Jackbox Pack 7

What are you expecting out of the next pack?Honestly I'm not thrilled about the descriptions for this Devil in the Details game>You’ll use your phone to tap, swipe, spin, and poke your way through a fast and furious barrage of timed household tasks. But even a highly competent demon can’t handle everything alone. Each player takes on the role of parent, teen, or kid, and many tasks require you to coordinate with others in the family. Get ready to whine at your best friend (who is now your mom) until they drive you to soccer practice. Or viciously scold your entire friend group for not helping you make dinner.To me it doesn't sound fun. Maybe it is in practice? Still would like another drawing game. What would you want in the next pack?

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Host when?

Here's the gif of one of the demons.

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>>508952727We might get one.

>>508952727>>508953406Now, if this thread can come up with a few more unique IPs

>>508953802If nothing now maybe in a few hours. If I didn't have to do a thing Id host right now.

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Lurkin, I've never played but want to try

>>508952516That sounds fun as fuck personally. Having everyone go for personal goals while also trying to coordinate and screw people over sounds absolutely kino.Also>demon mommy

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>>508954137I hope they do MSM 2 where you can pick & choose which monsters to include/excludeAnd each monster has different portraits for male/female characters

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>>508954405>mfw the brown girl with bangs turns out to be Chad

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>>508954405>Mother (Male)

>>508952516Alright, 7 IPs is good enough for meMixer/DingleDangleStarting off with Quiplash 2, we'll vote on games afterwards. Make sure to post suggestions for games in the polls, otherwise it's random.

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Guys, I have a great idea: Reverse Push the Button7 aliens, and you're trying to find the 3 humans.It's genius.

>>508954946Father, bro, Father

>>508955010GET IN

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Push the Button was the best game out of 61.Push the Button2.Dictionarium (the best with gibberish prompts)3.Trivia Murder Party-The Rest-

>>508955010I'm peelin potatos nigga, so 1 less for a bit

4/8 so far for quiplash >>508955010

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starting now

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>>508955703>missed it by 1 minutetrue pain

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>>508956085how many oni colors are there now?

>>508956418NOT ENOUGH

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>>508956418I know we have red and blueSomebody made purpleI made a teal/aquamarine

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That's pretty fun, thanks for the host! That was my first game, down to play some more

>>508957457Nigga, we go for at least 12 hours every day, sit down and enjoy yourself

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>>508956085please don't derail these threads into Oni OCs, that's a surefire way to end up dumped into /vg/

I'm hoping we get at least one really solid game out of it. Pack 6 had Push the Button, Dictionarium, and Google Murder Party are all solid games.Joke Boat really needs some work and Role Models you need to be there IRL with a group to work.I know that their audience aren't just livestreams of these games but they are aware that a massive portion of their buyers do buy these to livestream with friends.

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>>>/trash/30363905for your oni DOOMPin needs

>>508959132I FOUND YOU FAKER

>>508959737you don't really need to be IRL with Role Models, you just need to know who you're playing with

>>508955010Fakin' It is over, and it wasn't a disaster?strawpoll.me/20115139

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>>508952516>>508952827seems like a game that wouldn't work at all on stream

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Play this song please. I know it's not vidya but i don't careyoutube.com/watch?v=bt5v3kKFXjQ

>>508959245Just don't worry about it.

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>>508960253It worked! The only thing that doesn't is the pointing game. But the other 3 aspects of it are good.

>>508961412you could just type the person's name in chat

Never played one before but I gotta admit I'm pretty interested in doing so. Heard 3 and 6 were the best, is that true?

>>5089620295 and 6. MVC will never not be entertaining

>>50896036969, nice.

>>5089620293-7 are all goodthe first 2 has paltry amounts of games in them worth playing. They either are super basic or have sequel games.

>>508962029I think 3 and 5 are the best

>>508955010Tee K.O. is currently underway, vote on the next game before we finishstrawpoll.me/20115262>>508961752True, but it's still the category that requires the most intimate knowledge of the people you're playing with. You'll get questions like "who would give the best hugs", or "who was born closest to this year" etc. It doesn't work as well as the other categories when playing with anons.>>5089620296 is probably the most divisive, but it has some good games. For me, it's 3 > 5 > 4 > 6. Bear in mind that you don't actually have to own the games to join us, only the host does.

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>>508962564Patently Stupid is worth it from Pack 5 alone, that game is seriously great to play with a small group and a large one.

>>508962306>7>goodtell us more

>>508963329Disregard that post it was a typo.

>>508963458nice try mozart


>>508963721Nice. Which of these shirts should I put on an oni?

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What kind of games you like to see more of for pack 7?>Drawing Games>Word Games>"Spy" Games (PTB, Fakin it)>Trivia GamesOr rather you'd like to see a older game get redone?

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>>508963627>Mozart memeShut the fuck up, retard, Mozart is dead. How can I still be alive for almost 300 years?Fuck off

Oh we skankin now?youtube.com/watch?v=OAWQiFAYwGI

>>508963721Winner or the monky


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>>508952516Fakin' It 2 with no Face Value please

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>>508965014Is this his least famous one? I never saw a film based on it

>>508964021Really all the above. I love most of these games even the more controversial ones. I just hope most of them are stream friendly. irl games are good but I dont have people over regularly enough to make them worthwhile.

>>508964021earwax 2 with crafting, light rpg elements, and an open world

>>508965249Hardest to act iirc. Main character switches emotions on a whim

>>508952516Sounds like Space Team

>>508964021Reverse Trivia Game>Players are given 4 answers>Then they must pick a question to go with it

>>508955010Trivia Murder Party 2 is over, vote for the next game and jump instrawpoll.me/20115523

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here's a songyoutube.com/watch?v=o4URG7zcuP0

Recommending more fighting game musicyoutube.com/watch?v=hPMYYdzw38U

For the Happy-listyoutube.com/watch?v=V7dg8vRDM68

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