Calling all PCfags

Here's your chance to actually be useful and turn someone away from consoles forever. Rate my rig:

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>>508954990Replace the 2600 with a 3600 you fucking idiot.


>>5089549903600 is like $25 more and much better than 2600.Other than that, it's fine, but you should probably think about more storage. 500GB will fill up very fast.

>>508955373>>508955370He's right OP, check and see if you can get something better.

>>508954990>a soon to be 2 gen old CPU>mobo almost as expensive as CPU>2060S for more than I got a 1080 for 2 years ago>overkill PSU>$300 1080p monitor, when you can get the same exact thing but 1440p for the same price

>>508955370because it's fucking better.

>>508955742Full disclosure, 1200 is the budget.

OPYou are fucking poorAnd stupid

I'd throw in just because desu

>>508954990>>508955742pretty much thisyour mobo and psu are to expensivealso get a better cpu, you'll thank yourself later


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>>508955370I have the 2600 and it works fine on my machine. literally haven't ran into a single game it can't handle. As far as the GPU goes that's where you should invest most of your money. Get something with ray tracing.

>>508954990>picking Ryzen 2000 when 3000 existsstop doing this

>>508956147id grab a 2tb seagate barracuda whenever they get restocked instead of this. i know some people dont like them but its only $50 for 2tb of storage

>>508956147>2TB for $120You can get a reliable 4TB 7200RPM drive for

>>508954990i think you can get a 1tb crucial mx500 for around the same price

>>508954990why would you turn consoles away when you can be an idort chad and have all the games? Dont buy into the console wars meme. Also buy a 3000 series nigger and a b450 board

>>508955742how much did you pay for your 1080 2 years ago, it seems like the price of GPU's keep going up because of the virus.

>>508956309>actually moving to multi core multi threads to take advantage of gaming moving to API's that use them>Doom 2016 got hundreds of fps boost thanks to VUlkan and multi core cpus

get Ryzen 3000 series bruh, 2000 is about to be VERY outdated soon and 3000 is not that much more expensiveI would also recommend getting a 2070 Super instead of 2060 since the new RTX cards are coming late this year. 2070S will give you much more longevity

>>508954990I don't know if I'd get Corsair Vengeance RAM sticks. I have similar ones without the faggy lights and I can't get them to run at the rated 3200MHz with my 1600X, only 2993MHz. Apparently Corsair sticks don't work well with AMD?

>>508956327It's not that 2600 is a bad CPU, but 3600 is available now while being almost the same price and vastly better. There's no reason to buy 2600 now.

>>508954990Why don't you just use benchmark sites?All of this hardware has already been rated and there are comparations like price/performance ratio, so you can build better for less.

>>508956605adding to this, lose the corsair trash and look for gskills ram

>>508954990Wait for B550 and get either a 3300X or a 3600.

>>508956628$340 used, but new ones were ~$400 at the time too.

>>508956715You want Samsung B-die or Hynix E-die for AMD, though Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000) should be fine with anything. Zen and Zen+ are very picky and XMP is a pain with them.

>>508956715Ryzen has specific RAM that is optimized for it. At least that's how Ryzen 1000 and 2000 was not sure if it's still the case

>>508954990If you can't google it you aren't ready for pc, stick to consoles faggot.

>>5089570293000 series is fine in this regard

I'd honestly wait for the 3000 series from gpu. If necessary throw in a cheap place holder card

>>508957221from nvidia i mean

>>5089549902060 is a dead card. It's about to be made obsolete by new gen RTX and it was never that good for ray tracing on the first place. Get a 1660S (fine for 1080p 144hz) and upgrade later or a 2070S if you want it to last.

>>508954990>Cheaping out on 2600 instead of dropping like 20 extra bucks for a 3600>Overpriced Republic of Gaylords trash motherboard>Garbage overpriced ram for what it does with garbage RBG too>Unironically buying a 20XX RTX meme card>Cheaping out on the PSU>Shit airflow but hey is DESIGN: The caseBuy a pS5


>> fixed your list OP.

>>508954990Find a 500-550W gold rated PSU.

>>508956628Exactly. What kind of idiot chooses the end of a generation of GPUs and CPUs, and an all time low for supply in every electronics market(lol miners)

there are like 3-4 people selling used 1080 Ti on ebay for $55 and they have 10+ quantity of them and swear they weren't mining cards or are in great much shit do you think came from the bull?

