What happened to video games?

What happened to video games?

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it becomes based

>>508955924Imagine being so fat that when you look at video games you see food.

>>508956120are you retarded?

>>508955924Even old games on PC in the 80s had microtransactions so it's never been a new concept to the gaming industry.

>>508955924I love grilled cheese sandwiches.

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>>508955924graphics and ((investors))

>>508955924Hngggg grilled ham and cheese w miracle whip sounds bretty güd right now HNGGGGGGGGG

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>>508956207imagine being at video games

I've been ordering food at least 5/7 days per week for the last month or so. I think I spent hundreds on delivery food in that period.

>>508956382I don’t expect you to elaborate on this but do it anyway

>>508956515>miracle whipfuck's wrong with you?

>>508956120based on what?

>eat fast food for the first time in months yesterday>feel sick halfway throughi used to be able to eat this shit like nothing, what happened

>>508956536so fat you look and see food

>>508955924Late stage capitalism. DLC is a manifestation of the drive to increasingly financialize every aspect of experience.

>>508956648You became week


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>Games in the past were a poor man's patty meltFor consoles, sure.

>>508956578He's probably talking about credits in arcade games

>>508956515>mayo or miracle whip on a grilled cheesemayo ass cracker whitoid

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>>508955924more about money than actual product.

>>508956569Same, I'm discouraged to go to grocery and online grocery delivery windows are always fucking full.

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>>508957090>>508956630Why are you a nigger? Grilled cheese is uneatable without miracle whip or mayo and if no ham then it has to be dipped in ketchup and I like putting Mac and cheesey on top of it

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Would be a better analogy if the meat was included in the base game, second panelThe model does work for overly aggressive f2p plays though.

>>508957090butter and just a bit of mayo makes the cheese creamier

>>508956569I have ordered delivery for both lunch and dinner every single day for the last 2 months. I've likely spent over 1500 dollars on food in that time.I'm too scared to the go to the grocery store.

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>>508957602f2p games*

>>508957412>uneatablenigger do you live in a trailerpark? stop putting all that garbage on it. apex grilled cheese is buttered bread, with 3 OR MORE kinds of cheese inside. That's it.

>>508957075But he’s clearly stated it about PCs.

>>508957412t. 5 year old

>>508957776>apex grilled cheese is buttered bread, with 3 OR MORE kinds of cheese inside.I'm so fucking HUNGRY

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>>508957519i do that to

>>508957353If you can go 1 hour after the store opens. That's usually before it gets packed and after all the old people left.

>>508957776I always put lots of butter and Swiss and American cheese I’m not some kinda of retarded shitter but grilled cheese without mayo or miracle whip is no grilled cheese

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>>508957412That's fucking disgusting and I'm not surprised your trailer trash ass doesn't know the word 'inedible'

>>508956120He didn't say nigger, newfag.

>>508957683Your area doesn't have grocery delivery services?

>>508955924>tfw grilled cheese and cheeseburgers look good but cant eat cheese cause makes me sickI dont know what's wrong with me

>two thick cuts of sourdough bread>toasted on skillet using butter>gouda, cheddar, provolone, and muenster

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>>508958241>t. Gay ass fucking queertismo shitter

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>>508957683Damn dude. What kind of food? How much weight have you gained?

>>508957846might be a weird way of talking about shareware I guess

>>508955924do americans really

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>>508955924God i want some grilled cheese now.

>>508958604>not eating cheese until your body gets used to itGrilled cheese sandwiches are so good man. The pain is worth it.

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>>508955924fighting game thread?

>>508958627>SourdoughBlessed bueno.

pizza toast > grilled cheese

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>>508958627>t. Favreau

>>508955924Their popularity lead to too many people just copying each other and treating it like a cash cow. I thought about this recently when reading about games from the '90s and early '00s, you'd have devs talking about their inspirations from movies, comics, books, music, etc. but now you're more likely to see a dev just say they were inspired by another game and that's it. I think the only way to redeem gaming now is for VR to keep improving and for people to use traditional games to create better VR stuff.

>>508958458They're always completely full on delivery times. The one time I finally did it 4 weeks out from the date, everything I got was substituted or just not included at all.>>508958660Just endless fast food and none. I was already a fatass with hypertension which is why I don't want to get COVID-19 since I'll probably die.


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>>508958604you can develop lactose intolerance at any time, it fucking sucks

>>508958604If you can't eat cheese then you might have a casein allergy, since most cheese doesn't have enough lactose to cause a problem. You could try sheep's milk cheeses, sometimes people only have problems with cow's milk.

>>508958858>>508959005you are nothing to me

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You guys know coronavirus is literally over right? The infections are going way down.

>>508959129do americans really eat this?

>>508958604you could be a non white

>>508959129that looks fucking gross

>>508957683the diseased people at the store you're afraid of are the ones making and delivering your food also

>>508959302Fuck off, fag. I'm super high risk for a severe infection from it.

>>508957519>wonderbreaduh oh

>>508959806not the same chance of getting it

>>508958790>>508959024>>508959074I get the bubble guts when eating/drinking dairy but I suck it up to eat ice cream. It's a taste thing. If I smell it I get queasy. If I taste it I'll gag. If I eat it I'll throw up.>>508959556I'm mexican. So I've grown up not being able to eat true Mexican food.

