Badly describe the first and last thing that happens in a game, others guess what it is...

Badly describe the first and last thing that happens in a game, others guess what it is.>a scientist inducts you into a tradition of animal fighting>your name is added to a scoreboard

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>>508960868pokemon. how could anybody not get it.

>wake up in a bed>it was all a dream

These "badly describe" threads are always so obvious and normiecore>le that's not _exactly_ what happened lel, do you get is what the refrance ?? 8^yFuck off and die.

>You're born>You die

>train ride>train ride

>>508961276Alter ego

>>508961276Hotline Miami

>You're a heartless adventurer>You become God and commit suicide

>>508960868you win a swordfight tournamentyou get back home and your king names you his personal bitch

>you throw a kid off the cliff>lmao flying demons bruv

>>508961340Half life?


>Wake up in a cemetery>Cave your waifu's skull in with your foot

>>508962558reddit souls 3, 2EZ

>>508961842Dark souls

you get out of jailyou're Jesus>>508961276The Sims1/2/3/4


>you get your shit beaten by a robot controling a robot.>you end with an existencial crisis about your future.

>Wake up from dreaming about the cunny Goddess>Kill the pope

>>508961842Dragons Dogma.The game was fun but the story was shit.

>>508962735Nope, but kinda close. Its a Japanese ARPG


>>508962791Dark Souls

>>508963418of course

>>508961276Fallout 3

>you're the good guy>later on turns out you're kinda the bad guy

>listen top rap on a train>die


>>508960868>You wake up in a school>The world is destroyed


>>508964750kimi wa ne


>get gassed>escape in the desert

>Wake up in a room with a girl>Find out you have to try and stop the apocalypse

>you wake up being tortured in a jail cell>yep, you were a bad guy all along

>you press any button to start>the credits roll

>You finally get a job>Your boyfriend drugs you

>>508960868>Wake up in a cave, have amnesia>kill vampire, get girl

>Play through three prologue chapters>It's revealed that the main girl wasn't wearing panties the entire time.

>>508961163Link's Awakening

>>508965674HARD TIME

>>508965487Shitty VLR

>>508965931Cave Story


>>508960868>you base jump into ocean>you get on the choppa

>>508965923trails in the sky 1?

>>508966287Nope, keeping guessing.

>>508966398Yeah, pretty obvious

>>508965859The Order 1886


>>508960868>you get a disease from a one night stand>a hobo trolls everyone with a mummy

>Come to town taking someone's job>Everyone's dead and you're pregnant with a literal fatherless child


>you're listening to mongolian throat singing>black man nearly kills you but you get away

>You kill a guy>You're undead superhuman in a post apocalyptic world

>>508966721Death Stranding?

>>508966628vtmb niggaaa

>you’re put in a boat only for it to blow up>you face off against a clone using a katana

>You're a solder in the army>You convince your uncle to kill himself>>508967047MGS2

>Walk into a tree and fight a big guy>Beat up your dad


>>508960868>you get off a train>you see a big explosion

>get attacked by lamp>go to bed



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>Get shipwrecked on an island>It's all a dream and god will commit genocide eventually


>>508960868>wake up in bed>die in bed