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>tfw got a 3900X and 2080Ti at a huge discount because I have a friend who is a manager at Micro CenterMicro Center is so based

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>>508957767nice try

>>508954990literally wait for ryzen 3

>>508955295OP don't listen to this turbonigger, wait for 4700X.

>>508956309Did you get stuck in 2016?

>>508957912>>508954990i mean zen 3

>>508956309shut the fuck up lmao

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>>508956309>10900K is barely better than soon to be last gen 3900X>the absolute dilapidated shitstained hovel of Intel

>>508957869Why? It will support ryzen 4000


>>508957767lol, get it. you can then refund your money and keep whatever they sent you

Op are you going to be streaming/gaming or actually working on your PC?

>>508957869B450 supports Zen 3 now bruh, AMD were just trying to jew people to buying the new chipset and it didn't work

Wait for Zen 3 and Nvidia 3000 series. And PS5/Xbox to see what PC specs are needed to beat them.

>>508957869>He doesn't know

I want to replace my 960. Any options?

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>>508954990Replace the 2600 with the 3600, and replace the motherboard with the MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX or MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX


>>508958238>>508958243B450 will not support zen 3. Plus, B550 is out in literally three weeks, will cost the same, and will support PCIe 4. You literally shoot yourself in the foot if you buy B450 now.

>Paying that much on that garbage PCHEre's your PC OP:

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>>508958462if you're sticking with 1080p 60Hz just get a 2060Sanything higher would be overkill

Are there ANY CPUs I can buy that will definitely last me through PS5/XboxSex

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>>508958614B450 will support it though

How good is the Ryzen 3300X? I already have a 1660 Super.

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>>508958614AMD has retracted and has stated Zen 3 will support B450

>>508956309Really wish ryzen had better single core performance, the one area they drop the ball.

>>508958624> user where the fuck are the poptarts

>>508954990>AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Processorfucking hell user, did you not get the memo that the next gen consoles are going to be 8 cores?Honestly don't buy right now, unless you can spend a bit more money.

>>508958723I stand corrected. But still, PCIe 4. If you're buying a new PC, there is no reason not to wait.

>>508958614>He really doesn't know

>>508958462Sapphire pulse 5600xt, getting anything besides a 2070 super or 2080 super and up is a meme and wasted money

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I put a 2700x into my rig in early 2019, how future proof is it going to be?

>>508958934My pc exploded, and already bought new parts because i don't follow these console and war parts shit

>>5089587513300X is baller and a good fit for that GPU. Literally the same exact gaming performance as 3600.

>>508958751It's incredibly good for the price. If all you're doing is playing video games, and doing some light editing then it's a way better purchase than the 3600.

is rx 580 and ryzen 3 1200 good enough for esports gaming


>>508959084Do you have a B450/X470 motherboard?

>>508959203Just get a 3300X.

>>508959110This, 3300x is pretty amazing with a budget build

>>508958192But it can cook your tendies for you.

>>508958462RIP your 120C VRMs

>>508958717Even a 2600 should do it. The consoles will have heavily thermal throttled CPUs, so you wont need much to beat them.

>>508959256Yeah, ASUS Strix X470-F

>>508959342It runs cooler than 3900x though.

>>508958717No because this console generation will probably last 10 years. A 3600 will be good though, it's better than spending double for 30% more performance because you can just buy a better CPU down the road, by that point you probably will just get a new everything.

>>508958717the current high end cpus from both Intel and AMD are already probably better. If you wait for the next gen stuff (10900K/10600K and 4700/4900X) which is coming very soon it's virtually a guarantee>>508958751The 3300X is a very based CPU for value alone. If you're just gaming it's great

>$1300 for thatBro I paid $1200 for my rig that has a 3700X and a 2070S

On a Ryzen 1600 and GTX1080, just waiting for both new shit ~5 months from now to buy up. Probably end up getting full new comp since my case is quite beaten up.

>>508959406Then you are perfectly futureproofed up until either Zen 3+ or Zen 4. With your current motherboard you can upgrade to either the current Ryzen 3000 series, or the upcoming Ryzen 4000 series.

>>508958717Even first gen Ryzens should be enough. People saying the 2600 is outdated is out of their fucking minds.

3600 and B450 socket will last atleast 3 more years btw

>>508958624>$9k 1080p 60hz panel

>>508959664Well I knew that, I was just wondering how long it'd take for me to actually have to upgrade, because my 2700x isn't really hurting me at all right now.

