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What are you currently playing? What's your favorite RTS game? Are there any worthwhile RTS on sale right now?

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youtube.com/watch?v=8U2AWYNYY1c>tfw the only game to try something like this again was company of heroes 2 and the mechanic hasn't been used since the game launched

The only correct way to play C&C is to enter FFA or Teamgame and engie rush enemies one by one.


Was looking forward to iron harvest but it was more janky than expected.Company of heroes 3 when?

>>514319546CoH3 would be cool if it took place in the Pacific, with USA, japs, and anglos/aussies.

>>514317635SC2. SC2. SC2 is free.

Wanted to like steel division but the maps are too big, borderline grand strategy.

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>>514320201I still wish the lobby finder was more prominent. They're still trying very hard to push 1v1 more than anything even though only a small part of players really want it.

>>514317635I'm meant to be playing TS. game is atmospheric as fuck>>514319546>>514319694I think I'd like something with the same sort of mechanics as coh but a different setting and called something else. it's nice gameplay, worth imitating

>>514320856I'd like to see them return to CoH1 where factions like the brits felt more unique and there was more base stuff.

>>514317635more TD than RTS, Creeper World 4 Demo

>>514320963I hear nothing but complaining about coh 1 brits

>>514321324They were my favorite faction.

>>514317635>What's your favorite RTS game?You posted it


I looked into zero-k and noticed there is a ton of different units. In most RTS I feel like there are already units that are never used. Is this as bloated as it looks?

>>514322532It's a Total Annihilation staple. Tons of units that you probably won't use.

SC2. Finally close to making diamond. I'm so close to being qualified to be a twitch chat opinion guy.>>514322402This series was unironically my introduction to RTS as a genre.

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Thoughts on Empires: Dawn of the Modern World? I almost never see it mentioned

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>>514323295TS Warzone?

Anyone here play Dawn of the Tiberian Age?

>>514324050Twisted Insurrection

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>>514322795>got into diamond by spamming a 3-min zerg rush cheese>still dont know shit about the gameDo I get to be the twitch chat opinion guy

Brood war phantoms and slayers bgh. So fun

open.spotify.com/album/6diK51gAlxp4pbpmoe8Ahc?nd=1https://open.spotify.com/album/0PVfiTe7jFoMIcKr4yvkEk?nd=1https://open.spotify.com/album/1BdrAyFCmYxsu3aGzQwIt0?nd=1thread playlists

>>514320282literally git gud ya simp

>>514323936I loved the game and all these years later i still remember it for being like the only historical game about Koreans ive played up to todaySaying the word HWACHA is still funny

age of empires 2, definitive edition

dawn of war is the single most cum inducing rts game ever. nothing else can come even close to it

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>>514324437>>514323295I feel like this mod would sate my urge to turtle up and play simcity by making a huge megabasedo the new buildings and map sizes accomodate this?

>>514324437A bit too much visual noise and lack of clarity but at least it doesn't make everything look plastic like that other HD mod I've seen in some other threads.

>>514324964Walk Softly and carry a big gun

>>514324964kill animations where great, too bad they broke the balance so much

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>>514324964it's a shame 2nd and 3rd games were pretty shitewell, the 2nd was alright but it gets boring after a while. It'd be better if it was more like the 1st game

>Kohan: Ahirman's Gift is not on saleBeing a RTS fan is pain


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Is Rise of Nations any good?

>>514325102map sizes do, buildings are all right, its standalone so it doesn't hurt to check it, it does have the options to play with both GDI and NOD at the same time, and it also has the options to use the tiberian dawn units as well, and it comes with a not finished campaign of tiberian dawn

>>514325140It's not that bad when you look at it on proper resolution, screenshots do make it look kinda cramped

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>>514324964yeah, good that you post dow2 then, which is really not that good an rts at all.


The indoor missions of the campaign where pretty neat

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>>514324437>>514323295I really don't like the notion of new factions as corporations.

>>514325224if DoW2 had kill animations like this, it would have been the greatest game ever.

>>514325482Yes and no. The issue is the game has terrible AI, nearly C&C terrible AI. End eras become races to dropping nukes on capitals (yes they try to 'balance' it with nuclear winter but it doesn't work). Also, if you do Take Over The World Campaign, you always pick the factions that have the best end game units because that's eventually where you get stuck. So Germany is king by and large. Tiger Rank, MG42's, Stormtroopers. USA has a few good ones too. UK has Wellingtons and Black Watch which is alright.

>>514326302the problem with them is that they are either overpowered, complete shit or bothlocking a unit into one of those animations means that you either make it invincible during it or you don't, if it is invincible then you can just abuse it to make shitty high damage low hp units soak a lot of damage just by locking them into animations, and if you don't your units get shafted whenever they get locked into onelook at the avatar of khaine in dow, it was garbage when it came to combat because it couldn't kill a squad of guardsmen without extreme micromanagement since it would get locked into animations for almost every enemy model

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Is pic related good? I like Steel Division and CoH fwiw (for what it's worth)

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>>514320282Agreed.>>514324650It's boring, faggot. No amount of flavor of the month words you use will change the fact that it feels and looks like controlling tiny ants doing irrelevant fucking shit.


>>514327205Structurally it is much better than Steel Division. Modern combat is a snorefest though.>Guys shooting missiles at each other from five billion miles away>Virtually indistinguishable infraty except for muh manpads>500 vehicles, planes and helis but only 12 are good

>>514326270Me neither, but I'm willing to give it a pass on that because the mod is that good. Corporations were still a thing around TD's time, so it's plausible that one of them would help GDI in the alternate world where they lost to Nod. Still sounds silly though, it's more like a Red Alert thing than something that would happen in the Tiberian universe, honestly wish they would change this 'help' they got to something else than a stupidass huge megacorp.

