Where did they hype go?

Where did they hype go?..

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>>508956825Game looks like shit since day 1.

>>508956825To Mafia 1 remake.

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>>508956825>thousands of likes and retreats from a four second gif of a fucking car>no hypeLol

killed it with shitty genital gimmick announcment and combat gameplay

>>508956825On Holla Forums? continually being beaten down by shitposters, we have a comfy positive thread from time to time.

>>508956825To my dick.Game is talked 24/7 for shills like you. I have already the game, but holy shit dude.

>>508956825I rather play open world crime game set during the 1920s prohibition or 1930s great depression era than this disappointment.

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>>508957110I mean... the famous "Y'all I think Aerith may be legit trans" had hundreds of likes and retweets too. So do lots of tweets about killing cis white males. But you keep being a good boy and thinking twitter means anything! Obama has more followers than Trump that means Obama is the true persident!!!11!. I forgot how much value zoomers put on Twitter, it's rather sad really

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>>508957110>social media lmao

It was announced/hyped too early.

The hype went with the marketing, gone. Once the marketing kicks back up, its back.

>>508957567Twitter isn't a barometer of anything, there are people who do nothing but trawl twitter looking for things to be outraged by or shower in hugboxes depending on which side of their sjw views it lies, either way they're not going to play it.

>>508957567Imagine being so mad to post that.

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june is when half this faggot board will be about this game

>>5089576034chan is also social media dumbass.

they show hour long open world gameplay trailers that are 5 minutes in the open world and 55 minutes of scripted parts inside of corridors

>>508957859Marxists deliberately obscuring language will never not be funny.

>>508957541I mean, mafia 1's getting a remake so....?

>>508957541Would be based. The problem with Cyberpunk is it just looks like the hell we'll most likely be living in 20 years from now. Not exactly escapism. Just makes wish for death.

>all these anti-cyberpunk threadswhat happend? did I miss something?

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They're releasing a bunch of stuff on June 11th.

>>508958749Theres 1 or 2 good and the rest is shitposting like this one. Its been like this for 2 years.

>>508958749everyone seems to think that if they insist it's shit and going to fail in no less than three concurrant threads at all times (or at least right now) then it must be unpopular and clearly going to fail.because as you know unpopular games get multiple threads up at all times despite there being no real news about it for months.

>>508959117I think cyberpunk 2077 looks pretty lame but I have to say that the truest rule of all is that whenever Holla Forums seethes over some big release, it will be the most popular goty that will not be forgotten in years botwlast of uscyberpunk

>>508958749Shills have been in full force last week posting 24/7 "I don't care what anyone says the game is really goood!", you see like 5 posts like that per day. And the comments get filled by the same dude replying to himself or trying to pretend it's several different people who are actually excited.So some retards feel like the game is getting too much positivity and don't wanna be left alone hating it so they also make hate threads in retaliation.The only news we had lately was:> The game plays like a movie (literally, and that is a top kek for Holla Forums who constantly trash TLOU for being a movie)> You can't play a purist (old news but nobody knew until I started to bring it up everywhere since it was one small comment on their interview but for my roleplaying is game changing)> You can have male V with a vagina or female V with a penisOther than that, no news really. Specially not today or yesterday.

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>>508959414Like the contrarians are any better, I just endured an entire thread of one guy repeatedly posting that you'll be forced to be gay or trans, and another guy parroting "it's shit because it's not bladerunner" nonstop, all the way to bump limit, it was a profoundly shit thread.

>>508956825> Half-Life 3> FF7 Remake> TLOU Part II> Kingdom Hearts III> Cyberpunk > Last Guardian> Bioshock Infinite> Metal Gear Solid 5> Borderlands 3> No Man's Sky> Spore> All of these NEVER EVER games came out or were announced> Absolutely nobody cares about any of them anymoreOnly Star Citizen & Metroid Prime 4 remains Holla Forums, will they be garbage too?

>>508959628Anon you are responding to that guy....it's him.

>>508956825Delays, leaks, and drama killed most of it.But to be quite honest a lot of the fake "cyberpunk aesthetic" lovers left once they figured out the sun existed and not everything was made of plastic lmao

I lost my hype after gameplay demos and then subsequently gained it back after I realigned my expectations. No matter what Holla Forums says or does, this game will be huge, much to the chagrin of posters here.

