>No towns>No minigames >Side Quests consist of "Go here...

>No towns>No minigames >Side Quests consist of "Go here, kill that">Nothing but killing monsters and grinding for materials >Terrible, vague equipment upgrading system >Taking too long to kill a boss results in them casting Doom on you>Battle Rating system is needlessly convoluted Why do 13 apologists defend this game?

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It was rushed for ps3 release.

>>508951590Armpits and toblerone porn.

It unironically is one the better final fantasy in its thematic strengths

>>508953304>in its thematic strengthsYou mean graphics?


>>508953391That and cutscenes

>>508951590>Terrible, vague equipment upgrading system You're supposed to experiment with it, which is why it's vague in-game, but the system is consistent.>Taking too long to kill a boss results in them casting Doom on youImagine being so bad at FFXIII that this happens to you. The game practically hands you all the experience you need so this doesn't happen.>Battle Rating system is needlessly convoluted "Kill the enemies quickly" is only convoluted if you're retarded.

>>508953391It did have good graphics but that's not what I'm talking about. If it wasn't rushed through development they could have made the pacing more natural. Despite this you can clearly make out the bones of a good plot>>508953485Yes

>>508953304A good story isnt enough to save a crappy video game. just like it wasn't enough for ff9

>>508953304>thematic strengthsDoes this mean the game had a great battle song? Because that's all it has going for it.

>>508951590I love the aesthetics and I consider it to be the best FF in terms of lore. I also genuinely love the fast paced gameplay and OST.

>>508951590>>508953721>>Terrible, vague equipment upgrading system>You're supposed to experiment with it, which is why it's vague in-game, but the system is consistent.It's not vague, just terrible (especially if you took the time to platinum it like I did).

>>508954158>in terms of loreThe lore that it doesn't use?

>>508953908FF9 doesn't have a good story though. It's not bad but the overall plot really falls apart after Brahne is killed.

>>508954541It does use the lore. It's the whole reason for Bart's plan. It just doesn't get bogged down in using all it because the actual story isn't about the lore, but Lightning and co dealing with their situation.

>>508955030Okay faggot.

>>508955117Oof. He mad.

>>508955117He's right. 13's problem is that they don't tell you through the game and you have to read the codex entries.

Can't wait for contrarians on Holla Forums to start pretending this game was good like they did with XII

>>508953304Fuck off X111-kun

>>508955402Then the lore can't possibly be that good then could it?

>>508951590Vanille is cute. That is enough.

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X>VIII>XIII>XIII-2>XII>VII>>>VII Remake I dropped Lightning Returns and I haven't played the rest, and for the record I still like VII, it's just not my favourite

>>508955030>It does use the lore.that type of shit works in a dark souls game not a FF game

>>508951590So, you are saying this game... Has gameplay? SQUARE! HOW DARE YOU!?

>>508951590this game started the downfall of the series and not recovered since.

>>508953742>If it wasn't rushed through development they could have made the pacing more natural.all FF games are rushed it just so happened they were better

>>508955565No that means the delivery of lore to the audience is not effective. >>508955549It is. Better than 12 I would even say.

>>508955567Based. That body with that fake Australian accent is hot as fuck

>>508955941No it isnt 13-kun

>>508951590*Why do XV apologists defend this game?pic not relatedThere, fixed your post

>>508955714What type? The story uses the lore. It just doesn't delve into all the god stuff beyond Bart's plan because it's not that important to the story actually being told.

>>508955545I liked XII, but i was also 14 when i played it or something like that. I was tempted to buy zodiac age but I'm afraid I'll just ruin the memories i have of it

>>508955545Wont happen 12 is pleb filter, with 13 you get brain dead retard that like switching between 3 setups to win

>>508956250So once again, the lore can't be that great that then if it doesn't serve it's purpose.