>>508959725b450 socket is deprecated with next ryzen

>>508958624this gave me a hearty chuckle

>>508959720Is not that is outdated. There is just no reason to consider it when 3600 exist for the same price and socket

>>508959720No one is saying it's outdated, we're saying it's bad value if you're building right now.

>>508959842>>508959725Wait, nvm, they decided to enable the support. Holy fuck

No b450 will work with zen 3

>>508959842B450 socket will support next gen ryzen

Why not do a Ryzen 5 3600?Also can the 2060 super do 1080p 144Hz? Might be better to spring for a 5700XT or a 2070 Super.OP, you could also wait for the Ryzen 4600 or the RTX 3060.

>>508954990Don't worry about getting a 3600. That 2600 is natively compatible with the 400 series motherboard, whereas you'd need to update the bios on the board to make it compatible with the 3600 -- a process that'll necessitate having a 2000 series CPU in the motherboard to function anyhow. Anyways, AMD just announced that they will indeed be supporting future bios revisions for 400 series motherboards to allow compatibility with 4000 series CPUs slated to launch later this year, so skip the 3000 series altogether and wait for a 4000 series CPU instead. Other than all that, the build looks competent and strong. Now order your parts and build it already

>>508959475*When throttled to worse performance.

>>508959972Exactly, any current B450 that support Ryzen 3x will last you through the entire next gen too

>>508954990get at least an x570 board

>>508959720Nobody says it's fucking outdated.

>>508959841Then I wouldn't worry. I would say wait one or two more generations.

>>508960071>you'd need to update the bios on the board to make it compatible with the 3600B550 is weeks away, why do people even consider this as a possibility?

>>508960263Literally no need for it

Besides what the others said, you should also get an NVMe M.2 SSD. Make sure it's NVMe and not just M.2 too. It's much faster than a standard SSD. Ideally it should be a terabyte in size because games are fucking huge these days and they are going to be made with SSDs in mind with the coming generation.Also you should get either a SATA SSD or a HDD with it for general storage and older games. Cheap Seagate Barracuda does the trick but some people consider Seagate drives to be unreliable.

>>508959876>>508959908>>508960278well this guy >>508956696 did.

>>508958624The monitor was my favorite part.

Don't be like me and build a PC the same year the new consoles launch, user. Halfway through the gen I could no longer run AAA games at 60fps. If the PS5 will be more powerful than your current PC, buy a PS5 and use it until you can affordably build a PC that beats it. I'd estimate that would be around 2021/2022.

>>508960328Yeah. I upgraded from an intel 4670k from 2014 and going from 4 cores to 8+ is so much better it's not even funny.


What kind of gaming pc would be able to run roblox at 8k ultra setiings wit

>>508960453Well he's right but for the wrong reasons. 2600 is not going to be "outdated" for a few years. The 3600 is simply better dollar to performance. for my first pc

>>508959972the only reason it "wasn't compatible" was because of PCI 4 (which was sort of a valid reason to be fair). Just seemed like they were mainly trying to get people to wait for B550 or buy overpriced X570 boards that most people don't need. I'm glad people bitched at them enough to change their minds

>>508960503I went from an i7-3770k to an i5-6600k to an i5-9600k, and I regret it immensely lol

>>508960676Wasn't rom size the main problem?

>>508960453I was referring to the fact that Ryzen 4000 is coming very soon and the 2600 will be an even worse value than it is right now bruh

>>508960360And b550 is going to be in limited supply and overpriced. And 500 series mobos are going to be dead ends as they'll maybe see one more architecture revision after the 4000 series this year. Way better to buy cheaper 400 series mobo platform and 2000 series CPU now and upgrade to a 4000 series CPU in a year or two when prices crater

For the price of that shitty gpu alone you could get a state of the art PS5 once it lands, that gpu on the other hand will be obsolete by then.

if you use intel yo u are acomplete idiot you need to buy ruzen]

>>508957835No.Micro Center sucks.Your friend is based as fuck and I hope you sucked his dick.

>>508958934PCIe 4 will be literally useless for gaming for the next five years at least. If you apply the "just wait for X" mentality in the PC market you'll never buy anything, because there's always better stuff coming out. With B450 now having an upgrade path to Ryzen 4000, there's literaly no reason not to buy it.