>>508958962>>508959117Angry shills >>508959337A game getting GOTY doesn't mean anything, Dragon Age got goty too. And if we're honest, this year was shit for games. TLOU 2? Time Jannies Final Fantasy Remake? Awful most hated RE3Make?And Vampire Masquerade 2 doesn't look promising AT ALL. Cyberpunk not only is lucky that it gets to ride on the witcher fame but that it doesn't really have competition. Specially when it comes to RPGs since it's the first one to come this year. Only Valhalla could pose a threat.And even then, as I said, GOTY doesn't mean anything, Dragon Age Inquisition was GOTY in 2014 and it didn't set any trends or anything, it wasn't game changing and nobody mentions it unless they are Dragon Age fans. Meanwhile everyone knows about Cyberpunk, be they rpg fans or shooter fans or horror fans.Also, with great hype comes great disappointment. CDPR promised a lot and already are backtracking on almost everything. It will have its shilling when it comes out, hell, Overwatch in 2020 got a 10/10 on IGN despite being extremely unbalanced and a mess of a game after Brigitte came out. It will be a TORtanic. Just not in sales. Remember how well Avatar and Transformers sold yet they are widely regarded as bad movies with awful messages.

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>>508959414> The game plays like a movie (literally, and that is a top kek for Holla Forums who constantly trash TLOU for being a movie)Where did you get this idea from?

>>508960224that's a long winded way to say you don't care about what the fans think, I don't give a fuck what you think I'm just saying the more Holla Forums seethes the more popular it ends up

And here we fucking go again with this shit, I'll have to come back to actually talk about this after this retard goes to bed.

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>>508956825in my cock

>>508956825Reddit is still ridiculously hyped for this game, yesterday there was a post on the front page with like 20k likes because they mistook an occlusion glitch for a detail about visual condensation

>>508960224After Cyberpunk flops, this will be GOTY

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>>508960598finally a good post

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>>508959871No, I'm the guy who hates Cyberpunk because it's in 1st person and we can't play a purist. While shills insist transhumanism is not even a real theme in the Cyberpunk universe and try to pretend you can get attached to voiced protagonists you never see, despite the game having a character creator.>>508959628Don't come vent here because it hurt you that someone told you the truth. One of the reasons the game says on everyone's minds since 2018 is because CDPR themselves can't stop the pandering or getting themselves into tranny controversys they orchestrate on their own. Or what, you think an attack helicopter joke wasn't intentional to get public attention?We have more news on the feminist, latino and black gang than anything involving white people. We have more news on being trans, choosing genitalia, pronouns, female voice for male V, etc than about actual roleplaying options.And when we get info on roleplaying, they backtrack on stuff like "you can play a purist V", they promised we could get to choose if we get implants at all, now nop, you're forced to. Same with 3rd camera in cutscenes, same with removing the word RPG and calling it "Open world adventure".Wana hear something? If you have to choose between being a contrarian or a shill, it's always better to be a contrarian. Know why? Because the contrarian had to sit and think REEAL hard why they hate something. Sure, the reason they do it is just to be against the grain which is extremely pathetic, but they have nobody to tell them what to think. You shills instead heard everyone loves it and to not be left out because you will probably commit suicide if you feel lonely, you just agree with what everyone is praising of the game and then repeat it like a parrot. At least that contrarian retard had his own opinions, you don't even have that.

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>>508956825It went here youtube.com/watch?v=cCeDr07oh64It's over for CDPR.

>>508960270People were sharing an article yesterday of the developers talking about the story saying it plays like a movie, I can't find it again though dunno what to google to get that result.

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>>508961047Ok user, your writing literal paragraphs to rant at anons, it's time to stop, I can only laugh so much before this just becomes sad to watch.

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>>508960224>this year was shit for gameswtf are you talking about, if anything this year was incredibly polarized for games>Animal Crossing NH>Half Life Alyx>Doom Eternal (pre denuvo)And those were only from March, if you think cyberpunk has no competition from other games for GOTY you either live under a rock or are utterly in denial.>Inb4 AC wins 5 awards at TGA and cyberpunk gets one in world dev or some shit

>>508956958it looks like a ps3 game tbqh.

>>508959414>> The game plays like a movie (literally, and that is a top kek for Holla Forums who constantly trash TLOU for being a movie)They said they're trying to make a "movie quality" story, not that it's a linear movie game, you moron.Jesus. With the IQ some people here have, I'm surprised they even manage to breathe.

>>508961160Five points have been added to your social credit score.

>>508961524Anon don't reply to him. He knows what it said. He's being retarded on purpose trying to start a circular argument. He's been doing this for years.

>>508960551> you don't care about what the fans thinkNobody cares about fans. Fans are pathetic brainwashed NPCs who will lick the shit out of CDPR without questioning anything.Why would ANYONE pay attention to a fan opinion? It's obviously going to be bias.> I'm just saying the more Holla Forums seethes the more popular it ends upSounds like you're coping to me and trying to trigger people, rather lameif you ask me. The game will sell well and is literally the only important game coming this year, of course it's popular. Wasn't it also the most wishlisted game ever? That doesn't mean it will be good, or will remain alive forever like Skyrim did. Hell, Witcher 3 was forgotten until the Netflix show came out. It had it's moment to shine for 2 years, people saying "yaay best game ever", and then, poof, into oblivion.

