Xenoblade Thread

It’s time for another Xenoblade thread. How are you enjoying the new game and future connected? You did collect all the ponspectors, right?

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>>514334736I thought the thumbnail was Melia standing in front of a big pile of hamburgers

>>514334907I mean, you wouldn't be entirely wrong.

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>>514334736Good thing I played FC first. Meila's new duds shit over her original.

>>514334907Fuck off, Lin.

I've been resetting for 2 hours and no rainbow slug, this game is really trash

Does Melia like bird food?

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>All superbosses downAll right, time to smack a god

>>514334736I am disappointed by FC. However, if they did make a direct connection to 2 it would have been a fanfic tier shit.

>>514337436the music was good though

How's emulation going? Any progress?

>>514337436>people think the 'future' in Future Connected refers to XC2>both games happen at the same exact timeIt is obvious that 'future' refers to the future of the series. The Fog King is a Guldos with Gnosis abilities from an unknown universe. Xenosaga is now mandatory to understand the story

Howdy friends, after beating 1 and FC, I went ahead and beat 2 and am now playing torna for the first time. I'm at the part where Malos and some Gargoyles fuck up the capital (roughly halfway maybe?) and have hit a snag. My party is lvl 36 but the gargoyles were nuking everyone except Hugo once they reached half health and I couldn't figure out why. Through sheer effort, I eventually made it to the Malos fight in front of the palace but he's really fucking our shit up. Any advice?

>"Shulk, listen to me. You have to fuck my sister.">"Dunban? What?">"Think about it Shulk, your child would be a great specimen, the blood of two legendary bloodlines running through their veins.">"W-What? Dunban, you aren't making any sense!">"You have to do it Shulk. You have to seize Fiora's womb"

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>>514336653No, but i'd eat her

>>514340560I think the Gargoyles in particular have one attack that's just a complete and utter bitch and will kill you immediately, you probably weren't doing anything wrong.As for the Malos fight, I don't really remember it well enough to give any advice, but if you feel like you're struggling because you're underleveled you can just do some sidequests to level up a bit. The game is about to force you to get your community level up to a certain point anyways, so you'll be killing two birds with one stone.

>>514340560Play as Hugo, switch to Agaeon, iframe through everything forever

>>514340787> I asked Melia to get her ready for you>Now get out there and make me an uncle

>>514334736WE MEASURE

>>514341525FIND TREASURE

>>514340954Thanks, I wish Torna was more clear about these sorts of things, I've played the shit out of 1 and this was my second 2 playthtough but this is probably the first time I've come across something legitimately difficult. As for sidequests, I haven't skipped any. I've already leveled up my community once and only have three quests left. Beed to find 14 more green barrels, track the kids down in gormott, and perform smash combos. I don't know how i still have the smash driver combo quest, it says I've only done 2, but I've killed a lot of enemies doing a smash as soon as they were launched. I cant track the kids because mythra needs to eat cake and you cant buy cake when the only city is in flames, but I guess I can hunt down green barrels and hope that puts us around lvl 40


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casual mode is so broken holy shit>removes any and all level scaling penalties for enemies above your level>turns any non-status spikes into jokes>party gauge is filled twice as fast, and any enemy killed during a chain attacks fills it by two thirdsi’m pretty sure you also deal more damage and enemies deal less damage but like it’s so stupid

>>514343634that's why you don't use it. Unless you are a game journo

>>514336653Yes, Melia is desperate for seed

Melia seems like her bird pussy would smell like flowers

>>514337640Yeah, all 3 of the new songs

do debuff resist gems protect against topple?

>>514346460No. Gotta grind those topple defense for icebull and bad dragon


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Imagine being Melia and not getting laid for 88 years and counting.

>>514334736played through the original last year and was glad to see this bit of extra content on the new one. Was pretty comfy to go back to it for a bit. Only wish I could transfer my save file somehow.

>>514347120well fuck

>>514347442It’s hard to believe that someone as high status as her wasn’t able to develop some feelings with one of her close friends that died.

>maxed out affinity>almost max lvl>still need to grind colony 6 garbagefuuuuuck I hate it when>haha you can't go back there anymore but you need items there :) happens

>>514347817Her guards had been taking care of her ever since she was a kid. They weren't exactly the sort of friends you'd fall in love with.

I don’t understand. Did Kalians mom die off screen or something? I don’t remember her ever being mentioned at all beside her giving orders to Tyrea to kill Melia

>>514334736>no "Chronicles"Based Chad.

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I imagine after Fiora is old and worn out, Shulk will start fucking Melia behind her back

>>514340787>"Her ovaries are drying up, please hurry">"Wh-What? But t-this is so sudden...">"Hurry Shulk! Her time as a Homs is running out!"

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>>514348509If you do the Tyrea sidequest you find out she turns into telethia


>>514343634>die to the same fight once or twice>”would you like to try casual mode?”Pls no, fuck off. Just because I’m not a master gamer doesn’t mean the game needs to bully me

Can someone explain to me the meaning of>HERE I GO, READY OR GORMOTTII love Nia from the bottom of my heart, but that phrase makes no sense, and she just keeps spouting it over and over.

>>514351141Gott make sure no more telethias spawn, amirite

>>514353383I'm guessing its some really stretched and really not working at all wordplay or ready or not, here I come.

>>514353383It’s just a play on “ready or not”

>>514353714>>514353604I understand that's supposed to be wordplay, but fucking hell, it does not rhyme and makes no sense. I wonder if VA cringed during the recording sessions.

>>514354001Yeah, the dub is kinda meh in this one, x1s was better, which is why I stick mainly with jp for 2.

>>514340787Should be Kallian begging Shulk to fuck Melia


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>>514336653She eats Shulk’s cum out of Fiora’s vagina


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>>514355287>missing out on English Moragcringe

>>514335901If you can't trade for any in the hidden village then I found it best to climb all the way to the top where that lvl 90 pterix is. That's where I found both of them. I've now got Colony 6 done, and am stuck grinding affinity for everbody except Melia, who is annoyingly enough the only one who can damage the Teletheir that are 7 levels higher than me

>>514334736WE MEASURE

>>514357949FIND TREASURE

is it me or does the soloist outfit make fiora’s boobs bigger

>>514358504Since she has an artificial body it could actually make her boobs bigger

>>514358626incredible machina technology...

>>514358626Isn't it a real body but with her guts removed for gears?

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>>514358920Her limbs have doll joints

>>514357876That's what I was doing for about 2 and a half hour before getting one

>>514360089That's true. I guess I took it more literally when the doctor lady said Fiora had some of her organs replaced with mechon bits.

>>514341581>>514358342PONSPECTORS TIL WE DIE

>>514360357are you making sure its night?

