Panel de Pon is now on Switch!Say something nice about it

Panel de Pon is now on Switch!Say something nice about it.

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>>508957749>No physical release.>Hidden behind a paywall.>Once Switch support dies you're going to lose it anyways.Puyo Puyo chads won again.

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>>508957926>>508958063Put on a trip so I can filter you

>>508957926Are you seriously trying to start shit with Panel De Pon? Why does everything have to be a war with you fags

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>>508957926>>508958063>Genesis / Mini gives you the option to change Mean Bean Machine to Puyo Puyo. >SNES mini removed panel de pon and put Dream course on it instead when it was released outside Japan. Sega won again.

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Giving it a try now

>>508957749It's kind of charming but it's just a Tetris simulator and I always found Tetris boring as fuck

>>508959814It has absolutely nothing to do with Tetris

>>508957749>more like Panel de PORN

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>>508957749It sucks ass.

>>508957926This, but unironically.

>>508957926Nigger I'm a Puyofag and I'm glad the original Panel de Pon is finally getting released worldwide.

>>508959941Anon call it what you want but pretty much every block dropping game plays the same and they're boring ripoffs of Tetris. I'm not even trying to shit on the game but literally what does it do differently that 100 games haven't don't before?

>>508960196It's got some issues when you hit high level play but its easily the most approachable multiplayer puzzle game which makes it a great entry point into the genre. Its also really nice looking, give or take your opinion on shojo anime art, and the amount of content and options it offers blows any other puzzle game in 1995 out of the water.What's wrong with it?


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>>508960489You don't even drop blocks in this game.

>>508960692>the blocks go up instead of down! It's different!!! It's not.

>>508960649I remember fapping to this, good times

anyone have a room up? I want some practice versus real people

>>508960798>too retarded to understand the differences between kids' puzzle gameslmao


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>>508958765Mario knows how to count to three Sonic doesen't.

>>508957749How hard could a full English translation have possibly been for them?

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>>508960798In Tetris blocks drop from the ceiling and stack up. You control their trajectory to make them fit into piles and clear out rows, and you should be aiming for multi-line clears and t-spins to build a high score.In Panel de Pon you have an autoscrolling slide puzzle and you need to match colors in groups of 3 or more, chaining them together using its gravity and time stops, to send garbage to an enemy on the other side of the screen.What do these games have in common besides being in the same genre? Their multiplayer works differently. Their controls are different. The way you interact with the field is different. How you clear out blocks and create chains is different. They're so far removed that the Tetris company themselves refuse to lend the brand out to the game, saying it dilutes the Tetris brand and should be under its own label. They don't play alike at all

>>508957926To be fair the more puzzle drop games the better. I like Puyo Puyo, Tetris and i am loving Panel De Pon.

>>508961219>no!!! you cant play Dr.Mario, Yoshi, Wario's Woods, Puyo, or the other Tetris clones on NSO!!! YOU HAVE TO PLAY PANEL DE PONIES!!!!I'll admit the features it has for an old game are nice but again, it doesn't offer much in terms of gameplay

Played a little bit of Panel de Pon and enjoyed it, but I'm loving this one

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>>508961660I don't think you've played Tetris or any of those other games you mentioned in your life

Does any other game get so shit as fast as this when you reach 'high level' vs play?

>>508957749It's a very cute game and considering I played the fuck out of Tetris Attack before learning it was a reskin I will get a lot of mileage out of this title.

>>508961550>What do these games have in common besides being in the same genre?That's just it. The genre is so limiting every game feels the fucking same. Match blocks and they go bye bye unga bunga

>>508957926Stop, you're giving Puyofans a bad name

>>508961914The Tetris Grandmaster games hit a point blocks drop instantly and the field turns invisible

>>508961857Anon who hasn't played tetris? They have that shit on calculators

>>508961692That game kind of reminds me of that TV Deathmatch thing for the SNES. Where its the same concept but more like you are stuck in an arena killing tons of enemies similar to Doom.

>>508960116Not really. Pretty niche. Maybe if they had an event in Fire Emblem Heroes.

>>508962097This user was posting the other day and called Tetris a color matching game so evidently he's either retarded or hasn't played it himself

>>508957749Panel de Plush!

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>>508961930I hope there is another game in the series. It honestly deserves another shot in the West. Puyo Puyo Tetris made it this should as well.

I can believe they made a game a fucking costume from smashbros.

>>508962454Meteos is a spiritual sequel to this gameSakurai loves it

>>508962275>This user was posting the other dayThis is the first time I've ever posted in a panel de pon thread. Let me be clear. I think block matching games are inherently boring as fuck. Despite that, I can understand that some people enjoy them. What I can't understand is what Panel de Pon does differently to merit playing it over the hundred other games with the same gameplay

>>508962438What do you plan to make it evolve the game from predecessors? And no, just adding Yoshi and Pikachu isn't enough.

