the fight isn't all that complex. After three or four attempts, we're clearing adds regularly and stopped this week at clearing the colored debuffs because we were running out of time during raid night. I think there's a high chance we're going to clear it Tuesday of next week and skip our regularly scheduled Wednesday raid night. I'm actually going to be really sad once it's up. I only really see these guys during raid night, and it's the only peer social interaction I get since my coworkers are nearly all 20 years older than me. They're the recluse type of person though that doesn't play games together unless they absolutely have to, or they already all have their own social groups they play with, and everyone's stated they're quitting the game until the 24 man once we all get our Shiva weapons. I was hoping I could interest them in a different game to replace raid night, but haven't had any takers yet.

>>514414965>Raid static finally got all 8 weapons>They pretty much drop the game>Some of them play other games together>No one wants to log in and do XIV things with me>They don't invite me to play other gamesoh well....

>>514396374As someone who played both a shit ton of XI and XIV. Please no. I hate the idea of seeing XI's story interacting with the shit show that is XIV in any way.

Solo Palace of the Dead!

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>>514346278I all ways thought garuda had the best rule 34.

>>514417949how many potsherd regen potions do you need to even begin to attempt 200?

>>514418438I had a stack of just under 2k, I'm down to about 800 right now. It really depends on what pomanders you get and how fast you can clear it, obviously you'll need less if you manage to get to 200 on your first attempt.

>>514345791Because girls are dangerous.

>>514376241How does it feel to be the only catman in world full of catboys?

i tried to get into this game but i didnt find a single friend to do instances with and got thrown off by how anti social this grindfest is

>>514405656No because she didn't ruin her franchise.

>>514406323p good