>>514360668It was night and raining, I was saving and reloading for over 2 hours, I'm not joking

>>514358626the perfect waifu, can have any body type you want.

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Nene cant aggro for shit, give me back my reyn time. Also the heropon in training is coping the heler instead of the actual heropon for some reason

>>514340787>"DunDun is right! Shulk and Fiora become dadapon and mamapon! Have many many littlepon!">"Even Riki agrees with me. It's the right thing to do, Shulk">"W-What? I..."

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>>514362103Worry not, kino will likely be an average heropon and not a true heropon like based dadapon Riki

>>514355287XC1 didn't had to deal with being a simultaneous release across the world. So they had more material and time to work with what they got. XC2 wasn't afford that luxury, because they had to get the game out on time for release. I think the actors did the best of what they could of done under that circumstances. Although, XC2 is a unique situation when it obviously was rushed out and had a troubled production. I would say it doing good as it did was a miracle then anything else despite everything working against it.

>>514363358>Riki show secret Nopon special move!>R-Riki I... I can't...>Riki's right Shulk, you'll need a move like that to impress Fiora. I guess I should also teach you my Electric Nut Buster!

I knew the insane racism hypocrite from FC would "jump off the clift" but i didn't expect it to be a sidequest without voice dialogue, I must say i find this quite disappointing.


>>514364527>Electrict Nut Buster

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Any advice to defeat the lizard fucker in FC fortress without bitchboy shulk? That fucking AOE topple slash follow by instant death is too much bullshit.

>>514364527>Come on Shulk! My sisters ovaries are shrinking by the hour!>D-Dunban I'm not... ready ye->SHULK! This is the magnum opus of Linadas research; A womb for your seed, to continue our bloodlines. Grasp your destiny, Shulk!

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Just finished FC. I liked it but it definitely was lowbudget.Tyrea and Melia sisters/allies relationship is probably the best written in the series.

>>514366243Do you also feel that shulk was basically an extra in FC? I do.

Bros... how do i get a goddess gf

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>>514366489Yeah he did absolutely nothingTyrea should have been playable instead of him.

>>514366594>tfw Zohar shenanigans will never throw you into a parallel universe with cute robopussy everywhere

Holy shit, look at the size of that flan in FC! Why they made Melia's emo color new clothes the last thing you can get anyway?

At what point can I reasonable grind affinity? At Fallen Arm now and most everyone is still at only at rank one or two.


>>514369093How is that even possible? If you're fighting anything and doing any amount of quests your main party should be damn near maxed by then. Fiora is the only character I have with sub 2 affinity with anyone, including Sharla's permabenched ass.

>the remastered Mechanical RhythmI knew from that 30 second preview that it was going to be good, but it still blew my expectations away, holy crap.

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>>514370280It must be cause I've been doing most of the side quests and swapping parties around too. Riki and Melia don't have more than one rank with anyone except Riki with Dunban.

Where the fuck is the "dubious sculpture" in FC?!


When do the last 2 challenges in the time attack mode unlock? They’re the only two i havent unlocked yet

>>514334907Well, that is something Nu-Blade would do.

>>514370798I usually switch my main fightan party out for other characters when I do quests and still don't have that issue. Are you not getting burst affinity/encourage and doing chain attacks often?

>>514371738>nu-bladeOh shut up with your 20 year old garbage ass game, your old shitty series wouldve never launched like xenoblade did

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>>514371957I said Nu-BLADE, not nu-Xeno


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>>514372789get with the times, gramps.

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>>514373228Because I said something about XC2?I'm fine with XC1, and X, and they're recent games.

>>514334736I'm playing XC2 and the blade eater an heroed in the tornan battleship about how much do I have left? Not getting bored or anything but I have a big trip next week so if theres quite a bit left I'll save it for that

>>514373452Aren't you only upset because "uhhh waifupandering"? user, you do know you're playing a game where the director himself said that he want's to make it more mature, therefore also indulging in eroticism? The ones with the repressed desires always praising the old times are often the ones that drown in their own misery.

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>>514373702This has nothing to do with the thread, stop spamming softcore porn.

>>514356717I want a xenoblade spinoff where its technically a harem but the girls are barely ever in the show and its just their brothers trying to bully shulk into fucking their sister

>>514373509Like 2-3 hours at most.

>>514373702>you do know you're playing a game where the director himself said that he want's to make it more mature, therefore also indulging in eroticism?Why does everyone always pretend he said things he never said?

>>514373872Thats what it felt like. Can I 100% it after I beat it, or is it like 1 where I missed my chance and stuffs closed off now. I still want to play torna, so either way I'll put it down for a while after I beat it

>>514374001You just get put back in the room before the final boss.

>>514374136Nice, thanks. Definitely wanna get all the blades and fill skill trees at some point down the road

>>514373509Not that long. From then on you have like three boss fights and a huge lore dump left.

oh my fucking god i want to fucking squish the stupid nopon archsage in DE i want to curbstomp and pop the fucker his voice is like sandpaper to my brain

>>514374001Yeah, beating the game puts you back in front of the final boss room and you can go back and do whatever else you want to.

>>514373810What? 2 has nothing to do with the thread? Why isn't its title Xenoblade 1 then? user, stop seething because "i dont like waifus in the game that was literally made in the country known for that" Don't complain about stuff that stupid.>>514373993So him literally hiring H-Artists is just because he felt like it?

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this took way too long to make

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>>514374451>So him literally hiring H-Artists is just because he felt like it?What does that have to do with anything about your original statement?

>>514374451>2 has nothing to do with the thread?I said Waifuspam has nothing to do with the thread, because it doesn't.

>>514373702You're mixing up your quotes. Takahashi said he wanted to make a more violent, erotic, and mature game at some point after the release of XBC2, but that sure as shit wasn't XBC2 itself.

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>>514334736I just cleared Future Connected.Took me long because I wanted to replay the main game all the way through first for Definitive Edition.I thought for what was advertised as an Epilogue chapter, it was good at that. Wrapped up the loose ends with Melia's character and the High Entia.The evil High Entia dude was unnecessary and dumb writing though. Felt the High Entias soldiers leaving because a Machina told them to give up on Alcomoth, while at the same time Maxis tells Shulk/Melia also to give up on it, yet they are still sore over the Machina telling them first was kind of stupid as well.

>>514374687I apologize for that then.>>514374665oh but spamming the same joke 15 times is?

>>514374687This, it also implies he didn't consider XC2 erotic, because run of the mill fanservice isn't the mature erotic he's talking about, it's childish, the type of mature sexual content he's referring to is stuff like Xenogears and it's casual sex scenes.

I'm burnt out and bored of XCDE. Level 52 at sword valley. I've done nearly every sidequest and thought people said I would be overleved but I'm not.

