>there are people in THIS board, who DIDNT marry FLAYNexplain yourselves

>there are people in THIS board, who DIDNT marry FLAYNexplain yourselves

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>>508955201She's a short chubby autist

>>508955201I hate her voice, personality, and purpose in the plot.

>>508955201I honestly think she is the worst of the girls.

>>508955605>he didnt play the game with the japanese voicedumb user

I like Marianne better to the point I married her in all routes.

>>508955201Seteth wouldn't have approved of it

>>508955201Because I married her father.

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Because Edelgard is better

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Just to be clear: Petra would be far and away the best girl if she didn't have a dogshit personality.

>>508956209I really wish they had toned down her stupid speech patterns, or made her fluent post-timeskip.


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>>508955201because I never let my MU marry, instead focusing on getting him to a-rank with several girls before getting them married off one by one

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About to begin my 2nd playthrough: If I play as FByleth, can I marry a woman?

>>508956385I don't know why they didn't have her speaking properly then. It's been 5 years. She spent most of her life in Fodlan at that point. She was already reading and writing properly pre-time skip. It makes no sense.

>>508956723Can you choose who the other characters marry? Or is it fixed?


>>508956907You can check who they'll partner up with in the roster by seeing who the game considers their closest ally, and then gaming the system in free battles accordingly. Or if you've the dlc you can just give some renown to a fortune teller and force em together

Its been a few months since I've finished the Blue Lions route, so I'm gonna start the Golden Queers route soon. Which girl should I marry bros?

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>>508955201i was too busy being mercedes' personal toilet


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>>508956767Like four of em, check f!Byleth's supports>>508957174Leonie, let her fuck your dad vicariously through you

I just wanna suck Edelgard's toes, man

why marry a subversive subhuman when i can marry petra?

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>>508955201annoying in conversationi married Sothis because I actually have taste

I was playing Crimson Flower.I was planning on it and made her my dancer.

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>have sex with student>divine pulsethe perfect crime

>>508957862This guy knows what's up.

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>>508955201I marry best girl instead.I have never had a waifu before, this is a weird feeling. How do you guys cope knowing they'll never be real?

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I married Dorothea on every route

>>508955201why would you ever marry your daughter/aunt, are you a redneck?

>>508955201Didn't marry anyone because Byleth is a fucking brick and I didn't really feel invested in any of their supports.

I seriously might have married her but the idea of my future child having such low defense talked me out of it.

>>508958475if they were real they'd probably take every chad cock in town before even considering you, it's better that way

>>508955201I don't play shit games.


>>508955201Too busy giving Manuela the long overdue dicking she needed.

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>>508955201I made her my dancer my first run of the game at launch and I did CF. I've had trust issues ever since

>>508955201She cute, but i stay true to myself. Tomboy. Short hair. Every game, every entry.

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>>508955201too busy fucking her aunt

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>>508955201Flayn is a cutie.

>>508958730>he doesn't relate to an autistWhy are you even here?

>>508959484I was like you. On my first run I focuses on her and finally recruited her only to get to the B support right after Jeralt died. Amazing unit but they made her way too obsessed with Jeralt. It's a shame, I truly wanted a cute tomboy gf.


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Instead I married best girl

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>>508959695This. Byleth's autism being addressed ingame made me relate to him more then then other mu characters.

>>508959782Stop making shit up. She doesn't talk about him at all in A and S support, and even in B she just briefly mentions him. Catherine on the other hand...How long is it now? A year with "muh Jeralt"?

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>>508955201Too many better magic options especially since she comes a tad late

>>508959862Lorenz would never marry Edelgard

>>508955201Why should I? Me and everybody else has rode the church bicycle at least once.

>>508960159nobody would. She's a femcel school shooter with no friends besides her beta orbiter

>>508955201Well she opposed our glorious empire. I had to kill her.I had Bernie do it. Go Bernie!

>>508957174Lysithea, your dick can heal crest aids

>>508959695>>508960021>everyone falls in love with Byleth because of how autistic he isSorry, I just can't relate to that. I may be autistic, but I'm not delusional.

>>508960309Everyone falls in love with Byleth because Byleth is God you mook

>>508957517I totally recommend this, make sure to use Flayn a lot in Edel's route. Invest heavily

>>508960309It's an anime fantasy game, self inserting is part of the appeal.

