Did they really add 1 month 1 dungeon and 1 main character trap genderbend to the game and charge $60 for this shit...

Did they really add 1 month 1 dungeon and 1 main character trap genderbend to the game and charge $60 for this shit again. Fatlus fags explain

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>>508960195>persona babbies

>>508960195the qol stuff and the new section of the city are better than anything in the post gamei was pretty disappointed, thought about returning it since amazon extended return because of chink flu but didn't end up doing so

>>508960195>Did they really add 1 month 1 dungeon and 1 main character trap genderbend to the game and charge $60 for this shit again. Fatlus fags explain

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>>508960195wait until you hear about pokemon

Sort of. There are a lot of qol changes. However, it took me 90 hours to beat the original game, and it took me 96 hours to beat Royal. I don't want to say there's only 6 hours of new content, but there's at most 10 hours of new content.

It's literally a port of a PS4 game to PS4. it's fucking insane.How is this not DLC? how is this not part of a port? to fucking Switch, PC, PS5, vita, Xbone IDC. but "hey we ported it and added some stuff" makes fucking sense " hey we added stuff and are selling it again on the same console" doesn't. Shit like FFXV royal edition let you buy everything seperately. Golden was a vita port. Apocalypse was a full game. FES and nocturne DC were on a console with no dlc. This is flat out retarded. I legitimately hate atlus.

>>508961570watch out user you can't bring up sane points or else the console war shitposters will show upbut honestly it being on the same console isn't even really THAT big of a deal, just the game itself isn't worth playing unless you've never played the original


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>>508960195Ah, so it's just like Persona 4 golden.... It's bonus dungeon was also underwhelming.

>>508962086The bonus dungeon in P5R is the best one though

>>508961835the same console thing is that it legitimately is a port. I sometimes ponder if like they originally planned to hit PS3 near the end of life then release royale as the PS4 port. But then development went so long that it ended up coming to ps4 right away. hence the ps3 release. Then they just said fuck it released the ps4 port anyway. I'd honestly consider playing a dlc dungeon and some of the qol stuff seems nice. But im not paying $60usd for it when I already own the game.

>>508960195I mean if people are paying for it then Atlus must be doing something right from a business perspective

>>508962272That's partially why I'm never playing dq11 most likely, the good version is on the switch and they can't even put basic shit like combat speed on the piss4 version, and I'm not paying for a game a second time just for something as basic as that.

>>508962234oh, ok. i'll probably bite

>>508962415>atlus>something right from a business perspectivekekked.

>>508960195Should’ve been discounted if you owned base P5, be a lower price in general like FES or at least have way better save bonus rewards.We have it better than Japan though, they had to pay for transferring the P5 dlc to royal and the old dlc wasn’t free for download like it is now in the West

>>508960667are you just skipping everything like >>508960427

>>508963074my playthrough was like 140 hours or something what shit are you smoking "skipping everything"

>>508962086The final dungeon and showdown with the final boss was literally better than anything in vanilla

>>508962086I'd say it's a more robust addition to P5 than Golden was to 4, its final dungeon is definitely significantly more involved and more built up to than Marie's dungeon in 4.

>>508963454The final palace was good and it had an actual puzzle that took more than 2 seconds to figure out.The final boss was a joke though, easier than yaldy and then his other forms are literal non fights you just wait until the cutscene occurs.Actually I think the 2nd phase is technically a real fight too, but I know the others aren't.

>>508963074I don't know how you skip things in the game with the calendar system. I maxed out all the confidants in both games. I got the platinum trophy in Royal. I guess I spent less time playing the fishing game in Royal.

>>508960195youtube.com/watch?v=X0ATocwCxxAPS4 owners get to experience even more of the game?! Noooooooo!!!

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>>508961570>How is this not DLC? Maybe play the game, retard.

>>508963253well you are either a braindead retard or you skipped the story if you think the new additions are trash

>>508963979I don't know where you got "the additions are trash" from, all I said was that everything they add to the game before the post-game is better than what they add in the post-game, which is true.

>>508961570dude seethe harder lmao

>>508963596>The final boss was a joke thoughGee, I wonder why?

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>>508964107for some reason I think maruki and a whole ass storyline outweighs a fucking jazz bar and crack dealer alleyway

>>508963596The only part of the final fight that's not a real fight is when Adam Kadmon is raising his fist and punching, as far as I know, I believe everything before it is a real fight. I would have been fine with the end of the fight not being a real fight, it's what I expect with Persona anyway seeing as the end of Nyx, Izanami and Yaldabaoth all aren't actual fights, but they could have transitioned into it better. The Adam Kadmon section just felt a bit too short, so I expected it to keep going.

