I just refunded my copy of Terraria over this shit. Why should placing a "wrong" torch affect my "luck" in terraria?

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>I just refunded my copy of Terrariano you didnt

>Still being able to refund Terraria Fuck off bandwagoner newfag

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>buy game 9 years late>pretend to care about some stupid shit after playing the game less than 2 hours

Besides decorations, who uses torches when you have floating lightbulbs?

why do people care about this?

>>508954606Because we don't want to suffer the consequences of a single developers advanced autism.

>>508953536>change game to trigger normies who don't care where they place torchesabsolutely based

>>508954606being forced to play a "creative" game in a certain way is the worst attitude for a developer to have, especially when they say its the FINAL update

>>508954915nobody forces you to use torches you rabbit fucker. it's the damn starting tier light thing. everyone ditches it the second they can and only use it as decorations in their homes

>>508955659I use torches religiously to mark where I have been

As someone who has never played this game (but has played Minecraft), could someone please explain this situation to me? I've seen it mentioned a few times now.

>>508953026>>508953536Aight whats the deal now? Can't use torches for housing or what?

>>508953536Why autistic people are human rights?

>>508956116Regular Torches have an effective negative 20% impact in your drops. Bootlicker's will day "muh 42 tiles" but won't be able to retort when you explain to them pretty much everyone used torches religiously since provide light, and you would want to see what you're doing.

>>508956094>autistic dev creates hidden mechanics which affect drop rates in grindy games>it's fucking torches>put wrong type of torch down in certain biomes and it affects this mechanicIt affects ever so slightly, but it's rather autistic move to even introduce said mechanic. It's also really badly implemented and the dev is shithead about it. Basically.


>>508956116Using regular torches now decreases drop rates by 5% if you place them in a desert, corruption/crimson, or hallow biome, or by 10% if you use them in a snow biome.So i.e. if you're farminf souls witha a 20% drop rate, they now only have a 19% drop rate.This was implemented because one of the devs is super autistic about using the "right torches" for every biome.If you do however use the biome specific torches, you actually get increased drop rates, which can further be raised by other items and potions, up to a point of doubling your drop rate, though of course everyone likes to ignore that part of the mechanic.This is all referred to as the luck buff.

>>508956529The biome torches are ugly, so why would the do this if they can't even make the other torches look good?

>>508956529>though of course everyone likes to ignore that part of the mechanic.Because the negative part is so obviously bizarre and strange.

>>508956474>>508956529Damn that sounds dumb. I didn't even know there were other legitimate light sources to use when exploring. I just thought they were all for making your house more pretty.

>>508953536This is so retarded, why not just make that wrong torches give very litte light in biomes?

>>508956485>>508956529Wow, what an obviously horrible mechanic. Why did they feel the need to add this to a beloved game nine years later?

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>20%My sides, more like 0'4%.

>>508956762>>508956831The negatives are dumb, and so is the reasoning, but once you know about it,(this is also a point of contemption, the game doesn't tell you about this mechanic)you can easily work around it and use it to your benefit.

ALright that's prety based. I might have to think about picking this game up now. FUcking retarded normalfags>NOOOOOO MY BASIC BITCH TORCHES>WHY AM I FORCED TO USE THEMED TORCHES

So is this game good now or something?

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>>508957210Some user already made a mod to remove the torch thing.

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If putting torches wrong leaves the drop rates as they normally were pre 1.4, there would be no problem.

>>508957362Hi redgit

>>508957362>have tons of ice and snow>have tons of torches>people preffer trowing the ice and snow instead of making biome torches

>>508956831You seem to believe autistic people think rationally. They're simply screeching idiots who flail and lash out until things are 100% perfect for their trigger conditions to subside.

>>508957362>pretends to not be bootlicker

>>508957210It's not about being exploitative or hard to avoid. This whole debacle is because it's obnoxious mechanic, introduced by an autistic asshat who's hellbent on forcing players to play and create "nice things" in his lego simulator. Another case is neighbor system, that's stupid as fuck as well, same deal.

>>508957502No he didn't.The modloader hasn't even updated yet.I've only seen some guy ramble about how he would like the luck removal mod to only remove the bad luck.

>>508957472It was never that good. It is great way to kill time if you play friends. But you have to be autistic to play it alone.

>>508953536Why punish for using wrong torches and not just reward for using the right ones?

>>508953026>Refunded Terrarianormalfag

>>508957784Well I guess I'm not installing it then, I don't have anyone to play it with.

>>508953536Is this why it's recalculated per frame, rather than on an event basis (Placing a torch, death of an NPC, death of a ladybug(???))?Such terrible coding standard.

>>508957782>he hasn't been on /vg/Never used modloader.

>>508956831Because for some stupid reason they felt like everything was too easy, when in reality people came up with all these ways to cheese the game was because it was already stupidly grindy, the biome keys are already a 1/2500 drop, there's a metric ton of crap already in the game and they added over 1000 new items so chest storage is an even worse nightmare, Master Mode is a headache, and Tmod won't be ready for maybe another month, so grind mitigation isn't really an option.Worse Cenx was ACTIVELY modifying the game when the prerelease streamers were finding nice ways to advance pass the bullshit.AND THEY STILL HAVEN'T FIXED THE CORRUPTION SPAWNING IN THE JUNGLE/SNOW BIOMES OR EVEN LESS THAN 100 BLOCKS FROM SPAWN

>>508953026If torches were like this from the start you all would've eaten it up and then complained if they ever changed it to a single torch calling it a casual oversimplification.

>slightly less drop rate and damage when not using the right torches in a biomewho fucking caresliterally the only time that would matter would be when fighting bosses, which you would likely be setting up an arena for anyway with min/max blocks

>>508953026No you fucking didn't you lying faggot.

>>508958059And your point is...

>>508957929I only picked it up since I haven't played anything with few friends of mine, and they wanted to try terraria. I am not sure why I played it so much with the other friends back in the day, and I even quit few years ago pretty fast when trying to play with yet another friends.Well, I only paid like 2€ for the game.

fuck this autistic asshole so much holy shit, i was so excited for 1.4 then i play it and im barely encountering anything new then i beat wof and the stripe of corruption that spawned wiped out SEVEN of my fucking npc houses because i can't have a comfy commieblock anymore and then i find out the torches i've been plastering everywhere have raped my luck stat, and the only place i used biome-specific torches was at my home base because i wanted it to look fancy but no now i'm getting penalized for sprucing the one place i care about up and penalized for being efficient everywhere else by using the torches with the neutral lighting, hope this faggot diarrheas in his pants

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>>508958201Complainers being hypocrites.

>>508958080>he doesn't just kill bosses on top of his retarded commie block houseCasual.

>Make easter egg world>Can bypass killing skeletron for bones and and kill skeles for a tally counter.

>Be Red>Make decision for your own game>Idiots throw a shitfit about itI don't mind the mechanic at all. At least I have respect for Red. It's pretty entitled to act like this is some kind of huge insult.

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>>508957696I'd say it's more trying to push people into the way he wants them to play and or build, rather than straight up forcing it.Since these mechanics don't restrict anything pre existing, they just make these old methods less effective, you can still use them if you want.I do kinda like the neighbour mechanic, since it actually got me to try building something nice for once, and it feels good to return to a base that isn't just a big block of wood.

>>508957951Ok, you got me there.Haven't been there, atleast not for Terraria.

>>508953536>needing special torches for different biomeswhy is this so autistic

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>>508957929Don't listen to that retard. It's a great game solo.

