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cant believe hes gone bros

Let his son be saved before him, then a wave hit.

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>>508956383is that the original voice actor of kratos?

Oh no where will they find somebody else who can do generic big buff man voice oh no

>>508956814No vocals. Just cgi body work. Didn't realize Shad was that stacked.

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>told lifeguards to save his son with his dying breathhe's better than most of us

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Wasn't the stargate guy the one who voiced Kratos?

>>508957443I didn't die an embarrassing death so no.

>>508957626Yes. This guy did the mocap.

>>508957761You dying alone after a heart attack from your final yank to Loli porn is worse imo

Pop your 40's and check your rollies, it's Cry Tyme

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>>508956814This guy was the body for nukratos and did mocap work for him

>>508957960And noone will find you till you inflate like baloon with putrid gasses


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>>508958128>you will die alone>no one will find you until long after your neighbors get sick of your smell Cope harder incel

>>508956383>Made the life guards save his son and leave himHe was a good man. F


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Gotta be a real miserable piece of garbage to laugh at someone dyingKarma is a real bitch though

>>508957889Inbreds shouldn't be on a site created for college students.

>>508958568>Karma is a real bitch thoughKarma doesn't exist you low-IQ nigger.

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Niggas can’t swim.

>>508958676You'll eat those words when I'm in Elysium and you're forced to suck cock for all eternity.

>>508958676That's what Lucretia wants you to believe.



>>508958973god i wish i could suck cock eternally

>>508959902It's a shame you're a fat and hairy fag instead of a cute girl.

Tough guy right here folks

>>508957004He did good work, Nu-Kratos had a hulkish feel to his movement

Eric Jacobus did the mocap for new Kratos you retards. https: //youtu.be/rKuc73DSscs

While we're at this topic, can someone tell me how this "God of Onions" started here?No shitposting or memes, i legit can't understand it, because this game is literally, by all means of the word, the least "onions" and political correct game made in recent years. >Story is about a father/son relation ship>Father teaches his son craftsman and hunting skills>Villain is a manipulative woman>You can beat female bosses (Valkyries) into a bloody pulpAnd here's the best part that should have made every single SJW on twitter go into berserk mode>Kratos refuses to call Freya by her name, just calls her "woman", like an item or someone way beneath himHow did Holla Forums a 180 and start using onions memes on this? I unironically can't come up with a manlier game or player character created in the 2010's.

>>508958973are there futas in elysium

>>508960871wife's son was a hot meme at the time, and one of the promotional images at the time had him with his mouth wide open, when the basedboy meme was all the rageliterally just shitposting, don't overthink it

>>508961054That was all? Not a dev interview or something were someone had a onions bottle on his desk?Because that seems so random, like you would make jew memes with Mario because of his big nose.

>>508956383>claims to be a god of war>dies anyway

>>508960871/v/ ALWAYS lashes out against games that are popular. I don't know if you were here in 2011 when Skyrim was released, but the board was filled with threads where people discussed the game and their discoveries in it, generally having a good time. Fast forward a few weeks, when it was clear that Skyrim was one of the biggest videogame releases ever, the general consensus on Holla Forums turned to "absolute horrid piece of shit worst game ever made".As for the particular point of contention with God of War, it started from the (false) implication that Atreus was not Kratos' biological son.

>>508961430Kratos died like 3 times already

>>508961336/v/ doesn't like western AAA games as a general rule

>>508956383>grown man>can't swimlol

>>508960871>Kratos refuses to call Freya by her name, just calls her "woman", like an item or someone way beneath himthat's what confirmed to me that every twitter outrage is forced and sjws don't have any power. that's peak "toxic masculinity", yet no one gave a fuck.

>>508960871>>508961656Can you imagine the sequel having some sort of nordic tranny or even just a beastman character and Kratos just calls him Halfbreed the entire game?

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>>508958724>>508958925It was a rip current you retards you're asses would sink like a stone.

>>508957443>told lifeguards to save his son with his dying breathNo white father cares about their children like this. Respect.

>>508960871>had a beard>open mouth image when he activated his rage ability >basedboy/numale face was popular the time>dev had to clarify that Atreus was his biological son pre release, most of the wife’s son shitposting was done as a joke or in ignorance to that statement>people shitposting about how the game was a stark change from the prior entries as another dad sim game or combat shiftI don’t really remember that meme persisting after the game dropped. It was mostly with the 2016 e3 promotion. After that it was shitposting about cinematic games or the combat>>508961432>SkyrimTodd please

>>508961432>shills left>conversation on the game changesMy shock

>>508962323>A game like Skyrim needing shills when it releasedIt's unreal how the people on this board see marketers everywhere. I work with mental patients and they have less severe paranoid tendencies most of the time.