>>508956221I think nobody that's not shitposting defends XV user, is just that bad and unfinished

>No player involvement in the story>Gameplay consists exclusively of combat and a couple of minigames that are never fun, except for that one time>Growth systems serve no purpose because the combat is always unbalanced and retard-proof, and the skills have no use outside of combat because the player has zero interaction with the game world>Stories are convoluted with little to no emphasis on strong characterization or developmental arcs and rely on ebin twists and hours of overproduced cutscenes >Music is used as bait to trigger emotional responses the writing and/or gameplay otherwise can't>That'll be $60 + $60 + $60 + tipWhy do people even play this garbage series? Doesn't matter who is in charge, from Sakaguchi to Yoshi to Ito to Nomura, they're all fucking hacks with no understanding of what makes a good video game, let alone a fucking RPG, which this shit-for-brains franchise absolutely is anything but.

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>Story resolved by power of friendshipI always hate this trope because it defacto means everyone else who died just didn't 'believe' hard enough or some retarded, nebulous reason.Yeah, the mother whose children all became Cie'th just didn't love them enough. Fuck off.

>>508956258it is still fun, i played the original and loved it but didn't pay attention to the story cause i was a kid. it's a really great universe with some great enemy and map designs

>>508956250Im getting sick of 13 fags with muh lore. what good is it when the writing is fucking shit

>>508956014Funny thing is though, her VA was actually Australian, while Fang's VA wasn't. And her accent sounded a hell of a lot better.

>>508956060What would you even say is the character arc for Vaan or Penelo or Fran? XIII actually gives the protagonists their own internal conflicts that are caused by their shared fate as l'cie.

Spoony was wrong about FF8, but he was 100% on point about 13. It is one big pile of shit, and if you like it you are a weeb mouthbreather.

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>>508956615Vaan has an arc, albeit a very minor one and hardly noticeable as it's overshadowed by Ashe, Basch, and Balthier's... Penelo on the other hand has absolutely none.

>>508956352It serves its purpose of giving backstory to the world. That's what lore basically is. Just history.

XIII and XIII-2 are among my favorite FF games, as I tend to value gameplay in games. While the game guides your like a child for some 20 hours, when you're given free reins, the combat system becomes one of the best I've seen. Combat has a surprising amount of depth, I like juggling enemies in the air so effectively that they don't go back down until they're dead or the stagger bar has run out, for instance. Knowing when to paradigm shift for a full ATB bar is also rewarding. Since the first time through the game will most likely be on the easier side, it allows for fun challenge replays. Doing Missions at the appropriate level (Don't level up once you reach Pulse) and no upgrades, for instance, is a blast. It also highlights how useful Eidolons are. Every character is worth maining at some point in time, so one can strategize around that, etc. It's fun, what can I say.

>>508956615>What would you even say is the character arc for Vaan or Penelo or Fran?they wernt even the main characters, rest of the cast was better then 13's cast XIII actually gives the protagonists their own internal conflicts that are caused by their shared fate as l'cie.you like shitty anime plots and character good for you 13 kun

>>508955567two faced bitch. i wanted to push her down the ground and rape her.

>>508951590>taking too long to kill a boss results in them casting Doom on youLiterally only the summons and I think one or two C'ieth stones did that, I agree with everything else but you don't have to lie to get us to believe 13 is shit

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>>508955545They already are

>NOOO NOT THE HECKIN' MINI GAMES!>NOOO THESE CHARACTERS WHO ARE CONSTANTLY ON THE RUN AND HAVE A TIME LIMIT AREN'T STOPPING BY THE TOWN TO HELP EVERY TOM, DICK AND HARRY WITH TRIVIAL TASKS!>WHHHHAATTTT I HAVE TO READD111??!!!? (you don't need to read the codex to understand the story)I, for one, congratulate XIII on its focused narrative and gameplay scope cutting out all the unnecessary filler that plagued the genre for decades.

>>508956456This was started because one of you guys got assblasted because the game doesn't talk about the lore you wanted it to.

>>508957197>focus entirely on the narrative>it's shit

>>508956661Spoony directing his autism at 13 was satisfying. Too bad his depression crushed him into uselessness.

>>508957265The only good FF story is a fucking mmo expansion.

>>508955853FF7 Remake saved FF though.

>>508956925The backstory that every subsequent game dropped and the environment barely reflects?