>>508953026>>508953536>>508954765>>508954915>>508955883>>508956391>>508956474>>508956485>>508956520>>508956529Stop posting about this subject, you literally have no idea what you're on about. Holy shit.

Now I have a strange urge to play CataclysmDDA.

Devil's advocate here, does this new mechanic sound ok if>oversaturated torch glow toned down>torches have separate inventory slots (like ammo & coins)>shift shortcut picks the torch appropriate for each biomeor just make an optional mechanic toggle/ok with a mod just removing it outright

>>508953026>TORCHGATEIf it's this easy to piss off retards then the devs must be basedIt's not even a cubeworld-tier change you fucking tourist. Go back to where you belong.

>>508953536absolutely based

>use the right torch because reasonsthe fuck makes a torch the right torchthis shit makes me glad I played enough of this trash years ago

>>508958232anon chill, it's only 5%

>>508958443>muh game devs can't do wrong>respect for red>you are entitledI have seen you posting a lot.

>>508958780or literally just remove the negative and keep the biome torch buff


>>508958780Nah, the morons in this thread are reactionaries who hate change. The sort of bigoted rhetoric you see here is common all throughout 4chan. You won't get reasonable replies.

>>508958725>randomly attacks people for not liking somethingAre you okay?

>>508958232> comfy> commieblock

>>508958725I thought my summary of the mechanic is decently informative.

>>508956772they're retards, if you put normal torches in a forest biome it doesn't do shit to you and vice versa. It's only if you put a torch in, say, an ice biome or desert biomeRetards are just seething because the dev is autistic about torch placement, and blow it put of proportion that they equate it to Cubeworld's launch

>>508958870When there are 3 threads up about it and I post once in each thread.... Are you saying that's not allowed?You've clearly been posting in all the threads too then if you're noticing. Sounds to me like the pot calling the kettle black.

>>508958956>bigoted rhetoricReal people don't speak like this.

>>508958956~30 words in that reply, and nothing was said. Congrats

>>508959140I just have good nose for faggots, couldn't ignore it after so many times.Cute cope tho.

>>508957951What should you use then, /vg/fag?

>>508953536I mean, it's clear someone has his discord. Why not just tell him how much it blows directly?

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>>508959004>randomly attacks developer for not liking somethingare you?>>508959043it was, i shouldn't have included you (if you were the last reply i made). apologies.

>>508953026Omg... guys its tortanic all over again... get reddit here asap we must rise up! Gamergate lives again!!!

>>508958232I thought houses had protection against corruption?

>>508956474>torches have a 20% impact inBut thats wrong you fucking ape, torches have a 5% impact. 20% is only achievable with the absolute worst luck you can get in the game which requires using a normal torch in the tundra after massacring all your NPCs and stepping on a ladybug

>>508959264Beats me. :)

>>508959141By "real people" do you mean hicks?>>508959239Okay then.

>>508959252How can you smell with all that cum up your nose?

>>508959295When have I attacked him?Of course you can't point that out, because I haven't.

>>508959268He's too much of a Chad to let whiny manchildren affect his views on his game

>>508959252What cope? Do you know what that word means?

>>508959268Because Red already responded by saying the negatives and positives of it are so negligible that he was surprised anyone cared

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>>508959418>I am very smartUff.>>508959473How old were you again?

>>508959497Ok, guess ableist slurs aren't attacks now. If someone confirms to you that they do live alongside a disability, and gives you permission to talk about it, that's different.

>I just refunded my copy of Terraria over this shit.>Why should placing a "wrong" torch affect my "luck" in terraria?

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>>508957472>worse Minecraft>goodno lol

>>508958725Then explain it to us. I doubt you can though. Mass reply faggots can NEVER back up a claim.

>>508959531Yes, but you don't.

>>508959618*laughs in 200k players and millions of copies sold*

>>508958059AbsolutelyBut this is a mechanic added to a 9 year old game, that affects the most basic action in the game. And was added, not with intention of game improvement, but because the dev had a peculiar attack of autismAt least the Happiness mechanic makes you do more houses, instead of usual commieblocks, that's kinda fun...but this is retarded

>>508959627>>I am very smartWho are you quoting?

>>508959539How out of touch with his playerbase can he be? Imagine being so autistic that you don't realize your game attracts similar people.


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>>508959691>ableistReal people don't speak like this.>>508959840Based on what?

So i could just pick up ice and make ice torches to replace the regular ones to fix my luck, right?

>>508953026The closest torch to you is the only one that matters. Get to where you want to farm, slap down one proper torch near you and it IMPROVES your luck. The only people who really give a shit are minmaxing faggots.

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>>508959784Wow, must be a big class

>>508959792not really, you're not gonna fucking notice the effects anyway, and even if you're gonna farm a rod of discord anyway it's not gonna be hard or much effort to set up a farm the benefits from the luck

>>508959891You need to be 18 to post here.

>>508959861Because he's an idiot and didn't expect people to blindly believe everything they're told about the system. People unironically believe that it checks the whole map and having even a single torch out of place on the entire map halves your drop rate because some shitposter said so

You have to be extremely autistic to play on anything other than Journey Mode.

>>508959916>Real people don't speak like this.By "real people" do you mean hicks?

>>508960121I just hope no one plays this alone.

To the retard in the last thread who said adding 55% and 15% equals 63.3% (i know you're here faggot). Ahem, kill yourself.

>>508960121Can we not? It's people like you who are casualizing video games and ruining them for everyone.

>>508959618No matter what your subjective tastes are you must admit Terraria is, objectively, not a shitty game.

I need a tldr on this torch shit.

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>>508957881They do both you little cunt.

>>508960147>I am very smart

>>508960335if you place normal torches your droprates and damage get reduced by 40%

>>508960293>says the guy playing terrariaboth of you can fuck right off out of my hobby

>>508960335Autistic developer decides to punish players if they don't use the correct color torch in the correct location.

>>508960147yes hicks, the other 90% of the world that doesn't live in an american metropolitan suburb

>>508956529What a fucking idiots. If they made them provide more light in correct biome, everybody would be ok with that.

>>508960293Terraria is extremely casual game even on master.>>508960335Dev gets autistic fit for people using torches to light up places.Makes stupid mechanic.Doesn't affect much, but is still wasted time on development.

>>508960476how are you even supposed to start getting gear?

>>508959054you shouldn't force people to use the other shitty torches by fucking up the drop rates you fucking faggot. especially when you need torches to see in the dark. nobody is gonna start crafting the ice torch and tiki torches outside of decoration. kill yourself boot licker

>>508960335>place bad torch>drop rate drastic go down>place good torch>drop rate go up bigly


>>508959618That'd be Minecraft

>>508960335if you play a dozen torches in once place you get -200000000 luck and everytime you kill a monster you get -coins

>>508960239Increasing 55% by 15% means adding 15% of 55% to 55%, i.e. 55% + 0.15 * 55%, i.e. (1 + 0.15) * 55%, i.e. 1.15 * 55%, i.e. 63.25%.

>>508955659your comprehension is laughable

>>508960495But his autism doesn't get scratched by that.

>>508959921What's the max distance?

>>508960595so... can you use any light? how do you even start going into your first caves?

>>508960096Rumourrmill shit is irrelevant. Changing a beloved game for particularly petty reasoning is the issue is the reason for the backlash.

>> the wiki. It's what the autist wants. I even linked you directly to the section, explains why anons/fans are pissing their assholes out.

