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>>508957117>kernel level integration are the most effective against cheaters So that's why Valorant still has thousands of cheaters

>>508957579I assume so. I'm just glad this shit didn't take a month to get resolved.

>>508957117>his smile and optimism: ETERNALIt's a shame that battlemode isn't actually fun. What I'd give for a multiplayer PVE mode or classic deathmatch/ctf. Also I want to see Crash again, Quake Champions should have had her but doesn't.

>"They are not related"

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>>508958270I think I trust Marty on this. He's not Todd.

>>508957117Well, that's nice, guess I will reinstall the game again.

we did it reddit

Why did he need to address the part about bethesda forcing these things upon the game?

thank god now we can go back to still getting our usage and subscriber data harvested because you don't need unrestricted memory access for that holy shit you're all so retarded at computers. literally "don't download video games on the family PC you'll put viruses on it" tier. enjoy your continued cucking, the addition and subsequent removal of this software nets you precisely fuck all.

For anyone wanting a

>>508959228make your point in two fewer sentences. You muddle your own message and come off as bitching.

>>508957117b-but my refund

good guy id is tanking for Denuvo's trash software, no way id fucked up the performance

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>>508957117Explain me why denuvo is bad other than "i can't pirate" because, in the end, you are doing something illegal.

>>508957117It's too soon to celebrate.They're going to put another anti cheat system in. They had nothing bad to say about Denuvo anti cheat.I'm not reinstalling until I know the specifics of what they plan to implement.

>>508959575who cares buyfags lost

>>508959575well even the "i can't pirate" argument doesnt apply here because its not the denvo DRM its the denuvo anti cheat which are different

>>508959575Because it fucks with the people who actually bought the game without actually being a real solution to piracy. It's a net negative for everybody, regardless of your personal views on piracy.

>>508957117What's going on today jesus

>>508959492>implying even the most direct and straightforward of word choice would make any difference for the common retard such as yourselfif it were that easy you dumb motherfuckers wouldn't have bought horse armor and gave facebook a photo album for AI training.

>>508959575Allegedly hurts performance.Is given kernel level access which creates biggest security hole imaginable

>>508959228This isn't about data, bro. It's about principle. You don't give people access to things they don't need access to. That's chimp brain level security. You don't give a new employee with downs the bank vault codes when his only responsibility is washing the fucking windows. Companies are overstepping their authority if they're demanding the same level of clearance to your machine as you; the owner. It doesn't matter if their track record is impeccable and their intentions are pure of heart. They don't need it, so the discussion about whether or not they deserve it is irrelevant.

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>>508959575denuco is fine.The anticheat is bad because the elvated access it gets makes it a great target for exploits. Though I unironicaly trust the denovu team more than Riot.>>508959594It sounds like it would be an optional download that you just need for competitive. sounds fair to me.

>>508959575The simplest reason why it's bad is that it's bloatware. Doom 2016 had 20 gigs shaved off of it when it got rid of Denuvo.

>>508959987>Hurts performance.Finally, someone says an actual reason to hate denuvo.

>>508959990>you don't give people access to things>he says, as he gets in 4chan and downloads video games from platform providers, keeping all kinds of software on in the background 24/7 such as're retarded.

>>508960108What do you mean finally? People have been saying this since Denuvo first started.

>>508960171Strawman. Your insistence that it's hypocritical to prevent companies from gaining kernel level access to your computer is fruitless. Do you run every application you download in administrator mode? No you don't because it's unnecessary and a security risk. Denuvo's anti-cheat is the same thing: unnecessary and a security risk.

Based. Doom Eternal has my interest again because I enjoy battlemode.


>>508960072Words aren't worth much these days. I'll wait and see.

>>508960879This doesn't have anything to do with what I said, retard. Stop acting like you're on twitter. It's not about data. It's about principle. Read the shit I say before you run your faggot mouth.

>>508960535Not here, people always screams about being unable to pirate.

it's kind of well-known at this point that Denuvo's use of anticheat by kernel-level integration causes a ton of performance issues for people, especially people with dated CPU hardwareDOOM ETERNAL isn't the first game people had this issue

>>508959924t. Piratecuck

>>508960993What principle? My entire point is that you're very obviously not principled but in fact hypocritical for being mad about denuvo being a potential privacy issue but literally not a single other piece of software you use that's ACTUALLY a privacy threat, unlike denuvo, which has and always will be used to cuck people out of pirating games and watching other programs for spooky memory shenanigans. Making it gather data is LITERALLY A WASTE OF TIME when everything else already does it!

>>508961081It's an anti-cheat. Not DRMit doesn't harm piracy at all.

>>508961629You clearly don't know why something having the same level of control over your machine as your operating system is a security risk. Once more, because you're not listening, this is not about data. This is about security. The actual security of your machine. A shitty kernel level driver can brick your components. A shitty kernel level driver can be a vector for a rootkit that compromises every single thing on your PC; not just your data. Repeat this back to me. This is not about your data. You're not reading the fucking argument if you respond again as if this is about data when I've told you multiple times now that it's not. Read the fucking words I'm typing out specifically for you.

>>508961241>"Explain why Denuvo is bad other than being unable to pirate">"It fucks with people who DON'T pirate">"P-p-p-pirate c-c-c-cuck!"What do you even want, buddy?

