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Do you have all of your wanted villagers on your island yet, user?

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is there a guide on what each villager's favorite fruit is?

>>508955197It's my first Animal Crossing, so I'm just letting folks come and go as they please until I feel like I have a good idea for what a balanced village looks like. I'm pretty happy with my current squad.

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>>508955304I don't think the type matters as long as it's not your native fruit.

>>508955197>of all the wolves, only 3 aren't cranky or snootyMost boring species

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>>508955197Soon, tomorrow she's coming to my town

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>>508955197Frita for best Uchi

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Kiki is making a Cutting Board if anyone still needs it. Don't want anything for it but Board drawings are always appreciated. She's been at it for awhile not sure how much longer she'll be doing it.DHPW3

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>>508955304The favorite fruit thing is a myth.

>>508955469No. Cherry is best uchi followed by Canberra and Hazel. Fritas a monstrosity.

>>508955304anything non native or coconuts

>>508955146Bro...what an epic fucking postfucking upvoted my dude

>>508955197No because I still have Charlise, get the fuck out you stupid butch bear.

>>508954536>>508955146dude...fear of inclusivity AND a reference to my favorite MCU villain - the unstoppable THANOS - all in the same post?Are you me? FUCKING EPIC

>>508955429W-what happened to her legs

>>508955630Canberra would be widely considered the worst uchi and one of the worst villagers period if it wasn't for that one bully comic.

>>508955562This. They don't have a favorite fruit.

>>508955630>not liking hamburger hot dog french fry sheepget your basic fucking taste out of my sight

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>>508955197I'll be able to have Knox begin the process of living on my island, then it'll be Kiki's turn.

>>508955718Nothing, she's merely pretending so you pity her and you do whatever she wants you to do.Don't trust Bree.

>>508955197Thoughts, Holla Forumsros??

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>>508955772Nah she'd just be invisible, which she was. All it did was make people realize she existed.

Should I just amiibo Lucky? I'm getting tired of waiting for my other lazy to ask to leave

>>508955893It's a terrible theme to base a villager around.

>>508955630>NOOOO I CAN'T EVEN SEXUALISE HERcoomer logic

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>>508955423>There is only one Smug because Wolf Link got cut>There is only one Peppy >There is only one Normal>There are no Jocks because Tarou got cut>There are no Lazies because Dobie got rebraned>There are no Uchis because fuck em I guess>But there are five Crankys and three SnootysIt's such fucking pisspoor distribution

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>>508955987looks like a nicely put-together island, user!Good way to show off some landmarks

>>508955197I don't really have any ideal villager list but I'm pretty happy with what I've got so far.

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>>508955772>Canberra would be widely considered the worst uchiShari exists.

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>>508956167Why does disliking Frita mean I'm a coomer?

>>508955987>one of the caps is just the bridgeretard

>>508956204How will I ever fulfill my island dream Los Lobos at this rate?

>accidentally just put 99k in a shining spotwhoops

>>508956223That's fair, user. You're allowed to disagree.>>508956270That's not Rocket.

>>508956316>>bridgeESL nigger, PLEASE

>>508956270The FUCK is wrong with Shari?!

Hey Holla Forums.Anyone got a decent price on turnips?I'm looking to get out of the game.

>>508956298You like Cherry, you hate Frita... I'm just connecting the dots, here

>>508956234>oakland>not filled with monkey and gorilla villagers

Thanks Boomer.

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>>508955987I like it, but Holla Forums will tell you it's "overdesigned" because it's not just waterfalls

>>508956164>like fast food so much you cosplay as itIt's charming in a stupid way. Wish they kept her name as Wendy as well but I guess there would be legal issues in murrica.

>>508955469That's not Diva

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>>508956360you have a 30% chance of getting triple your money's worth for anything above 10k

>>508956798Yeah, having her name be Wendy or something more direct than the Spanish word for fries would have been cool


>>508956360>dig up the 1k>try to put away>bury it again insteadI know it's my fault for not paying attention, but it still hurts.

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>>508956579Ohhhh I see. You probably think Ankha and Audie are just "coomer" villagers too that people only like so they can masturbate to them, right? Good thing you're so above that. You only like BASED unpopular ugly villagers .

