Yume Nikki turns 16

the game is now probably older than its newest fans.

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>>514296817Bold of you to assume anyone under 20 plays Yume Nikki.

>>514296817happy birthday Madocutie

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Are there any good fangames that aren't 2kki or .flow?

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>>514297087the fans are either people old enough to remember the rpgmaker days or teenagers drawn to the angsty themes.

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>>514298465Aren't the only fans gobou subscribers now?

>>514299287That and Underfaggots.

just started playing and i love this shit. happy birthday

>>514299287>>514299468yume nikki is a classic. obnoxious fan art goes along with that.

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>Known about Yummy Nuggies for years>Only played it recentlyIt's nice but damn does it only open a bigger hole of loneliness with the odd atmosphere.

>>514296817I'm 25 though. I've known about the game for years, but I couldn't speak English when I was a kid. Turns out it wasn't even necessary.

Has anyone else here played the sequel?It feels amateurish as all hell but at the same time I appreciate the attempts at making it more gamey, and I feel like it gets close to the original once or twice

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>>514302189I thought about picking dream diary up during this steam sale but it's hard to spend anything on a game I know is garbage. plus that studio is full of hacks and I don't want to send them money.fantastic soundtrack thoughyoutu.be/bcDkW5LdsrA

>>514300367This isn't a highlight for me either.

>>514296817Happy Birthday.Mado

>>514296817Happy birthday mado. Anway what's your>favorite area>favorite OST>favorite NPC>favorite fangames

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>>514302189I like it because I'm in love with Madotsuki and have been years prior to its releaseAny of my fears or distaste about the game was dispelled when I played it through and got to see her very realistically getting in and out of bed (I seriously can't get over those animations)To be fair, I never played the original for the gameplay quality, if there even is any, but to spend time with her.I like it about as much as the original, but be honest, the first is also amateurish, it's rpgmaker

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Like every other year, happy birthday mado :)

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>>514302189Got it half off and I don't regret the purchase, it was neat enough to exploreBut I definitely didn't like them trying to turn it into more of a standard game, I feel that's opposite the intent/atmosphere of the originalAlso give drawing suggestions I guess I'll see what I can do

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>>514309327Madotsuki plugging in a USB onahole to her NES while reaching for her skirt. NASU is on-screen looking very nervous.

>>514309327Yeah, I think they missed the atmosphere of the original. They went more dark kind of standard horror rather than the borderline goofy/surreal look. I get that Madotsuki is supposed to be older here, but man that aesthetic of the original is such a distinctive feeling that they just didn't hit.

Even years later i still love this game. It was a great experience.

You guys have any interesting dreams lately? I haven't been able to remember any for weeks.

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>>514309327anything with Monoko

>>514312292Her eyes are closed? I thought she was just Asian.

>>514310809I dream a lot and 80% of the times I remember them, but most of them are based on memories through my life, good and bad, but with always with something weird on it so isn't 100% accurate but somewhat interesting too. I was thinking to make a yume nikki-like game based on that, hopefully that goes somewhere.

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>>514296817Thread themeyoutube.com/watch?v=hZJ71byBCOw

>>514314010LET ME IN

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What's your relationship with this game? I played it before bed when I had a really hard time getting to sleep. It seemed to help.

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>>514313756Do you keep a dream diary?

>>514314713No but I should, especially to get future ideas.

>>514313529Why would an asian draw themselves like that? It's only when in comparison to western eyes that their eyes seem closed.

>>514309846strange req

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>>514310809All my dreams seem to involve either hotels or houses with hundreds of floors, and they're always packed full of people.Most of the time I find myself looking for a toilet and going into these weird nested toilet dimensions, where I keep opening doors that lead to darker to darker places, all full of toilets.Other times I dream that I've just killed someone and I need to find a place in the hotel to hide, those are the fun ones.


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>>514309327madotsuki taking a bath with Kyukyu washing her back

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>>514314475A weird one. I played it back in '07 or '08, when my mental health issues were at their worst, and I'm pretty sure seeing that ending staved me off from attempting to kill myself for a while. It's always been pretty important to me because of that, even if gameplay-wise it's not my favorite. Going back to replay it now that I'm much more stable is still comforting to me.

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>>514296817>Yume Nikkiwhat was the point of that, I still don't get it

>>514309327Could you draw a reference image of Mado so I can start drawing her correctly?

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>>514314475Blog incoming: I first played it when I was a depressed antisocial shut in, but seeing the ending made me really start to reevaluate my life considering how much I related to Madotsuki's situation. I guess my life isn't THAT much better now but I don't feel as pessimistic about everything and don't think about suicide anymore, so it's something. Exercising semi-regularly has helped me too I think.I still love this game and the community around it. The fact that people still care about some random indie freeware 16 years after it came out is crazy.

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>>514296817HBD to mado-chan! Here's my shitty drawing I drew for you.>>514309327Madotuski on a computer browsing 4chan.

