Why do female fighting game characters dress like sluts...

Why do female fighting game characters dress like sluts? Wouldn't it be better to wear armour or something if you were going to fight?

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>>508959007Sluts are the best.

because male gamers wouldn't want to play as a woman otherwise

>>508959007because they are athletes and athletic women are the biggest whores of all.literally anyone that has done any sports can confirm this.

Here's your armored fighter, user.

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I imagine fighting a dude would be easier due to them being distracted.

Because women to show off their body to get any attention at all

>>508959007Because sex sells.>muh armourwhy are you playing fighting games? Games where twinks and 90lb women can life 500lb men, or monsters, and where people hit each other with energy blasts, auras, can light their fists and feet on fire, etc.

>>508959007Why does she have a third leg?

>>508959007If 50% of the male cannot fight her seriously thanks to that, it's already good.Also more fighters don't weak armors, the only issue is that she don't wear a bra. Not that she is wearing almost nothing.

>>508959752you're supposed to be staring at her tits and not notice that

>>508959007Mai is a ninja and she uses her beauty and sluttiness to distract opponents, it's a tactical advantage for her to dress like that

I only play as girls with huge, girthy cocks.

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Not all female fighters dress poorly for combat

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>>508960079Does she win the tournament?

>>508960406Helmet Hilde > No Helmet Hilde

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what the fuck?

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>>508959007So is this your way of asking for a thread full of sexy fighting game girls or what?

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>>508959007>Mai as a centaur girlweird but okay

>>5089590072 things for realismMartial artists both male and female wear very little clothing in the first place, go watch MMAAnd secondly they have tits, it's the perfect way to distract the oppenent. IRL pirate queens would sometimes fight with their tits out for these reasons. Opponent may decide to instead try to capture instead of kill them since they want to rape them, which gives them an advantageIgnoring realism its a fucking video game and girls are hot

>>508959007>armor>martial artsAre you that tranny working on MK?

>>508959939>titsmy eyes immediately went to the ass

>>508960652>>508959903Its not a third leg you idiots, it's her white tail thing (no idea what to call it).

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>>508960893>IRL pirate queens would sometimes fight with their tits out for these reasons. Opponent may decide to instead try to capture instead of kill them since they want to rape them, which gives them an advantagedo you have any proof of this

>>508959007barely any characters in KoF have used armor. Why would you expect armored people in a KoF game?

>>508959007Bruh, it's martial arts. The dudes are shirtless, wearing a gi, or a singlet. Also SNK has Leona and King. Mai's the only one dressed like that in KOF because it's her character.

Nothing wrong with dressing like sluts, though. They are fighters, not knights or soldiers.

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>>508959007did sasuke transition?

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>>508959007In soul calibur, guilty gear or blazblue, weapon are allowed, so everyone use a weapon.But in most fighting games, first it look like only first and ki/magic are allowed.So explain why :KoF : Mai use her fans, and one use a fucking Iron ball.SF : ClawTekken : yoshimitsu use a fucking katana!!!

>>508959007the one you are showing is a kunoichi the dress is part of customs and because the are made to be lightbesides gamer girls are around the 1% so nope not remaking the game for them

>>508960298th..th...that's j...just a fat p..p...pussy right?...user?

>>508959007They address her slutty clothing in-game (at least in KOF13) so it's fine by me. Tho I hate it when devs put blatant fanservice in their game and make the characters act as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening

They looks pretty keep them that way

>>508961387Dunno about the others but Yoshi can fight without his katanas. Also his main goal is to get the money from the tournament either by winning or by stealing it so it makes sense to bring a katana for non-official battles

>>508960893you retard

Fighting games give just enough creative leeway for artists to implement sexy outfits who doesnt love a pair of tits, leave the realism crap to the westerners, your question is thinking too logically(this isnt realistic, a fighter would be wearing etc etc) and japs dont give a fuck about that

>>508960934can you explain what you mean here bud

>>508959007She looks like she has a 3rd leg

>>508962118But user my friends keep making fun of me and calling me a weeb because all they know about fighting games is that there's always some skimpy clothed girl in the mix

>>508961625Oh fuck off. If anything I prefer it if slutty clothing is normal.

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>>508962485This is either a terrible bait, or you should off yourself for everyone else's sake. Being this pathetic shouldn't be legal.

>>508961046Not at all.

>>508962707Eh personal refrences I guess. Can't make everyone happy eithet way


>>508962826You really wanna use that arguement on Holla Forums?

>>508963268Realism is completely arbitrary for you people. If anything women shouldn't be saving the world at all. They'd be very bad at it.

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>>508963465Yes I do. It's not like it's a porn game.


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>>508959007There is a thin line between sex and fighting.

>>508959007It doesn't really matter when many of them basically have super powers. Marie can throw people like Bass around and she's some 4'9" 18 year old

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>>508959752That's her clothing in the back. Picture it as red.

>>508959007Good looking girls sells games, Fighting games rarely sell well so it’s needed

>>508963869I take that as a yes?

>>508963971>>>Holla Forums

>>508959007As long as they play good I don't give a fuck what they wear

>>508964164Nigga MK11 was the fifth best selling game last year and NRS only made good looking females in IJ2

>>508961274sauce me up nigga

>Why do female fighting game characters dress like sluts? tldr: People like big bouncing titties. And that's okay!Because sometimes the goal of a product is to appeal to their audience, not realism.If your targeted audience wants game balance and smooth animations, do it. If they want impactful sounds and well-made music, do it. If they want narrative continuity and a captivating story, do it.Finally, if they want big bouncing titties along with all of those other things mentioned, do it.Entertainment is not made for the sake of realism, it's meant to bring pleasure to the selected audience. If people want perfect realism, then they should just watch modern fighting competitions or go outside. They are making claims about what SHOULD be done, which is something that needs to be decided by the creator and their supporters, or else only one group will hegemonically determine what should be done.