>>508957443100% fake, you cringy reddit fuck

>>508961656Yeah but you're forgetting that SJWs don't play video games.

>>508957443mmmm... That's good to hear, always heard nice things about Shad. At least he went out as a good father and man.

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>>508962689Neither do trannies, but that doesn't keep Holla Forums from browsing twitter 24/7 to find some outrage. Never seen a single complain about how Kratos addresses Freya.


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>>508962604>Reddit spacingYeah this post checks out.

>>508956383If you're going to shitpost at least post what the fuck happened.

>>508962797>>508957443>this dog was a iraq veteran. after his owner (also an iraq veteran) died, he waited at his grave stone every day for his return. he did that for TWENTY years...god bless this dog and iraq veterans. >like and share if you support our troops and think this dog went to heaven

>>508962951>no one will do this to me

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Fake and gay

>>508963046See? Now you see redditors everywhere based on a fucking space between lines of text. Please get help, for your own sake.

>>508963013This bitch mogs him.

>>508963367well yeah you're not joocy

>>508963228Kek, this. Holla Forums is literally full of gullible facebook boomers. People who drown can't even scream, yet alone speak coherent sentences. But i'm sure he told the lifeguard to safe his son.

>>508961579Black people can't swim.

>>508963367>i would do anything to be like this guy...except any sort of self-improvement!

>>508960871Because he had the beard that stereotypical onion lads grow. Also the fact the game is a cinematic over the shoulder """"rpg"""" that sois eat up like crazy. Also because that just happened to be the primary buzzword on Holla Forums that was synonymous with "thing i dont like".

>>508958568This. Fucking edgy teenagers

>>508960871The child literally isn't his not counting the reveal that it's fucking LOKI, as anyone who played god of war before would know kratos killed his family and wears their ashes on his face as a reminder. He's raising someone else's child which is peak cuckold behavior. He has a nu-male beard when Kratos isn't supposed to have any facial hair whatsoever, and one of the biggest promos for the game has him making the söylent grin. Those are two gigantic red flags right there.

>>508960871>someone related to GoW dies>EY LET’S TALK ABOUT WHY Holla Forums MOCKS GOWplease be a little more respectous


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>>508958568It's a stupid death that could have been easily avoided. No reason to overdo the respect there.

>>508963959Atreus is his biological son. Kratos fucked Faye and out came Atreus/Loki.

>>508964090yes, got a problem with that?

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>someone related to GoW dies>EY LET’S TALK ABOUT WHY Holla Forums MOCKS GOWplease be a little more respectous

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>>508964190>this is the average geographic knowledge of a muttLMAO

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>>508956383God of War is pure garbage

>>508960042A mouth's a mouth, user.


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RIP BASED SHADyoutube.com/watch?v=RLkUPBBXKOw

>>508963367well, at least your alive.

>>508961048Yes, but they all look like this.

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>>508963959except he IS his biological son you fucking retarded ape

Chris Judge is dead?

>>508960871It's a cinematic movie "game" about his wife's son. It's literally the definition of soi

>>508963553>i-i cant fathom a black person doing this so it must be reddit!It's in multiple news stories my based hill billy lo-iq retard friend.

>It's a cinematic movie "game" about his wife's son. It's literally the definition of soi

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>>508958568>you will see! my invisible magician is really angry now! CURSEYEHAMEHAAAA!

>>508963013what is this implying?

>>508965613Yep. Thank you for providing an appropriate image to go along with how soi Soi of War is

>>508965613snoygers aren't even functional these day.

>>508957443So he made sure that his son would live on to grow up fatherless like the rest of his race


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>>508963959>not counting the reveal that it's fucking LOKIYou are aware that Loki's father in the actual Norse mythos is named Farbauti and Kratos was given the name Farbauti by the jotunn in god of war.

>>508963013Is this Freya's VA? She's kinda hot

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>>508966057>Literally seething this hard about Soi of WarHahahaha


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>>508958568Okay reddit

>>508960871What's funnier is how many Yakuzafags, of all people, were shitposting that this was a cuck game

>>508957443He also stopped an armed robbery a couple of years back, and got to live his dream of being an actor.Shad was honestly pretty based.

>>508962660Google it retard

So what, he can't swim?

>>508963013how is she so hot yet Freya looked ugly as fuck

>>508960871If you haven't noticed Holla Forums is full of women larping as men. Women love anime. I don't know a single man that watches that trash. Animal Crossing threads. Again I don't know a single man playing Animal Crossing. Nothing but drama and wanting to see others fail. That's a female behavior as well. Holla Forumsis full of women.