Funko leaked all the FNAF Security Breach designs

Funko leaked all the FNAF Security Breach designs

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>>514336546is that croc from something else because it looks familiar

>>514336546>Lipstick on a fox once againWhen will Scott learn

>>514336714that fucking fox looks like its going all-in on the furry bait

>>514336643Nah, it's new to FNAF at least.

>>514336714He learned in a different direction. Remember when he put ads on e621?

>>514336546I want to fuck the keytar fox

>>514336546>getting characters revealed this wayi feel bad for scott, big companies only care for money and let this leaks happenon other hand>that female wolf and vanny

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>>514336546We get porn yet

>>514336941Wait really? Source?

>>514336941Cawthon is a smart man. I can't help but respect him.

>>514336546Vanny looks cool. Don't like any of these other designs though except the gator

>>514336546>>514336627Where is Security Waifu?

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>>514336546I wanna fuck that rabbit

>>514336941>ads on e621wtf

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>>514336546Anyone who likes FNAF are fucking zoomer babbies

>>514337504What's your favorite game user?

>>514337549The Last of Us 2

>inb4 William Afton was innocent and Glitchtrap is a spirit that possessed him and used him to kill kids>inb4 it's now haunting Vanny and urging her to kill

>>514336546That rabbit looks like she could use some extra stuffing

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>>514336546>that sexy rabbitThey’re doing it on purpose now.

>>514340063He's been doing it on purpose since Toy Chica became a thing

>>514336643It sorta looks like the frog, that's probably what you're thinking of

>>514336546>>514336627What have they done to my Vanny

>>514336546that's honestly underwhelming, only the gator looks unique


I’m not letting this thread die I need another good fnaf thread in my life man I’m bored as hell rn

>>514342509Go outside or something fag

>>514336941Are you serious right now?

Is that Loona?

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>>514337156>>514337259>>514337475>>514342690It was FA, actually.

>>514336546>that blatant furbait foxplease no

>>514336941Glitchtrap and that bunny are honestly the most innovative designs Cawthon did in a while.

>>514342661It’s raining and my computer died ;(

>>514343124Geez that was meant to be a reply to the OP.

>>514336546>more lorecool

>>514343340I just love mat pat going insane

>>514343507same, I also love the sfm porn they make for e621

>>514336546Cute bunny.


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>>514336546Damn this looks good. Can't wait for more plot twists in the lore

>>514344689to coom.

>>514336546But will this game finally answer the mystery of Phone Guy?

>>514344689Only two. Vanny is a woman in a fursuit.


>>514346192Rabbit-looking bitch is a human woman wearing a mask (or at least she used to wear a mask, that looks more like a full suit now).

>>514346192Top left, the bunny, is a possessed woman in a fursuit, not a robot.

What is the rabbit holding?

>>514346906Butcher knife

>>514337790>Final boss of FNAF is a giant pizza rabbit Cthulu

Can I get a quick rundown of the 5naf lore up to this point?

>>514336546I'm gay who should I fap to?

>>514348426Center and bottom left


>>514340431Vanny isn't the character in the VR game though, all we knew was the look of the mask and that's it's a recently possessed person who probably hastily put together the outfit.

Will it ever end? I don't particularly hate fifteen Hamdans at furry's but enough is enough Scott.

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>>514348526Are you sure top left isn't a guy? I mean it's Scott after all.


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>>514348774Are you denying the will of god?

>>514348774>>514348774Scott is on a mission from God Literally, God came to him in a dream and told him to keep making FNAF ganes because it nade so many people happy.

>>514349365>>514349372You're shitting me

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I thought these were confirmed mock ups. These are fake.

>>514350206The Amazon leak was concept art. Funko themselves posted these.

>>514350206This is straight from the Funko twitter

I like furries and I like hair metal

Post Scott-kino

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>security breach had a breach of securityw o w

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This is intentionally sexy, right?

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>>514353164Fursuits aren't sexy

>we'll never get more kino because his shitty mobile game cash cow makes fortnite bucks from tweens

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>>514353164I think that depends entirely on you.

>>514336546>that bunnydick is ready

How long till we get to see these being got-glued?

>>514353164No, that's probably just you.

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>>514336546>Vanny's hips

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>>514336627Rare occurrence of passable funko pops.

>>514336546What the fuck

>>514353164>Its a fucking fursuit>But those hips

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>>514353431I'd like to believe he's working on something like this in his spare time.

>>514352678What kind of g*d would tell anyone to make more waifurs for horny perverts?

>>514354605He said he was making a new game in a Japanese stream, it's probably Freddy in Space 3 or the Foxy Dogfighters game he mentioned wanting to make in the past.

>>514353431>No one bought it>And even when it was free no one downloaded itIf you're going to be contrary, at least follow through and not just regurgitate opinion.

