Remove 1 game from history

You can remove one game (present or past) from history at any point. What do you remove and why?Bonus points for interesting selfish reasonsNo Fortnite

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>>508956935Minecraft, so my family will stop ignoring me and my mom gets something better to do

>>508956935I wouldn't remove any game even if I didn't like it. I just don't see the point.

>>508956935WoW, without WoW we would have less cancer in video games

>>508956935Warcraft.Fuck RTS. Fuck MMORPGs. Fuck the the reatrded Blizzard fanbase.

>>508956935Mass Effect.It killed science fiction.

>>508956935Battlefield 3. I think if we erased one of the massive EA games we could create a different timeline where they went bust or faded into obscurity

If a game is removed from history, someone will just come up with the same idea for it again, and it'll be recreated.


>>508957421Seconding this.Or Skyrim for doing the same thing but with RPGs.

>>508956935Either goldeneye or haloHard to decide which.Just a measure to slow down the plague of consolized fps games and that design seeping into pc fps games.

>>508957825I would argue that the legend of zelda franchise has the biggest impact on the casualization of rpgs.

>>508956935Either Call of Duty or Oblivion.Basically I want to pick a game that caused maximum damage to industry practices, in Call of Duty's case it was popularizing XP progression mechanics to a casual multiplayer game while introducing a swath of normalfags with no standards to video games, and then selling map packs of 4 maps in $15 packs, which was a ridiculous price that said normalfags bought anyway because they're new to the industry and have no idea what standards are. In Oblivion's case, it was selling horse armor which was an absolute industry wide joke back then that seems super quaint now as usually we get in game microtransactions that are worth less than even horse armor for more expensive prices these days in individual microtransactions.Hell, I think I would just want to axe the Xbox 360 entirely. It'd cause severe damage to my adolescence as I'd miss out on teen years defining video games like Halo 3, N+ and Switchball, but it's for the greater good, as we'd not have a console that charges a subscription fee for online or buys exclusive DLC which would later inspire Sony to do the same shit.

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>>508957825RPGs are in better place now than what they were in 2011, at least WRPG games that is.

>>508956935E de>>508957827>>508957825>>508957704What are some stupid comedy movies like this? You know like Blazing Saddles, Naked Gun? I just discovered Naked Gun and I need more Don’t know if it had a genre


>>508958090Slapstick humor with sight gags is the word you're looking for.Scary Movie is a good series for this kind of humor, even has leslie nielson show up in 3.Might wanna watch some old looney toons cartoons too.

>>508957490only andromeda pls

Minecraft. Not because I have anything against it. But because I have like 20 builds of it on my computer and it is easy to start a server. Wouldn't mind the few billion dollars I could make selling it. I'd mail Notch like a few million anonymously just cause.

>>508958401Mass Effect is the problem, user.Ever since, storytelling took a backseat to whoever the main character likes to fuck.

>>508956935Super Mario Brothers.Not because I dislike the game, but because I'd like to see what a world without Mario would be like. Could Nintendo have revived the north american console market without Mario? Would Sega and Sonic rule without opposition? Would video games even become widespread? Does Sony ever enter the video game market when there's no failed collab with Nintendo to turn into the Playstation?

>>508958051the call of duty multiplayer model died though. Everything is ranked now. CoD actually feels like a relic.

>>508958607Yes, but like horse armor, it's not what it was, it was that it was the building block of what it inspired that bothers me.

>>508956935WoW, without it Blizzard would have to struggle, SC2 might not exist, WC3 would have sequel that is RTS, Diablo 3 wouldn't be a always online garbo, overmeme wouldn't exist, mmo as genre would be in completely different place now, who am I kidding without WoW they would be more eager to capitalize on dota and spread different kind of cancer instead.


Not a video game but the Final Fantasy movie. Without that Square wouldn't have merged with Enix and the FF series wouldn't have turned to shit.

I like the game but it's fans are a blight, I know there is probably a worse game to erase that is such a stain on the industry but still.

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>>508958910I'm not sure it really inspired anything. It was just sort of replaced. It was always shallow and silly. Now playing cod almost feels chill or relaxing cause the archaic system basically means nothing matters and you just frag abit.cs;go and ASSFAGGOTS are more what inspired the current multiplayer model.

>>508958051>horse armorYou're only delaying the inevitable. Bethesda, or to be more specific, ZeniMax, was merely the first with the balls to gouge their customers. All the other big publishers were looking into the same thing, and in fact Bethesda's goof probably delayed things a bit, just because it was such a joke.


>>508958496weeb detected

Et would the market still crash?

>>508959810>weeb detected]>on the anime imageboard

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>>508956935Super Mario Bros.

Pong.Just to see how bad it would screw up the timeline.

>>508956935Overwatch. hero shooters can blow me


>>508956935I would remove titanfall.Because then I would never have to feel this pain of watching what's happened to the franchise.

>>508962051That's a good one, same.

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>>508958090Airplane! obviously

e.t. 1983

>>508957967Except that zelda was never an RPG nor marketed as such, Oblivion and Skyrim are a fucking disgrace to RPGs or even gaming in general.


>>508958340Scary Movie 3 is the only good one.


>>508956935Fallout 3. The franchise could have evolved in many different ways but now it's been boiled down to "POWER ARMER, BOTTLE CAPS, SISTERHOOD OF STEEL OMG".

destinyit tied loot games to fps games, which is a marriage made in hell, and coined that BS looter shooter genre that has caused nothing but trouble. it also wasted a lot of talent, imagine if the concept artists and musicians at bungie actually worked on a good game.this whole franchise was a mistake

Halo. Boom, Microshit is gone and paid online for consoles isn't a thing.

