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Anyway I made some new webms today

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>>514314498Holy based. fuck hitscan babies


fuck jannies and fuck the charge rifle's viewmodel

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I'll use whatever the fuck I feel like.

>Don't worry, BT. I'm not going

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>>514317647only acceptable hitscan is the predator cannon

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>>514317936>>514317647eva is only okay when i use it

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>>514319469go fast, eat ass

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Why do people keep complaining about hitscan campers? They're free executions most of the time.

>>514321635Because they keep walking into their field of view like a bunch of idiots. The best part about hitscanners is that they usually cant aim for shit. Get behind them, above them, or just GO FAST, and they're ez kills.

>>514321635im referring to people who know how to go a LITTLE fast and still use CAR and R97

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>>514321635Beats me. The only time I use hitscan guns is when my team can't get more than 2 kills in the first 5 minutes.

i want to buy it but every time i buy a game like this it dies in a week

>>514322948This game will never die. There is an absolutely diehard base that never went away.

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can I play the multiplayer in this game without getting shat on to death forever by turbo autists who have been playing for years? I wanna try multiplayer but I am scared of people being magicians and just heavy owning me all day.

>>514323342yeah like for dirty bomb, tribes ascend, team fortress 2, ace of spades etc etc in short all of the games I once loved...

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>>514323605I just started playing when it came to Steam, after having not played a fast-paced shooter in years, but I still manage to do alright, I've even managed to top the scoreboard a few times. Now would probably be the best time to start honestly, considering how many people are in the same situation as you and I.

>>514314498>dont use hitscan>uses aoe bullets?


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>>514323605just use the CAR and you'll be fine

The EPG is so fucking cheap and I love it. You get so much salt over it.

>>514323917I miss dirty bomb

>>514314498>call of duty clone>shills trying to sell it as tribesfuck you retard

>>514320847Wheres the fast supposed to be?

every time I grapple someone that ejected and kick them in the face I cum

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i have 3 hours in this game and people are already asking me what level my "real account" is. is it because i'm not a dumb shitscan user?

>>514328196people that ask for your "real account" are zoomer brains

>tfw sniping a pilot with the Charge Rifle after they kill your Titan

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>>514327527I've only done it once but good lord I've been chasing that high ever since

>buying EA gamesyikes

>>514314845lol what a tryhard

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>>514314498>using a gun in a wartime scenarioYeah what faggots am I right

>>514314498Scrubs just like Tribes Ascend. Kill ur game for your false sense of purity when in reality you are using proj with a massive hitbox and a more massive splash dmg cause you cant track with hitscan and you think you have good aim. Time to DL and hitscan hero everyone

are the cosmetics you get from Regenerating even good?

Does nobody uses the mechs and it's just aerial shooting? It's a rumor I heard

>>514328196Same lmao. Im like level 10 or something and I went into multiplayer thinking I will get fucking banged all over the place after reading shit here but suprisingly it wasnt that way. Maybe its cause of my region im in East EU so its possible players here suck balls or something but overall its a ton better than I expected especially looking at levels of other players Im matched with.

>>514329907you go fast until you can call your mech, then you go slow and get kills on greedy pilots and Titans

>>514329907mechs are just for eject air battles

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>>514329536you can get big fat asses on scorch

>>514328196>>514328395Well to be fair the game is on sale on Steam rn so it’s basically begging for smurfs.

>>514330346smurfing does not exist in this game

Played it nonstop when it came out and prestiged 3 or 4 times. Did extremely well. Now years later I'm trying it again and just getting SHIT ON! Still fun to play though

why is the R97 so much fun brosI'm still trying to get used to slidehopping but it doesn't seem too hard compared to Source games

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fun game

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>>514314845lmao i bet you smell like spoiled cum you fucking retard

>>514330962>A slow>Stim>R97You deserve to stay on the ground.

Alright what do I need to know to not be shit before I start

>>514331531I want to get used to slidehopping before going back to the grappleI'd be putting myself at a disadvantage using the grapple without being able to slidehop properly

>Players Online: 12233how does it keep going up?

>>514331676Play the campaign.

>>514332031maybe because the game is good?

>>514332031It was 14k yesterday

>>514314498i wish you niggers stopped turning every single good multiplayer game dogshit with your tryhard faggotism.its a fucking casual cod like fps why are you niggers spending 5k hours just to curbstomp new players, this is why the game died before and will again

>>514330962>it doesn't seem too hard compared to Source gamesanon...

>>514314498hello is this the reddit thread?hello r*ddit!!! :DDD

>pick up the game again>already screaming in rage at how shitty it isnow I remember why I stopped

>>514333234I should have worded it better but what I meant was that my experience in Source games should make learning the movement in Titanfall easier

>>514317936You mean the chad cannon.

>>514333551>blaming the game because he can't acquire speedtake responsibility faggot

>>514334610>acquire speed>some nigger 3 taps me from across the map with hitscan>bonus points if they're using a controller and aimed down sights to automatically lock onto and track my body with no effortimagine defending this fucking dogshit

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>>514334895b-but Holla Forums said its a hardcore game for hardcore gamers such as myself!

Why couldn't the Mastiff be the shotgun that fires actual bullets

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>>514334895cool now show me aim assist keeping up with someone as they slidehop and grapple launch around the map at ludicrous speed

>>514327291COD was the one that was blatantly copying this game for a while.I bet you think csgo is cod clone too.

Forget meta.What are the funnest guns to shoot?

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>>514334895funny how nobody cared about controller players until halo reach came out on PC

Do people actually play any game modes apart from Attrition? Seems like I can never find a match for CTF or anything else.

>>514335848I always have Pilots vs. Pilots, Attrition, and Amped Hardpoint selected and I get way more Pilots vs. Pilots games than anything else

>>514335716i've only tried a few but the epg is quite nice

>>514335612I mean, Respawn was mostly former COD developers when it first formed

>>514335736If he was really complaining about hitscan then he would have mentioned Legion. Legion is an A-10 brrrrrrr and makes the CAR look like an airsoft gun.But nah, he’s just shit at game and baiting.

game feels so bad to play with vsync on, but that screen tearing man...