Despite what the previous posters in this thread say, I am seriously considering Steel Divison 2.It's between this and HoI4, and SD looks like it has a lot more WW2 unit autismo,

>>514317635Man TS/FS are so fucking SOULFULL

>>514329454It does have tons of units but you need to control 20+ at any given time. You'll never be able to zoom in and appreciate the unit animations and the ranges involved are so huge you'll probably never even see what killed your fancy tank or even see it dying. Infantry look like they came out of a PS1 game too.

Please someone give me one for this feel, RTS noob here. I like undead in WC3 and Dark Crusade.

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Is homeworld: Dune any good?


>>514327205It's alright if you like the fact that it's more of an actual war game than a RTS.

>>514329280well, you don't really have much options if you want to do a what if GDI lost the war, what other choice do you have?, mutants?, super secret society?, ayylmaos?i can't really thing of anything else that fits without switching GDI and NOD playstyles which would basically just turn it into a namechange and nothing else

How is Ancestor's Legacy?

Remainder that if its good then we might get a real RTS/FPS on the lines of battlezoneyoutube.com/watch?v=GL-sKU3wrgY

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>>514330958I didn't like the combat but a buddy of mine played all the campaigns and said they were good.

>>514330958I like it a lot. It's amateurish in some ways but I enjoyed playing the campaign and doing skirmishes.

>>514330747i mean why not just let them do the same thing that Nod did after they lost the war? Just cut their loses, go back to US to regroup, recruit people that hate Nod and when the time is right start doing guerilla warfare. Nod only has Euroasia and Africa, they don't have both American continents and the US populance would be much more sympathetic to the GDI cause, their situation isn't that bleak for a mere corporation to be their sole salvation.

Is Spellforce 3 any good

>>514331901Would be like Red Alert where the allies are the more subtle approach while soviets are brute force.

>>514317635Hey bros, check out this WICKED Grinder cover!youtu.be/PQLM_Xd_gTY


>>514325378>Kohan is not available in your country for some reasonIt is pain.

>>514317635There is something about Firestorm's lighting and use of colors that after two decades still manages to leave me with a hard on which nothing could compare to

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Do RTS games really need a billion factions? The more factions an RTS game has, generally the worse the balance is. Warcraft 3 was a mess of balance as they tried to make 4 races play differently and still be balanced.

>>514330231Heroes of Annihilated Empires? Warlords Battlecry?Heroes of Might and Magic or Age of Wonders?

>>514317635That looks so comfy, you just wanna see your harvester pick up that tiberium, make the return trip with 3 tiberian fiends chasing it.youtube.com/watch?v=gbo9gqZEGUU

>>514332868Balance is gay, who cares, more races is fun

>>514325391Battle of middle earth 1 and 2, were both fantastic.

>>514317635I find every rts unplayable after sc2 and I wish I never played it. Used to be my favorite genre.

>>514333085>more races is funnot when most of them suck or are lame reskins

Is mental omega any good? The OC faction is kinda off putting.

>>514333827It's good, and the faction is also good, and their music is also good.

>>514334276aight, downloading

Oh, oops just passing through.

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>>514317635I fucking love Tib Sun and Twisted Insurrection but playing them always feels like a weird trippy dream sequence. Something about their aesthetics just seems very surreal.

>>514334487Those campaign difficulties are no joke.

starting to finaly get bored of c&c remastered, almost done with every single missiongreat fucking purchase, worth every dollar

>>514333827Bloat mod in my opinion.

>>514334534Based, dab on retards that can't scatter. Is that the latest patch? On launch I had to install the game to my SSD to fix the stutter but I was curious if the patch fixed it since they weren't precaching sprites at all initially.

>>514335101they attempted to fix iti don't know if it succeeded

>>514335101It's an old webm luckily

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>>514321432The Brits were a faction for faggots. Vanilla CoH had a perfect dynamic with the OG Wehr and Americans around territory control and microing your units. The most annoying thing was Def Doc being an unfun static defense way of playing that threw off an otherwise 9/10 interplay.The Brits were Def Doc as a faction. Dig a trench, move your truck, lock it down, build emplacements. Ad nauseum, with some exception for Royal Commandos players (but it was never balanced properly, either OP or underwhelming). PE was not much better.

>>514317635A bit of Starcraft 2 and I just bought Spellforce 1, AoM, and AoE 2 so I'll have some fun with those soon.

>>514333085you're shit and gay. if it's not balanced then some or most of these extra things will be useless

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>>514326165>bunker cityfucking sold, downloading now.

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>>514334614its the perfect dystopic alien invasion aesthetic, except there is no ayys yet and they retconned the soul before scrin happened.

>>514336825i think its like mission 8 or something of the nod campaign, it was pretty neat, considerably easy tough even on hard compared to the rest of the missions

>>514336823wut gaem

>>514336514Koreans use the most scummy tactics, bad influence on the fans.

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Am I just nostalgic or is Impossible Creatures good? Thinking about buying it. also cnc3 is underrated and a good game.

>>514317979could you maybe point out what is the unique and relevant part of this 30-minute video?

>>514337631Eat sonic emitter, Nod scum.

>>514326165ah yes well known game SCRN0066. gonna buy it on gog

>>514337179>storm drop>scummyNah. What's scummy is what Dark did to Stats, cheesy ass little gook.

>>514326165oh man i loved this mission. controlling the critters was so much fun

>>514337631>destroyed the asthetic tib sun set up>killed the cool future units for muh tib dawn redux kanes wrath isn't enough to save everything after red alert 2. 3d command and conquer was a mistake.

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>>514325378Just checked again and the Kohan Warchest is 90% off!!Based Gabe

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>>514317635Wait. Is this tiberium sun? It’s like the only c and c I never played.

>>514325391>Crossbowmen lose the ability to form a Wedge for a damage buff>Pikemen can't drop their spears to teach Rohan why they're a joke of a countryUnit combining was good in theory but in practice I never saw a reason to bother with it.

>>514338750>he missed out on the actual best c&c what the fuck have you been doing retard?