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>>514314475I became Mado unwillingly. I wish she could escape, I want to escape.

>>514317425Also can anyone tell me how dto draw hair please

>>514296817Happy birthday, Mado-chan.

>>514296817Could you guys recommend me some Yume Nikki fan games? Are they even worth playing?

>>514317954.flow and 2kki are good, of the others I've played none have done much for me. They're all either very unfinished or edgy and not really worth bothering with unless you really want more.

Happy birthday knife bitch

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>>514317954Seconding .flow


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To honor her I'll continue work on my porn parody game

>>514318691Post progress user!

>>514318656Nice job! where do you post your art?

>>514296817Finally. Happy birthday Yume Nikki.

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I played it on my old Acer notebook back in 2009-10

>>514317954.flow is the one that gets recommended the most, but it's well deserved. It expands on a lot of what Yume Nikki suggested or brought to the table, while being more than its own thing. Also a lot more unsettling than YN, but YN is more getting immersed into a surreal dreamscape than being scared. .flow has things like heartbeats you can hear in the soundtrack, more unnerving chasers and a lot more nightmare sequences. It also has a bit more of a suggested plot than the pieces YN has for you to connect, if you like that sort of thing.Yume 2kki is a giant collaboration project made by a bunch of fans on 2ch, so it's not as focused, but it's still a very fun ride. If you want a mix of YN and .flow, it's perfect, but it's also fucking huge, so be ready to play it for more than a few hours or days. Getting the true ending requires seeing a lot of shit, and you can get loads of other endings than the an hero one.There's two more that're pretty standout, but both of them had creators with the mental stability of a peanut and thus they were never finished or nearly deleted off the internet. Yume Nisshi and LCDem aren't nearly as polished as the last two, but still really interesting in their own right. Nisshi is similar to .flow with unnerving imagery and a more questionable protagonist, LCDem is a lot more chilled and relaxed with not as many spooks until the ending, so it's ideal if you just want to see some calming surrealness with no spook factor. Pick your poison, nigga.

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>>514317954>youtube.com/watch?v=GWDVQY71_-MI had fun playing Yume Nikki Gensou even though it isn't a nikkilike.

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>>514319581Gets me every time.

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>>514318691Yume Dikki?

>>514320959Yume Ecchi

>>514316197long boy>>514318853I don't really draw YN (or anything) too consistently but if you don't care twitter.com/LiveActors

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>>514309327big boobie monoe being smug

>>514314475This game was like a bomb with delayed ignition, at first I didin't feel anything in particular after finishing it but it got stuck in my head and after a while I couldn't stop thinking about it. The only game that managed to make me feel this way besides Yume Nikki is STALKER.

>>514321627I love it, you did a great job. I'll need to follow you!

>>514296817Well I mean I think I'm a very new fan, considering I first played 9 months ago, and I'm 22, so...Happy b-day Madotsuki, I guess?

>>514310809I wish I could dream user

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>>514296817how did kadokawa fuck up the 3d adaptation so bad?

>>514296817I've noticed there's a huge difference between other threads and YN threads. There's none of that "BASED!! ONIONS!!! Holla ForumsBTFO" and other meme garbage here. For that reason, YN threads feel much more homely than others.Thank you, anons. Thank you for these moments of respite.

Yume Nikki is a trans game! Madotsuki says trans rights!


>>514323113You jape and bait, but I can almost see why some people would view it that way. I don't think she'd be trans, but people can believe whatever gay headcanon shit they want. Not my problem.

>>514296817well I'm turning 19 next month, so there's that. I beat the game for the first time at the beginning of this year.I loved it, even though it left me feeling quite empty at the end.This is one of those games that I believe shines the brightest during your very first playthrough. It's a situation where you wish you could remove certain memories so you can experience them anew.happy birthday Madoyoutu.be/2OYINr0nle0

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>>514309327cat effect lingerie

>>514310809I had a college dream, which surprised me. I have high school dreams all the time, but I know that’s because I miss those days and it’s given me a massive complex. College was unhappy and forgettable. But I guess with enough time your subconscious will get nostalgic about anything.

you hate walking simulators but it is ok when it is Yume Nikki

>>514324569YN has the benefit of being free and having some form of puzzle-solving outside of walking. Walking sims aren't always shit, either, it just takes a lot of skill to make a story worth walking around for and not feel like a pretentious fart-huffing session. Edith Finch is genuinely good, at least in my opinion.

>>514324569First, (you) is not one person. There are probably a lot of Yume Nikki fans that don't necissarily hate walking sims.Second, Yume nikki introduced itself as a complete mystery. A lot of the older fans are fans today simply because back then people on 4chan were trying to uncover new interactions and events inside of it. The community aspect of the game attached people to it, and didn't let go. Playing it now, however, I would agree that if it's not completely what you're into, it's going to be a lot more boring than it was when it was a complete mystery.

>>514321627So cute!

