Star Citizen is nearing 1 Billion dollars in funding

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>>508961175>Star Citizen is nearing 1 Billion dollars in money launderingFixed

>>508961256Should the FBI step in & investigate

>>508961175How. I remember my therapist telling me about this game like 7 years ago, and it still isn't a whole thing.

>>508961318This is the NCA's jurisdiction. And absolutely they should.

>>508961175that's some buzzfeed tier OP

>>508961175If you could take 100 Million from Star Citizen's budget & use it to make a sequel to any game, what would it be?

People are still playing for it so explain to me vee, what are they doing right? Cuz I remember watching a trailer or two of this """game""" and it looks ass.

>>508961789Xenoblade X2

>>508961789Star Citizen 2. Maybe that one will be a real and complete game.

>>508961175this is ridiculous, but 550 mil is not "nearing 1 billion"

>>508961836They are having a free week event with a large in-game military parade

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>>508961789Breath of the wild 2, make it the best game ever & then cancel any plans for another 3D Zelda game for the rest of the decade. So the Development team can work on a Xenoblade X sequel

>>508961546Got any links to report them

>>508961175At what point does the government step in and decide whether or not this is a legal operation? Over half a billion dollars and nothing to show for it, how does that not perk up the IRS's ears.

>>508962337well first botw is estimated anywhere from 20 million to 40 million max so idk if 100 mil is even necessary for nintendo to blow it out the water financially speaking

>>508962767Would it be illegal if some guy convinced thousands of people to just gift him half a billion dollars?

>>508961175What Metascore should be a minimum for this game to not be considered the biggest flop ever? Assuming the government doesn't discover that it's a money laundering scam

>>508961175sunk cost fallacy: the game

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>>50896336998-99, anything less and it's a failure

>>508961546Can the NCA stop stupid people from throwing their money away?

Wasn't this supposed to come out in like 2016? What the fuck is wrong with people

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>>508961789New Vegas

>>508963891Here's the latest gameplay footage of it>

>>508961789I'd just make a metroidvania game where you play as a magic tribal fox girl that needs to fight off rape lizards and dinosaurs

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>>508964272How the fuck is this legal?

more like scam citizen

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>>508961175Is that game out yet? It sounds genuinely interesting, but every piece of news I hear about it is that it's constantly being delayed

>>508961789Armored core sequel.


>>508961789Xenoblade X sequel

>>508961462>therapist>telling his patients about Star CitizenIsn’t his job to convince people NOT to kill them selves?

>>508961789Pikmin 4. Please.

You WILL buy the $30000 jpeg pack and you WILL like it

>>508961789Devil survivor 3

>>508963064Yes? That's the exact definition of a scam.

I don't think people realize just how much 1 billion is, it's an INSANE amount of money. How do you even spend this much money and what do they spend it on?

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>>508961789Silent Hills and/or PT. Also throwing money at whatever Tetsuya Mizaguchi and Resonair want to do. Maybe give BioWare time to make an actual game

>>508963064It would be if he promised a product in return but never delivered on it. But this isn't a hypothetical, it is literally what happened.

Good I hope it goes as high as possible before the blowup

>>508965038that shits going to their end-year bonus my man

>>508965038We could have GTA that spanned across the entire world with this kind of budget

>>508963598I'll be generous and say anything below a 95 should be considered total failure

>>508963891>2016you are correct

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>>508964360How would it not be legal? This shit is all counted as donations so you're (rightfully) losing money when people don't deliver what's expected. Don't give money to Kickstarter shit if you're not fine with donating ("pledging") money to random people.

>>508961175The sheer amount of money put into this game means cosmetics are gonna be out the wazoo. Who the fuck would waste 1 billion in an instanced "MMO"?


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>>508965406I hope it reaches 1 billion and flops, the shitposting on here will be insane

>>508965182Didn't some lawsuit get dropped because they would've had to prove they didn't deliver a product? Technically, they have released A product, it's just not complete. Which doesn't make it not a scam, but I guess it's proof that they are working on *something*

>>508961789Patapon 4

>>508965436The government cant btfo someone for any kind of a kickstarter scam


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>>508965436It breaks the rules stated by Kickstarter. The promised product has to be delivered on.>>508965664They probably paid off the piece of shit pedo judge.