>>508964107>>508963979everything they added to the game*the palace was certainly good but and the 3rd personas were nice albeit it sucked you can only use them for like 2 weeks

>>508962071This is truly a $60 blush

>>508964176*blocks your path and reveals the truth*

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>>508964326even funnier having akechi's and kasumi's shit down to a single fucking day lmao

>>508964281All of yaldy is a real fight though, it's just that when you beat him they play the power of friendship cutscene and then you shoot him in the face.They don't make you play a few extra rounds of combat and pretend you still have to fight him.>The Adam Kadmon section just felt a bit too short, so I expected it to keep going.yea this, too

This game is so overrated it’s not funny

Does incense carry over to the next cycle?

>>508964246all of maruki is before the post game though, and half of sumire isand the confidant things, and the reworked abilities, and jose and the shit with mementos, and the thieves den, and velvet room alarms, and not having narcolepsy

>>508964523unironically did not care that the final boss wasn't even really a final boss, although the first phase is pretty cool. the whole thing just comes together so damn well the cutscenes were just as fun as having to actually play the game. guess that's what a good story does for you. >>508964664no>>508964586seethe

>full price for an expansion that is at best 10% of the length of the base game

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>>508964456I’m actually annoyed about that, fuck I didn’t even use kasumis second form because I did the palace in a day then spent the next 5 days leveling her link up

>>508964586Post playtime

>>508960195You also have to play all the game to get access to the new dungeon.

>>508963781well. Then enlighten me. Explain why this shit could not be sold as a $25 DLC? Explain how it would be impossible to download and install on my hdd from the ps store?

>>508964714Just to be clear, by "post game" you mean everything after the original ending of vanilla P5? Because you barely know shit about Maruki till his palace

>>508964523Well that's what I mean when I say the end of it isn't a real fight, you're guaranteed to go down at the end of it and then use a specific new skill to beat him, it's not like you just drop his health bar to zero and the fight ends. But the way it's presented with Yaldabaoth makes the division between the real fight and the scripted finish feel less sudden, which I think makes it feel better on the whole instead of feeling like it does with Maruki where I was a bit surprised that the fight was over already.

>>508964767>filenameyou will never fit in

>>508964767It overhauled the battle system, added quite a few new scenes sprinkled through the game, new fusion mechanics, and added a new dungeon I wouldn’t call that 10%

>>508964950Updated graphics and they changed entire portions of the original game, that's not just something you can tack on to existing code you dumbass

>>508964962Maruki literally tells you his life story though his confidant, play the game and you would know

>>508964950To avoid having to put it on PS3?

>>508965026>they patched the gameholt fuck Atlus is brilliant. Nobody had done that before. Move over Hello games Atlus patched the game that's worth $60 right there!

>>508964950Different gameplay mechanics Different voice actorDifferent cutscenes Different portraits Different palacesDifferent personas I don't know what the fuck to tell you. If you haven't played the game, then you will never understand. Keep crying about it, though. I'm sure they'll listen.

>>508965106That is something they qiite literally can tack on. I get not having it apply to your current save though>>508965214I don't really care about that as much.

>>508965135you literally don't learn anything about Rumi (directly) and what happened to her, or his persona, or his confrontation with the professor, or how he's intertwined with Shido. how about you play the game, nigger

>>508965439Name 5 games that did what Royal did but as DLC. I'll wait.

>>508964664what do you mean next cycle? It takes like 2 days for it to be used up and then you come back and put in a new one.>>508964740The cutscenes were nice but they were just that, cutscenesI wanted to actually fight gigga nigga adam not just wait around with my defense up>>508964962Yes I mean everything after the end of vanilla p5. You do the entirety of maruki's confidant before then and while you don't get 100% of his backstory you do get the "he lost his girlfriend" thing.The story of him and sumire aren't that bad, I just don't think they're anything to write home about.

>>508965393wow. If only the PlayStation had some way for them to distribute this new content to people who already own the game digitally for a discounted rate. But alas Atlus is the only studio to ever do something like this. I wouldn't understand because I haven't played Royal yet. aonly base P5 and Both versions of P4 and 2/3 versions of p3 and both p2 games. and both versions of catherine. Fuck me. Gonna go yell at Hello games that they couldn't just fix their game they had to force you to rebuy it. When Bethesda gave me Skyrim enhanced edition as a free upgrade they must have made a mistake because you physically have to charge $60 for it. Fuck I should turn off auto updates shit is literally piracy.

>>508965589Buying the fortnite story

>>508965589Final Fantasy XV.Mass Effect 3.No Mans Sky (all free)SkyrimWoW.

>>508965850Seethe harder, retard. You're making yourself look like a complete moron.

>>508965850>apes about Atlus >"I've played all over their games >:( I just can't justify this one" dude you are too fucking transparent

>>508965739Your opinion on the story is completely personal, and I understand where you are coming from, but I really can't say that I didn't think the entire resolution and implementation of both of them made up for how campy and anime typical there character tropes are.