>>514354535its a literal fur suit too, not some anthro shit.

>>514354704One that wants him to keep donating his money to charity

>>514354751>>And even when it was free no one downloaded itI did.


>>514354751>capitalizing greentext>reddit space>reddit opinion>you're a contrarian for not eating shit Uh shut up, nigger

>>514354410These aren't Pops, they're Minifigures

>>514353164Someone been reading too much female Bonnie in the general

>>514353164>>514355669>>514354535reminds me of this.

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>>514356475Dude you can't just post on Holla Forums without giving a source

>>514337319She's cute, but you know there is something going on there with the blonde hair and green eyes

>>514336546>huge popular series>no porn games inspired by it with a female security guard fucked by animatronicsguess the world is not as perverted as I thought

>>514357627i wouldn't be surprised if she's an afton

>>514358725Did Willian have a daughter or a niece by any chance?

>>514359187He did, but she died when she was really young and possessed Circus Baby. She does share the blonde hair and green eyes though. I doubt they're related. Maybe it's his wife?

>>514359187His daughter is the one possessing baby, but I guess Scott can just give him a niece/another daughter.

>>514360263Or maybe she doesn't have any family relations and she's just a brand new character. I mean let's be real at least we have another human character with a 100% canon design now. William as far as we know was a crazed fat ass that thinned himself out according to the graphic novel.

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>>514359187He did, but she died.There's always the possibility that he had another daughter in the 90's, or that Michael had a kid before he got scooped.

>>514360263>Maybe it's his wife?The game's set in the 2020's at the earliest, the wife's either dead or in a retirement home.Could still be related to him, though.

>>514361007Yeah, but Scott's always been autistic with hair and eye colour ever since FNaF 4, and she's got the same combo as elizabeth Afton; we see her get scooped by Baby in the minigame, and she's got blonde hair and green eyes too.

>>514342949please yes

>>514361007>William as far as we know was a crazed fat ass that thinned himself out according to the graphic novel.The GN's not canon, and Free Willy probably isn't either.Closest thing we have to a canon William design is Michael's sprite in SL.

>>514354704See: >>514354876Milking furries is the will of God.

>>514361454Oh god fucking damn it will Scott just give William a canon design already so people will stop drawing purple fuckboys already?

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>>514348774If you had an IP that was still making big time money, would you stop?

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>>514336546Is this going to be an actually good game, or just 5 nights of the same shit like the first 4 games?

>>514353164metal > cloth


>>514336546why doesn't the employee just not show up to work?

>>514362034Its almost like its a videogame sperg

>>514361829Pretty much this. Scott's using FNAF to send his boys to college and send money to St. Jude as well as torture the Youtubers who try to cover his work.

>>514362168Wow, big brain user over here!

>>514362034For some reason I don't think that's the case here.

>>514362168Because quitting is for pussies.

>>514336546Alligator looks cool

>>514361760He had a wife, and most of the female bots in UCN want to fuck him. In canon he's probably closer to purple fuckboy than the bloatlord seen in the books.

>>514337319>Purple letters (William's color theme)>Blonde hair and green eyes (Yellow and green like Spring Bonnie)Now call this a reach but I think she's an Afton. Perhaps his daughter (or niece) was kept from knowing about her old man's fucked up history for her own good.

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>>514363704Elizabeth also had blonde hair and green eyes.

>>514363875Wait... Elizabeth Afton? William's daughter? But she's dead. She's just Circus Baby now. Who the fuck is the bitch in the teaser then? A twin?

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>>514364357William was somehow able to conceive three mistakes, there is nothing preventing him from conceiving a fourth one no one knew about. And like the other three, she'll probably have her life cut short at the hands of an animatronic and/or something adjacent to them.

>>514364357>Who the fuck is the bitch in the teaser then? A twin?Probably not a twin since Elizabeth would be in her 40's at the youngest if she was alive in SB's era, but there's some room in the timeline for Afton to have a kid in the 90's.They could also be taking a page out of the Kira novels, and the new guard's an adult robot Elizabeth.

>>514364974Huh? I thought SB was in the 1980s?

How can you people respect a shovel ware indie developer? Are you all closet furries?

>>514336546>that rabbit and foxfap fodder

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>>514365067It's not, it's a sequel to Help Wanted which takes place after PS's fire.

>>514365380>PS's fireThe only fire I recall was Fazbear Fright burning down. Can I get a bit of context my fellow lore autist?

>>514365170We just find this stupid shit interesting to talk about. And Scott himself is generally a nice fellow as far as I know. And maybe.

>>514365889Pizzeria Simulator. You gather William, Baby, the rest of Ennard and the Puppet in a fake pizzeria and then your boss (father of the dead girl possessing the Puppet) burns everything down including you and himself. You presumably play as Michael in this one as well but I don't remember if it's explicitly confirmed.