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>>508957041>weren't even the main charactersSo they don't deserve any attention? Even FFVII spends ample amount of time developing party members who aren't cloud.>you like shitty anime plots and character good for you 13 kunYou can't even articulate why you think its bad. >>508956836You can argue that each character has to get over their past but even then it's not really in service to the larger plot. FFIX for instance is really good about integrating its central theme of identity into really good party member character arcs( other than Quina and Amarant and Eiko)

>>508957197>I, for one, congratulate XIII on its focused narrative and gameplay scope cutting out all the unnecessary filler that plagued the genre for decades.nice walking simulator

>>508951590Good soundtrack and Gran Pulse was fun.

FFXIII would've been so much better if you could play darts and make Lightning do pull-ups.

>>508951590>Nothing but killing monsters and grinding for materialsThere's nothing worth grinding for until just before the end of the game. Around the same part, the game places an item stash with more gil in it than you probably earned through all of your prior gameplay. All the side quests are in that section too. It's like they realized how shallow they made the entire game and shoehorned everything they forgot into one chapter.

>>508957552The other games actually didn't drop it. The nonsense between Lightning ands Etro and Caius and Yeul then Bhunivelze is literally calling back to and expanding on it unnecessarily.

>>508953721>You're supposed to experiment with it, which is why it's vague in-game, but the system is consistent.Working on upgrades is an incredibly overwhelming task. You wind up with so much stuff laid out in front of you that you almost have no idea what to do with it all. I started upgrading my starting weapons and equipment, and doing so kind of blindly, but you get so much stuff from shops and battles and just finding them lying around that you don't really properly know how to spend them. Different, otherwise useless items when used to upgrade equipment will level your stuff up in different ways. Sometimes it'll level up, sometimes it'll get bonuses or status effects and you never know WHEN or WHY those things are going to happen, so when it DOES happen you're just sort of left sitting there going "Oh, cool, I guess", but then it gets even more confusing when items just start randomly reaching their max levels. You can just be dumping stuff onto something and then for NO indication the weapon will be at level 17 and it won't go any higher.It could stop at level 12, it could stop at 37--YOU DON'T KNOW! And you don't know what items caused that to happen or using different items would've made it do something different. Sometimes it'll even suddenly turn into an entirely different weapon or item. How do you determine when THAT'S going to happen?

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>>508958331Then when you start finding new equipment, it all starts a level 1 with little to no status enhancements at all. How do you know which weapons you're supposed to enhance? I just spent all that time leveling up another weapon so am I SUPPOSED to just stop working on the first weapon and start working on the second? Because why would I do that when I've already beefed that first weapon up so far and the new one currently sucks incomparison? Even if I did start enhancing the new weapon I have no guarantee that I'm gonna' do it right and then it's gonna come out better than what I'm already using. For all I know I could just be throwing away my upgrading resources. The ultimateweapons in the game are created this way: using the most incredibly expensive upgrading material you can imagine withvery few logical ways of receiving Gil, but I sure as hell didn't know any of that while I was playing the game. I mean I managed to beat the game just by upgrading my initial equipment so I must not have COMPLETELY been doing it wrong,right? I hate it when a guide is necessary to play a game.

>>508951590>Taking too long to kill a boss results in them casting Doom on youWhat? Only boss I remember using Doom was Bahamut, but that was his thing.>Equipment upgrading systemLargely unnecessary, but you can make great weapons with it.>no minigamesBoo fucking hoo.>battle rating systemYeah, I never quite got that.

>>508951590>No townsSo what? Should every RPG have a town? If anything I value the lack of backtracking, which the sequels had a lot>No minigamesSome people like them, I don't really mind>Nothing but killing monsters and grinding for materialsI didn't need to grind a single time to finish the main content>Terrible, vague equipment upgrading system I agree on this one, didn't like the equipment system>Taking too long to kill a boss results in them casting Doom on youNever had this issue, some monster had insta-kill though>Battle Rating system is needlessly convoluted???

It's the most unique FF setting

>>508958498I will say that the system is pretty much unnecessary and has too much going into it. Weapons should have just had their own classes with certain materials linked to only those classes.

So as more games "bridge the gap" by introducing "RPG Elements" what differentiates Final Fantasy from the pack of Ubisofts or Santa Monica Studios?

>>508958912Anime girls.