>>514335612CSGO doesnt have the shooting mechanics of COD, titanfall does.

>>514335716Basically everything in the OP, plus the G2, Eva, Alternator, Charge Rifle and Thunderbolt.

>>514314498tribes for faggotsbrink for zoomers

So is this game cool enough that it warrants going through the EA Origin crap?

>>514336516I remember screen tearing being bad before but I even forced vsync off with gpu settings, exclusive fullscreen, and it's just not there anymore

>>514317936beautiful.legion is so beautiful.

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>>514334895The "go fast" is just a meme to trick people into thinking the game is like tribes. You do have a lot of mobility optiones, but they all mean jack shit when you can just hover your cursor over a target for a few seconds. Movement is used more to get better positioning, youre not actually zipping around engaging in aerial fire fights. because thats how you get plinked from someone on the ground.Game was a console shooter at its heart so of course the consoletards will puff the game up like its some hardcore cult classic arena fps, but its just another Call of Duty game.

Titanfall 2 is a gay because it nerfed the EVA-8, stay reddit TF2 fags>>514336803Isn't it on steam now?

>>514336803How much do you like call of duty?

>>514336954you still need to download Origin


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>>514315073>that fucking auto-aim snap at the beginning

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>>514337069I liked Bad Company better.

>>514337320>its just like tribes bro

>>514336904>for a few secondsthat only happens to slows>but it happens to me all the timeand now you know what you are

>>514337431ah yes, I remember getting sniped by a hitscan smg in tribesthank you respawn for this amazing game

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>>514314498this is a pretty good game but as you can see in this thread it has some of the worst fanbase I have ever seen for a cod like gamethey literally think its the second coming of christ and its the best game ever made

>try to use epg and go fast>a slow with good aim and an smg prevents anyone from going fastThis is the biggest problem with the game. People always say that slows are free kills but that's because slows are usually brain dead with no situational awareness. Good tryhard slow players are the most cancerous thing to fight in the game.

>>514337320There was no aim assist there>>514337702>highest damage SMG>with amped weaponsNow you're just being disingenuous

>>514337758Basically me. I just sit on buildings with invis or a wall and spitfire everyone to death until I have to relocate.

>>514337901i think its not about dmg but he is shooting at nothing and getting a kill because of aim assist

>>514337320>already in ADS>"dude aim assist"

Why is it so hard for you retards to stop replying to obvious bait?

>>514314498>hitscan weaponsHonestly these weapon types are so unrealistic it's retarded.They're fine in close-quarters, but just pathetic for anything else.Projectile gameplay is more fun, in my opinion, but some retards just say that shit is luck.

how do i get good at softball

>>514338461become the projectile

>>514332031game fun

>>514338089>>514337901>what is cursor slowing and automatic tracking magnetismsnap to center mass is by far the most cancerous but it isn't the only type of aim assist

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>>514314845I see you online all the time, godspeed bro

>>514338072aim assist won't just magically curve your bullets to your targetYou can clearly see the guy move around a little and the crosshair doesn't follow himHe's too far away for the aim assist to kick in>>514338778You still have yet to show an example of aim assist keeping up with someone moving at high speedsIt was barely able to keep up with someone at sprint speed there without you adjusting your aim

Is Ion being secretly top tier a meme? I remember reading about her being really good after mastering the mechanics, but the dps feels so underwhelming compared to every other titanSniping pilots with the laser is very satisfying though, so atleast it's fun to play with

>>514314498haha car go brrrrrrrrr

>>514332031because the game is on a platform thats actually good to use

This is the most fun I've had with an FPS in a long time

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>>514339131doesnt the game has bullet magnetism like halo?

>>514314845congratulations, your shitty webm has convinced me not to buy the game

>>514314845>literally says he has map hacksBro if this is the state of the game I'm glad I've refused to buy it.

>>514339131did you somehow completely miss the cursor being drug all on its own to follow someone that they weren't even aiming at?

>>514339558wouldnt that just be a uav like in cod

>narcissistic webms>zoomer speech>complaining about anything that kills themYeah this looks like a real fun game, I guarantee these people also have anime avatars

>>514339639I can count at least 4 times the stick was movedIf you're hung up on the first of the two guys, it's very clear he flicked the stick to the bottom left before aim assist started tracking above and behind the guy

>>514339371Same. I was a scoot main in the other TF2, so I'm in love.

>>514339706Based on what?

>>514340089that literally did not happenthe grapple released and it stuck to the guy and tracked him on its own to the point it fucked up aiming at the next guyit slows your aim when you're within a certain radius of someone, it tracks them for you within a certain radius, and if you ads in a certain radius it literally snaps onto themit's practically a fucking aimbot and combined with the insanely high damage hitscan and the low tickrate making you constantly die behind walls and projectiles disappear after death there's no point to even using half the movement mechanics because literally everything is working against themI'm not even mentioning the terrible funnel map design or the dumb shit like auto tracking hitscan turrets either

>>514315870>When a bitch tries to get away with standing on the top of the needle in the middle of Angel City and snipe people so you pull out the Charge Rifle and smoke his ass from an alley

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>>514340917yes this is totally a company i can trust with my private information

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I forgot all the grapple tech after not playing for a year. Fuck.

>>514341153Why would you have to give them your private information?


Is it still active? or just breathing its dying breath?

>>514340687>the grapple released and it stuck to the guy and tracked himonly after he very clearly moved his camera down and to the left just before the grapple disconnectedand again, the aim assist didn't even get the crosshair on the damn guy because he didn't lower the it enough when he flicked the stick.

This game is fucking metal

>>514314845You fucking sweaty tryhard

>>514341382neeed to make an accountalso linked to steam

>>514342776But you don't give them your payment information

>>514342917steam already has my payment info which this origin account is linked to


>>514343069>defending not one but 2 drms>one of them is origin of all thingsleave you nigger

>very first match on PC>against g13.4, g2 Game is already dead if this is what the matchmaking is like to newcomers

>>514343297I'm calling you a retard for thinking origin takes the payment info from steam, retard

>>514323605I played it on origin just a few months ago and had no trouble topping scoreboards. Probably helps that I have like 1000 hours in Apex Legends though.