>X2 with graphically rendered alien violence and shitty Mass Effect tier sex scenesbring it on

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>>514375008fair enough, you need a pretty large brain to appreciate its combat system

>>514374891If you can actually pick the girl you want to fuck instead of it just being written like that, then it sounds like heaven

Will I burn myself out if I go straight from 2 to torna? might play mgs1 in between the two so I dont

>>514375378I definitely did. The impact of 2's ending just ruined Torna with me because in comparison it sadly is really subpar, stories not interesting because you know what happens in the end, combat is different, not necessariliy better. I'd say go for mgs1 first

>>514372789>DeletedGet fucked.

Is the english translation in Xenoblade 1 just as bad it is in 2?

>>514375728Nah its legitimately one of the best game dubs ever. Its insane how much better it is than 2's. I find 2's endearing even if the actors have no range whatsoever, but shulk's voice actor in 1 blows 2's entire cast out of the water. Just listen:youtube.com/watch?v=tVfMySwUibQ

Reminder to ignore angry shitposters and just post whatever Xenoblade stuff you want, it's all on-topic anyway.

>>514371439Oh hey, I saw that YTP too

>>514376015Thanks, user.Also man, fc was pretty disappointing

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>>514375979I dont mean the english voice acting i mean how the english script is vastly different from the actual jpn script.

>>514376462From what I've noticed it's the usual. Replacing god with the titan names, humanity with homs at some parts, but not as bad as 2, for sure.

I was playing FC and suddenly ran into this Bana nopon. What the fuck just happened? Never expected to fight a nopon with dramatic music.

>>514375979Too bad the quality fell off a bit in Future Connected.Shulk is fine there, as it seems his English VA knows his character well, but for Melia its clear whoever was in charge of voice directing screwed up and had her constantly speaking lines that should be shouted.

>>514375378I did a quick NG+ of 2 before jumping into Torna and wasn't burnt out on it. It's pretty short, aside from the final grind you need to do before the final boss. But it's not a big deal because you should have it 99% completed by that point anyway.

>>514376793There is a sidequest chain in the main game where you fight him at the conclusion. FC references a few heart to hearts and optional quests from the main game you could have missed, but it is canon that they were all done.

>>514376793He's from a really long side questline from the base game where you bust up a Nopon drug ring. FC is weirdly dependant on optional side content to make up the basis of it's plot and a lot of it's side quests because it's literally grasping at straws.

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>>514376801Damn, I havent played it yet but that sucks, I love Jenna Coleman too

>>514376793>That doujin where Malos gets xbc2 Bana to fuck Pyra.

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>>514378314jesus i can’t believe i actually played the game on the bottomhow the hell did i put up with that?

>>514378314Which one had soul, and which one was soulless?

>>514378289w-what? I need a source on that user.

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>>514378549>how the hell did i put up with that?When every character looked like that, they stop standing out as much after a few hours in.

>>514378565Whoever says they prefer the original models are fucking straight retarded i dont care if you think its too anime or not bottom looks horrendous and top looks miles better

>>514378719straight up, fuck if its anime i dont want to look at 3 polygon faces

>>514376801>>514377675Adam Howden has better voice acting training than Jenna Coleman. And she did gradually get better as the game progressed.

>>514378314Bottom looks like pic related

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>missing 2 affinity coinsfuck me


Are the timed quests and affinity chart worth it?I took a brief look at that stuff and it seemed strictly reserved for players with extreme autism.I'm thinking of just cruising through the main story and picking up a Heart-to-Heart here and calling it a day.

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>>514378719Its no contest at all the new models blow the old ones out of the water, but the original concept arts for the characters is still pretty darn good, and I still like the old Reyn compared to the new.

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>>514379158Quests and Colony 6 are basically just there for completionists.For a normal playthrough your procedure should just to be to accept any quests you come across in a new town, and if you happen to come across the monsters you need to bash, good for you, and you still wind up with more money than you'll need just from incidental quest clears.

>>514379297It is really charming, looks like its out of a 90's pixel jrpg. I still cant believe they reverse engineered them from the models, monolithsoft is such a weird and cool company

>generic half entia soldiers in FC wants to be Melia's guard.>Melia flashback to when her four guard friends were killed.That hurts and is nice those generics are still remembered, you could say that Melia "didn't forget about them".

>>514379132what a divine and blessed existence, absoloutely based.

>>514377675Only the very first line she says in FC sucks, the rest is Melia.

>>514379132>Pyra gets broken and want Malos to fuck her too.>He...refuses.Either he still has standards and fucking his own sister is too much...or he is just gay.

>>514379609Feel like its gonna eventually be a hurdle to Melia if she is scared to let her soldiers do any dangerous work and tosses herself on the front lines of any conflict instead.

>>514379890Ergo Tyrea becoming her, by own admission, "dirty work soldier".

>>514375698I deleted it myself actually

>>514376793Bana is in FC? How did I miss that? Where is he?

>>514380037Do all the sidequests, like the last time.

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>>514379890Are you saying she will become like that elf king from the Hobbit movies?

>>514380179>big tits nia

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>>514380179Ahh, that makes sense. I put off that dragon killing ponspector class when I realized I actually was underleveled for it

>>514380479You call that big? It's just perspective.

>>514380497>classdon't mind me, just retarded

>>514380497You don't need to finish that quest to get the bana quest, just finish certain chain of quests and go to the main town at night.

>>514375728Not at all, the dub is on par with the greats like Wonderful 101.Adam Howden as Shulk in particular is absolutely fantastic, but really, everyone is. There's not a single weak link in the cast, even the minor antagonists like Xord and less-important NPCs like Otharon and Vangarre offer great deliveries.

>>514378978There's a level 44 unique bat monster that appears at night in Colony 9 in the tunnel with the other ant UM and the level 30-something frogs. It's non-aggressive and hidden on the selling of the tunnel so I never fought it once in my previous two playthroughs of the game until just yesterday because this time I'm actually attempting to 100% the game

What's the best way to quickly raise affinity between two party members?I'm trying desperately to unlock the Agility Up skill link between Sharla & Dunban so I can bench Sharla already.I'm already at the Snow Mountain and still no progress

>>514380497I did the Bana quest before the dragon quest

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>>514382649Give lots of gifts from the affinity chart, or go accept/hand back a lot of sidequests

>>514380569>perspectiveNia doesn't even have cleavage. It's definitely bigger than canon.

>>514363358>"Oh no Shulk, don't listen to them, you should fuck Melia instead">(psst, nah, just kidding, You should totally fuck Fiora, don't tell Melia I said that though lol)>"Oh yeah, Shulk, Melia is the best wife for you, think of the winged children and stuff">(That dumb bird actually thinks I'm on her side, haha what a loser)

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>>514385234The hell was her endgame anyway?