>>508955987I need those barrels in the top left. Are they a DIY?

>>508955967so are you gonna get trauma when she kisses you aggressively?

>>508956164Frita is a real love it or hate it design. Either you immediately love her goofy ass or you think she looks unbearably dumb.

>>508956579Not him, but Cherry just has solid color palate. But I should also say that I haven't found a bear or sheep design that I like yet.

>>508957002Look man I'm sorry I don't want to fuck my villagers and that I pick them based on how amusing or fun their designs are, but don't take it out on me or based burgersheep.

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>>508956901I don't get the hate for this frog. At least she's not Jambette.

>>508956987>dig it up>hit the wrong button and kick dirt into the spotFUCK

>>508957112Frita's design would have better fit a Lazy or a Smug

>>508957437I find her palate grating and hard to give her good apparel. On top of that, her house in this game is just so gaudy.

Is anyone interested in this DIY? I've got freya crafting it and don't know if there's enough interest to open up

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>>508957198>Curt>Beardo>Charlise>Klaus>Megan>Pinky>Teddy>Ursala>Frita>Cashmere>Curlos>Dom>Eunice>Frita >Muffy>Pietro>Stella>Timbra>Vesta>Willownah, bears and sheeps are great, it's just that they're hard to coom to


>>508957218You do know it's possible to like a villager for reasons beyond wanting to fuck them, yeah?

>>508957648Yeah I need that one.

>>508957779And yet, here you stand.

>>508957002I wish Ankha wasn't coombait, I like the Egyptian theme to her design. With Audie though, there isn't much to her other than wanting to ogle a foxgirl.

>>508956987atleast you'll be getting 3k back so it'ts not a lose


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>>508957913I'll agree Ankha has a legitimately great design and theme.Raymond, Audie and others like them are simply coomerbait though.

>>508955197pretty much and i haven't even placed the tenth plot yet as i didn't expect her so soon

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>>508957880Yes here I stand with only the desires you have projected onto me.>>508957913All the wolves are great. Audie's only downside is her horrible personality.

>>508957648Open up.Also is there any DIY you need?

>>508957218Not him, but that is exactly the reason i picked Ankha up when i met her.Hell i didn't even know there were lewds of her or any of the villagers since this is my first AC game.

>>508957437I can't either. She's the very second Uchi I had (Tammy was first) and I always saw her as a 20s flapper or an actress. I always thought it made her look cool.

>>508958107>All the wolves are great.definitely a coomer

>>508957659You make it seem like people don't coom to Muffy. Curt's alright, but I Beardo's excessive belly hair bugs me. I haven't seen TImbra til now though. I like her design and palate, so I'll give you that. Also I don't coom to my favorite villagers. Pic related.

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>>508958242>Beardo's excessive belly hair bugs meThats cause they are pubes.

>>508958168I like Diva. I get the impression she's a flapper-based design, which is neat

>>508957786>>508957648alright Ribbot is crafting it not Freya. not sure how i fucked that up: KCYGK>>508958110cabin wall or any shell diys would be nice, otherwise dont worry about it

Looking for a few fossils,have loads to trade out for other things if you need

>>508958242>You make it seem like people don't coom to Muffy.that's just the power of big tiddy goth gf shining through

Pashmina is cute

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>>508957913Audie's tropical room is the driving force behind me wanting her. I fuck with all aesthetics tropical, and if there are any other villagers with said aesthetic I would be happy to know who they are. Her being a wolf is icing on the cake.

>>508958191Yeah or maybe I like wolves. Huh.

>>508958553Controversial opinion: all uchis are cute if not for their top tier personality archetype, then for their unconventional designs.

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>>508958648All coomers and furries love wolves, tbf

>>508958553She just moved in today from a Nook island for me.

>>508958737Just ordered her amiibo card today! My town is full but I'm gonna invite her to hang out and camp from time to time.

How can I sell my Audie?

>>508958191Wolves are just great shaped models. I don't think there's a single bad looking wolf in this game. Maybe Chief, I don't see the appeal.

>>508958737uchis are shitcanberra is shit


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>>508958803Getting sick of this fucking word. I have no idea why people can't control themselves and just stop using it. Fucking blocking this shit now.


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>>508958803Wolves are my second favorite animal behind crows. I don't want to fuck either.