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>>514336514>>514335449starcraft fucking sucks and is the reason rts died

>>514337847Mammoth Tank reporting in.

>>514338914I don't know bro. I had a friend at school what would never let me play it but went on about it to the point where I didn't care anymore.Best way to play this? GOG?

>>514325224DoW2 does have some kill animations, but mostly for heroes. Some normal units like Orks still have them though, I know my boyz had unique kills against at least Space Marines and Eldar.The problem was always balance though. In one of the DoWs (I think it was the first), you still still take damage during an animation but not die, so you likely died instantly as soon as the animation finished. In 2, you were straight up immune, so you wanted to preform as many animations as possible to have your units soak tons of damage. Neither one really worked.

How does C&C Remastered compare to OpenRA?

>terran vs zerg ai skirmish>block the ramp and set up siege tanks and couple of marines>destroy the initial wave of zerg attackok so what's the next step to actually win? I already found out ball of goliath supported by vulture mines and science vessels doesn't work very well when they're supposedly great against air units

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>>514339340EA is probably the only people with a valid copy, you can probably find a torrent to c&c first decade though

>>514337631>30fps cap>ruined the best aesthetic of the seriesit's at least competently done


>>514339758its literally command and conquer tiberium dawn, the community is overall pleased outside of the few of us with fps issues.

>>514339340>>514339909It's legally free nigger.cnc-comm.com/tiberian-sun/downloads/the-game/installer

>>514340030Thanks senpai

>>514337492Not that user but maybe they were talking about the random weather effects in CoH2

>>514337492It says Ion Storm in the title dumbass. Use your brain.

>>514337750or you know, you could read the rest of the thread and figure out what it is, like an intelligent and competent human being

>>514327205The 2nd one is better, RD is purely 90's unit and missile spam.

>>514326165Nice, reminds me of Brigador

>>514340707nah dont wanna scroll through 200 posts to find "clues". i'm out

>>514339758OpenRA isn't actually using source code of the original games and plays differently. C&C Remastered is the original with a new coat of paint.

>>514341207ok Mandalore

>>514341230like its literally in the first few posts and why are you even on the thread if you don't want to read it?, do you just hover over threads and look only at the images to find new memes that look cool?

>>514341230nobody is going to spoonfeed your illiterate dumb ass, reddit sounds more your speed

>>514341401I wish I was Mandalore, at least I would have those patreon bucks.

>>514341552>he doesnt have a merchant's guild

>>514336227You esports fags and your Starcraft are what killed RTS. Games are for fun, not competition, no one cares how good you are at clicking a mouse.

>>514339864siege tanks, marines, medics

>>514341451>>514341529>>514340707not gonna lie, all those (You)'s are giving me quite the rush

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>>514332868AOE2 has a shitload of factions and its incredibly well balanced

>>514342283He's right though and APM has nothing to do with game balance.

so, was i the only one that played this?

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>>514342517And all of them are the same base faction with variants and one or two unique units.

>retards crying about starcraft>other retards respondingevery thread

>>514342445>i was merely pretending to be retarded

>>514342870free bumps for a ded genre

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>>514342517>Create a normal rts tech tree>Lock this tech tree in different variations>Add a unique unit each>RTS with 20 factions done

>>5143249641st game is closer to how the fights in lore look like. With its units that have large health pools and more macro-based gameplay it's a sweet game with large battles and such.2nd game is closer to tabletop. Although smaller scale and a more micro-oriented gameplay, it's still not some SC levels of micro and it's more like CoH 40K. It's not bad from the skirmish/multiplayer P.O.V., campaigns are still fun (even Retribution that re-uses the campaign missions) and Last Stand nails it.THERE IS NO GAME 3.

>>514342283I've never played starcraft retard

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Does Twisted Insurrection just have new buildings and missions or did they actually try and make high-res sprites of the original buildings and units?



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>>514343046I hate how stagnate RTS was after TA, it's all just the blizzard model after that.

Does Starcraft Remastered ever go on a sale? Can it be pirated? I have a hankering for the campaign.

>>514344101That's not true. It's more like the CoH model nowadays. Even MOBAs aren't as relevant as they used to be.

>>514344232list 30 rts games that imitated coh

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I can't wait, bros

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>Made an adjustment to GDI Mission 8 where Civilians will now avoid Tiberium tiles, and the trigger-happy Civilian has been removed from the map entirelygaaaaaaaaaaaaaay



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>>514334534>the virgin Blizzard worker unit>the chad Harvester

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RTS died when it started focusing on apm gookfest. There is a reason only AoE is still alive, we should let the genre finish dying and be reborn in the image of AoE.

>>514345027what specifically in a game makes it be an apm gookfest that aoe doesn't have

I wanted to like this genre since I was a kid but never did. Not sure if it was my laziness or fucked up attention span.Furthest I went was Commandos.


>>514344601Everything with control point resource cancer.

>>514317635Playing Close Combat 3/5 mods and some Twisted Insurrection with modified sounds for chunkiness.It'll be a few more years yet til there's a wide enough appetite for RTS games that aren't APM shit fests or strategic point/small squad cap wank fests.Enjoy the ones that we already have guys until then.

>>514345575Commandos is not RTS though, it's stealth RTT.

>>514345607control points are fine

>174 replies>no THEY ARE BILLIONS posts I really enjoyed the game. Campaign was challenging, very different from your conventional RTS but there were some fantastic levels and very enjoyable mechanics.

>>514344916The mission in the Shipyards whatever they were called kind of broke my brainIts just a skybox with a gigantic space station all around you, but you've already been piloting a colossal space ship yourself all this time, and you saw skyboxes where you were above a planet that didn't take up that much space either.It fucked my sense of scale really hard, which was the point clearly, but damn

>>514345027Name some of these RTS that focused on APM gookfests. People complain that SC2's pathfinding is too good and doesn't require high APM for surrounds.

>>514345720I know, I meant it is the closest I got to RTS.