>>514340687>he got filtered by the turretsSweet jesus you are just bad at video games stop sharing your terrible opinions they are literally HL2-get-lost-in-a-cave-with-two-tunnels tier.

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>All these new Steam scrubs playing the game for the first time>Able to get 250+ points in games nowFeels good

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>dropship about to leave on the other side of the map>fuck it, nothing to lose>dodge 3 titans, bob, weave, and spiderman my way onboard>dropship is actually not about to leave>its about to explode

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>>514343497unironically git gudI got into the game like a week or two after the Steam release and I got to level 50 in 14 hours, can consistently get top 3 on my team, and average 15-20 kills per game

>>514335716cold war

Grapple + Cold War is pure unadulterated kino.

>>514345171nigger shut the fuck up with the "git gut" and read what i wrotenew players will not put up with being curbstomped by veterans every single match and the game will die again.

So what are the hitscan weapons so i know not to use them

>>514345563Now you shut the fuck up and read why *I* wrote, niggerliterally git fucking gud and pubstomping won't be a fucking issueit has nothing to do with veterans vs newcomers

>>514337320>put yourself way out in the open with no cover and no maneuvering options>wtf how could they have possibly shot me??

>>514345563Oh no someone new might have to play with someone good at the game! What a travesty.Matchmaking is fucking cancer.


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>>514345892would you prefer I had taken one of the two other open lanes that were also easily covered by where he was standing?

>>514345563I'm fine with only 2-4k people playing after all these casuals or fags that think they need to win every game get filtered>>514346037>jump 40 feet in the air in a wide open area>get killed>wtf do you want me to do bro I did everything I could

>>514345864>>514345939fucking retards enjoy your sub 2k playercount game when every newcomer leavesits like you never played a multiplayer game beforematchmaking is key

>>514346351you could be doing literally anything else but you decide to post shitty bait on 4chan

Stop shilling this dogshit COD clone here.

>>514346490>baitjesus fucking christ the level of delusion in these threads is fucking ridiculous, if you are this much of a fanboy nigger who wont even recognize objective faults in a game /vg/ is a better place for you

Why did no one tell me the Monarch upgrade that gives friendly titans shield makes it sound like a space laser cannon?

>>514346307the whole map is literally nothing but wide open hallwayskill yourself

>>514346725because you give up an offensive upgrade for it and its worthless outside of FD. Even then its not very good.

>>514346860you sure are angry that you are bad at video games

>>514346860have you tried not getting mad at video games slowpoke?

Controversial opinion: I like Ronin.

>>514346964>>514347095post stats

Post statsNo I will not activate windows

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>p-post statslol

>>514346672You being unable to just play the game and get better is not a fault in the game you fucking cro magnon

>>514347197They're bad but I can see when I'm the problem and not the game, I also don't get angry when I fuck up

>>514347314Why won't you activate windows?

>>514347325>>514347501pathetic faggots all bark no bite lmaonot even that guy but when you pretend to be a pro and have nothing to back it up thats peak nigger mentality

>>514347501>>514347325>LMAO YOU'RE SO BAD COMPLAINING ABOUT OBJECTIVELY TERRIBLE DESIGN>n-no I won't prove I'm not talking out of my assclock, meet work

>>514347152I'm bad at ronin but it's fun

>>514347314what region are you in?I have 4x the number of games played but a 53% winrate.

>>514347694>>514347740based shitposters

>>514347314Huh, I'm surprised to see the CAR as my most efficient weaponI haven't used it since I first couple hours of the game

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>>514329136>>514331117>>514342379you know there's a massive pile of footage of me sucking ass that i didn't make webms out of, no need to be sassy about the few where i'm doing something cool>>514339085what's your screenname? i bet i'd recognize it>>514346307>>514346037>>514345892this is the true trap that befalls you when you're having fun grappling and being spiderman; it's just too tempting to do big wide open swings and feel "fast" but in fact you're just making yourself a skeet shooting target. The next level you need to get to is making tight ground-hugging sweeps with the grapple, staying LOW. For instance, on Eden where this webm is, that elevated railway is just a deathtrap asking for someone to hitscan you. stay underneath it or to the side, bouncing between it and the buildings.>>514343497the matchmaking is generally nonexistent but you'll likely have a roughly even number of "veterans" on either team. anyway getting stomped is a great opportunity to learn (i understand this will filter lots of new players though)>>514340060no this is my avatar>>514335716ive recently been having the most fun just running wingman elite as my primary with pulse blade as my tactical. plinking headshots and then blades to the dome

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>>514346945Honestly I'm kinda liking it. As much as being able to shoot more is nice considering how good the xoxo is, at any time you can't see any titans you can just zap, rearm, zap and then your buddy's got half a shield. And missiles are shit most of the time anyway and the upgrade doesn't help.>>514347152Ronin is my main titan and the best so I should hope that isn't controversial, I wouldn't want there to be such bad taste.

>>514348040>smg user has terrible winratewhat a shocker

>>514331819you go fast in the airhold the crouch buttontap jump as you hit the groundbingo bango you're a slide hopping motherfucker

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>>514348265I don't care about winning. I just want to have fun and get kills while going fast

Keep the TF2 threads coming, boys.

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>>514348202ur a faggot for typing shit like that not the gameplay itself

>>514347867Burger Land

>>514347314Just gone done getting angry after being matched up with drooling retards for about an hour and a half. I'm 15-20 kills a match good, not good enough to carry. I've been using the DMR recently.

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>>514347578The process to get a new windows key is too slow

>>514348686isn't there an activator hack that's basically foolproof

>>514330346The game literally came to Steam 2 days ago.

>>514339801no because a wall hack is activated when used.

>>514348457you know that's fair -- with as low res as the webm is, you can't see that i was typing that in response to a guy wanting me on his team. of course i also edited it for comedic juxtaposition

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>>514332031Because>its on Steam>of the current EA re-releases, its the only one with an OP rating.>its 10 dollars

>>514314498Is Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition really worth it?Could really use another MP shooter right now. You're not baiting me, right Holla Forums?