>>514323806>well I'm turning 19 next monthSame, I played this and .flow last year and have been thinking of what to play next since. Unfortunately 2kki has missing sound effects on easyrpgplayer but goddammit I wanna play it on the Vita.>>514310809Had this the other day, dunno why it went to capeshit since I'm not into that at all.Hope you anons write your dreams down so you can make your own YN in the future, RPG Maker 2003 is 3$ on steam right nowAlso helps with lucid dreaming which is always great.

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>>514321627>Are you frustrated?

>>514321627nice art, but it's kinda lewd...You don't lewd Mado, bro

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>>514326105The lewdness is in your mind, bath scrubs is japanese wholesome.

>>514326105Bathing isn't lewd user.


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back from lunch>>514316292honestly the sprite of mado can be interpreted a lot of ways

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Just drew a little something. Happy birthday Mado!>>514327003Love your art dude, it looks great!

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>>514310809I had a dream about a Balloon Fight metroidvania. There was a part where a poison mushroom turned the character small and removed all health hearts. There was also an underwater area that had a secret cave with baby seals that I accidentally murdered.

>>514296817meme game

>>514327414very cute

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>>514322560lay off the weed

Some older Madotsuki drawings. Gonna draw some stuff for the 16th anniversary later.

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>>514316036That user is dumb as shit.

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>>514326359What? Who the fuck bathes sitting down?

>>514328165The Japanese, you uncultured newfag.

>>514302189>sequelDream Diary isn't a sequel, its a fake from Kadokawa taking advantage of how Kikiyama was completely missing for many many years without a trace and didn't bother with copyright after some people got scammed by some guy selling """beta""" versions of the game on online auctions.Its disgusting because they knew they could get away with it and so they made a half-assed cash grab.Until Kikiyama's site is actually updated and his email is used for any purpose whatsoever, any product claiming authenticity is a fraud.>www3.nns.ne.jp/~tk-mto/kikiyamaHP.html>更新日 2008/06/30There's no way he somehow gave permission to and then worked on a game when his only means of contact was email, which was inactive for many many years, only to not even give one single additional page on his own website or even just a sentence on the front mentioning a brand new title.

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>>514328674uhh anonwww3.nns.ne.jp/~tk-mto/kikiyamaHP.html

>>514328871oh the link doesn't work that way, but click "ゲーム紹介" on the sidebar

>tfw still havent played yume nikkii cant fucking find the time to sit down and play it


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I honestly have never understood the appeal of this game, I always see super good atmospheric fanart like >>514308432 but when I tried playing the game I felt nothing but boredom, It's so slow that it stops being comfy

>>514327597you are huge meme

>>514329059Just play an hour or two before you go to bed, user. That's how I did it. In fact, I think that's probably one of the best ways to experience the game.

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>>514321627Super cute. Well done user!


>>514329010Yes, that's talking about Yume Nikki, not Dream Diary.

>>514328871what is kikiyama up to these days, anyway? Last time I thought about popular RPG Mager devs, kikiyama was a mystery to me>Ibthe dev still keeps a blog and retweets this and that, but no more gamedev it seems>Mad fathersee above>The Witch's house the MV remake>Blank DreamNoel the Mortal Fate was a very recent and popular series by the dev. Still going strong>lcd demsame as Yume Nikki dev, no one knows>Towelket seriesgoing strong since 12 years, though I wonder if it's just a single person>Mogeko Castlethere was a trailer for the gaiden game some weeks agoyoutube.com/watch?v=B-eoSVHPRG0>Corpse Party who knows, CP2 continuation looks dead...>Forest of Drizzling Rain, Angels of DeathAoD got a spin-off game recently, Episode.Eddie>End Rollhaven't heard anything new from segawa>Paranormal Syndromepart 3 was released in 2019, I think

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>>514323806>>514325398It warms my heart to see young people carry the torch onward. What made you pick it up? Why are you even on this cursed website?

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never 4get

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>>514331021What about angel of death, OFF. Cave story. etc?>>514331615Rip the projectLink for download

>>514331865>angel of death, like I said, there's been a spin-off some few weeks ago>OFF. haven't considered devs outside Japan, I'm not sure about Mortis Ghost. Last I heard that tumblr fans made him quit with their faggotry>Cave story. etc?not RPG Maker


every dream i hope to die to keep dreaming

>>514332379that doesn't have the latest versionthat just came out yesterdayslack-files.com/THVPDP9PT-F016118101H-4722140870

>>514332404same I wish I could dream forever

>>514332561>came out yesterdayso is the project still being worked on?

>>514331170Couldn't they really come up with a better title?

>>514332670yes, we even recently got a few more people working on it

>>514332772Well that's good news.Anything substantial added in the latest version? I'll have to check it out.

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>>514331170Wait, the text is solely about Yume Nikki but when Dream Diary released the logo was replaced but he didnt make any other mentions and didn't update the site's Last Updated date? What the fuck.