>>508954990get a 2070 super instead of the 2060.

>>508960653>1660>1440p 144Hz monitor

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>>508960071Buddy, no one is telling him to worry we're telling him he could get a newer CPU for THE SAME PRICEHard to believe I know but if you order on newgg the difference is $

>>508960874Six years without paying for PS+ alone will pay for that GPU. Kys retarded console cuck.

>>5089549902/10too expensive for mid range build,

>>508960653you don't really need that CPU cooler, stock is fine1660 is bad value, get Super or Ti (if you can find it at a price similar to Super)get an SSDthat case is kind of old but whatever

>>508960826>b550 is going to be in limited supply and overpriced>source: my ass

>>508960943>Getting 2070 Super this close to new generation cardsI mean, it is a great card that can handle everything at 1080p/1440p, even RDR2 works great on high. But getting a midrange with upgrading down the line is also a valid option.

>>508961216new boards are always a pain in the ass to get on release and chinese bat AIDS certainly isn't going to help that

>>508961068Now explain to OP, whose obviously a normie that doesn't know shit about computers, how to update his 400 series mobo to work with a 3000 series CPU. Maybe be should spend double or triple MSRP for a 500 series mobo right now as they're be being price scalped

>>508954990>turn someone away from consoles forever. I too was naive like you once.

>>508960940even if it's 5 years (more like 3 imo), you will still get plenty of life out of that mobo.

>>508961392Just press the Add to cart button smoothbrain

>>508961157>>508960653No don't get a 1660ti, get either 2060 ko ultra or a Sapphire pulse 5600xt. Both beat the 1660 in price and performance

>>508961093The power that black hole draws in a year will be worth 20 years of PS+ which includes free games, cloud storage and other perks.THat GPU will be unable to run anything in a year max and you'll need to buy a new 500 buck gpu to extend your decaying shitpiles lifespan by another year

>>508961440Most 400 series motherboards already work with Zen 2 out of the box. My Tomahawk Max did, at the very least.

>>508958129>This graphThis has to be a fucking joke.

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>just buy b450 bro

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>>508961773That's what the whole "max" lineup is intended for: out of the box compatibility with newer gen CPUs. The majority -- no -- nearly ALL don't have support for other gens natively out of the box

>>508954990if you're gonna go poorfag on the cpu you might as well grab a 1600af when prices on them normalizei actually picked up a 3600 for that same price, getting a 2600 would be a bad call OP.

>>508958624>all that free shippinga smart user who liked to save money

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>>508961963I see, I didn't know that.

>>508960936Whats wrong with Micro center user?

>>508961976>1600af when prices on them normalizethey're just selling off the remaining stock, prices will not normalize


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>>508961880>But muh OC capabilities

>>508962126You can't suck its cock

>>508961918wow look at all that stuff that almost nobody actually needs

>>508962257ok coomer

I bought a prebuilt with an AMD 2600 and a GTX 1660 for $750 called a Skytech Blaze 2

>>508962321>"hey here's a new budget chipset with a bunch of new connectivity">"nah"

>>508961251But it's literally at the end of it's lifecycle. I have the 1060 and i know once consoles come out I'm upgrading to a 3060 or 3070.

>>508954990>no PS5 SSDwhy even build a PC at this time. The PS5 SSD will come exclusive to the Epic store in 1 year. I know. My dad is Tim Sweeney

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>>508962565That's exactly what I meant.

Which cpu is best for having 100 tabs of chrome open?

>>508962559why should I upgrade from B450 when I don't do anything that requires PCIe 4.0 or any of that new shit on there for that matter

>>508962321Spoken like a true consolefag.

>>508962565>When consoles come out with 1070 tier GPU, I will upgrade still relevant GPUYou are what we call in the bizz, a moron.

>>508962469>500gb ssd only>Cheap ass power supply >A320m asrock motherboardAnon you couldve done so much better

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>>508962103>>508954990Speaking of the "max" line, here's a b450 for cheap that supports Zen 3000 out of the box. OP get the 3600 and this mobo from newegg

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>>508962845have you ever heard of futureproofing you absolute dunce? or do you think you know better than a bunch of publicly traded tech companies what technologies will be used in the coming years? do you also still use USB 1.0 drives because you don't *need* faster storage? they are serving you PCIe 4.0 on a silver platter when even the new Intel chipset doesn't support it.