>>514385439To cause as much chaos as possible

>>514382649The actual fastest way to do it isn't until much later. There's a level 87 Unique, Storm Belagon in Eryth sea. He has sleep spikes, anyone who strikes him will be put to sleep. Make whoever you're grinding affinity for the leader and give them 100% debuff or sleep resist, leave the others resistless. As your allies strike the unique monster, they will fall sleep. You run up to them and mash B to wake them up, repeat the process until everyone is maxed. As of right now your best bet is gifts or just doing sidequests.

>need Lewisia Silver>Agniritha is destroyedhelp

>>514386091>Lewisia SilverTrade with Berryjammy, she has them at 5 star affinity in Colony 6. Though if you need them for the restoration I do not know if you can max out stars before finishing the colony. Otherwise farm the watchtower from 7PM to 5AM.

I'm playing this for the first time, and god damn these sidequests just will not stop comingThis game's gonna end up being like 200 hours long at this rate

>>514379871clearly it's both

>>514386581play only enough to do the main story, except for timed quests, do all the non timed side quests when youre way overleveled to get em out faster.

>>514385234>knows in her heart her fiance Gadolt is alive somewhere>but sizes up Reyn as his replacement almost 5 minutes upon meeting the guy

>post yfw youtu.be/gsO9cjxrS-c?t=164

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>>514386950>wow Reyn, you're really like Gadolt, the fiance I would've married if not for the mechon>anyways he was basically my dad growing upthey sure gave Sharla one hell of an introduction


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>>514347931Go to Prison Island. Get to the cathedral. Just grind time trials and buy the items.

>>514387880You don't even need to reach the Cathedral, the moment you step foot on Prison Island 2, the other Time Trial portals will have the items available.

>>514386423how do you get items to respawn faster?

>>514385439She wanted a catfight

>>514374001If ya didn't 100% all of Indol you are already screwed

>>514388027Fast travel to 2 different areas before returning to the original. The game tracks your collectables in your current area and previous area, and resets one that falls out of that queue.


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>>514374001You can't truly 100% 2 before NG+ because certain blades are NG+ exclusive, and their heart to hearts are required to complete one of the DLC blades' affinity chart nodes.You're also screwed if you killed the baby Armu before it could turn into a superboss, or didn't do the three or so missable quests in Indol.

>>514388458XCX2 on New Super Switch 2, XCXDE if XCX2 sells well.

>>514388458>XCXDE2025>XCX22021 I hope

I fucking hate the lizard unique monster in FC, that fucking AOE followed by "if you are toppled you die" shit is too much bullshit.

>>514387265My favorite is still the transition from the final cutscene to the credits in Torna.

>>514388879You talking about the>shows Jin burning down the house with the diary and leaving gramps>goes over the cloud sea>ends in the sunken ship with a zoom in on RexIf yes, then yeah that was a fucking amazing shot, definitely.

>>514382669As you should. He's about 3 levels lower.

I just ordered the Xenoblade 2 artbook anons! Even if there's rips online, I feel having it in my hand is a much bigger connection

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>>514389534>tfw got cucked out of Xeno1 CE for not preordering right awayHesitation is defeat

>>514389825Yeah, I got hit with that too. Now I know better, at least. There's still ones aviable on amazon.jp though, if you still havent gotten one, for like ~9700 yen, its a bit cheaper than in my home country even. I might get it once I've got more than just a bit to spare, although I'm not certain the new art book is that much different from the monado secret files. Also don't forget to pre-order your Melia and if there maybe will be one Fiora figurines as soon as they hit the pre order market, that shits gonna sell out fast.

Anyone else get a glitch in the cutscene before the final Xord fight? The camera angles were messed up, and the elevator wasn't there, leaving everyone standing on thin air.

Attached: EbZFa6SUEAEoU2g.jpg (1583x2048, 197.63K)

>>514390627Nia is so cute!Also damn, that is really well drawn.

Lads I'm fighting amalthus and me and tora are doing great but zeke dies ten seconds into the battle everytime. Idk why, I habe aggro reisist and health up on him, plus aggro up on tora, but after one attack hes at like half health.

>>514365619i just farmed for topple resist gems. the Dragon at the end of the ponspectors questline was pure luck though

>science boy from alcamoth in FCIm glad i paid special attention to the alcamoth quest

Man these threads are comfy

>>514396449They're both more comfy and less dead than the general in /vg/, which is pretty sad. In general 90% of people in threads in /vg/ don't even like the game theyre posting about for hours and hours

Attached: 1593119906291.jpg (1748x1181, 1.61M)

>>514396717this thread isn't half bad but a good 80% of Holla Forums xenoblade threads are absolute shitfests. in comparison what goes o inn /vg/ is a godsend.

>>514397068Haven't really been in too many on Holla Forums, so that might be my mistake. It is sadly a fact tho that the general has been on "no substance post when it hits last page" literal life support for the last like 20 hours now

Tyrea should have been a party member in FC. Could have been some clone/half-clone of Dunban/Fiora if like with the Nopon kids they didn't feel like making new arts.

>>514386581I finished the game recently and did all the sidequests I found along the way, as well as five starred Frontier Village, Alcamoth and Hidden Village. I was at 72 hours when I beat Zanza and moved on to FC.

>>514397508I would've preferred her as a party member over Shulk any day.

>EmpireOh so they're the bad guys>Emperor is based>They're objectively the good guysThey fucking caught me twice with this shit. Can't wait to fall for it again in Xenoblade 3.

>>514379158Almost all the side content in XB1 is completionist fluff for autists. There's a few you need to do for the extra skill trees, though, and those extra trees have some pretty broken shit in them.

>>514397885Sharla's 5th tree requires you to get real close to 100%

>>514366594Why did Meyneth seem so much weaker than Zanza? Shouldn't she have had abilities like future seeing powers as well?

>>514366489Yeah. I kinda hated that about it.He's just there with his fake Monado tagging along. The whole fucking thing is about Melia, with Nene and Kino occasionally chiming in to be goofballs.

>>514396449Sometimes they are, and sometimes it's fanbase warring because XB1 and 2 are so tonally different they attract different groups of people.

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>>514398278Meyneth wasn't hoarding ether

How should I build each character? I know that Dunban should have all light armor and Reyn should have all heavy armor, but what about the other characters?

>chapter 7 ending>mfw MONADO CYCLONE >mfw land of morytha in generalIs this all klaus' doing or is there much more to it than that? Also just got qtpi and now the game feels like its on easy mode, even without having her full decked outWhat difference does easy mode make for tiger tiger?