>>508960335People sperging out over basically nothing. If you place biome specific torches in the right biomes (snow, evil, desert, jungle) you get 50% more drops, if you use normal torches you get 20% less.It literally never matters since most loot comes in chests and most drops you farm for isn't in the affected biomes at all.

>>508960335Use biome torches instead of regular ones in their biomes or suffer a terrifying -5% to various chance based percentages, like drop rate i.e.

>>508960476>>508960485>>508960528>>508960559>>508960595All either blatantly wrong or intentionally spreading misinformation

>>508960684You don't mine anymore. By making the bedrock too weak to sustain your house, you get unhappiness and badluck debuffs.

>>508958956Maybe don't use those terms if you don't know what they mean, fella. I know it makes you feel all smart and warm inside to use big words and call people hicks, but try not to let your inner idiot show next time for greater effect.People have made very good points about the torch system being poorly implemented, like it being a secret mechanic in game.You, coming in here and writing a post that says not only that everyone is wrong because they're "bigoted" but to actively avoid them and not tolerate them EVEN THOUGH they are making good points, is literally bigoted rhetoric.It's a statement made to persuade people to not tolerate people that you simply disagree with, which is the literal definition of "bigoted rhetoric." Take that shit and fuck off with it, you're a nonce.Btw you see how I laid out why you were wrong? That's the difference between criticism and bigotry, just fyi cause you don't understand the words.

>>508960684no the game literally steals your credit card and closes itself

>>508956529but.... why?

>>508960615adding 55% and 15% isn't "increasing x by y%" you fucking mongoloid.

>>508959983>you're not gonna fucking notice the effects anywayI hope so. I have been playing for 20 hours I think, and with the drops I've been getting, I would consider myself lucky.I'm still gonna use the torches I fucking want, but you can deny that the mechanic is stupid, none the less.

>>508960342Normal people use normal language.>>508960476False.>>508960541He's lying to you. The difference is like 5%. It's nothing. The lower the drop rate of something, the less it's affected. Something with a 2% drop rate goes down to 1.9%, and that's only while you're really close to the bad torch.

>>508960720Holy fuck dude you get that sand out of your fucking vagina you insufferable whiny bitch.

>>508960335>lead dev has a tism fit because people use the "wrong" torches in the "wrong" biome>introduces a luck stat based around torches, ladybugs, garden gnomes, homicide, and potions>using the wrong torch in the wrong biome now the probability of a given drop by ~5% (ie a 1% drop becomes a .95% drop)>but having a garden gnome, a luck potion, a ladybug and a biome appropriate torch doubles the probability of a given drop(a 10% drop becomes a 20%)

>>508960745For all I care it only affects 0,00001%, it is still wasted time for some autist to feel good.>>508960787Wrong. You literally said this yourself on the other thread.

>>508960745So, in regular caves, marble caves, "normal" forest/lake areas, you can still use regular torches?

>>508958725Sup redigit

>>508953026everyone look at that autist lmao

>>508960684you go in blind user, until you hit lava then you set yourself on fire to see

>>508958780Fuck no the mechanic is just trashThink of a better creative way to implement luck other than making it a fucking chore. Here's an idea:>New accessory called (whatever generic luck object you want it to be)>Gives 50% higher drop rates >If the player gets hit too many times during a certain period, reduce the drop rate by 100%And make it a drop/obtainable via something that is currently underused. I mean, I only did the Christmas event once, so maybe add that shit as a drop just to motivate people to do that event. Also, the negative effect makes it so that you might no want to hold the item the entire fucking timeIt's not a chore, it straight up explains what's happening to the player and it's technically not a free bonus since you lose an accesory slot and you might end up getting the effect lowered.Same with the happiness mechanic, that shit is absolutely fucking worthless because building a speedrun tier commieblock makes NPCs just as happy as making a grand mansion fully furnished.pic unrelated

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>>508960495It's just supposed to be a subtle little punishment for disrespecting his autism, that's why the actual debuff is so miniscule.He did tell people when confronted about it to not worry too much about the min maxing and just have fun.

>>508956529I would understand if you're using torches that don't look good in a house, to encourage you to build proper light sources to decorate with.But being punished for using a light source that's not appropriate for certain underground biomes is a tad absurd.

>>508960909Normal people aren't SJWs.

>>508960975Yes. Anywhere else, the dungeon, hell, the sky, anywhere on the surface it doesn't fucking matter. Less than 20% of the map is affected at all, and the places that are affected drop the torches you need so you naturally end up having them there anyway.

>>508953536>got an easy way to raise drop rates because Red has crippling OCDBased


>Holla Forums mad>reddit mad>devs of the game mad>steam forums mad>everyone's mad

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>>508960915I'm not even upset, I'm explaining why people are upset. You seem really upset though.

>>508960787first day on champ?

The drop percentage shit is negligible.However, I'm pretty sure Luck is responsible for the fact that Multiplayer is unplayable due to the frame-skipping lag.

>>508960972Nobody gives a shit what you care about you spastic mongoloid, get the fuck out.

>>508959345NPCs wont move in if corruption is too high near the house you want them to live in.

>>508961158AUTISM FIGHT

>>508953026why did you scale that shit with non nearest neighbor interpolation

>>508961095Can't justify the reason.I can only say it's easy enough to work around once you know how it works.

>>508960920>using the wrong torch in the wrong biome now the probability of a given drop by ~5% (ie a 1% drop becomes a .95% drop)There's a full page on this shit and people are still spreading misinformation.I'm not surprised, you idiots just want something to be mad about regardless of what it is, but you can do it better.

>>508961158I love it.

>>508961195>drop percentage is negligibleUntil you take advantage of Luck and double your drop rate of course, then its amazing

>>508961074Pic is unironically the only correct way to play

>>508953026>refunding a game you probably had hundreds of hours inYeah I bet they allowed that.

>all these apologists siting the drop rate buffsthat's not good either you tards, torches should not have an effect on droprate period

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>>508961074>It's a chore>You literally just need a single proper torch near your farm and only in 4 biomes at mostWOW WHAT A CHORE OMGOGMOGM

>>508960834No, it isn't, but Terraria doesn't add 55% to 15%. It increases the drop rate by the luck percentage.

>>508961158his reckless faggotry has united us all

>>508961294Are you gonna point out what he got wrong, or do you just assume everyone knows already?

>>508961158I'm with you, I absolutely love this kind of shit.

>>508961235Ableist rhetoric by the bigoted masses. smhfamlam.

>could've gone into the history books as a legendary devs that built a legendary game that got updated 9 years long>ruins it by sperging about torchesRed really stained his legacy

>>508961378Why not? Oh right you're just bandwagon sperging, carry on then.

>>508961378Why? because it's new?

>>508959739literally minecraft but an actual game

>>508961435He just keeps saying the same shit, even if someone posted a screenshot from the wiki.Probably has worse autism than the dev.

>>508961446>Buzzwords buzzwords buzzwordsSee, this is why no one cares about you.

>>508961098Oh, so using words more than 2 syllables in length is a symptom of being a social justice "warrior." Yeah.>>508960808This post makes me vomit in my mouth. Lord. It never lands with you people, does it?

>>508959878>giving redigit a 9 inch cockreally makes you think...

>>508957014If you can't do math then don't fucking post

>>508961502Why should it? Or are you just bandwagon

>>508961502>>508961540>let's add a massive buff tied to items easily obtainable

>>508961446You seem really bigoted against colloquial speech.