>used to have fun with World in Conflict>play a Soviet artillery and dump rounds across the map>not a rocket arty so it's harder to track downi miss it bros, plus it had a legit good campaign

>>514343993It has full new campaigns for GDI and NOD (missing only a final GDI mission), and almost all the units and buildings and their graphics are new. I don't think they're HD or anything though because it's a TS mod running on the TS engine. If you like C&C and TibSun you should try it, it's a pretty high quality mod.

Has anyone tried to recreate the TD or RA campaigns in TS or RA2?

Supreme Commander FA might be the best RTS

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>>514337631>decide to try the campaign on hard>start with GDI campaign>reach Berne even I'm fucking trash or that level is impossible on hard

>>514338802The biggest sin was that you couldn't uncombine them.

>>514325102Not particularly. There's a ton of junk that blocks you from building a sprawling base. You only have enough room for maybe one of each structure

>>514334667They are a joke, but a very bad one. Initial launch was absolutely terrible though. What retard thought it was a good idea to have a two hour tanya escort mission with no way to save?

>>514336823Manticores are cute!

>>514333827It's pretty much the best out there.


>>514345819>you go to the next mission jumping millions of kilometers away>the skybox shifts just slightly with you going under one of the giant piecesNow they want to make that stuff interactive, as it was originally meant to be.

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love collecting resourceslove making unitssimple as

Is Grey Goo any good? Better or worse than Universe at War?

>>514348849same senpai

>>514333827the new faction is what would happen if gdi and futuretech had a baby


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>>514344173Yeah Ive seen it on sale for like 10$ but blizzards rarely does sales.

>>514348931Not really. It commits a major rts sin of having every unit be a hard counter to only one other type of unit and basically worthless against everything else. Units move slowly, take a long time to build, and die fast. Base building is absolutely minimal. Goo faction is kind of neat, but overall a letdown.

>>514344173just play the free version nigga, looks grittier anyways

>>514344173Brood War is completely free to play.Remastered looks iffy. I bought it, but I mostly just play with OG graphics.

>>514351839can you play with the OG graphics in widescreen?

>>514328348>indistinguishable infantryMassive shitter alert

>>514337163Is a custom Unit fot RA2, modders make tons of these.

Confession: I have no idea why people like RA2 so much, the graphics, audio and the way it plays just don't feel right to me. I like TD, RA1 and TS all more than it.

>>514352203I want to say no.

>>514350109A shame to hear that. But then again, every Petroglyph game I tried was half-assed

>>514352482>ACKTHUALLY IF YOU HIDE THIS UNIT IN THE TREES IT CANNo one cares. They are all faggots with varying degrees of automatic weapons, the odd explosive and manpads.

>>514352648I like it but I also prefer how much more durable everything is in TS.

Giddy up

>>514352762So there's no reason for me to buy the remaster, thanks. If they ever fuck it up I still have my original CDs.

We finished our Aoe2 MP games for today

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>>514330231it's an untapped market

>>514353152Some are clearly more useful then others, and have various utilities. The fact that you don't know that clearly indicates your a shitter.

>>514352482they obviously have way less variety than the ones in steel division

>>514354110I know, user. You are not special. Steel Division does the same thing except in that there's a much wider gap between weapon loadouts, unlike in your semen slurping game. That's all.No need to whiteknight your shitty game so hard.

>>514327205I love it

>>514354370>I knowI don't think you do

>>514354585>N-no you don't know y-you need to be a smart boy like me to know the difference be-between Israeli commandos and french legionnaires

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>>514353801I got carried hard desu

>>514354894>He doesn't knowlol!

any RTS charts?

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Is Tooth and Tail any good? I know it's only around 2 bucks but I still don't want to buy a game that sucks.

>>514355820artosis liked it

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>>514355820Eh. It's ok but not great. 2 bucks is not a bad deal though.

>>514346256It is

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>>514323936It was great, but there were some problems with it. Namely that they went with China and Korea as pre-industrial factions, but left out Japan. Which is weird, because Japan shows up in the campaign and would make sense as an industrial faction.I guess they just ran out of money.

Opinions of BSG Deadlock?

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>>514355742All the old Holla Forums ones are 10 years out of date at this point.

Is valid to ask here about Renegade X, even tough is a FPS with some RTS elements? Because I want some tips about how to get better at it.

>>514346515It's not you. Balance patches for C&C3 affected the campaign and screwed up the campaign balancing.Kane's Wrath campaign is how base Tiberium Wars campaign used to play.

>>514359239Is it even worth bothering with the C&C3 campaigns?

I want to get into Starcraft 2, best way to start?

>>514357273That's turn based.

>>514359551I wouldn't do it on Hard difficulty (fuck Operation Stiletto so, so much), but yes.

>>514359978By downloading it.


Beginner tips for C&C? i want to get into RTS games

>>514360945Tanks are your best friend. In Red Alert 1 after clicking to attack a unit, you can hold Q and then your clicks will be move orders while your tanks are still firing which allows you to take less hits.

>>514344725>>514344916It will be EGS 1 year exclusive and people will be pissed.

>>514321318Based, didn't know it was out.>>514326707Eh, I dunno, you can pretty much rush the map with overruns. I prefer China, the science bonus plus vil production is incredible.

>>514356820TA is like Transformers. But with little transforming and where the Decepticons counterpart is so bad they make the actual Decepticons, especially at their worst, look like Autobots at their best in terms of character. Seriously fuck CORE. At least Arm is aware they did horrible shit and regret it.

>>514317635I'm sick of seeing this thread you nigger

>>514361619>newfag retard doesn't know how to use filtersimagine my shock

>>514361513What the hell are you talking about?

>>514361739I want to complain about stuff though

>>514361806If you look at it closer, it kinda reminds of Transformers. A much, much darker Transformers. No I'm serious.

>>514361619>ape no understard... ape smashShoo shoo, nigger.