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>>508961634I can't tell how sarcastic he's being there, mobile game and all.

>>508956825Isn't it the time for you stealth marketers to FUCK OFF ALREADY?

>>508960923I wouldn't know, I never touched the Persona series. I will some day but anime japanese shit is very low on my priority list.>>508961316Rather uncalled for but if that's your opinion then ok boomer.

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>>508956825>Where did the hype go?Day by day they made it sound worse and worse, so day by day less and less people wanted to buy it.Now we're here, where people are forgetting about it, just another EGS failure that had it's development cost payed for by Epic so that even though when it bombs on release day, they won't by in any financial trouble from it.

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>>508961756>no one cares blah blahwell the fans do retard, no one cares about you either, who is this no one you talk about? I don't like the way cyberpunk 2077 looks so your second monologue has nothing to do with me

things i noticed from gameplay and interviews,-each car has an ai that allows you to call it to your location (roach)-can explore whole map at start of game-dynamic weather (acid rain)-day and night cycle that impacts gameplay (need to show up at certain time)-limit on how much cyberware you can have (not to the extent of maelstrom)-need to pay for trauma team -can form temp alliance with gangs/orgs but not join-have to visit cyberspace during the story-johnny silverhand is a big part of the story and a majority of the plot revolves around him-each backstory just acts as a prologue and every choice ends up on the same path-each backstory also effects dialog and how some quests play out-no choice of class (uses fluid class system -skill tree- during gameplay)-will never receive a game over because of how you play-forced to get two implants at the start of game (cybernetic eye that scans/zooms/translates and subdermal grip that increases melee damage/enables use of locked weapons)-upgrade implants with shards-cannot buy new apartments/safehouses-loot isn't random-cannot craft clothing/implants-can respec-no karma system-can complete game without killing anyone-no multiplayer until 2022

>>508956825Still gonna play even though I'm not very excited for it anymore

>>508961415Oh please, Animal Crossing is only popular because it's a kids game, it's like judging minecraft.Half Life Alyx? I literally saw 3 days of posting about the game and never again. Literally nobody played it, nobody cared about it neither, VR is dead.Dunno about Doom Eternal, the only reason I acred about it was because of "the term demon is offensive, we prefer the phrase mortally challenged", other than that, I can't say how popular it was, but if it's been a few months and it's forgotten, though luck getting GOTY.Like, seriously, this game was shit for games. 3 remakes and 2 of them were a disappointment, a child's game, shooters and what? 3 RPGs? Vamprie masquerade is already shit with how they killed Alec Cross, Cyberpunk is a walking disappointment and I won't say anything about Valhalla because it's a viking game and since I love vikings I will cover my ears every time there are bad news about it, but I won't pretend the game is not full of niggers and propaganda that will turn everyone off.

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>>508961875It's uncalled for to laugh at a guy doing avatar posts as he rants and reddit spaces at people?The only thing you could do to make me laugh even harder at you is use a tripcode.you're even naming the images, the amount of effort your putting into this is retarded, keep it up champ.

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>>508961890> just another EGS failure that had it's development cost payed for by Epic so that even though when it bombs on release day,Why the fuck would Epic Games pay them when CDPR already owns their own digital distribution service, GOG, that predates EGS by 10 years? What the hell are you talking about?

>>508961524> No no, you see, when Hitler said he wants to exterminate the jews, he actually said he wants to terminate the juice, yes, the flow of juice because kids in 1940 are drinking too much juice!That's what you sound like twisting what they said to shill.Shills are super sad and when they all kill themselves it will be beautiful. You do realize people stopped paying attention to shills since 2016 right? Shilling might have worked in the past to brainwash people into thinking Mario, Metroid ,Spyro, RE4, etc were "greatest games ever", but it won't cut it anymore.

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And there's the Hitler comparison, ok, arguement over, he lost, I'm off to bed.

>>508961974>can form temp alliance with gangs/orgs but not joinIt'd be funny if they offered the ability to join factions. Welcome to the gang, V, now go sell cybercrack on the street corner. Welcome to the corporation V, here's your cubicle, have a productive day. Roll credits.>each backstory also effects dialog and how some quests play outEach backstory also has unique questlines available to them, and some unique gear.>forced to get two implants at the start of gameYou also start with the wetware implant, so you can slot shards, and interface with external devices.

>>508956958>>508961479thisthey should've waited for next gen

>>508961942Nah, what fans think don't matter since fans will buy the game no matter what. Or did you think it was fans who asked for transexuals and feminism? No chance buddy. They are literally exploiting your loyalty to try and win 3 or 4 new LGBT buyers that wont finish the game because using guns triggers them.Wake up already and stop letting devotion get in the way of reason. If you're gonna simp so much, simp over a girl, not over a game.

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>>508959414You are in every thread making long posts filled with seethe

>>508962408You're pretty rude and I don't like you.