>>508963239It's an matx board (as opposed to standard atx which it is smaller than, and mini itx, which it's bigger than). It'll fit in any atx case but it'd be a nice fit if you got a designated matx case like the NZXT H400 or whatever it's called

>>508963269>have you ever heard of futureproofing?>shills a board for a dead socket that's getting replaced for DDR5 next year

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>>508963225I realize I would've gotten a couple better parts if I picked them myself. I still have 300 GB left but I'm hoping the power supply holds out. I mainly play indie games and fighting games so I don't need too much from a computer.

>>508963701difference in matx and standard atx other than size is single PCIe connector. It doesn't matter if case is big, what matters is quality of the product.

>>508954990>R5 2600No, get a 3600 or wait for the 4k series at the end of this year.>ASUS b450Just get an MSI tomahawk. Stop falling for asus marketing, their shit is over priced and under performs.>2060 memeI mean....the gpu market kinda sucks dick right now unless you're willing to spend more money than you're going to get performance for. AMD's gpus have driver issues, and Nvidia cards are overpriced as fuck. Pick your poison.>That fucking caseShit airflow, it just looks nice. >RGB ramKindergarten called, they want their pretty lights back user.

>buy a Ryzen 5 3600>have to buy a GTX 1080ti or equivalent because anything under will cause a bottleneck

>>508963974If you're going to wait for DDR5 then you shouldn't be buying a PC right now at all so your big brain advice is completely irrelevant to any discussion about current new builds.

>>508955370More IPC2600's IPC is NOT good for 144hz+ gaming

>>508956736>while being almost the same price No it's not you fucking liar.

>>508958192Remember that "barely better" to an AMDfag is being 20% better. And if you say that you'll get a bunch of cherry-picked benchmarks of shit like encoding a mp3 or whatever that have nothing to do with gaming.Even being on the rocks as Intel is right now, they can still easily stay ahead of AMD's failwagon.

>>508964329Provide literally 1 (ONE) example where PCIe 4 is going to be useful in VIDEO GAMES for the next couple years.

>>508964836>Inb4 render engine bottlenecked gaymen benchmarksIn real life we bottleneck GPU, and in that scenario there is about 2-3% difference in CPUs.

>>508954990I'd send you to /g/pcbg but I don't want you there

>>508961880Nah, a 100USD CPU literally zoinks these overpriced shits out of existence in gaming

>>508964871What the fuck do I know? Consoles are actually gonna get fast SSD, making fast storage actually useful on PC. I donct know when but it doesn't matter. The point is, with everything else being equal, why wouldn't you go for the newer more advanced thing? And it's a PC, not a console, it allows you to do more than just play games and you never know when such a thing may become useful.

>>50896521090% of builds in those threads are worse than what OP posted

>>508954990a regular 2060 will do for 1080p at high framerates, you can use that money for more storage

>>508964871The Sony defense force will come in and insist PCIe 4.0 is the most important factor in vidya performance.The price though is being stuck with an AMD board since Intel is dragging its feet, so you have a top of the line SSD but a "value" CPU. Since PCIe 4.0 drives are about 2x as expensive as regular NVMe drives, just buy two and put them in RAID 0. Problem solved.

>>508954990Make sure that monitor has black frame insertion, you cuck.Either go with a R3600 OR get a dirt cheap R1500/1600 for right now and get a Ryzen 4700 when they come out.Because of Ryzen 4000 and nextgen console' requirement asking for PCI gen 4 NVME SSD, I heavily recommend you go with the more expensive X570 motherboards instead. You SHOULD also go directly for an NVME PCI 4 SSD too, this way you'll be nextgen ready as far as storage speed go.Get faster ram, get a case with better cooling because Nvidia cards perform better the more cool they are.

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>>508965390>fast SSDWho gives a fuck? We have had PS4s 5,5 GB/s for a long time, we don't recommend people buy them for gaming because it bears no benefits over standard 3.5GB/s NVMe

>>508965093In real life I play Dwarf Fortress, Factorio, Minecraft, and Kerbal. CPU is the bottleneck, and it's a big difference.

>>508964871it's literally only useful right now if you have 10 gig LAN which almost nobody does, I don't see how the bandwidth will ever be useful in gaming. I don't remember who did it but there was a video where someone was testing PCIe 4 over 10G LAN and he ended up getting fucking bottlenecked by the server he was downloading fromIt's completely pointless for everyday consumers

>>508958192it also draws 250w almost as much as a ps5/series X on it's own lmao

>>508965686The strobing at 2x brightness fries my eyes and also prevents using gsync. It's an interesting technology but not really usable.