>>514297290It's not finished yet, but Uneven Dream looks promising

>>514331285>What made you pick it up?I can't remember where I first heard about it, but I've been familiar with the game for quite a while now. I've always been intrigued by cult classics, and Yume Nikki just happened to be one of those. I never got around it until the Steam release, and I didn't commit to the game till the start of this year. It was great.>Why are you even on this cursed website?Got nowhere else to go, I guess.

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>>514326220Based as fuck

>>514333047Biggest change is the nexus, there's still a few new unfinished areas being worked on but if that itch.io version is the latest some people have played there should be a bunch of stuff in the latest version too. We lost whoever made that page so we can't update it there.

>>514333108It could be that he just gave Kadokawa access to the website and so they just stuck that there so there was some reference to it. I suppose they could have gotten access to it without him somehow but I think the whole conspiracy theory is kinda retarded considering how they could get sued so easily if he found out about it.

>>514331285I went in thinking it was a horror game and that I, a pussy, was being brave by playing it. It did have spooky elements but was actually mostly surreal exploration which I grew to loveAs for the second question, I heard about Holla Forums from the rules of the internet when I was 12 or something, went in 2 years later and stayed for furshit of all things (don't let your kids use the internet unsupervised, please). Then I eventually made my way here and started lurking. I tend to post in these threads in particular because they're so comfy and honest, none of that post ironic tranny schizo cope seethe shitposting you see everywhere else, just people uniting around a game they love. Nice to see, y'know?

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>>514331865Pixel is alive and well. He released a statement a couple of months ago actually.Seriously, go play Kero Blaster if you haven't already. It's amazing. I'll go as far as saying it's better than Cave Story, but that's just my dumb opinion.

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>>514334239Love it!

>>514329626cute although I wish it was more like pic related

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>>514309327Could you draw Sabitsuki?

>>514309327Could you draw Mado and Lain?

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I drew this for the /vp/ drawthread, hope you like it

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>>514331285>What made you pick it up?People on here talked about it, it was free so I checked it out. The intense look into one developers mind was super interesting, and the visuals combined with the music are unmatched to me in terms of mood.>Why are you even on this cursed website?Because when I was 14 a friend sent me a ylyl thread on Holla Forums. Thought Holla Forums sucked but the other boards were interesting. He stopped coming on here like a month after that and I'm still here 5 years later. It's better than reddit.

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>>514310809My dreams change every minute. It goes all over the place that I have to wake out of pure confusing.

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;u trying to be deep or something?go fukk urself

Gonna try and draw something myself for the anniversary>>514336280It good, good job

>>514309327something cute with mado and omorijesus christ, how long has it been since the kickstarter

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when does the loneliness end?

>>514338376It doesn't


>>514338376When it turns to aloneliness. Do something that is meaningful to you with the time the more social people spend on others.

>>514339047i dont know people

>>514339215Well you gotta start somewhere.

>>514297290what about dream diary?

>>514296817Pretty sure most of Holla Forums doesn't even know Madotsuki.

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>>514340013sorry, i meant dream grafitti

>>514315570I took a nap. Didn't dream of anything. Holy shit user you actually did it. Madman. Thanks a lot.

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>>514339047As harsh as it is, the truth is that if you do not want to be lonely, you have to seek people. People won't seek you, because a lot of them are just like you are right now. Waiting for others to reach out, afraid to put themselves out there. Nobody is going to go out of their way for you without you finding them, and that's not a judgement of your character, that's just how things are for most people.Put yourself out there. Be mindful of others and what they are willing to do for you/how much they're willing to put themselves out there for you. If you put in as much or close to the amount they put in consistently, you might have just met a best friend. If you don't, you can still be friends, but don't feel completely responsible or expect or demand anything more than just hanging out every once and a while. It doesn't have to be this hard to work on yourself and find the people you want to be surrounded by, you just have to be honest with yourself and start.

>>514340040that's a good thing. these threads were garbage around the time of the steam release

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>it's another "get a phonecall from school telling you that you forgot to do an assignment and it needs to be done quickly but you can't find your notes or turn on your computer and you already finished school 12 years ago" dream

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>>514341882You too, huh?

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>>514331615Not yet. It's not over yet.

I made a thing

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>>514296817are there any games similar to yume nikki to purchase this sale? i bought corpse party and it looks pretty good

>>514297290I dont know if you could call it good but i liked Saigo No Uta, very edgy and some of the music is very bad for ambient but it was fun and the endings build on each other story wise.

>>514343595Looks a little spooky, user

>>514340161Not the guy but Graffiti was ok, the event searching for the true ending was more annoying than it needed to be though

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>>514297087There's plenty of kids that love Yume Nikki, check youtube comment sections and twitter


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>>514346401ah shit the image

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>>514346529very cute sleepover

>>514309327Mado with a cake celebrating the 16 years

>>514346529its perfectbless you drawanon

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>>514346529Very cute

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>>514346529>omori bullieddare I say, based?


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>>514336280I love this

>>514328323Fuck the Japanese and their backwards customs.