>>514337179>>514339310i love how easy it is to spot the shitters in these threads

>get hyped for c&c remastered>buy it on steam>filesize is larger than my entire harddrive>no money to upgrade computer for the next decade

Attached: 1586643386836.png (700x394, 402.18K)

>>5143624161TB hard drives are dirt cheap nowadays. How poor are you?

>>514331129>Renegade but it's TibSunKANE LIVESPEACE THROUGH POWER

Attached: 1570776318274.jpg (480x360, 52.75K)

Replaying this for the fourth time this year, it's still fun

Attached: Majesty Gold.jpg (1680x1050, 595.56K)

>>514362618comfy graphics

>>514359978Download and play it. Want guides?youtube.com/playlist?list=PL37EkmqQJzsj6R8mQ8uBM6X79_b8xjpJnLook through that playlist and grab what you want.

>>514362537i am but a poor rice farmer

>>514344810>trigger-happy Civilian has been removed from the map entirelyThat guy really made me go WTF when I had sandbagged that side of map down, yet then I still get suddenly a report of unit being attacked.

>>514363026Yeah I ended up enforcing mandatory social distancing on him with sandbags.

What is the essential command and conquer games?

>>514364482All of them excluding c&c4Yes, including Renegade

>>514364482Everything up to and including Red Alert 2.

>>514342709By the look of it user

>>514364482Dawn, Sun, Firestorm, RA1, RA2, Renegade as well if you want a janky FPS in the Tiberian setting.Never played Generals so I can't offer my opinion on it but it seems well-regarded in general (heh).

>>514364482Play Tiberium Dawn and expac.Red Alert and expacs.Tiberian Sun and expac.Red Alert 2 and expac.RenegadeTiberium Wars and expac.Generals and expac.Red Alert 3 and expac.Avoid:Sole SurvivorC&C 4: Tiberian TwilightTiberium AlliancesC&C Rivals

Attached: Obeliskd.png (680x324, 326.47K)


>>514357664better than nothing, post them

>>514365006>BRRRRR>not MMMMM

>>514325378> Steam is selling Kohan the original game and the expansion Kohan: Ahirman's Gift seperately> K:AG includes the original game in order to runBuying both is basically just steam stealing your money, you only need to buy K:AGAlso, Kohan and its kind of resource management is unironically the best RTS resource system, because you don't have to deal with mentally retarded pathfinding on harvester units. All resources are just abstract non-stockpiled gains and only gold gets stockpiled, which can offset other resource shortfalls.Its so fucking satisfying identifying terrain chokepoints, and letting units dig in for the defense bonus and just playing like an ACTUAL STRATEGY GAME instead of gook-click starcraft tactical unit ability spam.The most APM shit that Kohan gets is using a "retreat" to direct your unit's figures behind the enemy so you can better surround them.

>>514317635Warcraft 3 babycurrently on last mission of TFT NE campaign

Attached: WC3ScrnShot_062420_194639_01.jpg (1920x1080, 348.02K)

Jesus Firestorm GDI mission 6 throws you straight into a meatgrinder with no breaks in between.

Are Orca Fighters even worth building?

>played every C&C / RA game except C&C4 and RA3>decide to give them a try since I have the collection rotting in my libraryRA3 wasn't terrible, but I definitely see why it sank. Too much emphasis on coop / multiplayer, and tried simplifying everything while also added too many gimmicks.C&C4 is just absolute shit. No idea what they were thinking. Every aspect of it from gameplay to visual design is just really really bad.

>>514337973I agree with your points on the aesthetics, but C&C3 was still a great game that honored what the previous games were building to a respectable degree.They fucked up pretty bad with RA3 and onwards, though.

>>5143687944 was not supposed to be a mainline game. No cinematics, no story. Just MOBA. But then EA made the decision to make it Tiberium Twilight, which the fans were all asking for, and the rest is history.I thought RA3 was fun, tho.

>>514324964I loved the game even though my only strategy was to make gangs of dudes with heavy bolters and just marched them across the map, obliterating everything.

>>514359551C&C3 campaigns are good. Just don't play on hard. You'll get effortlessly rolled by the AI later on. It's retarded.

Does RA2 have Q-moving?

>>514342709I always wished they'd revive Sim Ant. I'd love a modern day ant hive simulator.

>>514366046Was the remaster really that bad? I always see people shit on it, but never see any actual examples as to why it's so shit.

I play C&C just for the music and setting.

>>514317635Starsector is still pretty great

Attached: D2E72024-CF29-4D40-A69C-E71A75DCA8F1.jpg (2066x1036, 1.25M)

Has anyone played AI War 2? What kind of game is it exactly?

>every TD NOD base mission I take over an hour to complete because I can't just APC rush to cripple the AI quickly

Attached: 1563840557112.jpg (480x640, 54.85K)

>>514369937>wait ten gorillion years for an update>then wait ten gorillion more years for all the good mods to update>then the next game update after THAT arrives

>>514369937> download the game and play it because of youtuber memes> decide to play it like an RTS and establish a base at the edge of the map where no one should be and then conquer all the territories with ships i build myself> pirates spawn from nowhere to attack me and don't even have the ships with a fuel capacity to make it to my base from established territory> later find out that everything is literally spawned from nothing and even when mods are involved that make factions sensible, they will still exist and still spawn ships from nothing and continue to be a pain in my assnot worth the money honestly

>>514371103Sounds like the same reason I don't like Battle Brothers. Fake world simulation where things just get randomly spawned around the map.

>>514370503just use sandbags bro


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>>514317635My dad got both of us the Age of Empires: DE collection (1 and 2), which is fantastic. I prefer the gameplay of 2 by a large margin, but 1 has incredible atmosphere and music by comparison.During the Steam sale I picked up Company of Heroes, Dawn of War 2, and Halo Wars.