>>514330346>>514330539>>514348904there is no smurfing because there is essentially no matchmaking. having a 'low level' would really mean nothing apart from maybe a couple people taking the time to squint and see what gen you are

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>>514349083You get skins. Most of the prime titans look worse than the stock ones.

Is this game where you have to farm/level up?PLEASE tell me this is not a game where you have to farm or level up.


>>514349083yes it's worth ten dollars to have fun

Attached: TickDDOS.webm (900x506, 2.95M)

fuck i don't have that much gb leftany way to cuf off the story mode?

>>514349230it has a basic progression system. Shoot dudes, get stuff to put on your gun/better guns to shoot dudes with.You can play frontier defense to plow through most of it if you can't be bothered to play against actual people.

>>514349230after your first hour of playing, 'leveling up' just unlocks cosmetics

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are there any qt girls you can play as?

Attached: 366643888222.jpg (466x498, 74.09K)

>>514349590pulse is cute!


>>514347314what do i win

Attached: overall.png (2243x1009, 641.18K)

>>514349590yeah, scorch prime looks like pic related

Attached: 1485872541577.jpg (1000x1351, 866.15K)

>>514349483Damn. That sucks.

>>514347314Mastiff is a cursed gun but I refuse to try to pick up something else.

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>>514314498>MASTIFF>bunch of clips if you killing new players that walk on the ground with splash weaponsjust by this I know you're shit at the game, because anybody advocating people to use a oneshot gun with screen wide spread is trash who can't aim and complains about people who can aimFunny thing because I've seen this same behavior happen in multiple games, and it's always the ones crying about XY that are the biggest shitters that want other people to let them kill them with their crutches.

I appreciate the coomer paintjobs

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>>514349590fem grapple

I miss when I was an alcoholic and played Titanfall 2 until I puked. Feels wrong to play it sober because it belongs to that time.

>>514350451so wait, are you saying that mastiff is a one-shot gun with screen-wide spread, or are you upset that i dont have any webms of me using mastiff? because you're right about the latter, i think i'll record some right nowyou're correct though, i can't aim, but this game is about things that are more fun than aiming. (says who? says me)

>>514349737It's really not that bad, playing a match, doing very well, winning/escaping each gives you 1 point towards your overall level, weapons, titans, and announcers can be leveled up by playing normally but the better you do the more points towards those levels you get and it's much faster. Each time you level any of those up you get 1 more point towards your overall level, there's also a currency that you can only get from playing the game that lets you unlock stuff early and permanently if you want to reset your level to unlock other cosmetic shit.


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>>514314498Shit, anyone got the original of this? Such an iconic image

>>514339541The tryhards were ultimately made me quit all those years ago. The netcode can't keep up with the speed


All these people crying about the leaderboard and matchmaking like... I have less than 20 hours in the game and I routinely place top of the leaderboard and VIP. It just takes time. I've had bad games here and there to but if the game just isn't clicking for you, then either practice or quit.

>>514351173the only clip I wanna see you is killing people with the starting hitscan rifle you claim is so OP while they jump around half the map away>>514351597I noticed the same, are the servers 30 tick or 60 tick? That might be about the only reason why hitscan is OP because it's like you're firing projectile hitscan lol

>>514351423as an ass man I'm partial to the scorch one in particular

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What game is this?

>>514351890unreleased halo game

>downloading EA Origin willinglyYou deserve to get hit by a pack of niggers

>>514335716Mastiff, R97, and Double Take.

>>514351173good news! i already had mastiff footage.on the plus side it's from when i modded the game to be HUDless, which is fucking kino. On the minus side you dont get the bing bing wahoo kill notification.

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>Love the idea of an FPS game where you go fast and get to pilot a mech>But am god awful at FPS games like holy shitI hope you all enjoy this game because the webms always look fun.

Attached: burg feeding.gif (766x777, 1.47M)

>>514351758well i dont have that because even i'll admit the rifles fucking suck. it's the smgs that are broken nightmare trash. i think i used the alternator for pic for tickrate, it's 20. it's an abstract kind of hell.

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I bet the autist think he's good in these clips which kinda makes it more pathetic than any shilling normally is

>still need originGame bad

who here [tfg] here since 2016

>>514347314Buy a key off a hacker site, they sell them for less than 5 bucks. Then, after you update, install a windows 10 debloater and update disabler, and make sure to turn off Telnet. There, I fixed Windows 10 for you.

>>514353427There's the bretty sweet but short campaign

>>514353503>20this kinda shit should be illegal on a PC shooter, it's like I'm playing battlefield 3 again

>>514353712it was a special time

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>>514353716>hacker siteor just use KMS_VL_ALL


>>514347314A little outdated since this was before the steam release but last I looked not much has changed

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>>514355791Disregard, that is the super old one. Here is the one I meant to post.

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>>514314845Have you tried going fast yet?


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where my [RDDT] boys at

I really enjoy the fact that in order to eject you need to mash the E keyGives you that feeling of desperation

>>514356373on Reddit, presumably

>>514315462>Mechbuddy turns aroundLMAO Ok I'm buying this game

>>514356473pro tip, you can eject from a non-doomed titan by pressing X once, then that allows the E-E-E prompt. I recall it being useful but not exactly how.

>>514357238If someone's rodeoing then it can give you a clear shot and the element of surprise. Also a good way to safely and immediately get to the evac ship.