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>>508962000>you need kernel access to fuck with the OS>no other video games you likely play require administrator access>hurr durryeah you're still not being very principled.

>>508962568>no other video games you likely play require administrator accessI have literally never given a game admin access

>>508962568lol BTFO

>>508962568Your knowledge of computers and operating systems is insufficient to engage in this discussion. The only things that should possess kernel level access are your physical components and your operating system. That's it. Everything else should be operating at a level above the kernel so that the operating system can control it. You're a fucking retard if you think it's a good idea to relinquish control of your entire PC to mother fucking Bethesda or Denuvo. You're the one that should have full control over your machine. No one else. A kernel level driver can be updated and changed without your knowledge or consent, and it can control the voltage of your processor and the speed of your fans. It should be against the law for a company to try and leverage this kind of access to your machine whether it's in a EULA or not. You don't make a copy of your house and car keys and hand them over when you buy some girl scout cookies. Shut the fuck up about shit you know nothing about, repulsive shill.

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>>508959575The game was cracked day one retard, this would only effect customer copies.

>>508959594It also sounds like they’re going to make sure you don’t need it for single player. And who gives a fuck about battle mode, it’s not fun

>>508964216The last bit is the most interesting to me. I’d almost want them to keep the anticheat for a little longer just to see if reverting the vram changes and stuff actually fix the performance issues.

>>508957117Based IdSoft, time to redact my review.

>>508957117blessed timeline

>>508964791fuck off cum gargler

>>508964725This is the important part. If you left a bad review because of the ring 0 anti cheat and you don’t remove the review when the anti cheat is removed, you’re not helping things get better in the future

>>508964791Why aren't you working?

>SS4 gets footage and a release date>doom gets unfuckedToday is a good day.

>>508959575>just have the government observe you 24/7 , you're not doing illegal things anyway

WE DID IT REDDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>508963779>Your knowledge of computers and operating systems is insufficient to engage in this discussion. The only things that should possess kernel level access are your physical components and your operating system.This is really funny because software you probably use on daily basis like device drivers, AV software and overclocking tools are among things that do have that access.

>>508957117weird how we've had online games for fucking decades before denuvo and somehow they were just fine

>>508964791finish osana you fag. i don't even play your game and i am irritated by the fact you haven't finished osana. you will never finish your game.

>>508967021There's always some new flavor of the month drm kike publishers use. Denuvo is just lasting a while.

>>508965150>SS4What game would that be?

>We were caught so we'll stop now

>>508967205Serious Sam

>>508958127>It's a shame that battlemode isn't actually funYou're just garbage mate

>>508966728And guess what dipshit, those things don't update automatically OR obfuscate themselves so that they cannot be disabled. Not to mention I literally just told you about device drivers. You really don't want to read anything I say. You seem to think that because some things have kernel level access that ALL things must therefore be given kernel level access. That's not true. It's absolutely 100% not true. I know the anti-cheat can't function as intended without kernel level access. SO BE IT. Denuvo's services do not merit the level of access they are demanding while holding a game hostage. You do not need to use kernel level drivers to successfully stop cheating. Even Valorant that uses Chinese government sponsored kernel level access anti-cheat drivers does not stop cheaters. If you are allowing companies unrestricted, uncontrollable access to your kernel you're a fucking moron. This conversation is over.

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>>508959147It's called transparency with your customers and all companies should practice this

>>508967203hundreds of games with more online implementation than doom eternal's shitty demon invasion crap, have functioned fine since almost before recorded internet history without needing rootkit tier DRM.

>>508965150Except that SS is shit

>>508967261But didn't they make those updates public?

>>508967717After people already bought the game. The act of them implementing it after launch is just as much of a problem as the implementation itself.

>>508958439Yes, believe him

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>>508965150Praise Cthulhu

>>508964216>INB4 reverting the update instantly fixes the issues

>>508964791I have an honest question, you could have had other people write the game's code for you. You could have been the ideas guy that called the shots there are people lining up out the door to work on your game for no money. You could have everyone else do everything on your behalf and you would have gotten all the credit for the game's success and all you had to do was put their names in a slideshow of names at the end of the game that like most video games people just ignore anyway.Look at Kojima and Suda they achieved massive success and did almost none of the actual technical work and yet they have gone down as legends. I believe that your game can be great but you need to put aside your pride and trust other people. Nobody is perfect at everything and that's why game development is a process that often involve multiple people adept in their fields. I'm surprised you take offense to the idea of someone else programming the game, if you got someone more experienced you could pitch and roll out new features to your exact specification really fast. I know that you can make this game really something if you just put away a small part of your pride and trust other people. A fact of the internet is that no matter what you do there will always be people that make jokes about it, your censorship of jokes only fuels the flames encouraging more people to shit on you in new ways to see how you will react. There's one surefire way to reclaim your reputation to reduce they cyber bullying to only the people that disagree with everything you do(those people always exist). It's to stop giving a shit about what other people think of you and do everything you can to make this game great. Get off twitter, stop streaming on twitch, stop doing damage control in Vtuber live streams, instead pick up the phone gather the talent in the community and get to work. Pretend the outside world doesn't exist and devote yourself entirely to fulfilling your vision with your team.