>>508961482More like>Great game with tons of content gets an update that adds so much more>People are too busy sperging about over something that affects less than 1% of their drops and now it's "ruined" thingsReally picked the sensible side there user.

>>508961618>using SJW lingo that has no real meaning to attack the person instead the argument>thinks he is smart and not the hick he so much fearsIt is pottery, really.

>>508961610He was imitating me, which you clearly didn't get. Just proof that you people who use ableist language are idiots.

>>508961597You still didn't point out what's actually wrong with his statement.

>>508961618Nice bigoted rhetoric reply pal

>>508957362Basic torches are amazing cause you only need wood and gel and that's always inside my inventory

>>508961695>Why should itBecause the devs wanted it to and having a mechanic around luck is nothing unusual.The fuck are you bitching about dude?

>>508961417oh, the example percents are from the last thread. a guy said>bro i scored a 55% i was only 15% away from a B bro just pass medon't know the context, but some sperg had to come in and>UMMM AKSHUALLYand yada yada thread archived and here we are

>>508961749>heI'm not a "he."

>All Terraria threads nowadays are just going to be torchluck shitflinging

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>>508961764>desperately looks up my postsI hope you don't lose your sleep though!>>508961798No, I mean the guy complaining. Little reading comprehension, please.

threadly reminder that checking luck each frame is retarded

>>508961831Ok, but turning those into biome torches requires only the respective biome's stone, which you'll also have when you're tunneling through it.

so why doesnt someone just make a mod that removes the mechanic, if it gets popular enough it may lead to the removal of the mechanic.

>>508961864We've had a good decade at least

>>508957472Game is better solo and clusterfuck with friends

>>508961549literally minecraft but "muh nostalgia"

>>508960556not even a boot licker you autistic spaz, yeah it's weird some Autist wants to force his fetish of torch placement down your throat by negatively impacting chance, but to say it's the end of the world is more retarded than ever, like you and your obsession over this shit

>>508961859Tits of GTFO then.Also explains why you are brainwashed.

>>508961968modloader isnt updated yet

>>508961852Yes, I was the "sperg," and my point was that the other person's test analogy made no sense in the context of the post to which it was a reply.You're making a fool of yourself.

>>508961864It'll pass, terraria is hip among the normalfags right now so everyone is baiting and pretending to be retarded for attention. First it was "muh commie blocks why do I have to make my NPCs happy???" and now they moved on to torches.

>>508961897Ah, i see.I thought you were saying he got the percentages wrong or something.

>>508953536>>508943304I understand that the penalties for housing NPCs a certain way or using the wrong torches are trivial, but it's really fucking annoying that this retard has taken it upon himself to dictate a "correct" way of building based purely on his own aesthetic preferences.If this is the direction development was taking, then I'm glad this is the final update.

>>508961909Thank god we have Wizard to tell us how lucky we are.

>>508961968>>508962031Someone already made edited exe.

>>508961864Finally something besides commieblock whinges or melee vs. ranged.

>>508961897>desperately looks up my postsumm no i'm just reading the thread? lol.


>>508961158this wouldn't be a issue if terraria wasn't so fucking grindy to the point where even a 1% reduction in the drop rate can ruin your entire world if you are going legit.

>>508961482Remember when 1.3.x was supposed to be the last version? They just wanted to keep updating and pushing new features and now they fucked up, it was bound to happen at some point >you either die a hero...

>fail test at 50% >wowwwww wtf I'm only 15% away from passing, that's not a big deal! It's unnoticeable!

Attached: where.png (644x644, 935.79K)

>>508961851>Because the devs wanted it tothat's not a good reason. They should have done it a different way.

>>508962042his analogy can be retarded all it likes 55% of a whole plus 15% of a whole is 70% not 63.25%

>>508961993literally minecraft but "good"

>>508962061u forgot the shark seethe

>>508962162Tits of GTFO.

>>508962216Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up.

>>508958956>Not me lolsure man you are always correct anonymous

>>508962240>That's not a good reasonSays who? Some anally bothered faggot on the internet? Hahah get the fuck outa here you clown.

>>508962196Fucking retard

>>508962116>reee, you should only play the way I wantlol

>>508962283>autists screeching because they couldn't skip half the progression in the game with three seconds of fishinggod that was hilarious

>>508954606Nobody cares except a few autists on Holla Forums

>>508962116I thought red was based, what the fuck happened?

>>508959618Thousands? A playthrough last no more than 30 tops.

>>508962405how so?

>>50896247630 thousand?!

>>508962241>make wrong analogy>i point out why it's wrong and what it should really be>you make some ridiculous vitriolic post in reply

>>508962405kill yourself red

>>508962450eventually every autist does something to piss off the masses

>>508962196Well, good thing they just introduced a mechanic to boost those drop rates, eh?

redpill me on torchgate

Attached: 1.jpg (1534x2048, 298.7K)

>>50896253530 hours.50 if you play it with mods.

>>508961873Luck doesn't effect every singe type of torch you know, any colored torches and ultrabrights are still free to do whatever with. Red's logic is still retarded though

>>508953026>I just refunded my copy of Terraria over this shit.proof or fuck off, nigger

>>508962487The change in drop rate is no minimal that it almost never matters

>>508956787Because that's not a punishment

>>508962441actually, i'm kind of a big deal

>>508961996this desu. Regedit is autistic, but the complaining about this has been equally or even more autistic at times

>>508962441Reddit threw a shitfit. That's who these Holla Forums posters sound like.

>>508961195Is there any fix for Multiplayer lag? I Can play just fine, but my friend teleports all over the place.

>>508962638Terraria unironically got worse by every update.

Well, I think the precedent behind this is gay as fuck, but thankfully it doesn't seem to be THAT impactful.

Attached: file.png (1024x446, 368.38K)

>>508962638Autists screeching about having to play slightly different, cause they apparently deeply care about single digit percentage changes, but not enough to take an extra 10 seconds to prevent it.

>>508962539yes? and?

>>508962643Mate, I'm 30 hours in on my master mode playthrough and I'm not even on hardmode, the fuck are you rushing through the game for?

>>508962241>plusNobody talks about percentages this way. Im sorry you never graduated highschool but percent change is never measured like that.


>>508962116Yeah, well. I don't _really_ care about the drop chance itself. It's a shitty implementation, asshole just introduced global artificial lag to the game :D it's not timely debuff check, idiot calculates luck every single frame based on f.e. fucking torches, and then update it's value. It's such a shitty system to a game like Terraria, which already lags a ton with 2-3 people server, (server with high thread perf processor, mind you) if you just force lot of block updates. Toss a few bombs down a mineshaft for example. ~10 is enough. And this asshole implements more global lag? Give me a fucking break :DDD

>>508962727Yes, one good turn deserves another.

>>508953536>2019Out of context.

All you autists spergin about torches but I am fucking pissed that you can't blow up meteorite with bombs like what the fuck now I have to slowly mine up each individual ore while getting harassed by fucking floating meatballs

>>508961873That guy's mom dies in her sleep for sure.


>>508957472the game has been good since release

>>508962353Anon it's real shitty reason. It's a dumb. Nothing about it is good. It just sounds retarded.

>>508962353>game devs can never make missteps with their games always support developersneck yourself shill

>>508962770>devs read redditOh no terraria bros, we got too cocky. It is reddit game!

>>508962880Nah, that's not how this works.

>>508962770It isn't that impactful. nu-Holla Forums and reddit are thirsty for a TORtanic so they'll find any reason to shit up a thread.Imagine getting filtered by 21 pixels

Why not let biome torches only be a positive buff in their correct biome? Make it an incentive to go the extra mile, not a punishment.