LOADOUT TIPS FOR NEW PLAYERS (assuming you're playing on PC)The only assault rifle worth using is the R201 because it is the only one that retains any accuracy at all if the gun sight isn't shoved into your face. All the other is might have slightly faster time to kill, but it's not worth it for losing the ability to move and shoot. Also the only reason to use the R201 over an SMG is either to be a hipster or have long-range flexibility, so make sure to actually use your range and don't just be a discount SMG user.If you just want to focus on movement, just use an SMG. Yes they're probably overpowered but they work, even when you're going fast. If you feel guilty about it, use the volt, which has a much lower DPS and is perfectly accurate which is both an upside and a downside; it always hits if you're on target, but it won't get you free pray and spray hits with recoil. Alternatively, use the EVA, which has less range but does burst damage.Both of the hitscan machine guns used to be good but have been nerfed into the ground. Don't bother. The L-star is still great if you can lead your shots.Mastiff and Mozambique are sidegrades. Mozam has a tighter spread and shoots a little faster, but doesn't shoot as many projectiles. Both can one shot, but you do have to aim for the head if you want a Mozambique oneshot. Also the Mastiff gets a tighter spread if you ADS with it.All 3 snipers are perfectly usable, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The Kraber is a meme though, it's super unreliable but hilarious when you get good with it.The wingman elite is perfectly accurate even while moving, but has travel time. The normal wingman is hitscan, but is also useless garbage.The charge rifle is the best anti-Titan weapon by far, and also works against players if you have good timing. The Thunderbolt is also okay for fire-and-forget fighting when you really don't want to expose yourself to Titans at all. The other two anti-Titan weapons are mediocre.Continued...

>>514357989The SMR is trash, don't use it. It had a place when you couldn't carry both a pistol and an anti-Titan weapon, but now that you can it's useless.Never ever use hover or wall cling both of them will make you a easy targetUnless you're planning on maining grenades or are extremely reliant on your kit, always pick Fast Regen.Be careful with gravity Stars. Anyone using a projectile weapon will have their projectiles pulled into the grav well, so if an enemy isn't stuck in it you can end up just ruining your aim or your allies aim. It does work against enemies too though...Play extra careful when you see that map hack or pulse pulse blade detected icon, everyone will know where you are and you should take that into account in how you play.If you want to use grapple, short grapples are better than long ones. This isn't Apex Legends. You only lose part of your charge on short grapples, so if you who don't do long grapples you can have your grapple up pretty much all the time.Scorch is really really bad. If you want to be a memelord to you can try it, but expect to get your shit pushed in when you do. All the other Titans are usable, but monarch is pretty win-more and legion has several hard counters.Ion's primary weapon kind of sucks, most of his damage comes from the shoulder laser. You should still use it, but don't waste power on the split shot.Ronins are best when they work with a team. Get up to an enemy Titan while it's fighting your allies, and you can do huge damage. Then, when they turn their attention to you, pull out the sword block and watch them deal no damage as your allies tear them to shreds. It is perfectly acceptable to pop sword core just to blockIf you're sick of Tones use Ion shield, it destroys them. Alternatively just avoid them until their shield is down, they're way weaker with the shield downContinued...

idk i just ignore the titans since killing them is such a long process andpretty boring vs fighting other pilots

>>514351646That rings a bell but I can't say for sure. But now I'm gonna be on the lookout m8, hope to see you in there.

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anyone else run mag?

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>>514358350go play cod then

>>514314498Ummm, excuse me sweetie, can you try and not use the "n-word"? Thanks!

>>514358263>the SMR is trashaside from recommending smgs this is the only WRONG thing in your post. SMR is based and will POP motherfuckers.

>>514358263Scorch is only bad if you play him the "intended" way and not as a sneaky bitch shoving a shield up the other guy's ass


>>514358624I can't aim it for shit beyond close range but I just love having a bootleg boltgun that shreds if it actually hits

>>514355973pretty fucking nice, not gonna lie

>>514347152A man of taste you are.

>tfw slow>but actually really good at titan fightsFeels bad manNo I don't use MonarchIs there a titan tier list

>>514358624SMR is fucking amazing, 11k kills with it and I'm still not bored

>>514358263Don't use enhanced autotitan in Attrition, it's still free points for the enemy. If you really just want to play pilot and not titan, go with a ronin with nuke eject and doomed phase. You'll lose your titan fast but you'll probably take someone else with you.Backup Battery is the best boost. You can use it on yourself, or donate it to a friend to get your own Titan faster.Ticks aren't actually very good but are funny when people do die to them. They are extremely slow so most people will not, but they have a big blast radius.Amped weapons is extremely good on some guns and useless on others. Forgot to mention in pilot kits: you can't restore health during phase shift, but the timer between taking damage and phase shifting does keep going down while you're in phase shift, so it can still work defensively. you can also reload or cook grenades while in phase. You'll drop the flag one phase-shifting though so don't use it in CTF.Speaking of CTF, the fastest way to get the flag from one end of the battlefield to the other is usually to hitch a ride on a fast Titan, since you can't carry the flag while in your own Titan. A Well-coordinated team can cap the flag very fast.One last tip: awareness is very very important. Most pilots do not move silently so use your ears. Also keep in mind that the double jump makes a lot of noise, even if you have low profile, so be cautious about when you use it if you're worried about attracting attention.

>>514358797If you want to play that way, Ronin does the same thing but better.

>>514359449After 900 hours I say best titans goesMonarchIon = ToneNorthstarLegionScorch = RoninThey're all wonderful though, but a dickhead Monarch is going to be by far the most overpowered of all of them. Tone has been nerfed for a long time but the meme still persists she's OP, I think she's still fundamentally strong but people should direct their ire towards Monarch instead.

>>514359636>Backup Battery is the best boost

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>>514359636Im gonna add to this guy's post that activating Amped Weapons instantly reloads your gun

Is it me or does the ADS setting not work? Regardless of what I set it to it always toggles ADS instead of having to hold like I want it to.

>>514358624Why the hell would you ever use SMR over L-star? Like seriously is there any reason at all besides titan damage?

>>514359636*The timer between taking damage and regenning health

>>514359965bottomish right side, keybinds. you're fucking with controller settings

>>514359789Monarch is win-more as fuck. If you're losing monarch gets stomped, if you're winning you get level 3 and stomp them, but you would have done the same thing with any other titan anyway. Not saying it's not a fun Titan, but generally impractical.