Attached: goddamn.jpg (537x527, 32.59K)

Fiora, what are you doing? He's your brother!>>514398278She's just weaker in general, because she was just really close to Klaus, but not the one triggering the event. Just look at her x2 counterpart, Klaus is the literal acting force and the highest god in that universe while Meyneth is some mutant core crystal thing in morytha>>514366489Yeah, although I would've been upset if the extra story wouldve been only melia, having Shulk in there adds literally nothing. It should've been Melias story alone

Attached: 4zit62sojy551.png (2560x1440, 2.47M)

>>514366489Felt weird that aside from Melia referencing past events, there is no one who acknowledges Shulk as the guy who wielded the Monado against the Mechon, killed god, and rebirthed the world.

>>514366489I haven't played it yet but from what everyone else is saying wouldn't Riki had made more sense than Shulk?

the way characters in FC keep referencing "the war" is...weirdit doesn't feel like the characters in the main game ever really talked about things like this? especially once it shifted to everyone fighting together against the telethia and Zanza. something about it is offputting.

>>514398602Armor weight really doesn't matter too heavily, Dunban even gets some skills that lower his weight. Agility Gems are king, priority is to give them to Dunban first, but once you have enough every party member might as well max their Agility if they can.

>>514398697Land of Morytha is honestly my all-time favourite area. From the whole atmosphere to the entry of the thing that has been obscured by the void for all this time being there, to the implications and youtu.be/Sb-LLbh4NW0?t=29 HNNNNIts just so fucking good

Attached: i14uhsjwpo221.jpg (3840x2160, 414.97K)

>>514399062Sorta but also not really. Kino is trying to prove himself and Nene is there to make sure he doesn't get hurt, having their dad around would have completely changed their dynamic.I don't think it could have been anyone other than Shulk, the problem is he doesn't do anything. He drives the Junks to the Shoulder, plans to fix it when it wrecks, and charges his fake Monado with Ether so that he can de-Gnosis the Fog King. And that's it.

>>514399080I noticed this too.Which is weird when ultimately the war was just against one guy, Egil, with all his robots, and the High Entia only joined for a single decisive battle (which made the animosity of the High Entia troops to the Machina seem strange).I think in the main game, only Dickson uses the word war once when talking to Kallian.

>>514399202Morytha's music along with the sound of the storm in the background, and the visual in the first part of the area of the ruined city lit up by thunder and a lexos circling a cyclone in the distance were so fucking cool.

>>514399202youtube.com/watch?v=512pcIZOjm0 Also had one of the best battle themes in the game.

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>>514336653I find it amusing that Melia could realistically just play the long game and fuck Shulk's son

Attached: EaImRVSUYAMfsBj.png (1500x1500, 1.8M)

>>514398602You want armor with gem slots and remember that agility is one of the best stats in the game. Its useful on basically every character other than melia (even then its still useful for her). Most characters have a few different ways to build them so mess around with it until you find a build you like.>>514399450Yeah I suppose that would change their dynamic a lot. I guess I just wanted some more content for Riki since he kind of gets shafted in the main game, he's relevant in the story for like 30 minutes. Shulk not doing much seems really silly though, there are only 4 characters in FC, how hard is it to make all of them do something?

>>514399516Isnt that talking about the war against Zanza, the wakening Bionis and it's Telethia? It could also be another war we don't know about, considering in a deleted scene where they found something to regenerate Fioras body it's said to take around half a year. With Fiora back to normal, unless haha bullshit new technology there couldve been half a year for something else to happen.>>514399612I fucking loved how ominous the cyclone in the background with those gigantic ass Lexos was. Some people theorize those might even be Telethia, which doesnt make that much sense, but might help should the void from fc actually exist in both universes.>>514399736That's also another plus.

Attached: EFFWpBdVAAArtx2.jpg (1280x720, 98.09K)

When I first played Xenoblade, I had assumed Shulk's god powers were what still let him use Monado Arts like Shield with the Replica Monados.But apparently FC proves that Machina tech is just that damn good at copying the Monado's ether manipulation.

Does the beta scope stack for each party member with it on?

>>514400480The effect of a Beta Scope is limited to the person it's equipped to.

god this scene was adorable in DE with normal facesAlso how is Melia supposed to compete with this?

Attached: EbfuOlkVcAEGz4W.jpg (1280x720, 177.19K)

>>514398602Heavy armor is a meme. Just make sure whatever you equip has a gem slot and use skill links to keep everyone at 0 weight.

>>514401826She doesn't.Although they're still friends and help each other out, I think Melia knows her chance never really existed.

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>>514401826She can't and doesn't.Once Fiora entered the picture Melia knew it was ogre. You can see the exact moment she realises she's lost.

Attached: EbcAlgFVcAAsEGu.jpg (1280x720, 149.99K)

Melia is not for lewding!!

Happen to have two copies of xenoblade chronicles X and two wiiu's. Looking at playing through with a friend. I remember there being multiplayer but cant remember how it worked. Was it only specific missions through the quest board?

>>514401826It looked like they were going to kiss, but instead they did something somehow even more intimate. It was disgustingly adorable.

>>514401884So then should I put heavy armor on everyone if I can negate the weight through skill links?

Xeno side content is shit. The only exception is X.

>>5144025152's is mostly fine, though field skills and required merc missions take a lot of the fine out of it.

>>514402326Speaking of which, how did Shulk know she needed water shoved in her mouth when she was unconscious? Typically for non-robot people, putting water in their mouth when not conscious would be one of the last things to try.

>>514402515The Nopon drug cartel questline is pretty cool. Otherwise I agree with you.

>>514402572That is not fine. 2 is arguably the worst out of all of them due to enormous bloat.

>>514402638Mechanic's instinct.

>>514401826This scene made me feel empty

>>5144025722 also has the RNG blade crap and all the hoops you got to go through for filling out a Blade's skill tree.

>>514402638It was symbolic more than anything. He was giving her the kiss of life.

>>514402326also mentioning that "they didnt know whether to hold hands or not in a hth was fucking adorable.>>514402638I mean he knew she was breathing and that i was getting weaker, the only thing he could really do was give her water at that point. I'd also say his subconcious feelings for her, resulting in him kissing her rather than fiddling around with a can to give her water instead.

>>514402947He could've tried performing CPR. That's generally what you do when someone's breathing is weak.

>>514402739because you'll never have a cute android waifu?

>>514402739That scene made something inside of me just die. I physically felt something break.>>514403131Yes. Knowing that a level of that pure intimacy is impossible in this realm, furthermore so with a cute waifu>>514403008dont be so stingy user, shulk surely had an idea. Even if not, its just to show their relationship going even further and their reunion and all

Attached: yes.jpg (1447x1020, 1.26M)

>>514402739I know how you feel. It kicked up my tfwnogf something fierce. I've never been so close to someone, so comfortable. So happy to be in their presence, and they mine. It hurt.

>>514403425>dont be so stingy anonDo you know what the word "stingy" even means?