>>514365889After Sister Location, Afton's former business partner set up a fake pizzeria. He lured Afton (Springtrap), Emily (Circus Baby), the funtime animatronics (Molten Freddy), and the animatronic his daughter possessed (Puppet/Lefty) all into one spot, locked them in, and burned them all to the ground. Unlike FNAF3, none of them escaped and Afton got sent to hell.

>>514365889> the end of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, it was revealed the new pizzeria was a trap made to lure the remaing animatronics (Molten Freddy, Scrap Baby, Scraptrap (Springtrap), and Puppet (who was also trapped using Lefty)). Then he trapped them inside and burnt the place down, freeing the souls. It is implied he also burnt down with it and Michael Afton (who is also implied to be who you are playing as).

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>>514336546>the female designsScott is a smart man indeed. He knows his audience and knows how to reel them in.

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>>514366581Ohhhh oh I see.Damn it this autistic need to know more about FNAF lore keeps sucking me back in to this shit. Now I NEED to know if the new girl is an Afton.

>>514349063....what the hell has the lore come to since, like...FNAF2? What?

>>514354876>>514361494I mean, for once, God's pretty cool here if it means bilking degenerates out of their cash here for people who actually need help. Who am I to complain on this revelation from Him?

>>514368501That last part is just speculation just so you know.

>>514362360Now THAT is a based motherfucker

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>>514368501Scott said each game after 2 was supposed to be the last, which might contribute to why the lore's so fucked along with the lack of any planning.>3 was meant to show what happened to Purple Guy>4 was probably meant to have the whole series be just a coma dream>I have no idea what the fuck he was thinking writing SL as the last one, maybe he was gonna plan on William's immortality being caused by having Ennard inside him as Springtrap>PS was meant to end everything and let Scott move onto other things, ala Game of Thrones Season 8>UCN was meant to show William in hell

Post your favourite animatronics.

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>>514354535Form-fitting fursuits exist, and every one of the handful I've seen photos of look objectively better than your typical giant mascot suit. They must be pretty rare, though, probably because you need to be in shape for it to not look like shit and I can't imagine your typical furry meets that requirement.


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>>514370061I still like this yellow bastard

>>514369712This makes sense. Why couldn't he have just declared post-four games non-canon or something?

>>514370557Making games noncanon is awful for sales

I feel like FNAF has long transcended the cringe it and its fanbase once were and now exists eternally in this almost invisible plane of reality where it just does random shit and it all somehow still works.



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the rabbit is going to get porned to death

>>514371076Basically. The fnaf fandom has now just accepted that it's a cringy and childish mess and has just devolved into this shithole of degenerates that draw meme ocs with shit like "man behind the slaughter" memes or sfm lewds day in and day out. There are still normalfags on twitter that jack off to Circus Baby and that amazes me.At this point it's just a community of self-deprecating faggots not even shocked by porn anymore and just asking "what the fuck am I doing with my life".

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>>514373158>says the vtuberposter

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>>514373476Yes. I'm not acting like I'm better than them. I'm just saying.

>>514373158I hate all that stupid twitter memeshit and the sarcastic disposition that comes with it, I just like the robots.

>>514371076I am happy I can finally talk about this game without being called a cringelord for once

>>514362034It's a game theory that the security guard of every game was Michael Afton the son of William who was trying to find and stop his dad and ended up puting the soul of the murdered kids to rest

>>514336546soooooo is there a dead girl in the white bunny suit? that's hot as fuck if so

>>514337007I want to marry the bunny and fuck the fox on the side

>>514374534not a dead girl, a girl who has the ghost of a dead child murderer in her mind all the time, who she listens to and follows almost like a cultist. she's still got those hips tho

>>514373859I know but that's basically what the fnaf fandom has devolved into at this point. Furries and faggots from ifunny and reddit.

>>514336546that teeth on the wolf girl aahhh unffff ffffffff uhghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhg

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>>514336546>3 females this timeTIME TO COOOOOOOM

>>514374802What is there a leak floating around claiming this or something?


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>>514361007God I wish Scott would actually hire an at least decent artist for the GN and Books instead of Pinky fucking Pills, it seems like at least the main line game ones are actually good from the teasers we've had.

>>514375570She's from the previous game, though whether she has William (or whatever the fuck Glitchtrap is) directly influencing her mind or if she's just naturally fucked up and plays along with him for shits and giggles, is not quite confirmed. But one of the teasers did have a back-and-forth dialogue sequence that seemed to be between her and Glitchtrap, with presumably her being instructed to "select one", whatever that means.

who even buys this shit? I don't think I've even seen a funko pop in real life but I keep hearing about them online

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>>514375793I like how Mangle's canon voice is demon sounding. Like it's both male and female to emphasize that it's a fucking

i want a porn parody of the scooping room, but instead of scooping it shoves a giant robot dildo up your ass and tries to mindbreak you

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>>514376736>fnaf AR>ARFucking hell when are we getting a FNAF character in smash? this fucking shit has stuck it's finger in every possible gaming genre

>>514376582Girls love these for some reason

>>514377127As fucking retarded as it sounds a FNAF mii costume isn't completely impossible at this point.