Am I missing something?This game is just a bunch of grinding bullshit. Chop trees, farm iron and sticks, etc. The only real 'content' is the NPC dialgoue, of which there is only static canned messages with 0 interaction.What do you fucking do? Its like Legos if they mailed you the pieces one by one. Fucking boring.

>>508958957damn man I get it you really want to fuck the wolves

>>508958737Charlise's lime green fur on a bear is jarring, and Paula's hairband bugs me to no end. I don't see the problem with Canberra though.

>>508958974seething coomer

>>508958842Her real house is pretty cool. All it needs is a bed.

>>508959027Go complain somewhere else

>>508958959You are shit.

>>508956270Shari is cute and one of the only good monkeys, fuck off


>>508959018>Wolves are my second favorite animal behind crowsthat does make you sound a bit like a coomer, but I'm willing to bump you down to your garden variety edgelord

>>508955429Enjoy your cute and funny mouse, user

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>>508959143Go talk about your shit 'game' somewhere else.

Is there any active site where people just share Dodo codes and chill in each other's islandsIt's for my sister so no 4chan please

>>508959160Monkeys honestly get a bad rap. Champ, Flip, Monty, Nana, Deli and Simon are cute and that's like the majority of them.

>>508959027Haha bandwagoner here bought into the hype and bought a game that wasn't made for him. Sad.

>>508958621There's also June

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I made my museum courtyard too bad on accident and I don't know what to do with it. No fountain, that's already in the shopping center.

>>508958737Canberra would be improved if she had black pupils and dark blue irises.

>>508959445Nah, her striking blue eyes are part of her unconventional charm. All uchis are unconventionally cute.

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>>508959036I blame Miyazaki.

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>>508959224I have no idea how someone's favorite animal can make them labeled anything. Want to hear the resort of my top 5? 3. Foxes4. OctopusesT. CrocodilesWhat labels are you gonna give me for those? I'm sure fox is another coomer label

>>508959374Wait, so are there actually people deep enough on the spectrum to enjoy this game? Fucking wild.

>>508959686>I'm sure fox is another coomer labelyou guessed right, my coomy friend

>>508959541Cute but too feminine. Canberra is a tomboy!

>>508959769it's no stranger than people deep enough on the spectrum to intentionally enter a thread about something they don't like so they can provocatively slander it to anonymous strangers.

>>508959685You too.

>>508959394Noted. Thanks for letting me know.

After 400+ tickets I stopped counting. Still trying to get raymond, he's the last one I need for all the new villagers

>>508959817And when I decided I loved foxes as a small child playing as Tails in Sonic 3 I suppose I was just a fledgling coomer.

>>508959915Just stop replying to him

>>508959915I guess the difference is one of those things is actually fun.

>>508959303Have her join a discord or two, that's where most online communities are these days. has people looking to hang out sometimes too but a lot of them are jews.

>>508960105>It started by playing SonicPic related

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>>508960105no you were just a furry and a (eugh) sonic fan, but it's easy to transition from those two things to coomer

>>508960105Huh, thats how I came to like foxes too.When I was 5 my uncle played a lot of games and a mega drive at his home I loved to play. He also had a Tails doll that I snatched when nobody was home and took a nap with it.

>>508960236>Have her join a discord or twoI don't know man, people are usually weirdos in those aren't they? Anyways I'll look for some non-sketchy ones, thanks dude

Reminder to invite PETA to your island

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>>508960523You have a choice between guaranteed trannys, freaks and groomers, or 4chan. Take your pick.

>want to restart because I dont like the location of my rivers>remember there's some fish can cant be catched until next year

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>>508959303Unironically try reddit

>>508960523Find one connected to a youtuber or reddit community, those usually have some rules and don't devolve into (complete) degeneracy

>>508960523The more normcore ones like turnip exchange are pretty strict about etiquette, so she'd probably be safe there. Your options are limited for avoiding weirdos.

>>508959036Join the dark side.

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Anyone else don't feel like playing anymore?

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>>508960701>catchedneck yourself, ESLfag piece of shit

>>508960523I would unironically recommend plebbit, it's pretty normie so your sister won't encounter anything weird or degenerate on islands from there

>>508960420Sonic 1 was my first video game. I didn't even know what a fox was until i was introduced to Tails. What's wrong with that?>>508960452I'm still a fan of classic Sonic. Thhose games are objectively good. Also, how can an 8-year-old be a furry?