>>508956240do you can't into puns?

>>508956120>ESL>shit tasteWhat a shock.

>>508959556Most people don't have any issue with eating aged cheese, just with fresher dairy products that still have lactose.

>>508960036I will never be able to read wonderbread without dying a bit on the inside anymore.

>>508956515>miracle whip

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>>508956207Imagine being so food when you video at games you see look.

>>508955924Open world games are like a pack of chips. One chips is the main quest and the rest are side quests. It makes the main quest inconsequential.

>>508955924They're on a downturn, but they'll get better as the West remembers it's roots.

>>508959317It's a Gernan thing

>>508956515fucking based lmao

>>508957846Maybe he's talking about shareware? You know, that shit where you mail them $1.00 and get like 10 hours of levels?

>>508961770Why are you krauts so stupid

>>508955924But sandviches are better than burgers, burger.

>>508957776I usually sprinkle some raw onions inside right before closing it up. It's fucking delicious.


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>>508956870Exactly what I was thinking.Based and gwilledcheesepilled

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>>508956631older games, but done worse

Lifehack: you can shove food up your ass and you will still absorb the nutrients.

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>>508958458Not him, but in NYC all the time slots are booked for like the next 2-3 weeks.

>>508960545How comes literally nobody had lactose intolerance 20 years ago?

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>>508962326>living in nyc

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>>508962094Germans be like "az least eweryone else isn't shpeaking German"

>>508955924It may be a food analogy but it is a good analogy.

>>508962413you weren't born yet so of course you didn't know about it


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>>508962413it's because of the rise of formula instead of breastfeeding. also the US is increasingly brown

>>508955924>mfw 4chan always shits on food analogiesWhy is this? From what I've seen they usually make pretty good sense.

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>>508962798Shut the fuck up>

>>508955924>food analogy

>>508962413Everyone was lactose intolerant 10000+ years ago

>>508958627>sourdoughThis dude fucking gets it

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>>508963120/v/ tends to have problems with analogies in general

>>508959556Dude, I'm black and I drink milk everyday. What are you talking about?

>>508958604Well, American singles cannot legally be classified as a cheese. They're adulterated plastic.

>>508963120>Pizza Thotlel at least the artist is self aware

>>508963410Clearly not white enough

>>508955924I'd still take the burger over the ham and grilled cheese.

>>508958627Absolute patrician

>>508959129>American cheese>pineapple>ham>toasted breadIts a good thing there is an ocean between us.

>>508955924Top right should have everything "DLC" relabeled "Roadmap promise"

>>508963473I think that character is from the same setting. Think her name was Tips or something.

>>508958627Gotta have it with pepperoni and chopped cilantro for body and character.

>>508964286>cilantroI see you like eating soap

>>508958338Racism is NOT based.

>>508964383This is a literal cope to having inferior genetics

>>508964383Ok genelet.

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>>508964582Killyourself>>508964654>>508964624Why are you a spictaco

>>508964654>he is common faggot who eats soapAhahahhahaha iamginge being you I bet you can’t taste the difference between water

>>508962884Hey you’re that Irish dude from a couple days ago

>>508964654I don’t like cilantro or cumin very much.

>>508964795>those level of lactose intolerance in ArgentinaBullshit

Wait are you guys just pretending to be retarded or do you not know you can put mayo on the outside of the grilled cheese to make the bread toast nicely?

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>>508965319Cry about it you gayretard

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>>508959129i'd eat it

>>508965653>using mayo>ever>for anything

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>>508965759Come n say et tew me face, fucko!


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>>508965921It's literally egg and oil two of the most common cooking components there are. Not everyone drowns their food in it, but for some foods (like sandwiches) it's great in moderation.

>>508965123>>508964983>hahahah i lose out on an other wise delicious food because of my mutated genes. It must suck to have normal genes and have more options for your palate.

>>508965939Mayo goes on everything killyourself>>508965943No you

>>508958736god I wish that loaf was my dick

>>508958001>I'm so fucking HUNGRYMy stomach is rumbling and growling, as if I were a rabid starving dog.But I've got no cheese to grill into my bread

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>>508965921I never use mayo but objectively there's nothing wrong with it. It's just eggs bro


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Duke's or Hellmann's?

>>508955924This has been an outdated image for years now. That trend has been dead a long time. It has been all about cosmetics, lootboxes, and general MTX, again, for years now.

>>508957412just dip it into some tomato soup whigger

>>508963457literally cheddar with more oil. low quality, still cheese. but good try, reeeddite

>>508966298>t. Soap eating retard

>>508966920hellman's is one of the most disgusting shit I have ever tastedhow can americans eat it?

>>508955924they became profitable instead of passionate

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youtu.be/k1_ODDevbY8Ainsley can make a good sandwich

>>508967067>dipping Mac and cheesy in tomato soupThats to far for eben me and I prefer ketchup it’s easier then you have to make soup as well

>tomato dlccringe, worst dlc of the pack