>>514377127>Fucking hell when are we getting a FNAF character in smash?We won't get a fighter, but spirits or a mii costume is highly possible with the recent coming of the fallout vaultboy. it looks like he wants to add fighters or content that isn't nintendo only

>>514376736Freddy sounds amazingFoxy sounds amazingWilly sounds as perfect as alwaysBaby is always greatToy Freddy is the perfect amount of bumbling idiotToy Bonnie sounds like fucking Alvin and I don't like itToy Chica is really creepy but feminine, fits wellMangle is fucking perfection

>>514377634Yep and the best part is that's all canon.

>>514376091>>514376736I love how mangle is a fucking mess of animatronic and the radio-like voice just makes it all better. >FNAF ARwhat is this? what did I miss?

>>514377127>>514377419FNAF World mii costumes would look perfect desu

>>514376736These all sound like lines in a Fnaf porn game

>>514377895>freddy in space mii gunner costume

>>514377836Augmented Reality phone game. You search for the animatronics using your phone as a flashlight, and try to tase them at the right time without getting killed by them. I think. I've only seen bits and pieces of it since I don't play on my phone.You can apparently build your own with pieces from defeated animatronics and then send them out to kill other players I think? All I know is that you can look at them and Mangle looks cute.

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>>514377895Reminder scott hired a furry porn artist for Freddy in space

>>514378296based as fuck if true

>>514378238what a cutie abomination

>>514377836Oh yeah 7 months back Illumix collaborated with Scott Cawthon to make a mobile horror game. Markiplier helped with the marketing.

>>514378238>>514378538>due to COVID-19 animatronics now deliver the pizza AND DEATH to your home!

>>514378296It definitely shows, but I don't blame him. At this point in the game he's got furries wrapped around his finger.

>>514378742>due to COVID-19 animatronics now deliver the pizza AND SEX to your home!

>>514376736Baby sounds like she's flirting with you and it's making me feel hella weird

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>>514369735>>514375793Nice tastes, Mangle is my favorite too.>>514371534The Happy Birthday video really disturbs me. I hate it. The person behind them is really good at bringing out the horror of the characters.

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>>514349063Damn I havent checked stuff out since sister location. Is there any more lore about the phone guy? I missed him. Also wheres the stuff after the vr game from?

>>514378296>>514378330he did and if I remember correctly,Freddy had a HUGE bulge in one of the pic, which some people complained about and so it was removed

>>514380359>Freddy had a HUGE bulge in one of the pic, which some people complained about and so it was removedwait what the shit? like in-game?source?

>>514380359>>514380470It was in the teaser for the game. I'm pretty sure the whole "complaint" stuff was part of the act though, like the "cancelled due to leaks" thing with SL. But I'm not 100% sure.

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>>514380359would suckle

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>>514380603Wait, that fox has the same hair as the new animatronic fox in OP's post.Did Scott leak Glamrock Foxy before anyone else? Or was this already a character?

>>514373859Same. I do think some memes are funny, like the 'Don't turn me into a marketable plushy' and the Buff Helpy one. Not to sound like a boomer, but the OC stuff on Holla Forums when the game first came out was top tier.

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>>514378296>>514378330He just genuinely stopped giving a fuck.

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>>514380603That's the fox from the OP pic.

>>514381001no he leaked in the game, but no one was exactly sure if it was her until the first leak happened

>>514381123>the OC stuff on Holla Forums when the game first came out was what about the smut?

>>514381123>>514381123I really regret not saving all the FNAF1 OC back in 2016.

>>514381129No, he just knew where to look for a joke. He advertised for it on FurAffinity, apparently. The whole game was for charity, too. The man's a fucking madlad.

>>514381258Wait shit, I meant 2014.It does not feel that long.

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>>514344689It’s a gift.

>>514381123>the OC stuff on Holla Forums when the game first came out was top tier.You're god damn right. Even Roomates was great

>>514381001Her name's Roxanne Wolf, and I'm pretty sure it's the same character. Though at the time no one actually knew that, it was more of a>who the fuck is this?situation, which kinda slipped under because of the inherent ridiculousness of the teaser. She was pretty much brushed off as a joke character like Freddy's Son in FiS2.

Reminder it's now canon freddy has a dick and glamrock foxy has baby birthing hips

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>>514354242Needs more lewds

>>514381129>that non-apologetic zero suit chica

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>>514362360>as well as torture the Youtubers who try to cover his work.I remember people memeing that Scott has some sort of hate agenda against Mat Pat. Maybe not true, but you never know.