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What's your most hated section?For me it's the teleporting blocks

>>514309327embarrassed witch madotsuki enjoying riding the broom slight too much.

>>514349506virtual boy maze

>>514349506>1 - Teleporting blocksYou think you know your way but you dont>2 - HellYou know you dont know your way but you eventually find it anyway3 - Underworld (the one with the ghost effect)Large similar block objects make it very annoying to navigate.

>>514334865>textWhat the flying fuck

i'll draw ol madotsuki

>>514340689what do you care?y r u sayin this?

>>514350706owl madotsuki?

>>514350747I can't care. I don't kno u. I'm sayin it bc i'm the same u idiot. and suggesting it to u might push me to do it.

>>514351516how?I'm not going to change and neither are youwe are trapped

>>514351829do you really think someone who types like that is really depressed

hb! what an unforgettable experience it was

where's the new gobou vid? I need my fix

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Happy birthday

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>>514352546God I love this pic, it's exactly how I imagine the mall area

>>514351829>we are trappedI don't know you, maybe you really are locked up in some kind of bad situation. If not though -- not to make light of your anguish, but a prison of the mind can be broken out of if you can identify the pitfalls and imagine the key. Not easy work but you have to start somewhere.

Happy birthday Madotsuki, you're finally legal in Japan.

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>>514354497what flavor is it?

At least in my dreams no matter how weird I'm happy in them.

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>>514354497What program are you using to draw these?


>>514354497Happy birthday, Mado-chan!

>>514355792clip studio paint I think it's on sale right now?also forgot to say I'm takin a break

>>514356950Thank you for your work so far!

>>514354497That's pretty good>>514355239Clearly the knife has strawberry jam

>>514356950good job lad, you deserve it

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>>514356950Sale ended a few days ago I believe. I bought it on the last day.

>>514356950do you personally have a request? I would like to get you one back

other than Yume Nikki, what are your favorite adventure/horror games in RPG Maker?for me:Corpse Party RebuiltIbBlank DreamTowelket 2 Warau, Warawau

Attached: Screenshot 2020-03-26 22.36.39.png (640x479, 54.24K)

>>514357521Toilet in Wonderland

Attached: mario.png (156x210, 951)

>>514357521Hello Charlotte

>>514357521OFFspace funeralIb.flow

>>514332561>>514332772I haven't seen a thread about this in a long time but glad this isn't dead after all. Is there an ending yet?

>>514357459Mado with any of the creatures in game I suppose

I still haven't played it despite knowing about it for years.Which is the recommended version? Uboachan fan translation? Steam isn't an option.

>>514359260UboachanWhy not steam?

>>514337698I don't have the time right now to export this as a jpg and port it over to the PC, but here's what I came up with.colorslive.com/details/4491508I was in a bit of a hurry to get it done, but I think it turned out alright even without proper coloring

Attached: 4491508-pXXzRuG6Y7x-6kmo.jpg (512x307, 48.07K)

>>514361074No internet at home, only phone data. Basically, I need a good old download and play Drm-free version that I can transfer into my toaster It's been like this for about 5 years now.

I played this like 10 years ago, never finished it because I didn't want to see a guide. Should I finish it now with a guide or just wander forever until I get all the effects?

Attached: __madotsuki_yume_nikki_drawn_by_shimo_depthbomb__34df11d6046b82e7ce9adbfa62bcf679.jpg (937x800, 102.75K)

>>514362185How the fuck do you live like that? Why do you live like that? Are you in the middle of fucking africa?

>>514362373Wandering forever gets boring, especially in a few areas like hell and the desertBest you could do is talk to someone who already played the game, tell them what effects you have so they could lightly point you to the ones you're missingHell, do it here if you have the game on handJust know that the journey >>> the destination

>>514362804yeah you're right, I enjoyed while it lasted but it got pretty tedious after getting around 12 effects and got stuck for like a week so I dropped it. The problem is that the save must be lost on my old pc so I would have to start all over again

Attached: EXXylNEVAAAPyQY.jpg (394x1024, 100.54K)

Attached: 1514787926585.jpg (1920x1080, 177.46K)

>>514363467Considering it was 10 years ago and you've probably forgotten most of what you saw, I'd say restarting might be a fun time, give it a shot

>>514359260yeah the fan translation is fine, you can probably get it on uboachan or the wiki

>>514363773alright, thanks user

What are some rpg maker/low-end games that are like the walking simulator aspect of yume nikki? I have nowhere to go in real life so I love games that just let me explore interesting places, but my computer also sucks and I can't afford a new one

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Attached: madotsuki 49.png (800x800, 169.98K)

>>514364216I'm glad you asked, I'm surprised this hasn't been posted all threadNow if you'll excuse me I need to stop replying to people and sleepThread better be up tomorrow morning

Attached: 42d18b99c0eaf516a4aa7e12deedf33017bc1be9eb1167d3cd04c5b248b0f17c.png (1432x4904, 2.67M)

Anyone play the 3D version? Is it worth getting from steam?