>>514346256>>514356820>>514361513>Supreme Commander FA might be the best RTS>2020>not playing FAFfaforever.com/

Attached: file.png (1658x1003, 329.71K)

What are some RTS games with impeccably balanced factions?

Attached: balance.png (360x450, 169.5K)

Remaster when?

Attached: images.jpg (640x480, 59.91K)

>>514374142the engine is made up of duct tape, staples, and spit

>>514374142even 20 ago this game was so controversial several countries banned it. it would get instantly canceled today

>>514369737A lot of people did not like the new HD art style. However that was the least of the problems.>A shit ton of bugs>Lots of suttering even on low settings.>Lots of lag issues.>Got rid of features such as ranked, ladder, making custom tournys.>Got rid of chat rooms and clans.>Lots of unfinished assests and models.>Map editor broken and bugged as hell.>Bloated as hell>Game automatically updates to HD, so if you didn't buy the HD remaster then you still HAVE to download a giant ass patch that you don't have accsses too.>Also means that in order to play a working, stable version of WC3 you have to have working physical copy and can't connect to the internet.

>>514371103>He didn’t download the mod that lets you send military detachments to knock out the little shits automatically >He’s put off by AI cheats in a fucking strategy game of all things.Mostly it just becomes boring once you become space Switzerland or space Israel and none of your neighbors can fuck with you.

>>514374142Remaster when?

Attached: 8108940B-CC2B-43EA-A345-6B31CFB85BFA.jpg (500x330, 47.6K)

>>514339864Marines and meds fucking shred Zerg to piecesAdd siege tanks for long distance siege of buildings and keeping defilers at bay, and Sciencie vessels to irra defilers, ultras and defense matrix marines and siege tanksYou can add a few firebats for meatshields, they are nice targets for matrix too

>>514317635just picked up dawn of war 2 from the summer sale. pretty tight so far

>>514366046How do you hold off Archimonde? Back when I played this he always manages to reach the last base and I'm barely holding him off when the timer runs out. Didn't know it was even possible to keep all bases alive.

>just played a 3 hour long game of tiberian sun firestorm against 5 hard AI in a free for allI love tiberian sun so much but I hate hunter seekers.

>>514365869KAG is for expert players who already know the game inside out. Don't forget the AI is super agressive in the expansion as well. New players should start with the original IMO.Other than that, yeah Kohan is amazing. It's rare for me to keep playing after finishing the story, but I finished the original campaign, then re-did it on Hard difficulty then finished all scenario maps (expect the Armaggedon one, don't think it's possible to beat that one without other human players). Now I'm looking forward to play K:AG.

I can't see shit captain.

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>>514317635Bros, what's the BEST rts with base building autism?

>>514381130Stronghold. Combat sucks though

I heard the RTS aspect of the SpellForce series is pretty barebones compared to other RTS, how true is this?

>>5143798421. Immediately expand to the gold mines east & west of your base and max out your upgrades when you can2. Get a big group of hippogryph riders (for big damage)3. Get a big group of dryads (for being magic immune + abolish)4. Put all your defense items on Furion. At the very least you need the necklace of spell immunity from an earlier mission.5. Every wave, make furion use force of nature on some trees, then tranquility while tanking all the enemies. Then send in the hippogryphs and dryads6. Run Tyrande up to the goblin merchant near orc base after every few waves and buy all the goblin mines and set them behind furion, to kill the infernals when they spawn. Helps if you have the boots of speed from an earlier mission7. Run some wisps down to the human base and build a shit ton of moonwells on autocast and maybe some ancient protectors8. If you get a wave with 2 enemy heroes at once, make tyrande use starfall9. Keep some healing wards on tyrande just in case furion is taking too much damage towards the end - there's one in some crates around the human base

>>514381130likely stronghold, AoE II can be nice too (Or alternatively StarWars battlegrounds if you want AoEII with a starwars skin)

>>514381130I'd go with Supreme Commander

>>514317635I can’t get anyone to play c&c generals with me, bros. It hurts

>>514378110Who even has the rights to LOTR games?

>>514379842>>514382290Isn't it 100% times easier just to rush the goldmines and an ancient on the human base, then just spam protectors and moonwells?, i remember doing it on hard and archimonde never even reaching the human base

>>514318934We enjoyed base building so we’d have an initial cease fire for a period of time and disallow attacking harvesters. Made for some epic battles

>>514383271In my experience the protectors get wrecked pretty quickly by some aoe earthquake like spell

>>514353801>Can only run on Windows 10L*nux fags and wintard 7's BTFO lmaobased M$

>>514383679i remember placing them on a V shape and keeping malfurion and tyrande on the middle + hypogriphs and bears, moonwells inbetween the troops and the protectors, all this almost inside the human base, and casting tranquility at every wave, and that was enough on hard, but it has been a long time since i played so it might have been more involved

>>514362618wait, majesty has a widescreen? where how?

>Playing Counterstrike missions>Accidentally attack the AI's harvester>ohshit.jpg >Prepare to get swarmed>It doesn't come>Instead the AI just sends a few tanks to the harvester's position >They continue following it around and guarding it until I go and kill them Did they change the AI to stop it from fixating on whatever unit attacked its harvester? Or was this always the case in the expansions?

Attached: 20200622140037_1.jpg (1920x1080, 458.56K)

>>514375915One of the reasons it was so based

>RUSE didn't revive the RTS genre and save it from APM cancer >It was pulled from Steam less than a decade after coming out and is now forgotten >Eugen is stuck working on tactical autism games and will never develop for a major publisher againI'm still mad.

Attached: 20200623160744_1.jpg (1920x1080, 488.52K)

>>514386676>muh apm

>generals china last mission on hardest difficultythis shit is just fucking impossible, not even baiting the ai to use its scuds on useless shit is making me beat it

>>514389147Are the generals campaigns worth playing?

Redpill me on steel division 2 vs war game red dragon.