>>514381129Golden fred's shoulder literally looks like a dick

>>514381617It was always canon.


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>>514336546is the FNAF franchise still alive?

>>514381258Same here. I only saved some of my favorite stuff posted like pic related.

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>>514381269>The whole game was for charity, too. The man's a fucking madlad.Man i never played FNAF but i fucking like the guy that male them. I have to get into this franchise someday

Reminder that Henry and Charlie are genuinely terrible and deserve Hell.

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>>514382575Reminder that you canonically get reverse vored

>>514382151Looking back on it there was a lot of good fucking OC back when it was only the first game. When I look at the first game's office it brings to mind those tons of shitposts.


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>>514382069yes, and strong again, it just needs the trailer for SB and it would be fully alive

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>>514369735every single iteration of bonnie is fnaf kino+ golden freddy

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>>514382758FNAF 1 lent itself to horror content the best out of any of the games.

>>514382943>Chuck E Cheese going into bankruptcy and closing down a ton of locations

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>>514344689Because he is a genius.


>>514383191You think Scott is going to take the penultimate step and make Fazber entertainment a reality?

>>514381129Nah, he is genuinely having fun with this.

>>514383191>people will be able to buy them for cheap, and form Freddy fazbear pizzerias and start it for real

>>514383313>people would start fucking Foxy for realI don't think so

>>514381129>zero suit chica>this is officialScott is a fucking chad

>>514381527>>514381001>>514380603So wait, people shrugged her off as some random joke fox woman that goes "my hero~!" or some shit but as it turns out she's fucking canon and just wasn't properly introduced yet?

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>>514380603>>514380659>that fucking bulgeWelp I'm fucking gayalso that fox slut is in the new game I guess?

>>514383313>>514383460>Scott starts Fazbear entertainment from the ruins of derelict Chuck E. Cheeses>invests all his insane merch money into it to singlehandedly fund the business>once the restaurants take off he assumes his secret double life>becomes a night guard at his own pizza empire>murders children and stuffs them into suits to follow his own self fulfilling prophecy>this entire indie horror game empire was his long con to create animatronic homunculus using the souls of murdered children>then we enter the final phaseWhat's his endgame????

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>>514383806yep, you got it right champ, everyone got CAWTHONED again

>>514383881Make some fine-ass pizza, user.

>>514383961Wow, Helpy's really been hitting the gym.

>>514383881He's going to do what he was programmed to do.Show these folks a fun time.

Attached: 62d95c69c2e596b3a8202afa40e14bf0a48610a0r1-1100-618v2_hq.jpg (1024x575, 53.97K)

I just wonder how they'll function in-game.

>there's that theory about SL that Scott used Rick Astley as a model for Michael, therefor secretly rick rolling everyone who went that farwhat are the chances that it is true?

>>514383972Holy fuck that's hilarious. See this shit is why literally everything Scott does with this series is questioned.

Attached: 1591907568730.jpg (204x200, 3.61K)

>>514336546>>514336627>literal sparkledogsjesus christ


Attached: 1570808954032.jpg (757x1024, 46.82K)

Which game had the best visuals?

Attached: Restroom.jpg (1600x720, 87.29K)

>>514362034Are you doubting the will of god?

>>5143853801 > Pizza Sim > SL > 2 > 3 = 4

>>514383881>What's his endgame????fnaf x TDH crossover

>>514384680Very likely. It seems like something he'd totally do. The sihoullete looks like someone dancing and almost matches Rick Astley in the video.

Attached: Eggs_Benedict_Opening_Eyes.gif (180x189, 2.72K)

>>5143853801>3>4>SL>UCN>2>PSIn terms of visual design and how visuals were used

>>514382943I’m kinda glad, Scott is based and deserves all the money in the world


Attached: 1591335409790.png (604x624, 420.74K)

>you now remember how kinky sister location lore is

>>514386059>australian man ventures underground to kill himself and save his murderous robot sister>ends up being turned immortal and worn as a meatpuppet by his robot sister and possibly his robot mom as wellmaybe that's why scott ignores SL so much

>>514386308you forgot the ice cream leaking, and sister location being turned into a strip club if things went south


>>514386536>sister location being turned into a strip club if things went southhuh?

>>514386536>sister location being turned into a strip club if things went southWhat?

Attached: 1588185188216.jpg (600x362, 21.56K)

>>514382865CB in the VR scares the absolute fuck out of me and gives me fear boners and I hate it

>>514386895>>514387007in one of the bookswhy do you think the designs are so sexual already?