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>>508962503Epic bought exclusivity away from steam a long time ago, the game's development is already paid for in full.

>>508963129store.steampowered.com/app/1091500/Cyberpunk_2077/You people are completely detached from reality.


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>>508963350You could preorder borderlands 3 too.That doesn't mean shit

>>508963039Not really, I think we just check the same threads at the same hour, i've seen shitloads of Cyberpunk threads with 400 comments when I feel like going in and since it's too late to the party I refuse to, hell, I haven't complained about the game in days.

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>>508963129What's the point of lying like that?This is not trolling, that's genuinely schizophrenic.

>>508963129Ok first off, why would CDPR need Epic Games to fund Cyberpunk 2077? They just overtook Ubisoft as the most valuable video game company in Europe. Second, why would they not put their own game on their own storefront? Where are you getting this information from. Are you mentally well?

>>508961047you can't be a purist and a cyberpunk at the same time.

>>508962331>Animal Crossing is only popular because it's a kids game, it's like judging minecraft.And? This very kind of logic could be used to argue that any kind of sport is a kids game since it was made to be played by children, despite the fact that there are literally tens of thousands of adults who play it regularly for a living. Just because the target audience was younger people doesn't make the game exclusively playable or enjoyable by younger people, just like Minecraft or AC isn't inherently a "kids game">Literally nobody played it, nobody cared about it neither, VR is dead.Look at pic related and seethe fag, chances are cyberpunk isn't gonna get a review count like that and even if it does it sure as hell isn't getting that ratio.Anyways your arguments are piss poor and your shilling is on par with commies defending the CCP over the virus right now. Enjoy watching a "kids game" put your game to shame at TGA this year lol

>>508964064dammit forgot pic

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>>508964197It's literally overhyped and mediocre. Valve bonus doesn't actually make a good game.

>>508962648Seek help user

>>508957541i'd rather play a linear crime game set during the roaring 20s than your shitty idea

>>508959414You don't even know how to make webms you embarrassing human being

>>508956825Sjw trash

Will I be able to play as a heterosexual character in this game?

>>508962959Generation doesn't matter if you have terrible direction.

>>508965347No. You'll have to play as yourself.

>>508964023What do you mean? You can't be a "cyberpunk", or are you saying I'm not a fan? Because I'm not, I find futuristic themes extremely boring. And you can't be a cyberpunk person. Cyberpunk is the dystopia itself, it's like saying "You can't be a medieval", no, you can't. You could have lived in the medieval age though.Transhumanism is a huge theme on Cyberpunk universes, i'm tired of you people not knowing it. Giving into coporations, chopping your legs to replace them with robot legs, that's the norm, that doesn't mean your character has to be one more of the rest, does it? In Witcher 3 you live in a sexist and homophobic society, yet Geralt is lgbt friendly and feminist. Same with Henry in Kingdom Come Deliverance.Tell me why I can have 2020 morals in medieval ages but not in a Cyberpunk world? It's all so tiresome. If you think it's so cool and flashy and edgy to chop off your arms and replace them with guns instead, because you're 12 or something, THEN DO IT, NOBODY IS TRYING TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU, just don't force me to do it, specially after I was told I could play a purist and then they backtrack and say "Nop goy, time to chop your dick and replace with with a robot dick".

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>>508964064Bro, Animal Crossing is literally about picking wood and flowers. THAT'S IT. THE GAME IS POPULAR, BECAUSE IT'S SIMPLE, IT'S SWEET, THERE IS NO STORY, THERE IS NO ACTION, THERE IS NOTHING TO IT OTHER THAN WAKING UP EVERY DAY AT 8 AM TO BUY SHIT AND PICK FLOWERS AND THAT'S IT.It's as much of a game as Candy Crush.>>508964197Sounds like people shiled on the game because it had Half Life int he game and then immediately forgot about it. Oh boy, I sure wish I had saved that gif of the 10/10 scores Final fantasy remake got from people with 0 previous reviews who made the account the very same day they reviewed the game.

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>>508964197You expect for Valve drones who dropped more than a grand to just play that one game to give it a negative review?

>>508964682SHUT UP! WEBMS ARE SHIT! I prefer gifs! and still images! >>508965347Yes but the demo only allowed Male V to be gay with a random male drug addict hooker. The pink haired woman seems to be a prominent character so she could be a romance option, we don't know her in game model but they sure as hell won't pull a Vampire Masquerae 2 and Alec Cross her.

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>>508965681>specially after I was told I could play a purist and then they backtrackYeah I fucking hate this about Cyberpunk, devs aren't on the same page and it's very hard to tell if that feature they talked about will be in the game or not.I guess the best way to wait for this game would be to simply forget about it till September 17th.

>remove several features including classes>change from rpg to open world adventure storyGee, I don't know what happened.