>>508955201I married the best girl instead

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>>508960226oh no no no no no don't let Seteth see this...

>>508960140>She doesn't talk about him at all in A and S supportHer A support is her telling you she swore to Jeralt she'd protect you and stay by your side if anything happened to him

Might as well ask here... When's the final story DLC coming out? It will be the ultimate route, right?

>>508960682Never, unless they changed their mind the DLC is done

>>508957174Marry Marianne!

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>>508957408Why do her tits and hips vanish after the time skip? Was it all padding in her Academy uniform?

>>508960682It already came out, it's called Azure Moon.>happy ending for everyone that matters>agarthans are mostly taken care of>new age of peace for Fodlan

>>508957408Ashe's breeding sow...

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>>508960858Fuck off dmitrifag

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>>508960858meme ending lmfao

>>508960858>agarthans are mostly taken care ofBased. Don't come to Shambhala though, we're having a surprise party later

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>>508960858based Dimitrichad

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>>508960967>pretending TH has a good plotfuck off pseudo-intellectuals, just butcher the bad guys, fuck your teacher and live happily ever after, simple 'as

>>508960858>>508960797Wait what, that's not what was promised. How long is that DLC?

Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!

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Hilda! Hilda! Hilda!

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>>508955201I married her dad instead.

>>508961468God I bet her sweaty unwashed feet smell like heaven


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>>508961646I pray to god theres a third image

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>>508961414There was never a golden route dlc promised. The DLC barely matters. The characters are canon but the campaign is noncanon and only gives some lore on Byleth.It's a game about war, not everyone gets a happy ending, get over it.

>>508961630Imagine the smell

I really wanted a FE game that played out like Three Kingdoms.Good characters, plots and battles stretched out over a hundred years and eventually you have to swap over your units to their children because your units all died of battle or old age.Why would I set myself up for such disappointment?Anyway I gave Flayn to Dimitri and kept Marianne for myself.

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>>508961723Just for you user since you asked God nicely yesevilberry


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>>508961854>kept Marianne for myself.Good thinking user!

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>>508955201she's a goddamned child.

>>508961743hell the older titles were full of depressing endings

>>508961816>Ywn sniff Bernadetta's rancid solesWhy even live, bros?

>>508961910>If there's any inactivity, it's because my health treatments take time. As always, I will try to publish more when I can. >most recent tweet Nov 24, 2019

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>That badass attitude and capable skills contrasted with that goofy smile and playfulness

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>>508961743FUCK YOU, I WANT MY TITTY ASSASSIN. She asked me to save her.

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>>508962324She's perfect with Shamir eh?

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>>508962074>ywn smell her greasy hair

>>508962324Yeah but she'll make you wear a Rhea mask in bed

>>508955201I was saving her for the Church route playthrough which never happened

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>>508962324Catherine has the same issue as Leonie in that they don't care about you, they care for the person you came from. Rhea and Jeralt respectively. Even if you S Support them, they're thinking of someone else>We should try a little roleplay!>Here try on this dress!>Look at this wig I got from the market, isn't it so cute?>Oh look this trader had a crown, look it fits you perfectly!>Oh you look so much like Lady Rhea! Here's something fun, give me your best Rhea impression!>Oh please make love to me Lady Rhe-I mean my love!

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>>508962427shamir is always perfect

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>>508962431>Ywn experience the scent of her greasy asshole planted on your nose

>>508962427I see you too are a “strong capable gf with a hidden femininity” connoisseur. We should toast to superior tastes

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>>508955201but I did, shes one of the best girls in romantic supports

>>508962841Why can't i marry both Shamir and Leonie? They would be okay with it.

>>508962872why live?

>>508962398FUCK Byleth and FUCK Jeralt, I wanted her too.

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>>508961910Thanks user

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I married Edelgard and killed Flayn and Seteth the first chance I got. Feels good man.

I married Flayn and killed Edelgard as soon as she stopped retreating like a pussy. Feels good man.

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>>508955201I didn't, I put an axe in her skull.

>>508959586> Repopulating the Nabateans with Rhea. Byleth is Lucky.


>>508964245based and canon

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So apparently Flayn has an unused S Support image in the game using Byleth's CF hair.If Flayn was originally planned to be a charcter you could keep/get back on CF, how would that have worked out?

I love this little butter nugget

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>>508955201I made her watch her father die, then killed her while she was lost in despair.

