Character heights matter in gameplay

What others games like this?

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>>508957702Used to matter in Vindictus, with smaller size having faster attack speed and larger size having more reach. Think it only affects hitbox now, if even that.

>>508957702Fighting gamesActions gamesShootannigga fuck, like anything that isn't a turn-based RPG basicallyfucking platformersDoesn't matter in MMOs and VNs, but VNs are not games so...

>>508957702Dragon's Dogma

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>>508957702Dragon's Dogma

I better get into this last closed beta I FUCKING SWEAR.I got into the first one and loved that game but did not get into the second.

>>508958017It matters in some MMOs if big-ass motherfuckers don't fit through doorways.

>>508957702What game btw?

>>508957702In WOW.

>>508958569Genshin Impact

>>508958430Really? So if you pick the biggest race you can't get through doorways? What games do that? Does that, inversely, mean that there are areas only big fellas can access?


>>508958695Closed beta signup is open now.I heard the game has fallen into gacha territory though.

>>508957702Oddjob in Goldeneye

>>508958810>fallenWasn't it meant to be one from the start?

Reminder this chinese game literally looks better than botw but it doesnt have an army of nintendo shills hyping it

>>508958810>Has fallenIt was designed with that in mind since the beginning looking at the past titles of its devs (MiHoYo) and yeah, they don't have a good reputation in the gacha territory aside of "Having gameplay", being a F2P in Houkai 3rd gets fucking absurd by the insane amount of grinding and farming mats.

>>508957702The elder scrolls games, tall races run faster.

>>508958810Its made by mihoyo of course its going to be gacha

>>508959023chinese is such an awful language to listen towould rather listen to them speaking in hard german

>>508958662Can't name one honestly, think its bs. Maybe you have barriers when mounted in games where mount size scales with you (WoW), such as bridges or whatever, but legit not being able to enter a place? Would've probably seen memes about that I think.

>>508959023>hyping gatcha shit>hyping chink shitSeek the rope

>>508958810No surprise, and feared as much. Some games can still be enjoyable even with such shit, and I kinda want a mobile ARPG or whatever.

>>508959023>Looks betterBut at least Nintendo won't force you to go through shitty gacha(even though Nintendo gachas are one of the scummiest out there).t.Mobageshit eater.

>>508958894My man. Avoiding the general aim line is incredibly useful.

>>508959091I tried to play Honky for awhile but I couldnt keep track of all the shit. I just want to play Diet Bayonetta.

>>508959183It'll be multi-language, including a top tier Japanese dub.

>>508957702what game??

>>508959023BotW isn't garbage gacha mobile, and it's not chinese. So it wins.

>>508957702smaller characters in dragons dogma can enter goblin caves they regain stamina faster but has a lot less of it than if you were taller

>>508959773read the thread.

>>508959023i remember when snoys were hyping this gameand then it was coming out on switch as well and they stopped lmao

>>508957702Dragon's Dogma

>>508958327that sounds pretty fucking gay

I hope capcom is making DD2 right now.

>>508959023Imagine thinking that copying someone and improving it a bit deserves the same praise as the original one lmao

>>508960082they will never

>>508960230They didn't improve shit. The game looks terrible, from UI, to character swap, up to gacha shit.

>>508960061>Not wanting to put your loli through all the tortures that a fantasy land provides

>>508960082They are it's the only other game itsuno wanted to make

>>508957702Is this coming to the west?

>>508958810i cant log infucking chinks

>>508960932Yes, global release.

>>508957702Klee is also so smooll that she doesn't get hit by laser

>>508957702Soul Calibur IV on the Xbox 360

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>>508962686This game has so much soul, I hope it's does well.

>>508957702In Xenoblade Chronicles some areas with water that are only a minor annoyance for most characters are too deep for Riki, so instead of walking he needs to swim to move through them and can't fight.

>>508957702real life

>>508963584>gacha>soulgod I hate nu-Holla Forums

Wow is like that. Or used to be atleast>Playing gnome in Black Morass

>>508964112>XenobladeC don't have soulOkay dumbass

>>508964547The gacha was the worst part of XC2 though?

>>508964547>Xenoblade doesn't have a soulCorrect

>>508957702leveling a gnome in dustwallow marsh


>>508957702Gnomes in WoW would get stuck in the water in Black Morass in TBC, blizzard eventually fixed it after gnomes started getting denied from groups

>>508957702When will they learn?

>>508959023Those brilliant visuals wasted on what is basically a single player MMO with Korean progression systems and gatcha.

>>508957702of coursecharacters having strengths and weakness is a great way to add variety to a game and adds replay value

>>508957702>no one claiming this as their fetishYou've changed, Holla Forums.

>>508957702I wish there was a game like this with actual story and gameplay and that isn't chink gatcha shit.

I snagged it on switch and got maybe a few hours in but I've got a pc since and snagged it on sale. Any differences between the two versions? Not sure which one I should delve into