>>514360015because it's cool and funits a micromissile launcherif you want to just pick "the best", just play monarch + CAR + stim + cooked frags like every other redditor

>>514358624I fucking love using it but I'll somehow fuck faces with it and get 14 kills and then die 10 times in a row without even hitting someone.It's also deceptively accurate/has range. I love when a roof humper stands still shooting at me and I loose two rockets at him and he turns into pink mist

>>514359636>Ticks aren't actually very good but are funny when people do die to them. They are extremely slow so most people will not, but they have a big blast radius.lmao this shit is true>flyin around at the speed of sound>KABLAM tick kills the shit out of me>the little bastard jumped horizontally from 20 feet away to explode underneath me>I must have had my big toe in his kill radius

>>514361221The L-star is more fun because you don't have to spend 90% of your time reloading the fucking thing. I'd give more stock to the SMR if it didn't have a tiny clip size and a three-year-long reloading animation.

>have a shitty mouse>move it too fast>stops and stutters

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>>514361832well yeah, but coldwar has the same problem; for some guns, extended mag and quick reload are just the mandatory mods

Murder every [RDDT] nigger you see.

>>514361832SMR kills in just 2 hits, it's amazing if you don't just spray and pray.

>>514361980even with those mods the clip size is only 25, and the reload time is still absurdly long. Or I could pack an L-star and spend more time firing more shots and killing motherfukers much more efficiently, plus be able to do a pseudo reload while holding a pistol or throwing a grenade.

>60+gigs Yikes dawg. This is already too much on my 500 GB SSD

does this game have swooce mechanics?

>>514362508You can swooce right in.

Most played weapon and titan. Post 'em,

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>> have no excuse

What keybinds do you guys use? I feel like I need to move the tactical button off the mousewheel, feels weird.

>>514353503>as for tickrate, it's 20. it's an abstract kind of hell.Damn, this game really has a lot of flaws. I noticed the shooting felt really spastic. There's like no damage drop off at range, and limb hits do pretty insane damage still. Those two factors make hitscan feel exceedingly strong in the game, and they're good in all situations. It's also way too easy to just hipfire spam and allow the cone of fire to melt any enemy that's roughly in the center of your screen. SMR is still pretty fun to use, did well in a match that was mostly medium range fights earlier, but anything long range is instant death. So far most matches seem to end when one team gets a few Titans and just groups up with each other. Fun game, but every match feels like a CoD styled TDM, so it all bleeds together and kinda gets dull.

>>514314498>says no hitscan weapons>uses a hitscan pistolanon...

>>514364883Wingman Elite is projectile

how do I use the devotion

>>514353840Honestly the section at the very end when you finally get the smart pistol and just go ham was kino.

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here's something rare

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help me git gud, bought the game yesterday, but played the campaign only. today I started MP I have fun

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I've been playing the game nonstop for a week and I still have no fucking clue as to what the evacuation thing is even supposed to do. Do I get a prize for making it to the ship? What fucking gives?

>>514365915based coldwar chad

>>514366558I think you get an exp bonus if you get on the evac ship.

>>514366743well, that explains my slow progression. I've been avoiding it and just going straight after enemy players in a banzai attack

fuck you i'mma hitscan all day until they turn it off. suck my diiiicck

>>514314498You can't make me do shit. Feel free to keep chimping out in chat whenever I kill you with one :)

>>514335736Funny how you think that. People have been complaining about aim assist on pad in ever game that ever had it since forever. An obvious example is the cowadooty games ever since they added proper pad support on PC.

>>514369232and the only reason they did complain was because they wanted to blame something for them being bad

>want to get Titanfall>everyone's so fastYeah I think I'll just pirate it for the story some day


>>514370352Not really, most people just sit on building and occasionally wallrun for a bit.

>>514370403If I want to get bodied by lightning I'd play MVC3

>>514314498wish this still had a playerbase

>>514371116I wish you weren't slow.

>>514370549Titanfall 2 is my favorite FPS (granted I've played a limited amount) and UMvC3 is my favorite fighting game. They're both good fun.

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>>514369824Moving goalposts, ok. But you are still fucking wrong. CoD aim assist, at least in the games I played, literally snapped to people for you. You could be topping the leaderboard and get killed and see in the killcam the stupid fucking snap the padfag had. So no, the main reason is because it is bullshit not because "people who complain about a literal aim bot are just bad".

>>514371116It's got like 10k online now?

>>514371334it's never good enough for it to be a valid complaint, controller users still have disadvantages like speed, close range, and still using a controller. Some games the aim assist can fuck you over completely and it will always be worse than a mouse.

>>514372091Not him but in bf1 if you aimed and shot immediately after you had a 100% chance to hit at mid range. Instant kills with bolt actions.

>>514371116it got put onto steam so now theres like 10k+ people you should play now

>>514314498If you don’t take back what u said about the kraber... ill probbaly be really mad at you

Is there anything in particular to use credits on or can I spend them on early unlocks without worry?

>>514373336Pretty much just unlocks. Mostly cosmetics (but not all of them), although you can also get certain parts of your loadout options early (like your Boost) if you really know you want them and don't want to waiting to level your pilot to that point.

>>514359789Why do people get so upset about Ronin when its not even that good compared to the other titans?

>>514373336Just use it on stuff you really like so you don't lose it when regenning. Or some cool cosmetic I guess

>>514373571Is it worth to regen something or does it just give you cosmetics? I'm perfectly fine with First Responder as my Scorch camo and I don't want to have to re-level my Mastiff until I can get Gunrunner again.

>>514373759It's just cosmetics. But you don't lose weapon upgrades (progress). They just become locked away until you unlock them by levelling up again or buying them with credits.

>>514349515>cpu goddessI see this person in matches literally every time i play, did the dimensional merge happen with the titanfall universe?

>>514374117I'm aiming for G9.19 with Scorch so I'm not about to reset my progress, thanks though.

>>514374237cpu goddess is an old /tfg/ user, chill guy. I like him.>>514364091i put tactical on m4 and ordnance on m5. middle click calls down titan and activates core.

>>514374519>I'm not about to reset my progress???

>>514366558If you get a successful evac, you get experience as though you won the match instead of losing it, and I think it also affects your win-loss rate although I'm not sure about that

>>514374863You just said I'd need to level up again, right? I guess I'm confused by what you mean by not losing weapon progress but still having them locked behind levels.