>>514403567to be fair, according to google definition "being unable to give/spend" so you could take it as being unable to give me the ease of mind and just letting it be. But, no. I write what sounds right, not what I've learnt. Also, to be extra fair, it means the same as petty when translated into my language. In my defense I focus more on consuming than putting out when learning a lanauge, same with jp.

Shulk and Fiora look to much like siblings. People with similar hair and eye colors shouldn't copulate.


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>>514403979Contain your race-mixing fetish Pedro.

>>514334736I'm at the Fallen Arm Right Now and i'm woeeied about Colony 6's Reputation. I got everything to level 3 on the reconstruction except for Nature (because Ice Cabbages) and i olny have 2 stars on it while i have 3-4 stars on the other Areas (except the Hidden Village). Am i doing something Wrong ?

>>514404038get this stupid fucking bipolar shitty cooking having ass BITCH out of here we're talking about xenoblade 1

>>514403979>I want my kids to look like mutts: the post

>>514404139you need to do more sidequests which you'll unlock more of as you develop, its a slow grind for Colony 6

>>514404165>Xenoblade thread.>It’s time for another Xenoblade thread.Oh you mean Xenoblade X.

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>>514404139You're doing better than most people running through the game would.It looks like you are doing it anyway, but do a handful of Quests at the Hidden Village to get a new Monado skill One of the best abilities in the whole game.

>h-artist makes hot pyra titjob>except the core crystal is nowhere to be seenwhat a shame

>>514404139Colony 6 reputation will lag behind since a lot of the quests come after late game events and rebuilding the colony to a sufficient level.

>>514404139Most of the Colony 6 quests aren't unlocked until you've moved in nearly every immigrant, so don't worry about it.

>>514404038>that stomachI can't live in a world anymore where such complete perfection is only accesible and existing behind a screen.

Attached: 1593062737830 (1).jpg (850x1204, 125.46K)

>>514404038She seems like the type of girl who's mean to you in front of other people but is incredibly sweet in private and deepthroats you in the bedroom.

Attached: __hikari_xenoblade_and_1_more_drawn_by_ippers__c4a9f74360a646bd904f7912c34d9eaa.jpg (920x1523, 205.95K)

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>>514404452There are women with tight bodies like that out there, but you better be rich and an athlete. It's downright tragic we moved away from 80s fitness culture, fit women were everywhere.

>>514404376CSR is a fake fan bro

>>514404670Sadly I've become way too influenced user. No matter the perfection of a 3D body, I can legit not feel anything for it. The way some artists draw certain things just blew a fucking fuse in my brain or something. It literally killed my interest in any form of actual women.

Attached: 36bt52cz0gy21.jpg (768x1100, 127.52K)

>>514404038It's hotter when Mythra is drenched in sweat than when I slowly die of a heatstroke in my own home.

i have a nice screenshot of fioras butt do you ugys wanna see

Opinions on the ponsprectors as a mechanic?. I kinda like it even if it just big damage, big heal or big utility. Wish there was a better way to execute than a cinematic attack

>>514405143I wish it didn't replace Chain Attacks.

>>514405143They're fun but they make the game run worse.

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Sword Valley drained me of my enthusiasm for DE. Does it get better in Galahad Fortress?

>>514404902I've experienced that. I theorize it's your brain disassociating arousal from 3D women because you jerk off to hentai all the time and real women have nothing to do with you.I mean that's how it is for me, I figure.


Attached: 1590920947344.png (653x813, 859.71K)

>>514405474Yeah, no, that's right on the nail. I've been a shut-in for as long as I can remember, only going out for school or work. Not because noone wanted me but I just never got the interest to socialize. I even started nutting to 3d porn less and less as well, so even that is fading at a rapid pace. On one hand I've got access to easy happiness by being able to enjoy and get into stuff like Xenoblade or anime way easier, but I suppose it's anything but normal, so I can be glad it doesn't hurt me that much.

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>progressed too far and got locked out of an area in XC2 I should've known better, did I miss anything good from buying out vendors or quests? Will I be able to return later or am I fucked? If I get a blade that has a quest starting there I'm gonna be almildly annoyed

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>>514405781I hope you find happiness, Pneuma friend.

Attached: __homura_and_fiorun_xenoblade_and_2_more_drawn_by_mochimochi_xseynao__4d5b61125f16a8ba86f2168d0afd219c.jpg (1000x1000, 223.17K)

>>514406090What area?

>>514405781You might think that, but get with a hot naked girl who wants to fuck you, and I bet your instincts would kick in.


>>514406090There are like two or three side-quests there that you can actually miss. Everything else you can get somewhere else.

>>514388834Play as Shulk/Nene/Kino and stack agility on our boy so he doesn't miss. Either through Rudra unique armour or through agility gems, found by the side of the entrance to the cave going up to the Alcamoth transporter. Focus on filling your talent gauge, and do armour > armour > shield (just armour > shield if you don't need armour up, a little safer), refreshing shield until the fucker uses his bullshit party wipe, then repeat. Do union strikes when you can for big damage.

>>514406105I'm more blessed than other anons, due to receiving a good amount of happiness but thank you, user. I wish you the best of luck with yourself.>>514406090No blade quests, a few missable side quests, the rest just moves elsewhere>>514406136No, that'd definitely be the case, for sure. But that's just human instinct, isnt it? I just have no drive at all to try, so unless there's a girl literally pulling my dick out out of nowhere I really don't have any interest for them.

>>514406193There is no return. Fortunately, there's nothing exclusive there either. All of the items can be bought elsewhere, all of the materials can be collected elsewhere, and the blade quest gets moved.

>>514396396And yet no sign of Miriall. Should have been the one dying protecting Teelan instead of his literal who father.

FC:>The boy from the research lab quest comes back and tyrea is taking care of him>No word yet of the other high entia woman that was taking care of him thenI guess i shouldn't expect 100% continuity with random endgame sidequests

Is there a site or document that will tell me which armor pieces I need to buy in order to get each different cosmetic set?

Just beat Torna and with that, have no more xeno content to play. When does XC3 come out?

>>514407405Never. But what did you think of Torna compared to other Xeno content?

>>514407405Have you played Gears and Saga? If so, well, XB3 is probably in development right now and I imagine it'll come in 2022-2025, whenever the Switch is getting close to the end of its life.

Is Xenogears long?

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>>514407405>When does XC3 come out?After Xeno IX if Nintendo stop taking half the studio to fix Zelda games

>>514407653Monolith has like four teams across two offices now. They have a dedicated team that does nothing but assist Nintendo with their projects. There is no one being taken away from working on XB3.

Wonder if XB3 is going to be a game taking place after XB1, considering Future Connected seems to be hinting at being part of the start of a set-up for a sequel.And if so, I wonder if it will be something like hundreds of years into the future, where only Melia would still be alive.