>>508961175This stopped being funny few hundred million dollars ago. Star Cult is getting kinda intimidating at this point.

>>508965851CryTek ended up dropping

>>508961546what does the national confectioners association have to do with this?

>On June 10, 2016, the terms of service had been amended to remove a passage regarding refund eligibility. In the previous terms of service, backers could procure a refund if the game had not been released within 18 months of its original estimated delivery date. The revision changed the terms to reflect that backers could only procure refunds if the project was abandoned by developers.How to spot a scam.

>>508965664Pretty sure they won the lawsuit, I do kind of wonder where they got the >Raised over 550mil from.As it stands the game is at 285mil~ from backers, from what we know they've raised 50-100~mil from other sources. Still a fuck ton of money and easily one of the most expensive games ever made (I think destiny is still in 1st place), but a solid 200mil shy of their claim.

>>508966338Lawsuit I found was with Crytek but it might be a different one I'm thinking of. There's def one somewhere where the question centered on whether they delivered a product and the verdict was "yes, because there's a playable environment"

anyone that has ever given money to kickstarter deserves to be scammed

>>508961175and yet this sham of a game gets blown the fuck out by one guy with zero dollars

>>508961789Cancellation of Xenoblade 1 and X games. Fund a sequel to Xenoblade 2, aka XC2-2 instead.

>>508966604If anyone is BTFO by that it's Kojima and Death Stranding.

>>508961789i would have CDPR reboot the Witcher trilogy in the image of the first one without cut content and each installment having two short standalone expansions

>>508966240How is this legal?

>>508966240This can't be legal?

>>508966921>>508967009The legal system can be bribed to look the other way.

>>508966604Someone could probably make everything promised in Dreams in like, 2 months

>>508964839"Gift" retard, not "invest in"

>>508964485We did?Project Phantasm?

>>508965406Wasn't there a trailer for squadron 42 a year or two ago and nothing since?

>>508965794>The government cant btfo someone for any kind of a kickstarter scamAs in actual legally defined fraud, not "it was real in my mind" butthurt over someone just being incompetent and having a shitty X or otherwise just being slow. Again, all of this shit is spelled out in the ToS for these companies like Kickstarter where they're treated as donations and the standard for where it becomes fraud is pretty much at>they took the money and rannot>I don't like Star Citizen because the alpha is boring, bugged to hell, and the devs are slower than shit at doing anything and incompetentThe people who scream>scam>scam>scamover and over would never be able to win these claims in court because the "contract" you get as part of the donations put very little binding results on the part of the developers other than just an attempt to try and make the project.

>>508962181it's over half way, why be such a pedant?

>>508961789DoW3. A non dogshit version with the original voice actors.

>>508961789Donkey Kong Country 4, 5 and 6


>>508967409There was this at cit con 2018 this released around Christmas

>>508961836>what are they doing right?Marketing. Roberts is a great man at selling a dream, he hired absolute autists that create good looking ships with lots of technical data that nerds love, there is a ship jpeg for every imaginable role and jobThe put out tons of video weekly, their channel has over a thousand vids of marketing material.They make time exclusive deals with artificial scarcity so cultists feel the need to buy immediatlyThey make top whales part of a virtual high society clubThey literally made a pyramid scheme campaign to recruit peopleIn 30 years this will be taugh at economics classes in prestigious universities, Star Citizen is the most succesful money scheme ever made that is not considered a religion yet

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>>508961175I can see it now:>The 1 Billion Dollar Lie>A YouTube Documentary

>make a kickstarter promise this and that>set and arbitary time goal>kickstarter is a huge success and I can easily live the rest of my life with the money>all I do is draw 1 line on a paper each month, "delaying" the game but still doing "progress" by drawing those lineswould this be allowed?

>>508961789Imperial Commando/Rebel Commando.Fuck it, release them at the same time like they're pokemon games and have the multiplayer shared.

>>508966186It's the National Cheerleader Association now

>>508961175How does one become this successful of a scam-artist?

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>>508962106Unironically give that money to any other dev to make a sequel and the sequel will probably be out first with more features.

>>508961318Why? There is no deception here.