>>508960805Not yet, I'm sure it will happen eventually.

Based Stella is crafting a cutting board DIY right now. Leave a dumb message on my board if you want. I'll be semi-afk for the most part.1D2VG

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>>508960805I play less now than I did a few weeks ago, but I'm not bored with the game yet. Doesn't help that I'm working fulltime again so less time overall


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>>508960805Also, the villagers don't do much in this game. Like nothing new to the table. It's kinda sad bro.

>>508961249>open thread>the fucking skye spammer still at it 24/7You are the reason I don't browse and post this thread anymore. get a trip already.

>>508960805I'm bored some days but I won't not feel like playing until after my terraforming is satisfactory

>>508961249your seething denial only makes you seem more and more like a cornered coomer -- the most dangerous kind of coomer

Any interest in this DIY?

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>>508961481Man, memes really have rotted your brain away.

>>508955197Fuck no I hate all of my villagers but can't get them to leave. I don't talk to any of them and gave the ones I really don't like locked up in their houses with fences BUT NO ONE WILL GO AND WHY NOT.

Anyone with good turnip prices?


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>>508961563since when has grey matter been of any importance to you, my dearest coomer?

>>508961596sorry, female, but it's entirely RNG. Treating them bad is just something women do because they get off on bullying uggos.

>have 5 or 6 villagers i like>have to wait 2+ weeks for a 50% chance at best of a villager offering to leave that I'd be ok with

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>>508961596>I don't talk to any of them and gave the ones I really don't like locked up in their houses with fencesYou do know that this actually lowers their chance of leaving, right? You must talk to them at least once per three days for them to be able to want to leave.

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Why are female personalities so shitty? I only allow cranky and lazy animals on my island.

>>508955197No. There's 3 villagers I want to kick out with a fucking vengeance but none of them have gotten thought bubbles, despite me ignoring the fuck out of them.

>>508961896One Peppy is great. I have a peppy cat, so it makes it much cuter.

>>508962004how retarded can you possibly bewhy do people STILL think that ignoring does anything at all

I'm having an idea. Carmen is a pop star and Chadder is a rich business mouse.What other villagers are wealthy or famous in backstory? I want a VIP island.

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>>508959834canberra is an ugly freak

>>508962035Honestly I don't understand the hate on peppies. Sure, once in a while they'll crack a joke only a rabid tumblrina would make because Treehouse suck balls, but I think their outgoing personality combined with retardation is cute.

>>508962117>tfw anons still don't realize their villagers are complaining to Isabella about not enough fences and arguing with clashing personalities

>>508962190You sure you're not just looking in a mirror?

>>508961876well goddamit

Is it just me or is Julian really unique? He's super different than Hippeux who is a fellow snooty(?) villager.

>>508962117Alright you genius of the people, what's the better strategy.

Behold, the truth

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>>508959834*Canberra is a boy!

>>508962501it's shit and unsolicited, just like most opinions

>>508958415>YharnamBased. My friend used that name too

>>508962501octopus too high, rabbit too high, squirrel too low, tiger too low, hamster too high

>>508962501>lions tigers and gorillas anything but F tier

>>508962425There are subtypes for the 8 personalities, but Julian and Hippeux are both supposedly SmugA, so I'm not sure why you think that. One's probably at a higher friendship than the other so you're getting different dialogue.

>>508962501shit tier tastesheep would be higher if they still had scarves

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Reminder that coomer is a tranny discord meme

>>508962945True, I beat the fuck out of Hippeux until he left.

>>508962960>wolves>lower than Bseething antifur spotted

>>508963062ok coomer

>>508962313I love all the emotes they do when talking. Smirks, poses, flourishes, etc. It's hilarious.

>>508962150There's that one nerd Hamster who runs a server farm, he must be loaded

>>508963062Honestly not enough people realize they're being played when they adopt words like that. Does nobody remember that one time when discordfags tried to force c*mbrain so hard it got filtered only on Holla Forums?

>>508962150There's Francine and Crissy, who both might be j-pop-stars.