>>514407971That doesn't seem to be in the spirit of the series. Xenoblade has so far all had different protagonists in different worlds telling different stories. A direct sequel doesn't seem appropriate.

>>514407576Better than FC, and certain parts of 2 (Bana overstays his welcome in base game). Hard to talk much about it since it is short, but the story is more focused and longer than FC, which is good in my book>>514407598Yeah, Gears is great and saga is fun too. It seems I had a previous save of Torna from when it came out, but I must have forgotten about it since I didn't get far

>>514407971>>514408478not like they need to anyway. Theyve shown time and time again how capable they are of creating an entirely new story and still just making an amazing fucking game.

>>514407971There will be a relation between them, but Xeno series is gonna go hard on multiverse so dont expect to see familiar faces, just familiar names like Vandham, Bana, etc

>>514336653I want to preen hear feather pubes!

>>514364527>I should also teach you my Electric Nut Buster!KEKERS the lore deepens

>>514343634I turned it on to farm crystals, get fucked lole

>that guy who killed superbosses with heavy armor and level 1 guys>took him 10 minutes of attempting topple lock but it workedyou have no excuse, git gud

>>514410217Im more of a savescuming chest type of guy

>>514353383the gormotti got raped sideways by the ardanians when these invaded to get land from them so its an inside joke about how unprepared the gormotti were to the ardanian occupation, so she says "ready or gormotti" in the sense that gormotti were fookin stoopid and unprepared

>>514353383she thinks its funny as hell because she has no friends

>>514402515I agree with you, but X also has some of the worst sidequests in the seriesI can't imagine doing something like The Blood Lobster without a guide.

I want to passionately make love to Fiora while intimately kissing her and pour all my love inside of her as we both climax and fall asleep in each others arms, as our foreheads touch one another and her breasts press against me, while our fingers are intertwined.

Attached: EaIIYIoUYAEOyq5.jpg (707x1000, 286.05K)

>>514412175Calm down Shulk. You don't have to tell us that, I mean Melia is right there. Look, she's trying not to cry. Have some tact, man.

>>514412673the mental image that gave me is pretty funny. thanks for making my desperate waifupost worth something, user.

Holla Forumsros, I just got to THAT cutscene before Apocrypha. I knew what was going to happen, and yet it still hit just as hard. Holy shit Melia just got her heart torn to shreads.

Attached: 1591187821693.jpg (753x762, 518.43K)

>>514413186>That little sigh they got the VA to doShe sounds so defeated. She knew she already lost, and that moment was her acknowledging it.

>>514413186Why must she suffer so much? I just wanted her to be able to find happiness in something.

Attached: 345354.jpg (1000x820, 191.06K)

>>514413186I always found it quite mean that show it in slow motion, like god damn I love Fiora but holy shit Melia must be fucking suicidal at this point

Attached: 1593045664967.jpg (1280x720, 190.64K)

>>514353383It's funny because she's not a Gormotti

Is Minoth the most satisfying character to control in the series?

Attached: minoth.png (350x350, 194.89K)

>>514413525you know what, at the start pf 2 when nia is introduced she side eyes rex and it goes slowmo, kind of a parallel a little bit

>>514413983That slow-mo was just Rex being in awe of seeing a bunch of drivers and their blades walk-out in dramatic fashion.

>>514374451why is this fucking cat smug all the time

>>514413517I know some people try to ship her and Dunban, but holy fuck Dunban was probably balls deep in Vanea's sweet Machina pussy immediately after the rebirth.

Attached: Vanea.png (215x480, 134.08K)

>>514374451to be fair 99% of japanese artists began their career with hentai doujins so technically all of them are or were porn artists

>>514414340because a flat chested kitsune trying to bully you is really cute

Attached: 386.jpg (390x421, 115.12K)

>>514399202Going inside Torna's womb felt more eerie after playing the DLC. And before Morytha the game played out more like a standard fantasy so suddenly seeing modern streets made it really impactful. .

>>514374856>racism is stupidwell it still exists

>Central FactoryHow far am I from the end?

Attached: Dt6D5KTU4AA_vyL.png (520x624, 306.7K)

>>514414569Honestly, which artist didnt? I am really fucking shit and am just planning to get into art someday when I finsh my current endeavour, and even I tried actually drawing, not just doodling, porn. >>514414828I played the DLC afterwards so I can't comment on that. And yeah, going from old ruins to that is fucking amazing. It also doesn't overstay it's welcome, so the impact is lasting.

>>514399080The war against the Machina has been ongoing for more than the MC's lifetimes, it just flared up again during the game.

>>514407065fucking Bana shows up as an antagonist at the end of a huge sidequest chain, they really couldn't make up their mind on whether boring XB1 shit no-one did should matter or not

>>514415110If you rush story with only necessary leveling ~6-10 hours. You're more or less about to hit the last quarter

>>514413525>I'm nothing compared to herFuck this always just makes me so sad.She lost her father, just lost her brother and most of her race, and is still managing to hold herself together and resolve to take down the ones that turned into Telethia to protect the survivors.But Melia is unable to see her own strength in this, that when she see's Fiora's strength she goes into full self-loathing.

>>514375728as jrpgs goes its one of the bestas far games go its still ehhh and some retarded localization rules were applied like turning nopon in MEHMEHMEH spam in FC

>>514405781You just need to spend some time with someone with a cute butt who likes you.

>>514415379>who likes youAnd that's where it stops. The constant effort that requires is just too much work for it to pay out in the long run. I simply dont have enough interest to go through that somewhat long process to reach that point. Especially not when I have sometimes just find amazing beauty out of nowhere. I'm sure deep down I still have all those desires and stuff, but on the outside that shit isn't there, user. Some looks and the added feeling of maybe love can't beat 2D beauty for me.

Attached: D0io8B6UYAAvWSG.jpg (1215x2048, 279.92K)

>>514415976I'm sorry you feel that way. If it's any consolation, there's others in your situation or close to it. I've never known love myself. You can say that 2D is enough for you, but Pneuma, and by extension every 2D woman ever made, is based on real women in some capacity. I am sure there is some sweet, pretty girl out there who would be perfect for someone like us.And anyway, the girls of Xenoblade are hardly just waifu charicatures. They all have their bite to them. Mythra in particular is a real ball buster.

>>514416947It's honestly not the bad thing you make it out to be. It's not like I'm cursing whatever I have as a negative condition. It's pretty comfy being able to live as this. I agree with your second point, but I feel 2D builds on the real thing and perfects it more so. There might be, but I don't really need it.Also, agreed. Most girls from other series are just kind of perfect beings so having some flaws is actually refreshing.