Attached: FNAFSL_Ballora_and_Minireena_Models.png (360x450, 150.12K)

>>514387223the strip club thing isn't in the books

>>514386536such a blessing of a series

Attached: 1585792649886.webm (750x422, 316.09K)

so guys, who is the man behind the slaughter?

>>514379023>robots can't get infected It's a step into the future fnafbros

>>514385520I want an Evil Dead x FNaF crossover taking place in an abandoned Freddy Fazbear amusement park, done in the style of Until Dawn. Maybe a young Ash in a new origin story so he’s not too OP at first, because I don’t think the animatronics would stand much of a chance against a current older more experienced Ash.


reminder that the one girl from the vr game got turned into a plush bunny and that is hot


>>514387303Not a strip club forsay, but i vaguely remember if sister location failed for kids it would be turned into something porn oriented

What is Scott's endgame?


Attached: FNAFSL_Funtime_Freddy_and_Bonnie_Hand_Puppet_Models.png (360x450, 134.59K)

>>514388031That was all just a theory.

>>514388215more furry porn

>>514383881Desolate Hope in real life.


Attached: Ballora_Face.png (1280x720, 581.44K)

>>514388215to make Fnaf real but with rapeable robots

I wanna fucktoy chica

>>514381952After the Sans is Ness video I think Scott decided to have some fun fucking with the glue eating retard.

>>514336546>>514336627SHE'S BACK, BOYS!

Attached: MalharebyScrappyboi2.png (1667x2792, 2.22M)

>>514381952>I remember people memeing that Scott has some sort of hate agenda against Mat PatHe does, and this character and everything he says backs it up

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 53.91K)

>>514369735The chadliest of every Freddy.

Attached: 25BF4A95-3C39-469B-97AE-E2E04BEAE71F.jpg (800x500, 188.89K)

>>514353164I welcome the inevitable lewding.

>>514336546people still give a shit about fnaf?

>>514389214>No good pornpass

Realizing fnaf2 was a prequel instead of a sequel was the best moment in the series for me. Peak fnaf.


>>514389410No, we are all in this thread talking about it to trick you.

Be honest user, we all know you fap to Fnaf futa SFM

Attached: 1593017365703.gif (542x616, 6.51K)

>>514349365>>514349372>>514354876>>514361494you mean the furry god?

>>514347327It’ll be Pizza, Egyptian god of Italy.

>>514390231Scott was lying in his bed and saw the incarnation of every e621 tag into one furry and proclaimed itself as god, after that scott will forever make FnaF

>>514387406william afton

>>514390534Are we sure he not mistaking for india god?

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>>514389410I want a Freddy Mii costume.

Attached: 7qjv07v4a7b41.png (380x560, 158.86K)

>>514390917i don't see dick nipples or hyper muscles, Do you?

>>514389993No I only fap to drawings of the male animatronics getting fucked

Attached: 1574989613966.jpg (849x899, 125.34K)

>>514391034I'm hoping for that as well. We still have 5 more chances to go.

>>514388847fuck even is that from

>>514391062Yeah okay i wrong

Attached: screen-2.jpg (1077x1650, 272.82K)


>>514391251Help Wanted. The VR game. Scott is really spreading to every way of playing video games.

the gator is kinda cool but shouldn't these be like creepier or something?

>>514336546>boobs on an animatronic why


I’m just enjoying the lore finding it fun

>>514391363>shouldn't these be like creepier or something?

Attached: 1592648569168m.jpg (1024x576, 86.75K)

>>514391384The stereotype of a female.Also scott knows what he's doing.

>>514391384because girls have boobs you fucking idiot

>>514391363Maybe it'll be like Sister Location where their facade drops

Attached: tenor (1).gif (498x284, 1.2M)

>>514391438>Mr hippo tells random stories>Goes into a rant how people shouldn't try to find deep meanings under every hair>random stories in between

>>514391384Cause the one with the most pounced ones is a woman in a fursuit.

>>514382818> He proceeded to pour me a glass of cold lemonade. Ooh, you ever mix it with iced tea? Ya do, like...half lemonade ha...ooh, you should try it so--well, you can't, because your dead, but, anyways, so you may be asking yourself...I love this rambling retard.

What is it that made Freddy and his crew terrifying back in 2015? Was it the fact that they're animatronics? Or was it that they move like the weeping angels from Doctor Who?

>>514391034>another cool costume given to mii gunnerpass

>>514393171bothAlso you couldn't move at all and not looking was not an option, can't think of other games where this happens.

Not vidya related, but I think this sounds really good and I dont know any other time i'd get a chance to post

Attached: 1584831707849.jpg (499x715, 115.73K)

>>514393171The original left far more to the imagination with its limitations, and the models were uncanny valley as hell. None of the sequels ever got close to matching its atmosphere

>>514391363There's actually a chance they might be either neutral or even controllable by the player in this one considering there's an actual villain now. Like moving them around to block murder bunny entry points

>>514393317oops. Wrong thread.