Attached: ss_d33cde75e24d8723ffb68b6d2dac6ee3504a9b44.1920x1080.jpg (1616x908, 280.85K)

>>514364921it's meh. cool music and a few areas are neat but the puzzles aren't very good and the whole thing just feels pointless. it's also pretty buggy.if it's like $5 it might be worth checking out I guess

>>514364874Goodnight user!

>>514296817>tfw made my first online friend in 2008 because of how amazed i was at his yume nikki oekaki art>he got me into digital art>still friends today but talk probably once every 2 monthsfuck man, the memories

>>514310809I record interesting dreams on my computer. I write them in bad english because if I think too much I'll forget

>>514362375It's not as bad as It sounds when all you do is browse image boards and little more, my internet needs are covered even if It means no big downloads. I don't really want to go into detail, but in my current situation, it is better to spend 10 bucks for data that lasts me the entire month for the things I do with it than to pay 50~70 bucks for the non-crippled internet experience.Tl:dr I'm used to it by now. Not Africa but may as well be with all the people coming from there.

>>514363467>>514363890>12 onlyTry to go for at least 2/3rds of the effects before giving up, once i found most effects and do one last check up on the areas i look at a guide, some events are incredibly unlikely to find on your own but give it some time to see if you can find some, find it on your own gives a much better feel.

Attached: 1561499129806.png (2316x2775, 314.56K)

>>514364874>guidethanks user

>>514358679with the fisherman

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don't die on me yet

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>>514368487Thanks user

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>>514368487cute and cutie mado

This is objectively the best reaction image.

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>>514370019>>514372625I can draw another if you would like

>>514372639Its on the top100 easily.

>>514373710sure, why not


>>514357783That entire area was amazing, I want to replay that game sometime.

>>514372639It's iconic.

>>514372436the art people make for this is amazing

>>514333108Happy Birthday Mado!


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Attached: 200626 yn 16-10.png (444x395, 11.07K)

>>514374162nice to meet you

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>>514377858innocent lewd cute at the same time.


What if Yume Nikki was an online multiplayer?

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I was thinking about playing Yume Nikki again, but then I remembered that I never actually played .flow more than an hour or two years ago. I should do that first.

Attached: yn15.jpg (1877x2048, 219.3K)

>>514378929That might be fun. Playing a game like that with other people, you could find different effects and events together.

>>514378929It'd be like a more expanded but less focused Journey (that one PS3 game) given that YN somewhat has much more to play with.

>>514378929A Royale like Mario? That would be great.

>>514355430>still have dreams about going on adventures>or being in a fictional universe>even my nightmares are really coolMy last nightmare was odd, it was a "part 2" dream as I've been calling them, where the dream itself seems to be a continuation of a dream I don't remember having before but can remember it in the dream itself. In the "backstory" for the dream me and my family were driving home after I apparently saved the world and got Danny Phantom ghost powers, and this pissed all the ghosts in the world off so they started trying to get into our house.My grandma then got possessed and started brushing her teeth with a steak knife, and then I woke up.

Attached: yume 2kki Urotsuki.jpg (320x320, 33.55K)

>>514378929someone, make it happen

>>514378929>collecting effects together>running away from the one user with the knife>flute orchestras>neon disco light parties>jumping off the rooftop and plunging to our deaths en-masse

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>>514367675My favorites:>9: the jellyfish>16: Onsen-san>57: faceless girls>32: Eyeball world faces>56: the red-eyed train passenger>79: Mars-san

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I should actually finish this

Attached: yumenikkieffects.png (1280x720, 369.42K)

>>514349646>>514377858I appreciate you indulging my perverted mind... I will make one last request.Towel effect hiding that she's wearing nothing underneath

Attached: Towel.png (96x96, 755)

>>514380693You must

>>514309327Mado looking over the city in skygarden playing the flute

>>514381292Based pervanon

Attached: madotsuki_schoolar_swimsuit_by_berrypinch-d649fc7.png (761x1050, 623.92K)

Attached: slumber party.jpg (1280x720, 388.04K)

>>514380693You definitely should. It's a beautiful concept you have there.

>>514380693Do it!

speaking of lewd

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>>514364216That area is so damn nice

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Happy birthday Madotsuki!


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gotta admit I could never dissociate madotsuki from that goldberg guy though

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Happy birthday Mado. First played YN about a decade ago, got really interested since it was supposed to have a really weird atmosphere. Fell in love with it and go back every so often.I always love these threads, they're so comfy.

>>514378929Man that with Meadow styled multiplayer would be amazing.

>>514381292guess that's all for todaytil next time

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>>514390573Thank you!

>>514390573love your style

>>514390573I hope you do more later

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bumphappy birthday mado

>>514394542Beautiful and very sad.

>>514310809I have trouble remembering most of my dreams, but the other night I had a dream where I was walking down an empty street, and then all of a sudden there are giant mushroom clouds fucking everywhere. I looked to my right and saw my dad, told him I loved him, and woke up in a cold sweat. First nightmare I've had since a kid.

