Silly boxart

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hail to the king, baby

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>phalanx "far out dude">okami "ign watermark">karnaaj rally

>>508951491>not the gif version


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what were they thinking?

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>>508953616>that's not even the worst one

>>508953616looks like a fucking magazine cover


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>>508954981An old man on a unicorn...just what I wanted, mom.

>>508954981Were there any other chapters released?

>>508955082unforgivably based

>>508954981I kinda like this one.


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>>508956930Pretty much every NA cover is ass nowadays

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>>508957984>fright simulator

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>>508952749>sonic 3td fuckies island

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I'll admit this is a little cool.

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>>508960479Has Limited Run become ironic?


>>508953616And why did they make Batman a cracker? He's supposed to be black.


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>>508955787I agree, you don't see much all-out wacky fantasy shit like this on game covers anymore. Just some guy looking forlorn, just the title, or a landscape

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>>508954981Skeleton on the left is poggers

>>508960479>Campo Santo's greatest and only game

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>>508961407What's so silly about this? The renders are fine for the time, assuming the yeti is supposed to look retarded.

>>508962482>ball raidersounds super gay


>>508963018You literally do skateboard in the game, though

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>>508958203Do I have to play Dalmatians and Dalmatians 2 before I play Dalmatians 3.

>>508963145This. >>508963018Stop being a faggot that tries to make anything from this era cringe. Skateboarding rocks.

>>508962586what the fuck is poggers

>>508963550some twitch zoomer speak

If you post the Phalanx box then you are gay

>>508963414Play Dalmatians, but skip Dalmatians 2. Devs tried some really retarded crap, at least 3 was a return to form


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>>508962482>that one corner ball that's pointing the wrong wayOh, that'll get someone irritated.

>i need a cover for a game about two cartoon bubble blowing dragons using bubbles to solve puzzles a la tetris>say no more

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>>508964402>"Here's your boxart sir. I spent all night on it in between watching A Clockwork Orange and shooting up on heroin."

>>508952609This is real? Wtf?

>>508953616>no bonus batmanDropped

there is a jp ps1 game where the box art is nothing but hairy pussies next to each other

>>508965647This sounds like a myth.

>>508959070I think that was on purpose.