Fuck forced diversityPost GOOD BLACK characters that were not made to be token

Fuck forced diversityPost GOOD BLACK characters that were not made to be token.

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I'd post one, but...

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>>508964081Lee is literally a token black character though. lol.

>>508964081Actually a handsome fellow too. no homo


Everybody loves this guy

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>>508964081Topical too.

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>>508964430Whats make Lee a token?>Actually good backstory>doesn't push "black rights", only joke about it in the game is Kenny calling Lee urban.>go to prison not for gang related things>was a professor at a school>rarely swears and is a pretty good guy>taught clem the base of survival>saved clem even when he was going to die.

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>Holla Forumstards can suspend their belief to listen to a ranting talking orange>Can't accept an African American in a story that happens in AmericaUnless the story suddenly throws an African American character into a game, they are not forced.

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>>508964935Okay. I like Lee.But what does any of that have to do with him being a token or not?

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>white people deciding what makes a "good" or "bad" character of a different race

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>>508965834shut up faggot>>508964081>LeeI miss this black man like you wouldn't believe. Unironically. What a fucking phenomenal character.



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I heavily dislike black people.

>>508966134>4chan is white

>>508966008Difference is between "let's write an engaging character" and "whoops, we need a few more darkies to fill the diversity quota"

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>>508964081I love how for a black character to be good you must instill them with white traits.

>>508964081>Kills your step-dad in front of you>Pounds qt Asian pussy on the daily>Badass voice by Keith Michael Richardson

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>>508964081Literally every single black character before 2010. Somewhere after that, not exactly sure which year, but its almost always a token nigg.

>>508966869Yeah really makes you think doesn't it

Sgt Johnson made more Halo 1-3 lighthearted in tone and 4, 5, and Reach were missing something without him

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Eli Vance, Demoman, Louis from L4D. Valve have been historically great with black characters

>>508964081>Dear humanity: we regret being alien bastards. We regret coming to Earth. And we most definitely regret that the Corps just blew up our raggety-ass fleet!

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>>508964081Fucking hell. Lee was FUCKING AWESOME. I mean, there were not a single thought in my head about him being black. He was an actual character. Sad that we can't see that anymore


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>>508964280 picked a bad time to get lost

>>508966134Go back to discord tranny.

>>508966869No, just make him a likeable guy in general. A lot of white people are insufferable.

>>508966869>I love how for a black character to be good you must instill them with human traits.fixed

>>508966694thats not a black person that is a one eyed black scottish cyclops, a very different and rare creature

Let's have some real talk, Holla Forums. I am a black gamer, do you guys actually hate me?

>>508967154>muh bull>muh bear>muh divide

>>508967034Anyone who doesn’t rate Johnson as one of the best vidya niggas needs to listen to the “anti son of a bitch machine.” speech.Legit second place only to Coach.

>>508966134this is mostly a hispanic site tho

>>508967328depends user, tell us your favorite game ever, if i like it i wont call you a nigger

>>508967034>>508967140I miss him, even if he was just a poor man's Carl Weathers.

>>508967328Not if you are in Africa

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My nigga GoodluckCharacter was surprisingly good considering the game he came from

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>>508967328Well, you type in full sentences. That's a good start.

>>508967328There's a difference between being black and being a nigger, and any race can be a nigger.

>>508966134>Consumer deciding what he likes or notpreposterous, unacceptable!


>>508967286oh there are "plenty" of whites that don't act white sure

>>508967436I like JRPGs so my answer is:Chrono Trigger >>508967534I'm living in the USA and I'm not leaving

>>508967328Do you whine about forced inclusion and lack the basic comprehension to identify with another character that doesn't look exactly like you?

>>508967246>>>Holla Forums

>>508967417Hispanics are white though

>>508966869Eh depends, as a black white native mix myself I can’t say I’ve ever seen black culture used in vidya in a way that made me relate to the character better. GTA, the best example I can think of, basically made fun of gangsta culture

>>508967328Not really, we just hate people who pretend to be offended on your behalf.

>>508966134Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot black culture was all about violence, anti-intellectualism and debauchery.

>>5089661344channel is latino yo

>>508967328I will render judgement if you tell me who your waifu ischoose wisely, darkie

>>508967328No. I judge people on how the act. Not their color.Also is mistral black?

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>>508964081>>508964935You can literally accuse Larry of hating you because "he's racist" and Lee gets offended when he's called Urban... Why do you pretend Lee wasn't a political or SJW character. He's also "Yaaay gay riights!" in the final season.

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>>508964081Lee wasn't black. He was urban.

>>508967694No, I just like to watch anime and play vidya

>>508966694came here to post this

>>508967328Not unless you act like a nigger, this can apply to anyone.

>>508967821Half Liberian, so yes.

>>508967834So its unrealistic for a person to not be offended When someone makes a racial remark?


Fine, i'll be normie since everyone else is afraid to.>Fights for the planet>Fights for the survival of everyone>But most importantly, fights to protect his daughter as a black single father.

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>>508967892Then you're probably an okay guy. Unless you're one of those niggers who keeps shitposting his hand on Holla Forums for easy (you)s

>tfw they made a black scientist that's classy as fuck and it didn't feel forced at all

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>>508964081>good natured father figure>nice dude>one man cheeseburger apocalypse Inb4 sfm shit

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>>508967986Barrett is a cool dude

>>508967834>You CAN accuse himThis is what it sets it apart. Don't know how he celebrated the gays from beyond the grave, though.

>>508964081have sex

>>508967941Then don't use a word that means black

>>508964081Real black characters live in ghettos and shoot people with AKs.

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>>508968083>>508968094Real nigga hours right here

The one.

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>>508967986>his friends daughter that he adopted because he was so loyal to his friend after what happened

>>508967986and then he got pretty much copied for FF13.

>>508967986except this is Holla Forums not Holla Forums, lol

Coach seems like the kind of guy who'd invite you over for a massive barbeque in the summer.

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>>508967581Gotta give it to them, I did not see that twist coming.

>>508967671Not him, but your favorite JRPG is Chrono Trigger??? Pffft, more like Chrono decent. It's good for it's time but there are far better JRPGs these days.

>>508964081I miss the time when every black character didn't sound like they were fresh off the boat with a thick African accent. Now every game does this regardless of the character or their background.

>>508967581Wtf thats literally fishburne