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>>514296817Ooh, nice and legal.

Attached: ooh.png (1000x611, 527.53K)

>>514310809My dreams have been fuckin with me lately. They're the type that are so good and surreal but when you wake up you feel instantly redpilled.

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Attached: 22009955_p0.jpg (300x300, 81.24K)

>>514380693You got a blog? I'd to see a follow up to this

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>>514348701thank you

>>514350628It's deus ex I recommend you to play to get what he was trying to say

>>514394542 why'd she do it bros

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>>514310809I haven't had any truly interesting dreams in years. I used to have a lot of weird dreams when I was a kid, but most of them just feel like a blur now. Don't know what happened.

Attached: yui.png (720x720, 801.96K)

>>514402657it's the fate of all hikkineets

>16 yearswhere the fuck does the time go

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>>514402815I have the best and most memorable dreams when dehydrated, maybe you should try that

So how did you guys hear about the game? I stumbled across it when I was first watching the anime 'Mirai nikki' and when I went to search for it, the auto-correct/auto suggestion botched it and sent me to pages about the game and the rest was history

Attached: 1369077429743.jpg (800x640, 202.8K)

>>514404323The few times I first saw the puke pic and I was curious about knowing more

>>514296817>this came out when I was 16fug

>>514404323During late 2009, I was fooling around on nicovideo and ended up watching a video about Ao Oni. In the comments of that video, people kept mentioning CORPSEPARTY and Yume Nikki.

>>514404323i saw a thread about it on Holla Forums

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Attached: 1856579591.jpg (1400x2027, 122.31K)

Any interesting new fangames lately?

this thread inspired me to try speedrunning the game from memory, but I did have to look up how to get one effect still. took me about 2-3 hours and I'll probably never do it again, but it was a different way to play it I suppose since I usually wander around a lot more and look at all the weird events

Attached: 1573761776535.jpg (615x845, 473.88K)

>>514409815Aside from Yume Shikki I don't really know, I think the Looking Glass was the most recent one I played. .flow did get an update not too long ago which is wild considering how old it is.

>>514378929Ehh, I think part of the appeal of Yume Nikki is the feeling of loneliness; If other players were to be there in a hypothetical scenario, it should be like they're ghosts that fade in and out of existence and have erratic logic to their appearance. If you try to talk to one, a player would input text but it'd come out all wrong like "hey have you found an effect yet?" would translate to "... .... ... effect?" like they're distant but close at the same time, because dream logic.

>>514410619>The Looking GlassMein schwarz mensch.Has the game received any updates?Last time I checked, there were plans for some kind of "Alice" effect.And that was long ago.

Attached: The Looking Glass - Chess Cloud World.png (640x480, 11.95K)

>>514411379I just checked on the fangame wiki and it looks like it was cancelled in 2012, so I guess it's not that recent after all. Too bad, it had some nice looking areas.

>>514409815Towelket 2 is my favorite fangame

Attached: 454631_02.jpg.png (640x480, 15.5K)

>>514310809Last crazy one I can remember went something like this (there was more details to it but I cant remember everything)>In a small house with children who happened to be mine>We were all happy and talking, having a great time>One of them notices a huge light in the distance and starts screaming>A nuke goes off in the distance and burns everything in front of us as a huge wave of light approaches us>I see my child burned alive in front of me soon followed with me dying>Wake up in a cloudy white area with 3 figures>They say their my guardian angels and that I died>Im in tears as they explain everything thats happening>They then send me back to a much earlier point in my life to restart my timeline>I wake up early in the morning at my old high school before class started>Classmates hanging around like a normal day>Tears still rolling down my face>Look at my hand and see a tattoo/mark around my ring finger>Its a mark from my angels to show that I was sent back to an old time>Wake up irl with tears on my face>Instantly look at my ring finger to see if the tattoo/mark was thereThere was nothing there

>tfw lolrust took the Virtualpill youtube.com/channel/UCx6IDCxysHVOQLbXt7fNiMg>tfw youtube algorithm is now recommending k___ba songs>yume nikki is now 16 years oldHope i'm not late in this thread, i'm doing a drawing to commemorate Yume Nikki 16th Anniversary.

Attached: Madotsuki.jpg (532x800, 61.45K)

>>514412361?? that's not a fangame

>>514413769>tfw youtube algorithm is now recommending k___ba songsIt's still wild to see that whole Respect/tribute scene be so popular with people who don't know how it came to being.Shame it didn't happen earlier, maybe more of his works could have been preserved if that were the case

>>514413769Better late than never

>>514414096I was joking

>>514413769Oh god he really didI didn't even know he had a channel

Attached: 1590602417370.png (371x181, 25.8K)

>>514414723I mainly respect him for the Yume Nikki fangame and his "secret" UTAU and musical career.>>514307929>favorite AreaBarracks Settlement and the Snow World>favorite OSTyoutube.com/watch?v=yTpA_NPc64UAndhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LX4a7mprjYBoth hit too hard on me>favorite NPCUnderground Martian and Jellyfish>favorite FangameThe Holy trinity: 2kki .Flow and Lcddem

Attached: DreamOsomatsu.png (848x480, 245.17K)

I really like this song, I hope you like it tooyoutube.com/watch?v=XrPFJoyGN8Y

Attached: congrats.jpg (1920x1080, 157.15K)

>>514325398is .flow good?