>>514375151When you regen you lose the access to the weapons you previosly unlocked, but the weapons/titans themselves don't lose any progress. So when you unlock them again they'll be on the same level as they were before you regenned.

>enemy pilot ejects>shoot him out of the sky with northstar's railgun

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>>514375694I see, I thought you regenned each weapon or Titan and started over on each, not reset your own level and worked back up to them.

>reach level 50>considering Regenerating>figured if I did then the game would just put me with other Regens and there'd be no more brainlessly steamrolling slows>look at cosmetic unlocks for Regenerating>say fuck it and Regen anyways>first game is 90% Regens running Krabers and Wingman ElitesI fucking knew it

hey to all you fucking morons and absolute buffons that said if you had titanfall 2 on origin, bought it on steam, then downloaded it through steam, but when you launched it it opened origin and made you download it AGAIN through Originyou were right.IF YOU OWN THE GAME ON ORIGIN, AND BUY IT ON STEAM, ORIGIN WILL OPEN AFTER DOWNLOADING IT THROUGH STEAM AND DOWNLOAD THE GAME OVER AGAIN.

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>>514375856>enemy pilot ejects>shoot him out of the sky with a scorch shot

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>>514377101>had titanfall 2 on origin, bought it on steamwhy?

>>514377286that's not important, why does it download the game again, which is contradicting what literally everyone else has said

She’s heavily map reliant and requires an abstract playstyle but Northstar is something else. Never gets old pixelhunting some fucker through several alleys. Always had a hardon for mechs with snipers.

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>>514377101I think you have to uninstall Origin first, then Steam installs the "light" Origin and Titanfall 2

>>514331676turn off toggle crouchturn auto sprint offturn off auto-rodeoincrease field of viewturn off resolution scaling, set it to 100

>>514377512She takes giant scorch cock real good.

>>514376810There's no skill based matchmaking user. You get grouped in with anyone and everyone. There is literally no point to regen.

>>514314498Yeah this is just faster CoD with robots. It's fun in that you can get immersed in certain scenarios and there's a few fun moments with the Titans, but beyond that, I see no reason to play this over any other FPS out there. I'll finish the single player, uninstall, and probs never touch again. I can already imagine how figuring out the meta play style results in "No fun allowed!" games. Also, holy fucking shit this UI is awful. Doom Eternal gets shit but this is just vomit on a screen

hitscan takes more skill.

>>514379063thanks for the bump kind user :) that tf2 is shit compared to tf1

>>514314498>used to domimate matches in the first game>hype for the second>be a retard and dont play it because everyone parrots the dead game meme>want to give it a try nowDo people easily get mad in this game if you arent a literal god on their team? I always hate feeling like I'm dragging down the match.

Reminder to crouch immediately after you pop electric smoke so the pilot can't jump out of it

>>514379205Oh wait this is an actual shill thread? lol. In that case eat shit and die, third world shitstain

I just played a few rounds, I have no idea what people see in this game

>>514379398>frothygod fuck that faggot

>>514379423I'm slow as fuck and no one has ever called me on it.But then again I've also never been dead last so make of that what you will.

>>514379423not at all, it's not some overwatch dogshit where team performance/"wins" make a difference

>>514314498>SMG USERS (OR NIGGERS AS I LIKE TO CALL THEM)I understood that reference

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>>514380115what a classic

>>514379619an all-time golden /tfg/

>>514357989The number of times I've ejected from my titan and then immediately gotten 1 or 2 titan kills by immediately switching to mag makes it very worth it. It's also excellent for drive-by chip damage that's bound to piss anyone off. If you're going FAST, the mag rifle is a must.I also cant recommend the EVA-8 enough. A single point blank blast will kill someone, up to 3 blasts for short-medium. Its aim is also VERY forgiving compared to SMGs and the mastiff. Excellent if you're looking for that 'mouthy boston fast kid' feel.

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Is PS4 still alive?

Sorry bros, I couldnt do the grapple and epgSo I use mastiff instead

>meet another [tfg] and spend the whole match whipping past each other flinging EPG shots aroundit feels so good

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>>514314845>spray and pray with shotgunsHoly cringe. Kill your self.


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>>514314845Based. Stay fast Shig. Your Art of the Grapple video was what sold me on the game a few years ago. Thanks man. Had a lot of fun with this game.

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Wait is this game still active?Might get it on the sale.

>>514379548your posts don't actually contribute to any meaningful conversation - explain why you think this game doesn't have any value to you after playing for 30 minutes

>>514381224Just came out on Steam. Its PC userbase has reached 10k+ in the last week compared to the usual 1500 or so.


>>514381337Do i need to download ea's shit launcher thing or nah?

>>514381649unfortunately yes but it's a "light" version that only launches when you launch the game and automatically closes when you quit out

>>514320847>quake strafe jumping>web slingingI will check it out


>>514381097thanks for that user, hope to see you out there, stay speedy

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>>514336904you are literally just not fast enough

dont you die on me, thready

>its a CAR'd from across the map episodeI hate that one

>>514357989What does one mean by Mastiff and Mozambique? I only see Mastiff and Eva for shotguns

>>514380943thats a grenade launcher

>>514336904>>514386025you really have to resist the urge to fling yourself way up in the air, as fun as it is. Learn the sightlines of every map and as soon as you see a hitscan shitter setting up on some rooftop, stay LOW and sweep your way to thembest hidden secret? when you spawn, just turn around or to the side. The spawn system will always start you facing toward the biggest 'engagement', so if you just turn to the side you will always be on a path to flank around and surprise the enemy

>>514386116Mozambique is a primary pistol

>>514386116Mozambique is under pistols, but in its own description it's referred to as shotgun-like. It's quicker and tighter than the Mastiff, but both are big burst projectile weapons that can one-shot.