>>508963095>Oblivion and SkyrimAdd Fallout 3 to that list

>>508957421This. It definitely casualized MMOs in an extreme way, and there's even a lot of single-player games that try to ape its fugly UI/aesthetic.

>>508956935Either League of Legends or first Dota. Basically to remove the whole MOBA genre idea. I wasted too much time

>>508958090Wrongfully Accused is a fun spoof. Not quite the same genre, but I'd recommend some of Steve Martin's 90s stuff. Bowfinger and Roxanne are both fun.>>508958340Scary Movie 2 is the only decent one. The rest are hot garbage.

>>508956935Pongwipe it all off, save me from this hell

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>>508958090Watch Airplane! ASAP, like right now. It was created for you.

>>508959947Yes. That was just the straw that broke the camel's back, but it was already headed for a big crash.

>>508963761>MOBAThat shit could be considered as boomer-shit by now.

Game and Watch so Nintendo never entered the videogame business.


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>>508957421Based. MMO shit is pure cancer

>>508956935Mario doesnt exist.

>>508958090Also Mel Brooks is a comedy goldmine in a similar vein. Especially Men in Tights and Space Balls.

>>508964128That is not how you use this picture, zoomie

>>508956935DayZ --> Arma 2Minecraft OblivionAssassins CreedThese 4 are the horsemen of the apocalypse the first 2 creating the early acess meme making it acceptable to release broken pieces of shitOblivion for starting the shitty dlc trend Asscreed for making the open world meme

Overwatch and R6S. They brought Twitch cancer and heavy casualization to the industry.

>>508956935Counter-strike. It turned fps into a casual fest and it wasn't even close to the best mod for half-life.



>>508963359Halo was the exact moment fps and gaming in general entered the normiesphere. Absolute metastasized cancer.


>>508964128Type t b h without spaces in response to me, you fucking normalfag.

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>>508956935>No FortniteBut Fortnite is good thi


>>508959548>All the other big publishers were looking into the same thingnobody was looking into it until microsoft invented the concept the year before:>Microsoft had previously offered up the idea of microtransactions in early 2005, as a feature of the new Xbox Live Marketplace prior to the launch of the Xbox 360. The platform holder played microtransactions up as a new revenue stream for publishers and developers. At the same time, Microsoft called it a boon for players, who didn't have to spend $5, $10, or $20 for bundles of content they didn't want. Instead, they could directly buy what they wanted for $1 to $5.>Microsoft itself offered a winter-themed outfit for Kameo: Elements of Power for $2.50, alongside new maps for Perfect Dark Zero and new cars for Project Gotham Racing 3.

>>508956935Halo. OG Xbox would have faded into obscurity, 360 wouldn't have taken off, paid online wouldn't have had a must have game to spearhead it, paid DLC would have been pushed slower, on disc DLC wouldn't have been pushed as hard or as early, paid time exclusives wouldn't be a thing and the RRoD would have hurt them so bad they would have left the console space.

>>508965005Counter-strike started this trend. Overwatch and r6s are just byproducts.

>>508956935Sonic 06.

The sims. It'd cut the number of shitty girls who don't even like gaming, out of gaming for years and years to come.may your enemy never have a foothold

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>>508956935Resident evil 6Wanna know why? because it doesnt deserve the name "Resident Evil", stupid action game

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MGSVit could have been so perfect but what we got was a shiny pile of dogshit

>>508966645say what you will, MGSV is one of the games I had the most fun with.

>>508966528I had a lot of fun, but that's worth it.

>>508966789It's fun for sure gameplay wise. It is perhaps one of the best stealth/action games to date. But the fact that it's part of a shitty storyline that got rushed before it was done is so depressing to me.

>>508967135Blame Konami for being shitty company

>>508967238Yeah for sure, but I'd rather it just never existed then so it wouldn't be an existential tease. Maybe a decade from now when Konami wants to apologize and they're still around we will get a remade version with the complete story. I don't know though

>>508956935League of Legends.

>>508956935Whatever game it was that made the PlayStation so popular. Sony going into video games is what started the industry on its downwards spiral, as then Microsoft came and introduced paid online, paid DLC, etc. We wouldn't have modern political shilling games, no white women making out with big nosed brown skinned kikes in a video game, none of that. Vidya should've been left to:>Small third party studios that make games for PC or Nintendo/Sega systemsOr>The big two, Nintendo and Sega, making casual boxes and games.We still would've gotten Final Fantasy 7, Halo, etc, just without the cancer of big tech corporations shitting everything up.

>>508967442Honestly I'd get rid of warcraft 3 instead.

>>508956935I want to see how fucked up the PC marketplace would have been if Half Life 2 never existed.

>>508958051Horse Armor is legendary. It was mocked by so many people. At the time the idea of buying something so minor, just a little cosmetic thing, was laughable. After all, the game was already $60. Charging another few dollars for some horse armor was either a troll or greed. People ended up buying it though, just to see if they were really selling nothing but a set of armor for your horse. And they couldn't believe it. The internet exploded, magazines wrote full pages about the concept, people on Xbox Live couldn't resist talking about it. No one thought it would catch on. They all thought horse armor was a bizarre anomaly, a weird cash grab that would fade into obscurity... and now here we are. Every Triple A game has to have its own derivative of Horse Armor. Its gotten to the point where making dumb cosmetic addons for free games is more profitable than selling games.

>>508956935dark souls 2