>>508963097>freakishly large gamecube era heads>enormous mouth slits"no"

Bad news, shes retarded

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>>508962501Alligators are terrible.


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So when giving birthday cupcakes to villagers, will it register as a birthday gift when inside of their houses?

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>>508963419>these giant snouts>not cuteimagine having taste this bad

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>>508962501B and C tier are so fucking overcrowded you indecisive nigger. So many of those species are hot garbage that belong in D or F.


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>>508963563based user

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fuck now i want a retarded Skyee on my island. anyone have her in boxes

>>508963097>antifurImagine saying shit like this unironically. Seek help.

>>508963563oh wow

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>>508964010Someone did yesterday. Just spoof her in yourself.

If anyone wants jail bars, Ike is craftingalso Saharah is here, but I actually haven't seen her yet, a villager told me the camel is here1J53W

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Can any user tell me what the fossil name of this empty spot is? Only thing missing from my collection

Attached: EYfklVrU0AAqRvX.jpg (1280x720, 125.96K)

I've got Alli in boxes, anyone interested?

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>>508963097furfags get the rope



>>508964224afro-american skull


Anyone need cutting board diy? Sally is making it on my island. Just needs some bros to water my garden. Turnip prices are shit. Able has a few interesting items like pig nose, frog suit and cowboy stuff.

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>>508964224I have one lying around my island for decoration.


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How do you know personality sub-type differences? Aurora always seems worried and Carrie is boring as fuck and is as neutral as possible.

>Visit island>Host has female avatar>Say "thanks dude" because chances are they're still male>They get offended>Say "sorry man" and leaveWhat's the etiquette here? I refuse to acknowledge female avatars femininity because chances are it's some fat pervert man getting off to being called a cute girl.

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>>508963164Yeah he would fit in.

>>508964754sAY bro

>>508964754pick 4 flowers and leave. that applies to anyone who gets offended

>>508964754It was a tranny real girls dont care about being called dude


>>508964754Isn't dude usually used as a general term anyway?

>3 lazies>3 normals

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>>508964754Do your business and say based trannyThe based and tranny cancel out

>>508964754just say user or mate like a fucking retarded astrayaing

Do trees really need to be 2 spaces apart to be best? or would 1 suffice?

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>>508964754Dude is unisex, so he was just being a faggot. Girls don't play videogames anyway.

>>508964994It is, some people are just very oversensitive nowadays and a lot of them play Animal Crossing. That's the reason why some of the catchphrases got changed.

Turnips are going for 466 in my town, feel free to pop in. No tips are required, at most, doodle on my message board or something. I'll leave the gate open for a little bit.Nooks is further to the north of the airport.

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>>508964754what the fuckI call them dude every time and nothing of the sort happens

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>>508955197Not a single one.I can't make the current leave and i'm too poor to buy amiibo cards.Joycondroid always disconnect too when exiting the pairing.If only i could at least get rasher..

>>508965193Sorry, the code is: 4DNJJ

Vivian is crafting a Palm Tree lamp if anyone's interested also kicks is here.KGL5B

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>>508965086Just 1. They need to be at the center of a 3x3 and they can overlap

>>508965086Depends. I think hardwood/fruit trees look best spaced 2 apart but cedars look fine with just 1. There's nothing stopping you from keeping them 1 space apart, though.

who here is in the got judy gang?

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>>508965128Girls play animal crossing. A bunch of girls I know have like 400 hours in New Horizons.

>turnips at 52 on monday>45 yesterday>38 todayIt's over.

>>5089650861 is fine if you just have one row. IF you are gonna stack like that, then spread those fuckers out

Watering non-fully grown flowers does nothing, right?

>>508955197Still waiting for it to come out on the Wii U.

>>508962773>octopus too high, There are only 3 and they're all well designed so no>rabbit too high, Name one bad rabbit>squirrel too low, Fair but out of like two they look pretty generic>tiger too low,no hamster too high>fair

>>5089650862 spaces looks better but devours a fuckton of the island used on orchards

>>508965421Ok. Maybe I will squeeze more into my orchard then. I was told 2 apart. good to know. thanks user.

>>508965337On the way bro

>>508965486>>508965538>>508965615It does look better 2 apart. But Like one user said, it takes up so much space. I will experiment. Thanks all user.