They'll be releasing a Panel de Pon Switch version like they did with the game cube. up to 8 players sending garbage each other.

>>508962693Approachability. Tetris didn’t have a standardized ruleset until the 2000s and its mostly designed for serious competitive play rather than as a party game. Puyo Puyo’s multiplayer has a massive learning curve because that shits a fucking science, most players who touch Puyo Puyo Tetris stick to the Tetris modes because its chaining mechanics are overwhelming and theres no hope of a newcomer piercing its online without hours of tutorials and practice.Panel de Pon falls into a nice middle ground. Its got a lax atmosphere and pretty lenient chaining systems. Its garbage is far less punishing than in Puyo since it transforms into usable blocks that can be worked into your active chain. It comes with a slew of modes; endless, timed, line clear, like 120 puzzles stages, a versus mode with a ton of handicap options and multiple difficulties. Anyone can pick it up and get a feel for it and there’s enough variety to explore with its content that you’ll understand intermediate techniques by the time you’ve finished consuming its single player content.There’s also really nothing else that executes the sliding block puzzler half as well as it. Bejeweled clones are popular on mobile but they’re way more automated and restrictive than Panel de Pon is

>>508961914Seriously, look at this exciting gameplay of a dude hitting a 37 chain. The game is

>>508963572*standardized multiplayer ruleset


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>>508963572Still doesn't seem like a huge pull to play but at least it has something I guess. I dunno. It still seems boring but if Holla Forums hosts rooms or whatever(not even sure how multiplayer works in this game because I only played the single player) then I'll play a bit I guess.

>>508963264I honestly want this.

>>>8 player mode>A story mode that features Pan De Pon and brand new characters for Pan De Pon universe and some secret characters from the Nintendo and Sega universe. >Different types of garbage to send over to the opponent. At least this would be good enough to reboot it with.

>>508959814>>508960489>>508960798>>508961975>click a thread about puzzle game just to say you hate the puzzle genreDo Americans really?

>>508957749This is the greatest puzzle game ever made.

>>508960798>climbing a ladder is the same as falling down from the top floorThe absolute state of retards.

>>508962693>What I can't understand is what Panel de Pon does differently to merit playing it over the hundred other games with the same gameplayget an 8-chain combo and come back with jizz in your pants and try to say that.

>>508957749Great OST. Probably one of the most nostalgic for me.

>Puyo puyo de pon tetris.Imagine.

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>>508964841I understand your point but also this thread was about to die on page 9 so you should thank me for saving it. >>508965003Yes it's functionally the same. You got to the other end of the ladder. Get fucked

>>508964856it really is. I first played it via pokemon puzzle league when I was a lad and I've found myself repeatedly coming back to it through other games ever since. been like 20 years or something.

>>508965218Puyo Puyo Vs Tetris Vs Pan De Pon. I can only just fucking imagine it with Sega, Nintendo and Tetris company. This would be the ultimate partnership.

>>508965218Columns Puyo de Pon Tetris Meteos Lumines 3Now that's a game

>>508965485I forgot Bust a Move/Magical Drop

tetris attack > panel de ponin b4 some autistic retard says they're the same game, the yoshi skin makes it better

>>508965790>I like furry more than LONot surprised.

>>508965790Poochie is great but the Yoshi IP these days is so fucking terrible that I don't wanna play anything associated with it.At least the fairies make it an anime game like Cardcaptors Sakura or something, I can't justify Yoshi as anything other than something for toddlers.

>>508965419Same with me>rent pokemon game during pokemania, hype is off the charts>immense disappointment when realizing it's a puzzle game>force myself to play it to not waste money, realize it's amazing>rent the game countless times, playing it almost the whole dayGood times.

What's the big deal? This game has been reskinned a bunch now on pretty much every Nintendo console. Even Animal Crossing had it on the 3ds.

>>508965485Columns issue is it's just slow but i do like how it can make 3 in a row on an X pattern on top of a basic pattern. Lumines is weird but i have zero clue about Meteos.

>>508966602I thought you were talking about Sonic games lmao.

>>508965968>yoshi>furryget your fucking fetishes out of here

>>508966048>these daysit's from the mid 90s

>>508966602all the consoles I had owned it on previously are gathering dust in one closet or another. it's nice to have it back on a console I use regularly.

>>508965218you are thinking about the loli getting tetris bar shoved in her ass, right?

>>508965690How the fuck are you going to make Bub and Bob's mechanics work?

>>508966602NetplayEvery other version besides NPC/PPL fucking sucks and is gimped in some way.

>>508966957Why I pieces when you can shove T, O, L, Z, S, J Pieces instead?


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