>>514417553How old are you? Not the OP, but I've got Aspergers and went through something like this when I was in my teens/early 20s. Now I'm nearly 30 and the instinct to breed is kicking in hard, which is unfortunate because of the aforementioned autism hindering my ability to meet new people (ie. women) and having never forced myself to learn to socialise I can't even make friends let alone a girlfriend. If you're younger than me there's probably still time to unfuck yourself, and trust me this isn't something you should be complacent about.

>>514415976An adult should not be averse to some work.

>>514375728Daddy pig is in it, it rules.

Which Sword from the Xeno series do you like the most?>>514418393just about 19, to be honest I was like this ever since I started puberty, and I mean I am able to make friends, I just always lose interest and let the relationship die off.>>514418453But for something like that I am just way too lazy, user. I dont feel any love towards 3d and any kind of social stigma doesn't really bother me either.

Attached: 4b4.png (640x360, 405.38K)

>>514419263That's fair for a 19 year old, but take it from me, socializing is a useful skill you need to maintain an edge on if you wish to live a full life. You don't need to fake laugh at everything, you don't need to shill, most will accept a quiet person who communicates with them, but you do need to know how to live with other people and maintain relationships.

>>514419263The Monado II is fucking cool.I also always felt that Mythra's sword looked sorta generic sword of light compared to the firework show that Pyra's sword is.And as someone who's 30 who wishes he had spent more time socializing when he was younger, don't squander this time you have as a young person. You don't want to get to be as old as me and not have any friends and no relationships.

>>514419263>just about 19, to be honest I was like this ever since I started pubertyNo offense, but you don't have any idea what the next decade of your life will entail; you might be the kind of person who doesn't need human relationships, but even if you are- that could always change. And the ability to make friends is a precious thing, don't let it go rusty because the world is a very different place outside of highschool and college where you're forced to interact with others. This is less an argument of "don't count your chickens before they're hatched" and more, "don't smash the chicken coop just because you don't feel like an omelette right now". The latter is what I did and it fucking sucks because now I'm a 30 year old loser. Yeah for all people justifiably complain being a virgin isn't fun, but what's worse is not having any friends. Don't turn into me.

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>>514420470Listen to this user, Pneumabro. I'm in a similar boat as him. You don't want to wake up one day at 30 and wonder where the FUCK the last ten years of your life went and why you sleep alone every night and why you don't have any friends to do anything with.You might think you're alright with that right now. You might think that other people are a hassle and you'd rather play video games, or that women and relationships are too much work. You don't know if that will still be the case in a year or five years or ten years. If you don't hold on to other people, they will let you slip through the cracks into the abyss where you may never find a way back out.You know what feeling Xenoblade and really every other JRPG gives me? That feeling of,>"God, I wish I had a group of people that cared about me like this guy."

anybody know where to get a double attack gem from? I only got one dropped from a dino need another one really bad

>>514421360You'll end up crafting most of your gems.

>>514421483yeah sorry I mean endgame ore to craft that gem

>>514420470I just dont see how such a change could ever happen, if all I do is spend 8 hours in a necessity and the rest right here, doing only what I like. At this point my brains gone to the point where its rewired any kind of bonds I have away from actual socializing in real life, so as long as I can finance my existence and perhaps a bit of added merchandise I don't really mind having a in normal eyes "subpar life">>514421107That's what I mean though. I just got kinda sad because nothing that pure and intimate could ever be existing in real life. There might besubstitues, but not that. And because I want that, life just doesn't seem that intersting which is why I'll spend most of my time consuming weebshit.

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>mfw this threadI'M DONEI'M GOING HOME

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>>514421539Only source of rank V double attack is from those lvl 95 T-rexes in Makna ForestThey also drop debuff resist and unbeatable which are good too

>>514421582>>514421107>>514420470anyway this shit is getting off-topic, I think we should stop

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>>514421758man fuck thats exactly where I got my first one while farming debuff resist. Thanks tho

>>514421767>>514421582Alright, but when you wake up at 29 wondering what happened the last decade don't say we didn't warn you not to throw your life in the toilet.

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I can't be the only one who prefers 2 to 1 right? Like, I'm enjoying my first playthrough of XC1 with DE. But 2's Blade system was a game changer. I'd love to see it return in some capacity. I also liked the more varied enviroments of 2, not to say 1 doesn't have a lot going on in that respect as well.

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>>514422049I like both the same. Though I "prefer" 2 because it's a dopamindispenser and basically a drug.

>>514422049I think what happened is you're remembering playing 2 after unlocking all the good shit like the shop deed perks, access to Poppi QTpi, double pouches to maintain buffs from good food to lower the art cooldown, having unlocked the affinity chart for your rare blades, Crossette and/or Corvin.Yeah at endgame with expansion pass content the game is like a dream, but there's 100+ hours of fucking around getting there. Personally I also want to strangle the person who thought up Field Skills, and crack together the heads of everyone in a position of authority who had the power to stop that fucking madman bent on wasting everyone's god damn time.

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>>514419263>Which Sword from the Xeno series do you like the most?Malos' Monado

>>514422049Nah there's a lot of people that prefer 2. I've yet to play it but will probably pick it up at some point in the future. This was my first time playing 1 and I had a pretty good time with it. I've heard the combat is a lot more complex in 2 which is also usually the reason I see for people preferring it. I'm only slightly hesitant because the gacha system seems really stupid and it seems a lot more weeby than 1 is.

>>514422049There's a lot to like about XB2 and in general its battle system is more entertaining (albeit not actually any deeper) not to mention it has a lot of fun characters and there's a metric fuckton of side content to pursue, a lot of actually good compared to the endless timewasting busywork of XB1. The game is a joy to play once you figure it out and there's always something to uncover.That said there's a lot to not like about it as well. As >>514422431 said, Field Skills are awful. They force you to postpone exploration in favor of grinding out affinity charts for your blades, another low point of the game. Sure, it feels great to get those affinity charts filled out but so much of it is just MMO-tier busywork just like the first game. Go here, kill that. And unlike DE it doesn't have the good grace of marking what you need to kill on a convenient map.As good as the game is, there's a lot of little annoyances and questionable design decisions that drag it down, too.

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>>514422049I'm enjoying 1, but the battle UI in 2 is infinitely superior and makes the entire game experience much more enjoyable overall. Just that one thing makes a lot of difference.

>Complete exploration fag in jrpgs.>If a map has a FoW, I MUST explore it all.>Get to Eryth Sea>Have explored 40% of the map>Suddenly don't feel like exploring anymore

>>514414530>the fucking jiggle in classic versionI actually coomed, was 24 at the time fml

>>514423845FoW is lifted when you find all the Fast Travel points and named locations.Just look up an image of the Eryth Sea map online and head to any points of interest you've missed to chart the whole thing at once.