>>508962061In order, the outrages have been:>Commie blocks>master difficulty not being the hardest, journey allowing master difficulty with more spawns, masterfags cucked out of playing the hardest mode>the fishing nerf>graveyards and ghosts>meteorites not being explodable any more even though this means being able to skip even more progressionNow we've entered the torch subsection, and so far we've had:>torches impact on the game too much, if you place one in the snow biome it curses your entire world into bad luckthen people noticed the thing on the wiki where it only has a tiny tiny radius, so it changed to:>the impact on drop rates is too muchthat got dropped pretty quickly for being retarded, and now more people have actually read the wiki article for the mechanic they're whining about, so we're seeing the rise of>checking this variable every frame is too much, a 60hz check is excessive on a modern PC which can do literally millions of such checks per secondi can't wait to see what we get next, it's almost like fags just want to whine regardless

>>508962638Red killed Tiy with a torch for stealing his sprites

>>508961435>or do just assume everyone looked up the page with information about the thing they heardYeah my bad, I shouldn't assume people actually care to know about things that concern them this much.>using the wrong torch reduces your torch score>using the right torch increases your torch score>using a basic torch does nothing everywhere but evil biomes, desert, ice, and hallow>if positive score ≥ 1, overall luck gets +0.2, giving you a 20% chance to double the drop chance of items>if 0 < positive score < 1, overall luck gets +0.1, giving a 10% chance>if 0 < negative score < 1, overall luck gets -0.1, giving a 10% chance to halve the drop chance of items>if 1 ≤ negative score < 2, overall luck gets -0.2.>if negative score ≥ 2, overall luck gets -0.4.Pretty much every torch gives you one point if used in the right biome, and -1 point if used in the wrong one.Basic torches give -.5 of a point in the wrong biomes (except ice where it's -2) and do nothing to your score in every other biome like underground, jungle, mushroom, spider, etc.Luck doesn't add flat numbers to

Attached: 1331875074473.jpg (400x400, 21.56K)

>>508962957Was only good on release*

>>508963063because red doesnt like it and the end result is the same: use the right torches when grinding

>>508963063because red is deeply autistic

>>508962993You can keep saying that until the sun explodes mate, won't make it true.It's literally a non-issue that wouldn't have cost you half the time you spent whining about it, but here you are. Time well spent eh?

Honestly the only thing that bothers me about it is the fact it's completely hidden. If the torches were brighter/dimmer based on whether or not they were the "right" or "wrong" torches would've been a more organic method of introducing this mechanic.

>>508963107Holy shit, a guy who has actually read the wiki article.

>>508962827>hey this gear has +1% more crit>wtf why did my crit chance only go from 5% to 5.05%?sure yeah ok retard

>>508963060I think that's not fair to their concerns. The precedent and tone behind the action is super fucking strange. Having housing restrictions is another one of these examples that feel "strange" in their implementation where you are punished for not playing a certain way.Both of these features should be something you can opt to do for a benefit, and not get shafted for not doing them.If I understand correctly, commieblocking npcs makes them charge you more, and they do not sell pylons correct?

>>508963193so he fits right into Holla Forums

>>508963063You can't rationalize autism.

>>508962996Who the fuck are you talking to retard? Why the fuck did you reply to me you inbred fuck?

>>508963258He is already in this thread defending his autistic decision

>>508963054Then why didn't we have this debate a year ago?

>>508963107>just repeats what the other guy saysWaste of time.


>>508963342to give you a (you) did you not want it?

>>508956529This is why business suit hierarchies exist within bigger companies. They keep the 'tism in check.

>>508963090Underrated post


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>>508963107>>if negative score ≥ 2, overall luck gets -0.4.So that's a 40% chance for the item to drop with halved probability?This doesn't allign with the numbers their CM posted here:>>508962770

>>508963342You seem angry red, drink your cum chalice

Lads, can you stop the autism for a second? I need ideas on what kind of structure to build in my forest biome And I swear to god if anyone says "a giant torch" your mother will die in her sleep tonight

>>508957881why fucking do anything at all?

>>508963107Yeah, i just usually leave out the torch scores and shit while explaining, since, let's be real,this is only about using regular torches everywhere you go, and that usually amounts to a 5% chance decrease in the end.

>>508963258except the greatest enemy of an autist is another autist. He's autistic about torches and the autists here are autistic about being angry

How does anyone even know this is an actual thing? >>508953536 implies something but where'd people find out about this shit, exactly? Dev is autistic as fuck too. Giving just the bonus and having it be stated perhaps hidden somewhere in the world would have been better than a bonus/penalty system that goes unexplained.

>>508953026>Why should placing a "wrong" torch affect my "luck" in terraria?

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>>508963471Somewhere hidden among the anons

>>508963060I think the main thing that's unfair is the lack of communication about the hidden mechanic, especially in a game where most everything finally has ingame documentation. The most explanation you'll get is dialog from the wizard if your luck isn't zero when talking to him. I think luck is fine, but show SOMEWHERE how you can measure it. I didn't even know gnomes were lucky and just thought it was funny to petrify them and sell them for gold. Now I hold onto them.

>>508963202Same goes for you user. I just think it "sounds" dumb. I like the game but I'm sorry that I think some ideas are not good but I can truck through it. Sorry you think I'm some "sperg" but some people like it and some don't.

Attached: wellthatsjustlikeyouropinionman.jpg (450x340, 40.39K)

>make special torch that magically converts itself to the correct biomeboom, problem solved

Attached: 1559092901668.jpg (618x618, 64.42K)

>play diablo>offhand area specific common item>get 20% drop buff

Attached: 1589725933138.png (552x873, 249.19K)

>>508963582A giant torch fuck you

>>508963389There's no "debate" to have. It's just idiots shitflinging who didn't even read the patch notes.

>>508963247Correct. And it isn't strange for the devs to put parameters on creative decisions. Requiring a floor, walls, light source, chair, 'door', and table for a space to be "livable" is in line with the devs following up and saying "NPCs have preferences. Ignore them entirely an get penalized. Meet them 1/2 way and get standard prices. Meet them fully and get lowered prices+pylon"That isn't unreasonable or strange.

>>508963582A enormous version of a light source created by combining sticks with gel harvested from local aggressive wildlife.

>>508963546Guess that confirms torch bad luck caps at -0.3

>>5089627700.7 of 5 is ~15% though. If anything that seems higher than the 5% penalty people mentioned above?

>>508963546Bear in mind that a negative score greater than or equal to 2 is very large and would basically take deliberate effort to reach.If you have such a score, your luck is -.4, which gives you a 40% chance that an event will be halved in probability.So, say you kill a mob which has a 10% chance of dropping an item. There is a 60% chance it has a 10% chance to drop the item (your luck does not affect you). There is a 40% chance that the chance of the item dropping will be halved to 5%.

>>508963546The number their CM posted there corresponds to luck of 0.5, not 0.4.10% base chance: 50% chance of it being unaffected = 10%50% chance of it being halved = 5%Overall: 7.5%.

>>508963820Thank you. People are taking this minor issue and blowing it way out of proportion.

>>508964114Sorry - that should be negative 0.5 and negative 0.4, not positive. If it's positive, the same applies, but the luck would double the chance if it procs instead of halving it.

>luck?>reading the wiki?>nah bro, im playing completely blind, holy shit look at this creepy red zone!