>>514393339The sound design in 1 is fucking incredible.

>>514393380>controllable by the player in this one considering there's an actual villain now. Like moving them around to block murder bunny entry pointsThere's going to be alot of gangbang futa from this, won't there?

>>514393171The effect of seeing and hearing them get closer combined with them being actually villainous.The later games lost this by shifting away from visuals and making the killer be a cartoonishly evil caricature who's responsible for literally everything bad that happens in the story.

>>514393247He'll probably be a brawler.

>>514393171They’re imposing. They have deeply sunken unblinking eyes, gaping mouths, massive frames, and they stand as still as statues. Their designs are so simple that their intimidating qualities seem accidental, which makes their creepiness more insidious. The extremely harsh, dark shadows of Scott’s pre-rendered artstyle really enhance this vibe. The animatronics have pretty basic designs but they’re textured in this felt-like fabric that casts shadows on itself and makes them look almost grainy, which helps sell them as disgusting. The shadows also helps sell the depths of their eye sockets and joints. Chica glaring at you through the window is the creepiest shot in any of the games even to this day.

>>514393171Because real life animatronics are

>>514377127>Freddy in smash>throws pizza>final smash is lights out and his jingle plays

>>514393317lostboy.exe huh? guess i'll try it out

Attached: 1550777299493.png (640x632, 311.96K)

>>514394171uncanny as fuck


>>514394767Fucking giga based. I love the bizzare design of that thing.

>>514369735This glorious bastardalso,

Attached: screen-0.jpg (564x1004, 47.32K)

>>514371534What the devil is this?

>>514395169I think it's basically canon that the puppet is a girl.

>>514395401The spirit haunting it is, yeah, which I thought was neat


>>514336546>FunkoI don't believe it, these actually look on-model.

Attached: oscillate blue.png (230x241, 3.58K)

>>514337137Give it a few hours

>>514395401YeahWhen the puppet burns in Pizzaria Simulator Henry calls it his daughter


Attached: download (2).jpg (165x305, 8.7K)

>>514395695They still aren't, all the heads except Vanny are reused from old figures and Vanny somehow has the same arms as a killer robot chicken.

>>514348774Scott is like a furry bait blues brothers; he's on a mission from God, and does not give a fuck

>>514369735You just posted him. All the face puns in UCN fucking killed me

>>514361007>ello you, I'm guru larry and I welcome you to fact hunt>top 5 animatronics I've stuffed it to>at least I get more action than that faggot peter molyneux, heh heh

>>514336643>is that croc from something else because it looks familiar

Attached: denver the last dinosaur.jpg (600x891, 516.86K)

holy shit these are badhow do you design something as terrifying as Malhare and Springtrap but then do a 180 to this shit?


Attached: Him.png (640x780, 145.34K)

>>514336546Kind of want to fuck the three lady animatronics

>>514396121Yeah but his designs aren't gross like most "furry bait" Freddy doesn't have weird muscles or anything

>>514394051True, Chica in my opinion is the scariest motherfucker in FNAF1 ever, nothing even comes close to that glare, literal nightmare fuel, then scott highkey fucked it up, i like to pretend the other FNAF games don't exist and we only got FNAF1


Attached: criminal.png (837x74, 10.64K)

>>514397149what did he mean by this? is he talking about the leak?

>>514397149wa happened

>>514396502They're supposed to be punkish animatronics for a modern pizzeria. I think the designs fit.

Lore question.Like in-universe, what is Freddy's world? Like a circus, a band, or what?

>>514397654a brothel

>>514397570Scott's going to burn Funko downbut yes

>>514369735How tf does the one handed faceless robot manage to kill you?

>>514397654Freddy and his troupe are a band. They were circus preformers in SL.

>>514397570Yeah, it was in direct response to the Funko post. If Scott was mad he would have been more clear in his tone. He seems more calm, so what I think happened:>Security Breach planned for Summer 2020>Funko makes plan to finally release FNaF mercandise on time in August>pandemic hits, everything gets delayed>game gets pushed back to end of 2020>Scott and Steel Wool can't trust anyone (for good reason after the calendar got leaked), can't reveal too much for Funko yet>Funko already promised this merchandise for distribution in late summer>nothing Scott or Steel Wool can do to stop them at this point or else cancel the contract or pay Funko for loss product>Funko goes 'screw it we'll release what we can then'

Attached: Dee Dee.png (146x196, 51.92K)

>>514376736>both male and female>fucking abominationbased

God the new chica looks so retarded, its like they slapped FNAF1 chica's head model on toy chica

Attached: 1593227517031.jpg (480x360, 13.49K)

>>514398201Thank you kind user. But isn't Freddy's band just him and the other three from the first game? How do all the other characters the animatronics represent fit in lore-wise into Freddy's in-universe fiction?