Had the best regular battle theme since VIII, and probably the best in the series. So many games get it wrong, when it's one themes you hear the most it needs to not be shityoutube.com/watch?v=xfu0XBf8kmk

>>508957458to early to say. we have to see if the hype train will last.

>>508959373The theme overstay it's welcome. It's grating after the first couple of listens. It's too bombastic.Feldschlacht is still the best regular battle theme ever made.

>>508959568It's still a million times better than IV, V, VI, VII, IX, or especially X (might be the worst in the entire series and one of the worst in any JRPG period)

>>508959040Well, I can't argue with that.

>>508956221How are they gonna add the most delicious FF girl; Aranea to date and give her the least game time

>>508953304The only ONLY good thing about ff13 was the battle system.I wish that the FF7 remake had the same exact game as original with updated graphics and a battle system like ff13 just without the job changing stuff.

>>508959745I will agree that it's better than X, but that's about it.

>>508957197>characters literally just have to not do anything to win>literally could‘ve just had daily gangbangs on pulse and everything would‘ve been fine forever>instead do exactly what bad guy wants>even fail at that and turn into zombies in a cutscene>no wait power of friendship turned them back in the same cutscene>time to do what the final boss wants>wow, we did exactly what the bad guy wanted and now we‘re all going to die>how could we have known>besides the badguy telling us this multiple times>but fear not, your two aussies apparently read the script>so in the final cutscene, out of fucking nowhere they can just jump into some volcano that was literally never talked about, do a fusion dance... somehow and turn into a creature about which nothing but its possible existence was ever covered in the dialog. And as this creature they can turn into a quintillion tons of crystal that conveniently makes a perfectly stable pillar to suspend the dying worldJust. Masterful. Now don‘t even get me started on all these worthless characters.

>>508956936The games really shine when you have to micromanage, which is why I like the saboteur and synergist roles. For example, you can queue up Brave-Faith, quick-cast them, then Repeat for another party member. Or if you have spells being cast and you know an enemy's going to interrupt your character, you could just cancel out and that will let your ATB recharge or keep from getting wasted. I wish XIII had XIII-2's leader-switch function (and camera control and character movement) so it can take better advantage of that sort of managing, and the overall battle speed was tweaked a bit higher so there wasn't as much downtime waiting for ATB to be refilled.

>>508953908Shut your slut mouth.>>508954940Going after Kuja was fine. It's when suddenly Kuja goes to the center of existence to kill the life crystal that things just get too weird.

>>508956936Sounds like you never played JRPGs before FFXIII.

>>508960160>>characters literally just have to not do anything to winExcept they'd turn into Cieth, and stay that way, and their personal goals prevented them specifically from doing nothing.

>>508960758What personal goals? "Saving Serah"? By doing what? They didn't even know.They literally just did things arbitrarily with no thought or reasoning.

>>508951590Good battle theme.

>>508959568>FeldschlachtFucking based

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>>508960394This man knows what he's talking about. Merely having a Syn or Sab in your party makes you consider whether it's worth controlling then or not. If you leave Hope to his own devices, he most likely will cast buffs you don't need at the moment, increasing the battle time. If you let the AI take control of Vanille, she may use -ga spells when you only really need to focus on this one guy. You can take control of them, but you're now dealing with other issues such as low HP. My issue with XIII-2 is that it would be the perfect sequel, if wasn't bloody easier than XIII. You are finally free from contending with the unskippable 1st paradigm shift animation and then you barely face any challenge.>>508960554I did though, FF7-10 for instance. Was this supposed to offend me?

>>508960758>can kill myself>so the world doesn‘t blow up>nah, I have mommy issues, sister issues or girlfriend issues so I will kill the world insteadDid I mention I wasn‘t fond of any of these cunts?