>still crying about the pricetagaccording to SEGA's financial report it was priced just fine lmaophysical is like $50 through amazon anyway

>>508966035>I can't justify this one.P5? I already own it retard.What am I being transparent about exactly? calling out bullshit.

>>508966196*their fucc

How much does this thread think P5 Royal is worth if not full price?

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>>508966324yeah yeah keep going poorfag

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>>508966196>Your opinion on the story is completely personalIt's just annoying when people shitpost over legitimate criticisms of the game (which admittedly personal appreciation of the new sotry isn't really one that'd be legitimate) and try to shout anything down.I dunno what specific tropes you mean but they aren't really typical other than maybe maruki's savior complex but he's 0% evil or corrupted whereas in most cases like that it's always justified by them having an ulterior motive or some slow sort of moral degredation.I also tthought throw away your masks wasn't a good song but then again i thought yaldy's song was mediocre too, at least they throw in I Believe at the end like they throw in Our Beginning with yaldy

>>508966507>anti consumers practises are good because it makes me feel less poor when I fall for them.Do you have an actual defense for your favourite corporation?

>>508966467$20-30 if you already had p5it's fine being full price if you don't own it

youtube.com/watch?v=Uq7kyf1T_lkJust read the news, they made the right choice. It will look great next to the standard edition and Royal. Just rubbing salt into those well deserved wounds.

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>>508966286Some retard traded in his Steelbook of P5R to GameStop. I guess the retard forgot that GameStop takes in games without their case. Welp, now whoever was looking for the Steelbook, they'll get it for $45. Some people truly baffle me, bro.

>>508960667>>508960427>the qol stuff >a lot of qol changesI haven't played P5 but I read it becomes a slog towards the end? Did they change anything in this regard?

Switch port ever?

>>508966807the only slog is burger king's shit and thankfully it's followerd up by one of the best parts in the gameshido's rat races are kind of dumb but it's not as bad as people make it out to be

not having a discount for having already owned the game is just as bad as when arcsys charges $40 for a new version of the same fighting game when all it is is just a balance patch + 3 or 4 characters

>>508966467Royal as a full game $60?Royal as DLC? $30then you can just stop selling the original.I still think the idea of "an enhanced version" fundamentally makes more sense as a port (to ps5 if that means avoiding console war shitposts) but don't sell the same game twice on the same platform.

>>508966467I spent nearly 2 weeks playing Royal, enjoyed every minute of it. After I beat it, I've had nothing to enjoy. It sucks. I don't want to NG+ because it's just not the same.

yes because purseowners will take it in the ass for their waifuand their waifu aren't even good compared to other megaten waifu

>>508966467I bought it at full price and I was happy with it. I also hadn't played P5 since it first came out though, if I played it recently I might not have felt that way.

You know you don't have to buy it again right?

>>508967228well I can't unbuy the original version so....

>>508967228>Just ignore it broyou didn't have to buy chopped up dlc, or mtx, or lootboxes

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>final boss wasn't Adam Kadmon vs Satanael in some ultraman looking giant persona fightWasted potential, the worst part is if there's a royal adaptation and they do that idea, it's going to look terrible considering A1

>>508965106>>508965393Reminder that games like KH3 and XBC2 patched in the non-expansive gameplay additions but only because Atlus added in the occasional appearance by the new characters it's ok to charge $60, their fanbase are such good loyal dogs

>>508967413On one hand it's super jewish of them to lock raoul behind dlcOn the other hand raoul isn't even that good looking and both arsene and satanael look better than it

Weebs who play high school life sims like Persona are not people. Being the low standard shit gobblers they are, they will willingly fork over for this garbage or gacha phone games to jerk off to.

>>508966956How would they do it as DLC when it revamps the game so heavily? Like at the start menu you just choose which version you want to play?

I liked the changes in royal and the new content. My only problem was that they made the game too fucking easy and completely butchered merciless to the point that it's easier than hard difficulty.

>>508967509These niggers should look at what no mans sky did for free.

>>508967084I'm thinking that waiting to grab it will be great money wise and experience wise, because it will have been a long time since I played the base game.

>>508967608>How would they do it as DLC when it revamps the game so heavily? Like at the start menu you just choose which version you want to play?have you really not played any games in the past decade?eu4, every civ game, city skylines, hell even the fucking sims has done this for ages

>>508967608sure that would work. A lot of DLC does in fact work in that manner. or you just create a new game and it asks "it appears you bought Royale would you like to enable it" you niggers act like you have never played a game with a DLC or patched in content before?

>>508966725Is this fucking game ever coming out in the west?

>>508968039blame corona

>>508968039It'll probably be announced at New Game Expo +.