Attached: 1582909027426.png (693x601, 246.8K)

amazing how Holla Forums can go from loving this game and Red to hating both in the span of like 3 days over a few tiny changes despite years of great free updates

Attached: 1562297851308.jpg (673x960, 104.67K)

>>508963928Notice how he mentions multiple types of bad torches?Every kind of torch increases or decreases a torch luck score, and depending on how that looks in the end you'll get a luck value added or subtracted.If you only use regular torches, you get a -0.5 penalty, which amounts to a -0.1 luck buff, aka a 10% chance to halve your chances, aka a 5% chance decrease.

>>508964271its LITERALLY just people asshurt about happiness and nerfs grasping at straws.

>>508964271Honestly, most of the people whining are just looking for a reason to whine. You only have to ask the absolute most basic questions about this mechanic and you can see that they don't understand it.

>>508953026>giving a shit about luck affecting drops when you have all the best items already from playing the game for years

Attached: no fucks given.jpg (1023x675, 159.05K)


>>508964271They hate this decision because they love the game. Love and hate are both symptoms of being affected by something.

>>508964271>Holla Forums slowly pays more and more attention to trannies and twitter>trannies and twitter always on the look for new OUTRAGE bait>Holla Forums adopts hunger for outrageadds up

>>508963649>Luck potions>Gnome statue says it brings luck>Luck status>Wizard comments on your luck>Curious people check the code and find out how it worksNot that hard mate. If you're asking why people care so much about something that hardly impacts them and that they wouldn't ever know or notice existed without reading a wiki I wouldn't know, internet outrage is hip I guess?

>>508964271Terraria is a fucking masterpiece dude, Red is still a great game developer. Don't let the autistic screeching make you think otherwise

>>508964480>NOT CLICKBAIT

Attached: 1578348052232.gif (322x166, 1015.63K)

>>508964486>they hateit isn't enough of a change to warrant a strong emotion.

>>508962664If it almost never matters, then why implement it?

>>508963710There's lots of things in Terraria that I don't quite like, but I'm not about to start writing up posts on Holla Forums specifically bitching about them as if my opinion is objectively indicative of game design quality.Suck it up princess, and stop bitching.

>>508963247They will charge more, but you'd have to deliberately put them in the biome they hate with only the people they hate to actually get a price hike. 2 commie blocks half a screen away from each other at spawn will generally keep prices as they were before, and you can just put the goblin and engineer in a cave town for his high sell prices and low reforge costs

>>508964552I was talking specifically about the torch mechanic. Not luck in general, although I didn't know the Wizard mentions it.

>>508964667You could make this argument about any minor mechanic.

>>508964642You just don't love the game as much as they do. That's not a judgement either way, mind you.

>>508956529The only thing I don't get is why they decided to implement torches as part of the mechanic. I'm reading about it now on the wiki to try and form a game plan to tackle this, and I just keep thinking it should have been anything but torches. After reading about the luck mechanic I think it's pretty neat, should help with some of those uber low drop rates.

>>508964114No, it amounts to -0.3 bad luck, which i assume is the most amount of bad luck you'll get from torches.That would mean a 30% chance to halve your chances, or an effective 15%.15% of 5% would be 0.75%, so it does make sense.

>>508963830Right, but those changes weren't prefaced with a dev saying "I hate how people use torches so I am going to punish them for how they are traditionally used".Housing requirements are logistical and make sense from a gameplay perspective to assign npcs environments that make sense/patrol inside. If anything it makes the game easier to design around.Torch implementation in it's current state is arbitrary and does not allign with any other design philosophy they have demonstrated until now. I am willing to give a pass on npc towns/happiness but it still feels like it is treading a fine line.

>>508964667To make mass farming shit less tedious, something people have cried about for years

>>508953536LMAO and people are supposed to figure that shit out on their own? Absolute autism

>>508964271Huh... it’s almost like respect is earned and not given. You can give “great updates” for years but if you fuck up this fucking badly you deserve criticism.

>>508964825Best not to dwell on it.From what we now, this mechanic was literally build around Red's torch autism.So we can probably be glad that it isn't just a straight up penalty and actually let's you turn it around into a positive.

>>508963776is she supposed to have a dick

>>508964480>takes a minute of floundering just to get to the point of a 10 second demonstration

Attached: 0FDAEEE63F9A4836860D43065A9D3B29.jpg (466x466, 45.05K)

>>508964780Like I said, look through the code for stats about luck and see that the formula involves torches.How a normal person would figure it out? They wouldn't, but there's a shitton of mechanics in terraria that you'd never figure out without a wiki.

>>508964552To be fair, wizard doesn't spawn till hardmode, I haven't seen a gnome statue yet, and I only noticed the luck potions because I was trying to craft potions prepping for a boss fight and I forgot what the ingredients were

>>508964908Additionally, these changes were not communicated in the patch notes for whatever reason, and further provides evidence that for whatever reason, Red wanted to fuck with people who don't play the way he wants.Does it seem illogical? Absolutely. But at this point it's the only thing that makes sense. If the game communicated the feature or had something on the tooltip I would give it more of a pass.

>>508964760How am I bitching? I just think his reason behind it is pretty dumb. There's nothing wrong with disagreeing with his ideas.

>>508953026All the shill threads convinced me to buy it, but I have zero friends to play it.Mind leaving me your PS4 ID so I can hop on in a game and play with you?

Attached: HPINSANE.jpg (1296x825, 49.24K)

I'm just gonna put campfires fucking everywhere fuck you

Does anyone remember that in older versions it was possible to carry a torch in one hand and a wapon in the other? Or am I crazy?

>>508965167>PS4Anon.... I....

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>>508964848>30% chance of reducing a value by 50%>the value being reduced is 5%How can this possibly have an outcome of 0.75% user? The most it can possibly be reduced by is 50%, and there's only a 30% chance of that happening.

wait guys is there any reason I cant make an out of place room in snow biome with like 100 ice torches and use whatever I want on the surface?

>>508964914No, you're not supposed to figure shit out at all, you wouldn't even notice if nobody told you about it, you place the torches you get from the urns in each biome and you get a luck boost, you craft your own and your luck is slightly worse. That's all, that's it, it's no different from not knowing a skeleton can drop an amazing sword because it never once dropped, or knowing about it because it dropped once but never seeing it again.It's a variance mechanic in a sandbox game that will never impact the way you play unless you read about it on a wiki and autistically minmax.

>>508965246Never has been possible. You are thinking of minecraft.

I paid $2 for terraria.

Attached: 1563752382337.webm (730x900, 1.95M)

>>508965263>>508965310>>508965320I also bought Mount And Blade on PS4

>>508965321Math is wack user.

>>508964825This. I just think His reason behind it is dumb. But it is a bit interesting.

>>508965321>How can this possibly have an outcome of 0.75% user?He literally posted the math you dense fuck.

>>508965350The entire mechanic only affects you if you're within a 42 block radius of a torch user. It's not even as wide a range as a screen. It's 1/4 of the range of a campfire.All the retards whining are just retards.

>>508965321Highschool, go back.