>>514413769he based and cute

>>514417157Yes, .Flow has more shock, horror and gore themes than Yume Nikki, and the plot is more clearer, you can actually fit every piece of information the game brings to you and make a solid theory.Oh and just like the holy trinity of Yume Nikki games, it has godlike OST:youtube.com/watch?v=U8gAbM-pXN8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynk3OCpuj7Yhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbTM8PzAmRw

>>514417157Absolutely. If you thought Yume Nikki wasn't spooky enough this will fill that quota fine. It's more complete as well, though you'll probably need a guide to get the good ending as the game doesn't even hint at what you need to do.Unrelated but I also drew this a couple years ago when I finished .flow I think>>514307929>AreaThe garden, definitely>OSTAaaaa can't choose just one, but barracks and mall roof are up there>NPCMars-san and the ship guy>FangameI've only played .flow and the one that shan't be named, so those

Attached: 4293915-XoRJKlXIfy3ioF6e.jpg (512x307, 43.44K)

any drawfags here? could we get a Mado edit of this? my skills are bretty shite

Attached: o6khky2laqix.jpg (600x606, 42.98K)

>>514417941>>514418079i'll check it out sometime thanks

whatever happened with the supposed remakehow'd that turn out

>>514418561If you mean dream diary, it's not really a remake, more of a reimagining with its own unique features. It's also not that great from what I've been told, but I've seen a bunch of different opinions on itUnfortunately, it doesn't have the benefit of being free like the other games we've talked about here


>>514419032>Unfortunately, it doesn't have the benefit of being free like the other games we've talked about hereIt's not bad, but I do find it interesting that paying for it really killed a lot of hype, yume nikki and it's fangames have always been free. I wonder what overlooked games would be cult classics if they had been free?

Attached: yumeme[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F1usith.ogg].png (480x640, 96.29K)

mars is probably the saddest vidya locationthat martian gives me feels every time

>>514421224>yumeme[sound=https%3A%2F%(...).pngI been living under the rock but what's that?

>>514421527check the archives for sound threads, you should be able to find out how to get the script or whatever you need in one of the OPs

>>514421527Just cancer to work around dumb 4chan restrictions, pay no mind.

>>514421224Bog nigga I ain't care

>>514421774I still haven't installed 4chanx after years of being on this site because I'm afraid that it's gonna steal my info when I'm buying shit/investing. Am I just a paranoid fuck?

>>514422446it's open source isn't it? somebody would have noticed if it was doing that

>>514307929>Favorite AreaThe Mall or the Docks. Can't decide.>Favorite OSTMars.>Favorite NPCPreaching to the choir, but Mars-San.>Favorite Fangames.flow. Yume 2kki gets an honorable mention, because I always feel like I'm scraping the tip of the iceberg no matter how deep I go into it. Good stuff.

>>5144230122kki is great because of how fucking huge it is, it's probably one of the largest handmade virtual worlds created. So many weird mysteries, it feels like exploring is an adventure.

>i was in a science fair in the middle of a field and my project was a rocket ship>i climbed on it and blasted the fuck off>i had to hold my breath as I connected my ship to a larger ship and climbed inside to shut all the pressure valves>landed on a planet that looked like it was full of abandoned spanish villas with spiky star shaped windows and an undulating, alien looking orange sky>the phrase "THE EARTH IS DYING" appeared in my mind>someone who was with me all of a sudden threw a flute off in the distance and a hand erupted out of the dirt to grab it before it landed and pulled it back in showing there were people or creatures living underground>then one of the underground people climbed all the way out and started crawling towards me with her legs sort of sideways dragging behind her>her appearance kept changing from just a dirt covered crazy woman to a fucked up mutant with a slab of flesh for a lower body and then back againanother one that sticks out as particularly fucked:>dream that I'm in a completely white featureless landscape with a group of other people>one of them is a child who lost his toy, I kneel down and tell him I'll help him find it>the other people suddenly grab me and hold me down, lifting my shirt and start to half-tattoo, half-carve the image of the toy into my stomach to "help" me find it>after they let me up i turn around and see my dad who is for some reason a bus driver standing outside of his bus>he's pacing and upset and nearly in tears but won't say why>suddenly I get the sense that because of a decision I had made, he took a different route with his bus than normal and he hit and killed somebody>i look over slowly and see the mangled, bloody body of the kid with the lost toy>wake up

Attached: 1575602176752.png (600x600, 317.15K)

>>514421224Man I miss going to real malls