>>514389646I recently tried replying them. the early missions are painful if you have any idea what you're doing since they're tutorial-esque

>star wars empires at war isnt on salefug

>>514386890APM killed the RTSjust because you get buttblasted about it doesn't mean that we're wrong ;)

Attached: dealwithit.gif (500x497, 2.45M)

>>514348717>Q4 2022We won't have internet, electricity, or a viable government by then

>>514389882what's the solution, slowing down the game?

>>514389882No it didn'tjust because you get buttblasted about it doesn't mean we're wrong ;)

>>514389882then i guess RTS has never been good because apm has mattered since dune 2

>>514389882>>514345027>>514345631Lookup what the "RT" stands for in that acronym if you think speed isn't supposed to be important in this genre. And then look up turn based games because you'll probably like those.

>>514337303kinois this modded aoe2?

>>514390140>>514390236>>514390576>>514391116Guy who started this here, RUSE manages to have a bunch of depth without requiring you to be on the edge of your seat snorting meth if you want to have a chance at winning. Fuck, according to the statistics I only average 7 orders per minute.

Attached: 20200623153215_1.jpg (1920x1080, 500.3K)

>>514345027Have you seen what people that play AoE2 seriously do? there is a lot of micro in those skirmishes.

I've become disillusioned with fighting games and want to take up RTS as my new 1v1 genreWhat are the alive ones?

>>514392656Both starcrafts and AoE 2 have healthy scenes.

>>514345027Why you fucking retards keep thinking RTS genre is dead?What kind of delusional fantasy you fags live in?

>>514353801Fuck guess I have missed games today

>>514392892This>>514393373>doesnt have one hundred thousand players on steam and fifty thousands viewers on twitch? must be deadIt's shitposting, don't bother responding.

The kind of people who complain about apm don't even build enough units or utilize enough resources or map control to beat people with lower apm than them. Some guy being able to split groups really fast or micro harassers against you isn't going to matter if you turtle your corner of the map and have less units than then them anyway.

>don't scout>float resources>think its a city builder>don't build workers and keep up supply>DURR GOOKCLICK

>>514395443The people who complain about meta and APM are the worst. APM is what makes people make mistakes which is what stops games being pure meta-knowledge + execution and become about thinking how to handle a situation.

>>514345027RTS never "started" focusing on APM, APM is inherently required in the genre due to multitasking being required/beneficial, much like aiming and movement skill are required to effectively play a shooter and combo execution skill is required to play a fighting game. To make a game which DOESN'T require APM would require gutting and designing the gameplay specifically around being slow and devising ways to gimp and make fast players ineffective, in other words the game needs to be purposefully designed in such a way that there aren't a lot of things for the player to do, because if there are then the faster player (higher APM) has an inherent advantage (which he should, because he's better at the game). Such a game would be pretty shit. AoE most certainly requires decent APM to play well, if you think it doesn't it's probably because you never played well and never played against somebody who plays well, probably never even watched somebody who is actually decent play either.

>racist idiot is ignorant What a "surprise"

>>514378110Remaster when?

Attached: 1570029821256.jpg (3972x2115, 3.02M)

>>514378110Empire Earth remaster when?


>>514317635Arn't you the same guy who couldn't beat SupCom's second mission, and then spurged out on Holla Forums rather then accept that he needed to expand production - a core component of SupComs gameplay.Pic semi-related. Its another game you will never figure out.

Attached: JeepnHarly.png (997x641, 915.7K)

>>514398546I've never played Supreme Commander in my life.


>>514353728Just download SC2 and get Mass Recall.

>>514374142What is this? I remember watching a friend play this on a laptop like 15 years ago when we were kids... Always wondered game what it was.

>>514400380CnC Heroes I think it's called, Jeremy played it on pure pwnage if you've seen that

>>514400380>>514400468CnC Generals, zoomers

>>514400679>cnc generals zoomersWhat? Was "zoomers" an expansion to CnC Generals?

>>514369737Original 1.26a with the Rebirth textures/models replacer mod + RenderEdge is better. It bumps up the requirements to Reforged-tier to run it in 60fps though.

>>514400468It looks like it's called CnC: Generals, but I only found that out because of your reply, so thanks. Always had a feeling it was a CnC game, but I've played so many and never found the one I remembered. I remember being legitimately in awe at this game back in the day..

>>514400984Multiplayer was so mich fun, all three factions were enjoyable and the voice blurbs were epic meme tier in a good way

>>514401151I'm ready to go back...

>>514360110>Operation StilettoYou're giving me PTSD for even mentioning that mission.

Attached: 1576913812531.jpg (1080x1079, 90.81K)

Is GDI artillery superior to Nod artillery?

Did C&C ever have a game with a helicopter box art or am I remembering stupid shit?

>>514401690Red Alert 1


Going to continue posting RUSE until I find someone else who actually wants to discuss it. >Boot up the game again to find that Ubisoft has cucked me out of my Super Pershingsfuck

Attached: 20200623153221_1.jpg (1920x1080, 598.15K)

>>514402561It was shit, user. Who cares. Steel Division is like the same game too.

>>514369737it was so bad it killed the original game so badly you can't play it anymore officialy

>>514381046The lack of zooming like the C&C remaster added really kills playing these games nowadaysI almost want to just leave them at 800x600 on my big monitor instead of this

>>514383848>>Can only run on Windows 10Except it runs on w7 you dumbass

>>514344810Trigger-happy guy was hilarious though.

>>514369496Played the shit out of sim ant on my dads iMac as a kid.

>>514402725Steel Division doesn't have a game mode about dropping nukes on each other. It's also completely unlike it in any other way besides setting but whatever you say I guess.

Attached: 20200626230003_1.jpg (1920x1080, 482.56K)

>>514345780Every review I've read about that says it's really good or really bad.

>>514339758better graphics, worse balance


>>514361513>being a cuckbrain in a cuckbot body

>>514337303if i own hd age of empires 2 should i get the definitive edition?