>>508957135It does happen with several bosses outside of the Summons and mecha pope after 20 minutes and is still an issue.In this sense boss battles are very much trial and error.When I'm doing things my way just to see if my skills and technique work I'm feeling pretty good. I'm playing against the boss in 13 and it's taking forever because no enemy is truly difficult, they just have so much HP patting them out that some normal enemies can turn into a 15 minute plus affair. So I'm taking like 20 minutes on this boss and I'm feeling pretty good because I'm constantly keeping my health standing and I know, that no matter how long it takes, I'm keeping myself alive and he's got to go down sometime. Well the joke's on me because I'm not beating the boss the way the game wants me to beat him. I'm taking too long! Nearly every boss pretty much ends up casting Doom on me and you can't get rid of it so it despite the fact that I was doing just fine and was going to beat the boss--I die. 20 minutes wasted. Time to waste another twenty minutes trying to figure out exactly how the boss wants me to kill him.It isn't really exciting when you find yourself battling the same a number of times and you're only relieved once you've beaten the boss because you were sick of doing it anymore, not because you feel accomplished having done it.

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>>508961190>They literally just did things arbitrarily with no thought or reasoning.Are you a brainlet? They even out right say what their motivation is.

>>508961541>My issue with XIII-2 is that it would be the perfect sequel, if wasn't bloody easier than XIIIthe beautiful irony of people who complain about 13's linearity, but also 13-2's lack of difficulty is the ultimate pleb filter.Also, there's still unskippable shift animations in 13-2, it just doesn't play the cutscene.

>>508961587Sazh's arc literally addresses this.

>>508960472FFIX is a just little too derivative of the other games. Kuja is shit mix of golbez/kefka/sephiroth with none of their individual charm.

>>508961917I never said anything about linearity though? >there's still unskippable animations, it just doesn't play the cutsceneWhich ends with the player taking control much quicker. Semantics.

>>508951590I still remember how blown out i was by XIII's graphics. Also Sazh's arc is nothing short of kino.>youtube.com/watch?v=Meayv4CA01A

>>508961190>What personal goals?They spell their goals out, clearly.Sazh wanted to see his kid again before turning into a zombie. Snow wanted to find a way to save Serah and honor her wish that they protect Cocoon from whatever plan the Sanctum was cooking up. Hope was struggling with his desire to kill Snow and avenge his mother. Lightning also wants to save Serah, but decided to focus on taking the fight to the Sanctum since they're out to kill her. Fang wants to find out their Focus specifically to prevent Vanille from turning into a Cieth.Vanille wanted to help them anyway they can while struggling with feelings of guilt for basically being the reason a bunch of people got murdered.None of them wanted to just wait and sit around to be a zombie.>They didn't even know.That's pretty much the point. Which is why they kept looking for someway to just get rid of their brands.>They literally just did things arbitrarily with no thought or reasoning.The game goes out of its way to explain their reasoning, so feel free to dole out an actual example instead of a gut feeling.

>>508962492>I never said anything about linearity though?I'm not shitting on you, the comment about 13-2's difficulty just reminded me of those that have.

>>508961587Yeah, people genereally don't want to just die for a bunch of people they don't know.

>>508962990Oh, my bad. Do you have any experience with XIII-2's DLC fights? If so, how are they?

>>508961649>mecha pope after 20 minutes>20 minutesYou have to intentionally be skipping every single enemy or just not leveling up your characters at all for this to happen.

>>508963154They're pure fanservice, but solid post-game fights for those like yourself who want a challenge. They give you some stupidly strong "monster" party members, pic related.also has the best iteration of BotBByoutube.com/watch?v=JngP4hgSPDM

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>>508953092Hurts my hands

>>508961649Boss battles shouldn't take you longer than 5-6 minutes. You need to figure out how the Stagger and debuffs work in the game before criticizing the battle system.

>>508961190>What personal goals? "Saving Serah"? By doing what? They didn't even know.That's the point of the first half of the game.When they get made l'cie without knowing what their focus is and are basically doomed to either become cieth or a crystal they each freak out in their own individual way.Lightning is pissed that she couldn't save Serah and her life is now ruined, so she redirects her anger/confusion into trying to kill Sanctum because she needs to do something.Hope joins because her for similar reasons.Sazh and Vanille are both running away from their l'cie problems. Snow does the snow thing and wholeheartedly throws himself into thinking he's supposed to be a hero and save cocoon.

>>508953304This.But also you can think of the game as a kind of arcade-turn based game. The battles are really well planned out in terms of teaching you new mechanics and ramping up the difficulty in a fair way

>>508957458XIV already did it