>>508965350Torches are checked in a 21 block radius of you, not across the entire map you smoothbrained chimp

>>508965350No.Every post about it messing up your creative builds or torches across the world is just people being retarded, possibly on purpose but its hard to say

>>508965167>ps4just refund you retard

>>508965548so if im not grinding for items near my house I'm fine

>you can now grief simply by joining a server and spam placing normal torches in boss arenas or snow Biomes

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>>508965321Ah, no, the 0.75% are the 15% which are being subtracted from the 5% drop rate.So the final drop rate would be 4.25%

>>508965432>>508965510>>508965576>event has 5% chance of occurring>event is reduced by 50%, guaranteed>effect chance: 2.5%>event has 5% chance of occurring>event is reduced by 50%, BUT, it's only a 30% chance of being reduced>effect chance: 0.75%Holy shit you guys are morons. stop complaining

>>508965843There we go, thanks user

>>508965382>It's a variance mechanic in a sandbox game that will never impact the way you play unless you read about it on a wiki and autistically minmax.But it does impact your playthrough. "knowing" about it doesn't really matter here. An 0.4 penalty, something you can get pretty easily is pretty significant. Then consider the length of the game and the sheer number of times that your bad luck chance will be rolled against and it's pretty hard to imagine how this isn't impactful.

>>508965884No, you fucking idiot, the event has a 50% chance of being reduced by a percentage depending on luck starting at 10%Fucking READ

>>508965814>Boss arenas It does nothing>Snow biomesOh no the skeleton viking has a slightly lower chance to drop his hat! Ebin troll bruh!

>>508965059Yeah exactly. Wanted to do some good ol complaining. But even then once I sat down read about it, I agree it could be a whole lot worse. Also the wiki already has pretty decent articles about the luck >inb4 accidentally replying to yourself.

>post yfw you're not a torchlet

Attached: 1536636847244.png (3084x2568, 187.85K)

>>508965350On top of what others said, the effect from a single type of torch doesn't stack.So using one or ten ice torches close to you makes no difference.

>>508965909I'm assuming this patches luck out?

>math too hard. me just spam glowsticks

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>>508965985No, the percentage it's being reduced by does not depend on luck. The chance of the reduction happening depends on luck. The increase is always 50%.>For example, if the base probability of an event is 10%, then:>If the player's luck is 1.0, there is a 100% chance that the probability is doubled, leading to a final probability of 20%.>If the player's luck is 0.5, there is a 50% chance that the probability is doubled, leading to a final probability of 15%.>chance that the probability is doubled>chance that the probability is doubled>chance that user is a dunce

I realize that the overall impact isn't super huge, but the torch luck mechanic is going to be something that I can't get out of the back of my head and will just grate on the experience the whole time. That's why it's a bad mechanic.

>>508966070well i meant if it would cancel out any effects from having the wrong torches, but its not like it matters to me anyway because i could give a damn about luck in my house vs the places luck would be actually useful

>>508965983>But it does impact your playthroughSo does getting the skeleton sword, it's not something to ever be bothered with though, you wouldn't be massively upset if you never got the sword, why would you be bothered by having slightly lower drops in circumstances where that only affects rare drops and nothing worth caring about?Seriously explain it to me, worst case scenario; what's the problem here? Stop the vague bullshit of "my luck is worse and I don't like it" and explain; why is your luck being slightly worse in rare circumstances so relevant to you that it requires you to bitch about it?>Consider the length of the gameOK, now what? I spend most of the time I play nowhere near places where the luck mechanic exists, and when I am in those places I'm not doing things affected by the luck mechanic. The fuck am I meant to be bothered by exactly? An insignificantly lower chance at a rare drop I wasn't expecting to get anyway? Really?

>>508962821>RushRush???Maybe I'm just not bad?I'm 6 hours in and I'm already at hardmode.

can we all just agree the reason behind the inclusion of the torch mechanic is the most autistic shit ever?

>>508965417>webm immediately crops the best part outfuck you

>>508964552None of this serves to actually explain the mechanic except for the last point, which is completely removed from the game itself.

>>508966276>ability to make droprates better when farming biome keys will grate on youare you retarded? Its a fucking blessing for any grinding you need to do.

Why are you kids seething so hard? Just play the game, 10 hours of fun building retarded stuff and killing bosses and I got these. And why, yes it is master mode!

Attached: gitgud.png (152x100, 38.13K)

>>508966276>the mechanic implemented to sooth one man's autisim triggers another man's autisim

>>508966276Sounds like a you problem autist, how hard is placing the right torches if it bothers you this much?

>>508966517Oh absolute, nobody is disagreeing there.

>>508966006You can get banned from servers for misplacing torches.

So after reading about torch luck, it doesn't really seem like that bad of a mechanic, its just poorly communicated.And for any drop you REALLY need, you can just make a area using the "correct" torches, and walk back and forth in it, or just use that biomes torch when caving.The regular torches giving only negative bonus's however is really retarded, if they should just be neutral so people that don't care can just ignore the mechanic, while people who do care get better drops.


>>508966556how do you get those borders on your items?

>>508966113Yes, and some other things

>>508966517Isn't he just trolling around a mechanic designed to increase variance?This is the same guy who says the guide's grandmother is both the dryad and the lost girl. Pretty sure he's just shitposting.

>>508966556>master mode>literally cucking yourself for no reason

>>508966701alt click items to lock them

>>508963587Because that's the way they want it to be?Rewarding for what you want someone to do is always going to be what you should do rather than punish.Same applies to balancing. Yeah, it might take more work but increasing the weaker stuff is the right way when you're talking about a product already in the wild.

>>508966560red has satisfied his own autism, at the cost of all of our autism.we need to take back our autism which he has stolen.

>>508966532No shit. Same as that nothing in the game mentions how pool size affects fishing results. You don't need to know everything that's happening under the hood nigger.

>>508966664literally not a thing.

>>508964271This is one of the things I pick at because it's a mechanic that nobody asked for and thinking that Red has autism or OCD. It can be fixed easily by removing negative luck effects.Now here are the actual problems of Journey's End>Master mode is just 1.5x-ing expert enemy health and damage while only adding shitty furniture and pets (except for 3-4 mounts)>they mentioned a master mode exclusive boss but there's no boss in sightThem being so quiet about master mode should've set red flags, they only dedicated a forum sub-page to it without any further details, the entire mode is literally just bragging rights but I am in pre-plantera hardmode and it's hellish, I absolutely do not recommend playing it, you don't even get a cheevo for your e-peen>most of the features they touted around like golf or wind or kites are just (like an user pointed out) things that you do once or twice and then forget>Vanity sets nowhere in sight>nerfed the reaver shark, but it was busted enough that it was seen from a mile away so it's not really a problem>nerfed meteor rushing by both making it post-eow/boc and making it bombproof, now you just cheese the bosses using jester arrows>luck mechanics for no real reason, without wiki-diving nobody can tell what influences luck (in my case I never got a button from the wizard to show me my luck, if it does happen)>added a hallow boss that fucking vomits mach speed projectiles everywhere and slimes that also shoot projectiles at large distances>cenx shilled for a "bullet hell" hallow boss in a game where any sort of projectile dodging sucks dick>THEY STILL HAVEN'T FIXED THE PROBLEM WHERE YOU NEED LARGER MONITORS TO SEE MORE OF THE GAMEThe songs are like one of the few upsides of the update but otherwise this update was pretty disappointing, I like the pylon system and void storage though

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>>508966885>Same as that nothing in the game mentions how pool size affects fishing resultsYet it can be inferred directly by catching junk items.

>>508966664>Wanting to play with people who would ban you for that shitNice roleplay faggot, do another!

>>508966798oh so no reason at all. there was no reason for him to do anything is what you're saying. cool. just will post this until autists on both sides calm the fuck down

>>508966967With a large samplesize maybe.