>>514345027this is why RTS games have variable speeds, online should have handicaps for new players


>>514405742whats the dif/upgrades?

>>5144058954 new civs4 new campaignsnew graphics and building destruction animsyou can shift click to queue commandsauto farm reseedyou can have multiple upgrades queued up in the same building

>>514397480Good game. Gave me faith in HW3 writing. They really understood how the Kiith system worked.

I wish wargame/steel division had actual single player campaigns, I really like the game but I don't have time to dedicate to online. plus its much better to learn the game by playing in a fun campaign than getting destroyed onlinewhy don't the devs understand this?I did heard that steel division had some sort of co op thing, is this true and is it anything good?

RTS games like CNC and red alert really need a timer function, also renegade x since the same thing happens where both sides attack each other and get crippled but theres not enough ore or whatever nearby to rebuild in a fast enough fashion to do a second attack and finish the job and both players get bored

>>514337492Competitive players don't like randomized mechanics, so adding stuff like this is a now win scenario for devs.

>>514406391Steel Division 2 has an "Army General" mode that I've heard is pretty decent, never played it myself though.

>>514406475t. never played cnc 3 and up

>>514327205Crippled by bad game modes.You "win" by getting more points than the enemy. There are two modes. One is destruction, where you get points by killing the enemy. Two is conquest, where you get points by holding the map.The problem is that in "destruction" there's no incentive to attack, because attacking is always more costly than defending. So you just sit back and try and snip high value targets with artillery.Conquest avoids this problem because there is an incentive to attack (to take territory) except that economy is tied to the score zones as well as the score - so whoever has more of the map has more money, and is also defending - so they have two advantages.In the end you get a snoozefest of a game. Everyone opens with a massive helidrop in the score zones covered by napalm bombers and fighters and then the next forty minutes are a total stalemate until the points tick up. I think I only ever saw a game turned around once.It really needed a game mode where the objective was to capture the enemy's HQ sector or something.

>>514406606so they fixed the stalemate problem in cnc3? red alert 3 is more esporty warcrafty and doesn't count

>>514406669what stalemate problem? you expand, and by the time you exhaust the expansion the base tib has regrown

>>514369737It was so bad Blizzard was issuing no questions asked refunds

>re-watching old GSL vods it was a better time

>>514406780i just renenber a lot of scenarios where me and a friend were doing 1 on 1 and i'd cripple his base but lose all my units and we;d have to wait like 5 minutes for the harvesters to get enough shit to either try and rebuild or finish mopping up their buildings

>>514406962probably played shitty maps or didnt cap any tibspikes

>>514407093red alert has ore

>>514406475The marathon games were my favorite.

>>514403209Tiberian Sun onwards looks fine at 1280x720 but this mod does not scale at all even at that resolution.

>>514407131>so they fixed the stalemate problem in cnc3?is the topic user

>>514406962Sounds like you sucked

also for a third party, openRA really balanced the rts units in the games to be more practical>>514407217cnc3 unit variety sucks

>>514390140The solution is making sure the player only has to make the important decisions.


>>514384068Majesty HD has been on steam for 8 years. Where have you been?

>>514325391Great game

>>514407765So you want the game to play itself for you.

I'm gonna say itthe remastered tracks for c&c suck, most just add guitars and turn the tracks into generic metal. the originals are much better

>>514369737They have added back important things like offline custom battles and whatnot, but it is still far from the original.The launch version was despicable.

>>514410884Is it worth buying on sale?

Official RUSE faction rankings that nobody in this thread will care about:>Gigachad tierItaly>Chad tierUSSR, France>Do it again tierUK>Jack of all shitters tierUSA, Japan >Wehraboo tierG*rmany

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>>514415090It can become RNG bullshit at times on the harder missions but other than that it's pretty fun

Iron harvest does feel like a shittier version of company. Kinda sad about that.

>>514345780does it have hotkeys for building stuff now?

>>514321318>Creeper WorldFuck yes I loved those games. Some of the scenarios were a bit repetitive, but having to balance your economy with the spread of the blue stuff was always enjoyable

>not playing Teutons every game

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>>514317635The kino shit>Age of Mythology>Age of Empires 2>C&C 3: Kane's WrathAnd the most kino of all>Supreme Commander: Forged AllianceAll others are destroyed by these.

>>514324579Thanks for this! Giving it a listen and can already tell it will prove to be a good companion for night shifts.

Why do I always find the RTS hugbox threads when they're approaching bump limit?

>>514417012Game is super chill, I can be watching a show and playing it. Not sure there's other comparible games.

I have nothing to contribute except saying that I love you all and thank you for the RTS circlejerk. Our time will come again.

Maybe later i will make another RTS support thread but maried with AoE 2 weekend games. Why? because usually the AoE 2 weekend games threads tends to die between matchs because Holla Forums is too fast.So dont forget to check up later today for the new RTS support thread

Is there an RTS where the AI isn't shit? Pic unrelated

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>>514421503Celtfag will present himself this weekendBe afraid

>>514326893Couldn't one just make mid-animation models untargetable, so they can't soak?

Play Desperados.

Attached: [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fjnl0nw.mp3].webm (1920x1080, 2.92M)

>>514330231Kohan and Kohan 2 play similarly to Dawn of War 1, with customizable squads. 2 has a full undead faction.Vampire Counts/Coast or Tomb Kings in Total Warhammer 2.Armies of Exigo is a Warcraft 3 clone. The evil faction isn't undead, though.Undead Horde is more of a hack 'n' slash. Diablo 2's necromancer is a blast, in a similar vein.8-Bit Hordes might have some undead units; I didn't play it because the resources didn't regenerate/weren't infinite.Total Annihilation Kingdoms has an undead faction.

Attached: 1583981298880.jpg (399x599, 40.54K)

>>514342709>>514369496>>514404584There's a highly-rated early access attempt at an ant colony game. It's on GoG and Steam.

Attached: 1585669337896.png (966x388, 784.19K)