>>514386116this, its a 'pistol'

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>>514349230Kraber is you starting sniper and that's one of the best weapons. All the level 1 shit is viable and melee will 1hit anyone so just use the grapple and gofast. As you play though you can earn credits which let you unlock stuff permenantly instead of it being a level up reward if there's a gun you really want. If you haven't played it yet play the campaign first. It's one of the best and you'll get to try out all the guns and loadouts over the course of it.

>>51438679899% of my kraber kills are just melee kills after i miss with the kraber

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i want to play this but I don't want to install origin cancerware

>>514387252Hope they de-couple the game from Origin like they are for a couple other games. I know the C&C remaster doesn't need Origin.

>>514388952i doubt they would do that, the game will probably die (again) within a month

If they didn't want me to use Volt why would they have nerfed it to an acceptable level and make it feel so good to use?

Why the fuck there are two R201?

>>514389382It feels like what all SMGs should be, imo the damage on other ones is just waaay too high

Should I give this a try if I never really got into multiplayer shooters?

>>514390879This game was the first FPS I truly got into and I love it. Give it a shot. Play the campaign first since it's great, not that long, and will teach you how to control your Pilot and Titan for the multiplayer.

are you niggers seriousthis shit looks like CoD, what's the appeal? are you idiots too contrarian to play the game it's ripping off?

>>514391914Please enlighten us of what it's ripping off shitposter-kun

>>514391914It's literally made by ex-Infinity Ward devs. They went from making CoD to making sci-fi parkour CoD with mecha. I think that's pretty cool.

>>514349716this anatomy gave me cancer

>>514380739Yes I'll play with you user

Do kills u get in a titan add to ur total kills in a game?


Give me some Mozambique tips. I've had a few good rounds with it but I'm still struggling to move past being a r97fag

>>514398423that's really fucking dumb

>>514314845>>514315073This is R6 Siege levels of tryhard. The single player and co-op modes saved this game from getting ignored by me.

Is there anyway to make this game still play its audio when I'm alt tabbed out of it?

>Monarch is OPI always disregarded it because the skill ceiling just seemed too high but I guess not. I usually play Scorch but maybe I should try Monarch again? I don't want to be a shitter, I just want to have fun.

>shoot at someone with l-star>get gunned down before my slow fucking bullets even travel far enough to hit himhow am i supposed to use this thing

>>514399532>softball>tryhardFucking retard lmao

how popular is the pilot v pilot mode? i dont care about the robot gameplay at allim a newshit but even if its full of 5000hr tryhards i dont care

I really want to like this game but holy fuck the bloom and crosshair you're stuck with make it so hard to fucking do or see anything.

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>no free for all:(

>>514399794Monarch starts strong out of the gate and it's upgrades turn it into a monster. It's not that difficult to use at all especially compared to other titans due to it's kit being pretty straightforward. Zap people whenever you can, ignore the rockets unless you see shields or an easy pilot kill, and pick the health upgrade for the third tier because it's downright insane.

>>514398612Mozambique is so strong. How are you having any problems?Are you actually just holding down the button? Don‘t do that. Aim and fire each shot individually. You only need one full headshot or maybe two shitty hits for a kill so it‘s alright to take your time aiming.

>>514403241I don‘t know why there is no Bloom toggle in the options like in every other game. Seriously baffeling.>try to goose a pilot>but the sun just went super nova and you literally can‘t make out any detail in the skyBig oof.

Fuck you for making me play this again, I suck at killing pilots. I'm only good for stealing batteries and riding friendly titans

>>514365096But you gotta choose between the 45, 2016, and the B3 for the pistol slot. No matter what you do you will always be a hitscanfag.

Do I switch off toggle crouch to slide hop?

>>514359789>tfw Ronin player

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>>514408058I feel your pain. I lack the ability to go fast, and I refuse to use a bullet hose like everyone else.

>>514409186just...never use your pistol?

>>514411120Imagine thinking Ronin is bad because you have lower armor. I ran a fucking Strider frame in TF1 you bet your ass I went for the speedy melee mech. Nobody ever expects the phase shift to get behind them either making it a bunch of free shots into execution too. Sure I don't get to sit on my fat ass and go brrrr with a Pred Cannon all day but I don't mind the risk because holy shit when Ronin revs up it fucks.

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>>514314498>paint my titan and pilot red10/10 game titanfall good job

>>514314498>he isnt pistols onlyget a load of this guy

>>514314845>>514315073Is this why the game didn't sell that well, not console friendly enough due to fast movement and snap aiming?

if you're bitching about people playing the game with whatever they have with them, you're part of the reason why the game nearly died

I just play Frontier Defense all the time instead of PvP.

Just stopping by to say Ronin users are glue eaters

>someone dropped smoke >use grapple in the smoke to just move out>get a pilot insteadFishing is so great.

>>514373559Memes about Ronin players beind edgy weebs and tryhards basically. I don't think anyone gets salty about Ronins for real except newfags and maybe Scorch mains when they get swarmed by 2-3 of them.

Just got into this game bros. Holy shit have I seriously been missing out on this gem for this long?

>>514419753Because it has been overshadowed by releasing it between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Advanced Warframe while also being exclusive on Origin


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>>514353427really user?, I don't consider myself the best FPS player, and in fact I am not, but I still enjoy it, and sometimes I do better than expected

>>514419753Literally the best fps in the past decade right there with eternal for me.

>>514358263>The SMR is trash>Scorch is really really badBut I'm having fun

>>514314498no community servers

>>514340917The word Origin appears 8 times in this window.

>>514314845absolutely based fuck the scrubs crying over this webm

>stuck on respawn entertainment loading screenVERY cool

>>514415813the movement is too hard for console players most likely yes, so they play it like CoD with a wallrun but the movement is much much more than thattaht said you can still play it without having much skill, it's hard to play a game and end up without at least some kills because the titans are ez and the TTK is so fast that you'll eventually kill something when you fire enough bullets in the general direction

>>514421792>better than tribes>better than planetsideyeah let's not get carried away

why do I feel like gimping myself when I play anything but grapple and stimkilling shitters with pulse blade or tricking noobs with holo is fun as fuck but you go so slow it feels like a different game

>lvl 30 has 25 kills with mozambiquewtf


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