>>508959007>ArmorYou don't wear armor to a fucking MMA match, in which mobility and flexibility is key

>>508961387I think KoF is no blades or guns. (Yamazaki is cheating, right?)You forgot Billy Kane, arguably the most blatant weapon user.

>>508964357Then it's a shame sjws are so vocal. The future looks grim.

>>508963607>Realism is comoletely arbitrary for you peopleYeah, I won't deny it. Just feels like shit when someone everyone assumes to be a coombrain beats the shit out of you with a character you assumed was only weeb bait. Maybe I should just be less salty about it

>>508964541Shouldn't the opposition be louder then?

>>508961338ver is sasuki??

>>508964541Grim for losers maybe.

>>508964481And Whip

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>>508964332and didn't sfv and tekken 7 sell millions why do retards say fighting games dont sell again

>>508964541looking at the games out now no its fine retard

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>>508964858Becasue faggots need to sell this narrative so they can seem they play a niche genre

>>508964671No we should stay on 4chan and just bitch instead

>>508964164>Fighting games rarely sell wellStreet Fighter 2 is one of the most profitable video games ever made.

>>508959007could you please do not spread slanders about Mai? she's a pure and innocent kunoichi, who only loves Andy!

ok seriously tell me where you guys get this info that fighting games dont sell

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>>508964671It will all be gone eventually. No point.>>508964704Ah yes, the second I get laid I'll immediately begin to find idealized 2d women unattractive. Until then I'm content as a loser thanks.

>>508965264Nah, bitch somewhere else.

>>508965004seong mina is too sexual

>>508965476Most of Holla Forums doesn't play fighters so they just spout whatever they want

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>>508965490Then how do we make more games with cute girls with big tits. I don't want to see the beauty of the female form die at the hands of some androgynous gluttony demon.

>>508965476if fighting games sell how come soul cal online is the same 5 people every night

>>508965476This is what I wanna know MK11 SC6 and T7 all sold a shit ton and were successful

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>>508963445Shiranui Muzan 1

>fighting game characters dress like slutsmaybe try someone that isn't using eyepull, stupid faggot. Females in fighting games just dress like athletic bitches do

>>508963607hmmmm I think that back to your general

>>508965727Just be fucking louder

>>508959007Who cares, just play the game. If you dont like it, smoke a joint, go play something else.

>>508965836What general?

>>508965831Yep, definitely looks like the dress of a pro athlete.

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>>508965904And then what?

>>508964671They are, then they get labeled as misogynist.

>>508959007look sharp, be sharp, look good, play good,

>>508966052she dresses like all the bitches do from her time, nothing sexual about that at all

>>508965904>>508966060It seems like the solution is to scream louder about cooming on resetera.

>>508965727You don't. All good things must come to an end.

>>508959007imagine trying to concentrate on fighting her.

>>508959007It's to attract potential players in the arcades


>>508959007Why is she a centaur? I literally can’t unsee it

>>508966052Why are you using Soul Calibur for your example? Shit takes place centuries ago.

>>508966053Stay fucking loud you fag>>508966174And on Twitter

>>508959007Because when you get to the character select screen for the first time, your only visual cue is the character design, thus most fighting game characters will be buff/handsome/cool-looking dudes or cute/sexy chicks, there's nothing wrong with trying to appeal to the demographic and making something eye-catching since it's what fighting games have done ever since their inception.

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Does she have a third knee what the fuck


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>>508964481>Forgetting Choi who has been in KOF since the beginning SAD


>people are this stupid that they don't know shit about Mai

>>508966654>Literally comes to a fist fight with bullets and grenades

>>508959007Why does Mai have 3 legs?Anyways armor would probably make it hard to move and realistically speaking women are more suited for DEX builds.

>>508966465This is the reason. If everyone dressed practically then it'd be fucking boring.

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dont look like a slut to me

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>>508959007>It's unrealistic for her to dress like that, she should be wearing proper fighting gearOkay, well, how's that work out for real women? Does it let them beat top fighting men?>No, of course notThen we're obviously not going for realism here. And a fighting style based around deception and distraction is a lot more reasonable than a straight up brawl.

Based Saigado.

>Because men like big tiddies lolExcept most normal, well adjusted people will think that you're a fucking loser for whacking it to anime characters

>>508959007>Every character is dressed in battle armor>Fighting Games arent fun anymoreCongratulations, your search for realism completly destroyed the genre, you can now go and jump of a fucking bridge knowing the damage you´ve done.

>>508966662Wait what the fuck you're right.I was told the rules were no blades or guns, Choi has been slicing people up from the start.

>>508967303Let's not pretend that normalfags haven't fapped to any anime characters in their life

>>508967345social pressure does not get rid of what people want, it only represses iteventually someone's going to break ranks and meet the demand, they just have to be confident

>>508960958well, you just killed my boner with that

>>508959007because they canif you're expecting realism in a fighting game, you're genuinely brain damaged and should commit suicide immediately

>>508965769>11>6>7there is your anwser, consolidated franchises sell, just because of the name they carry.

>>508959007I remember a time when video game women could dress sexy and no one would make a big fucking deal out of it and rather focused on their attributes and strengths. I'm not even that fucking old either, Jesus Christ.

>>508959007because the same incels who throw tantrums about games not being realistic throw tantrums if women arent dressed like theyre working the pole


Reminder that in every fighting game there is at least one canonical anal slut.

>>508967823Yes and their fighting games anons act like fighting games aren't popular at all

>>508968028I'll bite.Gimme the list.

>>508967579And then NormalFags Destroy the game before it even comes out because they will say it is fapbait.Conclusion, OP should still jump of a fucking bridge.


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