>>514336627>>514336546I can't tell if Foxy is a girl or an 80s man.


Attached: E05E08E3-5244-41EF-84B6-8C35BDAE984C.gif (256x192, 783.6K)

>>514337475Oh yeah, super cheap. Like 100 bucks a month.

>>514398902thought she was going to oral the tentacle

>>514340431Wait a sec, Vanny isn't even born yet if this is in the 80s. Is she just in the set or thrown in the game outside of the plot?

Attached: downton-abbey-garticle-4.jpg (1000x1500, 324.59K)

>>514398175That's still the entire weight of an animatronic against a single human. It even kind of lunges at you in the death animation as if it were tackling you

>>514369735These SFM models do things to my dick.

Attached: Circus Baby SFW.jpg (850x478, 118.14K)

>>514399710does she have one?

>>514399224It's not the 80's.

>>514353164She's a low level game programmer who got brainwashed or possessed by a deranged Australian animatronics engineer. So her being a violent killer who thinks she is a rabbit robot is kind of a lateral move. Obviously there is some sexual repression in there.

Attached: K3OAKDOKMJAPZKFMKSUMEQ4IGQ.jpg (415x228, 22.52K)

>>514397838>his next post is just grainy security footage of him walking through funko pop offices with a shotgun while distorted classic rock plays in the background >game releases the next day.


>>514400972Does it still take place in a mall? Malls are creepy now that they have all been abandoned.

Attached: 5cf9834b11e2050325041af5.jpg (957x717, 89.32K)

>>514353164Made for futa cock attachment.RIP the only good futa animator.

>>514405578>spoilerwhat happened?

>>514405578fuck off faggot

>>514383881>Tracks down reviewers who gave Chipper and Co. shit>Puts them through a gauntlet of thematic deathtraps, showing them the horrors they have reaped>End of the course is a giant Chipper, ready to kill>Scott burns down the building and sends an order to shut everything down>Laughs his ass off while planning Desolate Hope 2

foxes > rabbits


>>514383460>Every day the animatronics have to be cleaned of the cum some fuckers manage to sneak-blast on themYeah, no thanks...

Remember when Bonnie's gender was ambiguous and somewhat feminine looking to some players which led to shit like Weaver making up a stupid sexy yandere version of bonnie?

Attached: 53b (1).png (624x705, 95.41K)

>>514410269Yea, yea, nah, yeah

>>514410269Yeah but likeYander Bonnie was hot

post ballora

>>514413223fuck yeah she was.

Attached: 25d.png (680x1014, 342.72K)

>>514413910>TFW no crazed horror genre GF

>>514398175Nigga aren't these animatronics over 8 feet tall and over 400 pounds of metal? I feel like even the damaged ones can still kill a person pretty easily.

Attached: 1570328970697.gif (300x168, 1.85M)

>>514350117no hes a religious nutjob, all his old games are jank bible games

Since when are the Aftons straya?

>>514349063this is fucking retarded

>>514336546>female fox >female bunnyNope, not interested

>>514350117>>514415453He's not joking. At least 2-3 of his games he made in the past were christian I know it's reddit. fuck you.)

>>514376736Mangle's voice is so hot

Attached: 1588628877582.jpg (1016x1024, 100.04K)

>>514416004Since SL cast an Australian to voice William, and based the Michael and Elizabeth voices off of that performance

>>514417014Where do we hear his voice?

>>514415453You mean kino?

>>514417229In the intro to the game, and in the death quips for Scraptrap in PS/UCN, and Springtrap in AR.

>>514416579Who are you trying to convince?Yourself?

>>514336546>Straight up boobs on a robot intended for child entertainmentDoubt

>>514417580The rabbit isn't a robot. It's some chick in a homemade fursuit.

>>514417580Tits are literally made for babies.

>>514336546>Tiny croptop & hotpants>punkScott I love you.

Attached: 67EFA462-52B4-4F01-A90C-81EA281F6859.jpg (960x745, 45.43K)

>>514336546I wonder what Holla Forums would say if I posted this image back in 2014, or was it 15.

>>514357321the fnaf general on /vg/

>>514353164It's literally just Bugs Bunny with tits, furfag

Attached: 1591701529291.jpg (253x420, 24.77K)

>>514354410Last I checked the general idea is that as long as something isn't using their basic mold, Funko can actually make decent stuff. It's just that their bread and butter "beady eyed expressionless demon" are so god damn bad.

>>514418068Glamrock is the OPPOSITE of punk.

>>514415453Shit talk Soul Dozer one more time and I'll make sure you suffer in eternal damnation

Attached: SOUL DOZER.png (500x518, 122.25K)

God I'd forgotten about this shit. What is wrong with you retards?

>>514410269Well, Bonnie is a girls name.