>>508954990get an i9 9900k u pleb. best processor on the market

>>5089657572700 wont bottleneck any of this games, this mean no Ryzen CPU will.

is there any downside to just outright buying one of the build guides they have on there?

>>508954990It's fine for budget but you're going to regret it if you want to upgrade in a few years

>>508965908You don't need it for 10Gbit LAN. We've had that for a very long time.

It's a terrible time to build a pc right now. Next year you will have>Zen3>DDR5 ram>PCIE 5.0>New slew of gpus instead of 2+ year old ones.

>>508966273Everything bottlenecks those games and always will as how much I can do depends on how fast my CPU is. If you're an engineering game autist, there's no AMD CPU that is acceptable. Maybe with Zen 3.

>>508961157I got the specific 1660 because it had a higher clock speed than others? Also by a ti or super you mean the same card but the upgraded versions? What do I need a SSD for? A friend told me to get one for some apps just to load some stuff up faster. Should I get a better case? And what is a stock cpu cooler?>>508961651Both of those have lower clock speeds and are more expensive is pcpartpicker just not giving the full picture or something? Weird

I usually wait for the next flagship "Ti" from jewvidia and build a system around that with whatever's good at the moment. Skipped the RTX 2080 Ti as it was a scam, will build on the 3xxx cards.

>>508965390>moving all the goalposts>but one day it might!The point of futureproofing is getting tech that's becoming mainstream and is going to be useful to consumers. By the time faster SSDs get to that point we'll have DDR5, 5nm processors and whatever other new thing that makes your B550 worthless. It's like these idiots screaming "GET THIS CHEAPO QLC NVME DRIVE BRO WORTH IT" when it's literally worse than a TLC SATA drive, but you know FUTUREPROOF...

>>508963239can confirm this mobo "just works" for anyone curious.just built it with a 3600 the other day.RAM oc / XMP was literally one click on the main menu of the BIOS

>>508966506And next year you'll be waiting for some other meme technology like a fucking retard. Just build whenever you need to build. Every "technological breakthrough" so far has been a lie.

>>508966809will the 20XX cards drop in price when the 30XX cards come out? i'm banking on that because i don't want to spend over $300 on a card and when those cards drop maybe the price of 1080 Ti will further too.

>>508954990Don't get a 2600, get a 3600 since it's significantly ahead in performance (not sure if your mobo supports it out of the box, might need a BIOS update since B450 is an older generation). Also don't get a SATA SSD, just go for NVMe since it's much faster and basically costs the same. Even a very well regarded 970 Evo is like $100 and you can find even cheaper options. There's no point in paying that much for SATA, it has literally no advantage over NVMe.Also as a general note, Ryzen 4000 and new graphics cards from both NVIDIA and AMD are expected to come out later this year. Ryzen 4000 is expected to be a decent performance boost, as are the new graphics cards. If you can wait (for a few months) it might be worth it, though that being said if you buy a system with the suggested changes I don't think you'd regret it either.

>>508967480Dunno, they've been weird about the whole RTX line.>i don't want to spend over $300 on a cardI really don't like going that low on video cards as then they tend not to last very long. If you go low enough they're basically a scam where you're paying $200 for something that is already too slow to use.

Why the fuck would anyone build a PC now when everything new is LITERALLY about to come out?

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>waitfagsis there anything worse

>>508967470>other meme technologyuh no? PCIE 3.0 has been the standard for almost a decade and 5.0 is coming next year which will come in handy as consoles use the already end of life 4.0 for their meme SSD's. DDR4 is also a really old standard as old as current consoles are and we're finally moving on to DDR5.


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>>508959387They'll also have much less API and driver overhead, buying a CPU which is literally going to be slower than what consoles have is almost certainly going to give you a bad time in whatever games actually end up being CPU heavy.

>>508967916>everything new is LITERALLY about to come outEverything new is LITERALLY coming out every year.

>>508966506I wouldn’t wait for ddr5, but definitely GPUs if you have a computer that can still play games right now. They’re only going to be a few months away, you’ll basically see current top of the line performance get a 40-50% price cut, and of course if your a performance hoe you can get the new top of the line stuff that isn’t available.