>>508967050Maybe try explaining what it is for people goober

>>508966474>rare circumstancesIt's like you're deliberately playing dumb here. In an average playthrough this luck mechanic is probably rolled thousands of times.

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>>508966517The autistic part about it isn't even the fact that the mechanic exists in the first place, it's the fact that the game penalizes you for not putting torches in the right biomes in addition to putting the torches in the right biomes. The luck bonus from placing biomes in the right biome should have been enough of an incentive from Redigit to make more people give a shit about the other torch types, but he had to actively punish people for not doing so as well. At least the town building system is optional to some degree, but this we'll have to deal with whether we like it or not.

>>508966754>Master modeWhy yes, I am having fun collecting golden statues that do nothing. Why don't you come and join me? You just have to get good, but I'm sure you'll do well either way.

>>508964271Its like Holla Forums is not a person or something

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>>508966919>>508967008Happened on a Holla Forums server just a bit ago. Lurk moar.

>>508967079"hmm i fished in this 20 tile pond and got junk 75% of the time""lets try fishing somewhere else, oh this is a larger one, oh, no junk"Wasn't hard to find out

For bee hive, do I use jungle torches?

>>508958725enjoy your (you) autism dev

>>508966967No, you can tell your fishing power is too low (that's what causes you to get trash, and is also what pool size affects) which is also affected by the weather and moon phase and time of day, it can also tell you a pool is too small, but you'll never know how large a pool needs to be to not get a massive penalty unless you read the wiki.


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>can't rollback from this shit update>can't use GOG version since most mod authors were retarded and only made Steam versionsthis is so fucking gay

>>508966753based if true, feigning autism to trigger real autism

The entire implementation would be absolutely fine if regular torches didn't give negative luck. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and singlehandedly makes luck a bad mechanic.

>>508967104Yes user, it affects a lot in very few areas, most of which will already have tons of proper torches due to the pots dropping them there. The things it DOES affect in those areas don't fucking matter at all.>Oh no rare items in the snow biome drop lessWhoopdiefuckingdoo nigger.

>>508967104Actually no, I take that back. Tens of thousands of times, easily.

>>508956529>snow biome gets a bigger nerf>the worst biome torches with the weakest effect>logically, you'd want good normal torches for heat and light in a treacherous icy cavedev can't even 'tism properly.

>put blue torch instead of red>drop rate stolenDefend this.

>>508967212How does that refute what I said nigger? Holy fuck can you not even read?

>>508967556Nobody is.

>>508967427That's your opinion, and it's objectively wrong. Stop asking for casualization of games.

redditgit should be slapped for this bullshit

i love this change. literally helps spot the seething normiecucks who spam torches everywhere they go.

>>508967606So leave this board if you hate Holla Forums so much and refuse to play with them. Reddit may be more up to your speed.

>>508967606Chill out, "dude."


>>508967391Anon... pool size only affects fishing power, that's literally all it does, a tiny pool gives you a massive penalty (75%) to fishing power and you need a huge pool to not get any penalty at all. Fishing power is what determines what you catch in EVERY circumstance, if you have enough fishing power (through mods, for example) you can fish anything even in tiny pools that barely meet the minimum requirement to be a valid fishing pool.The fuck are you talking shit about a mechanic you clearly don't understand nigger?

>>508967556>place red torch instead of blue>steal some retards droprateyeah youre mad

>>508967663>Regular torches functioning as they did previously is casualisationOkay autismo

>>508967556>>508967663ANON YOU'RE JUST A CASUAL

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>>508967663That's your opinion, and it's objectively wrong.

someone explain this torch meme to me, i don't play terraria

>>508967783>Oh no I made a complete fool of myself>Better break out the strawman!Bruh.

Dont mind me, just pirating your drop rate with my blue torch

>>508967820I didn't realize a minimum requirement of 50 fishing power was required since fishing in an appropriately sized pool will immediately rule out that problem making as to an extremely large number of fishing attempts will allow you to correlate that pool size is the most important factor to not fishing up junk.

>>508967556>Place down red torch>Be bestowed with the luck of every leprechaun, dodge 100% of the empress of light's daytime attacks, dual wield powerstanced zeniths

>>508967626Well a handful of people are. But their defense is "it's not ~that~ big of a deal" even though statistically it kinda fucking is.


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As an example, for a drop that has a chance of 2% on killing an enemy, if you kill that enemy 1000 times you would expect 20 of that drop: In an Ice biome with any number of basic torches within ~42 blocks, (and no other modifiers) you would instead get 16 of that drop. If it took an hour to farm for this drop, it now would take an additional 15 minutes. In a Desert biome with any number of basic torches within ~42 block, (and no other modifiers) you would instead get 19 of that drop. if it took an hour to farm for this drop, it now would take an additional 3 minutes. In an Underground Jungle biome with a single Jungle Torch, a single Bone Torch, a garden gnome, with a luck potion with 5 mins duration remaining, on a Lantern Night, you would get 40 of that drop. If it took an hour to farm for this drop, it now would take 30 fewer minutes.

Wait. So I negatively impacted my drop rate chances because I filled the desert underground with a few hundred non-desert torches or what's this about? The game said absolutely jack shit about either luck or torches impacting it. I've never played Terraria before the latest update. How the fuck was I supposed to guess this on my own? If I hadn't just stumbled upon this thread just now I would have had no idea whatsoever that this was a thing.

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>>508967958Devs being faggots, like always

>>508967994Sounds like you completely failed to make the proper correlation though, which only highlights the point I was making. Terraria is full of mechanics that it doesn't explain to you at all and that you can only approximate an understanding of unless you read a wiki. Luck is literally no exception.

are you people fucking retarded or something, starting a rebellion because drop rates get reduced 5% near torches, what the actual fuck. Who even uses torches in hardmode anyway

bad luck and all other shit no one wanted should be master mode exclusive. would be better than just rising numbers

>>508959916Reeesetera fags need to stop with their baitAnd go back to their site and

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>>508953026so uhhh does desert torch go in the bug colonies?

>>508967958Putting down normal torches in some biomes lowers item droprate/damage because the dev is autistic and nobody cared about their shitty styled torches.

>>508967427I'm pretty sure the only reason Redigit did it this way is because he was particularily tired of everybody specifically using the basic torch. That's why it's the only torch type that doesn't give any luck bonuses if placed in the right biome, that's why it's the only torch type thathas the potential to give a 2 point penalty to luck rather than just 1. I'm not saying that he's particularily wrong for being mad at people using the default torch, heck, variety is good, but holy fuck, this was an unnessecary kick in the balls to simple functionality when you're down in the caves spelunking, it's not like people wanna care about what type of torch they bring along down there while exploring the caves, so this was really fucking unnessecary.

>>508968174>Wait. So I negatively impacted my drop rate chances because I filled the desert underground with a few hundred non-desert torches or what's this about?Yes

>>508967104The only times it matters, aka when you're farming, it's really fucking easy to manipulate and thus some of the worse grinds are now easier. Why are you complaining about this? As long as you use the right torches (which isn't hard), you can have a massive overall benefit from this system throughout the game.

>>508968174It's a 5% decrease. You'll live.

>>508968194My point is that the visual information the player receives makes it obvious that pool size is the first thing a player will try to assess when attempting to stop catching junk.It's a mechanic that is clearly more immediately observable since it has a clear, defined result of trash catches.

I only use white torches.

>>508968174you reduce the probability of a drop occuring by about 5% if you do something within 21 blocks of a wrong torch

>>508959691>>508968231fuk that was meant for u homo