>>508965492>Trans flag cubI would prefer skye on my island

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Do you use Nookazon?

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>>508965579Depends.If you trample your own fully grown flowers then they go back to a stage of growth where they can still breed.I trampled some flowers of mine before inviting Holla Forumsanons since plucking them makes them go back to the point where they can't breed anymore.

>>508965337Extremely based, thanks user.

>>508965497What? No, girls don't play video games, just like how there's no girls on the internet. Hell, sometimes I wonder if they even exist at all.

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>>508965969Wait if you trample them they can still breed? So if they're buds they will still breed? That's new to me

Rex is making a sauna heater DIY for anyone who needs it. Dodo is K0SLS.

>>508965912imagine hating the existence of colors because a flag has them

>Visitor draws on my board>Can tell from the handwriting that is a girl>get hornyanyone else experiencing this?

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>>508965276Almost like election tourist make up shit in their had to trigger themself at da sjw.

What are the best all around gifts for villagers? So I don't fuck with their house and don't have to find unique gifts pe personality. Any chance we'll get the mad scientist gadgets back? Or ability to make our home exterior look like a mansion or firehouse like new leaf?

>>508965492This fat whore is such a chubby slampig

>>508966554if you're asking whether I'm a kissless handholdless virgin, no

>>508966172Yeah.There are 4 stages of flower growth, stage 4 being the flower having grown fully.Flowers can breed in stage 3 and 4 only.

>>508964447It's okay user you don't have to pretend

>>508966607as another user said, terrariums

>>508965492>tfw got her incidentally as one of my post-DIY move-ins before I even knew she was popularI just thought she looked hilarious in a "forced cute" kind of way. Like I imagine her as one of those girls who pretends to be overly, cloyingly sweet but is secretly a huge bitch.

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>>508966776that doesnt mean i dont deserve love

>>508966607Wall-mounted furniture is ideal (boomerangs, terrariums, and iron wall lamps are pretty easy to craft), foreign fruits/coconuts are almost as good.

>prices do a sharp jump from 70 yesterday to 200 todayit's happening for me boys

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>>508967025looks dope, really like the shadow you put under the icon. gives it a real tactile feel. Pleasing and striking shade of orange. As an Icon its bordering on over complex, but from what I gather its also for a specific and non commonly used purpose so the extra complexity is warranted

nvm i am genuinely retarded, enjoy this drawing

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Is there any action that triggers an auto save while you're visiting someone? I'm afraid an error will happen and I'll lose everything

>>508967025>wrong filenow i'm gonna bully you

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>>508965337really cool island user. Took some screenshots for inspo!


>>508966607>What are the best all around gifts for villagers? Hanging terrariums and iron wall lamps.Wrapped for the extra bonus friendship point.Nothing else really compares.

>>508967054Do you need a diy for terrariums?

>>508966083No problem, my friend is gonna hop on the switch soon so I'll be closing the gate shortly so she can have a turn.

do you commemorate villagers who you befriend but let leave?

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>>508967439Yeah but they're pretty common I think, the DIY sells for peanuts on nookazon.

>>508967000>snooty>shocked turns her face into something much differenti think that was the point

>>508967589You fucking killed them, user.

>>508967913prove it

>>508967589Do you fucking poison them before they leave?

>>508967589I would like to but fuckers want to leave before they give me the photo so its only posters I'm not going to wait 30+ more days for the leaving bubble to appear again on them

>>508967589Customize the frames, dude.

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Does anyone have a green park clock they are willing to give/sell/trade? I have a brown one and it doesn’t match my market banners

>>508955197Not yet. I had Whitney in WW, Snake in CF, and Deirdre in NL. I'd like to have them back. I did get the two I want most, though.

Able Sisters has the Alice in Wonderland dress Turnip prices are ass, 75 bellsLief is here selling azaleas, holly, lilies, and pansiesMy shop has tulips, roses, and wind flowers There’s also a kitchen island for sale, 170,000 bells, one available If you’re Southern Hemisphere it’d be cool if you could bring me some acorns for a DIY I got on another island. I need six. Bulletin board posts are appreciated Fish, catch bugs, water flowers, whatever you like Code is 5J20C

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