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>>508964748Beat her and Seteth up as Byleth before timeskip so they live and the recruit them through a paralogue

>>508965124>CF roster>gays, whores, manlets, simps and Ferdinand>expecting to be taken seriously

>>508964748As simple as getting them back after beating them instead of just letting them live. Which would have made no sense at all, so them removing it was smart

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>>508965124>Starting my CF Maddening run tomorrow after I finish the Ashen Wolves DLCAny words of advice?

>>508965494Buy everyone bows

>>508965443Linhardt is unironically based as fuck though.

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>>508965124God I fucking love all the black eagles, but the house attracts too many troomers.Sometimes I wish I never got involved with the FE community and just enjoyed the game on my own.

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>>508965124I actually killed her first (With Bernie! Go Bernie!) and then killed her father after he screamed in despair about her death. It was extremely amusing. Their sacrifice led to a better life for everyone, though. Glory to Edelgard!

>>508955201Because I killed her.

>>508961854Sounds way too ambitious for current IS. But I feel you

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>>508965494Make sure you plan out your builds. Getting skill experience is more annoying so you want to plan it out. Make sure all physical unit have a D+ in axes so that they can become brigands and get death blow while all magic units want to get fiendish blow from mage.

>literaly dragon goddess that is the most powerful entity around>loves you to bits>talks funny and cute>mocks you relentlessly>small and cuteExplain why I would go for anyone but Sothis?

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>>508955201i don't even own 3h

>>508961854play Total War or Crusader Kings, idiot.

I beat Black Eagles and Blue Lions routes, still need to do Golden Deer but fucking hell lads... that pre-timeskip grind is so boring

>>5089657963H community like most fandoms is only good for the fanart. Don't worry about it too much

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>>508965713Linhardt should be slapped awake whenever he dozes off in class

I wish the game had more bosses like Aelfric that was a lot fun.

>>508966063because she's barely in the game at all


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>>508965865Not to mention the larger issue that FE has always been extremely character focused. Even fates, as eh as the characters got at times, had certain nuances to their characters that were meant to be explored.

>>508955201Nope. I picked Shamir. She ticked all the boxes I need to make my dick steel.

>>508955201I was thinking about it then I saw her C support with Raphael and that was the end of that.

>>508966183This is where I am except I did the Blue Lions and Golden Deer first and I need to do the Black Eagles next. More than anything I'm looking forward to seeing if I'll like Edelgard in the same way I liked the other two Lords.

>>508966327Felix and Annette is pure adorable

>>508966220Ferdinand is 300 IQ though

>>508966063>game has no Sothis route>just flat out gone after Ch 10 besides cryptic dialogue at the time-skip and the S support that feels like a parodywhy

>>508961854Closest you'll get is Genealogy of the Holy War sadly, and that game isn't all that great anyway.

>>508966526You will for sure

>>508966534Because Annette is one of the few people who can get Felix to drop his fight autism just by being herself. They're natural fits for each other.

>>508961854>not giving Marianne to Dimitri

>>508966183Once you've done one of GD / BL / Church, the post skip becomes an issue in the remaining routes too. They all share the first batch of maps, then Church and GD remain nearly identical to the penultimate chapter.

>>508966416>>508962876>>508962841Glad to hear there's men of taste in these fire emblem threads still. Doesn't get more /comfy/ than traveling the world with your Big Tiddy merc waif.

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>>508966526ignore her lord classes and go Wyvern

>>508966724>ancient star god with time-warping powers and space-age level technology>let's just fucking forget about her and pretend she never existed

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>>508966724even before that she was barely in the game

>>508966063The way she talks is so antiquated. It's cute as fuck. I would unironically fall for a girl who talks like her.

What are some (meme) builds that revolve around a character's personal skill?I remember doing this a lot in fates and now want to try it here?I've already done Dark Bishop Caspar spamming Wild Abandon, was fun when I wasn't stuck with 4 fucking move.

>>508966724how many times did this game get delayed again?

>>508966140I did, but I want FE gameplay as well.>>508966732That's a shame. I guess the latest poll is just another indication of Japan's shit taste?>>508966826>Marianne spends all that time wanting to meet GodShe walks right into it*, user, I couldn't deny her even if I wanted to.*me

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Her English voice is weird. She sounds like an alien. Guess it’s kind of the point but still.